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Ylyl bread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ylyl bread
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I saw one of those while on lunch today. It was Orange with silver stripes.
but are you laughing and losing yet?
These aren't funny.
Shit, OP, I already lost.
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just give me one more night?
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hehe xd
I had a yellow one,was a piece of shit in the snow
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big al.jpg
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Meet Chompin' Charlie.
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there's nothing good on this thread.
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are you from v too?
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ill try to reboot this shit
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1 guy.webm
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welcome to the point, i'm done here. and let this be a lesson. YLYL belongs on facebook with your imaginary friends, no one here likes you. op is and always be a flame throwing faggot.
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i wish I had my kitchen knives with me so you can sharpen them with that razor sharp edge. You wont believe it, but people like you are the worst part of this site
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>i arrived too late

>but i still like to tell people what the worst part of /b/ is

jump off a bridge.
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>i'm the ultimate virgin, i've been here before the site was even on the internet! i need to project my self-righteousness because im the real legion!
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this is funny
off by one

/b = random

Don't complain about any content on here. It's literally everything allowed.

I don't care for trap, fur, fluffy abuse, wincest, cock rate, "your mother will die" etc. threads. But this is /b. It's random.

It's everything.

Anything goes, faggot.
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Aussie fishing.webm
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Fucking vegetables
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da burrs.webm
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>implies legion was ever /b/

>thinks he.....

dude you don't know me. look me up, i'm the real deal. i don't take /b/ seriously and did sex 2 times. fuck with me? ya done son!
i lost.
>1979 Bugatti
>Ford emblazoned on the back
Also, pretty sure Bugatti never put faux-wood paneling on their vehicles.
i changed the engine after i took that pic, it has a w12 1300hp engine now, i apologize for the missunderstanding.
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Take that look of worry
I'm an ordinary man
They don't tell me nothing
So I find out what I can
There's a fire that's been burning
Right outside my door
I can't see but I feel it
And it helps to keep me warm
So I, I don't mind
No I, I don't mind
Seems so long I've been waiting
Still don't know what for
There's no point escaping
I don't worry anymore
I can't come out to find you
I don't like to go outside
They can't turn off my feelings
Like they're turning off a light
But I, I don't mind
No I, I don't mind
Oh I, I don't mind
No I, I don't mind
So take, take me home
Cos I don't remember
Take, take me home
Cos I don't remember
Take, take me home
Cos I don't remember
Take, take me home, oh lord
Cos I've been a prisoner all my life
And I can say to you
>get down syndrome

You are all resolved rather to die than to famish?
Resolved. resolved.
First, you know Caius Marcius is chief enemy to the people
I don't think a lot of people around here are going to get Phil Collins references.
We know't, we know't.
Let us kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price.
Is't a verdict?
No more talking on't; let it be done: away, away
We are accounted poor citizens, the patricians good.
What authority surfeits on would relieve us: if they
would yield us but the superfluity, while it were
wholesome, we might guess they relieved us humanely;
but they think we are too dear: the leanness that
afflicts us, the object of our misery, is as an
inventory to particularise their abundance; our
sufferance is a gain to them Let us revenge this with
our pikes, ere we become rakes: for the gods know I
speak this in hunger for bread, not in thirst for revenge.
Would you proceed especially against Caius Marcius?
Against him first: he's a very dog to the commonalty.
Consider you what services he has done for his country?
Very well; and could be content to give him good
report fort, but that he pays himself with being proud.
Nay, but speak not maliciously.
I say unto you, what he hath done famously, he did
it to that end: though soft-conscienced men can be
content to say it was for his country he did it to
please his mother and to be partly proud; which he
is, even till the altitude of his virtue.
What he cannot help in his nature, you account a
vice in him. You must in no way say he is covetous.
If I must not, I need not be barren of accusations;
he hath faults, with surplus, to tire in repetition.
What shouts are these? The other side o' the city
is risen: why stay we prating here? to the Capitol!
C-combo b-breaker
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you cringe you lose


I don't know what's better. The crappy chainsawing or the retarded spin kick fail.
Come, come.
cringe you lose feggets

And you!!!? Are you having fun!?
>to tire in repetition.

as we should lay our heads.
hahahahahahah !!!!!!!! XDD
Soft! who comes here?
Worthy Menenius Agrippa; one that hath always loved
the people.
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He's one honest enough: would all the rest were so!
What work's, my countrymen, in hand? where go you
With bats and clubs? The matter? speak, I pray you.
Our business is not unknown to the senate; they have
had inkling this fortnight what we intend to do,
which now we'll show 'em in deeds. They say poor
suitors have strong breaths: they shall know we
have strong arms too.
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Why, masters, my good friends, mine honest neighbours,
Will you undo yourselves?
sorry, i had to shit.

We cannot, sir, we are undone already.
I tell you, friends, most charitable care
Have the patricians of you. For your wants,
Your suffering in this dearth, you may as well
Strike at the heaven with your staves as lift them
Against the Roman state, whose course will on
The way it takes, cracking ten thousand curbs
Of more strong link asunder than can ever
Appear in your impediment. For the dearth,
The gods, not the patricians, make it, and
Your knees to them, not arms, must help. Alack,
You are transported by calamity
Thither where more attends you, and you slander
The helms o' the state, who care for you like fathers,
When you curse them as enemies.
Care for us! True, indeed! They ne'er cared for us
yet: suffer us to famish, and their store-houses
crammed with grain; make edicts for usury, to
support usurers; repeal daily any wholesome act
established against the rich, and provide more
piercing statutes daily, to chain up and restrain
the poor. If the wars eat us not up, they will; and
there's all the love they bear us.
Either you must
Confess yourselves wondrous malicious,
Or be accused of folly. I shall tell you
A pretty tale: it may be you have heard it;
But, since it serves my purpose, I will venture
To stale 't a little more.
Well, I'll hear it, sir: yet you must not think to
fob off our disgrace with a tale: but, an 't please
you, deliver.
There was a time when all the body's members
Rebell'd against the belly, thus accused it:
That only like a gulf it did remain
I' the midst o' the body, idle and unactive,
Still cupboarding the viand, never bearing
Like labour with the rest, where the other instruments
Did see and hear, devise, instruct, walk, feel,
And, mutually participate, did minister
Unto the appetite and affection common
Of the whole body. The belly answer'd--
Well, sir, what answer made the belly?
This thread is shit, the only thing remotely funny was the dog being flown into the sky. Even then it wasn't a "lol"
Sir, I shall tell you. With a kind of smile,
Which ne'er came from the lungs, but even thus--
For, look you, I may make the belly smile
As well as speak--it tauntingly replied
To the discontented members, the mutinous parts
That envied his receipt; even so most fitly
As you malign our senators for that
They are not such as you
Your belly's answer? What!
The kingly-crowned head, the vigilant eye,
The counsellor heart, the arm our soldier,
Our steed the leg, the tongue our trumpeter.
With other muniments and petty helps
In this our fabric, if that they--
What then?
'Fore me, this fellow speaks! What then? what then?
Should by the cormorant belly be restrain'd,
Who is the sink o' the body,--
Well, what then?
The former agents, if they did complain,
What could the belly answer?
I will tell you
If you'll bestow a small--of what you have little--
Patience awhile, you'll hear the belly's answer.
Ye're long about it.
Note me this, good friend;
Your most grave belly was deliberate,
Not rash like his accusers, and thus answer'd:
'True is it, my incorporate friends,' quoth he,
'That I receive the general food at first,
Which you do live upon; and fit it is,
Because I am the store-house and the shop
Of the whole body: but, if you do remember,
I send it through the rivers of your blood,
Even to the court, the heart, to the seat o' the brain;
And, through the cranks and offices of man,
The strongest nerves and small inferior veins
From me receive that natural competency
Whereby they live: and though that all at once,
You, my good friends,'--this says the belly, mark me,--
holy shit lost
Almost got me
File: post2 (1).jpg (73KB, 540x761px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
post2 (1).jpg
73KB, 540x761px
Ay, sir; well, well.
'Though all at once cannot
See what I do deliver out to each,
Yet I can make my audit up, that all
From me do back receive the flour of all,
And leave me but the bran.' What say you to't?
It was an answer: how apply you this?
The senators of Rome are this good belly,
And you the mutinous members; for examine
Their counsels and their cares, digest things rightly
Touching the weal o' the common, you shall find
No public benefit which you receive
But it proceeds or comes from them to you
And no way from yourselves. What do you think,
You, the great toe of this assembly?
I the great toe! why the great toe?
For that, being one o' the lowest, basest, poorest,
Of this most wise rebellion, thou go'st foremost:
Thou rascal, that art worst in blood to run,
Lead'st first to win some vantage.
But make you ready your stiff bats and clubs:
Rome and her rats are at the point of battle;
The one side must have bale.
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246KB, 1024x1198px
>Actully attempting to contribute to a fucking YLYL thread
>YOU sir are the fucking cancer

here we go YLYL
Sweet amc bro
i like you.

Thanks. What's the matter, you dissentious rogues,
That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion,
Make yourselves scabs?
We have ever your good word.
He that will give good words to thee will flatter
Beneath abhorring. What would you have, you curs,
That like nor peace nor war? the one affrights you,
The other makes you proud. He that trusts to you,
Where he should find you lions, finds you hares;
Where foxes, geese: you are no surer, no,
Than is the coal of fire upon the ice,
Or hailstone in the sun. Your virtue is
To make him worthy whose offence subdues him
And curse that justice did it.
Who deserves greatness
Deserves your hate; and your affections are
A sick man's appetite, who desires most that
Which would increase his evil. He that depends
Upon your favours swims with fins of lead
And hews down oaks with rushes. Hang ye! Trust Ye?
With every minute you do change a mind,
And call him noble that was now your hate,
Him vile that was your garland. What's the matter,
That in these several places of the city
You cry against the noble senate, who,
Under the gods, keep you in awe, which else
Would feed on one another? What's their seeking?
Noone ever said people were smart
And if they do, please direct them to this
For corn at their own rates; whereof, they say,
The city is well stored.
Thread posts: 143
Thread images: 56

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