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Is everyone just secretly into children? I was talking to people

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Is everyone just secretly into children?

I was talking to people at work about this and saying in lots of parts of the world and in history, it's totally normal to marry a child. So, I'm supposed to believe all of a sudden we weren't into that?

The counter was we also stopped torturing and butchering people. But I think a lot of people want to fight and kill others over small spats, but we just know it isn't the way to go about things.

People act like there are 5 pedos in town, and if they let it be known, they get lynched. But then things like Operation Hydrant happen in the UK, and they investigate THOUSANDS of people. Politicians, celebrities, businessmen. So apparently it isn't uncommon at all and you could easily be walking by someone that would do it.

So, is the world just full of people pretending not to be into 13 year olds and telling each other the same lie and all going home hoping they don't get found out? All these people that comment on news articles and shit are just lying through their teeth?

I just don't get it. It's like everyone wants to discuss it but think no one does.
I don't think you've been keeping up with the recent Gary threads.

Gary threads?
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The problem is women.

We gave women a voice, and apparently they took issue with being fucked by older men when they were 12. Or more accurately, they took issue with getting fucked by older men and not getting something they wanted (money, attention, the male soul under their thumb).

Then around the turn of the century a bunch of cuck assholes let a bunch of emotionally unstable dumbfucks have their say and now we have a muslim mayor of london, two idiots as presidential candidates in america, SJW's and activist busybodies everywhere and we get fucking beaten like baby harbor seals for being attracted to youth and health, the biological prerequisite for attraction for mating.

And of course, we'll play along because people will take any cue we can to go apeshit over nothing.


I makes sense. It does seem we've lost the ability to have normal discourse and just get whipped up into a furor over everything.
All womens fault. Have you ever tried to have a logical discussion with a woman? They get emotional over nothing.

"You never listen to me!" "You always leave your socks on the floor!" "I walked in on you fucking the neighbors 13 year old daughter." They really are just hysterical, overreacting creatures. And we facilitate them. Next time you hear this sensitive "i listen to my emotions" beardy james taylor type go on the side of women, smash their stupid faggot faces in until you see brain. Until we can get these halfmen out of the breeding pool, this will continue to be a problem.

Isn't this way of thinking just the opposite side of the coin? Women/beta/SJWs want to fight over what they hate, everyone else wants to kill them for hating it. Can't we all just sit down and talk? Is something in the water?
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Early on man knew that females do not mature past the age of 15 or 16, so we started taking them as wives and breeding them, there was not much use for them other than this.

Men built the house supported the wife and children, and the woman nurtured the household.

And too this day, any girl you meet, still has the mindset of a selfish, dramatic child.

So making 16 year pussy illegal makes no sense whatsoever, she's not maturing past that age, she is as ripe as she will ever be.

And 18 an year old vagina is just as good as a 15 year old vagina.

Its not like their pussy undergoes a magical transformation of maturity when they hit 18, no they are ready to go.

And whats worse, is that they are naturally cock hungry at that age, then we get to deal have them after they are spited and jaded.

And i have to sit and look at them, knowing what i know now instead of what i knew back in highschool.

Fuck this gay Earth.

But how come boys are not like that at the same age? I mean in your 20s and beyond, you start to see women for what they really are. I would say as a 15 year old, I was more into sleeping with 20 something year old girls. But now as a 20 something, the opposite is true.
Yes, but we're bigger and stronger than they are, and we're collectively a lot smarter than women and cuck, beta-assed men such as yourself.

And yes, we could, but then we'd have to give up some of our position. It's much better to inflict our way on a weaker portion of the populace. That way we get exactly what we want, and people such as yourself are eliminated from the breeding pool.

If you weren't such a woman-raised milqetoast shell of a man, you'd have realized this by now.
in nature it was always the older males that mated the youngest most fertile.

Juvenile males were not yet developed to take that role.

That why in 8th grade we were busy with pokemon cards, and the girls were always trying to date the older highschool boys.

You're suggesting I don't want to force every beta SJW to kill themselves and for women to just go and be housewives like when they were happy. I just realize it isn't possible and thinking that way doesn't get what I want, even though you think it gets you exactly what you want.

In conclusion, Trump should let me go be the alpha gorilla in a high school. And when some juvenile makes a display to draw the females attention, I smash him. I like this.
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We need to teach boys another thing - at least until we get rid of the feminisation of the male society: How to shut the fuck up.

In 2013 a sickeningly hot teacher named Brianne Altice fucked 3 high school kids. Thanks to them bragging about it and their whore mothers catching wind of it, this poor, giving woman is now serving time in jail. Every one of us would have given up 10 years of our life to have been balls deep in a chick who looked like this, but their mommies found out because kids can't shut the fuck up about shit/not put shit on social media.

And in the end, the kids grades went up. They got to fuck their hot teacher AND their grades improved. And every male involved in the cases, from the boys fathers to the legal staff all were thinking "holy fuck, i wish it could have been me then". But they didn't say anything to appease a bunch of shrieking, emotional harpies.

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>/b/: More Sound and Cogent than the rest of the world

>I was talking to people at work about this and saying in lots of parts of the world and in history, it's totally normal to marry a child.

grade AA autism
Security vs Freedom
You're Right vs We're All Wrong
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Compromising with women makes you a traitor to humanity.

Peoples thinking will change after enough of them get a boot in the face. Cops already know that women need a good open-handed smack in the face to get them to shut the fuck up. We just have to ensure we remove the politicians and activists who are pushing for this to be law.

We can start by killing any woman with purple/blue/green/red/clown hair.

These cases always bother me because it gets discussed by everyone but the people it's about. Kids wanted to fuck teacher, teacher wanted to fuck kids. Both parties happy. Everyone not in the room that day decides they don't like it and arrest everyone. Fuck off.
Or as women, fags and trannies put it "Your Rights End Where My Feelings Begin"

Not really. I have a good job and commanded the attention of the room to discuss fucking 13 year olds and held the position that I would. And still sleep with my supervisor.
>How to shut the fuck up.
....on some stuff; this tho; ya.
lol so you got rejected by some fat neon hair coloured dyke? hahaha faggot.
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ITT: Closet-hebes.

When's the last time you talked to a 15yo? You seriously think they are mature enough to understand the implications of sex? I can understand the excitement of the idea, we all like to taste forbidden fruit. But a 15yo is a KID and kids are buttfuck retarded. If you can actually hold an intelligent conversation with a 15yo, then you have a bigger problem. Like being retarded. A grown woman is in every way superior to a teenager. If you disagree, you must be beta/15yo yourself. Kill yourself, my man.
>So, is the world just full of people pretending not to be into 13 year olds and telling each other the same lie and all going home hoping they don't get found out?

>was talking to people at work about this and saying in lots of parts of the world and in history, it's totally normal to marry a child.

See? You're contributing to it.

>Oh you can only sleep with women who have deep, philosophical conversations about what they did at work today
>You spoke to a young woman, so you must be stupid
>I can only talk to people my exact age. Everyone else is retarded.
>Only after 3 more years and practically zero change does a woman become acceptable.

Why are you lying to yourself? And to an anonymous board on the internet? Are you white knighting an unseen SJW?

Consider that most 18 year olds are fucking stupid too. And 19 year olds. And 20 year olds for that matter. Oh but some old guy in a suit who also tried to pass a law to make phones illegal must be right.

No, you're right anon.
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And then when you hear about the kids saying "Oh i was taken advantage of.."

You know it was some fag psychologist for the prosecution and the prosecutors themselves (who's primary focus is "sending a message" or in other words, securing their future senate run) who incentivized being a victim. Mom gets off their case about fucking teacher, they get all sorts of attention for being a "victim" just like women are, and a false sense of vindication from sending that "horrible monster" to jail.

Instead of allowing the boys to celebrate their conquest, and fulfilling the fantasy of every schoolboys since teachers stopped being old bitches who wear burlap sacks, inspiring fucking entire songs about being Hot for Teacher, we teach them how to be weak. How to manipulate peoples emotions. How to be women.

They say men are aggressive. And we are. But women are just as aggressive. They do it their way. Have you ever seen a group of girls be mean to another girl? They're fucking vicious. At least with guys you get punched and it's over. With women, it's a fucking emotional slaughter.
>mature enough to understand the implications of sex

No, I think its these priviled little hoes that figured out by 15yr that the system is there to protect them. Guys hits you? He goes to jail. Girl can defile your existance anyway she pleases, as long as it gets he to her next victim. There day-walkers i swear.
So you're a sensitive whiteknight patronizing suckup because you're not able to get sex without gender brownnosing?
Glad someone talks about this.
Big tv program In my country talked about this last week.
The fact that lots of influential or rich peopple have been involved in pedophile shit makes you think:
Do they accomplish their fantasies cause they have power BUT there are other thousands who have the same desires but are unable of getting to those pedophile nets.

The fact that feminism or a dead dog inspire more comments online that when a pedophile is released from prision makes you think.

Most of the shit in our history has happened bc of silence.
Silence is the weapon of evil.
>thinking most WOMEN can hold a conversation of value.
Ya, no. Your part of the problem. I would advise against a redpill sir, your brain may implode

Right. I'm not talking about this because I'm some "closet hebe." I'm just pointing out that it happens a lot. Like, a lot a lot. With all the people we're supposed to not expect it from. But it happens anyway. So at that point? Is it really so crazy? Imagine if everyone in the world suddenly revealed they did hard drugs and enjoyed it. So why are we even enforcing drug laws?
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>When's the last time you talked to a 15yo? You seriously think they are mature enough to understand the implications of sex?

What implications? You fuck it feels good, you move on. What, do you think because you Kiss someone that somehow inaugurates a relationship?

Nobody wants to fuck a 15 year old for the conversation. No guy worth a damn gives a shit about "the implications". Humans are biologically attracted to youth (better chance of procreating) health & beauty (better chance of producing offspring that will live longer and attract a mate). Intelligent conversation doesn't come into the mix.

Your sensitive guy routine may fly with women, and you might even have had it shoved down your throat by your mom and your cuck dad to the point that you believe it, and you may even feel the urge to have a fucking roundtable discussion on the Peloponneseian war with every chick you fuck, but theres a huge contingent of us out there that are satisfied with fulfilling our basic biological urges without a taking into consideration a bunch of leftist noam chomsky/andrea dworkin bullshit.

But there IS a clear distinction between the mind of a 15yo and an 18yo. It's not my fault some people are too developmentally stunted to know the difference.


Social equality is a double-edged sword. The more we actively look at and discuss these sorts of problems, the less advantages women hold.


You just need to hug and make up with your mom, anon. Life is too short.
Well, protecting from ourselves i think.
As i said it happens a lot on high social levels because they are more on the spotlight than others, but imagine if everyone knew the way to accomplish that pedo fantasies.
Its kinda scary, and even more if you imagine the shit tone of cases we dont know.

To make an example about what i said before, In 2013 due to a european law, dozens of criminals where released from prision. No one protested on the streets.
Do people only care for immigrants and fake moral shit??
Isnt that important?
Honestly i understand society less and less everyday.
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