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alright /b/ the most gayest thing you all have ever did. even

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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alright /b/ the most gayest thing you all have ever did. even if your not gay, we have all done something gay.
>me and my friend were at a public toilet and we both had to piss really bad and there was one small urinal stall there and we were both on the verge of pissing ourselves so we both squeeze into the urinal stall at the same time and piss. our dicks were only a hair from touching one another.
Literally dryhumped with another guy until we both came at age 13
We were both fit (lol university happens) and never spoke about it ever again with anyone

I got fucked by a shemale. Came by prostate orgasm
That's not gay, that's fucking tight
I bought a really big black dildo and I bought butt plugs and other toys but I threw em all away
>be 13
>sex drive is through the roof because puberty
>find my mom's dildo in her room
>put it in my ass because curious
>start to regularly do it
>sometimes use my mom's lube, sometimes my saliva
>definitely better with lube but can't use it too often cause she would notice
>start to really enjoy anal penetration
>still don't know anything about the prostate though
>watch anal porn vids and try to imitate them
>one day my best friend and I are alone at my house
>both fap to youporn under our shirts, something we used to do very often
>show him the dildo to have a giggle
>I confess I tried putting it in my ass
>still don't know why it turned me on so much to tell him at this moment
>I take some lube and show him
>take it balls deep
>he's laughing his ass off but still wants to watch
>we don't really talk, but I can tell we're both very turned on
>my heart is pounding
>I get naked and fuck myself in front of him
>the situation is so fucked up I turn into full slut mode
>it feels 10 times better than usual
>I'm moaning so loud I don't recognize myself
>friend is freaking out, he sits next to me and starts fapping
>he asks me questions about how it feels
>he gets naked too
>I suddenly understand that if I keep on fucking my ass like that I'm gonna cum
>I ask him if he wants to fuck me
>he freaks out even more but says yes
>he puts his dick in and pounds me for 15 seconds
>he cums inside me
>he pulls out, I'm still not finished
>I put the dildo back in me and give myself a pounding
>there's definitely a spot that feels better than the rest
>after a moment my ass contracts and I ejaculate on the floor
>felt incredible

tfw I lost my virginity to my best friend and I had my first prostate orgasm in front of him with his cum dripping from my ass
I'm a gay man and that's gayer than anything I've done. Good job anon.
Beat off to the thought of Trump fish hooking Hillary, beating her ass with a big red dildo with "stimulus package" written on it, while Bernie helps shove Al Sharpton's dick in her mouth like the socialist cuck he is.
I had bareback sex last night and I was mad that the guy didn't shoot his load in my ass
You faggot
and the worst is now I'm too beta to try meeting and having sex with a man
Threesome 1 girl 2 guys. My friend was fucking his girlfriend in his room and he had his door open. When I walked by I tried to close the door but my friend just asked if I wanted to join and his girlfriend was okay with it.His girl was fucking hot so I was fine if I had to share her with him. But now he lets me fuck his girlfriend whenever I want without him but sometimes we do have threesomes again which still feels kind of gay since our dicks sometimes touch
This is not the gayest thing you've ever done.
I've kissed another guy on a dare before in middle school but I didn't think that was as gay my dick touching my friends dick
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Went in this thread.
I go on grindr and talk to guts enough to wanna meet up but never actually go through with it
I took a shit with my dog watching and my dog is a gay man.
File: OPsMom.jpg (143KB, 728x546px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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went to a gay bar, found a group that wanted to come back and hang out, had a 4-orgy. I'm not gay though

My fraternity house in undergrad had 3 bathrooms and showers. The largest/main bathroom had a couple urinals, a few toilet stalls, and a big shower with multiple shower heads (like a gym). So in the mornings it'd be you and your bros showering and catching up.
Sucked a guy's dick once in 7th or 8th grade can't really remember which was in middle school for sure, got pissed when he wouldn't return the favor because I was "too Hairy down there".
not gay but when i was 14 i was super horny so i sucked off 3 hot guys at school and let them piss in my mouth
me and my friend would blow each other every so often

is that from wikihow to not have a retarded baby?
You're right that's not gay at all
Suck a dude's cock in a public toilet and then masturbate with my mouth filled with his jizz while he watches
Had gay sex
shit was cash
>about 6 years ago having a shit sex life so I decide I want to suck dick and maybe more
>post ads to CL, start talking to a guy that has an office in a hotel room
>sends me pics, good looking and a huge cock.
>finally get nerve up to see him. I find his room door is open just a little. a security guard is next to the room.
>I think the show must be starting and I'm the star
> he's a nice guy. asks me how we should start. I ask him to sit in the chair he has and take his pants down.
> huge cock. instantly hard. I start sucking him. All fear goes out the door. I lick up his shaft, suck his balls and suck his cock hard and long.
>he groans, yells out my fake name I gave him, stands up and starts face fucking me. I love it.
>I ask him to fuck my ass. He says he'd love to.
>fingers me, puts on a condom and just plows into me. the pain is terrible. his cock is huge.
>He pounds me for a half hour. pinches my nipples, calls me a slut, slaps my ass red.
>i'm whimpering begging him to come. Finally he busts a nut inside me. his legs start spasming like crazy.
>Gets off me, walks to the bathroom and throws condom in toilet.
>I'm still on the floor. Dripping with sweat, ass in the air.
>he sits down in his office chair and tells me to get the fuck out of his office.
>I get up and leave, never see him again
Fucked a tranny about 2 months ago. They were really into me and wanted to date. Couldn't go through with it.

Currently have a gf, having issues getting it up. I think the tranny ruined me
>an office in a hotel room
the fuck?
>went to store
>carrying huge electric keyboard home in massive box
>sun is beating down and i'm sweating
>take shortcut down backstreets passage through trees and fields
>halfway down there are two boys about 9 playing
>one of them tries to impress the other one by calling me a homo and saying pianos are gay
>i am hot, sweaty, tired and agitated
>tell them to fuck off
>he calls me a homo again
>i lean the keyboard up against a tree and run towards them
>other kid runs away fast but the little shit trips over
>i shout that i'm going to kill them and the other kid is all the way out of there without looking back
>get over this little shithead who is suddenly panicking and all of his confidence has gone
>"sorry sorry sorry i didn't mean it sorry i was joking i'm sorry!!"
>told him he should have thought of that before he called me a faggot
>told him that if he went around abusing strangers then strangers would abuse him
>grabbed him by the head and pulled my dick out of my jeans
>pushed his head towards it and said kiss it then since i'm so fucking gay
>he starts crying and begging
>tell him to open his mouth and put it in or i'll fucking stab him
>he opens his mouth and i stick my limp cock in
>kick him to the ground
>say "who is fucking gay now?" and put my cock back in my pants
>tell him if he tells anyone then everyone at school will know he's a gay dick sucker
>pick up my keyboard and go home
>fail at learning the keyboard like i failed at learning guitar
>it sits in my attic untouched
>waste of money
>anyone want to buy a keyboard?
Yeah - he was like some advertising freelance guy. Or someone making videos of himself fucking straight guys? He had a bunch of advert stuff on his desk tho. pretty convincing.
What kind of keyboard?
why? sex wasn't good ? Or you only want trannies now ?
>get horny
>buy bag of lollipops
>carefully unwrap lollipops
>jerk off and cum on them
>wipe some of them on my asshole
>rewrap them
>glue the bag back up
>go to park and strategically drop the bag near some cute girls
>wait behind bush with camera to record girls licking my cum up
>girl finds bag
>"omg i've found lollies!! someones dropped loads of lollies!"
>fuck yes this is going to be good
>bunch of kids run up to her
>she unwraps one "eww it's all sticky"
>drops it on the floor
>other girls lose interest because they're sticky
>some boy says "i don't care if they're melted" and takes them all
>sticks one in his mouth and says "mmm they still taste good"
>girl says "eww i don't want one"
>boy goes and gives shares them with his friends playing football
>dick goes soft
>boys are eating my cum and ass
>this is not what i wanted
How much
Typical girl bullshit. Used to get drunk with my best friend and hook up. She was obsessed with my tits and there was no better feeling than having her suck on my nipples while I rub my pussy.
Good all the same.
i took a big black dick up the ass last wednesday, and now i have such severe hemorrhoids that i can't even sit on a normal chair

I think it's a combination of things. This girl I'm dating now is 90 lbs, flat chested, and a tiny ass. I'm more used to the 120-140 range, don't mind some cushion.

This girl is also fairly strong-willed. Shes had a really good family upbringing. Which is great outside the bedroom. Has her head on straight. Inside the bedroom I need to establish full dominance to get an erection. I feel like there are too many variables going on that ruin my boner with her.

Whereas when I fucked the tranny for the first 5 times, my dick was tingly with excitement. It knew something new was happening
>Tits or?

not pasta, it really happened and i was really sad and felt pretty gay
You're a plain faggot. Sorry to tell you.
Well great story so at least for that youre not a faggot.
i mean, its not really news to me, anon
I know that feel.
Fucking hot.
Are either of you decent? Or disgusting?
Sorry i thought this thread was for basically straight guys who've been a bit gay on occasion. Not for classified homosexuals.
I ain't proud of the things I done in The Great Faggot War.
but seriously, any other anons who do things with their anus have this sort of issue? i don't really know how to deal with it and its very uncomfortable
Ever had a girl lick your pushy?
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I'm going through that too right now anon. It sucks because I'm having them at the same time as severe diarrhea and strep throat. If you find a way to deal with it let me know anon. My boyfriend is getting tired of me complaining about it.

fapped to Bailey Jay and several other shemales, including a shemale fucking a man up the ass
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that's gay
Kek I meant pussy
Yes. The same girl.
Really thinking about get a plug or dido lately but to nervous I might like it
i took all the dvds off a dvd spindle and left it on my bed as i was sorting them

i forgot it was there and sat down and penetrated my anus because i was naked
Why are you asking me? The only anus trouble i have is a sore but after a 70km bike ride
i uh draw female super heros sometimes to keep it diverse.. i uh like dove chocolate. thats all my gay.

I know dude, that's why I posted it in this thread
And have you licked one yourself?
Doesn't that count as an honourable mention for a Darwin award
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nah dude you should totally buy dido. she's a great singer
The answer is simple, find a hot trans girl and fuck her instead.

we are all super submissive so most likely compatible, just find one who you like and who passes

Wow. That's gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys.
just adding an extra link to the convo, sorry
Yes I licked hers.
Fingered my butt
Me and my best friend did really similar stuff when we were young
I didn't mind it. Stan was okay not a fan of her other work though.
One time when I was playing hide-and-seek with a friend, he kissed me on the cheek while my eyes were closed.
Stopped hanging out with him after that.

Not trying to spread the stereotype that trans girls are mentally unstable, but that was the case with mine.

Had an insane temper and suspected me of seeing an ex when I went to see my grandma in the hospital. Kinda turned me off right away
File: X3QXBN8C.jpg (6KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My story is similar to your one.
>My friend needed to piss, but I was fine.
>We go to the toilets, but they were all full.
>I tell my friend, "I am thirsty. Two birds?)
>He drops proceeds to get out his cock.
>I get on my knees
>He says "Are you ready"
>"Yeah" I say
>I open my mouth, and he fills it.
>It was warm, not the best taste, but not bad.
>I can't swallow fast enough and piss runs down my chin.
>He laughs, picks me up and carefully licks it off.
>Next thing I know, my dick is out. Hard.
>He takes it in his hand. It feels so good.
>I feel a hand on my shoulder.
>The guys in the toilet all have erections.
>We then had a massive fucking orgy.
>I got AIDS and died two years later.
>Totally worth it
Ah, both of those are red flags. find one who's stable! :)
>6th grade
>Sign out at the same time for bathroom
>In stall standing on toilet, backs to the wall.
>Start jerking our cocks for the first few times ever
>Start talking about technique and how it feels
>Start pressing our heads together a little
>Realize we have been edging for 10 mins
>Run back to class
>Not in much trouble
>asked where we have been out at the same time?

kek'd even if is copypasted
Fuckin kek
Often had sex with 2 mates in elementary school. Had sex with them without the other one knowing.
Then again when i was like 12-13 with another guy dik why though. Was funny, but not gay this day today.
69 with a guy who had a really big cock. i mean really - nine inches, incredible. he sucked me off a couple of times first, and then i did him a few days later and then we did a 69. i didn't let him come in my mouth tough, but he drank me down like a drain.
got fucked by a tranny and sucked his dick
Wrote like 300 emails with a guy about his friends' ex-wife getting fucked and tortured. There was occasional self-inserting from both of us.
Fuck myself in the ass with an unlubed broomstick on the regular.
Made out with my ex-fiancee's gay friend on our floor on her birthday. He kissed better than her and he was so warm.
But I ain't gay
>I ask him if he wants to fuck me
>he freaks out even more but says yes
>learn through /lgbt/ about sited and the meetups they host and advertise
>often have private ones where you need an invite unless you're known on that site
>pick out the few that are open to anyone just show up at X time
>knew city was big on being "progressive" but 100 events a month i CAN go to is insane
>make a showing on a forum and introduce myself as "Bi-curious but virgin so i can't exactly say."
>after the avalanche of messages pick out a 7/10 i'd meet up at a bar famous for these types of things
>up close she's pretty petite and probably closer to 8/10 but that could be the dim lighting
>spend about 3 hours shaking hands and being introduced to people
>actually make some new friends but thats beside the point
>by now everyones had a few beers or margarita's or whatever the fuck a mojito is
>met a nice "dyke" who lifts and is extraordinarily handsy when tipsy (one of those friends mentioned)
>afterwards go to take a piss
>not even sure if half in the mens room have penises or not and theres just a straight chick squatting over the trough
>no room anywhere
>only place is the way back handicap stall
>head in and get about halfway through before i hear the stall door close
>its the 7-8/10
>cue this really awkward moment where i just kinda say hi and finish pissing
>cue more awkward moment when she shakes me dry before blowing me
>fuck it its not my first time to the bathroom sex rodeo
>after the fun bit she drops trou and obviously there's a fucking dick
>tiny little thing and almost no balls
If anyone can tell me does this just happen during HRT? Kinda curious.
>gah fuck it i was hoping to nab a lesbian or a bi but she/he IS pretty hot
>cue sweaty smelly bathroom sex where the dyke kicks in the door halfway through cause my fucking shoe somehow got thrown under the stall door
>apparently they made and bet and dyke lost
>spend the next 5 years banging a cutie through transitioning and her dyke apparently bi friend
Fucking phone. 2* years.
Only issues i'm currently having is its starting to turn into this fucked up 3 sided slowly-turning-serious relationship and that the dyke has been bringing up pegging alot lately where i let 7/10 handle that.
Not even sure if i'm gay or if my polarities are being cancelled or what cause the 7/10 is cuter than most girls but the dyke is absolutely more jacked and nicer chinned than most men.
I basically I asked him if he wanted to lose his virginity
What is sited?
I was lured by a couple of neighborhood kids to indulge into sexual activities with them when I was 12/13. Mostly ranging from giving each other a hand and kissing.
I like to think it never happened tho.
Does anyone regret their experiences too?
pic of tranny?
I know it isn't supposed to be funny but that was fucking hysteric
Way better than most of the "first time" stories I've heard
not a photobuff sadly. Might find one but thats a sure fire way to her facebook acc.
Phones being a prick with autocorrect and i keep turning it off and it turns itself back on.
I just shove dick-like object up my ass while fapping. I'm planning to buy a sex sleeve (the one that vibrates) and dildo when I get my paycheck

I'm not gay. I just have a fetish for futa and trannies
Well what was sited supposed to be before autocorrect?
this is... literally the gayest thing i've ever read.
File: 1453744065275.jpg (24KB, 472x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in college a black man paid me 200 to suck him and fuck me in the ass,session lasted 2 and a half hours, I met him for one more time for a 60$ blowjob. needed the money for books and food.
Never did it again.
>at a uni party couple of years ago
>got drunk
>everyone is casually playing that spin the bottle game
>ends up on me
>someone mentions how I should kiss some guy and I was like 'nah pls no' so they tell me to do something else retarded
>later that night going to take a piss
>on my way back the guy I was supposed to kiss greets me and jokingly says 'didn't want to kiss me, huh? it hurts bro' and smiles
>I see he's actually pretty handsome for a guy and I never tried it before so I go for it
>he stops smiling, is weirded out and like 'wtf bro'
>I hold him for his lower arms against the wall and he relaxes
>starts kissing me back
>its over soon, he chuckles and kisses my cheek
>pretend like nothing ever happened
>be me around 12 hanging with best friend who has kinda fucked up life
>he has been exposed to probably everything by now but im still innocent
>playing GTA4 one day and we go to the strip club
>just sitting there watching and getting dances
>after a little while more of playing that we decide to switch games
>I get up to put halo in
>when i set the disc in i feel him pull on my waist and push into me
>"what are you doing?" i ask him as i can feel something bulging hitting me
>"im just messing around"
>remember i had never seen real sex or anything at this point
>we play some halo for a while then we decided to go ride our bikes
>i get up to put the disc away
>again he is humping me, this time i just let him cause it feels kinda good
>we ride to our hangout spot dubbed "the paintball field"
>on the way there he asks me about sex and stuff
>he is very good at getting me to say yes to things
>he asks me if i wanted to have sex with him sometime just to see what its like
>i think about it for a minute then say sure
>he tells me he was just joking and he has to go home
>"alright see you tomorrow"
>Fast forward to next day
>We meet at our usual spot inbetween our houses and ride back to my house
>we talk more about sex as i lay face down on my bed
>he gets up on my bed and starts humping me
>let him keep humping me
>we switch to doggy and hump for 10 more minutes
>he stops and says "i dont wanna hump anymore i just want to do the real thing
>"uhh alright"
>we go out to my dads shed and sit in the chairs inside
>he quickly pulls his pants down and lets his cock out
>i kinda just stare in shock at it
>he puts my hand on it and i start to slowly move up and down it
>"you can put your mouth on it if you want"
>"uhh alright"
>i slowly leaned down and licked the tip a bit
>decide its all or nothing
>put my mouth on it, gave him head for a few minutes then he puts it away
>we go inside
>my mom is the only one home and she says she has to go somewhere
>"okay we will stay inside then"
>sit on couch and play some borderlands
>"did you enjoy that stuff we did?" i asked as he put the vibrating contorller on his crotch
>"yeah it wasn't bad but i want to try more" he said as he got up
>"i wanna try actually fucking you"
>"alright we can do that"
>he pulls his pants down and tells me to pull my pants down and turn around
>i lean over the couch and do as he asks
>feel something pushing into me slightly
>can't feel much but it feels good
>he finally hits the hole
>instantly shoot some cum out of my cock
>he fucks my little ass till he cums
we fucked over and over till we were about 15 and he moved
still kinda miss getting fucked by him especially cause im too shy to meet people off CL to fuck
well just generally what i do trap ride dildos latest thing i got was this nexus rev2 jesus its expensive but will make you cum buckets
Omfg give me more stories like his or has anyone else got any good stories

Tell me about the other times you's did stuff please
Faggot detected
moar stories
Sites. Theres several forums and general sites like infinichan that have areas that cater to LGBT types. Last i checked they often mention them on /lgbt/.
Once masturbated to a trans photoes.
(That support from Renegades) (lol)
Any other one is basically we just fucked or I sucked him off. I was too much of a bitch to ask him about it though so I would either show him a porn video and send him pictures of hot girls on kik. I think he was mostly straight and he just wanted something to cum inside every day
I fucked a trap in cozumel mexico a few years back
When me and a friend of mine were 10, we sucked each others dicks but neither of us got off. Never saw him again after that lmao. No homo.
Give us the stories then, details
ive never done something gay. Youre gay cuz you want to do some thing gay you faggot fuck!
I hearby declare this thread dead.
Take us 404
Typing up my one gay experience nao. Shemale story
typing another story of me and my friend
gayest thing i have ever read going to watch some straight porn to get of my mind

I drive a convertible mini roadster.
>starting senior year of college
>have been fapping to tranny porn for 3 years now
>sometimes would look up escorts in my area when I got really horny but never entertained the idea of actually meeting one
>but there was one latina who would stop in my city from time to time that I really liked
>after seeing her ads for about a year, finally say fuck it and call and set up appointment (her english was shit)
>she was about 5'8, 140 or so. had some nice fake tits and a big ass in pics (that was disappointing because it ended up being pretty fake too, I didn't realize at the time how common it was for tranny's to get ass iimplants)
>go to her hotel, nearly pussy out but find her room
>she opens door in some sexy lingerie, looked like she did online (was my biggest fear)
>i walk in and put the envelope on the counter, turn around and she's on the bed topless
>insta boner
>get on bed with her and start sucking her tits
>was my first time with fake tits, didn't like them that much but eh, knew they were fake going in so wasn't too disappointed
>she pulls my shirt off and then unzips my pants and starts giving me a slow hj while I'm still at her tits
>she grabs my hand and puts it at her crotch, i slowly rub her dick
>she gets up and takes her panties off, completely nude and her dick is at eye level now
>she grabs a condom from the bedside desk and puts it on
>i slowly start sucking her, don't enjoy it a lot but i think half the reason was because of the condom
>she puts a condom on me and we 69 for about 10 minutes
>had never gotten head with a condom before either, didn't do much for me
>she flips me on my stomach and slowly fingers me and lubes me up
>slowly starts fucking me (she's a solid 6 inches)
>I had played with my ass before but never penetrated it with much besides my fingers
>it actually feels pretty good but not amazing, i would never be able to cum from just anal
>but I slowly jack myself off while she fucks me for about 10 minutes
>me and my friend go to his house for once
>listening to music and shit
>he says he wants to get a bj and maybe more once he is done eating
>i ask if i can fuck him because ive literally never gotten to fuck him before
>he says maybe and continues eating
>he puts his plate down and bends over his bunk bed
>i search for his hole with my fat cock
>try pushing it in, nothing
>he is too tight for me
>decide to just push it all in at once
>he pulls away shouting in pain
>"well atleast its lose now"
>after a few minutes he bends back over
>i slowly push into his ass so i dont hurt him
>fuck my dick head feels good
>pushing into him but at a wierd angle cause the beds
>ask him if he can move over onto the dog bed
>"alright thats fine"
>we move over and i push into him again
>hot ass michigan summer day, im covered in sweat but i keep on going
>thrusting into his tiny little ass feels amazing on my cock
>he is loving it too
>im moaning even though his uncle is in the other room cause it just feels so fucking good
>"Can i cum inside you?" i ask as im already shooting my huge load into his ass
>he stands up in a bit of shock
>"that was amazing, but now you gotta suck me off atleast"
>he lays down, pulls out his cock
>hadn't seen it for a while, he grew like 2 inches
>perfect looking cock now
>i put my lips on it and go all the way down
>im sweating all over but i keep going and going up and down his shaft
>"uhh anon im gonna cum"
>i take my mouth off his cock for a second to tell him its okay
>as my mouth goes back down on his cock he shoots the biggest load down my throat
>i swallow all of it
>afterwards we just stood up and went to my house like it was nothing
i have one more memorable story about me sucking him off in the woods, any other of the hundreds of times we did it weren't very memorable
reply if you want to hear it
>she pulls out and tells me to fuck her
>I want her to ride me but she apparently only does doggy
>oh well, I turn her around and lube it up some but she's pretty loose
>stick it in, this is when I truly realize how fake her ass implants were so doing her doggy wasn't amazing but it felt good
>do it for about 10 minutes or so but just can't finish
>pull out, take condom off and lay down while she gives me a handjob
>she was over me during this and sticking her tongue down my throat the entire time, kinda dom like
>gets me off after just a minute or two, cum all over her hand
>finish, clean up, leave

I don't necessarily regret it but at the same time, that was 3 years ago and I haven't really entertained any thoughts about meeting with a tranny again.

> most gayest
> have did
> your not

Back to elementary school faggot
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