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S/Fur thread, let's give this a shot edition.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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S/Fur thread, let's give this a shot edition.
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Oh... I don't know.
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Any specific kind of stuff or just, y'know. Stuff?
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Things and stuff?
Nothing too specific.
I'm skipping work today.
Wondering if I should bother to vote in the presidential primary.
Wishing my gf were here.
Trying to decide what to do with my race car motor...
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I too am in the process of dealing with both things and stuff.
Who do you have to vote for anyways? Whats the match?
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What kind of things and stuff?
I don't remember all the choices.
Trump, Hillary, sanders, cruze, and a couple others.
I really don't want any of them.
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The unpleasant kind, unfortunately.

Maaan... Cant you place a blank vote?
I could write in anyone else I choose.
But that's rather pointless and not worth the effort.
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Well... Shit. That's too bad i guess.
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Wanna get it off your chest?
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The process is far enough along that it's almost already decided.
I'll probably just not vote.
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Im just stuck planning my next move in life, and it's starting to nag me is all. Nothing too exciting.

Well, it sounds kinda rough. And whole missing your girlfriend and being indecisive 'bout your car too probably aint helpin'
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I dont plan, i just let it happen.
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I'm hoping she might move in with me soon.
The main reason she hasn't is I live about 30 minutes from where she lives and works right now so she would rather stay where she is.

As for the car, I need to put one of my other motors in it.
But I'm not sure if I want to just put the other one in, or take the head in running now and put it on the other block, or just put the cam in running now into the other motor....
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I could learn from that mentality. If only i wasn't knee-deep in this mess already. But, i'll find a way, sooner or later. I got plenty of time before im fucked anyways.

Man, i dont even know what to say, i've been single since... Four? Four years now and i've been in no rush to get back into one. I hope yours works out though, as for the car. I think this is one of those "go with your gut" kinda things.
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I've been single about 3 years since my 2nd ex wife left.

My safest motor option is to run the new one the way it is right now. But, it went have the power to be very competitive.
Next safest but quite a bit of work is the new motor with the old cam.
I'd get the most power with the new block and old head.
But that's if the old head isn't damaged.
It looks OK, but the reason I'm changing motors is I have water in my oil.
So either my block is cracked or the head is cracked..
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It's honestly sometimes quite a diffucult metality to maintain :/
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more cubs
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Why not both?
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seems to work
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Ro is a god
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