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Creampies forced by the woman. Stories or videos?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Creampies forced by the woman. Stories or videos?
Bump i have no videos
My ex gf would always have her hands on my hips when we fucked. She'd pulle right up into her when I came and hold me there til she took it all then she would let me go. She loved it when I came inside her and she would clench and make it drip out. I miss that..
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I make my girl beg by telling her
>you want a real man?
>you going to get that babi?
>you want it bad don't you?
She wraps her legs around me hard every time and doesn't let go until like 2 minutes later haha
Shit samefag, her favorite is
>you wanna be claimed?

Like this?
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>be me 20 yo
>party hard, high as fuck
>girl 6/10, know her good we have lectures together
>9/10 cuz I'm trippin hard
>ffw we fuck, she rides me
>gonna cum bitch get off me
>she says she's on birth control
>dry my balls inside her
>ffw few weeks
>anon I'm pregnant I lied about pills
>fmw I'm dad for 2 years with 4/10 girl (she became landwhale after pregnancy)
I'm thinking about running to Chile...
Join the legion
go and support our troops over in the middle east anon
if you come back alive you will need a new name anyway
>know her good
know her WELL
>Thanks Mr.Dicklicker, I was absent last english lesson.
>it was a rough senior year
>Meet some girl who wants to fuck any time she can
>Fuck her once
>Invites me to her place
>Fuck yeah easy pussy
>Go over
>See her naked as fuck and start fucking.
>She bring out some "drugs"
>I'm already well known for doing a lot of drugs
>She brings put heroin which is fine with me.
>She doses me up with a clean injection and feeds me some Viagra
>Starts to massage me.
>By now I didn't notice the Viagra I just felt a relaxed horny feeling
>She proceeds to ride me the best she can
>Told her I will never hang out with her again.
>She has a kid and it might be mine.
>Fuck it dodge a major bullet.
>Now I just want l to kill myself.
Was a fun ride fellows.
I don't think they want a weed smoking beta in army. Even as living target.
Yeah I know Im high as fuck. Whatever Bro.
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Nigga you injected a bitch with seed, you alpha dawg
Y no falcon punch when "anon I'm pregnant"???
Wtf?! How?!
lol rest in piece, pregnancy-trapped faggot
>hang out with strung out heroine addict
>Knew in highschool before when she raved
>She fucks a lot of guys and heard she banged guy with herps
>Watching movie and we are holding hands when she starts rubbing mine
>I have to pick my mom up from concert like now so I make move and make out
>I start sucking her tits and fingering her
>I tell her to suck my dick and she does without asking anything
>Don't even care at this point and start fucking her
>She starts moaning calling me baby telling me how much she loves me
>Taking forever to cum because we did a lot of benzos before
>She asks where I want to cum her mouth or her pussy
>Never had my cum sucked out of my cock and tell her to do that
>She starts getting tired and gets on top
>She's riding me hard working for that cum and has a lot of stamina for someone who does heroine all day
>I feel my dick twitch and tell her I'm about to cum
>She starts riding me harder and I start to moan
>I expect her to hop off and catch my load in her mouth
>She instead pushes all of her weight onto her hips as I try to push her off
>We make out and she gets off
>She grabs a foil of birth control pills and takes three then queefs out my cum
>Tell her I have to pick my m up from concert
I got myself tested a few Months later but have nothing. I'm thinking they might be dormant. Anyways it's a hot spankbank memory because she was the only one I've fucked with an outie
start st 2:15
Not OP but I've done that shit to 3 girls. Does that make me super alpha?
2:15 is where it starts
Nigga I got herps and I've been with 4 girls since I had it, not ONE of them got it, your fine. Its hard to transmit herpes if the infected partner takes care of themselves
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Whatever. She was ugly but had great ass.
Blow me anon. Just few weeks left before I split. Didn't did that yet because of kid.
Oh Shit, your too alpha for me then I got to get off this thread, you are king super alpha
Yeah I hope it doesn't fuck me up later down the road
Swiggety swag, sir.
I only have one kid to show for it, too
>thank Shiva for birth control and Plan B
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Off by oneeee
Your good if you got tested mine was positive in a month.
Its not that bad, I've never been rejected because of it. And if I see red dots I take a pill and it stops. I've never even had a blister. I've never felt Shit, I can only see red spots
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>with an outie

>captcha: select images with pies
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>tell gf multiple times that I don't want a child
>she hates the fact
>never use a condom, just pull out
>decide to get a vascectomy
>girlfriend says no
>get one without telling her
>having sex one night, gf has been really frisky for the past month, wanting sex almost every day
>gf riding my cock
>going to pull out to keep up the facade, so she won't know I got snipped
>she is on top of me
>riding my cock, won't get off or stop
>tell her i'm getting close
>she goes all out, riding me hard
>tell her to stop
>she won't
>try to push her off but she is angled so that all her weight is on me
>can't push off in time, cum inside of her
>week later she tells me she took a pregnancy test and it was positive
>drop the news on her that I'm fixed
>kick her the fuck out of my place for being a cheating slut
>she doesn't even work, i payed all the bills and drove her everywhere because she can't drive
>guy she cheated with was on social security for "social anxiety" and already had a kid with another woman
>ex-gf is now single and living with her parents because she's too stupid to work, can't even count money properly
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Top kek
when I cum into my gf, she always grabs at me like this. I love it.
I had a friend who had a vasectomy and apparently his wife got pregnant with his kid. He was fucking positive it was his and the dna test proved it.

Vasectomies don't always ensure you are sterile, especially if you fuck after having one recent
Yep feelgoodman
She was confirmed cheating slut afterwards. She even admitted to her friend that she cheated, and her friend told me.

I've a story

ya see, I always wanted to fuck my woman up the ass

she loved when I would press my finger up against her ass when I fucked her (pronebone) and she would push hard against my finger instead of my cock, so one day I dribbled a little lube on her ass before I pushed my finger up against her

She pushed back on my finger and it slid straight in, and she audibly gasped.. I pressed my finger against the top of my cock and fucked her until the job was done and she was a quivering mess

it took a bit of convincing but eventually she agreed to let me fuck her ass, only condition, don't creampie her ass

kek. It felt like I drained my balls into her lower colon. She spent half an hour squatting over the toilet trying to get all the cum out of her ass
Why is it women do this? there is no harm in havin cum in your ass.

My girlfriend straight up freaks the fuck out whenever I even go near her ass, and she won't let me cum. I came in her ass once, and she freaked out on me, spent the night in the bathroom.
>don't cream pie my ass
Nigga wut? Thats every girls favorite part!
Basicly same story with my gf, always say I'll pull out but fucking love Cumming in her asshole.
Lucky me she enjoys anal almost as much as I do so she doesn't get to mad for it
>gf is winrar

beats me. Most women i've been with are all coy about it but it doesn't take long before they usually admit, at some point, that they LOVE to have something pressed up against their asshole when they're getting fucked

some want it to go further, others don't...
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You too?! Whats wrong with your girls?! You need to claim that Shit!
>Last fall
>Start of grad school
>Meet chick in first day of class
>After 3rd date shits getting hot
>About to fuck
>realize I didn't buy condoms
>She says shes on the pill and clean so Im like w/e
>About to cum time to pull out
>She wraps her legs around me and forces me to cum inside her
>Says she loves the feeling
>freak out for the next couple of weeks but got over it
>dated for a while before we split
dispite no pregnancy diseases are easier to catch in the ass
Shit that's rough. Did you know they had it before you did it?

negative. She liked to 69 and she will have me blow down her throat, but the moment my dick went anywhere near her ass, she would change from a fiend, into one of those squeaking japanese things you see in porn...

yet she LOVED it, she always came so hard I could feel her asshole puckering around my cock (and that was usually the point where I lost it and dumped a load in her too)
shit dude u dodged a bullet there and remember always bring your own condoms
A girl blew me with a "cold sore" shits dumb, I don't know why people don't just call that Shit herpes
Damn dude

>be me, university years in venice
>got a gf, 6/10 face 8/10 slim body
>we go to bed for the first time, she says no, don't enter
>naked in front of eachother, sitting on bed, i start rubbing my cock on her clit
>she keeps no... no... no.. wait.. no...
>i slip in, she stops, we look eachother in the eyes
>i say "how comes you don't say "no" anymore?"
>she slip all inside her, superwet
>after a bit of fucking she's on top
>everytime she was on top i couldn't control cumming
>tell her i'm close, we should put on a condom or cum outside
>she says she's on the pill
>i say ok but i don't feel ready (never came inside before without condom)
>try to get off
>she grabs my sides and start fucking harder
>i cum buckets inside of her, she takes it all the 7.5 inches inside
>kisses me and we stay in the position for a bit
>as i take off my cock sperm sprout out

actually a sweet memory i admit
they do but it is a different strain than genital herpesb even though it can occur in borh areas
No big deal it's not as bad as people make it seem, mine is completely painless, doesn't blister or bleed, it's just red marks, once or twice a year I take a pill for a week then it goes away
No one told me that Shit they just say it's different, bit that's wrong it's exactly the same, it's an STD whether people like it or not.by I got screwed because of denial faggots
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Bawson Remastered.png
31KB, 468x525px
>14 year old me
>Live with my uncle because abusive parents lost custody of me
>Really dorky, depressed, timid, and passive
>Uncle and his wife having marriage issues
>She's like 24, uncle is like 35
>He cheats on her and pretty much ignores her while playing the victim "oh I'm such a piece of shit, I warned you not to get with me" etc etc
>She's having a hard time coping with it all
>Just me and her alone in the house for like a week, uncle is nowhere to be found, we're worried he committed suicide
>Come home from school one day and she's sobbing uncontrollably
>I'm too shy and timid to try helping her
>She notices me and tells me to sit next to her
>Feel really tense, timidly try asking what's wrong
>She won't answer, instead she cries into my chest and puts her hand on my groin
>Get really nervous and try shifting my body, thinking she accidentally put her hand there
>She starts stroking it
>"Please...just a little...please..."
>I'm literally crying now, she wipes her tears from her face and undresses me
>I freeze up, don't know what the fuck to do, just lie there
>She sucks me off until I'm rock hard and pulls her panties from under her dress
>Straddles on top of me on the recliner
>I'm still there just kinda motionless, crying a little, feeling guilty, but holding her
>She goes really aggressive, I feel I'm about to cum and finally tell her to stop
>She squeezes her pussy harder and starts slamming into my cock while sinking her fingers into my back
Since I am definitely immune against that shit it isn´t even of interest any more for me - at least seven girls out of ten carry herps anyway here
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Bawwson's Dad.gif
472KB, 450x253px
>Really gain the courage to keep yelling "stop stop stop stop please stop"
>She moans really loud in my ear, her pissy starts rhythmically squeezing me, don't know if she came or not
>But I really couldn't hold back and felt like I was cumming for a full 2 minutes straight in her
>She stays on top of me, panting loudly and nibbling on my neck
>I feel like total shit, I can't control my tears
>She was the closest thing I had to a mother figure, she was always so nice and caring to me
>Feel like I betrayed my uncle, the man who took me in from a bad household
>She slowly gets up, puts her panties on again, tells me "Just...think of that as an early birthday present..."
>Walks upstairs and does errands as if nothing happened
>I'm sitting there still, undressed, spaced out for maybe an hour or two
>My uncle came back the next day
>They made up, they continue on as a happy family
>I don't tell him anything, I'm scared
>She always gives me this "don't ruin this for me, please" look
>She gets pregnant shortly after
>To this day I have no idea of my cousin is actually my daughter

I feel so shit about this. You guys have no idea. I've never had sex with another person and I'm 24 now. It's kinda traumatic for me, and I've never talked to a therapist about it because I'm afraid she'll get arrested or it'll have to come out that the kid needs to be paternity tested.
Holy shit she's a fucking heroin addicted. Do you really think that herpes was the only disease you could get? Never heard about AIDS?
Kek this
Herpes simplex virus: Type 1 and Type 2 Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
It's ignoramuses like you why that shit spreads like it does
Sorry anon but i kek'd
7 out of ten migjt have a strain of herpes not necessarily genital herpes
Too true didn't think about it. She was swallowing my cock whole so I didn't care about it at the time.
>child rape is okay when a girl does it
What did I say that was incorrect? I have HSV1 Genitally, confirmed by testing, if your saying it need to be type 2 then YOU are the same kind of piece of Shit filthy ignorant asshole that infected me, have fun giving people genital herpes since you think "it's just a cold sore"
Ive had sex with 10 girls and woman, creampied all of them.
>might be sterile
>should't have huffed all that gasoline

I can see why you fell in love with a wonderful creature like her.
dude that story
is just made up don't believe 12 y old on the net so easily bro
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Genital or not, it can all go Genital, learn from my mistake. Its not "just a cold sore"
Cuz now "just a cold sore" is just on my fucking dick
Girls who do drugs are whores by nature. Obviously trying to fill a void and all you have to do is show a little attention. If you want an easy lay then try it out sometime.

I wrote up a list of girls i wanted to fuck when i was 17, and completed it a few years later. All un protected.

No pregnancy scares.
Std free (as far as im aware)

Starting to think im sterile as fuck.
File: 1454692669425.png (147KB, 429x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>girls and women
Can confirm.

Latest fuck was on the road to becoming all about meth. Got her before obvious crackface break out.
Was easy as fuck.

>you dont treat me like the others anon
>youre so nice to me.

few links here

lpsg com/threads/vids-where-guy-doesnt-want-to-cum-in-girl-but-she-keeps-riding.259761/
Then they don't blame you for leaving, just like everyone else did in their life to get them to that point.
hope i can find this shit in HD so i can fap to it
psychotherapist here, the therapist only gives out informations about such shit if a person is in direct danger - so nothing will happen there. i guess it would be good to tell your therapist about it, maybe you can get over this trauma.
I aint giving shit to anybody cause I don't have it like you,

Plus you are telling everyone in the thread they shouldn't sweat getting herpes because "it's no big deal" but YOU have the milder form when people should be taught it is a good idea to avoid a life long ailment especially a venerial disease
Be femanon and meet rich kid collage
He is 5/10 but with money he's a 9/10
I've been told by many time a solid 8/10
I approach shy anon and flirt with him
He asked me out and we start dating
2 months after dating we start fucking
See his stash of condoms and poke holes into all of them
Fuck everyday for a solid month
Pregnancy test was positive and anon freaked
He leaves me, been 2 years now
I now collect a hefty and comfortable paycheck from him
Life's good
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Thanks for the fap, man
>psychotherapist here
Up to this day I am truly convinced I can never ever get as crazy as most psychotherapist I ever saw already are (at my workplace are at least 60 of them - and no, I am no inmate in some clinic)

maybe your 'cousin' turns out hot when she is older, then you can keep the cycle going
>when she nuzzle down on you and aint goin anywhere
That's how you get retards. Do you really want another retard running around bumping into shit and knocking stuff over?
File: bait1456407509591.jpg (17KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1463429080558.jpg (109KB, 640x638px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its pretty relieving to "be crazy".
it means not following rules that are set up by the "normal" people. i constantly give a shit on social dumb norms because i am aware of them, dropping people in kinda "uncomfortable positions" and make them think "can he really do that? is that allowed??".

shit's cash.
not questioning the rules, your own emotions or thoughts is what i consider real crazyness.
Quéque this.
File: mgIieGO.png (46KB, 1500x1383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 1500x1383px
Check the statute of limitations in your state, it's been 10 years, if it's past your states statute time for sex with a minor she will be OK, but you need help man. Go see a therapist ASAP, you've already waited way too long. I'm sorry that happened to you man, I know it's hard but you we're a CHILD and that was wrong of her to do, it's NOT YOUR FAULT

that's just nature, man: when you fuck your cousin-daughter your shit gets knocked over

Expectations are set to zero. Everyone wins.
Listen to this guy. He's right.
you're a fucking cunt who deserves to die. I hope the fact your a single mother ruins any chance you have of finding happiness and your child dies before you do nevermind it's just a paycheck to you
Ah yes, finally a Serb to tell us the story of him fucking his cousin raw.
> Be me
> About a year and a half ago
> Fuckbuddies with a redhead
> We're hanging out
> She starts rubbin muh ding-dong
> tell her, I dont have a condom
> she says, just fuck me and pull out when you're going to cum
> we fuck
> i'm on top
> she's into it
> i'm gonna bust
> she's got her legs wrapped around me hard
> i tell her i'm gonna cum
> she doesn't seem to listen
> i try to pull back but she's holding me in pretty good
> i cum harder than i ever came in my life
> dick is pumping out spurt after spurt of cum into her
> i've never cum so much in my life
> just when I think it's over, more is coming out
> dick is twitching inside her
> she moans
> she's loving it
> every time her pussy clenches on my dick, more seems to come out
> i'm loving it
> we end up just laying there panting
> our senses come back to us
> we're both freaked
> she takes plan B
> noproblems.jpg
Anon who was forced by aunt here.

Thank you all for the support. I think I'll try to find a therapist and get this off my chest. Last time I had a girlfriend I couldn't do more than cuddle with her because I'd freeze up at the thought of anything sexual. I broke up with her because I had my own issues to deal with and it wasn't fair to her.
therapist again:
protip: try to get a male therapist. some of us are a bit like /b/tards in the positive sense.
good luck m8
> i have sex
> bitch keeps rubbing my cock
> she moans
> i tell her to shut the fuck up
> she starts speaking in sign language
> wtf.jpg
> i touch her skin and caress her gently
> she tries to make me cum
> i fucking hate jews
/b/ pulls through for child abuse victims and animals
Got more stories?
My dick is still hard.
I guess i take this shit for granted, I creampie my wife regularly no big fucking deal. The magic of the iud...
File: image.jpg (55KB, 400x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Photo behind this guy's house:
I was trapped too fournatly shemail is an 8.5/10 and a generally chill woman.
Nigga r u fucking retarded? U don't get aids from fucking girls
Tf did I just read?
>being this much of a virgin
>thinking you "get" aids
its HIV you moron, and you can get it from ANY intercourse, and many other ways besides
Not a Virgin I'm bisexual and very sexually active. Obviously it's fucking hiv first. Look up the fucking stats. Heterosexual men getting hiv? Damn near zero. I'm aware of my risk factors
Man justice right there. You dodged a motherfucker bullet. I have thought about a vasectomy do you notice any difference to energy or sexual performance?
File: 1459879788420.gif (2MB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x300px
Heroin addicts are in those stats, she was one. Very promiscuous so prolly fucked some Hooker lovers and bisexuals Do the math fag
Im mostly gay, happily married, been together since we were 15 in highschool. 34 now.

>Five years ago we decide we want a kid.
>We start talking about adopting but its so expensive and difficult for gays.
>friend finds out and she offers to be a surrogate
>we agree and say well start looking for a clinic to do the insemination
>"screw that, its too expensive. Ill go off my birth control and we'll do it the old fashioned way"
>after some discussion with the husband we agree.
>turns out my husband (bi) thinks she's pretty hot and has wanted to fuck her for a while.
>I'm just a horndog and want to fuck her because vaginas feel good
>we go out to dinner and get drinks for social lubrication.
>come back to our place and take turns fucking her.
>its fun and hot
>get to the edge and she wraps her legs around my waist and when i start cumming she clamps down on me tight enough my hips almost hurt.
>after the afterglow sets in she lets go and my husband takes his turn to finish.
>we had like ten more sessions over 3 months sessions until she was pregnant.
>baby is born, adorable baby boy who is my husband's son.

>inb4 "how do you know its your husbands?"
>husband is half black

>after a few months we decide we want a sibling
>cautiosly bring it up with her again
>"ok. But after this one im getting fixed"
>takes another six months of trying before she tests positive for pregnancy.
>secretly hoping it takes as long as possible because pussy
>we end up getting our daughter and she's mine.

She got the hysterectomy after delivery.

The kids know she's their biological mother. She's been involved in their life as a babysitter, and stuff. She takes them to the zoo and museums on occassion.

She also stopped being a sex crazed nympho sleeping with everyone. She does still fuck us on occassion. Sometimes together and sometimes seperately. I honestly don't think shes been with anyone else since she gave birth to our son.

>when she wraps her legs around me when i cum
So....are you the bottom?
Why didn't you tell her to have a fucking abortion? She lied about that shit, why should you have to raise a fucking kid with her because you banged her a single time?
The Facial herpes aka cold sores aka type 1
Is much harder to get on the genital area on top of that if you get type 1 on the genital you will have a much lower chance/rate of recurrence
If you already have cold sores in your face/mouth chances of catching type 1 on the genital area are close to zero

and vice versa for type 2 on the face
I know, that's why none of my gfs got it from me, and since it's Genital hsv1 it sucks at it's job and doesn't itch or blister, it's not that bad. Glad it's type 1 cuz it might be different for type 2
I don't like to bottom, my husband loves it.

Honestly he gives such good blowjobs Id be content with hand jobs and blowjobs. But he likes to get fucked so I oblige him. Occassionally he gets sexually frustrated enough he wants to fuck me and I'll let him. But thats more of a three or four times a year occurance.
>hang out with girl, playing some RE5
>gets late, tired
>i go to sleep, wake up with her on me
>no boner, plz don't encourage her
>boner gets rock hard
>she is pounding her hips into mine while shoving her tits in my face
>tell her to get off cause ima cum.
>she tells me to suck her tits, and she really starts riding hard
>no boner dont give her what she wants
>boner gives her what she wants, huge load dumps in her
>pass out
>wake up next morning to her handcuffing me to her bed
>tell her I dont wanna have sex with her
>she calls me a faggot, rides again, and makes me cum in her again

5 weeks later we find out she is barren, aand can not have kids
>fucking condoms
>use the excuse that you're doing it for her safety from eventual HIV
lowut what kind of complication did she have to warrant such traumatic procedure
Its not that it sucks at its job, type 1 works better on the facial are while type 2 on the genital area
If you were to catch type 2 on your face, as low of the chance of that is, the outbreaks would be nowhere near as frequent or powerful as type 1 on the face

and that is why type 2 is commonly referred to as an std
Im pretty sure it was uterine fibroids. She would complain of cramps and pain during all times of her cycle and she had extremely difficult menstrul cycles even on the pill.
It sucks at it's job on the genitals. Yeah I know, I wish I knew cold sores were able to do this at the time but whatever I'm happy and my gf is STD free. I take care of it good and have never spread it once. My doc said Genital hsv1 isn't very contagious since it's supposed to be on the mouth. Over the years I found that this is a fact
You ungrateful faggot
I had difficulty reading this
I can't believe you raped her while you were handcuffed
On top of that if you already got the cold sores the chances of catching type 1 on the genitals are zero and you have a slight protection against type 2 on the genital
>many as 90% of American adults have been exposed to the virus, and there is no stigma to having a cold sore

So most people already have type 1 on a dormant state which prevents them from catching type 1 on the genitals
No I literally have it on the genitals, I've never had it on the lips, which is how I got it genitally
Did you actually get cucked by an /r9k/ autist NEET?
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