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ITT: post incest stories, I'll start i call this story:

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Issac picture.jpg
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ITT: post incest stories, I'll start i call this story: WIncest Avoided
>be me
>be 10
>visit cousins house
>horny female cousin
>horny cousin, 9
>horny cousin brings you into closet
>erection begins
>horny cousin takes clothes off
>erection intense
>she asks you to touch it
>feels squish
>asks you to whip it out
>maximum boner in effect
>she asks to stick it in
>be a pussy
>say you have to go to the bathroom
>leave closet
>go to the bathroom
>wincest avoided
>for now
>go into horny girl bed room
>play doctor
>leave room a virgin
>wincest avoided
>go into basement
>horny girl sister follows
>horny girl makes sister retreat
>shows pussy
>boner initiates
>get called upstairs
>wincest avoided
>leave cousin house
>months later
>tell parents what happened
>mom calls horny girl parents
>horny girl parents says i provoked it
>tells truth
>really awkward years to come
>low self-esteem with girls now
>minimum communication
>minimum interaction
>awkward in public
>wincest avoided
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OP is a betafag
Here's mine
>be me
>walk in on 7/10 cousin in shower
>apologize and walk out
>never talk about it again because I don't have feelings for my relatives
You didn't fuck your cousin? What are you, a faggot?
Faggot = not fucking cousin
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1MB, 300x223px
>few years back
>ask cousin if she wants to pull an all nighter with me
>she falls asleep
>super heavy sleeper
>Start by feeling up her ass
>go for tits
>try to get in pants
>she moves
>too risky
>finger her through her pants
>soaking wet
>wake her up tell her to go to bed since she fell asleep
>she wanted to stay
>mfw she knew
>mfw she let it happen
What a pro
>cousin(15) exclaims "pecs" and feels my chest for 10-20 seconds
>asks if I've been working out
>flex arm "you tell me"
>"oh my god"
>holds my arm as we walk along the street with her friend later that day
>touches my abs at dinner

Never fucked her but I'm pretty sure I could have
Here I am...

Drive Link:
https://drive google.com/folderview?id=0B32C0dU-sZYVUlBEZVFINGk4Nk0&usp=sharing
(add the period in between drive & google)

To download the collection:
1:Open Link.
2:Sign Up/In. (This step is for the ones who aren't signed up/in)
3:Click the button Save to Drive.
4:Open the Drive.
5:Look in to the TWC. (Twitch Wincest Collection)
6:Click the title and click Download.

Note: Downloading the collection will only get you the current version of the TWC, so if I were you, I'd check the Twitch Drive Updates folder for any newer content. Have fun. ;)
>wincest avoided
You're still a faggot though aparently
Should dump the BathroomCest folder
just posting this for you guys, some guy(not me ofc) has been collecting loli/wincest stories for the last few years: https://drive google.com/folder/d/0B49M2OVcxxc9dl9pYjBPaVN1YUE/edit
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>>685047013 (me)
oh, haven't see this before, thanks for this link
that first line, just dives right in
From creator:
File: 1450847787263.jpg (667KB, 1590x868px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
667KB, 1590x868px

Lol, it's ok. The drive link you posted was Shitbird's. Emphasis on was.
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oh, he is inactive now? i work with an group and we happened upon his link a while back
Yeah, from what I've heard anyways. Also, which group?
Bibliotheca Anonoma (we are an archive group)
just talke to them, and i think it would be cool to talk to you, hop over to rizon.net irc and our channel is #bibanon
From Creator: I'm surprised i still remembered the story yet again, how could i forget
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So anons, what do I post from here? Rickfag or Kim might show up and I don't want this thread to 404 to early.
>be me, 17, she 14
>3 years older than sister
>every weekend visit our father who is separated from our mother
>things would get boring as we didn't have a lot of our things there
>we'd be outside a lot and play
>one day our younger brother goes inside earlier, as his dinner was ready
>somehow get onto the topic of kissing
>i show her
>i show her more w/ tongue, hand gestures etc
>she enjoys it, wants more
>someone is coming, get interrupted and go inside
>she looks at me a lot, can tell she wants it more
>she asks are we going to continue this once we get home
>i tell her sure, if she wants
>she says i want to do more
>more, i ask
>she wants me to fuck her
>we get home, i go into my room and she says are you coming?
>i wait 5 minutes and go into her room
>i put down her pants, she's got a nice shaven pussy
>i eat her out, she's moaning, tell her to be quiet
>we fuck, almost get caught and we did that every weekend for the next few years, until i was about 20 and her 17
>was great
Or just use

Tinyurl com/wincestdrive
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bostonian part 1.png
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bostonian part 2.png
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bostonian part 3.png
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bostonian part 4.png
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bostonian part 5.png
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bostonian part 6.png
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Where were your parents while ya'll were fornicating?
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bostonian part 7.png
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bostonian part 8.png
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bostonian part 9.png
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Do you know how to properly screencap stories, anon?
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Well this was in my room at like 4am so sleeping
Is there a screenshot of the original story? Not just the Cliffsnotes
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ladder match.jpg
300KB, 1280x720px

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Where are theincest stories at?
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To Column's story? Sure.
I'm asking myself as well.
>Be me
>be 11
>on holiday, visit cousin house
>female cousin, 10
>tickle eachother often
>discover her crotch is ticklish
>tickle her there
>she begs me to stop
>agree if she'll let me see her pussy
>says yes, but only if I show her my cock
>agree to show eachother our crotches for 5 seconds
>repeat for the next 2-3 days
>I chicken out and tell my parents
>even though I started it

Was the most beta of beta fucks at 11, FML.
Ayy trips

Here's a link to his most recent update, image comp is too big, might have to recreate it as a two part-er.

>most recent update

File: ColumnUpdate.jpg (52KB, 1052x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is why.
sounds like a lazy fuck
Lol ikr
Gonna be quite a surprise when he posts again at the end of this month then i suppose
He is, kinda like me only I spend my time actually doin' stuff for the community, playing vidya and some other "stuff".
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So you avoided all sexual contact, and still got told it was your fault.

But also holy shit OP you are a faggot.
i'm so confused on your position, but just to be safe, fuck you faggot
Says the one without the balls to post
Any stories?
Did you read all the ones already here?
Nice meme
File: StoryTimeAnon(Full).jpg (882KB, 2088x2028px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did it for years and never got caught, lucky you
On mobile, can't read that tiny print on the posted pics. Have read all greentexts tho
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3MB, 2448x3932px
Did you download the drive?
But have you read the stuff in the drive?
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Chris & Clara
Might ass well

>be 19 sis be 21
>sis invited to christmas party
>tag along as designated driver
>sis gets drunk and passes out
>drag her back to the car to drive her home
>realize shes not wearing a bra or panties
>pull over on side road
>pull her top down
>epic tits
>pull dress up
>perfectly shaved pussy
>break out emergency condom and fuck her
>condom breaks
>minor freak out oh wait shes on the pill
>get her back home
>fuck her again
>cum inside
>get her clothes back on an put her in her bed
>next day she remembers nothing

Found out a couple of months later that she wound up pregnant. I cant be sure whether or not it was mine but the thought that it might have been is a major fucking turn on.
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I guess if it pops out all retarded, you'll know..
File: DoctorWincest.png (812KB, 1613x4464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That happened a few years ago. She already had the kind and put it up for adoption. No idea where the kid ended up.
Me and my sister used to fuck all the time because we were both attractive teenagers so why not?
bikini pics?
>He literally says kek
I used to be like that, still am when it's just me and my faggot friends.
>be 0.0001 seconds old
>rub my penis in my mothers vagina like a baws

File: H&K(Full).jpg (1MB, 2280x3878px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2280x3878px
id like to think i could of, i was around 14, cousin and her friend sleep over so they can have a place to smoke weed, cousins 15 and a decent 7-8, its 1 in the morning, im in my room jacking off, i think my cousin was really baked or was even drinking, cousin comes in, i immediately pull up pants under blanket, think she knew, she asks if she can sleep with me in my bed, i say she can have the bed to herself, she refuses, tells me to stay, both sleeping on opposite sides of bed, she turns around and presses her ass up against me, instant boner, she rubs up even harder, neither of us say anything then her fuckin friend comes in and asks if she can sleep on the floor ffs, i probably would have done it too, her friend was acting weird afterward so i think she knew what was up, dont talk to my cousin much but we never brang it up after
>be me
>be 17
> mother died in childbirth
>ward of the state
>multiple foster homes
>always ended up fucking foster mother or siblings
> hawt...but
>wincest avoided
Oh shit anon, and a /b/tard was born
If a fat guy didn't type this
Then a retard did
Or both.
>be me
>since 12 parents have used me and raised me to think it's normal
>guilt crushing me for so long
>mother wants me to have his child like she did
>moving out next month

happy ending
hehe xD 6969
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i've got an incest story for you all
>be me
>5 years old
>playing barbie with 13 year old cousin
>we take off clothes and pretend the barbies are having sex
>move onto super nintendo
>playing super mario kart
>pretend the go karts are having sex
>i think its funny cause i have no idea what we are actually doing
>he puts his hands down into my pants and grabbing my penis and putting my hand in his to grab his penis
>he tells me to grab it like a joy stick and just move it up and down
>i think this is just a game
>eventually he pulls down his pants and mine
>bends me over and sticks his tip into my little boy ass
>tell him it hurts
>he stops and just has me lick his penis
>tastes like salt, tell him i don't like it
>he then just fingers my asshole instead

This happened on a daily basis til I was taken away from my mothers lack of paying attention to me and going off doing all sorts of drugs.

When I was in 5th grade I learned what it meant to be molested.
Whole world turned upside down.
Didn't tell anyone til high school, 12th grade.

Incest is not sexy, but I tell my story in hopes that someone will prevent something like what happened to me happening to someone else.
I already posted the big one, I don't know how to look it up in history here.

I might here in a bit, makes me feel weird to talk about
I understand, thanks if you do.
do you not understand what molestation is?
File: SoupIncest.jpg (1MB, 1078x2382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1078x2382px
He's just fuckin' with ya, anon. Ignore him.
nah im fine now with what happened, my cousin lives in hell now, every where he goes he deals with people stealing from him and shit
Here's a quick one
>be 15
>Had been cooking long enough that I was the best in the house
>Making tacos for family, father comes up behind and starts touching and fondling
>Be annoyed, and angry at myself for getting aroused
>He tells me to keep cooking, see how well I can work distracted
>Feel his cock at top of my ass
>Be rubbed on up and down, making a mess of the food
>Be cummed on, a hot mess, and messy dinner
>Mother complains about mess, father says I need to be more careful

People only whine like this when they don't like it
Sister practiced kissing me when I was 6 or 7.
Eventually played with my dick
She'd do this for maybe 2 more years?
Granted it was just handjobs it was still awesome and a huge spank bank deposit for a long time

Was I molested? Technically yeah
Did I enjoy it? Fuck yes.
Do I wish she had continued? Yup. Granted we would never get caught.
yea and i didn't enjoy it, whole point of the story.
Hence you're a faggot.
This is a thread for wincest.
Gtfo with your sob story
wincest doesn't exist, you're delusional.
I beg to differ
Thank you, it's only good in fantasy
considering the fact i almost fucked my hot cousin, and i still think about fucking her till this day, it exists
yea and you're sick, go get some help.
2 consenting family members that are both hot and of opposite genders, nothings wrong, society tells u its wrong, its not common, its looked down upon, but not wrong, i think ur just mad cause you got felt up by a dude, ur gay bro, that shit must eat u up inside
Thread posts: 120
Thread images: 40

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