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Feels thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread
shits deep man
I just miss her...
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Do tell who 'her' is
Why are women so heartless, /b/?
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Every thread needs this bear.
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Also, women are cruel, that's fact
I want to kill myself /b/. I can't live without my brother anymore. Any chance that there's an afterlife and I get to see him?
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There's not
Yes. Bear in mind, though, suicide is a sure fire way to wind up in Hell according to most religions.
>tfw a bear tells you what nobody else did
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>be me
>raised by alcoholic and abusive foster parents
>grow up abused and witnessing violence in family
>get diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder
>attempt suicide 2 times
>gets hospitalize and I have to take 5 different medication, nothing for anxiety
>i can't leave the house without having a full blown panic attack
>cry every night to sleep
>i caught first bf cheating on me
>second one beat me up then left me, it's been 2 years and I still cry thinking of him and I'm not recovered yet
>he immediately found a new boyfriend.
>drop out of college
>get a little fat, no more qt twink
>come out as fag to mom
>she threatens to kick me out of the house
>nobody to love and take care of me
>i cry everywhere due to intense emotional pain and i tell other people that I'm okay
>i hate myself for allowing me to live till this point because the emotional suffering is so intense
>i don't care about my family since it's their fault
>i hope i rot in hell

I consider suicide daily :(
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The ol' classic.
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I don't think shes coming back
Then what to do? I can't endure the pain anymore, the heartache is killing me slowly.
Why did you dropout of college?
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She isn't. Not saying that to be cruel; saying that from experience.

That's a decision you have to look deep down inside and make for yourself. I can guide, but your life is yours to live. I will ask you this:

Would your brother really want you to wallow in misery...or do shit to honor his memory and live life tall?

I know my mother doesn't...it's been nearly ten years now.
Because I was too depressed to even leave my home.
I would cry on the streets, at college, in the buss, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't do anything...and I had tried to take my life and they found out :(
I used to be fat and ugly. I got fit and women started noticing me. Turns out my problem all along is that I'm a boring fuck who is too high strung and anxious to have fun around women and thus get rejected and ignored. I think I may be too old to change this behaviour now, am I doomed to spend the rest of my life alone and unloved?
>be me
>go out with girl for seven years
>decide to propose
>find out girl has been banging some guy for the last three months
>totally fall apart, become massively depressed
>in and out of weird relationships
>drug and alcohol addiction, suicide attempts
>meet asian qt, dream girl
>solves all my problems, we're engaged

Even though I totally gave up, don't give up - Stuff totally isn't that bad and it'll be alright in the end, for sure.
>dubs so must be true

Thanky you, anon, I'm >>696232774
Hey that's my phrase!
I don't know what to say. But at least you have us and you have alcohol, I know it's a bad advice but sometimes it helps to forget
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How did you deal with your mother's death? My brother died 4 months ago and till now all what I think of is to kill myself, I can't handle it. I tried once but I failed. Please help a /b/ro out and tell me what did you do?
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I know, anon, and I know you may feel like you're fading, like you're empty but stay strong and by staying strong another girl will come into your life, making you love her million times more than you loved your ex, I promise

He has a new boyfriend who threatened me with police if I dare to call again, I'm shocked and physically I feel like I'm going to vomit when I think of him moving on so quickly, of him leaving me at my worst...I feel like the light is fading out....

I only have you, /b/ros :(
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>dream about her
>wake up
>search for the feels thread
>post I just miss her in it
>until you fall asleep
See? You can do it! x
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/b/ro ofc you have us! I hope you get to forget about him, Try not to think about it much and fill your time with any kind of activities. It'll be a long way till you recover but you'll be able to do so.
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I don't actually know if I have dealt with it. When I found out, I wanted to scream and rage but my grandmother (her mother) asked me to stay inside for her sake. By the day of the funeral, there was a huge, gaping hole inside but I had gone numb. It hasn't gone away, but I've slowly forgotten the specifics of her.

I've always dealt with death a little differently than most. I lost a coworker a couple months back to heroin and all I could feel is frustration that the shit got him, too. Big things like that don't break me emotionally...it's the little things that kill me.
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>mfw grandpa has leukemia
>mfw he only has a few days left on the earth

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It's been 2 years already and I was ok with the break up at the beginning....He used to hit me, he beat me up, I felt like I was back in the highschool and I was standing next to a bully...I was fearing him :( But I don't know why, now, after this much time I called him.
Did you say you love him?
An ex is an ex for a reason...but we fell in love with that person in the first place for a reason, too.
/b/ro spend every second with him
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yea ive been staying at the hospital sitting next to him keeping company the hospital forced me to leave thats why im here
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drink alone.jpg
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>be me
>in a great relationship for 10 months with girl
>one day completely out of the blue dumps me
>gives me no reason why
>cant stop thinking about her
>fall into depressive spiral
>attempt suicide twice
>end up in counselling and on meds
>take shitloads of drugs and alcohol
>life seems very fucked up
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thats hard man

also check'd

>women played with muh heart
fuck all you beta bitches weeping over some girl. get over yourselves. there is so much more to live for and so much more to feel sad about.
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fuck that hit hard
Never call him again bro. He was a bad person to you.

Can't wait, ima punch him straight in his suck hole or her suck hole. I became who I am, no other choice existed before me, and fuck you for trying to make me think otherwise.
I've been where they are now and they think that their life is over. They will eventually move on but till now they won't realize it.
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I'll never ever call him again.I'll make sure I'll block him everywhere IF he dares to contact me ever again.


B-bro, we're here for you, she wasn't a great catch if she did that....my ex did the same thing to me too....our relationship was good...then out of nowhere I'm dumped and he has a new one...
Please, choose more wisely and make sure you make new friends to talk to, make sure you keep your mind busy, do volunteer, art, sing, get a new hobby, everything and I GUARANTEE you that she'll be gone from your mind in no matter time and by doing this you allow yourself to meet another girl, X times better than your ex who will make you feel glad you haven't died by suicide, by the way, I'm >>696232774

I love you, anon, stay strong and it will heal, don't worry about that.
ur rite m9 guess everybody should just grow a pair and man up and get over themselves rite!!??!!!11!!!!
what a bunch of fucking fags to have emotions and shit amirite
they shud spend more time on the internets and 4chan so they can become a real person with no feelings and a capacity to love only the dankest memes!
The saddest part of all this is, the stuff we say here, could we actually say to another person, in person or do you get that awkward guilt feeling in their stomach. that might just be me, i'm so closed off, i really have the hardest time telling some one what I know they want to hear. Its like I know the words, I know what they want to hear, but its like, I can't get them out, for some reason they never feel good enough.
>le feel when no le gf
>le women are le bitches
This is why nobody with an ounce of self respect takes these pathetic threads seriously.
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I had this dream months ago when I was in love with the most beautiful girl (he was a mix of 2-3 girls of my real life). She loved me back, we were so happy (nothing sexual on the dream, all cheesy stuff). Then I became lucid, and realized that was a dream and I was going to wake up early.

So I explained this to this dream-girl, I confess that I was extremely happy with her and wondered if we were going to see each other again someday. She said: ''Dont worry, I'll come back to you in one exact year''

This happened in the night of May 20, and I think about that date every single day... Do you think my autosuggestion will bring her back next year? I certainly hope so...
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>>everyone in this thread

if you play undertale let me just fuck up your feels even more

really? get a dog
top kek
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Edgy Bait.jpg
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Only one reason you must be here, then...
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Most people posting here aren't weeping betas and they won't talk about muh ex or muh depression with their friends. They can vent here.

Me? I don't have any friends, I don't have to worry about that.
Aw, that's so cute to read, anon.

I had a dream like that once, it was so peaceful and loving.

Watch out for may 20 next year, you might meet her in person :)
i'm schizophrenic.

i pushed all my friends away because i was afraid of them. the delusions ruled my life. i didn't leave the house, i wouldn't eat anything i didn't cook myself, i scrubbed myself raw in the bath every day and pulled my hair out with tweezers. i didn't sleep. if it weren't for my parents i would have ended up homeless.

then i started my medication and the voices and paranoia tapered off.

i feel human again. for the first time in a year i'm going to go hang out with an old friend. it might not seem like a big deal but i was a shut-in for so long.

i don't know if my happiness is welcome in a feels thread, but it's been so long since i felt happy. i feel like a new man. i can't wait for tonight.

don't give up bros. keep fighting.
I've fucked up too many "friendships" with my instability. I can't ever do that again.
she would be so happy to read this
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The past 3 weeks have been hell

>3 Weeks Ago
>Family decide to go to beach
>I stay at home like a boring fuck
>Gone all Day
>Go to sleep without seeing them
>Hear door ring at around half 12
>It's the police
>I'm told their car has fallen off of a cliff face

I'm staying at my grandparents now and I have no idea what's going to happen. Worst part is they took my dog, Millie, along with them.

Pic Related, it's her.
It's not bait and only baww thread denizens would consider anything I said 'edgy'.
Either you're a real crybaby or just throwing the word 'edgy' around because le epic 4chan lingo xDDDD
Good feels always welcome. Hope is the best kind of drug.
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i wish it for you.
if im geting lucid in my dreams. im banging the shit out of everything
christ, every time there's some faggot that just goes "you're all bitches for loving some girl". okay, hotstuff, we get it. youre a stone cold killer. good for you. no woman has ever gotten you down. congratu-fucking-lations. now shut the fuck up and let us lament. cunt.
>Yes. Bear in mind, though, suicide is a sure fire way to wind up in Hell according to most religions.
I can't tell whether that's the most stupid or most malicious comment I've read all day.
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nah man hes gone and if you'll die you'll gone too. just nothing.
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reminds me of a friend
Exact same thing happened to me, even the same amount of months. The only thing that helped me was to hang out with friends, and remind myself of all the flaws she had. It will take time, but eventually you will get over it
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I'm not hotstuff anon but what he said is actually good advice, never give another person that much power over you, no matter if its your family member, the love of your life or a nigerian prince on the internet
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i haven't had a date in the last three years where the girl hasn't just blown me off. I've gotten so used to it, I expect it.
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>Any chance that there's an afterlife and I get to see him?


Let me kindly explain why.

In 2014 scientists have discovered that consciousness does NOT die after the brain does, in fact, you can still hear/see.
Google the study yourself and you'll see, I forgot the link.

Most of the religions are like :
>''hurr durr if you suicide you go to hell''

There is NO such things as hell, fire hell and stuff like that.The only thing that will happen is you'll feel guilty that you did it and you'll witness and feel the pain of the others who will let you behind.

What I suggest you to do is get professional help and try to move on.
If he was your boyfriend he WANTS you to move on. He would be sad if you kill yourself !
If it was your dad/friend, kinda the same.

Try to pray, try to be more religious and ask God for CLEAR signs and they shall be revealed to you.Ask, for example, to dream the one who died and to talk to him.

Try evp too.Hell is metaphorically and was put in the bible in order to scare people off.Hell is actually an abyss full of your memories, consciousness and pain.

I wanna give you the warmest hug, anon(or femanon) and don't worry, everything will be okay.

Stay strong, I love you !
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>blown me off

so one night stands?
you should expect that
You say this, yet you also entered the feels thread, we understand how you want to hide your feelings anon. Stay and lurk some /b/ro
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have a read

i don't believe in an afterlife, but as long as you keep living, his memory will endure. in a way, you being alive keeps him safe from oblivion.

please don't give up, anon. live for him. carry his memory until the end of your days. someday you will join him in the void, but don't hurry to your grave.

he loved you and would want you to go on living. you deserve to feel happy again. take it one hour at a time, then one day at a time, but never stop moving forward.
File: 1469298330929.gif (1MB, 320x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 320x213px
well, I did and I don't regret it. I spent some wonderful times with that chubby bitch. I loved her and she loved me and I fucked up and she left me. Such is life but those are the choices I made at the time.

Anyway, you should let yourself get your heart broken at least once.
File: 1466029840415.jpg (299KB, 1600x1065px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I tried asking god for clear signs, even asked him/her (You don't fucking know god) to send three red birds on a single branch. Next day two blue birds for me (not sure what species)
Does anyone have experience with loosing a friend in the military? All I can think about is how his legs were blown off and his last words been "I can do so much more" while sobbing like myself.
File: 1466281442118.gif (197KB, 400x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why life is boring and shit. Really, I don't know what keep me going on.
I can either tell stories of me being alpha as fuck or of the world turning against me fully. Most/all of these are school stories. Pick and I greentext. Either sympathy or aspiration
File: 1468728036599.jpg (73KB, 557x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1439757993294.jpg (505KB, 862x627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't realy want to brag about it, especaily after that what I just wrote but I was never the one who ended a realtionship. So yeah, I got my heart broken, every single time.
It was close enough to prove that it's a validation and that your loved one is still there wishing you the best.

Take it like this : you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and YOU die.You get to heaven/stay here only with your memories and consciousness/float in the universe/whatever, what's the advice would you give it to your widow ?

Exactly, you'd want them to stay strong, fight,look for tomorrow and move on to live a happy life.
Not the guy you responded to, but can you little shits please stop your patronizing 'I know you just want to hide your pain' bullshit?
Not everyone on 4chan is a depressed sack of shit and some just visit these threads because they're baffled by how ridiculous some people in here behave.
A solid 20-30% of the posters are the literal incarnation of the 'forever alone' meme.
I'm just hanging out here tonight to be there for the people who have been there for me. Go with your gut.
File: 1466555618140.jpg (88KB, 1024x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post some stories guys
I'm pretty sure like 90% of it are just fake. But honestly, if you browse /b/ you're fucked up to a certain extent. I guess some of these guys were fucked with by other people and come here to see if anyone can relate.
>Most/all of these are school stories
>of me being alpha as fuck
>or of the world turning against me fully
If you actually think that either of those things happen in school, you're a retard.
that image you posted shows you know less about women than any other neckbeard on this board. Congrats, i guess, on being /b/s most delusional poster
File: 1467431170661.jpg (62KB, 686x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Which one do you think would help out more? Some people feel better when they get inspired by others being cool, some people do way better with hearing sympathetic tales.
File: 1468015683079.jpg (3MB, 1920x6056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1468015784610.jpg (2MB, 1920x5752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x5752px
I'm in college right now so most 80% of my life has happened in school. Should I give an example?
File: 1462902027691.png (14KB, 492x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 492x328px
File: 1468015855239.jpg (3MB, 1960x6416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1960x6416px
File: 1468015912976.jpg (1MB, 1920x3408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x3408px
after you said you loved him, did you say 'no homo' so your grampa can go to his grave glad he doesn't have a faggot for a grandson?
>if you browse /b/ you're fucked up to a certain extent
Can you please stop pretending like /b/ is this secret evil websites full of broken/fucked up people?
4chan for a while now has been nothing more than a mainstream website like any other. Sure, the humor is a little darker, people lare more inclined to be cynical, but in general, /b/ isn't this hub of sociopaths that people makeit out to be.
For most people, it's just a place to let out their inner asshole every once in a while.
>Worst part is they took my dog, Millie, along with them.
This has to be b8

>entire family died
>but the worst part is that my dog died too!

I loved how you had to state you don't believe in the afterlife, as if that is synonymous with god, and religion. I'm always utterly irritated by that, as if you can't have god with out religion, or religion with out god, they're beliefs. You can have them any way you want them, doesn't necessarily make them any more accurate. God isn't religious any more than atheism isn't a belief. Atheism is a belief, people will tell you differently, but its silly to argue it, you don't believe in god, you don't believe in god. Having to state you don't believe in god every 5 to 10 minutes leads a lot of people to the conclusion that maybe you're not sure what you believe in. All I am saying it, the whole "i don't believe in afterlife" bit was redundant, in english we'd call that pointless information.
>be me
>born into poor family
>dad abuse me and family
>mom always told me to do well in school and ill make it
>get high grades
>get scholarship to private high school
>get full ride to pretty high ranked uni
>study Chemical Engineering
>get job at a pretty big pharmaceutical company making 6 figures
>move out and finally get my own place to live with my mom
>have a good group of friends that with me since high school, along with new ones from college
I seem to have everything i want. i should feel blessed or happy but i always just feel empty and put on a happy face for everyone. Maybe i need to get married or something because i always feel alone even with people
My point is that in maybe 5 years or so, you will look back on your teenage life as very inconsequential. The world doesn't turn on you and you aren't a hero during your school life. It only appears that way to you because you have no frame of reference.
But ok, give me some examples.

anon asked if there was an afterlife. i was just telling him what my personal beliefs are. didn't mean to offend anyone by it.
I can't even get to that part. Literally I've set up at least 10 dates with girls I've been talking to and just ended up sitting there alone, looking like a fucking moron.
it is a funny pic, what is your problem?

I don't know about that, I regularly see gore threads here, and all I am saying is, pretty fucked up. I think we're all fucked up here, you visit this site more than once, you're fucked up. but life is one big fucked up piece of cake, and all of us are the toppings on the big fucked up cake.
Don't apologize, the dudes just being a dick.
You didn't even mention religion and he's somehow trying to twist your words.
Fuck him.
fair enough. I probably jumped to conclusion as I see, I get irritated, I see that whole "Atheism is master belief and I am smart"and I am not saying thats what you were doing though, just my hot blood getting me worked up.
Jesus dude, stop it with the emo poetry.
I know tons of people who browse 4chan regularly and are fully functional human beings in real life.
Womem don't feel

suck my cock.

you definitely jumped to conclusions. the fact that i am an atheist has nothing to do with my post, i didn't even mention that and i have no idea why you're attacking me over it.

my personal beliefs are not meant to be an attack on you. it's just what i believe. i never said i was smarter or better than anyone else.

chill out.

i chilled out, but I didn't have to admit to anything I said, i went out of my way to say that to you because I felt that I did jump to conclusion, but to me, I feel a bit better saying it now, cause it seems like that's the type of person you are.
Too broken to come up with a decent response?
Or too fucked up to think of one, you wannabe Dexter sociopath?
File: Rebuttal.jpg (36KB, 399x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, I'm out of here. Y'all went from feels to dumbass real quick.
>year and a half ago
>be fucked up alcoholic - killing myself and my future slowly
>reach summer
>finally get around to watching bojack horseman
>marathon both seasons in a few days
>like every depressive, it hits me quite hard
>realise i don't want to end up like that
>work on drinking less and fixing myself
>not easy
>barely drink by november
>life's less crazy and 'fun', but i also find myself not needing to drink just to forget everything i've done in the last week
>get a serious gf in december out of nowhere
>feel like i've finally started fixing my life
>everything's on track
>this summer
>haven't seen gf in over a month, won't see for 2 months since i live in another country when not in uni
>she's getting clingy and i kinda want to break up with her
>Scared of being alone again
>new season of bojack comes out
>watch it
>feel a sense of remorse and jealousy watching him fuck up his life in a massive bender
>craving a drink really badly
>last year of uni coming up
i'm self-destructive and just wanted to unload
that's not my full story, just what im feeling right now
I just want something to hold on to, you know?
Thank you nice anon, I'll try doing that, I dreamed about my dead brothers so many times, but I wanna believe that it's actually him talking to me.
You made me cry, Thanks, I can't know if I'll ever move on since he was everything to me.
I'm just gonna post my school life story because I have absolutely nothing fucking better to do on Sunday night.
>Be me
>Be like 5
>First school
>Christian academy in Florida
>Expensive as hell
>Rich kids (I am mid-class fag)
>First day this little bitch walks up
>"Hi I'm Anon!"
>"I hate you Anon"
>I'm still a fucking spaz toddler
>Be confused, do nothing
>Get in tons of trouble
>Loud and rude in school chapel
>School kids bully me
>Wedgies, whip me with my uniform belt
>Worst was when they took my backpack, threw it in a urinal full of piss, and flushed
>They get in huge trouble
>Be sad kiddo
>Continue to embarrass self for a while
>First Grade
>New school
>Living in Delaware
>Kids here are slightly nicer
>They don't talk to me but aren't dicks
>Parents currently going through shit, I am kis who doesn't understand
There's a third season fo Bojack already?!
Well fuck you crybabies, I'm off bingewatching!.
Could you sum this up a little more?
There was no need for this information to take up an entire paragraph.
File: 1466724762150.jpg (47KB, 564x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 564x400px

the fuck did i ever do to you? quit being a dick for no reason.
>Thank you nice anon, I'll try doing that, I dreamed about my dead brothers so many times, but I wanna believe that it's actually him talking to me.

You're welcome.

By the way, here's an important tip : Pray every night, you don't have to be in a certain position, just pray, focus and concentrate very well on this ! And ask God to dream about them talking to you and telling you how's the after life and BE SPECIFIC because God is not boring and he will give you exactly what you want.
Fuck, *kid
>New elementary school for second grade
>Maryland this time
>Don't talk to anyone for a while
>Make friends over Pokemon
>Lots of fucking friends
>Whole school likes me, President of the Pokemon Club and the only Pokemon Master
>Them tween bitches all over me
>Girls fight over who plays with me at recess
>Fuck yeah
>Buy fucktons of cheap Pokemon cards and basically give them out in trades (they turned out to be fake)
> Plus ten charisma
>I'm the coolest ten year old
>Ten year old girlfriend is hottie
>Parents are fighting on Christmas while I play Link To The Past
>"Anon it's time to go to Grammy's house"
>"Okay Mom!"
>Live at grandma's house for a while
>Same school and shit
>Stay with Dad on weekends
>No idea why this is going on
>Don't care, my life is great
>Walk to beach with friends every weekend
>I'm the lord of the tweens
>One year of cool shit
>Dad fucking dies out of nowhere
>I'm in fifth grade ATM
>Sadness passes pretty quick being like 11
>I have to go to a different middle school than all my friends
>I'm actually sad now
>Move in with new stepdaddy
cont, the story really does pick up
It's a life story and every detail is important
> wearing a suit and tie

The best person I could be wouldn't be some fucking office salary-man
File: image.png (1004KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1004KB, 750x1334px
Feels of all feels
What's common about my dreams is that my brother rarely talks, he just stares at me most of my dreams. In one of my dreams I told him if you're alive why am I depressed and he just smiled and didn't say anything, these kinds of dreams makes me feel like it's really him you know? a dude in my place would believe anything. I know I might sound crazy to some people but I sometimes think that it's not just my mind but it's actually him, I'll start following your guide today, I hope it'll work. I miss him so much and I'm very close to kill myself.
I just wish I felt like doing something else on a weekend night. But there isn't really anything that I feel like I want to do. I think I'm just going to go to bed now.
>the story really does pick up
If you have to add that after writing 2 fucking paragraphs, it's a pretty clear sign that you don't know how to write greentext stories.
Been severely depressed and suicidal for years now. Daily panic attacks, usually multiple a day. Also have Aspergers.

Grandmother died last night of Leukaemia. Loved her very much. Finding it hard to process, almost still expect her to come in through the door with things from the local bakery and ask me to stick the kettle on for some tea. She came to see me every day when I was housebound due to chronic depression and severe anxiety, I had no one else. She never knew that by doing so, saved my life for a time, even with such a simple gesture. She got me out of the house at times when without her I would have spent sustained periods of time locked in my room.

Not close to anyone else in family. Mother called me an embarrassment after I tore my hair out from stress, have a huge bald patch on my head, have to wear a hat when I leave the house. Live with my parents, but I don't amount to much more than a financial/emotional burden and a disgusting parasite. Only person I have now is my friend that I met at university. I love her more than anything, but she'll be better off without me. I'm doing them all a favour.

I've been hearing voices telling me it was my fault my grandmother died (I know I can't seriously logically come to that conclusion, she was very ill) and I still can't help but feel incredibly guilty. I'm a really horrible excuse for a person. I have a huge university project deadline due in a fortnight and art commissions due within the week but I can't get my head together long enough to focus on even getting a sketch done.

Going to kill myself this week, either hang myself or OD, Probably the former.
Why are you still sticking around anon? Something bothering you? Speak up now
By the way, if they are in a good place, like heaven, they look rejuvenated, they radiate LOVE and bright colors, they radiate light and pace.
You know why they wouldn't show themselves in that form ? Because you'd be too excited/amazed/happy/scared/whatever that your brain will wake you up.

Do no, please, there is hope and they're not dead.They want you to hand in there and have a happy life.
There's no pain in heaven so I guess they wouldn't like to know that...they want the best of you.
File: 1469023684380.jpg (98KB, 544x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 544x626px
>playing the new Metal Gear
>"Boss, we need you here at the base right now. Its an emergency"
>get there expecting a boss fight
>all the main characters and some random soldiers show up with a cake and start singing happy birthday
>i cant stop smiling like a fucking idiot
>that was the closest thing ive ever had to a surprise party and it was the only "happy birthday" i got

I had to stop playing after that because i was almost crying.
Cont 2
>Middle school
>I don't know anyone
>I live in rural nowhere now with no kids my age for miles
>I'm actually a little depressed, playing lots of vidya gamz
>First day of school
>First friend is total fucking spaz
>Not friends for long
>Make new friends
>I'm pretty sure these cunts use 4chan now
>They're massive cunts
>Let's call them Deerfucker, Karate nigger, Tallfag, and Filthy Frank (his obsession later)
>Karate nigger is best friend for a while
>Karate nigger constantly puts me down
>Karate nigger beats the shit out of me a lot
>I get in lots of trouble with these fags
>They all verbally abuse me at lunchtime
>Deerfucker starts using my dead dad as a punchline
>Really harps hard on it
>I decide to stop hanging around the,, except Karate nigger
>Late 6th grade now
>New friend
>This cunt will be here all the way through highschool pulling shit
>Call him Pepe
>Pepe is way more of a social outcast than me
>Pepe uses 4chan now by the way
>Hi pepe
>Fuck you Pepe
>Pepe isn't too bad at first
>Pokemon Master too
>Bond over Pokemon
>Pepe is wealthy
>Hang around Pepe
>Sixth grade summer sees a lot of Pepe's pool, Pokemon, Pizza
Cont, shit gets good up next, I promise
Already answered this type of response here:
It's like I'm talking to the same 3 people over and over again.
The same.
My gf dumped me 2 weeks laters
Thank you again kind anon. Maybe there's a day will come where I don't cry myself to sleep and know for sure that my brother is in a better place. I hope God will see how broken I am and give me a chance.
inb4 there's no God
Nobody gives a shit at this point.
Your complete and utter disregard for the Tl;Dr rule makes this simply unreadable.
File: image.png (919KB, 1279x1304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
919KB, 1279x1304px

You want anger or depression, I got both
There is, but that's something you and only you know to believe or not
File: image.png (6KB, 339x131px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 339x131px
..Ryan, you're an asshole!
You're welcome.
God let all thing be, including good and bad, free will and force.
Every one of us, if we were a god, would make a world with good and evil too.

Just close your every device in your room, meditate, clear your thoughts and try to feel a connection with God and ask God, ask Jesus, ask Mary, ask the saints, ask the holy spirit, ask them to show you clear signs and tell them "please, god, i really want to know if my brother is in a better place, i really love him and I would die only to spend a second with him, just show him in my dreams and let him talk to me" this and ask for signs like "I pray to you God, if you exist and my brother is in a better place, make a bird sign next to my window within a month, please" and keep praying because you WILL get the desired results.

And do not think he's in hell or some sort like that...demons are just 12 years old cancers that browse 4chan and post random stuff and bananas then reply to themselves with ''lele xD"
No, but they would hopefully have money and hang out at black-tie events with wealthy and famous people
If that's your definition of a happy life, you're the most shallow person on here.
Cont 3
>7th grade
>Notice Pepe has no friends
>Pepe can't make friends
>Pepe is a degenerate
>Be alpha
>Pepe is omega
>Try to help Pepe rank up to Beta at least
>Pepe is super bitter and angry about life
>He's a spoiled rotten kid at home
>Push over parents
>Gets everything he fucking wants
>Pepe once went on a family cruise
>A new game system was coming out
>I forget which one, nintendo shit
>Limited edition
>Cruise stops in Florida
>Pepe goes full REEEEEE mode
>Mother Pepe drives Pepe to Gamestop or some shit by renting car
>Mother Pepe spends hundreds on game system
>Drive back, holding up entire boat of people because this shit head had to go 90 minutes to a Gamestop with the damn thing
>Pepe is pretty damn cringy
>Hi again Pepe, you're still cringy
>Make some more friends
>These ones are fucking cool
>From this point on almost everyone including me has a nickname they're known by IRL
>Deadpool is one friend, small girl with lots of issues
>Unicorn is another friend, bigger girl, the most normal of the bunch
>These guys don't get along with Pepe
>Side with anti-cringe
>The shitstorm of Pepe begins
>I continue trying to mentor Pepe in Alpha arts
>Pepe fails alpha school miserably
>Pepe harasses girls hardcore
>Reported once or twicee

cont, fucking line limit. Anon's right, this is my first greentext and I'm known to be a long winded writer
when did i ever say that?
i implied that the best person you could be would probably embody the standards that the rest of society looks up to
stop projecting
Tl;Dr, life is shitty for a while even though I'm a happy kid. I'll add Teal deers now, I just feel like getting it off my chest.
I do believe in God. No matter how far science went, it'll never be logical to me that no one created this life. (plate-like bones with a "spongy" structure at different points in the skull helped distribute the incoming force, thereby protecting the brain. The team stresses that it is the combination of the three, rather than any one feature, that keeps woodpeckers pecking without injury) who made this? who made these bones so a woodpecker won't be injured? this is why I believe in God. I'll pray to God so I can see my brother. You helped me so much anon
Stop projecting what? Do you even know what the word means?
Thinking of becoming an alcohol guys.
>realizing its time to move on
Who is the man in that drawing? Any context to it or is it just a drawing?
Do it
Well, fags do rot in hell anyway so, wish granted :^)
Well that's all the convincing I needed.
It's fucking Walter Sobchak from Big Lebowski.
His character is known for never getting over what happened in Vietnam.
File: 1504048044044.png (10KB, 619x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 619x260px
Did you text her Anon?
File: 1460027013839.gif (2MB, 235x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 235x180px
>be me
>22 lvl
>the only child
>studying industrial safety
>never had a gf
>going to a wedding on saturday, yup without partner
>few friends
>feels bad every day thinking about my life
yes, you're equating success with happiness and projecting your own views of people who value success over happiness onto me
no problem /b/ro
Cont 4, I don't care if no one reads it
>I meet Nyan Cat
>Nyan Cat is dating Jew Mcgoo
>ATM me and Jew Mcgood aren't friends
>Steal the bitch after they fight
>Be at her house
>First kiss
>First make out
>She subtly offers me BJ
>7th grade me doesn't understand
>Months later
>She dumps me on Christmas
>She drops out of school
>She lived down my street for 6 more years and I never heard from her again
>Near end of 7th grade
>Tallfag is walking behind me as we leave the gym
>Tallfag punches me in the back of the head
>Think it was someone else
>Punch that guy's shoulder not hard, tell him to fuck off
>He hits me in the face with binder on strap
>Textbooks in it
>My face is purple for two weeks
>The binder zipper left a cut at the corner of my eye
>A year later I need glasses
>Kid gets suspended for ten days, I get one for the punch
>Massive respect for that fight
>I don't know why
>Kid shows up at school next week with two Airsoft guns he thinks are real
>The tallfag and Pink guy see the guns and ask wtf
>Kid's gonna shoot me
>Tallfag and Filthy Frank decide to be cool
>Call the police
>Kid gets arrested
>Tallfag and Filthy Frank aren't dicks any more
>Friend Deadpool comes out as trans
>Friend Unicorn is pansexual
>Pepe is still harassing girls
>The joke of the school is now that Pepe is my pet dog because I drag him away from girls
Tl;Dr: Get fucked up, almost have school shooting, friends are weird, Pepe is getting worse
Fuck off dude, and leave him alone.
>I do believe in God. No matter how far science went

The theory of evolution was disproved by SCIENCE and many many scientist believe in God (as in the Creator).
Sure, of course we don't have to believe "hurr durr believe in jesus or ur gonna get ur ass burned in hell 4eva'' ; I hope you get my point.

And even if you dream something weird, try to metaphorically understand the dream.
Example : I asked god if he's really real and loves me to give me a dream where I dream my future huband.
2 days passed by and nothing. On the third day I was too tired to pray and just slept.I dreamed him, he was with me, with my family, we were together, we didn't really communicate in that dream.
Will he become my husband ? Probably not
Is that a sign that I'll find a husband to love and care about with the help of God? Yes.

Also, you may wanna look up on the article about what people experience after they die.They couldn't keep the dude dead more than 3 minutes. He recalled some things that had happened to him and they actually had happened !

Get my points ?

Of course God created everything in balance.We're not too far away from the Sun, not too close, we have the right atmosphere, the right elements, etc.
Of course, God created the '''ay lmaos'' too, we're not alone in this universe, and they're most likely to know God more about us.

I'm so glad I helped you, anon, I love you and stay strong for your brother and pray for him, for his soul and think about him when you feel down , think that he wants you to keep fighting.

Oh, you're a fag who rot in hell and came back?
If so, then kekkels to you, m8
omg anon! you're life is so bad!
i can't imagine going to a wedding without a date!
if only there were a bunch of single women there! and maybe if the wedding had loads of alcohol making people forget their inhibitions. and if the entire event was to celebrate 2 people falling in love thus making everyone single feel vulnerable and seeking out romance wherever they could
shame that's not the case eh?
>Be me, freshman year of college
>Have gf
>Meet girl
>Has BF
>Like her
>She tells me she likes me
>Break up with GF
>Even writes me a letter
>"Youre unlike any other guy, not just a roadblock for my relationship. Always thinking about you. Think if my parents would like you. But my BF is comfort zone and idk what itll take to finally leave him. But when that is im afraid you won't want me anymore"
>I assure her that I will. That I wouldnt take her for granted like BF
>She's always flirty with me
>Even hints she wouldnt have minded if I had slept in her bed after my roommate and I spent the night in their room
>Always jokingly tries to make me jealous and stuff
>A month after the letter she texts me
>Says because she has her bf she wants to be friends
>Think she means scale it back
>Nothing changes in terms of her being flirty and makinf me jelly
>Fast forward another month, day before school
>Implies she doesn't like me anymore
>I ask why
>"Nothing you did we just click as friends in my eyes
>Spiral and dont speak to her for like a month
>She texts me about seeing my bro enlist in the army
>"Tell him congrats"
>Lel will do
>"I know you hate me so we dont have to talk if you dont want"
>I dont hate her
>FF to now
>Still with BF
>Talk on phone most every day for at least an hour
>Im the only one she calls
>Still like her
>Want to believe she still has feelings too

What do /b/? Shes just perfect..
That's not fucking prjecting.
Projecting would have been if I believed that wealth and black-tie events were synonymous with success and then accused you of thinking that way instead of admitting that's the way I thought.
But that's obviously not what happened.
File: 105408480777.png (27KB, 1213x132px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 1213x132px
That is so cute!
Grandma should have turned 72 today. She passed away on the 8th of May this year. Father works a few thousand kilometers away. I love my mother but we get into small fights almost daily. Almost had my first girlfriend today, but I'm a beta fuck and I think I lost her, didn't have the guts to go and talk to her. 3 in the morning and I'm crying in front of a monitor.
Fuck life.
>The theory of evolution was disproved by SCIENCE
Uhh boy, we're deep into stupid territoy now.
cuck faggot gtfo and kys,
>a year ago quite literally went insane from stress
>quit my not-so-bad job because it was stressing me out at the time, by not showing up to work anymore
>kept getting phone calls, couldn't answer them because anxiety was too high and I had no explanation for why I wasn't coming back
>convinced myself it was my destiny to succeed and things would be okay no matter what
>took out a credit card despite having no way of paying it back and maxed it out paying moving expenses, moved to the city to be closer to university
>failed miserably in school partly because of financial stress and partly from other sources
>shut down and stopped going
>threw away my relationship of 5 years by being an insensitive and self-centered prick too caught up in my insanity to care for another human being
>thought I didn't love her anymore but ever since my head cleared I just wish I had those days back
>got another job, subsequently lost it the same way because of depression, anxiety, and physical illnesses
>that makes most of my work history for the last 5 years irrelevant on a resume
>even if I get a job again there's no telling if I can handle it
>in massive student debt with a maxed out credit card still
>each day I try to cling to life but the best I can do is either ignore my problems completely or sink into deep depression and wish I could end it already
>don't wanna die, don't know how to keep on living
Cont 5, freshman year edition
>Get accepted into STEM program
>High level program for kids into sciences
>Have to do summer class
>We use this shitty school social network to communicate within the program
>Pepe meets Nova over shitty network
>Pepe crushes hard on her
>Pepe portrays himself as not sleazy
>Go to movies with some girls I befriended
>They're hella comic nerds, call each other ny Avengers names
>Kinda cringy
>Girl called Thor is super into me
>Thor asks me out
>Go to movies
>Awkward but sweet chick
>We talk ALL Summer
>Time for summer classes though
>Nova is in my summer class
>Pepe loses shit because he think's I'll steal grill
>Pepe what the fuck dude
>Pepe demands I make friends with her and make him sound good
>Do become friends with Nova
>Don't really talk about Pepe
>Nova is now part of group
>Suggest double date with Nova, Pepe, Thor and I
>Absolute disaster, Pepe is worse than ever before, throws tantrums
>Nova is not into it
>Pepe is bitter as all hell
Tl;Dr: New girlfriend, Pepe is even worse, new friend Nova
Do a research by yourself and you'll see new studies that show that :)
you literally projected the idea of me equating success and happiness because you equate them and then attacked me for it

so yes, you are projecting
Sitting in my uni room feeling like shite
Everyone around me is in a relationship, i dont even understand what i could possibly lack.

Im bright enough to know how petty and stupid it is to care, but just normal enough for it to absolutely bury me.
I hear voices and think of killing myself everyday. The voices don't help much tho. One or two tell me to stay alive but most of them just say that is time to me kill myself. It gets worse when it's silent so I use headphones most of the time
she's stringing you along for the attention
she's not a friend

she will never break up with her boyfriend, but you act as a nice security blanket against her insecurities of her boyfriend dumping her
>because you equate them
Ah I see. Your theory makes perfect sense once you pull that little detail out of your ass.
join a society
also, what shithole uni hasn't broken up for the summer yet?
Damn you, i think about you like crazy do you think of me think that because..
your attack on me doesn't make sense unless you internally equate them and assume others do too
File: 1465852202996.jpg (24KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 400x400px
Right. But what to do? I would love to have a gf, but not many girls would want to have a boyfriend like me. I'm weird, asocial guy who doesn't fit to this world.
File: zionistsalwayswin.png (210KB, 500x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210KB, 500x744px
Nothing said here is incorrect
>I'm weird, asocial guy who doesn't fit to this world.
there's a whole subset of alt girls who love guys like that that they can be counter-culture with
you just need confidence in your own actions and some directionless girl will grow interested in you and latch on
I do get your point, I'll look up the article.
>.God created the '''ay lmaos'' too
you made me laugh while I'm crying. I appreciate that.
Go gay. No matter how ugly, weird, annoying, stupid, smelly, fat or horrid you are, something will fuck you.

Not me, but something.
File: 1463335015610.jpg (54KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 540x960px
Awww *hugs*
1) A britbing normie one
2) im back to sort out my house for next year, living with 10 people.

Im in loads of societies and in the board of two, highly athletic and have made a massive group of normie friends.

No idea what i lack
Or maybe I have this image of shallow people in my mind who equate them without believing in that it myself?
Your logic is like saying 'if you dislike rapists, then you are jsut projecting your own thoughts of rape onto other people'.
Are you fucking following here?
File: tbh.png (94KB, 1435x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 1435x478px
/r9k/ philosophy
Cont 6
>First Day
>Hang out with Avengers
>STEM kids are in all different classes than non-STEM
>STEM kids are pretty cool
>Meet Gengar, he's really cool
>I forgot to mention it but my nickname is Satan, this was a source of lots of torment since I've had the name since grade 6 when it replaced Razor Eater
>Most STEM kids keep to themselves but I make friends with most of program
>Shit, Pepe is in this program
>Pepe and I aren't in classes together
>Pepe is harassing the living hell out of Nova
>Follows her, sniffs her hair, calls her names, tries to get her in trouble, tries to fuck up her work, the whole deal
>Nova reports him
>Pepe becomes more of a stereotypical channer, misogynistic racist homophobe
>See Pepe call a bunch of black kids niggers
>Grab Pepe and run, throw him into STEM room, tell black guys he went the other way
>Pepe is pissed at me for grabbing him
>Fuck you Pepe
Tl;Dr: Pepe is getting to be a more disgusting human, I'm making friends at my new highschool
Im so sorry anon :( wish you good luck
Is this still going on?
>Or maybe I have this image of shallow people in my mind who equate them without believing in that it myself?
That's still projecting since your assuming that I'm one of those shallow people by talking about success

>Your logic is like saying 'if you dislike rapists, then you are jsut projecting your own thoughts of rape onto other people'.
No it's not. Your logic is akin to assuming that someone who defends a rapist must be a rapist themself
I'm scared af right now. I'll kms if Trump loses
>haha I mask my sense of pointlessness by getting wasted and posting on a website that got famous because of child porn
>haha I'm pretending to be happy and deep because I contribute nothing to society and hate myself
That's fucking false.
*hugs* you're the nicest anon I have ever met! and please don't respond to trolls :c
>That's still projecting since your assuming that I'm one of those shallow people by talking about success
That's not fucking projecting then.
If I call you an asshole, I'm insulting you. No person would say 'he projected his image of an asshole onto him'.
>Your logic is akin to assuming that someone who defends a rapist must be a rapist themself
Dude, I was pointing out YOUR faulty logic here, not presenting my own.
Are you just too dumb to follow basic sentences at this point?
neither hillary nor trump cares about you
either way, a rich asshole will get into office and make nothing better
I do, unfortunately, and I get angry on them :/
But I just assume that they're some retarded close-minded 39-ish neckbeard basement dwellers who fap to little bois and move on with my life.
>If I call you an asshole, I'm insulting you. No person would say 'he projected his image of an asshole onto him'.
You didn't call me an asshole though, you assumed i was an asshole and then argued that being an asshole makes me really shallow
that is projecting yes
You're also an idiot, I don't know why I keep replying to you
Cont 7 because I know no one gives a shit
>Deadpool and Unicorn are hanging with Avengers, Gengar too
>Lunch hour hangout is now the stairwell landing by English department
>Deadpool is suicidal and confides in me
>Deadpool says I'm the strongest person he knows and wants to be more like me
>Help Deadpool out of depression for a while
>Deadpool gets medication and recovers
>This happens more
>Pepe and Deadpool hate each other
>Pepe begins attacking Deadpool
>"Pepe leave right now before I punch you"
>Drag Pepe away like the cool guy
>Pepe shouts back "Let her hit me! Let the school hate her like she hates herself!"
>Tell Pepe I won't hesitate to fucking kill him if he shows up near Deadpool again
>Grab his slimy neck and throw him out of stairwell
Tl;Dr; Kinda fight with Pepe, save alife
I thought that was cum dripping from his hand
Pls be fake.
Shill detected
Too much internet, sorry, anon.
I have a serious problem where I can't leave stories unfinished. According to my psychology professor it is a manifestation of OCD which I've been suspected of having
>I don't know why I keep replying to you
because you're a fucking retard who can't make a single coherent point. That's why you have to keep amending your stupid bullshit with every new comment.
This is stupid. If the person you 'could have become' is so great he or she would do their best to ease your mind therefor it wouldn't be an unpleasant meeting at all.
not sure how you reached that conclusion since he is essentially telling him to embrace life with a new perspective
Get the fuck out of here Hanz
for which side?
>your inability to understand a simple point =/= incoherence
cause that's exactly what they are. And they don't deserve your attention. I have no idea why a nice person like you would go to website like 4chan.
Keep going; I'm reading.
shut up i want a feels thread
go to rekt or something
Continue i'm reading
Pepe is hillarious. Keep posting
Cont 8
>Pepe is trying to ruin friends lives
>Ignoring Pepe
>My girlfriend is getting distant, I'm trying to get her interested again
>I act more extreme to draw her attention and it works kinda well, but other people get sick of it fast
>At this point I'm struggling in school and my family is distant AF from me, both parents always working and not paying attention.
>Several things happen in rapid succession
>A Gay-Straight Alliance club forms, Deadpool meets his boyfriend there, Call him Cockguzzler
>Cockguzzler used to be friends with me, but wasn't noticeable
>Cockguzzler convinces Deadpool and Unicorn to not talk to me, that I'm a shitty person
>I don't need them anyway
>Gf is what matters
>Valentines Day is coming up, I'm gonna make it special
>She dumps me on Valentines, say's she's an Asexual Lithoromantic
>Looking back I may have dodged a bullet
Tl;Dr I've lost most of my friends now
I hope you know I'm >>696232774

> I have no idea why a nice person like you would go to website like 4chan.

Because I tried other sites...they told me I'm the one to blame because I'm depressed, not that he hit me and beat me up...
Because I'm lonely, because no one loves me, because everyone around me doesn't give a shit about me, because I'm in pain...because I laugh at YLYL threads, because I post and laugh about "it's not gay if her penis is feminine'' threads, because I only have you /b/ros, because I've been lurking for years here, because I'm a weirdo,because there are people in my situation and that I am not alone, I dunno
Whenever I think about my relationship with my first and only gf, i hate myself so hard for how much affection and energy i wasted, i want to impale myself with a large metal implement. Usually in the torso or neck. Its been 6 years and I still feel this way.
omg, I am so sorry that I suggested alcohol because i am this >>696233224
And please don't say such things. You have us, we are your /b/ros. I care and I'm always here to listen. You'll get rid of that pain. I love you anon and stay safe. Please remember that whenever you're in a really bad train of thoughts come around here. I'll always be here <3
What a coincidence. I'm going to a wedding on saturday aswell. No partner either, does that even matter?
File: 1462788518763.jpg (197KB, 976x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 976x778px
Fake and gay
File: Whale.jpg (85KB, 650x796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 650x796px
Are you that whale?
File: lol_idi_amin.gif (4MB, 298x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 298x224px

Wait this isnt a ylyl thread.
Cont 9 because at least one guy is reading
>Depressed because GF dumped me
>Did I mention in the 8 months we were together we kissed once, nothing else
>I never got to those 15 year old D-cup tits
>Other Avengers leave me behind because they were just proxy friends
>Nova, a few other STEM people really hating me because that shit I did to impress Thor was pretty dick-ish
>Gengar is still a friend, even to today he's a total fucking bro
>While this is going on, Nova starts dating Deadpool's ex-boyfriend, call him Shulk
>Shulk is the most boring motherfucker
>Pepe reappaers to try and cause shit for Shulk and Nova
>Nova files another report fucking fast
>Pepe nearly gets kicked from program
>Starts spreading rumors on what a slut Nova is
>Nova is kinda well liked, so it only hurts Pepe's reputation further
>Every girl in STEM is disgusted by Pepe
>Pepe is really fucking ugly by the way, doesn't try to hide it either
>Teachers hating Pepe because he acts like a fucking spoiled 4 year old
>This one fucking faggot named Timmy starts walking up behind me in the cafeteria every morning
>Timmy doesn't get a nickname. Fuck you Timmy.
>Timmy is a HUGE fucking autist
>Way cringier faggot than Dave, just not as mean spirited
>This nigger hits my back hard every morning like he's beating fucking drums
>Imagine a jellyfish on a pinwheel, thats how his arms moved
>Two months of this shit
>I'm confiding all of my frustration in Nova because she still listens to me
Tl:Dr New autist, original autist levels up, I have precisely one friend
Aww, thank you.
I have tried alcohol and it's not my thing at all.

My foster parents are alcoholics so I'm kinda *triggered* about alcohol
You obviously don't know what shill means
How can women be in your life, pretend to like you, then be so cold and cruel with leaving and forgetting you exist like it means nothing at all to them? Are all women that evil?
Men are ruled by their penis, women are ruled by money and opportunity.. and bigger penis.
Oh, I know what you mean. Is there anyone for you in real life? like not online, I am worried, do you have anyone irl? even tho never forget that we're always here for you whenever you need us/me
File: 1439153990270.png (110KB, 386x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 386x386px
my gf of 3 years just broke up with me
was my first gf after my divorce, and you know, i feels as bad as i felt before
Who the fuck is Dave , god, your fucking story have so much people in it, it's unreadable
Why? why did she break up with you?
File: 1463334996353.jpg (76KB, 960x784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 960x784px
>>women played with muh heart
>fuck all you beta bitches weeping over some girl. get over yourselves. there is so much more to live for and so much more to feel sad about.
Keep going, im also reading

No, only online...I feel like fading anyway :(
File: 1423586158572.gif (1MB, 245x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 245x184px
>mfw my friend tells me about his night out of fun and laughs with his friend who's with my ex
>mfw that was once me in there
Cont 10, I'll stop when i'm done nigger
>Nova is being a cunt, offers no help other than venting, being mean about it
>I get sick of Timmy
>Shulk and I are talking about Smash brothers or some shit
>Timmy walks up behind
>Elbow him hard
>He runs like usual
>Chase him this time
>He hits a wall of people, I can grab him
>Grab his shoulder, he turns around and pulls back his fist
>Smack the shit out of his face with free hand
>Throw him on the ground
>Shout I'll fucking kill him if I ever see his faggot ass again
>Get applause because Timmy is a fag
>Even the gay guys call Timmy a fag
>Don't get in trouble
>Don't hear from that bitch for a while
>Run into Deadpool
>Hear Deadpool broke up with Cockguzzler
>Cockguzzler told everyone I led him on in a teasing way for months, then crushed his dreams because the day he wanted to ask me out was the day Thor broke up with me, and he realized I'm straight
>My friends weren't sure if he was lying or not
>I was being a dick so they assumed the worst
Tl;Dr, Beat up autist, shit gets kinda happier after this
don't be a pussy man go on a legendary bank robbing spree
Oh shit
Dave = Pepe
Sorry about that, the story isn't much longer
File: 1375442355377.jpg (14KB, 480x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 480x233px
this doesnt make sense
the man you could have become?
the fuck?
dubs only speaks the truth so I meant it when I said we're here for you, I know i'll sound stupid but can't you go back to college? you can start over and start knowing people, new people. Try to rebuild yourself. In your day to day life don't you see any people who might you find nice? and that you can start a friendship with them? and when do you think you'll be able to date again?
I seriously miss you and am sorry for everything in the past, i hope we do get back together
S-sorry, I hate hurting others.
I dont miss her as much as i miss being in the center of fun with the groups sassy girl on my arm. Now I just hear about the fun.
How does will helps? or is it so we'll find you edgy?
>Killed jews
That's the "comfort zone" that we're trained to stay in. Life doesn't seem full filling anymore. Get an education, job, married, etc. are goals most people have. Take some of that money and go on a trip somewhere and do something. Find out who you are
Most i have to look forward to is buying a new graphic card. After that I can escape from reality harder in ultimate settings.
Yeah, I'll go in September to re-join for the college.

I tried dating but nobody really here for me, everyone wants sex :(

I only want a boyfriend that will turn into a husband who is love, cherish, be faithful and loyal because I will return that favor infinitely to him.

I get sick physically when I think of my ex and his new lover...and that he left me at my worst...i'll suggest a change in meds too from my dr.
File: Hobo.jpg (28KB, 328x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 328x184px
So in the Last day of my Life, I will see a rich man pass by the Alley Way that my sick and old dying Hobo self. Huh, well fuck him I enjoyed my life, he's probably walking to the court house right now to file his divorce.
wow that last line lifted my spirit
thnx bruh, you keep it on the meds now. Hope you'll keep shit on top. Have a great life man you deserve it.
I miss you jamie, just call or text me
Cont 11
>9th grade year soon to end
>I still chill in the stairwell mostly alone at lunch
>These two new bitches show up there with some of my proxy friends visiting
>These two fucking annoy me
>They're lowkey taunting lonely guy me
>Eventually walk over, one bitch tries to take the DS I'm playing on
>Push her away gently
>Other bitch fucking backhands me, says don't touch her friend
>Get really, really pissed
>Bitch who tried to take the DS has a gatorade bottle
>Grab the bottle, my stuff, leave
>Come back five minutes later through other entrance of stairwell
>Throw the bottle fucking hard at the ground near the bitches
>They're both wearing white
>The bottle fucking shatters and splashes them
>Next day in stairwell those bitches are gone, new girl is there
>Talk to her
>Get into small fight with someone else, tell them to fuck off
>Put arm around new girl
>"Come here sexy"
>"N-no one's ever called me that before, Satan"
>Text her like crazy for a few days
>Make a bet over a card game
>If I win, I'm her first kiss and first boyfriend
>If she wins, we stop talking
>There are like 15 aces in my fucking sleeve
>Win, ask her if she's sure about the bet
>She kisses me
Tl;Dr Two bitches get a gatorade bath and I get a new grill. Pepe returns in the next part
>i'll suggest a change in meds too from my dr.
and bro never give up. Make it obvious that you're looking for love, not lust. And you will find that special one someday, you need to forget about that stupid dude, he was not good to you. Try to forget him. One day you will and you will have a husband who loves you and take care of you, keep in mind that every story has a happy ending. You will be happy eventually.
File: image.jpg (19KB, 710x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 710x398px
Maybe it's because I'm becoming more of a "normie", but I have to agree with you.

I used to like these threads, but after taking some time off 4chan they just seem like a circlejerk of guys getting left by their gf and a few pics or quotes thrown in about stuff that sounds deep but doesn't really do a good job of capturing negative emotions.
File: image.jpg (34KB, 720x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 720x404px
please speed up anon
After years of searching a way to escape the sadness and emptiness I gave up on searching. I actually feel better than before but I still feel empty inside.
The emptiness also subsides. Once you commit yourself to doing thing YOU enjoy for you you wont miss it.

Although the ability to have much feelings towards anything is greatly diminished. Cant feel the bad if you cant feel the good.
My ex gf left me when I was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for a psychotic episode and massive anxiety. I never experienced mental illness before, I was just so confused. Like a frightened animal.This is a year ago, It still hurts me so much but here's what I found out.

In your deepest moments love is quite meaningless. When your brains all screwed up, you can't register affection, can't register beauty, you can only experience anguish.
Get on top first, get your life in order. Feel the bliss and beauty in experiencing life on your own again. All else is secondary.
Aww, thanks for the happy message, anon.

Because currents meds stopped working(like every antidepressant ive been on)
>implying everyone wants to turn into a 50 yr old impotent businessman with a wife and children that hate him and never has time for anything except work and playing golf sunday afternoon with his fellow 50 yr old business partners that hate him as well
that image is bullshit
Cont 12
>New grill nickname is Bunny
>Bunny and I are still together right now
>All of my old friends are friends with bunny I find out
>SHITSTORM of death threats, everyone wants her to dump me
>Her way of stopping this is to be all fucking over me around friends
>She kisses me in front of them, They complain about PDA, she sticks her tongue in my mouth
>This girl is awesome
>I cut out basically everyone else because now everyone is pretty much leaving me alone
>Pepe comes at odds with Bunny
>I bring her to school Smash brothers club and they meet for the first time
> "So are you Anon's girlfriend?"
>"Yeah, why?"
>"Why the hell are you dating that worthless bastard?"
>She punches him hard in the fucking face
>Run over and hold her arms behind her
>Pepe is fucking SCREAMING
>Pepe is ranting about how much of a whore she is, how horrible I am, basically gone full retard
>Pull Bunny behind me, ask proxy friends to watch her for a second
>A couple of STEM guys who hate Pepe walk up
>These guys are both 6ft +
>Pepe is intimidated
>Stand between my STEM brothers and escort Pepe out, look cool as fuck
>Ask Bunny what happened
>Hear explanation
>Ten minutes later I'm at second base behind some lockers
Tl;Dr: Grill ranks Pepe lower than Omega, shit gets good for me again
I am sorry you went through this...leaving someone you claim to ''love'' is the worst thing a human being can do, but I feel that love is the only thing that keeps me alive, that makes me climb on mountaints and that can make me feel like i'm flying and can be on top of the world
Change them for now, but one day hopefully soon you'll stop using them, I hope you meet nice people when you go back to college and find that special someone :) it's not far and don't give up. You'll be okay. Take this from an stranger online, You'll be okay and things will get better. :)
thnx fam

Yeah used to think like that once as well. It surely has value, and wouldn't understate the significance it has in enhancing your happiness. But if you're fundamentally unhappy about yourself, there is not a person in the world who can fix that, or so I believe. But that's a positive thing in itself, just imagine being a master of your own destiny and feeling amazing about life on your own, and THEN finding the right person. I btw believe you can experience a great deal without medication.
experience= acomplish
Cont 13
>Pepe tries to report Bunny to school
>School really hates Pepe, doesn't believe him
>He's a fucking shitshow in class trying to fuck with me, my STEM brethren are kinda getting cool with me again because they hate him
>As you can obviously tell from my writing, I can verbally destroy this fag when he insults me
>I'm a black belt, he's a scrawny fuck
>He tries to spread rumors but no one believes him
>He goes for me in private whining about how it's my fault his life sucks
>I spent two and a half years trying to help this sorry son of a bitch
>Fuck you Pepe
>Pepe has no friends right now
>Pepe never had friends after me
>Pepe just kept making enemies
>Pepe gets nearly kicked from program often because every teacher, student, and counselor despises him
>Start acting more Alpha and less tryhard beta because Bunny is way more into that, and it feels way more natural
>Bunny starts confiding things in me
>Bunny has a laundry list of personal, mental, social, and family issues
>Help her work through a lot of them
>Get laid
>Feel kinda like I made her think she owed me it
>Feel kinda guilty
>Get laid again
>Not guilty
Tl;Dr: Should I keep going?
im reading man
Be the kind of person who will attract what you want. No one will save you.
Shes fucking better dick now bro be thankful for that
They're cruel to bitch boys. They need a man
only drowning men
Perhaps tumblr-tier, but I like it. I actually might do the paper star thing myself. It'll put things in perspective.
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