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Wincest >greentext thread Pic unrelated

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest >greentext thread
Pic unrelated
If dubs in this thread will dump decent length story.
About my cousin :V
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God fucking damn it you low life degenerate fucks. I have to Tell you how much I'm a degenerate fuck now.


>Long backstory short this is her pre brain injury. She didnt end up retarded or anything. just gained like 15-20lbs in the hospital and has short hair now bc she was bald. SHe just has like basically mild asbergers or something now but ill explain later.

Yes goddamn continue.
Just do it!
>she's 16 and im 19
>she has severe depression due to basically having her life take anway from her in a night (her boyfriend pushed her out of a moving car, was in a coma, had brain surgery etc) and sometime would come sleep in my room
>in my fucking bed, with two beds in the bedroom.
>sometimes not, we were very close so we were used to sharing rooms.
>past few weeks we would always just be hanging in my room at my grandmas while she was asleep.
>she would sometimes always keep saying she was bored.


Yes Cont. Nice dubs
no dont cont.
>can't greentext
Only if it's about anon's cousin.
>these nights i would always just think about just busting out saying-
>"we could basically just fuck right now and no one wold ever know."
Always kept it cool though.
>SO one night shes laying down with me in this little ass twin bed, (we're laying opposite eachother with her feet basically near my face or whatever) and I move her leg basically onto mine and she doesnt mind and we just start talking about her boyfriend and shit, what she did with him, how much of a fuckboi he was, etc.
>I'm rubbing her leg with my fingers gently as fuck like giving her goosebumps
>she likes that
>cock is hard as fuck
>her leg is on that shit
>just sitting.jpeg
>I have work tomorrow morn and its like 2AM so im like
>got work, can you go sleep on the couch?
>she goes in the living room and i whack it like a madman.mp4
cont to next night?
apologies m9 im extremely blazed at the moment
dont ask and continue
>experiment with my sister a lot as a little kid
>have licked her ass many times

>be me, male, about 6
>dad is teaching me how to shower
>shows me how to pull my foreskin back all the way
>tell him about licking my sister's ass
>he looks shocked but he gets a boner
>I ask if I can lick it
>He closes his eyes and says you're supposed to suck them
>Suckle on his cock head like it's a teat
>He comes a thick, intense, endless load in my mouth
>"You have to swallow that bit"
>"Now show me what you did with your sister"

Ate my dad's ass out solidly with his cum in my mouth. Scared to swallow it to it ended up in his butt.
no. don't continue because you write like a retarded assclown.
No, keep talking about how scared you were in the hospital because of your retard sister and be sure to describe the fucking smell of plastic you fucking imbred
your dad sounds like a great role model
>thank you for pointing it out I didn't realise giving my dad anilingus might be a bit queer
>suddenly my life makes sense
wtf bro, lost it hard
But im a fag tho. And if you guys are good anons you get another pic soon.

>SO next night
>im just hanging in my bed tryna sleep n shiz
>she comes through my room crying and shit
>liek what
>I do my job and make her smile by being me i guess, and i smoke her out sometimes ig
>anyway so here we are chilling in the bed same shit
>small talk blahdy fucking blah
>We try to go to sleep in the same small twin ass bed
>i tell her I cant do it so i ask her to go to the couch again.
>She leaves and I whack.jpeg

Didnt really want to fuck her because of her injury tbh.

>still massive DD tits forreal
>amazing ass, shes pale af obviously with strawberry blonde hair doe.
>she comes back in and asks if she can please just hang out a bit longer with me
>sure whatever
>laying there for like 15 minutes, heart pounding out of my fucking chest near the last 5 debating on whether or not im going to do this.

>I'm 17 and cousin's 15
>My cousin came out lesbian a couple months ago and I thought that was really fucking hot
>I started getting close to her, knowing her more, asking how it felt being lesbian. We got along better then I do with my brothers, almost like a bond or a relationship
>One night we ended talking about what turns her on the most, what she's done (not much, kinda sucks :/ )
>I told her, for some dumbass reason, that I could do that to her, she of course freaked out a bit, but then after I gave reasons and we talked it out, we decided to go for it
>I fingered her for about 10 minutes and ate her out till she came, she very reluctantly agreed to suxk my cock
>It's all been good, still real close as for today

So why are you in this thread?
>I say
>"Hey M?"
>she's half asleep
>"so have you ever like, though about me in a weird way?"
>She kind of laughs and just kinda mumbles and shit but says
>"Not really but like that night when you were rubbing my leg i was feeling that"
>in the bag
>"well i mean you know we dont really have to do anything if you don't want to"
>"I dont know haha its so funny"
>"what is"
>"Like no one would ever know"
>we both just laugh at this obvious fact.

Anyone still out there?
Keep going
more you fag
What is wrong with you. Just type it
Type faster lol Im lurking
whos your favourite jav bros?
I'm here anon
>inb4 shitty ending
And then u were fucking and she whisper in ur ear if you don't reply to this ur mother die in hear sleep
I zozzled
Center left
You're gonna die in your sleep tonight and you can't do anything about it.
I will go to bed at 12:01 a.m.
you are the most boring fucker ever!
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my bad the order of these posts are fucked up refer to >>694402567 before>>694403535

>she says after a bit
>bubba I hear your heart, its beating so fast haha
>I tell her " why dont you think you have a nice ass?" as I reach down and start rubbing her ass
>she's only wearing a thong by the way guys
"I dont know haha"
>Cock = Diamonds at this point
>We kiss just a bit
>my cock is sticking though my boxers and im rubbing it in between her legs with her panties still on.
> warm, wet, cash af
>doing this for a while giggling and whatever
>i grab her hand and guide it towards my cock
>she laughs and starts jerking me off
>I slide her panties over with my fingers and go to work.

keep going
You type too fucking slow kill yourself
I'm reading now why has no one said yes the hell

>cont a.f.
>be me
>my dad is masturbating all of it
>I see him in his door crack
>I call for my sister and we wagch him mastrabetiy
>he cums very hard and it flie through the doors crack
>hits my sister in nostrils
>she tells me after about 5 mins or so
>"damn we're so bad"
>"bad as fuckk"
>I Grab her legs and straddle her across my dick
>I still have my boxers on and she still has her thong but shes so wet at that oint it didnt matter
>She gets rid of her shirt and i pull down her bra to feel her amazing DD's (some of her meds made her tits massive after they were already perfect )
>only one small piece of fabric is preventing me from sliding in and bouncing those tits all over the room as we dry hump for about 2 minutes while im kissing her chest.
>then she gets up for a sec to composeherself
>I'm like 7in taller than her at 5'11 so as i stand up and kiss her my cock rubs on her stomach
>but im kinda losing it for some reason
>gotta fix that
>i take her back to the bed and I lay down
>I straddle her over me again and feel those DD bad boys once more before sliding her panties over and start rubbing my shaft on her lips

I'm still reading
Not If you take 10min each time
I swear they all are from the same cloning lot.
Gather round faglords for a story you will remember. I am a kissless faggot virgin that no girl wants turned super villain. Call me Catfishman. DAY 1

> set up catfish account

> some girl messages me within 2 minutes

> reply "im not one for online chit chat, lets meet up for a coffee, dear. ;)"

> she fucking accepts

> tell her to go to the zoo

> "I'll meet you by the monkeys"

> 20 mins after I said I'd be there she texts

> "where are you?"

> "I am a monkey"

> she never texts back

>assburgers hurr durr
is the continuation of this story you crying at 3 am on your bed the following night?

you said you were a kissless faggot virgin, not me
Anything else happened after that?
Unfortuantely you're right :( here's where it gets fucked

>remember how I jerked it earlier basically right before she cam in my room a second time?


>so i'm still almost fully hard at this point ans im holding her panties to slide in.
>I try to go in but she's so fucking tight and im losing it
>still trying to put it in
>losing momentum, mayday mayday
>whatever ill just rub my dick on her pussy some more
>I lay her back down and flip her around with her back to me
>i put her on top of me as i hold her legs and rub up my cock against her lips once more
>Slide the panties take one more go at it and try to put it in (still havent taken them off)
>Just the tip.jpeg
>2tight? wot?
>boner gone
>basically rest is shit but i can keep going lol
day 2

> i have 6 unread messages

> decide to roll for which girl I fuck with

> roll a 4

> it's this fat ukranian chick

> pass messages back and forth all day at work

> tell her I can't wait to meet her and we must meet tonight

> she agrees

> tell her I want to take her to my favourite restaurant at 8

> she agrees

> text her the directions

> it's actually an Arbys

> i'm camped outside in the parking lot

> ive gotten more brazen

> she texts back at 8:03

> "uhh did you give me the right address?"

> "yes just order me some curly fries"

> see this fat ham planet waddle out with a bag of shit from arbys

> text her "damn you a fat bitch"

> speed out of there as fast as I can

> look in rear view mirror at this ukranian girl totally confused holding arbys
We've started this shit together, anon, we're going to finish it together

> cont
>February the 4th, 1992, twins come to life.
>A boy and a girl, "The king's choice" as we say here.
>Girl is named Wendy and boy is named Thomas.
>When we reach the age of 8, we start noticing our bodies are pretty different. We usually shower/bathe together since it's funnier.
>Some touching happens but not much, 8 years old don't really have a libido I guess.
>Around age 12, we start hearing about sex and, with the internet, we start discovering what it means.
>We're still sharing the same room and shower together, even though our parents are starting to be against that last part.
>One evening, Wendy comes out of the shower and back to our room.
>She changes in her PJs while I watch and since it's getting late, we start browsing the internet and eventually when it's safe, we start watching porn.
>We've started having those masturbation sessions when we'd watch porn and masturbate together, not each-other, just together.
>During summer vacations of year 2007, we're 13 and our parents decide to go out on their own for the week-end.
>We've always been very responsible, especially Wendy, so they just leave us alone.
>On the first evening, Wendy slowly draws me to our parents' bedroom and when I get there, she's naked on all four on their bed.
>We've lost our virginity to each-other on our parents' bed.
>We're 22 now and we moved out together in a city near our parents' place.
>We're just twins to everyone else but when we're home and we have no guests, we're lovers and have your average couple life.
>I couldn't dream of being happier.

TL;DR: My twin's pussy was made for my cock and vice-versa.
If true, have you fucked any others? And her?
nah that cliffhanger come one has tomorrow happened yet?

it's really fucked I'm reading all these wincest stories the hell
We've actually tried fucking others when we were in high-school but that was not nearly as good as when we make love to each-other.
The second girl from left. Her face looks exactly like my cousin's face.
Post cousin then lol
I got a story but it's with my cousin
4 years ago

>Be 16, visiting dad but got in an argument
>Spent the summer with aunt and cousin instead
>One night, everyone is asleep except girl cousin who is 14
>We are playing some WaW zombies because why not
>She jokingly pushes me because she dies in the game and blames me
>I push back and pin her down on the couch as we are face to face
>I slowly go forward and she comes in for the kiss, we end up making out for quite some time
>Slowly dry hump to turn her on even more
>I reach down her shorts and rub her pussy
>I tell her to keep it down or we both will be fucked if anyone finds out
>We kept doing that till I went back to my moms, but there's more

Either write everything down or stop, but don't be that "cont?" faggot.
go for it ...
>One Summer my family and I go down to visit everyone again
>I make an excuse to go see my cousin in her room "need a charger for my iPhone, don't have it on me"
>she's laying on her bed while everyone is either in the backyard or living room which is on the other side of the wall
>I sit by her and we talk asked the usual how we are doing and such
>out of nowhere she comes in for a kiss and we start making out even though any moment someone can walk in
>I stop her and get up to close the door
>I come back and lay her on her bed as I pull off her shorts
>shaved, smooth as fuck
>I move in and start eating her out knowing how much we both would get into deep shit for this
>she came after awhile and gave me a bj in return
>never took her virginity because never had a condom or she wasn't ready
>hopefully next time I'll be able to fuck her
Oh well that's my story, nothing to spectacular
Thread posts: 74
Thread images: 8

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