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s/fur thread Old one reached bump limit

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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s/fur thread

Old one reached bump limit
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Hi again.
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Nada. Just 'baitin.
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It's wierd, furthreads are the only threads where you can get a decent conversation going
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Glasses <3
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Suddenly a deep powerful need to go suck dicks all day...

Or maybe go get a burrito?
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Dump the full comic maybe?
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Oh come on, we can't be the only ones cumtributing
Lurkers get your shit done
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So /sci/ got constantly derailed when I tried to talk about this, but what if the Fermi Paradox is because quantum mechanics will cause life that is too far away from the observer to die from the observer's perspective?

The number of bosons that pass between two objects will decrease with distance, and two very far apart objects in a void might interact with each other so rarely that although they're entangled with themselves and thus don't see themselves has having quantum properties, the other object is barely interacted with and thus starts to display quantum mechanical behaviour.
Such behaviour would probably be bad for living things.

Thus, if two people in a perfect void went far enough apart, both would be alive but from the perspective of each the other would die a very strange death.

And in turn, aliens couldn't come from far away.
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Where can i find a guy irl that will actually tie me up like in that pic :/ Ive been looking for aaages
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I would, but I doubt we'd ever see each other IRL
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I love Jay's work
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me too
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Sure is slow today
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>reposting something you saved from the last thread
for what purpose
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My folder isn't that full yet ;_;

This one is my favorite of his
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Got a bigger version?

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Thanks fam
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The Face of Brony.png
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Where'd you find my picture?
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This makes me crave for cock
That's not how quantum mechanics works, friend. First of all, the rate of the number of bosons that passes between two objects increases with distance. Things don't "start" to display quantum mechanical behavior. Rather, the bigger the system under consideration is, the smaller the quantum fluctuations become (in proportion to the size of the system). This is known as the correspondence principle.

Let's consider your two people in a perfect void: they cannot communicate due to the finiteness of the speed of light (which, might I also add, allows life to exist -check the Olbers paradox). Quantum mechanics has nothing to do with them "dying a strange death". I suggest you pick up a pop-sci book that doesn't have any quantum mysticism in it (I recommend Alice in Quantumland) to learn more about quantum mechanics.
I thought quantum entanglement didn't require any particle-based interaction
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Also that wolf is buttfucking a dude
"Quantum entanglement" is a strange and interesting property. There is no need to consider interactions in the sense of a fundamental force to describe quantum entanglement. An example is two particles generated from a zero spin particle: they are entangled because their spins must sum to zero, but they do not have to interact to be entangled.
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Wait.. What?
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Morning guys.
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Hey there
More horses
How is your morning anon?

Naw man. They're hard to find.
It's not morning anymore where I live, but my day was good so far

Anyways how was your morning?
Everything is nice today. Calm. Fox is about to grab some donuts and I'm about to get ready to help someone move.
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Emerald Lurking.jpg
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I was pretty damn drunk last night lol
Thats nice I spend most of my time drinking beer today, sucks
Once the moving is done we'll be out and about shooting.

If everything gets moved tonight on time the 24 hour mobile turnt party will probably start.
where do you go to suck dicks all day? im asking for a friend.
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Whats that?
I'm looking forward to moving out of my parents basement but that shit has to wait until the end of september

Also,nice trips
me load up a bunch of freedom-juice in a truck and roll it around with a tarp over it all over town. Because of super freedom day.

One of my friends got kicked out by his asshole GF. He hopefully won't go back to her.
there is a flash of this on e621 with speed settings and sound. no cumshot tho :/
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Ugh.. I could tell you countlesss stories about ex gf's kicking me out..
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Oh yeah 4th of july
She's also holing his kids at ransom like they're bargaining chips. She doesn't even love them.

in 13 hours the explosions will begin.
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1443827911676 (1).jpg
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Sounds like fun
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Sounds like a total bitch
God, if I knew her I would have rekt her shit up
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bat tits edit.png
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It's gonna be a blast.

I've considered it.
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Wish i had a day off tomorrow lol
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Do it
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Considering it. I'll be back later to say if I did.
Good luck, crossing my thumbs for you
Got any beast porn?
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Like this?
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Where ya work?
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I work with egg production
Yeah like this!
Got some more like that?
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Ofc my dude
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