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ITT Stories about how you lost your virginity

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT Stories about how you lost your virginity
Gay or straight?
Took my girlfriend out into the woods at her parents house and fucked her bent over a fallen tree. Not much else to say.
18th birthday party in an absolute shit show of alcohol, downer pills and cocaine. Randomly ended up with some sexy ass 17 year old 9/10, I think she just did it because it was my bday and she was messed up to on lots of shit. Wasprettygreat/10
Went to a 420-themed nightclub on 429 day whilst really high and drunk, took a hambeast home and smashed the next day because I couldn't maintain an erection whilst drunk. Probably the most regrettable moment of my life. She was 3/10 rancid. It's K now tho because I'm more confident and smashing 7/10 alt chix every month or so. Kinda havin erection troubles still tho, so I've embraced YBOP.
>Be 21, she's 23
>We're both virgins and nervous about our first time but after six months we've decided to go for it
>But we can't get privacy cuz my roommates keep knocking on the door, every time we try we manage to get the condom on (which takes too damn long) and then we're interrupted
>So days go by and we stop at her parent's house to feed the cats while her parents are on vacation
>I'm unprepared but she's got condoms in her purse and we end up fucking in her parent's bed
>then in the living room bent over the couch
>then on the stairs
>pretty good night
>meet girl on the internet in 2008
>friends for years
>finally she visits my country in 2013. i'm 27 years old, her 24
>we arrange to meet
>oh no, kissing, cuddling, oh god, what is happening
>about 2 months later, I go visit her
>after a flight, busses and trains for hours, finally get to her apartment around 11pm
>both tired, sweaty
>we strip off slowly in the bathroom together. cuddles, kneading tits, etc.
>end up going to bed and doing it
Was about 19 went to a Taco Tuesday event at a club ate a taco with my sister and a couple of her friends. Shared a bed with the fattest one when we went back to her place and fucked her lard ass in the other room while everyone else was passed out
>Be at a party, drunk as a motherfucker
>I can barley stand and out of nowhere this slut comes and drags me into the garage
>The fucking garage
>I've always had a rough fetish bordering rape
>Shuve her face into the dirty garage floor and fuck her from behind for like 10 minutes
>Cum inside of her
>Stumble out of garage while leaving the slut on the floor with my cum dripping out of her pussy
>10/10 pretty good
Any day now...... .............................................................. ............ nope.

Total BS. No one lasts 10 minutes the first couple of times.
>I can barley stand
>Christmas Day
>picked up this black girl I met on tinder a month ago
>fucked on my floor
>round two she wants to finish in her mouth
>throat fuck her and she vomits on my dick
>climax at the same time

That's the Christmas Day I became a night rider
Well I was incredibly drunk. Could have been 5 but I don't remember it that well. Could barley get it up as well.
How do you spell it?
Barely you fucking chimp.
>be a /b/ user
>never lost virginity
>cries at night
Was really underwhelming, had death grip and couldn't cum.
Gonna in about a month
>be 17
>drive girlfriend to an apartment complex where I used to live at like 11PM
>commence fucking
>use Trojan Warming sensations
>unpleasantly warm
>look up halfway through, some dude walking his dog is staring at my 4Runner.
>panic, throw on clothes
>back out of parking spot, hit some dude's red car
>keep driving out of there
>survey damage next day, minor dent in fender.
>didn't cum
I'm from europe
>Chick I was dating for the last months of Senior year.
>After grad practice go to drive her home.
>She has different plans.
>Both virgins.
>Fuck in backseat of moms car.
>Partially came inside her.
>She miscarried after 2 months.
>Praise spaghetti.
everyone here is really a virgin. you didnt lose your virginity, and your a lier if you say otherwise.
>as a teen, hear mom and dad having sex frequently
>masturbate to it, ashamed
>one night go out to hall to hear better, and find sister schlicking in her door
>we don't look at one another, finish masturbating, don't talk about it
>this goes on for a few months but proceeds to mutual masturbating while we listen
>we do this a couple times, then she stops coming to the hall and i jerk off alone
>get up the nerve to ask and she says it's bad and gross, we shouldn't do it, and we're gonna get caught
>so when i hear parents fucking i start opening her door and jerking off in the doorway, she tells me to leave but i know she's fingering herself while the sound comes down teh hall
>progress to jerking off next to her bed, then in bed with her, then mutual masturbation again
>about a year after it started i got on top of her, pushed it in, came almost immediately
My first time I lasted 40min legit, non stop.
Could never do it again after that thou.
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>at a party
he's just being satirical, trying to imply everyone on /b/ is a virgin
I got raped by a close friend. The end.

I lost my virginity to a one-armed chick I met at a grocery store while we were high on coke
>14 years old
> Making out in the basement for the umpteenth time
> She bends over on the floor
> Not sure what do, feel around with my hand for a hole
> foundit.jpg
> Stick the wiener in and pump a couple times
> She's complaining it hurts
> I offer to maybe try a different position or something
> Nope, she's done
> Blue balls so bad, I'm curled up in a ball upstairs
> Her parents are asking me what's wrong
> Tell them I'm allergic to spaghetti and have to leave for the hospital
> They are confused, but put me in the car
> Take me to hospital and into the ER
> Once I'm in the doctor's office, I tell the doctor the truth
> Hospital calls my parents
> Nurse tells me to go in the bathroom and jack off if I want it to stop hurting, she was pretty cool about the whole thing
> beat it in the specimen room
> Parents show up and I'm feeling much better
> Doctor explains that I got blue balls in the most professional way he can, but that I've jacked off and feeling better
> Parents drive me home and stop at Baskin Robbins to get me ice cream
> Girlfriend calls me while eating ice cream with my parents and I tell them she's calling me
> What do?
> Mom and dad shrug
> Answer the phone and dump her
>Tell her I'm dumping her because she keeps borrowing my coat and I'm tired of freezing in church
> She cries a bunch, but ultimately has to take it
> She gets caught blowing a black dude at church that Sunday
> Two kids by graduation
> She dies from cancer is what I hear when I come home from the military on leave
> Two nigglings being raised by her ultra conservative parents
> Well, I guess that makes us even.
Ask your mother.
>freidn o mine and i are textingduring summer
>sexual stuff comes up
>we end up deciding to have sex once i come back form vactation
>im back
>go to citys pride parade becuase both bi and...why not
>go to open air cinema later and get a bit drunk
>go to my home, have sex

whatever...were dating now so idgaf
>be me, 20 year old Canuck, 2004
>have hooked up with girls, fooled around, BJs, just not the real deal
>met big tittied hot 17 year old girl in online video game, talk for 6 months, feel like in love
>go see her in the windy city, 18 hour bus ride [broke AF college kid, no car]
>get to hotel, going at it, feels good, but i'm wearing rubber
>all of a sudden it feels amazing, we both cum within about 30 seconds of each other
>turns out the dom came off, and i cream pied her
>she cried, i got worried
>the week continued, we had lots of sex, we used some spermicide/pull out method and raw dogged it the rest of the week
>still friends with her to this very day, and she still sends me pics of them big titties, and would fuck me at the drop of a hat

was pretty good compared to some of these stories
I couldnt come my first time, I lasted probably an hour and a half
Time for my second ever greentext!
Straight up OC here!
-be 17
-meet 16 year old 7/10 emo ish girl at school
-petite little latina lets,call her jane
-nice perky breast
-talk for a few months
-we start getting real close
-she has male bestfriend
-beta little cuck
-one day me and emo chick get into fight and we go our seperate ways
-finds out next week shes dating her bestfriend
-I never liked the little fucker always tried to be all cutesy with her
-so i come uo with plan to get her to cheat on him with me
-following week i start talking to her again
-"hey jane! Whatsup!"
-"hey anon not much just been busy with school work"
-asks her if she needs any help
-im pretty good at math and she knows it
-she says yes and we plan a study sesh at her house for the next day
-she lives with her mom and is usually always home alone
-aww fuck yeaasss

Same here, as I was super high on coke my first time
>be me, 15
>have a crush on neighbors sexy husky
>kid is abusive to her I give her treats and pet her all the time
>also feed and care for her when he is out of town with his family
>hear him in his house yelling at her, look outside and see him shove her out his bedroom window
>be pissed off, go over and bring her home with me
>he comes over a few minutes later demanding her back
>I punch him in the face and tell him to fuck off I'm keeping her
>he is crying and runs back home.
>brushing doge I see she is in heat probably why he was mad at her
>cock is diamonds but didn't intend to do anything
>cuddle and watch TV with her mom says it's bed time
>get ready for bed I sleep naked
>get naked and doge starts licking my cock
>diamonds again
>get in bed, doge gets in too rolling on her back and stopping to nuzzle my crotch
>she's fucking hot and it looks like she's interested
>lose it a sexy red husky girl.
27 years ago and still Best night of my life.

>Time for my second ever greentext!

No greentext. You're a complete failing faggot!
and also where are you from?
You a wizard?
Yes, but make it fucking green this time.
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/b/ro, I never even came my first couple times.

>Met this girl in junior or senior year of high school through my best friend
>She is one of those girls who likes to drink beer with the guys and smoke a lot of weed
>We'll call her Ashley
>Think she is cute but I don't say anything because muh spaghetti
>Skip a few years, I'm now 21 in college
>Get a text from my best friend saying Ashley just broke up with her bf and totally wants your d tonight
>Pretty random but fuckyeah.gif
>Go over to other friend's house where there is a small group of people drinking
>Ashley immediately starts flirting and cuddling up to me
>Doing my best to hold in the spaghetti, being a handhold-less loser.
>She is too drunk to notice, just wants the d
>Fuck yeah this is actually happening
>Put condom on and start to fuck her
>What the fuck? I can't feel anything
>Mfw penis is used to the death grip and this bitch is loose as hell
>Fuck her for about 15 minutes until she is "getting tired" and kicks me out of her vagina
>Lets me back in later that night, still didn't cum

And that's how I still feel like a virgin after losing my virginity.
> next day comes
> on my way to school i stop by liquor store for some party hats
> never bought any before so im pretty nervous
> find some trojan ultra ribbed "for her pleasure"
> these look good why not?
> i start walking to the counter start getting nervous throw in random,items into the mix
> ubuprofin, cough medicine tape
> start swetting as he rings then up
> cashier- looks like someones going to have a good time
> laugh nervously
> get my shit and leave
> i get to school and go through all my classes but it seemed like the day couldnt go any fucking slower
> last bell rings FINALLY!
> I get a text from Jane "im at the front of the school waiting
> heart starts beating fast
> HolyShit.jpeg
> talk and walk to her house
> we finallly get there and of course noones home ThankYouLord.mp4

See, was it that hard?
You should have just told your roommates to fuck off, you pussy
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>was a good day in summer
>was chilling at the park
>guy comes up
>hands me and my friend a can of colt
>tells us to have a great day
>didnt know the guy
>fast forward to that night
>friend brings his fuck buddy to chill
>getting stones
>i off handed say that I would fuck her
>"really!?" she says all excited
>im getting laid.jpg
>couldnt get hard
>fucking condom
>finaly got it in
>coudnt finish
>ended up in a 4 some with her later that night
>married to her now
>mfw i have done everything sexual i can possibly think of
Depends on how often you jack off
>be 22
>Still virgin

Sad de facto is that i've refused sexy times several times in my life. Hell even 2 underage girls randomly asked me for sex 2 year ago on the train station.
Also about 3 months ago I somehow end up talking to a random 14 year old girl that sent me her tits. She said she was 19 (and looked like that, probably thanks to sluttish make up the girls nowadays use) until she told me different later.
Abandoned that train asap.

Also have this one chick that wants to bang me but I dont want to sex her because shes not near my standards which are pretty high.
I know her for longer and the problem now is that shes fat. She was super skinny and curvy, easily a 9 back then but now a 4 at most. A small body that you could humiliate.
Told that bitch to work out if she wants to touch me. Shes trying to. Im patiently waiting to see her progress
Hoooker. Ciudad Acuna. 2009. Wouldn't let me put it in her ass. Almost didn't cum, time ran out. Bouncer banging on door "TIEMPO! TIEMPO!" She takes putty on me as I'm jerkin off, I finish in her mouth. Cost me $25.
Fucked in a park bathroom near my house and we were both high as shit
I'm not going to call you a liar about your "fat" friend, but I will say I am impressed.
Lost my virginity when i was 13 with the 12 yo sister of one of my best friends, who was really into me. And in one of the most childish ways. Should i elaborate?
sounds like you're gay and you just haven't figured that out yet.
oh boy another 900 page story about some guy's lifestyle as he tells us how he got laid
Ashley Wilson?
Go for it
> she puts down her stuff on the couch and asks if i want anything to drink
>nah Im Good Jane thanks!
> We sit down on couch and start studying
> help her with a few problems but cant anymore,im getting really sweaty and my dick is diamonds from anticipation
>dick is tucked in between belt so and covered with text book
> Janes wearing a white polo that fits her pretty losely
>catch a glimpse of her perky nipple as she hunches ocer to write some,shit down
> UltraDiamonds.mp69
> she catches me staring and looks down and sees that her nipple is vissible
> turns red and buttons up shirt
> i immediatetly apologize for staring
> she says its fine "dont have much going on there but im glad someone likes them"
> we both chuckle nervously
> tensions getting real high boys!
> decide to start scooting up closer to her
> i help with another problem and get closer
> i think she notices
>" im going to,change really quick anon ill be right back"
> "ok sounds good!"
> fuck what do i do! Do i just tell her i wanna fuck her or just straight up kiss her out of nowhere?
> here her rumbling around trying to find something

Brb guys gotta go get something and sorry for fucking up greentext!
>Hanging with friend and two of his friends, one loser and one semi-cute chick
>Go to bathroom
>Come out and chick is there
>Chick starts grabbing my dick on the outside of my pants
>Drove her home and made out in front of my house
>"I'm on my period, anon"
>Fuck her 1 week later
No lies. I'd love to fuck that girl that I knew once where she was skinny and good looking.

The 14 year old girl was because I got thrown into some 100 people group with some friend whatsapp chat. Used my internet charm to simply charm the wominz there and that bitch started to text me.
Also told her to leave the group because most were +18.

Now you also remembered me of another bitch that called me to lick her pussy. She was ugly though. Kekd pretty hard on the other hand. She was also lesbian.
Next door neighbour 2005/2006 NYE
Stole booze got drunk and fucked.
Was okay neither of us knew what we were doing and I lasted about 7 mins
Good times
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>be me at 16, her 15
>in a long distance relationship for half a year
>first time she visits me
>finally allowed to sleep together in bed
>watching tv, then slowly going for it
>doing it
>see her crying in the dark afterwards
>"it was not how i expected it to be"
Best night of your life was having sex with a dog? I would kill myself If I were you
With 2nd gf. On a rock. In the woods. In the snow. Still diamonds 15 years latter. Shoulda kept that plastic fuckdoll around for a bit. Bitch would litterally do anything I asked. Smh.
>First day in college, go to english
>girl sitting king of gives me a "come over here" look, shocked but I go sit by her
>shes not bad looking, wierd style, but kinda hot
>we talk, she has this kind of sly smile the whole time

>start hanging out a bit before/after class, get along well
>a couple weeks later, she starts teasing me in class, rubbing at my dick and grinning while we're sitting in the back
>after class she invites me over to her house to watch a movie and fuck

>go to her house, shes in the shower waiting for me, too shy and stupid to go fuck her in the shower, she finally comes out after a bit in just a towel
>she puts a sexy thin satin robe on, we go share a cig outside
>get back in, we go to her room and she starts undressing while I'm laying back on the bed
>she comes and start undoing my jeans, some how the topic of my virginity comes up, confess I'm virgin

>she kind of seems to have a thing for virgins, she sucks me off a bit before crawling up and pushing me inside her
>I protest a little about a condom, she keeps saying not to wear one, says shes on birth the best birth control there is
>not sure why, but the way she said it kind of sounded wierd

>we fuck for a good while, too long, my dick starts kind of going numb from all the rubbing and not cumming
>can't cum though, got this paranoid thought about the birth control thing, she was really insistent on not using a condom
>end up snuggling, she basicly tells me if I'm ready again while shes sleeping to just go ahead and fuck her
>so fucking hot, want to cum so badly, but I can't

We continued hanging out in class and after class, but never get a chance again. Her insisting on not wearing a condom and begging me to cum inside really freaked me out though.
1st one get a puncture?
How big was your dick?
I was 15. Sister broke up with her girlfriend, and the girlfriend kept coming around, flirting with me real heavily when my sister wasn't around. We fucked a few times, then she threw it in my sister's face as a "revenge" thing.
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> not how I expected it
What the fuck does that even mean
You got dicked
Appreciate it
>be 21, she is 23
>virgin but she isn't
>I'm not religious but she was raised Pentecostal and her mom was super Pentecostal
>at her mom's house in guest bedroom
>GF was in her old room
>next morning and soldier is at attention
>GF comes in and sees
>straddles me and grinds
>she pulls her panties aside and I slide in
>pump a few times and she stops
>all day interacting with her mom and I felt dirty and couldn't make eye contact
>as soon as we get to her apartment that night we begin Fuckathon
I'm so ashamed

>had multiple gfs throughout his
>never fucked only hand stuff
>be 21 & lying about not being a virgin
>my sister has a friend who frequents the house
>she's 16 chubby but cute
>has a crush on me always hitting on me and groping my cock through my pants
>invites herself into my room one night starts playing with my cock through my pants
>says she knew I had a big cock
>asks if she can suck it
>reluctantly agree
>best head I've ever had to this day
>literally takes 5 out of my nearly 8 inches
>FF Two hours she returns and wants to 'try it'
>sits on my dick for about a minute
>couldn't stay hard
>overall unsatisfying

>s month later I become fuck buddies with a 9/10 blonde
>she gets chylamadia reckons I gave it to her
>16 yr old was a slut and ruined my chances of a relationship with a cool dtf qt
>contemplate suicide

Still get my dick sucked by chubby chick to this day
1 off
I was 21, replied to dating ad. Met with a 46 year old nurse in local hotel. She let me cum in her, then wanted to try anal.
Any guy with a normal sex drive would have no problem fucking a horny piggy. You might be a fag.
>not being a virgin
wowee what a fag
File: 1266360845984.png (248KB, 451x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah, I just used a common name for the sake of storytelling.
Eitherm. It could even be rape.
fucked my gf.
>Be 14
>Be with a girl for a year and spend most of that time experimenting
>We decide to finally put the dick in the pussy, just to see how it feels
>Can't stop
>I fuck her for like 20 seconds before I cum
>Pulled out
>Still with her to this day
>Feels good man
I had sexy.
My man I just cant handle average or ugly women. I just dont get aroused by them. I feel nothing towards them
I just didnt get asked by the hottest girls.
Norwegian fag here, was the night to the 17th may(our independance day) and the usual russ celebration went on, was 16 at the time and i ended up in some school dorm with this chick, all i remember...
>Be 16, her 15
>Drunk at friends house
>Start making out with her
>Take her into his spare bedroom
>Friend brings me a condom
>Awkwardly thrust for a half hour
>Couldn't cum, too drunk
>Had sex again the next morning

It was ok I guess.
File: 1458857031235.jpg (28KB, 332x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>2 days ago
>gfs house
>Laying in bed with her
>Making out
>I get on top
>Undress her
>Eat her out till she climaxes
>It's her first orgasm...ever
>She says "Just fuck me."
>About to put it in
>Realize that my dick isn't hard.
I had sex with a girl
File: 1464942076713.png (60KB, 253x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 253x200px
>Shit was cash
That means you have less of an excuse, you fuck.
>be me 16 year old
>working at a car wash, old buddy, about 18-19 convinces two chicks from our highschool to get >together for some drinks after work
>says we should go camping on a walking trail that really isn't set up for camping
>they agree
>be me, have a girlfriend and almost wuss out, but older buddy brings out a 60oz of Canaian Whiskey and I decide this is going to be good
>start drinking at park, around 11pm, after it is dark we go to camp site. Older buddy has already >prepared the tent with a few sleeping bags and pillows.
Exactly the national average for my country. But bigger than the guy she married...
Was into her a little bit too. So, genius alert, i thought that she catching me while masturbating was a good idea to convice her to at least show me her tits. Somehow it worked. She broke into her bedroom and was left speechless for a few seconds. Tried to "explain" and all of that and then offered her to "stay until i finished". She was a little scared at first, but then i got her to strip. I said i loved her, she said that too, and then we fucked. With the 'pulling out my dick before i cum' method. I swear, it was so easy i started laughing when i came back to my house.

Never got in a relationship with her. Never asked her for pics or anything. Actually, barely talked to her ever again nor to any of her family. At least i got to know that i didn't impregnate her.
2nd ever greentext

Of course they don't arouse you with their outward appearance, but pussy is pussy... It always feels like pussy. Most people have sex in the dark anyways. Unless you don't want her to get attached, which I could understand
I fapped
I know the feels anon. I've been really horny and almost fucked ugly women before, always end up stopping before its too late, usually will fingerbang them or something because feel bad for leading them on.

The urge just dies when I realize I'm only about to fuck them because I'm horny as fuck and if I weren't so horny I wouldn't have even considered them.

>after a bit of drinking, the games start, you know the ones, "let's go running without our tops on and stuff like that

>start playing "never have I ever" and it starts getting good

>older buddy plays that he's a real pro at banging chicks and goes on about it all night

>secret is, I brought a condom with me, you know just in case. been thinking of getting hot and heavy with my girlfriend and it hasn't happened yet
>YOLO didn't exist back then but that's what happened
>Be 18
>About to leave for Boot Camp for Marines
>Biological dad takes me to gross trailer park
>Pays some girl 20$ and then leaves me there
>Have trouble getting it up with her sucking my dick with a condom on
>Get it up
>Plank formation with hip thrusting until I cum
>"Ooh you came inside"
>I get dressed really quick
>"you dont want to shower or cuddle or something?"
>Me:No, sorry. I wanna go.
>Cant look dad in the face and he congratulates me.
I'm much older than you and I've never had ED, so please enlighten me - what's YBOP?
>finally older buddy gets the hot blonde to start sucking his cock
>he's whickey dick and can barely get it up
>we've finished 3/4 of the bottle of whiskey
>I get stuck with the black chick, she was alright, but not my type
>start fingering the black chick: no idea what I'm doing
>Be 18
>be fat neckbeard autist
>meet butterface online with a great body and perky little b cups
>she's a christ fag with all kinds of issues so she actually considers me a prospect
>Have a long distance relationship for two months (see her evey other weekend)
>start having cybersex over MSN
>she invites me to Sunday lunch and says she wants to fuck
>go to her big house in the country
>Meet her parents for the first time
>run upstairs and immediately strip her top half naked
>Have a whale of time playing with her tits (the only one's I've touched that aren't my own)
>We fuck bareback with our pants round our ankles (she was already on the pill because apparently her periods were like some mad shit)
>Didn't cum, we just fucked for like 20 minutes trying different positions then went downstairs to eat chicken
>Was with her for 9 months and fucked her in the ass a few times
>in retrospect she was batshit but I still miss her smooth white ass
Dude stop, your posts can be so much longer.
>be young me
>Be 16
>At a friend's house
>Friend has a sister, she's 13
>She's crying because her boyfriend broke up with her
>Went over to her room to tell her to shut the fuck up because we were playing DKC2 and we needed to concentrate to beat bramble scramble
>Mfw she was masturbating
>other dude finally gets it up
>I can hear the wet squishing as he is mashing her vag with his fingers
>she's moaning and getting off on it
>older dude says to me "give me the condom, she won't bang me without it"
>fuck him, I put it on (no idea what I'm doing still) and the blonde chick sits on my hard dick and start riding me
>black chick get jeaous and insists I start fucking her
>I'm no good at getting her motor running though, black chick is dry as fuck
Same, was so nervous shit just would not flow
File: 1465744129466.gif (4MB, 347x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 347x244px
you sir, are my hero
>I pound her until she basically gets me to stop, saying she done
>blondie is still not done, other dude has passed out by this point
>she takes her time even though it was 2am by this point.
>she shows me how to go slow and take my time with her
>she shows me how to rub her clit and her moans are amazing
>I come in only moments, no surprise to her or me
>she asks me to stay inside of her while she finishes herself off

>that's how I lost my V-card to two girls in one tent, while managing to cheat on my girlfriend

pro tip - dont' fuck two girls with one condom especially if one is dry
when I woke up, condom was broken. I quietly got up and got out the tent
never spoke of it again
girls obviously didn't get prego

>and that's how I lost my v-card and broke a condom inside one of two girls and nobody got prego
>be me, 18
>meet a chick online
>she's really into me
>she claims to be the same age as I
>sends pics
>seems legit
>try and arrange a meeting
>she seems uneager
>start pressing her into telling me what's the issue
>we've been in contact daily for almost two months now
>she can't lie to me anymore
>admits she's actually 30 yo
>has a kid
>she threatens to kill herself if I "break up" with her
>calls me or texts me every 5 minutes for 2 days, begging me to meet with her
>fuck what did I need this crazy bitch for
>oh right sex
>gotta score
>I agree to meet with her
>good looking milf
>we go to a hotel
>fuck her brains out
>after the second time I "accidentally" stick it up her ass
>pls no it hurts
>bitch you deserved it for lying to me
>I go on a little further
>she moans
>this whore is kinky as fuck, my dick is diamonds
>cum inside her farthole
>most intense sex ever
> rustling finally stops
> she comes out 2 minutes later with nothing but some sexy ass laced underware and bra and choker
> SuperUltraSayinDiamonds.jizz
> "Like what you see anon? I know what you are trying to do so why dont we just get to it"
> can tell this isnt her first rodeo so get even more nervous dont know if can compete
> i get up grab her and pin her against the wall and we make out
> we start moving towards her room
> i throw her on bed and she immediately turns over and gets on all fours
> fuckyes
> i crawl in the bed with her and slowly slide down her sexyy ass underwear
> reveal this cute perfect little slit with no hairs to be found
> slide a finger in then 2
> she howling like a wolf on a full moon
How would your dick not be hard?
fuck yourself and be patient, had too many threads sage on me in the past
Best post in the thread.
yes please do
I fucked pussy with my dick
Making sure this thread doesn't die before he returns.
>she howling like a wolf on a full moon
oh man
Post tits for proof
coz if gay grills don't rly turn u on
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740KB, 1136x640px
> Be 18
> Blast Death Grips on the way to her house
> Switch from Aux to Radio
> Pick her up, drive to party
> Coming back to car from party, both plastered
> Sit in car, things get steamy
> engageinfuck.wav
> Cum buckets, flail about wildly
> Hit Aux button on car radio
> She's almost there
> My iPhone is still plugged in, Death Grips still going, about halfway through Takyon
> She screams
> Leaves car
> Never talks to me again
MC Ride ended a 2 year relationship
Decided to cont because remembering this story is making me hard
>I stare at her fingers entering her smooth, silky pussy
>It was like time stood still
>She notices me, and starts screaming "OH MAGOD WHATEFUK IS WRONG WIT U" but with a grin on her face
>I leave her room and close the door
>They live with just their dad, their mom died years ago and the dad is a musician who is rarely at home
>Go back to the living room to play some more DKC2 with friend
>"Yo, anon, what was my sister doing in there that made her scream"
>"I think you should know"
>My friend then ran to his sister's room and started yelling at her
>The father is very religious, and so is my friend
>He went back to the living room
>"Yo, anon, I'm gonna go talk to my dad, wait up"
>He then leaves to go to his dad's studio
>Mfw I'm alone with a qt3.14 loli
no, shit for brains, tell us about your fucking graduation and that girl's head you smelled because she used the perfect conditioner and all you could say is PERFECTION once you got your sorry ass diploma
never ask to continue
>Be 18
>At a very christian college
>Borrow friends car and pickup my gf
>go to romatic date to lake in another friend's neighborhood.
>bang gf in backseat of friends car.
>She was loud lol people heard.
>15 mins later a cop rolls up
>get out of car literally naked
>cop tells us to put on clothes and asks for id
>hand over my drivers license and her very christian school id
>get kicked out of school a week later.

Worth it 8/10. she was the blond one
>be me at 15
>9/10 nigger bitch hits me up online, she knows me from school apparently
>feeling strange because never really thought about black girls as sexy but she was a qt
>eventually decide to meet up to "watch movies at her house" while her parents are gone
>finally meet her in person but something is off
>her neck is a lot longer IRL than in her pics but fuck it I guess
>we watch get about 5 mins into some romance movie and start touching/cuddling/fondling each other
>"Anon can I ask you something?"
>sure whatever
>Can I borrow tree-fiddy?
I used to faux-fuck my gf before we had sex, she would lie face down and I would slide my cock between her legs and pussy. We would do this like twice a day for a month or so. One day, she reached down and redirected my cock into her pussy. Shit was cash, came deep inside her after a few minutes.
I haven't and never will. I'm 34 now and don't plan on it happening.
>in college. first year
>go to party. lots of drinking, noisy
>see qt3.14 black chick hanging around
>chat with her for about 30 minutes. having good time
>walk with her into back of house to get more drinks
>cops start banging on front door
>we're all underage so everyone takes off out the back door
>I'm running and pulling her by the hand
>it's cold, we left our coats in the house
>she says we can go to her place around the corner
>get there and go in
>her roommates give me the evil eye as she leads me to her room
>she suggests we get under the blanket to warm up
>dive in and cuddle
>feels good
>start kissing her neck, ears and up making out
>start peeling clothes off
>both of us half undressed. her pants and panties are around one ankle, bra up around her neck
>she's on top of me riding me hard
>I cum almost immediately but she keeps going
>I don't say anything and let her go until she cums
>next morning do walk of shame back to get my coat.
ha faggot
....worth it
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1MB, 2592x1936px
This is now a foot rate thread
Post feet or your mother will die in her sleep
Posted this last night but why not.

>dated this girl when I moved to a new town to live with my dad when I was 17.
>she was ugly nd had fucked up teeth but I was fat ad didnt care
>she had really fucked up titties which will haunt me for the rest of my life
>first time we did it she had to go on tp because I was fat as fuck
>condom broke right before I came
>she was happy bcause she thought we were gonna have a family and get married if she got pregnant
>told her we would be together forever buy she had to take a morning after pill so we could plan it out
>strung her along for a few more months and moved back home
>told her I would come get her once everything was set up
>really got her hopes up
>got the fuck out of dodge and never spoke to her again
>I heard from a friend that it caused a lot of problems for her
>0 fucks given
Lost weight and went on to date a lot better looking women
>I'd prefer to forget that part of my life
> her beautiful pussy is nice and wet and my fingers are gliding in and out with no problem at this point
> take out party party hat
> she turns around and says shell help
> grabs hat places it on tip and places mouth over tip of peepee and works it on
> first time,girl ever puts mouth on penis
> eyes roll to back of my head
>im in heaven guise
>party hat on
> she grabes the base of my cock with one hand and turns back around
> she slowly glides my batmobile into,the batcave
> geewilikersbatman
> we're in
> cock slides in smooth
>best feeling in the fucking world
> she lets out a loud sigh
> start pumping slowly then slowly going faster and faster
> her moands get louder
> starts soubding like anime girl cries
> turning me on even more
> pump deeper and slow,it down a bit
> she starts shaking and lets out a loud screem
> i worry her that someone couldve heard
> she reaches down and stradles my balls
> why does this feel so good?
> she pushes off and tells me to laydown like a good boy
> oh this is gonna be gud
> she gets on my saddle and rocks her hips while she runs her hands through her hair like a lunatic
> imabusanut
> grunt like spongegar as my seed fills party hat
> she giggles kisses my cheek abd runs into the shower
> she looks so sexy with her light brown skin glowing from all the sweat
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This is now a bleach dog thread, post dogs with bleach or your mother will die in her sleep.
File: HERO.jpg (65KB, 700x389px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 16
>go to a small ass Podunk town in texas for a party
>riding along with a 17 year old red head with glasses
>brings her mystery friend idk how old she was
>the 17 year old, lets call her L would always sexually tease me when she visited my house, was my bros friend
>get to party, litree a barn fitted with beds
>me and the two girls share somme cheap vodka I pulled a 'hey mister' to get
>get to about 1am
>mostly everyone is hooking up, or passed out
>me and two chicks head for an upstairs king size bed
>jump on me, undress me, teasedagain.exe
>I admit that I am a virgin - but I say I am a nerd and practiced 'my stamina'
>they giggle, undress themselves
>try to focus on both with fore play but dayum that mystery girl be hot yo.
>L gets upset and leave
>wind up banging the Mystery girl a couple times
>when bored just finger her and smoke stoges
>wake up at 10am to her jerking my tired af cock
>we start dating
>tells me shes only 13

welp now I gotta beat it again
>Decided that I should control myself and not provoke anything
>In the living room, just playing DKC2
>While I was playing, I hear footsteps
>She's right there
>She's naked
>"Hey anon, wanna-"
>I didn't even let her finish talking
>I succumbed to my basic primordial instincts
>I pinned her to the couch
>I practically ripped the zipper on my jeans open
>I took my underwear and threw it across the room
>I was a warrior, and I was claiming my prize
>I fucked her so hard
>All to the soothing tune of Stickerbrush symphony
>I went in for the kiss
>Our mouths were inseparable magnets
>I climaxed
>The sheer amount of energy I had drained caused me to pass out
>I woke up hours later
>I look around
>There's my friend
>There's his dad
>There's my love
>I was kicked out, and we never talked again
>Worth it
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too lazy to green text but bsaically i it up my ex and midway through fucking her boyfriend walked in and ruined my 1st time, she got suprised and started talking to him outside while in the emantime im pulling up my pants n getting my stuff... was still pretty good pussy tho(was only like 3 mins but i hadnt ejaculated yet sadly.. rubbed one oout when got home) and months later after that i fucked up the same guy in a alley
File: 9018309183.jpg (65KB, 600x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 600x597px
>be 16
>have a qt 7/10 gf
>i randomely tell her if she wants to fuck
>she accepts just by saying "yes"
> we gather next day in the college
>btw college is shit, no camera or guards
>go to girls bathroom
> fuck all recess
> cum inside.png
> shit was so cash
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Alan Resnick Alan Resnick watching roommate thread now or your mother dies in her sleep
Pretty good timing man !
On this day I'm not a 18yr old virgin anymore.
>19 yr old virgin
With that dog.
I've done plenty more, lost it to a human girl about 6 months later.
Had tons of normal human relationships, but I really liked that dog.
For some people it's not because we can't get anything else, but that we also are attracted to animals too.
Thank you.

No fucking clue.

I have a needle, i fill condom vending machines in rest-rooms for a job.
I fucked a lot of people.
Im the Preg-man
i went to a hooker. The end.
File: images.jpg (10KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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a book has been published about me losing my virginity. if interested you can buy in at your local staples in the copy/printer paper department.
> i follow her into the bathroom to cleanup
>i peak her into the shower and see her rubbing soap all over her petite body
> i reach in grab her perky litte boob and she giggles like a school girl

> tells me i better leave before her mom gets home from work
> fuck it, i pack my shit and leave
> i checked the time and we fucked for 30 minutes
>was scared of my first time lasting 2 minutes
>got home and recieve text of her nude in the shower
>go to school next day and laugh in Her BFs face everytime i Pass Him in hall
> Gets mad and tells Jane
> Tells me to leave him alone
> i get mad because he was being a little bitxch by telling her
> Fuck her for the next 6 months behind his back for being a little bitch

I miss highschool now senior year was great have a whole shit ton of stories i could tell from my senior year! Anyways thanks for waiting guys!
haha, that a cool story.
In summers as a teen my mom's friend would hire me to come do yardwork, small jjobs, that sort of thing
Ended up going over twice a week just to fuck, it was incredible
>be me
>have first time with literal trailer trash
>too horny and retarded to care
>years later worry about STDs
>decide to get tested
>put a cotton-swab in my dick, doc. Anything.
>get blood drawn
>pass out
>wake up, feet are wet
>I accidentally pissed my pants, so they couldn't take a piss sample
>lick piss off of the floor
>must recuperate lost gains
>Tackle a nearby nurse and tear into the cart of blood samples she was carrying
>drink all of them
>I am whole again
Broke up with my gf in college because she wasn't putting out and went for this slutty Thailand chick. Month later I kick it at school with my ex on a weekend and fuck her on a staircase at school then finish it up in her car. As I'm leaving, gives me a hug and says, "you took my innocence." Keep fucking her that entire summer.
> Be 14
> Have girlfriend
>Been dating for about 4 months
>Our weekly thing was to walk areound the mall, every sunday, for about 8 hours
>No shopping, just walking with the occasional rest
>Nevertheless, we were walking
>She brings up me promising to make out with her
>Im no M'aiq the liar
>We find secluded spot in the part of the mall thats under construction
>Start making out
>After about 10 minuets, we realized NOONE had even walked near this part of the mall
> Realize theres a set of restrooms riht next to us

Cont? or is there no intrest
i lastet 40 mins but i was drunk doe
thats the seeded variety of barley, not the wildform right?
drunk, in a sauna at prom. Would have been considered rape if i was the girl. (she kinda tricked me into it)
One day....
Beneez in bajinko...
The End
bullshiet to the max
you have my curiosity
"I miss highschool now senior year was great"

I completely agree.
File: imout.gif (2MB, 369x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 369x266px

>she tells me shes 13
>kinda concerned because she says her dad is a cop
>she says she really likes me, and the way my cock fills her up
>try to be secret fuck buddies for a few months
>says her bf is getting out of juvi
>we both be bi
>smoke him out and we run a train
>we both leave her because she kinda turned into a bitch.
>Be me, 20 and my cousin 26
>Student, so i have my own apartment, and she came here for holidays
>We're watching some boring movies, and i d'ont know why, but then we're kissing
>Now we're fucking
>She start to have an orgasm
>And the bed broke
>Boner lost, try to repair the bed
>Sneaky nail goes right into my finger
>Great, drop of my blood everywhere

We're together since that night, it's been 4 months.
File: FCJ-158fig2.jpg (41KB, 618x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 618x518px
>Im no M'aiq the liar
I fucked my friend's little sister, she just turned 18 at the time not even joking

>be at friends house
>all watching shit on his ps3
>little sister gets up to get a cd
>has to sidestep to the right to get around a table
>little shit neighbor kid tries to push her down because he thinks its funny
>boom, lands in my lap
>say nothing
>friend is looking at me
>sister gets up
>cock gets squeezed for a second

>later that night
>pass by to use bathroom
>playing off as accident
>see her look up at me
>she quickly looks down
>get hard
>go in bathroom
>stealth fap
>What the fuck
>she quickly shuts the door
>feel mixture of embarrassment and lust
>find her panties under the sink
>lick em and choke myself with em for a sec
>cum extremely hard
>wash up
>an hour later
>friend is falling asleep
>Alright anon, I'm crashing
>leave his house
>walk back toward my house
>literally 10 feet away because duplex
>still thinking of what happened
>pull out CIG and smoke in the carport
>hear a door open
>look around
>its her
>quickly put out cigarette
>I saw you anon, I felt it earlier
>"my bad", beta kicking in
>anon, what's sex
>"Google it"
>she takes out her iPhone and actually fucking does it
>xvideos on her phone
>raging boner
>Anon, I want to try it
>hormones RAGING
>"OK, follow me and be quiet"
>penis taking over
>crack open door
>sneak her in
>where's the bathroom anon
>show her to it
>follow her
>she puts the porn back on
>then she slowly pulls off her pink shorts and black panties
>go straight for her pussy
>prod her
>go ahead anon
>she's watching her porn as I slowly fuck her
>she groans and moans
>it hurts
> I freeze up
>slowly fucking her, testing testing
>"Move your hips back and forth"
>she does but slower than I do
>it hurts to much
>pull it out
>OUCH, Anon
>grab foot lotion and "lube up"
>pop it in her ass
>be me, 17
>Dating girl for a few months
>Done basically everything except have sex
>Have her over to "watch 'Con Air'"
>Doing our usual"make out, finger, switch off on oral, aim dick right at her vagina and ask if she wants to go all the way" at my folks' place
>Actually says yes this time
>Half-run to room, grab condoms from behind Xbox games
>Get a little weak kneed while putting it on
>Keep trying to rhino thrust it in, can't hit her vagina
>She has to open herself up, I FALCOHN PAWNCH my cock in
>Fuck her really hard for about fifteen minutes straight, can't cum
>Flip her over, can't maintain doggy style because lol wtf am I doing
>Move her over to other couch, already at that bit where Nic Cage kisses love interest girl, still can't cum
>Hear someone walking up the deck
>Shit shit shit shit
>keys jingling outside
>my pants and douche tank are back on, gf still struggling with underwear
>Grab gf's underwear and yank it up by the waistband, basically mad it a thong
>Hear door clicking
>Throw her bra behind a couch, she puts her shirt and shorts back on
> Door opens, dogs come flooding in, sister REEEEing about some shit
>still didn't cum
>she jerks quickly but doesn't say a word
>she covers her face and I start thrusting
>she keeps the porn on and I zone out
>I'm fucking a porn star now in my mind
>she whispers faster anon
>I speed and fuck her like a rabbit
>the lotion in her asshole makes a very squishy Noise which only makes me harder
>before I know it, I cum, my legs shake like a new born horse's
>she must've came earlier I thought
>anon, it's warm in my buttHOLE
>Sit on the toilet
>basically tell her to shit out my cum and lotion
>she does and its loud
>she says "don't look"
>even harder
>put it in her mouth and get her to suck it
>it tastes bad
>"that's the lube"
>eventually cum in her mouth
>she spits it out on my floor
>and after this, she cleans up, and I help her sneak out
>Be 21 year old kissless (unless you count middle/elementary school) virgin
>take girl out on date.
>Date goes awful. She didn't tell her parents and they found out about it mid-date.
>Have to take her home. leave $20 tip at sushi place since we had to leave before the food got here
>She seems sad and not ready to face the shit storm at home.
>Offer to drive her around a bit
>End up hitting some car while i was driving because I'm an idiot and was looking too much at her (she wanted that kiss)
>I get out. My car is fucked. Get back in.
>Passionately kiss. like 0-100.
>Start to drive but my tire is fucked.
>hear voices yelling from the area
>decide to book it.
>my axle was bent as fuck so i couldn't really steer but speed away anyway
>make it to empty parking lot about 2 miles away from crime scene.
Turn off the car
>I look at her
> She looks at me.
>Kissing resumes with even more intensity.
one thing led to another and boom I went from kissless virgin to full blown sex, including oral. There's a bit more to the story than that but I'm keeping it short.

Any of m friends lurking here would be able to easily spot this.
I forgot to add, at this point she was feeling up my 110% diamonds dick and told me she was horny

I also apoligise for spelling mistakes id be a liar if i were to say im 100% sober.

>I proposed the idea of going into the bathroom to continue
>The guys bathroom was just 1 open toilet and 1 open urinal, no stalls no lock, so that was off the table
>She went to check the girls restroom.
>2 stalls, both lock
>Wasnt too messy either, on the cleaner end of mall bathrooms
>I went in after she gave me the all clear
>Quickly we went into the stall and locked it
> Resumed making out, and she once again, sliped he hand down my pants and kept feeling my diamonds
> One thing lead to another, she ended up taking her shirt off, then bra.
> my frist gf got toples and was touching my dick, mfw
>she said it wasnt fair that she was toples, so i took off my shirt too
>kept making out for another 5 minuets
>i reached into her pants and touched her vagina
>she stoped and was abesolutely shocked
>stared into my eyes, told me to do it
>un buttoned her shorts (jean booty shorts were my favorite and she knew it)
> got the zipper open, could see her black and pink panties undermeath
>she was blushing crazy bad
>she leaned down and kissed me as she as she took them off at the speed of sound
>saw my first vagina

I should bring it to your attention that i was sitting on the edge oth the toilet at this time

>she grabbed the back of my head and forced it into he virgin slit
>I began eating her out
>she gave some nice moans
> told me how she wanted to fuck me right here
> harder than diamonds.avi

When I was 8 I had a horny fatass babysitter and we fucked like 3 times
>not having standards
File: 1466252350645.jpg (89KB, 419x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 419x747px
why did you get kicked?
>19 years old break up with girlfriend but still friends with her sister
>Sisters name is Derpina
>Derpina is super slutty and asks me if we can go get a drink
>After drinks we go to a few point and it's super cold
>I tell her guys normally put their hands on their penis when cold
>She puts her hands in my pants and start giving me a HJ
>Asks if I have condoms, I say yes and we get in back seat
>Start fucking and cops drive past
>they just kept driving past and I'm flaccid af
>can't get hard again so we call it a night
>Doesn't matter tried sex
Lost it to a girl that I found out was fucking me and my brother. Neither of us cared she was 10/10
still together btw 1 1/2 years+
>go to hooker in amsterdam
>fuck her
>the end
13 yo, slightly older black chick, ugly as fuck. She probably has an IQ of 90. Came in her, mfw i could have had retarded babies at 13.
Please cont
>be me
>start 9th grade
>new girl starts in our class
>7/10 with radical feminist views
>we start hanging out a lot
>we make out a lot but never go further
>one day she introduces me to her 6/10 friend
>she's 19 and an even radicaller feminist
>after a night of drinking at the older girls house they both undress in front of me
>get to fuck them both
>mfw i lost my virginity in a threesome
>mfw i years later found out that i was to be their project to turn a man feminist
>mfw it didn't take
>mfw i can't hold a grudge against feminists because they have treated me nicer than any of the other faggots in my life
I don't feel like greentexting but I lost my virginity to a 12 year old when I was 19.
I'm only gonna say I was at my girlfriend's house and she had to leave for like 2 hours to buy some shit for a party.
Her sister whatsoever, took my virginity, she was really tight but easy to slide in to. The girl right now is 15 and still texts me. Every so often I pick her up on weekends and mess around. Last time I fucked her was probably 1 week ago.
>be 19
>fat girl but attractive face, big tits, likes me (daddy issues etc)
>Get her on my bed
>Literally 2 fucking minutes
>Cum on stomach
>Tell her parents are leaving so she should leave
>Never talk to her again
>College happening, somehow I got a lot hotter, and am fucking a 9/10 everyday for now a year
>Secretly hoping I'm redeeming my own self somehow
>be 15
>Gf (is 16 but only 4 months older)
>sleeping around her house when it is just the two of us
>Decide to have sex
>very awkward
>neither of us has condoms
>don't use any
>nervous and neither of us finish because someone almost comes in
>go to sleep
>second time everything went fine
>and had condoms that time
Drunk and 1st time? Did you even get hard?
File: 1318967213729.jpg (145KB, 1096x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 1096x768px
Be me 9 years old M
>parents both work night shift at an airplane factory
>fat ginger babysitter comes over each night to look after my little sister and I
>16-17 year old high school dropout who loves down the street
>she keeps playing "tickle game" with me in the bathtub
>hand-jobs feel good
>one night I find her sitting on the edge of my bed with her skirt up
>she is fingering a hairy pink slit where her dick should be
>get quick lesson on woman vs man human anatomy
>my dick is hard like when playing the bathtub tickle game
>she takes my pj off
>guides my tiny dick inside her
>I move around for a moment until it stops feeling good
>ask if I can play lego after bedtime

I did not realize until I was about 12 that I had actually had sex.
I'd lick that pussy clean, FO SHO
Did you enjoy it?
That's literally my same story.
My dad remembers better than I do.
Epic fail
True dat.... happened to me several times! Really horny thinking about it but when I see her... meh...
Ok here we go
> be me
> 27
> still virgin.
> im afraid of hookers.
> sad
> i want to an hero.
>be me 18
>have 18 y/o gf
>been dating for ~7 months
>we're each other's first long term relationship
>gf not a virgin
>never did anything sexual with someone else before her
>we've done pretty much everything except have sex
>for the past several months we've both been saying that we want to have sex
>we can't because I'm an idiot and don't have condoms
>numerous reasons I haven't bought any (don't know what to get, would feel awkward at checkout, live with my parents and worried they'd find them, etc.)
>every time we hang out we get each other off with our hands and mouths and stuff
>we always just keep saying that we want to have sex with each other but we can't
>one night
>after the usual rounds of "God I just want to have sex with you"
>say "I just want to do it a little to know what it feels like" as an aside and not expecting anything to happen
>a moment of silence
>I should probably mention that at this point I'm laying on top of her and she just has panties on and I have my pants by my ankles and I had been rubbing my dick around her pussy to tease her
>gf responds "well I guess that just for a little wouldn't be that bad"
>completely shocked, I make sure that she really wants me inside her and she does
>I know it's not a good idea but I'm just so horny it doesn't matter to me
>try to put it in but miss at first
>make a nervous chuckle
>she laughs too and helps me in
>sweet Jesus it feels amazing
>I had imagined what it felt like numerous times but I was wrong. It feels so much better
>slowly slide my dick back and forth for a little bit and then take it out
>make out for a while
>tell her that it feels great knowing what sex feels like
>ask if it counted as losing my virginity
>wtf brain of course it doesn't
>she says no of course


Your broken orange penis
>freshman year of high school 1990
>friends older sister picks me and my friends up from a party.
>car is packed. Her friends in there too
>drunk girl sits on my lap
>start making out
> you're cute, give me your number freshman
>1 or 2 weeks later invites me over to her apartment complex
> hey wanna see the party room?
>start making out
>pull down panties
>eat pussy.hell yeah tastes good
>pull out dick
>try to put on condom
>she sticks it in her
>start fucking
>feels good man
>come on her stomach
I lost my virginity at 15 to a girl that was junior on HS.
Now a 40 year old married fag
>24 year old kissless virgin
>slowly becoming angry neckbeard type
>still live with parents after college
>apply for dream job out of state
>fly out for interview
>stay at home of uncle who is younger brother of my father
>he has trashy older GF who has slutty teenage daughter
>day of interview I am nervious as fuck
>after grown ups leave for work daughter comes into my bedroom naked
>we fuck
>I stick it in and cum in 30 seconds
>she tries to get me hard but I can't do it
>did not get job
>uncle somehow found out I had fucked stepdaughter
>family drama for months
who cares?
had sex
File: 1467649274015.jpg (45KB, 576x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 22
>Sick of being a virgin
>Learn that if I don't lower standards I will be a forever permavirgin.
>Friends with two girls at work.
>One is short, skinny and a decent face
>Other one is taller than me (6'2)
>Realize I only have a couple weeks left before I move away.
>Really want to bang shorter/decent face girl but not confident enough.
>Make desperate decision to ask out taller/fatter girl instead to come over after work.
>She says yes.
>Later that night she comes over.
>Drink partially because I"m nervous but also because she's a wildebeest.
>Get halfway through movie before making out.
>Leads to the bedroom, receive about 5 minute blowjob then go straight to sex.
>"Wow blowjob was nice so sex must be amazing"
>Start fucking her with condom and not getting off whatsoever.
>10 minutes later still not getting anything out of it.
>Take condom off and have her finish me with a blowjob
>MFW blowjob > sex with a condom.
>Happy I'm finally not a virgin despite losing it at 22 years old.
>A couple weeks later realize that shorter girl was into me but knows about what happened between me and wildebeest.
>MFW I could have lost my virginity to a decent looking girl instead of a wildebeest.
>be me
>be 12
>brother often takes ecstasy
>he gets friendly with me
>i flirt with him too
>he takes me to his room
>he convinces me to get naked
>he also gets naked
>i wait on bed while he finds lube
>about 10 empty bottles of lube fall out of drawer
>he finally finds a bottle at the bottom
>he gets on top of me and we have heavy makeout session
>im diamonds right now
>he flips me over
>he puts lube on my asshole and fingers it for a few minutes while sucking me off
>he teases me by rubbing his huge cock on mine (he was between 8-9 in length and 6-7 in girth)
>finally enters me
>i fucking scream in pleasure
>i feel cum dripping off me
>he reaches over and takes my cum and rubs it on my ass
>this is the best feeling I've ever experienced
>after about 2-3 minutes he goes really quick and deep inside me.
>it fucking hurts like hell i feel like im bleeding
>i wasn't bleeding it was just he was huge and the liquid was actually cum dripping out of my ass
>he eats me out and kisses me with his cum in his mouth
>blows me until I cum buckets on his stomach
>i sleep on him
>i wake up in my room in the middle of the night with him cuddling with me
Shit was cash. Honestly, he did have a bomb dick and I have ridden it a few times while I was a freshmen. He's now married to this guy called Nate. I actually might call up my brother right now and ask if we could have a threesome later. /b/rb
>It's an inevitable thing that every person I meet has even seen Star Wars
>I take it upon myself to show her Star Wars
>ofcourse I'm into this gal
>I'm not blind to what happens on a couch in the late hours to a film
>Starting at Episode IV... I've got my own New Hope
>We begin watching
>Not too far in, they're moving into Mos Eisley... oh yeah.. we're moving along for sure.
>Things start getting hot and heavy, fast
>I stop paying attention to the action in the film and begin paying attention to my own action.
>Not too far in, we're both naked, she's ontop - I can feel she's ready.
Cue this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaPf-MRKITg
>She's far more experienced than I, so she let me slip inside her really easily and fast
>I, naturally, thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
>This continues for about 30 seconds... then I hear it... the theme
>It's pervasive, I can't unhear it, I can't stop listening.
>I put my hand dead center on her stomach
>I tell her, "Hangon a second.. we have to wait a bit."
>"Why anon?"
>"Listen, do you not hear that, I can't. I just can't."

You have no idea how long that scene lasts.

>The whole time I have my hand on her stomach, she's looking me dead back in the eye.
>As a Star Wars fan, I don't need to look over and see the screen but I do
>"We could almost buy our own ship for that"
>Eyes back to her
>"I was just on my way to see Jabba right now"
>Eyes back to her
>I tell you anons it was the most awkward scene I've ever endured.
>After that scene ended we continued and fucked like rabbits.

I laugh about it now. Infact it's become a common story among my mates and I - I usually tell it to most people I meet at parties once I've had enough in me; it's a good memory, is much funnier in person and is always a good laugh.
File: image.jpg (278KB, 801x1170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278KB, 801x1170px

>some time goes by as I keep trying my luck trying to get my little guy back in there
>realize it's almost time for me to go and point it out to her
>keep trying to get in there
>she asks "one more time for good luck?"
>of course I don't decline
>put it in there for a little longer this time and thrust a little more
>gf says "I want to ride you"
>if my dick wasn't diamonds before, it certainly was now
>asks "right now?"
>responds "right now" with a super sexy lip bite
>get on my back and she straddles me
>watch her slowly slide onto my dick
>she slowly bounces up and down
>incredibly sexy seeing her DD tits bounce as she rides my cock
>she stops bouncing and starts grinding
>let me just say that grinding feels 1000 times better when your dick is in a girl
>very quickly she cums and then realizes she should stop
>she gets off me and as my dick slides out she says in the sexiest voice "you feel so good inside me"
>decide that I need to get condoms SOON so that we can actually fuck
>a little later I have to go

Fucked her several more times once I got condoms. She eventually got her nipples pierced. I actually got pissed at her when I found out but then I saw them and holy fuck are they sexy. That's how my nipple piercing fetish started. Her tits look similar to pic related
Holy shit this wins the thread
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