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Interesting sex partners you had and best/wierdest sex you h

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Interesting sex partners you had and best/wierdest sex you had

Pic somewhat related on how my gf looked (cute blonde with blue eyes, an aryan dream)

> be me 18
> horny virgin, decent looking, outdoor and military wierdo
> going to a summer camp with some friends, mountain location, looking good
> arrive at said camp, lots of teens, some hot chicks, some Chads you guys know how these camps are
> me and my friends are separated in different teams because life is kill
> get in a team with 11 strangers. 6 chicks and 6 guys, me included
> 3 Chads and 2 weebs, 3 bitches that came solely to fuck, pic somewhat related, and 2 girls that i can describe as a female timon and pumba combo
> pic related (let's call her Blondie) was wearing military clothes just like me (turn on for me)
> a lot of bla bla bla rules of the camp bla bla bla
> Blondie and I are called the soldier couple since we both wear military clothes
> she is wierded out about me, but this only happened in the first 2 days ( i wierded her out cause my people skills are below the lair of Cthulhu)
> i start growing in her eyes during hiking trips, team building stuff... Basically innawoods things
> i fuck up big time at archery while she's a 10/10 at it
> after archery she was like "you're such a pleb anon"
> feelsbadman.exe
> but the next day we get to the firing range with actual rifles
> me being a full /k/ommando i know the ins and outs of the rifle and the instructor felicitates me on being a good shot
> i notice how Blondie was looking at me, bitting her lips and giving me the look
> being a beta fag i say nothing but in the evening after the sun set and when we had our free time she says she wants to show me something away from the camp
> awwwyisss.jpg
> we travel for like 10 minutes until we reach this vantage point where we can see a valley and the river that crosses it, beautiful view
> "anon i want to tell you something"
> "yeah?"
Its a long story, part 2 coming up
k, bump
bump for the interest
Bumperino bitch.
hurry the fuck up
can you tell me now whether her asshole is involved cause i dont wanna wit around for no stank
Here's This for a Fact >>696515490
>she rolled up her sleeves and said softly with a coy smirk, "check out these guns"
>mfw she was gordon ramses
continue you cuck
Pre type the story you fag

>Sure feels like summer
Thee fuck
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>I don't want to wait around for no stank
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Hopefully he's not retarded and is pretyping the rest?
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>gordon ramses
A girl started calling me brother while we were fucking once, I rolled with it.
There's an interesting story behind that probably.
Pretype shit like this, jesus christ man.
It was sort of an inside joke before that, but she also fucked like an animal so yah there were probably some underlying issues.
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Copy of 2192507.jpg
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When I was 17 I took the v of a 14yo Mormon girl. She had her 1st kiss, 1st time giving/reviving oral, being fingered, etc all in 1 day. She didnt want o use a condom her 1st time and she also let me cum in her. Pic related
Girl I dated used to cum lots when we fucked. Like I was used to sheets getting wet in spots. But this was like someone had thrown a bucket of water in the bed. Not even mad though. Super hot and had the best smelling puss. Miss it still
Are you black though? Brother
File: 1468126120353.gif (758KB, 336x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hurry up /B/ro
No I'm not, it was like "brother Ryan!"
sry, my bad

>When I was 17 I took the v of a 14yo Mormon girl. She had her 1st kiss, 1st time giving/reviving oral, being fingered, etc all in 1 day. She didnt want o use a condom her 1st time and she also let me cum in her.
Get a fucking move on you slow cunt I haven't got all day
Fucked a girl In the ass while her ass was filled with whipped cream while she ate out my fleshlight also filled with whipped cream was pretty hot
u cheeky fuk.
I suppose you aren't technically wrongn but dude! Details!
> Be me.
> Be 23.
> Random girl starts chatting me up on Facebook.
> I dodge because she's 16 (legal where I'm from, UK, but still, usually a no go for me).
> Bump into her and her friend out and about.
> Both are clearly into me.
> Friend is also 16.
> Both are being forward as fuck telling me they'd love to fuck me.
> I'm like, ite, fuck morals.
> Have them over multiple times when my flatmate was away for a few weeks.
> As soon as they come through the door they want to watch porn.
> So we watch porn.
> First girl starts touching herself and looking at her friend, her friend is into it but a little apprehensive.
> I tell her to get comfortable, aka, get naked.
> The first girl did exactly as I told her to, when I told her to do it.
> Stripped down in front of her friend.
> Told me to get my cock out. I made her get on her knees and ask nicely.
> I fucked her in front of her friend.
> At first her friend was shy as fuck, but she was into it, was also in her underwear.
> After I fucked her a second time, her friend took off her underwear.
> Fucked her too.
> Later on when I was tired I had them both entertain me.
> They sucked on each other's little titties and finger fucked each other amongst other things.
> Had them over a few times over the next few weeks 'till my flatmate came home.
> Saw the two girls after that in their school uniforms at my local shopping centre with a bunch of other girls who clearly knew what'd happened.
> Kek'd.
> Do not regret.

Not exactly weird. But it's interesting as fuck how slutty barely legals can be.
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The average woman can fuck and get pregnant by 13 or 14. Its just not legal, is morrally wrong and isnt ethical in this day andage.
You got to cum in her 14 yr. Old, freshly broken hymen pussy?

i have never been so jealous of anyone as I am of you right now.
> likes getting fingered in ass during sex
> don't like anal
> hates giving head
> loves being throat fucked and forced to suck
> hypersexual and thirsty as fuck
you mean

>noice m8
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hymen is a myth. get educated pleb
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fucking this
Part 2
> " these past days i really started to like you a lot, and i think you're one of the coolest guys i met"
> whew.ladd
> interruptingbrainpower.exe
> "uhm...aaaaa...uhm"
> "anon im in love with you"
> kneesweak
> armsareheavy
> "im in love with you too Blondie" i finally decide to gather my words
> i want to lean in and give her one of those slow and passionate kisses they show in movies but she had something different in mind
> as soon as i grabbed her waist she grabbed my shirts collar and started making out with me like theres no tomorrow, like her life depended on it
> she makes me sit down and gets on my lap, still kissing me like she was trying to get my soul out
> she starts grinding, i reach under her shirt and get to touch the most perfect tit i have ever touched. Round but not too big or small just perfect
> she starts moaning silently but shortly after she stops, pushing me away from those god tier lips
> "why did you stop...did i do something wrong?" I stutter
> "no...but we can't fuck here"
(Note that we already knew we were from the same city, but different neighborhoods) also she was a year older than me (a few months... But still)
> "why?"
> "good things come if you are patient private" she says with a devilish grin and kissed me
> we started making out more, going to "our" place to mess around
> she liked to be in charge since she always was a bit aggressive and dominant with me, i didn't mind cause i was thinking mostly with my dick
> summer camp ends and we exchange numbers and addressees
> we meet up often in town on dates
> in the evenings we go to some parks where people wouldn't come often and we'd make out and grind on each other
> this goes on a few weeks until she texts me "come to my place, I'm alone"
> get to her apartment complex and reach her door
> she opens it and my eyes are flooded with what id attribute heaven to
Part 3 coming up
yeah I've never gone below 16 for obvious reasons. 18 is usually my limit, but I'm not about to pass up fresh pussy if it's handing itself to me on a silver platter, so I can make exceptions for 16/17.
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Although trips don't usually lie, the hymen isn't a myth, it's just a misunderstood piece of anatomy,
idk, when i was 15, i fucked a 13 year old. we were both just stupid kids though. fairly innocent in my opinion.
Also, im uncut, the sex its self wasnt that good, was fairly painful for her, she cried for a bit, so basically just made out for 20 minutes while i was all the way in her. After a while i could feel her relax and I slowly and very gently went all the way out and in a couple times, then she got on top and i came in her fairly quick. I told her i was about to and she just smiled and kept going. worst part was i couldnt tell anyone about it for obvious reasons.
I was a little faggot when I was a teen, was only when I hit like 18 that I started fucking around. so now I'm making up for lost time and gettin the good, fresh stuff while I can.
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>in b4 tree fiddy
I haven't had sex
this isnt a secret. everyone knows ur a pleb
I'm just here for nudes of this skank
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So I have a 23 yr old fwb, who is a complete slave piss/cum whore. She loves drinking my piss and being covered with piss and cum. She pretends to be 8 years old and I am her daddy. I have set her up on dates with my friends for favors. My girlfriend doesn't know.
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I probably have one of the more fucked stories on here, so weird that I honest have a hard time accepting that I did it

>be me, 24, be chick 23
>met online, chatted for a few weeks, immediately hit it off
>she's about 5'5, D tits with the hour glass figure, green eyes, fatass
>basically perfect looking except for her absolute fucked teeth. Whatever look past it
>she just got got punched in the face by her now ex bf
>use opportunity to be like hey lemme come down to your place and make sure yer OK
>she's so down, and already told me how much she likes me blah blah
>sends me loads of nudes already, wants to call !e daddy, asks me to treat her like a slut
>clearly this bitch has issues but I know it's gonna be a good time
>go down to see her, she has a black eye from ex, whatever don't care
>spend the day together, actually really cool, like her alot and decide to leave that day and make something of this
>she ain't having it, tells me not to leave, gets naked right then and there
>boner is diamonds at her perfect body, fuck her on her now ex bfs side of the bed, their couch, coffee table, and shower
>fantastic in bed, can suck cock great, her on top game is on point, dirty fucking mouth
>whatever I say she does, whore, skank, slut, even called her a semem demon and she loved it

Great huh. Here's where it takes a turn

>after about 2 months of exploring. She's a sub, I tie her up, gags, plugs, it's great.
>she's asks me "anon I have a request, I've only told one other guy and he was freaked out"
>think, it can't be that bad unless it's scat, can't do that
>she spills it
>"anon, my fantasy is for you to tie me up, gag me and put me in my closet, scream at me and beat the doors"

Part 2 inc
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We only fucked maybe 10 times after then, she was worried about other people finding out or getting pregnant even with a condom. But she was always down for oral, gave awesome BJs and was ok with cumming in her mouth although she didnt swallow.
shes hot anon 9/10
I came inside
Your post contradicts it's self
too good to be true, but do I care?

Not going to greentext cus im on my phone

Two years ago I was talking to some friends at work about how I missed having female friends, even if just for sexting and giggles. I was kind of joking since I was dating for 6 years at the time.

So one of my nerdest, most awkward friends told me that somehow he was added in a chat group full of girls who like to cheat their boyfriends between themselves, like in full blow lesbian orgies, and showed me a video that a girl sent him masturbating with a vibrator.

I asked him for her number and we chatted briefly. The jackass told her straight to her face that me and my gf were looking for a threesome (he wasn't lying tho)

I've always been awkard while flirting, and his honesty didn't make this any better. For this and also to avoid any kind of jealously, I told my gf to flirt with her.

Took us three months to convince her, since she had a bf who wasn't into threesomes with girls, and even though she didn't want to cheat on him at first, they eventually broke up

There were two exotic experiences out of this:

-me and my gf started sexting with her. We started fucking while talking dirty to said girl. We came buckets while I prone boned my gf and she texted the other girl what we were doing
-we finally agreed to meet her up in a mall. It was awkward as hell, since the three of us knew that we just wanted to fuck. We went almost straight to a motel nearby. They were both shy so I "hid" in the bathroom while they made out, peeking at them throw a glass in the wall. I briefly joined in after they got naked and licked each other for a bit. It was awkward as hell but felt great. There wasn't much chemistry with her, but the rush of doing something new and the awkwardness made it feel like losing my virginity again. She didn't feel as horny as us and sometimes texted in her cellphone (wtf milenials). Maybe she was telling her ex, idk and idc.

Interesting sex partners?


I ended up cumming in her pussy. I was fucking my gf while they were both belly down, making out and fondling each other. Just as my gf started cumming, I switched pussys and the three of us came toghether.

We both got a treatable std (don't recall the name), but shit was so cash that it was worth it.

>tl;dr version
>me and gf have a threesome with a girl
>awkward as fuck, no chemistry, girl wasn't very good and typed all the time
>shit was cash anyways, like loosing virginity all over again
>mfw she probably was cucking her old bf
>mfw got std and didn't care
>"anon im in love with you"
>be me
>be 16
>mom forces me and siblings to her friends house for din din every sunday
>fucking hate it
>friends daughter is annoying as shit ( still is 7/10 tho )
>friends son is the kid that follows you around and never shuts up about power rangers
>among other dumbshit
>moms friend is solid 8/10
>B cup tits nice round ass red head
>we get there around lunch time once
>lunch time poop time
>run into bathroom and release anal demons
>my mom forgets something cooking related at her home
>takes ALL kids except me cuz I'm shitting
>I finish and walk out
>all is silent
>wander her friends house
>wander into Amy's room ( we'll call moms friend Amy )
>go into her dressers and shit looking for money
>dad tells me to hid mine in my socks
>makes sense others would do the same
>find lacy panties and thongs
>instant boner
>Amy walks in and sees hard on
>"anon wtf I now you're at that age but still"

Part 3
> she was wearing red thongs and a red bra that made her breasts even more irresistible
> "come on in anon" she says in a soft voice
> i come in and as soon as i take my shoes off she just grabs me and starts kissing me and guiding me to her room where she pushes me on her decently sized bed
> she undresses me so fast i can barely get to understand my bearings
> we keep making out, she pulls off my shorts and strokes my diamond dick
> she strokes it slowly but it feels so good, feels like heaven. I reach to take her bra off but she says "patience anon" and starts kissing me while she strokes me
> she pushes me on my back on her bed and starts grinding on me slowly and putting me in agonizing ecstasy
> i can feel the warmth and moist of her pussy
> she lets me get her bra and panties off and i start playing with her nipples and i finger her slowly
> i try to guide my moves by her moans
> she keeps moaning my name, i moan hers when she strokes and kisses me/ bites me on my neck
> she then decides its time for the riding
> " fuck me anon" she moans
> i put my throbbing dick in her tight pussy and i can see she is very delighted
> she starts riding me wild, kissing and bitting
> ohlawd.avi
>as most teenage sex, it was short but passionate
> i felt her pussy contract on my dick, getting tighter and getting me to the verge of climax
> we both cum, me for one having an earthshaking orgasm
> we cuddle and kiss each other in the end
We kept fucking like that as often as we could until she decided to spice it up
Retard gets trips
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Dated pic related for a while, several years ago.

She was Jesus freak and wanted to "save herself" for her husband, but was totally fine with any and all oral and anal sex.

Fucked her for over a year, only in the ass.

Wouldn't even let me finger that pussy but would let me destroy da butt and cum all over her face.

She's married now, I sometimes wonder if her husband knows how much cum she's had in her ass.
And then you woke up

Oh, nvm.
You should try to fuck her again....the expectations of marriage are horrendous.

anon knows
Pretty sure you did not anon
weirdest sex i ever had was when I was 16 me and my 14yo gf would have sex on the living room couch while her younger sisters were in the same room
You sound pathetic so far. Don't bother finishing the other stories are better
File: 1452079666419.jpg (81KB, 485x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>good things come if you are patient private
File: Capture.jpg (47KB, 463x574px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 463x574px

Doesn't live anywhere near me. If the opportunity came up I certainly would, always wonder if she wound up be a good "actual" fuck.
File: 1456993903900.jpg (39KB, 645x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 645x768px

>think wtf, is this serious ?
>tell her this has to be a joke, that's not a fetish
>tells me how her brothers would lock her in a closet to "punish her"
>that one brother out of the other 3 would fool around with her in there
>think to myself, this to fucked up even for me and I just had her squirt all over me and those poor sheets
>tell her to give me some time, doubtful I can muster that much weirdness out of me
>she starts apologizing profusely, starts to cry thinking she's pushed me away
>assure her that it's not the case
>it takes me about a week to make up my mind
>decide I'll do it, strictly for the story aspect and he'll, maybe it'll be great
>she's so happy that she's fucking giddy, bouncy and giggly all goddam day
>fucking confirmed for probably serial killer deep inside
>its time, tie her arms behind her back, gag her with a pair of dirty panties and duct tape
>bind her legs in the on her knees position
>literally pick her up and throw her in her closet
>tell her to sit there and think about how big of a whore she is
>think to myself, fuck man you're really gonna this you twisted cunt
>leave her for half hour
>it's time, fucking stomp in there, screaming anything that comes to mind
>I'm punching and kicking the door, thinking I'm gonna break it
>finally after like 15 minutes and my throat sore from screaming I open the door
>she's still kneeling here looking up at me, I unbind her legs and she stands up with my help
>her fucking thighs are soaked with drip marks from her pussy
>ungag, she just says "fuck me daddy",

She then proceeds to scream when I'm fucking her like I've never heard any female scream before, she fucking loved it on another level, came and squirted her fucking brains out

Broke up later for other reasons
which things? witch things.
I need to find me a bitch like this
File: image.jpg (15KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 480x360px
I've had a 20 year relationship with my very clingy, attached girlfriend Palmela. The sex gets pretty kinky.
File: 1446598600337.jpg (23KB, 289x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 289x292px
My ex's parents didn't care what we did. I went on a roadtrip to my ex's grandparents house, a really long drive, I'm sitting in the backseat of their car with my ex just bullshitting with her when she just starts playing with my dick through my parts to get me hard, all the while still talking to her parents until she just unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick. Her mom would start talking to her, looking back at us, and my ex would take me out of her mouth and give me a handjob while she redponded when she was finished she'd go right back to work until finally I came down her throat. She wiped her mouth and I put myself back in my pants and they carried on like nothing happened.

Also I remember I was fucking her in her room, she was riding me on top and her mom came in to put away laundry. When her mom was done my ex said "thanks mom" in between moans and playing with her nipples while I was still pounding her. Her mom turned around and said "you're welcome sweetie" as if we were just hanging out

I miss her. Pic related.
Don't bother. I didn't read part one. TLDR
cry more faggot against someone who provides free entertainment without asking anything in return
>millennial mentality in a nutshell
inb4 muh time
inb4 muh attention
worth $1MM
That's creepy, her father never said anything too?

I'm sure her parents fucked her too
seems like b.s. but can't help wanting more
underrated post
She ended up being very crazy in the end, stupid clingy and possessive. Like didn't want me to leave possessive, ever

Pussy fantastic but her issues werent, the daddy issues were real, she would blow my phone up getting upset if I was out late with friends or work.

Stuck my dick in crazy
anyone still lurking? i have a ton of sexual deviancy stories but dont feel like typing for only 1 or 2 people
Part 4 the kinky part
> "anon, come by, my parents aren't home" she texts me one snowy day
> BLITZKRIEG 2.0 booting
> i go to her place and i knock on the door a few times before she answered
> as soon as the door opened i was rushed by heat and parfume...it felt good
> "get in anon, i don't want to lose heat"
> alright alright alright
> i undress from my shoes and the winter clothes until im in my T-shirt and jeans, sweating a bit cause it was warm as fuck
> "sure is ho..." I try to say until i see my gf in a black bra and tight leather miniskirt
> diamond dick engage
> she starts kissing me, pinning me against the wall
> she grabbed my belt and dragged me to her room
> "undress anon" she says in a soft but dominant tone
> i do as she says not giving much attention to her tone
> she starts kissing me, one of her hands stroking my dick, the other caressing my chest
> she slowly guided me to her bed where she made me seat on it
> she got on my lap slowly grinding on me,kissing my neck when she whispered "anon i want to try something"
> i was already hers so i just gave in "anything"
> she put my hands behind my back and she tied them so that i couldn't escape
> "a bit kinky today aren't we?" I say
> she kept slowly stroking my dick, making me go wild
> must've been 15 minutes when i started to squirm and hint her i wanted to be stroked faster but she kept stroking me at the same agonizing slow speed
> i tried to move my dick up and down so it felt faster but she stopped and grabbed my chin "be patient anon" and slowly kissed me
> she started playing with her self, teasing me with her body
Her father was an empty shell of a man who was constantly belittled by her mom. He had no opinion or ruling in that house. Pretty sure he was on like four antidepressants at once all the time.
Wonder what her husband would say "hey bro, your wife has taken multiple cocks and countless loads into her ass, face and other parts of the body, but don't worry her pussy was untouched, except for a few loads dripping on it"

Yeah no. That's almost worse than her just being vaginal fucked. Makes her more of a whore imo
Proceed soldier
Yeah youre good
Do it.
3rd here, you're in the clear
Nah. Ex gf loved having a finger in the ass and the idea of anal but actually doing it was terrifying despite my knowing how to do it so she doesn't feel like I'm splitting her insides.
My most recent ex had a life like that, minus the blowing and fucking directly in front of parents

I use to fuck the absolute fuck out of her in her room in their small house and I know for a fact her mom and dad could hear. Especially her dad since he slept on the couch in the front

Her mom would joke being like "you guys are so loud" and it always weirded me out like "bitch why you listening so intently, let alone talking to me about it"

Yeah her dad was the same as your story, broken down, worked 14 hours a day and had no say with the money he provided, her mom didn't work a day in her life, demanded that he stay out of shit because he was useless anyway. Started doing hardcore valume after he retired. His own children didn't even respect him even though he paid for the clothes on their backs

Fucking made me sad
I dunno man, females like that keep things interesting IMO
File: images.jpg (12KB, 352x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have gf
>she won't touch me, suck me etc
>like fucking a sack of potatoes
>stay with her because love.jpg
> go into the kitchen when she's asleep and resent not being able to have a healthy sex life while masturbating on the floor.
>will never experience oral, too beta to leave.

I believe you
how did it make you sad? you clearly dont give a fuck about him if you're loudly fucking his daughter within earshot of him. Should have taken her to a wendys parking lot like a gentlemen you asshole
Have you tried telling her to do those things?
>Fucking made me sad

Imagine what it did to her father kek
> have girlfriend sinds 7 months that is quite the kink and willing to do almost everything for me
> for some kinks I need to ''work her' for a some time to make her like it as well
> be me
> girlfriend is going on vacation with her parents
> last day I see her
> she gives me a present
> unpack it
> fleshlight
> "because you are going to miss me for two weeks anon"
> this girl. she is a keeper.
> we go into sex mode
> she sits into my porn-like fucking chair (I can flip her so many ways on it its crazy)
> tells me what I want, anything.
> fills a bottle with water, put it on the armchair of couch and tell her to drink it before I speak to her agian
> She is confused.
> Drinks like her life depends on it
> She finished, I ensue sexing.
> Play with her nipples (she loves it, even made her come one time by just rubbing her nipples)
> Nip clamps, water on those bad boys, biting, all the good stuff.
> Start fucking her. After 30 mins of teasing and fucking her hard I stop.
> Tell her too pee over my rockhard dick that is still inside of her.
> She does that.
> Fuck her even harder and start punching in her stomach (we both likes this) and massaging her belly and the organs inside (she is muscled and really low BF).
> Made her come first. Mixing her piss, my precum, my spit, her juices in that tight pussy of hers.
> Go into beastmode (she likes this, I'm really muscular so veins/muscles poking out etc.)
> See her eyes glancing over my body
> Thousandbuckets.jpg
> After I am done start licking her and fingering that g-spot
> she comes a second time
> no squirt though, we are working on that
> she starts milking my dick for every ounce of sperm thats in there. Licks it off.

God this girl gets me horny. We do so much cool stuff (bondage, punching REAL hard, choking, pain, some really crazy fingering on her ovarium which she somehow likes, pissing now and I want her to get into anal and more dirty talking - she is pretty silent most of the time except for screaming).
File: 1469524689767.jpg (742KB, 1135x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
742KB, 1135x1200px

6) During natural disasters they all work together to make sure everyone lives; there's no price gouging nor mass thieves.

>7) Their divorce+infidelity rates are far lower than Euraberica-(where lifestyles cause middleage men to commit suicide and die poor)

8) Their media isn't as depraved as ours eg Tosh.0s 'black dildo fight' where a young boy got raped and in other videos ppl get killed.

>9) they actually get shit done instead of working 1/2hr or 2 half hr a day like in Ameroupe.

10) Highest IQs+lowest crime rate. Their lit doesn't glorify murder, suicide, crying, cheating or wallowing in sorrow-no Shakespeare, oedipus, nor such poetry)

>11) They never invaded a country for false flags like 9/11&nukes (occupation killed over 70,000 innocents+created enemies RN)

12) No Abrahamic laws to stop their progress in human bioengineering

>+Mao's leap killed < 1/2 the pop.% the GreatDepression did

Let's devote ourselves faithfully to our good masters and mistresses

Been there. My ex was a fat lousy fuck who in 2.5 years had done anything other then missionary less than 10 times. Since I was a virgin I found it awesome the first time I fucked her in all fours...

...after almost two years

Just drop her anon, unless she makes her part and works hard to improve her game. It's not worth letting a whole life of sexual satisfaction over "love"
cool story bro, but none of that is weird
This chick is by far the oddest one I've fucked. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her dad. Really cool dude, though when I met him I immediately noticed similarities between him and I. Like I looked like a younger version of him basically, he even commented on it and laughed. I just chalked it up to kids finding parental traits in their significant other. Freud and all that. So as the relationship goes on she asks something of me. We're at her fathers apartment whiles he's at work and she asked me to go into his closest and put on his clothes and fuck her. To my surprise I compiled, and had the best sex I've had with her she was way to into it. I penetrated every hole on her and she kept begging for more. She called me daddy throughout the entire thing. This actually became a regular thing for us. I fucked her as her dad to appease some twisted fantasy she had and I had the best sex ever.
Part 4 cont
> she slowly undresses, coming closer towards me, kissing me and teasing my already diamond dick
>she sits on my lap her ass cheeks teasing my dick
>she grinds slowly on me, im slowly losing my mind to her moves
> i try and grind faster but after a few brief seconds she gets up and walks away from me smiling in a devilish way towards me
> "please lets fuck" i beg, my dick throbbing like crazy
> she slowly walks to me and strokes my dick "Patience anon, you agreed to this" and kisses me
> "my dick is aching for a release"
> she goes to a drawer and brings up some tape and a vibrator
> she tapes my mouth and says "you're talking too much and lack patience"
> she turns on the vibrator at the slowest speed possible and puts it against my dick
>she keeps it there for a good 10 minutes when she decided to step up the speed
> i squirm in pleasure thinking "faster faster faster"
> i feel the climax close but before i could pass the point of no return she backs away the vibrator making me squirm in frustration
> "patience" she smiles
> she gets her pussy inches away from my dick and starts playing with her self using the vibrator
> my dick can barely touch the wand but she likes seeing me try
> she mustve came at least twice when she decided to turn it off and start stroking me again
> the pleasure was soo good and torturous at the same time
> i started to breathe heavily as she went faster
> "i know you want to cum so bad anon" she said as she was stroking me faster
> "you want to cum so bad anon"
> faster
> the point of no return is coming, i start squirming but she stops letting me hump the air
> she puts her hands on my hip and pins me down,waiting a good minute before kissing my neck,nipple, belly, tip of my cock
File: image1.jpg (651KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651KB, 1536x2048px

Yeah believe me I thought about that, but I always thought he'd man up eventually. Never did

Funny thing, me and him got along like you niggers wouldn't believe. Dude offered me to move in with them when times got tough when my parents divorced.

Plus I was the only guy that would sit and talk to him, ask permission for anything, and treated his daughter like gold. He even told me a few times I'm the best guy to walk through his door that his daughters have brought over.

Even shook my hand when me and the ex broke up, said that he knows she's a spoiled bitch. I was dumb founded believe me, maybe that's why he gave me a pass on the poundage of his daughter
Its the first story here without the girl having daddy issues though.
Her ass looks like a heart

Fuck I'm hard and jealous
> be me 16
> live in patchwork family with step sister who is 13 and has already a C-cup
> go on vacation
> not enough rooms, so she and I share a room
> talk about sex at night
> ask her if she masturbates
> says no
> ask if she wants me to show her
> not sure but eventually says yes
> finger her/ eat her out until she cums
> ask her to return the favor
> teach her to suck my cock
> cum all over her face

Sadly that was the only time we did this.
I wanted it to work man I really tried

Wasn't gonna happen, she ended up getting with another dude shortly after who beat on her and she accepted it whole heartedly apparently, said she "deserves it". Fucking weird
My ex was abused by her brother when she was young and had sex issues

Was not fun. It was either good or bad, no in-between
Very good man. You found the perfect balance between normal and crazy
Last part
> she gives my cock a few good licks, the sensation so intense and good
> "i think you're ready anon" she says as she slides my dick in her tight and wet pussy
> she starts riding me,moaning, making me go wild
> she starts riding me faster and faster, moaning my name, i feel her pussy muscles contracting and making it feel tighther around my cock, im going insane
> she rides me faster and faster until she screams my name and i feel her entire body shaking but still riding me
> "cum for me anon"
> i pass the point of no return and have an earth shattering orgasm that leveas my entire body shaking of pleasure
> Blondie unties me and cuddles with me saying "wasnt that fun anon?"

Best orgasm i ever had...Blondie made me a tease and denial fan, also a bondage and a tie up games fan...wished she hadn't moved out of country...

The end my boys!
File: IMG-376520903.jpg (129KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 720x960px
I only fucked one girl, many times.

We never used condoms and she was way out of my league. Haven't even bothered with the shitty girls I can pull after her, should just find a fat chick who makes more money than me.
I'm fairly confident that her mother was living vicariously through my ex. She kept making comments about how good I looked, to the point where it was a little uncomfortable. Not innocent shit like "you're looking good today" but like "if you weren't dating my daughter I'd jump on you like that" I got to the point where my ex had to say something to her. Her mom was a morbidity obese cow so it was disturbing.. Otherwise I might've tried setting up a three way.
>No dinosaurs?
Happened couple of weeks ago.

>be me
>recently out of a serious relationship, 9+ years
>had a thing for another for couple of years but could never cheat, free man so thought fuck it, confidence and approached her.
>she feels same, I don't want anything serious but too Beta to just fuck, no sex outside of relationship on her end.
>date for couple of weeks, things get hot a fair few times but stops just short.
>end up making it official, we fuck, it's amazing, sexiest noises from a person ever, implant so no rubbers. Shit is cash.
>super noisey so can't do anything with others in house.
>one night super horny, we both deep in the moment, she pushed me off after getting embarrassed about the noise, someone in house.
>cool down for an hour the say fuck it, let's go drive somewhere.
>never had sex outside, drive for 20 minutes, in car she is soaking the car seats, no pants on I'm touching her all the way.
>a spot we found a week or so ago is pitch black, muddy as hell, it's pissing it down with rain I'm in a vest and trackies she in Pj shorts and a top.
>discuss what plan of action is. "fuck me from behind against car, Anon"
>first time I have ever done anything in public, fucking diamonds.
>pissing it down with rain, going to town deep, listening to her moan and scream.
>occasional car goes by, don't stop.
>cum deep in her after 15 or so minutes, she has it dripping down her leg all way back to mine.
> have ice cream then sleep.

Person I was with before was so Damn vanilla this was like a whole different world to me, never have I ever felt anything so intense.
one thing I've learned about females in my almost 27 years of life is they hate themselves and they want to be treated in a way that relates to how they feel about themselves. no more, no less. she obviously hated herself majorly and she wanted you to treat her like you hated her. I bet the obsessive behaviour and stuff was a shit test. that she wanted you to punish her for acting like a brat. she wanted you to dominate the fuck out of her and MAKE her leave you alone when you have shit to do.

do yourself a favour, don't feel sorry for women, don't pity them, don't feel any empathy for them. not when they're like that anyway. they won't respect you for it, they won't love you for it, they'll look down you for it and hate you you for it more than they hate themselves because they see you not being able to treat them as they feel about themselves as weakness on your part.
She definently was crazy, but I did love her and I went along with her fantasies so what does that say about me? Really wish she could have moved with me when I went to college. I know for a fact we'd still be together if not married by now... Such is life though..
Ex girlfriend who gave me herpes. Typical submissive kinky bitch, loved being slapped choked spat on face fucked etc. Then it got weird...

>Go to her house like normal
>Doing our usual chill stuff
>Start to sexy time, she stops and runs to her desk all excited
>comes back with 4 tubes of acrylic paint
>"I want to pour paint all over you anon and wriggle around and make our bodies into a canvas of our love"
>Actually feels pretty nice and her big tits look amazing in multicolour
>then she stops
>"What's wrong?"
>"We need to let it set so I can peel it off and use it for my art project
>starts taking photos off me before sucking the paint off my dick, acrylic paint.
>pukes everywhere
>asks me if I find it sexy
>dont know how to answer

I spent the next 5 days washing paint out my chest hair which I lost half of when she tried to rip it off me
File: 1336077356638.jpg (147KB, 960x1281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 960x1281px
also, too bad she left
Yeah I'm 90% sure my ex's mom wanted to fuck me too, I got that vibe, also obese cow.

Almost fucked her sister though, her sister made points for me to "accidentally" see her naked. She also use to text and call me all the time, to the point where my ex got into an argument about it. I actually wish I would of dated her sister instead, she was much more stable and caring.

Fun fact, they were twins. Not identical but maternal. They looked very alike but really different at the same time, only thing that was copy pasted was their pussy, was amazed
>be 17
>little sister's friend(14 or 15 dont remember) gave me the blowjob to end all blowjobs
>end up fucking her serveral weeks later.

>that blowjob has still not been topped and that was 7 years ago
Wifes little sister was definitely fun and interesting.
Yeah I figured that's what she wanted but I wasn't doin it, don't want a relationship like that. Also knew she hated herself, knew that the second she asked me to treat her like a gutter slut. You don't get off on being locked in a closet and called whatever I think is necessary without having something broken inside them

To fucking extreme for me brah
I feel you on that anon.
My wife's little sister is a huge cum slut
That is a fun fact. My ex had a sister too.. 6/10 face 3/10 body. She unfortunately took after their mom. My ex made a point not to be a fat cow
Pukes and asks if you find it sexy

Jesus she didn't puke on you did she
The story sucks anyways. Sounds like it was written by a 12 year old.
she walked in on my wife and I having sex. wife didn't notice at first and I watched her sister freak out for a second, linger watching too long and then finally the wife noticed. Followed that up with her walking around in only a towel and letting it slip around me. One thing lead to another. My wife's kinky and a blast but her sister is tight as fuck and wild.
I feel you mate, I just take what I can get nowadays though and adapt to the bitch 'cause the chances of a decent relationship with a non self-hating mindfuck of a female is miniscule at best.
It's weird when you see sisters with one being really hot and the other being fucking disgusting

It's like wtf happened in that gene sequencing
>her fucking thighs are soaked with drip marks from her pussy
Gotta admit that got me hard
Story now
Why, are the girls that slutty there?
I agree, spent 5 years with my last ex and almost married her. We had a rough relationship but every time it would start to go down a gold stable path she would find some way of self sabotage
hory shet... sounds like she knew what she was doing.

cool story bro u lucky fuck
there's some of what happened. She started getting more cuddly and touchy while she was drunk and eventually wife was away. she got drunk blew me and then freaked out. things were awkward for a bit and eventually she brought it up and said she felt bad but loved it and wanted to do it again so we fucked.

Since then we've had some fun games with it

On my leg, but I've had a girl puke on my dick before after a night out thinking drunken deep throat was a good idea
I always think the girls that call you daddy are crazy.

Turns out im right. Shits weird, nega-boner material imo
Will she ever tell the wife is the question

Also interesting how almost with most guys I know, the sister always wants a piece of her sisters bf. I hear it so goddamn often

The fuck is it, they just see something their sibling has and it's a "no it's mine" thing like fucking toys or something
I am fine with being that toy
Right? Haha my ex definitely got the good genes and she knew it too. She was a bitch to her sister but I didn't care enough to say anything. Besides it was kinda hot.
File: well done anon.jpg (326KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
well done anon.jpg
326KB, 1600x1200px
for out standing service in the line of duty
my wife and I are already pretty open, dont know if she'd care or get pissed about her sister. In either case I know she wont say anything. She's gone out of hr way to get me hard just because she knows her sister and I are going to fuck, or if she finds out will blow me first sometimes. I was surprised as fuck about how into it she is haha
it's pretty common for 13-14 year olds to be giving line-ups to multiple guys around 16 upwards round here, especially in working class areas.
Story from my second sex partner

>be me 20, skinny but handsome
>too afraid to approach girls irl, decide to use online dating
>match with 16yo grill, easy 8/10
>we chat about drugs and stuff, grill wants to try mdma, I want to try methylphenidate for my exams
>meet up and exchange drugs
>lose contact for a few days until she texts me to meet her at her place
>eat pizza, talk about life
>grill is absolute savage, parents about to throw her out, failed school, smokes weed erryday
>decide to make a move and propose truth or dare
>game is continuously posing more and more explicit challenges and questions
>end up making out, touching and kissing each other everywhere
>get all my shit together and ask her if she wants to fuck
>grill wants to fuck

after we fucked, she fucked two more guys and got preggers
File: small-bnb.gif (53KB, 315x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 315x240px
ITT: an endless supply of 12yo virgins from creative writing club.
long story short
>be me
>15 but almost 16
>only had sex once before
>at a friends house, dropping MDMA for my first time
>shit is cash, yo
>somehow end up in bed with a 25-yrs old chick
>due to the MDMA i fuck her for 4 hours straight before blowing the load, couldn't feel anything down there but it was great anyway
>end up with having her as a girlfriend for almost a year
that shit builded up my self-esteem a lot.
I'd lose it, that's fucking disgusting
I still remember the way shed scream "fuck me daddy"

Saved that one in the spank bank, fuck it was hot
that's women for you mate. fuck 'em.
That's how it was with mine

Mine had the god tier tits while her sister had none, mine had the better hair face and skin and legs and feet.

Although like I said, I wish I would of dated her sister she was still good looking, better personality and not as crazy. Just mine was the better looker
File: 3.jpg (96KB, 1080x1122px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 1080x1122px
the sister
Yeah whatever you do don't let her find out you're fucking her sister

Keep it a secret son
Shit I wish I could of been there for that
Talk the wifey into a threesome. Or get sister to ask wifey if she's ever thought about a threesome.
For once I'm sad that I don't live in the UK.
I thought I was the only one who noticed this.
they've both definitely have had threesomes before and they're both adventurous and kinky so I'm not ruling it out yet
16 year old saying a 25 year old girl and with her for a year

It was fuck buddies not dating bro, take it as a win that she had a thing for rreal young guys, if true, good for you
Still better than modern porn
She's cute as fuck, id let my dick beat up her mouth anyday

this guy never continued...
nah, i actually even went to her house to mmeet her parents at a certain point, shit was awkward as fuck.
If this can feel you better she wasn't either rich, particularly attractive, or smart. But she could swallow an amount of drugs that was impressive.
3somes together or just 3 somes by themselves
they both suck good dick but she'll take it deep and still want more.
Sounds like a good time to me, I bet her parents were fucking blown away with how young you were
>so fucking close...

And I posted a pic of my ex's face, she had big tits, big areoles, hourglass figure and a big butt. Trimmed her pubes. I loved everything about her.

I've seen her sister in a bikini and her gut spilled over her bikini bottom but she had depressing tits. Seriously it was like two suicide notes pinned to her chest..
by themselves, not together, though they've both had sex in the same room at the same time. just with no crossover

I missed out on a lot of cute little teen mouths and pussies wrapped around my cock 'cause I was a little pussy myself back then. so much regret.
Once had copious amounts of sex with a lovely woman with two crevices and two vaginal openings inside of one vaginal opening. Was worth.
She didn't call you a pleb. Shit the fuck up with your fake story you cunt.

Who is she? More?
>Seriously it was like two suicide notes pinned to her chest..

Fucking killed me man, I guess I'm happy my ex's sister was good looking now
Fucking in the same room

Kinda hot but don't think I wanna hear or see my brother fucking, good for them though
>oh, also she wants to do it without condom
congrats on being in every YLYL/banana thread from now on
I enjoyed the hell out of it. another early moment of too much eye contact watching each other fuck. we weren't the only ones it was a drunken party and a bunch of fooling around in a room
So since no one asked..who's the girl in the pic?
You ever date her or keep in contact?
"squirted her brains out..." You mean "pissed herself," right?
One should be so validated as to make a woman orgasm so hard she can't control her bladder.
When me and the ex broke up I was real fucked up from it, questioned everything I held myself up to

After we broke up I owed her mom 100 bucks she loaned me so I went to her sisters apartment because there was no way I was gonna see my ex. Ended up talking and she said how she thinks her sister is a cunt and she's wrong and shit

Sexual tension came to a high and we started furiously making out, picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and we 69 went down on each other like animals. Why 69 I have no idea it just happened. She flipped around and came up and it was about to happen before my dumbass stopped it because I thought me and her sister (my ex) might have a chance to get back together, hell I was gonna ask her to marry me after all.

She kissed me and said "in another life we'd be perfect for each other, this is why she doesn't deserve you", fucking killed me. Got dressed and we kissed one more time and I left.

Stayed in contact for awhile, meant to hang out a few times, she even confessed shed date me in secret until we found a way to tell my ex. Couldn't do it though, eventually had to cut her off because it made me think of my ex so much I could barely function. I hear from her from time to time but not often at all. She's married to some omega level fuck wad who decided to take her last name, made me lol

So what happened to your ex anyway, sounds like you had it sweet with her, what she cheat or something
File: IMG_7456.jpg (156KB, 666x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 666x347px
the other sister
didn't care, fucking loved it
What is she some art freak

Not saying no but damn that's alot of effort
Fucked a bride and her maid of honor (seperately) on the day of the wedding
you are my god i will start a new relgion for you
File: PA130020.jpg (623KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
623KB, 1536x2048px
"modeling" for some project
Story, GO
This is what happened to my wifes sister. Wife is 7/10 face, 8/10 body, 10/10 ass. Her sister is a fat disgusting fucking pig that cosplays characters that are 150lbs smaller than her and still lives with her mother. She wears t-shirts and short shorts that her belly hangs out from under and is fucking horrible to look at.
Yeah, i understand that, my gf hates blowies but if i just stick some chocolate on the bellend and face fuck her she goes along with it.
you fuck this chick right
bride and I had been a thing in the past and she was freaking out a little so I suggested we fuck once more for old time sake and to calm her down, did it in the bridal suite. As a thank you she directed the maid of honor my way after the wedding
That's piss mate, science has proven they don't cum.
what's she like compared to wife

got any frontal with pussy?
>be me 18
>going to a summer camp
Nigga wut? If you're 18 your ass should be in fucking college.
love squirters, don't care that it's piss it's hot as fuck and the shaking gasm girls get during is very satisfaction
>taking her last name

Oh wow.. And no nothing like that, we dated all throughout highschool, which is when the stories happened, but afterwards I got accepted into a college out of state. Obviously I wanted her to come with me, i wanted to leave everything behind (didnt have a good homelife and wanted to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible and never look back) but she said she could leave her family behind so the night before my plane left we had one last round of amazing sex (if her parents were watching I didn't notice or care) she drove me to the airport and we kissed and parted ways.

I still get talk to her every now and then but she's married and has a kid so it's not the same you know?
File: oxnjd.gif (1MB, 260x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 260x346px
The first one is the sister this one mine haha
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