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First sexual experiences thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First sexual experiences thread?
this is a joke right
my first and last experiences are the same and they both end with the death of my dog
Bump for interest
elaborate pls
>I gave her her first orgasm
>Our first time was cut short since her hymen breaking hurt her too much
>She dumped me before we got into a real rhythm

Thanks for reminding me OP you fucking faggot.
Kill yourself faggot
>lost my virginity May 25, 2014
>had condom on, she was on top
>felt nothing even though she was going up and down
>paranoid thinking she's pretending and it's not actually in
>end up taking condom off and trying missionary
>dick won't stop fucking bending and is now semihard
>sex over
>felt nothing
>didn't cum
>be me, 18 yo M
>desperate to lose my virginity
>download tinder
>no matches for weeks
>first match is overweight, 45 year old
>6/10 face, thick ass, decent tits
>try small talk
>"stfu kid. Are we gonna fuck or what?"
>she'll pick me up after work
>mfw 4 hours til then
>Like Christmas fucking Eve
>Buy candoms
>Take a shit
>Still two hours to go before my virgin days are over
>Check tinder
>Look more closely at her picture
>Wait a minute
>Those glasses
>That hair
>mfw it's my 5th grade teacher
>older but definitely her
>used to let me read fantasy novels since I'd finish early
>Do I tell her or not?
>Don't wanna ruin this
>Say nothing
>"Hey I'm outside. Look for a blue jeep"
>Oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck
>Go outside, see blue jeep
>Heart pounding, instincts say "GO BACK INSIDE AND JERK OFF"
>Dick vetoes that decision
>Go over to passenger side door, we smile at each other
>Does she recognized me?
>Get in

go on
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>came buckets
>open passenger door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>me, 16m
>alone with 20yo cousin watching movies
>get molested
>thought playing, turned to sex
Continued from

>Small talk for a couple of minutes
>She hasn't started the car
>Fuck. I'm not gonna get any pussy am I?
>"Are you really 18"?
>mfw at least I got one thing going for me. Show her ID
>"I'm kinda ashamed. You're old enough to be my son"
>"No, my mom is 53"
>She laughs
>"You're funny"
>The power of greyskull surges through my body
>"Yea, I can be bad too..."
>If she thought it was cringe, she didn't say so
>"Oh yeah?"
>we start making out
>first real kiss
>10/10 this is already worth it
>grabs my dick
>Drive to her apartment
>Only like 2 miles away
>Go to her room
>The rest is history

I lasted a decent 30 minutes thanks to the condom.

And that was my first sexual experience. We still fuck like once every other month, 2 years later
> 9 years old
> mom is in the hospital due to a pulmonary issue
> Step father comes in my room, says he will give me a massage to help me relax
> He start massaging my shoulders
> He goes down to my ass
> I can feel some sort of slippery lotion being spread on my ass
> He pushes his dick in my ass
> My mind goes into a NOP -> WTF -> NOP loop
> He tells me I can masterbate while he does this
> After a few pushes he is done
> He leaves my room, to take a piss
> I can't hold my shit in for a few months, and soil a few boxers.
> 14 years later, I found him and murdered him.
> feelsgoodman.jpg
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>with girl
>take off pant
>she suc
>remove her panti
>be me 14yo
>be friend with my older best friend ex
>she's 16
>she leave him and start to talk to me
>Ask directly if she interested by me
>she said yes
>Fuck her a few day later
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>16 yrs old
>horny as fuck
>summer time, neighborhood kids all at friends pool
>friends 14 yr old sis feelin muh dik under water
>tell her i am going inside and she should come in in a bit
>hear her come inside (no parents home cuz daytime)
>"Im in here, Anonette!"
>*little does she know my dick is out*
>comes into bathroom to see my slightly shrinkaged half chub
>first and only dick shed ever seen so cool with it
>"Can i touch it?"
>finally gets real hard and i tell her get naked
>see she has HUGE ass bush.
>dont wanna fuck with that pussy
>but somehow the sight of it makes me cum as im standing in front of her, sprayng all over her belly and thighs
>she laughs
>but is cool about it
>rubs her clit and orgasms in front of me
>32 years old
>Gullivers in Khao San Road
>bought a young cute Thai 20yr old student 'tour guide' girl a drink
>she picked me up at the end of the night, outside the bar as i left
>took her back to my cheap police run hotel
>spent the next five hours eating Thai pussy, sucking toes and howling like a demented monkey
>too drunk to fuck her
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went about like this
>14 y/o
>gf is at my place
>she's 15
>fuck on sofa while my parents are out
>pull out
>cum goes everywhere
>spend next half hour cleaning cum off of couch cushions
>overall, 9/10
Fuck you and your shits... I'm a wizard!
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i had a sexual experience when i was 12 to a 16 yr old but i carnt be bothered to tell the details
>sorry /b/
>23 birthday
>gf says she has special present
>go baxk to her place
>heavy petting
>making out
>clothes come off
>condom goes on

>mfw i lasted 3.5 seconds
>mfw gf says 1 month later shes pregnant
>we used condom
>kids not mine
>break up with cheating whore

Havent talked to her since
zoochan stuff
just lost virginity what do

fuck, i lost alright

too funny
>get drunk at party
>go in room to play red or black
>black out
>horny cousin fucks me while I'm blacked out
Only found out because her mom was all drunk and giving her shyt when i awoke in my brother and his gf's bed
None. About to reach wizard status though, so thats nice.
Why bother mentioning it at all?
congrats on this precious moment, i believe in you /b/ro
Buy a whore or something
>be 13, with twin sister
>recently had sex ed class in school and learned about vagina and penis
>me and her curious now
>after school parents didnt come home till later
>we start talking about each others parts
>in room naked
>start touching
>get hard
>say lets try putting it in
>tight and wet af
>start going for a while
>shes moaning more and more
>start to feel something in my penis feels so good
>nut in her
>nearly pass out
>asks if felt like that for her and she said yes
>she never got prego
>realised not to nut inside again cause babies
>we do this for a long time till she eventually gets bf and i get gf
>22 now havent done it in a while but we are both open to it anytime
How come you cucks be virgin in your 20s-30s. Pussy is really easy to get. I'm fucking 2 girls (same girls) basically everyday. Sometimes both of them the same day. Anyway
>be 9
>be poor in the south
> 12 yr old neighbor doesn't have tv at home
>invite her to come watch cartoons with me
> told her if she wants to keep watching she have to give me pussy
> she agrees
> we go to my room
> I sniff her pussy (smells so fucking good)
> my little dick is so fucking hard
> go in her pussy
>my first sexual experience
>Be 5 or 6
>Alone in parents room with big brother watching tv
>Brother asks if I want to try something cool
>Of course I do
>He tells me to lie down on the bed and take off my pants...

I'll see myself out.
>be 4
>family living in two room temp house while ours is built
>temp is large house divided up into many units, only one hotwater system so showers go cold quick
>sis and mom shower together
>dad and me shower together
>dad soaps me and washes me
>he stands up and his cock is full on hard
>I grab it because its like a handle
>he moves so I effectively wank him off
>when the cum squirts mind=blown
>wank dad when ever I can after that
>lose interest when I'm about 7
>be 20 ask dad about it
>says it never happened
>calls me a faggot for having faggot dreams about faggot things that never happened
>feel sad

so fucking what

>cool story bro
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give us deets on the revenge

also out of interest, are you gay now?
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[[Disclaimer: I've had my Bj's back in the day and handies and other stuff this is my first time at vaginal sex.]] Bitch didn't know how to suck a dick. She destroyed my dick while handy. I had to tell her please don't do that like a testosterone induced alpha male. I'm an uncut fag.
When I put my penis inside.


She got out of tempo a lot of times while fucking. Suddenly bitch broke my foreskin.
It was also the bitch first time so you can guess how my sheets ended.
Now I have a blood stain on my mattress.

Whats up /b/ros?
How can you cum prematurely with a condom? I don't get you guys
right? i can't cum in a condom, period.

some of these stories may not be true
i have literally came without moving inside a woman before. as in just staying completely still with dick inside and i still insta-cum
It is possible. I used to cum very fast with a condom. I had to buy those Trojan condoms that basically numb your dick. After having a lot of sex after that, I can last a good 15-20 mins now without one. Sometimes 5 mins if I'm too anxious.
oh shit that's why I lasted so long
pretty much the same
A little off topic but who cares
>Be me when I was 7
>Followed brother everywhere
>Followed him to his friend's house.
>Acted kinda shady
>He brought money
>He told me to close my eyes
>I peeked
>I saw my brother buying printed off pictures of futa girls with big dicks
>My brother just bought $10 worth of free porn.
Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 12

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