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I've thought about this way too much. And I like my amazon women. The problem is, most muscular women have hideous faces because steroids are really bad for women.

I sure hope so.
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Makes sense. Whatcha working on?
Ay snek, what are you up to?
Getting my shit pushed in my DOOM
I bet being in his position would feel absolutely great!
I have to catch a little sleep now
See you.
Website fur a client

Learned tons more of PHP along the road so cankn't seem to stop now, even fur a FurFriday nite :3
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28 isn't that old by any means, there's still a lot of time. Sad to hear that you felt suicidal so often, we're here if you'd like to talk...

I'm 28 as well btw, and even tho I had a gf for a long time I totally forgot how to get another. Can't even talk to girls anymore for some reason now that I'm single again. Oddly enough I didn't have any problem talking to grills while I had one, now it's all spaghetti.
git gud

Sounds quite interesting. I'll leave you to it then.
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fite me
Hey Necro, how's it going?

Nah, I'd probably lose.
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Oi Snek!
Uh-uh, totally.
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Also face sitting ftw! So nice and juicy when she's into it
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Maybe, tho ive never fought anyone before.

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good evening

there's a noise i keep hearing outside that sounds like some kind of construction machinery crossed with a cow being tortured

i have no idea what the shit it is

Nah no problem

Just smth waskn't doing what it's supposed to and it butthurd me and it had to be looked at
good evening, guys
how is everyone?

(finally at home, switching posting from phone to pc!)
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Good evening Dash
Tired as feck but doing fine otherwise, cheers for asking.
How's yourself?
Anyone here watch Primitive Technology? (AKA the best channel on YouTube)

I have, it's kinda fun. When you don't lose anyway.

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someone torturing a cow with a construction machine?
Heya Max. I'm doing alright. You?

I'm alright I suppose.
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Not much, tried to begin to tag my fur shit and now I know that I know jackshit about animals. I'm not even sure what species I'm looking at quite often.

You doing good?
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I just laughed my ass off at that cat for about a minute
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>Just smth waskn't doing what it's supposed to and it butthurd me and it had to be looked at
Lol yeah, webdev in a nutshell. I feel ya, even tho I'm at home on the sysadmin side of things.
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im doing fine.
Just trying to git gud at this game
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>that sounds like some kind of construction machinery crossed with a cow being tortured
What even, the fuck
Also, UK staying in the EU noises
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Olla Max!
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Fair enough then
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G'evening Max
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good evening, 'sup?

i've got aliens around me

it's the only explanation

you're going to have to help me with this one... :p
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>Just trying to git gud at this game
What kind of game? I had to think of you when I wasted hours playing slither.io, sneks all over the place
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the new doom.

id like to play it but when i tried to my computer caught fire.
I like, but I don't think I have any to contribute. I also like furry unbirthing (although I hate the name) and vore and whatnot.
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i think its aliens

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I love this pic, her body is amazing.
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that was me, posting from phone. I don't have any problem talking to girls irl, it's just that no woman is/was ever interested in me (I'm an ugly mofo).
I do have some female 'buddies'. I just never had some sort of actual relationship.
I despise any form of bitches and drama queens and self absorbed sluts, and the few women left are to intelligent and have way to much self confidence to start anything with me.

but single life has it's advantages, guess I'll just stay who I am.
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What kind of sysadmin things?

I touch servers at night
>because day rhythm
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>the new doom.
Ah I should try that, but not sure if my computer is good enough for that. I mean it's from 2008 without new graphics card or anything.

>id like to play it but when i tried to my computer caught fire.
Yeah it uses more resources than I expected as well, I can barely play it on low graphics and with a smallish browser window. Works good enough, but I lost lots of times because of lag.
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i had a similar reaction at first
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Absolutely delicious
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144KB, 1200x1283px

also heard a couple of police/ambulance sirens but they sound too far away to be related

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I'll write ya a decoder some day
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Having a toaster is suffereing
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You're delicious... Or... Something. Fuck im so bad at this.
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will it run on a pentiuuuum 3?
Nah, you gotta say something like "I bet you're even more delicious ;)" Be sure to add the emoticon.
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I'm meh. buried in studying for my finals but not very confident I'll pass them. can't afford spending any time with friends or outdoors, what is bad for my mood, too.

but now it's furry friday, time to relax and let my fantasy roam free...
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i made my terminal big and now my media player is using p, k and x characters instead of the normal border symbols

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and q*
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Must have atleast P4
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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, I sure hope you pass. But you're here with us now, so that's good!
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>and the few women left are to intelligent and have way to much self confidence to start anything with me.
Yeah that's a big problem, actually finding a decent girl. When I hear people talking about their partners there's almost always some kind of bitchy drama involved where I can only shake my head. Like they have a partner and they want to change him/her all the time, and they think that's normal. Lots of friends can't do what they like anymore because the gf doesn't want. Stuff like that.

>guess I'll just stay who I am.
Yeah true, although you can stay who you are with a good gf as well. A gf who doesn't try to change you. But there are almost none, sadly.
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This is surprisingly hot.
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I also touch servers at night as well, but because I want to be awake at night. I could do it during the day but nah.

I usually do some Linux server admin stuff, with all kinds of services like mail, web, various DBs, monitoring and all that. Lately I do a lot of automation and continuous deployment with Jenkins, Puppet and all that. I also administer a few Windows machines but I really hate to do that. But eh, some customers just need Windows for their crap..

What do you do?
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I like.
my p4 died the other day

well, the power supply died - it was an old dell optiplex

killed it all and reopened and now i've got proper line symbols again


good luck with your studies, what are you studying? i'm sure you've told me before but i've forgotten :<
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