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Hey /b/ You ever meet a girl who was perfect for you? You ever

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/
You ever meet a girl who was perfect for you?

You ever realise she'll never love you so you shouldn't even bother trying?

Me too

Feels thread /b/
Get in here
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This thread failed
I'll just go be depressed by myself
You know, I have but I moved on
Well, /b/, even if this dies, I'm gonna tell you

> be me, 18
> take a lot of drugs
> get drunk a lot
> kinda chubby
> awkward
> failed a year of school due to chronic pain illness
> meet a girl at a bar through a friend
> she does a lot of drugs
> she gets drunk a lot
> go clubbing
> do cocaine together
> do MDMA together
> get drunk together
> so much in common
> talk all night
> 7 hours later, friend drives us both home
> "I think I like that girl dude"
> "yeah, but she'll never go for a guy like you... You're fat, talk too much, and don't have a proper job"
> realise he's right
> drink 3 litres of vodka in the next 2 days
> life was shit before
> now I have nothing
> not even the hope that someone out there perfect for me might actually choose me
And for those of you who might think "hey, maybe she will go for you, you haven't even tried!"

She's pretty, fun, and likes getting fucked up
We love the same stuff
And we get along better than anyone I've ever met

But I'm just not right for her

Maybe I should just go to /fit/ and try to get good enough for her...
But would that be enough?
And even if it was...
Would doing it for her even be worth it?
If it's not for me, why would I keep going if it didn't work our?
Page 9
Nice telling you this /b/
I'm just sorry no one listened
You guys are dumb as shit. Give it time. I felt like a loser my whole life and no one likes me and would never be with anyone. I was way wrong. Got a little confidence and learned how to fuck to talk to girls. I'm no ladies man but I get girls trying to get with me some what often.

And if you guy can use tinder and don't then that's dumb. I'm ugly but I used it for a week and had a fair pick of girls that wanted to fuck.
get in shape fag, it helps a lot with confidence.

And only a dumbass would fall for a party girl, because she's gonna be a huuuuge slut
go for it anyway, worst case scenario you trick her into sleeping with you once or twice.
That's the thing
She loves drugs, and she loves getting drunk, but she's not a slutty party girl

I've met my fair share of slutty party girls
The reason she's special is because she's fun, AND she's loyal
I feel you so fucking hard niggah im living that shit right now
Never ever ever underestimate a woman's ability to make shitty decisions
people who whine like this are either lazy, cowardly, or have fucked up brains that make them like chronically depressed or have social anxiety or something. Either way because of these reasons even if you give solid advice to them they won't do anything about it. A normal person would be like you, identifying a problem and finding a solution instead of wallowing around in self pity and committing suicide.
Yeah. We got along so well. She was hot, her parents liked me, we had similar plans for college, both kinda loners but we stuck together really well. Fucked me up when 7 months in she came out.
sure sure anon

make friends with the guys that regularly bang her, then you can live vicariously through them when they tell you about it
life is more like youll meet someone cool, youll end up taking them for granted and then you wake up alone everyday after
I'm not sure whether you're halfway through your own problem like this with some slutty girl, but no

Either she's a super secretive drug addicted alcoholic slut who is somehow very discrete about fucking loads of guys in the house she lives with with 2 other girls and the gay guy who is my friend who introduced me to her
Or she's a virgin...

Good job anon
Hey man, that sucks but try to distract yourself. Focus on accumulating money which means focus on your job. Improve your life and forget about love for a bit or women. That's what I did but things got better for me over time.
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------> /adv/
the cocaine snorting, ecstasy popping, social drinking chick is a virgin?

Do you even fucking listen to youself when you say shit like that?
This is teetering on the edge of being deleted again
Hopefully it isn't, but y'know

It's been nice talking to you guys /b/
good advice fag, you should go there and stay there
have an unexplainable love
she let me down
started working out
that'll show her, she'll want me back
other women are becoming interested
dont want her back
Hey man, i'll talk
hey look it's another well adjusted guy giving well adjusted guy advice.

You do realize your talking to a bunch of people who are probably mentally ill and won't listen to sensible advice right
I'm finding that to be true
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Thing is we were together, admitted feelings, then we had to split ways (distance wise). She took her own life.
why has no one else pointed out that if she isn't into you then she is not, by definition, perfect for you.

Unless I guess you're into one sided relationships, then you're all set bro!

otherwise, spoiler alert, there are plenty of other people with her same exact personality. just like there is an entire internet full of people that completely empathises with you.
Did you even listen to what I said? She lives with 2 girls, who I've been friends with for 8 years, and 1 gay guy, who I've been friends with since primary school
She's never spent a night away from where she lives, because she's paranoid about date rape

They're all lying to me
Thanks for opening my eyes dude
Follow that advice, work out and better yourself
well then faggot why don't you just take ecstasy with her and fuck her in her room.
I would judge you anon, but I have like barely any standards too lel

After all if you can't get quality go for quantity
see this >>692425129
I've met her 8 or 9 times, and all those times, we've just gotten fucked up on drugs and booze, and either gotten a lift home from a friend, or sobered up at about 4, just as the club we're in closes, and made our own way home
take drugs have sex. Done
Fucking a huge quantity of girls is the best thing to do if you can't get a girl you actually want to be with?

What about when you get older, and can't indulge your massive lust for huge quantities of girls anymore?
The girl I love is engaged and wants nothing to do with me. The energy us still there and theres tendion between us still. Im cant get her out of my head lately..
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you got double dubs bro
you'd best made a lot of money as you aged so you an afford it. Otherwise you gotta fuck chicks your own age or older. Swinger clubs, sex parties, tinder and craigslist. Quality will drop sure, but what are the odds you yourself will be high quality when your older?
>>692420682 (OP)
Whenever I get those thoughts, I just masturbate and feel better.

And if the feeling persists, I go to clubs and bang random drunk chicks.

I post myself with 1234234234 women on Twitter. Whatever girl used to be with me sees it and gets jealous and comes back hopefully.

I have 2 girls I'm crushing over.

A girl named Cady, who was a perfect white girl with blue eyes. We were engaged until I was framed by 2 cops and lost my job. I'm still in court over it 2 years later. But yeah, Cady doesn't even like sex that much. Like, she was horny a lot, but her dad raped her when she was younger, so sometimes she'll freak out mid-sex. And she doesn't like it when I fuck her for a long time.

A girl named Katherine. She's not really all that attractive, but she's the first girl my age who is not overweight that showed interest in me. She's a heroin addict though, and she's had an abortion, and she has HPV. So really I don't see how there could ever be a future with us. Plus, she treats me like shit and places importance on literally every other person except me.

I spend my days fucking my current gf who is nearly twice my age. Living in her big house with swimming pool, looking at porn while she's at work...

Fucking random bitches on the side.

Pic related. One of the bitches I fuck on the side.
Told my best friend of 3 years that I liked her. Thought we really had something incredible. Then she goes and hooks up with 7 guys in a club the night she rejects me. Cool.
Posted wrong girl though. :/
I've only had sex a few times
All of them preplanned
I lost my virginity in a threesome for fucks sake

I have no idea how to spontaneously have sex
How do things not get awkward on the way to where you're gonna fuck?
How do you even convince someone you've never met before to fuck you?
I'm a mess
Met the perfect girl, married her. Worked out well.

Every chick that I've ever been interested in has not worked out.

None of my relationships have worked out.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that none of them ever gave a single fuck about me. They didn't want to bother to KNOW me. They liked the attention that I gave them. They liked the nice things I did for them

I even had one GF break up with me after drawing it out for a couple weeks. When I asked her why she waited so long, she said "But I liked all the nice things you did for me", fucking selfish bitch.

But none of them wanted to bother to KNOW me. I was just a placeholder to them.

Now, every time I feel that twinge of attraction, I immediately think "Well, I know where this is going to go." and that's the end of it.

I haven't felt anything, at all, for a woman in years.
try going blunt?

Be like "lets make out"

If she says yes then it's time to touch her hips to breasts to puss

if she says no than be like "shit, oh well"

then continue tripping balls and be happy you have closure that the girl you like doesn't like you and find another one
shuts himself away like it will affect anyone anywhere.

Use them like they used you, try getting two girls at the same time. Try getting a bitch you can text "get over here" and know she'll listen

Eventually odds are you'll find a quality girl. You just need to be more shrewd and not act like a retarded puppy looking to please
Was working away from home near london, she was on holiday in the uk, we chatted, exchanged details, kept in touch. Visited her country and got engaged after 6months or so of us going back and fourth between countries. Moved her here 6 months after that. Its been 8 years now.

If you like a girl, make a move. Dont be like OP. Always "bother trying", you never know
I already have her. She lets me do whatever i want, i let her do whatever she wants. Lots of fun, good sex, no drama, no money problems.
Hate to say it dude, but whilst I agree with you that a lot of girls will like you just for what you do for them, and not who you are

But if you give up, you always lose

Keep trying, you'll eventually win

All relationships either end in death, or a break up
Pick which one you prefer, and live with it
damnit. you made me text her again!
lel post it
shes engaged, what do?
I am OP

The reason I'm not trying with her is BECAUSE I'm not good enough
I've asked everyone
It's been weeks

At least a dozen people who know her have told me she wouldn't want to date me

I'm gonna start lifting
I'm gonna start studying
Not for her
For me

And if that makes me better, good
I hope she wants me eventually
But I'm not sure she'll be perfect anymore if her love is conditional
Stop wasting your fucking lives and find someone else, faggots.

All the time spent on something that isn't going to happen is wasted. I can do other things with that time. When I look at all that I wasted, time, money, my emotional and physical well being, the direction of my life, on women who would never love me or think of me as anything but a distraction or someone to be gaslit into being somebody else...

I could have done a lot of better things with those resources.

I would rather spend the short time I have left on things that actually yield returns.
move on durr
>clyde here
I had a girl who I met a while back, we went out for four months. Absolutely perfect in every way, just amazing. Liked the same things, hung out a lot, lots of sexi tiem. Eventually we started arguing, and fighting, amd finally one day she tells me she isn't happy anymore. "Lost interest" she said. This was about a week ago. Now, my life feelsbso empty without her, but everyone thinks I'm not hurting because I ended it. Feelsbadman.png
But if you actually do find someone perfect... What then?

Wouldn't that be worth it all? Because eventually, you'll be old, alone, miserable, unable to do things

And then what'll you have left? A partner makes life good, and someone who can make you happy even when there's nothing else

Keep trying, and you'll get it
But you have to keep doing it
You just keep doing it, and it gets a little easier
The hard part is keeping on doing it
Every day
Until it happens

And honestly
From what I've heard
It's all worth it
It really, really is

are you happy right now with just spending time on things that yield returns?
sounds naive.

All things in moderation nigga, you seem to be suggesting he throws everything he has into finding a bitch to complete him.

he should probably just try to find a balance between his cynicism and your idealism
You asked everyone? Do you think i gave a flying fuck what anyone else thought? Only one persons opinion matters.. hers.

But yes, get yourself together, your self esteem is low and girls dont find that attractive. Hit the gym and aim lower for a bit, boost your confidence up, get yourself a slam piggy or two
dudes last sentence sounds like he has a sound grasp of the situation.

Odds are he'll find someone else if he sticks with his plan.
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I think I'm worse off... I don't know. I've never found a girl that was perfect for me. I've seen girls who were suuuuuper cute to the point of mild obsession but their personalities were always the opposite of mine. I'm just not extroverted. I can go out with friends, drink, and do other stuff but at the end of the night I wish I would've just chilled at home.
This, only nwcaise lifting builds T. Beta to Alpha in 6 months, if no 'tism. Go to /fit/
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> "perfect girl" for you
> realize she'll never love you

Anon, how could that be the perfect girl for you? You'll be taken aback when you meet a girl that actually likes you, automatically. That's what mutual attraction is...

The odds are in your favor considering how many fucking people there are.
the trick is not to get so emotionally attached to a girl. or anyone, really.
don't wear your heart on your sleeve. keep that shit locked away.
You had to take me here tonight didnt you...
I met a girl who was perfect for me, I fucked her then left her and fucked her friend. Don't get hooked on girls OP, not until you're in your upper 20's
moderation nerd. Dial it back a bit
why did you leave her you stupid idiot? You could have strung her along incase you needed a back up. You are the dumb
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I blew it today, /b/
> Met a girl online
> We get super intimate several times
> I casually mention I wouldn't mind if things got serious. meaningful, or carried over to real life
> We end up talking about it
> I ended up just giving her my facebook so she can see everything there is to me
> She suddenly just vanishes
That was nine hours ago. She hasn't been back online since. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. But it sure feels like I just got blown off after putting myself out there.
I'm not a kissless virgin or anything. I'd say I was average in the looks department. But been single now for three years.
I'm not giving up or swearing off women. It just sucks taking a blow to the ego after having a small bit of hope.
Here's the deal, OP. No girl is perfect, that perfection you speak of is an illusion created by emotion. Don't listen to it. Just wait and see, you'll find her flaws and then understand.
Aye OP has incredibly low self esteem. If you go around asking people if you are good enough for a certain girl then you arnt ready for her. Shes probably not that great anyways. Op needs to realise that.

Aim lower, build yourself up and you will find your legitimate love of your life, or at least have a shitload more fun than moping about after a girl
Yeah, I should have because she's a qt, but I still fuck her friend, who's not as cute, but she's kinkier and more reliable when I need a fuck. So oh well
You're a nerd.
implying im smart enough to be a nerd

jokes on you fag I'm a drop out with low IQ
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wow, you sure got me anon.

>im a dumbass too, tbh
here we go /b/ this is my story

>be me
>depressed aspie with abusive and neglectful dad
>grow up pretty rough, with very few friends
>ridiculed constantly by peers
>laughing stock of the school
>you know, that one guy in every school
>scrawny awkward fuck that nobody likes
>never went to prom, never been on a date, you know
>that guy
>hate myself because everyone constantly pointed out my flaws
>still had some friends and good times though
>be 17, senior in highschool
>moved away from my hometown a few years ago
>living in a town full of chads and spray-tan orange airhead girls
>the school system was inadequate, shittiest town I have ever seen
>can't make friends because aspie
>can't do sports or whatever because asthma and scrawny weakling
>don't like sports anyways
>can't smoke pot with the stoners because I would never get away with it
>lose cell phone, install an app called TextPlus on my iPod Touch so I could text people
>turns out TextPlus has a community of groups
>lots of furfag RP groups
>become furfag and RP with other furfags to pass the time
>it was actual literate RP with interesting characters
>none of that *yiff yiff* shit here, these furfags are serious
>a girl asks if some people are interested in joining her RP group
>I say alright, she adds me
>have fun as usual, have nice ooc conversations with people
>it's her birthday, she's turning 20, she posts a celebratory selfie
>she's a total qt3.14
>talk to her some more, we have a lot in common
>I fall for her
>I write her a story about her character as a birthday gift
>she loves it
>I ask her out but she says she's getting back with her ex

>the ex plays her character's dad in the RP but changes to another character
>we still keep in contact
>turns out the guy is a total chad irl
>he cheats on her and dumps her
>I comfort her like I felt I should
>she goes and dates another chad over the internet
>that blows up a month later and I comfort her
>that cycle continues for awhile
>I move back to my hometown and start hanging out with old friends
>a few months later we start talking more via skype
>she and I start dating right around my 18th birthday
>we're all lovey and shit, I'm with my friends again, college coming up, everything is good
>a month later she starts getting distant and cold
>suddenly leaves me a message saying she "needs a break", while I'm asleep right before my first day of college
>first day of college is depressing because of it.
>a month passes
>find out my good friend got the rebound, I'm pissed
>she finally messages me like "hey...."
>too late, found new internet gf that treats me better.
>she seems to be trying to get with me again though
>brush her off, even though I still want her, because I have a gf
>a year goes by
>that same cycle continues
>at this point my other gf is gone, we lasted 10 months, new record
>so I'm single
>me and the qt3.14 are talking on skype as good friends again
>out of curiousity, I ask her why she broke up with me
>"I'll tell you Anon, but you can't get mad, you gotta promise you won't."
>what kind of I, Robot bullshit is this
>promising before you know what's up? bullshit
>"okay fine" I said anyways
>"Anon... You're too nice. You're not... manly enough. I like bad boys."
>hang up
>rage cry for hours
>this is why I'm insecure, she just hit me where it hurt the most
>I cry to my friend, we'll call her M
>M doesn't want to hear it, she told me to stay away from the qt3.14 because she's bad for me
>M told me she doesn't want to hear about my shit until I get some help
>stop talking to M and qt3.14 for months
>go to therapy
>start feeling better
>start talking to both of them again
>start dating M, we live together now, been over a year
>finally got laid
>still feel insecure and inadequate
>every time I look at myself in the mirror, the words of the qt3.14 echo in my ears
>still hate myself
>I'm 20 now
>NEET because there's no jobs where I live with M, trying to move back to hometown again
>can't find friends because aspie, everyone there is a fuckin dumbass hick
>constantly feel inadequate, feel like it would have gone better if I'd just been good enough for the qt3.14
>but I'll never be.
>I love M anyways
>just wish I could love myself
you can't anon, by the sounds of it you are mentally retarded. But hey at least you got laid
dude, she's just not into you man.
fuck her. forget about her.
why should you care so much about someone who doesn't give a damn about you?
because he's prob mentally retarded no jokes
yeah like 99% of the spergs on this site
>me included tbh familia
I married my perfect girl. Married seven years ago and we have kids now. I imagine if your perfect girl doesn't end up with you, then she wasn't really perfect...not for you, anyways.
>married perfect girl
>cheats on him in the 8th year

come back when it happens and tell us about perfect girls anon
Been there OP.. it was great at first, like a damn dream. But she changed...and expected me to become what she thought I should be. Not sure if she actually loved me, but I had to end that shit. Now, I'm just trying to learn to love myself before trying to connect with anyone else.

If I do find someone perfect, great.

But I've already banked enough on that stock to watch it tank over and over. If it jumps on it's own, I'll take a look at the portfolio again. But until then, I have other stuff to do.


I'm certainly often depressed. I'm lonely. I have all kinds of issues.

I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one.

I'm a hundred times happier than I ever was dealing with a woman who would never bother to put a fraction of the effort into me that I put into them.
More of her op?
If she doesn't like being treated well...that means she has deep internal issues that may never come to light. Either her dad was never there for her, abused her (emotionally or physically), or she created that mindset on her own. Shes not worth it Anon...be careful when these bitches try to get close to you. Most of the time it's because of selfish reasons..
I dunno why she would, friend. Life isn't always a series of horrible events. Remember that /b/ is a board filled with teenage angst - don't let it get it to you.
>often depressed

glad im not as delusional as you bro

Im gonna go casually date a girl or two without spending all my money and time on them like anyone with a brain could figure out
I agree with anon. Drugs solve everything

Great. I'll just go to the date store and pull up a cart full of chicks who enjoy the same things in life as I do and appreciate the life experiences that I've had.

Sim sa la fucking bim. There we go. That easy.
the only thing drugs can't solve is the fact I don't have enough drugs
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I just met this crazy girl who likes the same shit i'm into. She's into Tattoos, piercings, enjoys the same music I enjoy, plays the same Video Games I play, watches the same TV shows I watch, Hates sport, is a Wiccan ect.

And she's dating this dude whos like a wannabe white gangster, who talks in broken English like he's never been to school, hates her type of music, he hates her tattoos, and piercings, (he got upset today because she got her tits pierced) He hates video games, hates her shows, and he loves sports, spent all day the other day on their 8TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY watching some football game.

I've done nothing but support her and watch this idiot drown her in debt, and never give her any support whatsoever, and for whatever reason she loves him. Even though I spend 90% of her life with her.

Women are retarded bro, moral of the story.

dating sites, hobby groups, classes, friends of friends, adult amateur sports.

You think your the first guy who has problems meeting people? There's millions of you and numerous methods conceived to put you in contact with each other.

Why get all hung up on finding the perfect people anon? You think everyone in a relationship is compatible in every way?
File: image.jpg (40KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 1600x900px
>Be me
>In a relationship with best looking girl in high school for 2 years.
>Get bored and decide to break up with her because I've never been with anyone else and want to know if this is what I really want
>Date a couple other girls nothing successful
>Start drinking smoking weed every day to try and numb my pain
>Want something stronger
>Find cocaine
>Can't stop doing it
>Some other kid in class sees me doing it and narcs on me.
>Get arrested and expelled from school
>Get sent 1000 miles away to "Therapeutic Boarding School" after rehab
>Realize leaving her was the biggest mistake of my life
>Also realize that I never would have known that if I hadn't left
>Get addicted to lots of other drugs mainly heroin
>10 years later still alone
How much of your relationship is left if you remove drugs and partying? You can't build a stable relationship off this
sounds more like you have a predisposition towards addiction nigga.

I want more girls this one isn't enough

I want to get more high, time for stronger drugs

time to get in a drug support group and fight every damn day against your brain to stay sober.

Only a fucking retard would think a girl from when he was 17 would be the reason he's an addict
File: image.jpg (134KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 640x1136px
Meet this girl, talk for months then eventually see her. It was amazing and made me happy again, we were supposed to spend today together but I woke up to a text saying she got back with her ex, spent all day in bed. It hurts more than year long relationships for some reason.
>be me 19yo
>in a crumbling relationship that's only held together by the dirtiest hatefucks
>go on vacation with a group of 22, we rent a house in a country near mine
>every day heavy drinking until late in the morning
>always finish the day by sitting and laying around in a designated, pretty private area with a few best buddies and K, a beautiful blonde woman. Athletic, intelligent and actually funny. Also freckles, man, I love freckles.
>every day she and I are the last ones to go to bed (between 11 am and 1 pm, after others already stood up)
>have great talks
>casually make body contact, just innocent cuddling basically
>think she's so comfortable around me because I'm the only one not trying to chat her up. Remember: I had a girlfriend
>One day we sit alone back to back on a table leaning on eachother
>shooting star (welcome to the movies...)
>both quite drunk
>ask her if she's seen it
>quick, make a wish
>>what did you wish for?
>you first
>gives me this smirky smile from below as she turned her head towards me
>tell her me too
>heartbeat increases
>she moves in, I struggle for a second and pull back
>tell her to go inside to join the others
>continues like this for a whole week
>didn't fuck, not even kiss her
>she asked me to leave my girlfriend, told her that's something you do face to face and I'm not gonna betray her (i should have. remember that, kids)
>trip's over, time to go home
>We have different groups for driving home
>everyone says goodbye to everyone
>she takes my hand and takes me outside
>gives me a long deep stare and moves in for the kiss
>refuse and look at her with sorry written on my face
>she pulls me in for a long, deep hug before she leaves
>keep in mind I'm really in love with her and refusing her hurt
>arrive home, first thing I do is quit with my then girlfriend
>tell K what I did
>she tells me to come over and she'd help me get over it
>tell her it's too early, that would be disrespecting
OP what is this pls delet
I'm clean now, but just anti-social as fuck. I never really learned how to socialize properly with people and I hate small talk and don't find a lot of people I relate to.
doesn't it make you sad that you need a girl in your life to make you happy?

Don't you wish you could make yourself happy via hobbies and personal endeavors like schooling or career?

Don't you think that perhaps you should work on yourself while realizing that some random chick who is stupid enough to get back together with an ex isn't worth it?
I don't blame her at all for my addiction I was depressed way before we ever even started dating. Been dealing with my addiction and getting therapy for awhile now and made some big changes in my life for the better.
>fast forward a week
>I'm at K's home
>we talk about our plans for the future, where and what we're going to study and all that
>tell her I'm going to move to a city 150km to the south, so not so far away
>she tells me she's going to study in another country
>that really hits me
>when are you leaving?
>>2 months from now
>that hit me even more
>I've been in two long distance relations before, it always was bad and ended worse
>I didn't want her to experience that
>thought it was a good idea back then to not give way for our feelings
>thought I could decide what's best for her
>that really hurt her and rightly so
>we don't get along as good for the next two months
>meet at a party
>I chat up her best friend, L
>L and I are really drunk
>I need a place to sleep, L tells me I can come with her
>K drives us
>weird situation
>we arrive at L's house, she leaves the car
>K says I could come home with her, too
>agree and tell L I'm sorry
>(this had an impact on their friendship, as you can imagine)
>go home with K
>hang out with her and her brother who's visiting for some time
>K shows me her room, just tidy enough to be respectable, just messy enough to be cute
>sit down on her bed, so does she
>tell her I can't
>she's getting frustrated and leaves the room
>sleeps in her parent's (who aren't home) bedroom
>she drives me home the next morning
>I never see her again

I loved her and I still do, but in my stupid arrogance I ruined it with her and hurt her. Now, two years later she's in a long distance relationship with a guy who lives only half an hour away from me. I didn't protect her or anything, I just hurt her and myself.
yea you dumb lol

I could see not cheating

I could see not wanting to be in a relationship

But I can't see why you wouldn't fuck her one last time before she leaves lel

But watevs we all do dumb shit over and over. Sounds like your a fairly well adjusted adult who can learn from his mistakes. Goodluck for when your next K comes along
File: image.jpg (47KB, 450x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 450x600px
>best friends with a girl named Caitlyn
>love her so much
>kiss on her birthday
>cheat on gf with her
>always flirting with eachother
>flashes me randomly/lets me touch her tits
>loves me but we don't get into a relationship because i had gf and was to pussy to fuly pursue her and dumbass me told gf about the cheating
>timing was always off anyways
>eventually she gets pregnant by some other guy
>he breaks into a house, goes to jail
>she moves to her home state has child
>child only alive for like a year
>babysitter throws him against wall
>kid dies
>fast forward a few years has another kid with some other guy
>find her on fb, she looks different she doesn't look like the happy caitlyn i knew has thick new York ghetto accent
>i miss her so much and i feel like I could've somehow saved her from all the shit she went through if I'd just stuck with her.
>still with gf, can't contact her because i cheated on her with caitlyn
>always wondering what might have been,
pic related, picture I took of us one day after school.

>describes a fucking nutcase of a bitch
>laments not being with her
>Goodluck for when your next K comes along
Thanks, man.
thing is she wasn't crazy at all
she was always so sweet to me.
but whatever mabye i doged a bullet
She seems cool. What you dodged was being a dad

don't enter a relationship with someone who cheats with you or lets you cheat with them

Should prob tell your gf that too lel
nah im one already anways. she just got pregnant by the wrong guy and it all just went downhill for her

life is strange
apparently she can't keep em alive too long tho lol

thems the best kind of sluts
eh whatever anon whats done is done it never happened anyways.
ill give ya that she fucked up there trusting the wrong people with your child is stupid but hey glad it wasnt mine lmao
read >>692435881 and reconsider that stance. Not cheating isn't always the best option, don't be so naive. Cheating and not cheating isn't all black and white.
don't cheat if you want a stable relationship dumbass even kids can figure that out

if you read the other part he mentions she offered him another chance to fuck after he breaks up with his gf
>You ever meet a girl who was perfect for you?
I did.

>You ever realise she'll never love you so you shouldn't even bother trying?
It may have had something to do with the fact that she was 11 and a lesbian...
File: hoa.jpg (24KB, 512x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 512x374px
>11 and a lesbian
a lesbian

that 11 year old spent a lot of time kissing girls and eating puss eh
susprisingly few feels stories in this bread
that's prob because a new feels thread pops up like every 10 minutes
I wouldn't know, I usually don't frequent them.
File: O.png (180KB, 752x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 752x463px
Around August of last year I met a girl and absolutely fell in love with her. She was beautiful, hilarious, and her eyes were really something else. She was from Eastern Europe, her voice and accent were angelical to me. I knew I at least had to know her, so one day, I saw her on the bus and tried to go for a conversation. I got her attention and then struck up a blank, I had no idea what to say. I fucking panicked and asked her "Do you think vegans taste better than normal people, you know, like how grass-fed is better than regular beef?" I'm a fucking idiot. But, it worked and we struck up a conversation,she was looking at me like I was crazy, but seemed interested nonetheless. Fastforward to the end of January, this year. She and I have been talking more and I tell her stories pretty often because it seems she likes to hear them. I make her laugh pretty often, which is weird because she's the kind of person that walks with their arms crossed and isn't really known for their smile, rare as it is. Anywho, end of January comes around and it doesn't really snow, so much as freezing rain in good ol' SC. I'm waiting for the bus, getting covered by the stuff. kinda bummed because I didn't see her waiting too. I get on the bus and sit by the window, listening to music as other people get on. mfw I turned and saw her next to me. And so we went on with routine, I told her a story, made her laugh, shared a personal detail or two, all while she reciprocated. I learned her and she learned me. That's when I really knew I was in deep. Fastforward to the end of May. I've started to work out a lot more, seeing it as my only way as maybe having a shot with her. Fuck, for a second there, I thought she might've been developing feelings for me. One day, everything with her just stops. She stops talking with me, sitting near me, everything just stops. Sometimes, when she passed me, she'd just hold this look up at me, not angry, I don't know what it was.
I find out she's with this guy I know, and she doesn't seem too happy with him. She already hardly smiled, but now it's even less. There's a picture of the two of them in this one workplace we occasionally share (I just pop in when I'm bored) and I've seen her go up to it and sigh. Gives me conniptions. Sometimes, when I'm really fucking down and thinking about her, I get back into the same clothes I wore that day in January, step into my shower, and turn on the cold water, just to try and feel what I felt then one more time.
welp definitely don't ask her about it
Communication never helped no one no where
Just ignore and live in ignorance
you da man
that's the thing, whenever i try and talk to her, make any sort of contact, she never responds
i was being serious

why does everyone always think I'm being sarcastic?
File: 1466727814891.png (56KB, 401x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I get back into the same clothes I wore that day in January, step into my shower, and turn on the cold water, just to try and feel what I felt then one more time
Yeah it was the dad thing, he wasn't there until she was 14. I know she's not worth it, probably gonna marry M honestly. Thanks bro
yeah man I figured as much by this point, it's not really even her, it's just she kinda perpetuated that cycle of never feeling like I'm "good enough" for whatever.
>You ever meet a girl who was perfect for you?
No I don't buy into silly religious or faith based thinking.

Instead I spend my time making myself a better partner. Fuck looking for "the one"

I found a great girl I met at work.

8/10, puts up with me being boring and getting too drunk and crying and pissing in her bed.

She's still really good friends with her ex tho, makes me nervous.

I'm hotter but he is really entertaining and they were together for 4 years.

I never spend time at home and am always at her place. The thing that bothers me the most us there's a street sign with his name on in above the foot of her bed.

This isn't my street.

get some female friends and if she makes an issue of it be like "bitch you hang out with your ex"
Sure, everyone did, and we'll never forget them
is it that stupid?
No, I mean, yes, in the sense that it's not going to change anything and it's therefore a waste of time, but it really is just sad.

I've hung out with my ex a couple times while dating her.

One time me, this girl and both our exes hung out.

Gf doesn't really like the idea of me hanging out with new girls. Cause I don't have female friends, Pretty much only hang out with a girl if I'm sleeping with them.

Also I cheated on my old gf with her so she doesn't really trust me..
refreshing though, like a spring morning shower gently misting your testicles
dude having female friends is the tits

most of the benefits of dude friends but every once in awhile one of them lets you inside her

big mistake for them but fun evening for me kek
File: 8uQGWPo.png (44KB, 660x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 660x680px
Just recently met a girl at work who I'm pretty sure would have been absolutely perfect for me. Sad part is, I'm moving in a couple weeks. Fuck.
you just described my freshman year of high school where me, and my sisters friend who was a senior had a thing for each other she wouldnt date me just cause i was a freshman we did however hook up but still man the feels.

I don't wanna cheat again. plus she sleeps with me whenever. Even when she's mad at me, it's nuts.

I just feel like cause she knows that I cheated she would.
The guy I like lives halfway across the country and is 4 yrs older than me. I'm also not his type. Pretty sure I was friend zoned tbh. Not sure how to deal tho kek
Srry for the pussy shit FeelsBadMan
go to a pray away the gay church camp
If she doesn't love you, she's not perfect for you, is she?

You are just a whingy fantasist who's too lazy to put the time into keeping yourself in shape or hobbies to make you interesting enough for the kind of girls you are after.
File: image.jpg (248KB, 3069x3072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 3069x3072px
Femanon kek
I probably still need to though. There are some girls who I'd hop onto in a sexond. Kek.
trips acknowledged

same advice for everyone else

lose them flubber rolls, regularly wash your stanky cooch, and look for someone that's actually interested in you while you do productive things.

Also as a side note if your on the birth control pill fucking take it every god damn day holy fuck how hard is it to take one fucking pill you stupid bitches always fuck it up I hate you all fuck condoms they fucking suck
My older sister was my best friend growing up. we were pretty much inseparable till I met Her. I was 11 and she was 13. She was my older-sister's friend, but she didn't mind me hanging out, and my sister was pretty cool with me, as I mentioned.
as soon as school was done the three of us (and sometimes one or two others) would head down to the river behind our house.
This was before teenagers had cellphones. My older sister had a pager (Yeah, I'm pretty fucking old. sue me.) so that mom could call us home when it was time for dinner.

we were always together, the three of us, but eventually I guess my sister started to feel like a 3rd wheel and stopped hanging out. It was a weird thing, having a relationship develop without really realizing it. we'd still go down to the river, but for a long time it was just the two of us. we'd swim till we were tired, and then lay around on the grass, talking about everything and nothing for hours.
Talking about the present led to talking about the future.

We made such grand plans about how we'd be together forever.

we started messing around eventually and that spot by the river became our own private little sanctum till I turned 17 and she went off to college. We talked through ICQ (yeah. I'm fucking old. fuck you.) for about 6 months, but grew farther and farther apart.

I finally grew the balls to ask her if she was ever moving back home.
She never answered.

We were together for 5 years. We made plans about the life that we were going to have and she couldn't even admit that I was never going to see her face-to-face again.

I added her on facebook a year ago.
Her husband and little girl are beautiful.
And she looks so happy.

I'll never be happy like that, /b/
Well, never again.
bummer you old fuck

use your money to go to thailand and bang a bunch of 16 year old thai girls raw

then overdose in a sleazy motel room with a shit load of heroin

go out like a boss
Been there. Done that.
It helps for a little while, until you realize that no amount of coke and exotic locations can stop you from the crushing reality that you've been dead on the inside for 10 years.
i said overdose

overdose to death
you too

to death
Killing myself is obviously something I've thought about. I just don't think that I could put my sister and mom through that. They helped me through some pretty shitty times, even when I tried to push them out of my life.
At some point I assume that I'll let that last little part of me die and actually go through with it.
There was the perfect good who was actually into me but I wanted to be an asshole and pretend it was cool to ignore her and act like I didn't care about her. I liked her since middle school and she's moved on with her life now. I wish I didn't fuck up so bad
how old are you?
just turned 27.
I give it another 5 years.
She is perfect and I married her. Problems happen but we are always in the same book but different pages
omg you are so dumb

is one of the problems that you are stupid?
File: 1454696675096.jpg (94KB, 598x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /b/. First greentext post for me so sorry if it sucks.

>be me Highschool Senior
>All is alright, not bullied, unpopular or anything
>actually liked by pretty much everyone
>New guy comes to school, hes in my class
>Hes immediately popular
>Good Looking, Funny, Strong and Actually Cares about people's feelings.
>Time is alright for a while
>skip a couple months to today.
>Hear hes in a motorbike accident
>Arm ripped off and he requires Brain Surgery
>Hes undergoing the surgery as I type this.

Please tell me he's going to be okay, The survival rate for brain surgery is high, right?

He'll be okay right?
File: breakfast.jpg (37KB, 960x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 960x503px
Yeah I'm just about there, myself, at 29. My life kind of ended before it even began.

I'd tell you to "be strong" but I know how fucking infuriating that is. So whatevs. Do whatever the fuck you want.
try give him a helpful answer instead of bashing him you cock

but he aint gonna be the same guy you knew

also it sounds like you are a raging homosex
Im not sexually attracted to shoes but I can tell when a pair looks good.
or a gal
thanks man. you too.
Animals recognise and plan for seasons. Checkmate.
>>692447920 if i may ask, what state/country?
check em
South Africa, the shitty Developing country on a 3rd world continent
beats india
i'm hoping he pulls through with ya
I met a girl who was perfect for me. We're dating. Feels good man. Had a few years in between relationships where I felt hopeless. Your time will come. It may not be soon. Remember to always make sure you're ready for it, because it could be in 5 years. Or it could be tomorrow.
haha I live in canada
it may be cold but at least I don't have yellow fever or malaria
Of all the African nations he could be operated in, he's got the best chances in SA. Also not every brain surgery is as risky as another one, I assume they just have to fix high pressure from internal bleedings and that's a pretty save surgery, given it is done in time.

Thanks for the help.

The accident happened last night around 7:00 and they started brain surgery a few hours later. Im scared shitless
oh im not in india. id sooner kill myself
Malaria rates in SOUTH africa are actually pretty low, Most of the things people assume about africa happen north. South africa overall is pretty docile compared to the rest of africa
Underrated post
Oh yeah? I tried getting with her, but she chose someone better, that was simply out of my league, i get plenty of fat weeaboos hitting me up, but i wont get hard for them so why bother?
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