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why doesn't pepe get posted anymore? did people forget about

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why doesn't pepe get posted anymore? did people forget about him. He was supposed to be the meme that we past on through generation, I'm pretty sure he was the longest lasting meme.
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I'm dumping my pepes for someone to keep
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Shut the fuck up
We are adjusting the pepe crisis, the are too many copied pepes that aren't rare anymore. The best to solve this is the absolute stop of rare sharing.

I have safely saved 1613 pepes
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the pepe market has crashe man
their worthless I'm giving my pepes away
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Im too drunk too know if this thread is bait or ont lol
Bait? Whats bait about this thread?
Im just contributing
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Also newfags decide to turn everything they come to into their own thing, so they force things to become memes. For example: Dat boi and that fucking sumo pear thing whatever it is. The sumo pear thing has become that cancerous I'm actually happy when I see banana images because I'd rather see that.
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it's the age of the new fag man and at least the banana was kinda funny
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saved all of them
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right in the feels man. fuck dat boi I still have love for my sad frog

he was my first meme and my last
To be honest, I am a newfag myself (started browsing just over a year ago) and even I can see how this place has went to shit. When I joined, I didn't try and force memes or change anything. I spent my first week just lurking so that I could get a feel for the place.

I can only imagine what the old /b/ was like. I feel like I would've fit in...
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Dat Boi is a cancerous ghetto meme.
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you should try other imageboards if you're tired of 4chan that's what I did. I mostly spend my time on other imageboards but I drop by here occasionally. I would tell you where to go but I don't want my sites to get contaminated
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I don't really get dat boi and what's so funny about it
I would but many of the other boards I know of are full of faggotry or move at glacial speed

As far as I know, it's from a Vine or youtube video or whatever.
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how much for this very very rare one?
/b/ is the longest lasting meme
The pepe is worth almost nothing now. They only hold sentimental value now.
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how bout this one?
its also very new and rare
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The age of pepe will never die, we are hiding him so he can return to be the meme, the rarest and longest meme of all.
It's still strong in /hoc/
To me: burn in hell for offering me it
To the majority of /b/: topkek zozzle meme
>implying not strong everywhere
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Pepe ftdubs!
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 29

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