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ITT: Times when you fucked up the computer as a kid

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Times when you fucked up the computer as a kid
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Joel pls
Back when I was in grade school, probably about 15 years ago now, we used to install Bonzai buddy on all the library computers and make it say shit on full volume. Was great times.
I remember he used to sing Daisy Bell, a bicycle built for two, as well.
Brings back some memories.
I don't know if this is what you mean, but I have one
>be me
>be like 9ish
>mom has a new laptop
>only computer in the entire house
>my older brother is always on it when my mom isn't
>hardly use it
>fast forward a few months
>start to fight with brother over computer
>gets into physical fight
>keep stealing the laptop from each other like a tom and jerry cartoon
>he eventually corners me at the bed
>I get tackled to the floor
>mfw we cracked the entire screen
>mfw my mom loved that computer
>mfw she never bought another computer again
Consistantly deleting shit from the add/remove programs off the family xp. I thought it would make it go faster. Mo memory mo problems
Oh, also...
deltree /y *.*
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>yfw you say >mfw with no fw
>Be me
>be like 10 at the time
>downloaded every cool mouse pointer I saw
>pointer was glittery and shit, pretty cool
>download more
>its a virus
>be young
>want to delete shit to make room/make faster
>think autoxec.bat is a car (auto) game...
>luckily did not remove it
>still young
>still ms-dos
>tell grandfather to buy new HDD
>don't know anything about partitioning and installing ms-dos

uncle had to fix
I took this a step further and deleted where the shortcuts pointed (.exe files for games) thinking they were all useless. Oh how i was wrong.
>Downloaded "Legit runescape bot"
>Turns out it fucked my entire computer
>Cry for days

That's my only one
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>be me
>5 years old
>parents get me a an eMachines T1100 for Christmas
>discover spider solitare
>no idea what the fuck it is
>am absolute shit at it
>have a brilliant plan
>open as many windows as possible
>do random moves in each window
>I'll win at least one of the games
>get around 20 windows open before the computer freezes
>go get my dad
>he opens task manager
>100% ram usage
>hfw I crash a computer with solitare

And that's how I learned ctrl+alt+del.

>First family computer - A gateway branded one cost over a £1000.
>Accidentally deleted a driver or something.
>What have I done?
>Had to ring the Gateway premium rate technical helpline.
> Was made to feel like an idiot for 30 minutes > Female technical advisor was getting frustrated and impatient with how slow I was.
>Technical advisor clearly hated her job, having to deal with clueless idiots all day.
>Drill instructored me through the entire process.
>Too you to know that I should have demanded to speak to her supervisor.
>sweaty armpits.
>Later that month phone bill came in
>sweaty armpits back.
That's bonzy buddy , he's an ape not a fucking tree
Deleted ac97 driver from pc. No audio on pc for several years until we got a new one.
>old computer
>windows vista
>used to run fine until about 3 years ago
>rarely BSOD'd a few times
>have new computer
>windows 7
>only got a BSOD once because of incorrectly closing Cave Story
lol sheeeit i also did this when i was like 10
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>be me around 10
>get 10,000 free hours of AOL on disc in mail
>start trolling chat rooms
>discover warez like punters and other "progs" like pic related
>start trading progs with anyone who was willing
>progs I installed fuck up computer...bad
>manage to get AOL account TOS'd and get everyone in family's accounts banned
>no more computer or internet for me for like 2 years
hehehe, destruction is a way of learning... quite good one, since you never forget the lessons ><
nice ^^
>Type 'tit's' into search engine.
>Click on free porn link enchanted by moving image.
>A million pop ups infest the screen in zero seconds flat.
> Father comes in, porn pop ups still multiplying at an exponential rate.
>Dad stares at screen transfixed.
>Type the opportunity to get the fuck out there.
>Later find out older brother just pulled the plug out of the wall.
>Clearly older brother had fallen into this trap before.
>Go to bed that night with porn images still dancing in front of my eyes until I fall asleep.
>tfw i didnt even know that was a thing
Bonzi, whatever.
You were wrong too, and he's probably double your age.
omg i remember that game
I did the shopping for my mum and me
Love it
When i was about 12 i was gifted my first laptop. Being the horny teen i was i searched for porn. Clicked a google link which gave me a virus which would open meatspin in a new unclosable window. I got paranoid about my parents finding it so i stepped on the latop when it was cllsed and threw it in the trash. This legitimately happened.
>Older brother made a brand new PC from bought parts, thought it'd be cheaper
>Turns out it actually was but whatever
>had windows 2000, was 7 yo atm
>used to have a computer science lab in the school, pretty much was a game library
>decided to take some to home
>computer went slower afterwards
>eventually started to display random pop-ups b4 restarting
>older brother fixed it
>told the pc had around 100 viruses
>be me
>be 8 yo
>be already a porn lover
>get a virus of some kind
>the browser home page is a porn page, can't change it
>open the computer
>cut all the wires i can, smash everything with sissors
>close the computer
>parents call a technician,
>sees all the damages i've done
>parents ask me, harass me for days/weeks
>denied it until they gave up
Underage nd b&
>threw it in the trash

How did you not get caught?
Sadly he's 11 years younger...
I don't think 1 year olds can type, anon.
>be me
>12 years old
>shitty old PC my dad took from his work
>been watching porn since 9
>watching scat porn
>terrified that my dad will see ive been on scat porn
I put it in a retail trash thing. You know the really big ones they have?
>be 13 now
>still have PC with dial-up modem...56k or some shit
>all about dat porn though
>brittany spears is blowing up now
>search for celebrity fap sites
>find a site that works, but requires me to use different dial-up number
>celeb fapper site dials some number in Venezuela or some shit
>surf for a good 30 min til i find something fappable
>parents get phone bill
>$300 phone call to South America
>deny everything
>once again not allowed to use computer anymore
thanks for the nostalgia
>Be me around 12 years old
>Just got the internetz
>Start looking up porn pics
>Now that I think of it I seemed to be into fatties even then
>Right click to zoom show photo full screen
>Accidently click 'set as background'
>Manage to remove the background after a while
>Don't know how to remove the thumbnail from the wallpaper library though
>Fat soapy japanese chick spreading her hairy pussy remains in the desktop background library forever
>Noone noticed (or I hope)
wait what?
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oh my fuck. not entirely relevant to the thread but i started searching all the websites i used to game on, i cant believe some of them are still up and unchanged. anyone remember coffeebreakarcade.com? go check it out its literally the same as it was over a decade ag
>be 10
>save up like 500 DMARK ( germans old currency)
over the course of 2 years
> father runs to some shitty computer expo where you can get stuff really cheap
> buys some shit parts that dont go well together
> shit mui pants
> install gammes, barely run on lowest setting
> computer always crashes, freezes, makes fucked up noises
> one day, heated up unreal tournament match
> close to winning
> freeze
> form a fist and hit as hard as i can on the top of the tomputah out of anger
> computah misteriously doesnt defreeze
> reset and repeat until freeze + deathhand

> 4 months later hear crackling noises inside, dont give a fuck i wanna play unreal

> smoke.jpg

> freeze and never wakes up

thats the story of how i beat the shit out of an pc and got real relaxed in school
bc i had something to unleash anger upon
>be 13 now
>be me
>poorfag third world gamer with shitty computer
>richfag friend gets soul reaver
>get pirate copy of soul reaver
>shit so cash
>it works
>mfw ecstasy
>mfw computer makes meltdown sound and turns off, never to restart again
>never find out what happened to raziel
>early or mid 90s
>parents agree to upgrade from shit compuserv to AOL
>AOL has certain premium content that costs extra
>no one tells me this
>parents get AOL bill for over $500 because i was looking at premium video game and sports content
>pretty sure they got AOL to cancel the bill, but i still got grounded
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>mfw reading this post
>Be kazaa prime
>Start downloading all kinds of movies, music etc...
>Never move files from the sharing folder
>Internet deadly slow all the time
>Get an extra 50-100€ per month for bandwith usage
>mfw I was unknowingly seeding every file I ever downloaded for at least 6 months until someone more techsavy noticed and moved all the files and disabled uploading
>fast forward like 7 years (arount 19 now)
>now think i'm an amateur hacker and hang out in IRC chats
>hear everyone talking about this System 32 shit and how deleting it will brick a PC
>using XP and decide to test it for shits and giggles
>several safeguards in place to prevent deleting it
>manage to do so anyway
>laptop gets all fucked up with graphical errors and shit
>still usable, but can't watch videos (specifically porn)
>reinstall XP and problem solved
>be can't remember how old
>laptop with windows vista
>install everything
>browser consists 60% of toolbars
>search porn on google
>click link
>it opens up a single page in new tab
>I close the tab
>suddenly more tabs keep opening
>decide to be smart and close browser
>oh shit oh shit
>browser windows keep opening
>it's all some porn adware
>took out laptop's battery and never turned it on again
>told parents it got some virus from a computer game or something and that it's not worth fixing because laptop is crap
>still see browser windows filled with porn popping up in my nightmares from time to time
You fight Kain and he jumps into some portal before you can kill him. You go after him and meet some elder who tells you your destiny is about to begin or something.
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potato head.gif
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>Go on shady porn sites around 10 or 11
>dad takes the blame for me when porn viruses clutter desktop
who made that fucking template?
Someone with Parkinson's apparently
When I was a kid I was really intrigued by computers since the first time I used one. I've made so many mistakes and back then I was too scared to tell someone I got viruses on the computer. That's how I learned how to use Google. At the time YouTube was just acquired by Google and I quickly found how useful that was too. If I wasn't spending all day playing runescape I was learning how to pirate games, use visual basic, learn about how Windows works and how to make it faster, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

One of my bigger accomplishments was making a working runescape private server anyone could join, I was about 11 or 12 at the time. I made YouTube videos on how I did it, it ended up getting 600k views before jagex filed a copyright claim. That was pretty cool to say I made a video that 600,000 people have seen when I was only 13 years old
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>be me young af
>used to download so many online games
>also downloaded custom mouse pointers
>thought the contest ads were real
>mfw I realive i bombed multiple computers as a kid
He's telling the story you faggot.
>reddit tier image reactions

Good lord
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>following up to avoid the ban
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I'm neither of those people, but, you're actually retarded... Aren't you.
>Installed a trojan afaik sub7.
>Connected to localhost.
>G2 find out what the crash windows button does.
>Nothing until it boots into bluescreen.

"I've no fucking clue what happened to our pc." Would crash again.
>still samefagging
>posting unrelevant images
Yeah, confirmed for fuckin' inbred.
Du bist nicht angry german kid?
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