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So I watched a video of a kid getting rekt by a huge dude and

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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So I watched a video of a kid getting rekt by a huge dude and it reminded me of my psycho ass brother. My brother B is a god damn madman.

>Grow up in crappy gang neighborhood.
>Dad sends B and I to go get groceries.
>No car because dad is a slight faggot and B is too poor to afford his own
>B's cool with the local hoodrats but we've got to leave their area to get to the store.
>On our way there we cut through a side alley.
>Three dudes start heckling us. I'm getting nervous, since I'm only 12 at the time, but B don't give a fuck.
>Dude walks in front of us, blocking our way.
>"Hey bro, I like that chain, let me get a look at it."
>B wore my mother's cross/gold chain everywhere.
>He shook his head and said to fuck off.
>the guys laughed and said don't be like that.
>Started posturing. Said "give it to me."
>Reached for it.
>B slaps his hand away.
>dude clocks B right in the jaw, and the other two guys grab him and start punching him.
>I know better than to interrupt, I'd only get in the way.
>B grabs one dude's leg and yanks him down, uppercuts the second dude, and checks the first guy to the ground. He goes back to the second dude, grabs his shirt and unloads right in his face until the other two get back on their feet.
>Throws dude 2 at dude 3, takes a few punches from dude 1 and punches him right in the god damn throat, kicks him in the balls then does this fucking MMA shit basically tossing this motherfucker like a frisby.
>Goes back to dude 3, throws all his weight into the guy.
>Knocks him flat
>Just starts feeding him fists left and right to the head.
>Dude one comes up, puts my brother in a choke hold.
>B reaches up for his face, and jams a thumb in the dudes eye.
>gets up and grabs his hair and his throat and throws him to the ground.
>Kicks the shit out the two guys on the ground.
>Dude 2 helps the other guys up and they start taking off.
>B chases them for 3 blocks until he lost sight of them.
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939KB, 240x135px
>He turns to me (I followed him) and goes "What a bunch of faggots."
>Cashier's fw we go to the grocery store with my brother's eye swelled, nose crooked and face covered in blood.
>Go home after.
>Dad asks us what happened.
>B shrugs.
>his girlfriend stops by later
>nigga didn't even bother cleaning himself up.
>"Oh my god babe what happened?"
>His response?
>Not a care in the world.

Who wants to hear more?
I'm pretty sure B's life inspired a GTA game or a GTA knock off, because he's live one hell of a life.
You expect me to read all that or what the fuck?
Inb4 fresh prince or dinosaur
B sounds like an interesting dude, keep going anon
Lol newfag
>B is just chilling with no shirt on the couch one day
>"Hey aren't you coming to school?"
>"For what?"
>"Did you get in trouble for something?"
>He shrugs and sparks a joint.
>"Were you fighting?"
>"Not really."
>"What does not really mean?"
>Basically what happened was some kid started ragging on B over our mom - she was a ragged woman, our dad thought she was gonna be his american beauty or some bullshit.
>Left home for drugs and black dudes.
>Called her a whore and shit like that.
>She was gone when I was like 6 but B spent most of his childhood with her.
>He is not amused.
>So he did what any rational human being would do.
>He threw a desk at the kid
>I don't mean he shoved it over and it got 1 foot of air.
>I mean he lifted this thing over his fucking head and hulk threw it like a fucking human catapult.
>the kid got rekt so hard that B got arrested and nearly expelled
>He only got off because my dad cried "instigation" and shit like that.
>But B is not the type of man who gives fucks.
>After he demolished that poor son of a bitch, he sat right back down in his chair, no desk, and calmly waited, almost as if expecting class to just resume as normal.

Plenty more where this comes from.
Keep going! Idc if it's fake, I love it either way!
So the reason the gangs are all cool with us is because they have an insane amount of respect for B. Like I said, he's an absolute madman.

>B started buying weed from a local hoodrat.
>One day B goes over to buy some weed (he smokes with our dad regularly).
>Door's wide open.
>Walks in to a fucking scene out of a god damn movie.
>Some big nigger is sitting there with a gun pointed at hoodrat's face.
>B says nothing.
>Nigger looks at B.
>B immediately reacts.
>grabs a nearby side table (like a tall ass table for putting up potted plants and shit),
>Throws it like a harpoon at nigger
>B rushes Nigger, picks up a coffee table (a small one but still)
>Picks it up and uses it like a bat
>Beats the nigger with it
>Once the nigger is unconscious he drops the table like it's a fucking orange, turns to the hoodrat, and goes "so I got like 50 bucks, you wanna hook me up?"

Apparently hoodrat was actually brothers with some really respected thug around the neighborhood so they looked out for B and our family from that point on.
Anon, I fucking love B and I need all of your greentexts
B's the type of badass we all want to be.
So as you can see, there's a distinct pattern here. B generally hulks out, demolishes some poor bastard with his inhuman strength, and then returns to being total zen. This dude is the reincarnation of a fucking samurai I swear.

>By some miracle, B started going to college.
>Community college, but still.
>There's a party for all the hoodlums in town.
>B goes, brings me and brings his girl.
>His girl brought this bottle of something, I can't remember what it was for the life of me. Vodka probably.
>B goes to mingle.
>Some dude starts hitting on his girl while he's making small talk with hoodrats.
>Dude is putting the moves, girl, who's name is Mel, is totally uninterested.
>Starts tugging on her arm.
>One of the guys says to dude "Yo that's B's girl, don't risk it," but the guy is drunk.
>B comes back, ignores the guy and starts talking to Mel and being all cute and shit
>Dude starts heckling him and says "Man why you cockblocking?"
>I immediately go to the other side of the room
>I've been caught in B's nuclear fallout before
>I know now it's safer to hide when shit hits the fan.
>B grabs the bottle of booze from Mel's hand , and cracks the dude in the head with it. >Surprisingly it doesn't break, so he pops off the lid and starts chugging it while the dude recovers.
>Dude swings at B
>Hits him in the cheek but it's kind of pathetic
>B spills alcohol all over himself
>B smashes the bottle on the guy's face, breaks his nose, and KO's him.
>Host walks in
>"What the fuck?"
>B looks at him, and no word of a lie says "Fucking faggot spilled my drink."
man you need to make a movie about your brotha
This is awesome
How tall and heavy is B, anon?
find a photo of him now or then please !
>Again at a party.
>This was before he was dating Mel.
>B starts flirting with this negress with an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.
>Someone tells B to back off, that's Negro's sister, nobody fucks with his sister, ect.
>B holds up a condom, smacks negress on the ass as she goes upstairs and says "tell negro I'm about to go up there and fuck his sister in her tight ass."
>I cannot make this shit up man.
>What a fucking champion.
>True to his word, he goes upstairs and nails this girl.
>I didn't see this but apparently negro went upstairs looking for him.
>B strolls downstairs alone and rejoins the party. He joins me in the backyard.
>Negro comes out and he's fuming.
>This man is the biggest, blackest fucking nigger I have ever seen. Like holy fuck.
>Bigger than B
He's roughly 5ft10 but he's built like a gorilla. I don't know his weight, and he looks kind of lean with a shirt on, but his arms are like god damn cantaloupes.
>Negro gets in B's face, shoving him.
>"You think it's funny cracking jokes about my sister" and shit like that.
>B says, and I am 100% telling the truth here, "I wasn't kidding. I fucked your sister in her ass and I busted my kids all over her face." He then pulls out a joint and says to Negro "You got a light?"
Shit. Went. Down.
File: 1458737681771.gif (126KB, 151x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 151x200px
OP here, picture of my brother exercising.
M8, I'm loving every one of these stories, thank you for making my night, /b/ro
>Negro shoved B and started swinging. They traded punches and blows.
>Now this guy was pretty big, and he actually managed to pin B against the wall, and was just feeding him body and head shots.
>I rush in to be the dutiful brother and get my face demolished alongside B.
>I must have forgotten that B is actually Odin reincarnated.
>B knees Negro in the balls and shoves him, bowling me over in the process.
>He gets his arms around Negro's waist.
>Negro is probably near 250 pounds.
>Negro is feeding B rib shots.
>Manages to lift Negro
>Negro is too heavy even for B.
>Instead of faltering, he uses his inability to lift this goliath to his advantage
>He lets nature take it's course.
>Gravity kicks in
>Negro was leaning too far forward
>B falls back
>Negro's skull slams into the fucking concrete backyard patio at Mach 5.
>Host called an ambulance.
>We genuinely thought Negro was dead
>He lived but he had to get 3 stitches in his head and had a gnarly concussion.
This story isn't over.
B is a legend, someone needs to save these for future generations
there's a B on every block. He's just lucky no one shot him yet
He's right. I once knew a crazy ass brandon too. Wasnt my bro, but still.
File: 1444946986888.jpg (124KB, 800x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is your older brother a massive drughead?
That's the only kind of person I'd imagine to have a reaction like that.
No, we don't expect that of you, anon, we're all sensitive to your condition.
Bump with some fag from Facebook
Mental retardation?
>Negro's hoodlum friends are pissed.
>Hoodrats approach B
>They tell him they'll watch his back
>Tell him not to travel alone
>B doesn't give a fuck.
>I didn't see this first hand, but I heard this from an eye witness.
>B was walking home from this girl's house.
>It's 1 in the morning.
>Two hoodlums show up.
>One's carrying a bat.
>They say some stupid nigger shit about their "homie".
>B says "Go suck each others dicks on a different street, I'm busy."
>Dude reaches behind his back
>B immediately assumes gun
>He jumps forward, punches gunfag in the stomach and flips him.
>As batfag is beating B with the fucking bat, B is just ignoring him and stomping his foot down on gunfag.
>Finally he realizes that he's getting hit with a baseball bat.
>Steps back, punches the guy, and recoils.
>His arm is broken from the bat.
>Does B give a fuck? No.
>Batfag swings again, B uses his broken arm as a shield, punches the dude in the throat, and sparta kicks him back.
>It is at this point that the commotion woke up one of the hoodrats who came outside with a shotgun and told the hoodlums to run off at gun point.
>So gunfag and batfag start taking off.
>What does B do?
>Does he nurse his broken arm? Go home? Call an ambulance?
>He fucking chased them, picked up a bottle off the street, and tossed it at batfag. He chased them until the hoodrats caught up to him and made him stop.
>B is our neighborhood's urban legend now.
How do you know he immidiately sat down in his chair after?
You're being quite overly descriptive for someone that wasn't there..
All lies?
>>Go home after.

Do you expect humans to not lie?

C'mon Anon.
Do we give a fuck??? No.
This is.. phenomenal....
and his name is John Cena!!!
he dead yet?
what is he doing now?
Shhh, that's not nice, be more sensitive.
Probably because B told him, you nigger
So he tells you these stories?
Wow, of all the things that never happened this didn't fucking happen you fag
We need pictures of B so he can b the new king of /b/.
Alright, I'll be sensitive this one time, but next time imma drop a peoples elbow on his candy ass.
He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight. /B/.
I can't believe you fags are believing any of this bullshit. And if it's true, your brother is a fucking nobody who's going nowhere in life
I do want to "believe" B is an absolute fucking madman
Yeah he does all kinds of drugs, mostly weed and coke.
We had a lot of mutual friends and stories of B were passed around like urban legends in my neighborhood.

This one cracks me up.

>B finally gets a car
>He got flunked out of college but got a job with some construction guys.
>While driving, this dude cuts a stop sign and smashes into B's car.
>He looks at me and goes "You good?"
>Other dude gets out of his car, it's some stupid fucking nig and his fat ape girlfriend nog.
>Nig and Nog are already screaming and yelling about the accident.
>B calmly gets out of the car and surveys the damage.
>Nig gets in B's face and B shoves him back roughly.
>It is at this point that Nig realizes B is twice his size.
>Nog hasn't clued in yet.
>Nog starts yelling in B's face, screaming.
>Nig is starting to get quiet
>B snaps, shoves Nog back and turns to Nig and says "Shut that fucking bitch up."
>Nig tells him to fuck off, don't touch my girl, that kind of shit.
>B starts shouting back, eventually says "This shit is all your fault, are you gonna pay for my fucking car or not?"
>Nig says "Fuck no I-" and before he can get another word in he's eating B's fists.
>Nog the ape-whale jumps on B's back but he shoves her off.
>Now, B isn't normally one for hitting a woman but the sheboon kept coming back and punching him.
>Finally he's had enough
>He shoves her (towards the cars) and falcon punches her right in the jaw.
>She falls like a tree, her head slams into the hood of Nig's car, and she's gone.
>B gets in his car and drives away like nothing happened.

You guys want a feelsy story with B or just more asskickings?
File: hesher-trailer-01.jpg (319KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is this B?
>"Fucking faggot spilled my drink."

You sure we shouldn't call him /b/ OP?
feelsy story
This thread is very homosexual.
>>Surprisingly it doesn't break, so he pops off the lid and starts chugging it while the dude recovers.

Wow how fucking convenient. Stop telling shitty lies and go write a book instead
No, that looks like that one faggot SJW actor, Joseph Gordon-something
That's not where the weak point in his stories are, a full bottle of liquid won't smash if you smack someone's head with it.
Saw it on Mythbusters ;)
fake and gay, all this thread
If you want to see a movie where the character is a lot like the fictional character OP made up, then watch the movie " Hesher "
>be 14
>hanging out with two other friends, Bam Bam (as in Bam Bam from the Flintstones, kid is 15 and is pure muscle) and Shane
>we're kind of shit heads but we don't go out of our way to give people shit
>walking through a shitty part of town, cut through a park
>walking past a couple tables
>recognize a couple of the guys there
>they see us and apparently have a problem with myself and Shane, may have something to do with us fucking their sisters but we never resolved that aspect of our relationship
>they get up and start coming towards us
>ready to go, at the time I was no kung fu master but I had a few years of martial arts and boxing so I wasn't too worried despite it being about 2 to 1
>the second they get in range of Bam Bam all I hear is a wet smack and one falls
>motherfucker keeps his pimp hand strong
>he doesn't stop
>motherfucker just goes after them so fast they can barely turn and run
>they don't get far, Bam Bam runs a six minute mile
>I Shane and I look at each other
>Bam Bam acts like he didn't just one punch man seven guys in about twelve seconds
>we go on our way

The moral of this story, don't fuck with Bam Bam.
I want all of them, but a feisty B story would be great
beat down town
I feel like you're just insulting us now
Nah. Imagine if Connor McGregor was born in chicago and did an assload of drugs. He's kind of similar to that.

>So as I said before, B had a special place in his heart for our mom. I didn't really care much, because in my opinion she left us to do drugs and fuck niggers so the hell with her.
>But B still cared about her.
>He asks his new girlfriend at that time to help track her down.
>He says to me "hey anon, I talked to mom last week. I asked if we could come by and talk to her."
>I tell him I don't want to go.
>Remind him that she abandoned us.
>"She's still our mom dude. We're going tomorrow."
>"I have work."
>"anon, you're going. Tomorrow. First thing in the morning."
>I call in sick for work because I'd rather lose my job than my life.
>We go, it's actually not far.
>She lives in paradise.
>We call it that as a joke because it's a cockroach infested drug den
>Knock on mom's door.
>She looks like a crack whore to be honest.
>B immediately gives her a great big hug
>She sitting there with a cigarette in her hand and just doesn't know what to do with herself.
>I awkwardly say "hey".
>her place smells bad, it looks like crap, there's dirty dishes everywhere.
>We catch up.
>B tells her everything about school, work, his girlfriend, fighting, what he wants to do for his future, everything.
>Mother is kind of listening, but she just seems kind of empty, almost like when you get so high that you don't really know how to focus anymore? Like that.
I mean, these are some cool stories but I don't think anyone believes you op
It's pretty fucking hard to break most liquor bottles.
You keep going man, We may not believe it but damn. I love me some good stories every once in a while.
More /B/ please OP
hurry up op mor b
Different anon, B is not Bam Bam.


>It's getting late.
>Mom says she'll make some dinner.
>B says no, we'll take her out.
>She shakes her head "I've got food right here don't waste your money"
>He grabs her arm, and she freezes because he's like 3 of her.
>"We're taking you out for dinner, right now."
>"Let me get my coat" she says.
>Dinner was awkward for me, but B had a good time.
>Finally we get back to her place after, and she starts giving us the "it's getting late." speech.
>He says to her "ok we'll get out of here, but I need to know before I go."
>It's one of the only times I've seen him display an emotion outside of the typical caveman range.
>"Why did you leave us?"
>She starts giving this spiel about how things weren't working out with our dad and stuff but he cuts her off.
>"I don't care about dad I'm asking you why you left US? Me, anon. You didn't even call, you just left and never contacted us again and I want to know where you went and why you didn't come back."
>She shrugs. Like mother like son I guess. "You're right. I should have done that."
>"Why didn't you?"
>"I don't know. I never really thought about it."
>He backs down and accepts that answer.
>"I love you mom," he says as we leave.
>She didn't say it back.
>I didn't see her again but I know he put in a lot of effort to visit her every few weeks, his girlfriend complained to me once about how B made her help him clean his mom's place up.
>I say his mom, because I was done with her.
>Then all of the sudden he stopped visiting her.
>I asked him after 6 months of him not bringing her up and not visiting her.
>He shrugged. "She moved."
>"She didn't tell me."
>"What DID she tell you?"
>"Nothing. One day I knocked on her door and she wasn't there. The building manager said she moved out, didn't know where. He still had all her mail."
>I noticed that he had stopped wearing the her chain.
Feels story over, back to ass kicking
I do faggot. You don't speak for anyone nigger
Dude pull the stick outa your ass and beleive for the sake of fun. Why do niggers gotta be so cynical
Does B like animals? Has he ever beaten up an animal abuser?
i swear if this thread 404's be4 get more good stories imma be upset, /b/ hasnt had to many good story threads lately
This is the last one that I was a personal witness to.

>I was about 14.
>Bullies started picking on me
>Mostly saying shit about us being poor or my mom being a hooker.
>Walking home one day.
>B sitting on our porch.
>A group of kids were heckling me.
>I approached our house when the alpha of the negro pack shouted "Yo mom sucks a mean dick, she only charge me 5 dollars too, you missed out."
>B heard.
>He drags his chair behind him like a caveman.
>Throws it at the kid from like 12 feet away.
>As it hits he starts running
>Bowls the kid over and starts kicking the shit out of him, shouting "what the fuck did you say about my mom? I didn't hear you properly, say it again" shit like that. Just demolishing him.
>He turns to the other kids.
>"You got something to say too?"
>They scattered. He chased them down. One unlucky bastard was too slow for B. He reached out and grabbed this scrawny negro by his fucking long ass dreads, dragged him to the ground and broke his jaw.
>Those kids left me alone after that.
>Apparently the older brother of one of the kids approached B later in the week and told B he was sorry for his brother being a dick and thanked B for not killing him.
>B looked him right in the eyes and said
Type faster!
Honestly if I had a kid like that I'd leave them too.
> I grew up in the hood
> I don't know what a hood rat is

Ooo k
Is B a nigger OP?
So does he like animals or not? Animal abuser story??
come on, this shit come from the fantasies of a white middle-class weeaboo
Why do you think it's on /b/? Everything on here is fake, weeb.
No, faggot. /b/ = truth
I don't know. But he does love dogs. He's got a beast of a Rottie now that he named Dart and he loves the fuck out of that thing.

>B's not really a heroic guy
>he rarely gets involved in shit that isn't his direct problem.
>He's not exactly the nicest guy either
>In fact, when it comes to relationships, he's, to be completely honest, kind of an asshole.
>He's a good guy he's just really selfish.
>But if he liked you, as much of a prick as he could be he was loyal and had your back.
>He got friendly with a neighbor girl.
>She always brought her kid to the park that B and his buddies smoked weed at.
>Him and babymaker got along well, she was pretty down to earth and relaxed.
>And despite his temper and violent tendencies he was actually pretty good with kids.
>So one day babymaker confessed to him that her boyfriend slaps her around and hit her kid once.
>B is pretty non-chalant about it.
>I heard this from babymaker's neighbor, he was a good buddy of mine.
>B walked Babymaker home
>Tells her to wait at the sidewalk.
>She says why
>he ORDERS her to wait by the sidewalk with her kid.
>He pounds on the door
>Babydaddy answers.
>B says hello with his fist, wrecks the dude's shit, beats him until he breaks his own knuckle, then he shouts loud enough for the neighbors to hear "if you ever smack that little boy or his mom around again you're gonna see me again."
>Regarding that incident, when I asked him about it he said this:
>"what kind of faggot hits their own kid anyways?"
If b is truth ur wrong
>love dogs
>love family
>protect family
>super cool guy
>also good with kids
>punch every nigger in the face
>he reply "huh" like a retarded anime character
>bang hot chicks

come one, this is all fake and guy
welcome to /b/ you fucking newfag
Doesn't matter, read story.
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
fakest gayest shit i ever did dun waste my time reading.

im outta here, nothing but some kids gay fantasy story anyway.

the bible is a better read than this, and they're both fictitious.
3 guys trying to get a piece of shit chain get caught up in a 30 minute fight sequence B.ullshit
Jesus. No wonder the reading rates around the world are going down. These faggots open a book, look at the first page and say "hur this is fake, it didn't happen"
>B goes to a concert with friends.
>Some dudes get pretty handsy with him, elbowing.
>he tries ignoring them and tries to have a good time but they start shoving
>B snaps and starts swinging.
>Throws a dude into the crowd, just starts punching everybody.
>Security broke it up and kicked him and 5 other people later.
>I asked him what happened when he got home, all he said to me was "I punched some faggots in the face."
>He was pretty beat up.
>I asked his buddy what happened.
>Basically he tried to fight like 10 fucking guys.
>Obviously they kicked the shit out of him but he apparently got a few good swings in.
>Another time he's at the bar drinking.
>I don't know the context but his buddy goes out to the parking lot to scrap with this dude.
>Dude and Buddy fight in the parking lot, B and the other smokers watch.
>Buddy gets rekt.
>Dude keeps hitting him though even though he's down.
>B's stumble-drunk, but he walks up to the guy, drops his cig, and pulls the dude off of Buddy and says "you won, now fuck off."
>Dude swings at B for some reason, probably adrenaline.
>misses completely.
>Swings again. Misses again.
>B headbutts him right in the nose, drops Dude like a fucking stone.

Ok, that's pretty much all the fight stories I know. He's gotten into a bunch of other bar fights but I don't know the details of those ones.
File: 1449979027014.png (112KB, 276x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shut your dumbass up and check em faggot
Honestly, the guy denying is trying to b8. On /b/. Go back to youtube comments, faggot
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Thread images: 7

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