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Share your stories of when a girl has either forced or tricked

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Share your stories of when a girl has either forced or tricked you into cumming inside her.
Its kind of depressing that this thread is empty.
one time this girl tricked me and forced me to come inside her
bunch of neckbeards, what do you expect?
I call bullshit
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This girl usually goes to a bar around the corner from me. Drinks a ton.

She usually doesn't have any interest in me.

She was so drunk, she couldn't drive. So I drove her home in her own car. She was only up the street from me.

I start eating her out. Her pussy kind of made my mouth itch. Probably from all the guys she fucked and STDs she has (idk).

Then I fuck her without a condom (not sure what I was thinking, I'm STD free still though).

Anyway, right as I'm about to cum, she holds my ass cheeks with her hands implying she wants me to cum inside her.

She's like 31 or so; so I'm sure she wants a kid.

Sad thing is, she hasn't talked to me since. And she doesn't remember the night we fucked at all either.
Wish I had a story
Hot chick in my office
>dumb as a brick but hot
>she wants my D
>tells another woman in the office she is going to fuck me and get knocked up on company off-site conference
>woman warns me to stay away from her
>I fuck her brains out for 3 days on trip anyway
>I'm sterile form having cancer as a teen
Be me 18 Got off work one day and started drinking tequila with a co-worker and by the time i was home i was really drunk and i had forgotten i was gonna hang out with another female co-worker ended up chilling for a while and then since i haven't fucked in a while i wanted to fuck and asked her to fuck ended up being told that she was on the pill and she told me i could cum in her
She ended up getting pregnant getting an abortion and found this all out 6 months later
>about 30 years ago
>started dating girl. she's 18, i'm 20
>take it slow
>whenever over her house her parents are telling me that I'm a great catch for their daughter
>she's been talking about marriage (WTF... where did THAT come from???)
>been fooling around with her. oral only
>decide to have sex
>getting ready. she's been blowing me, I've been going down on her
>grab a condom and put it on
>she pulls it off
>tells me she wants to feel me cum inside her
>"you're on birth control, right"
>"no anon, but it's OK. I want you to cum inside me"
>stupid me plunges in without protection
>she's got her legs wrapped around me like she'll never let go
>fuck her until I blow my load inside her
>later she tells me she hopes she's pregnant
>she wasn't
>fucked her a few more times with a condom but realized the crazy train was leaving the station and I needed to get off before it did
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mfw you're 50 years old
she missed her period... and you missed quite a few.
yes. is there an age limit for /b?

I drive them crazy on /r9k
You lucky fucker.
>be 20 year old me
>met this grill in a bar
>dance with her get drunk an that stuff
>invites me to her friend's hous
>she clearly wants the D
>get to the house
>shitty place, empty alcohol bottles all over the floor, stinks like weed
>about 5 am, everyone gets tired and go to sleep upstairs
>me & the grill downstairs, start making out.
>almost immediately she takes my pants off and hers too
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kek and check
These arrogant little assholes think they were the first to discover everything and also think they wont age.
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>be me
>be 2 years ago
>be 17
>have 16 year old girlfriend
>having the sex in my room
>talking a bunch of shit beforehand about cumming inside her, beating the pussy up, etc.
>missionary style
>not for the sole purpose of recreation
>condoms are for pussies
>say im about to cum and try to pull out
>wraps her legs around me and says "cum inside me daddy"
>doesn't tell me until a week later she was on birth control
I'm black and she's white btw :^)
Bump time
>Taking the Bait
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your girl sounds like my slut ex. sad thing is not that she hasn't talked to you. the really sad thing is you talking still thinking about her
Learn how to punctuate. This shit hurt my brain.
I'm an ugly looking dude.

This girl, even though slutty, is out of my league.

I kind of look like a mexican caveman.

So yeah, I wouldn't mind having kids with a girl that beautiful.
> meet this red hair dyed hot chick
> sexting for about a month cause shes living in another town
> she tells me shes on birth control
> tell her she has to do an AIDS test else i wont fuck her
> result negative
> fuck her for an entire weekend without a condom
> about two weeks after that my cock starts smelling badly
> liquid dropping out of the tip
> go to doctor
> have to do a smear
> never felt this pain before
> 1 week later doctor calls
> anon you have chlamydia
> mfw i thought i was save fucking her

not that kinda story op was going for but just so you know, babys arent the only thing why you should protect yourself...
thats kinda sad tho, guess you gotta get some type of consolation price
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> GF likes being risky.
> she's not on Birth control
> Always pull out or condom
> one day she's in the mood
> Boner.jpeg
> says she wants to ride me.
> Why not.
> feels good.
> Tell her to get on her stomach so I can finish on her back.
> "let me have my fun"
> GF picks up the pace.
> Oh God I'm Gunna Cum
> I tell gf to pull out.
> Leans down, whispers in my ear
> "No, You're coming inside me."
> Puts her knees by my thighs and squeezes so I can't pull out.
> she grinds me till I cum.
> Moaning I start Nutting inside her.
> leans down in my ear and whispers "Good boy" WHILE I'm still cumming inside her still milking me for every drop.

> Pulls out and she says "I'll pay for the plan B"

month later period.

A few months after that she got an IUD I cum inside her whenever I want.
>dirty slut seduces me
>I'm drunk on a fifth of generic vodka
>she's so tight I can't pull out b4 nutting
>little harlot had no remorse
>she just blinked at me, then pulled up her diaper
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What the fuck? Luis?!
hah, nice
tricked to cum inside equals falcon punch to pussy and a few good kicks in the gut and most importantly spit in her cryin face
or if u a nigger just lesve her ehile shes pregnant and move on to next life to ruin
ever had a girl who just went to sleep after cumming inside her.. with your cum still inside her. take a damn shower or atleast squeeze it out and wipe
Turns into a grilled cheese sammich by morning.
>banging girl in hisghschool
>"I'm on the pill it's ok"
>sweet lord baby Jesus
>"I love the way it feels inside me"
>would cum multiple times inside her

It's one of my dreams for a girl to violently force me to cum inside her but I have resumed wizard training so til then I'll just keep blasting into socks.
>Be 21
>Grill be 18
>She was totally in love with me
>I just wanted to fuck
>She wanted to be on top
>She moved in such a way to break the rubber
>blows load
>She gets off
>Realize rubber broke
>Says it's okay
>She just pulls her panties up with out cleaning her puss.
>Next day same thing again.

Luckily she didn't get preggo.
kek dickcheese sandwhich
Ya see, I don't have any stories like that. Cause I'm the one tricking them into letting me cum in them.
>She said no, stop, don't.

I said fuck that, I don't turn back from a tripple dog dare.
A bitch once told me she was on the pill, she wasn't. Paid child support for 18 fucking years. She went on to have two more bastard children from two other men. She got married some years ago. I wonder what kind of cuck fuck would marry such a whore.
>mfw you're 50 years old
Here... mid 50s... The glories of being IT.. people think I am working, but just browsing 4chan
OK, I got one.

>have gf
>same height almost (me 6'0, her 5'10)
>sex time after a fight
>she is on top
>gotta cum
>tell her
>she rides faster and bears down
>every attempt to twist out fails and brings more pleasure making semen imminent
>lift her entire body off me while she fights it
>manage to see my dick head again come out
>instantly cum and shoot right up into her gaping pussy

Yeah, she got pregnant, she miscarried though.
File: Leak.jpg (43KB, 337x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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< 5 > My present :) http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/eYapRNjL/file.html
How did you discover 4chan old man?
my gf was taking some antibiotics or some shit that apparently weakened or negated the effects of her bc so i had been pulling out. then one day we were getting into it and she was on top and i was about to cum so i went to pull my dick out and she grabbed both my arms and held them above my head and just started riding really hard and fast. oh man that was the best orgasm of my life
ive been fucking this married chick whos 3 years older than me. she had her tubed tied so i can bust nuts in her all day long! feels good man.
Cumming inside is the only place to cum. That being said, girls with IUDs are completely underrated.
well shit
tubes* not tubed

my mother had her tubes tied and still got pregnant with me. decided not to abort the pregnancy and consequently died giving birth to me.

be careful anon
well ive busted many a nut up in her so far so good. yolo!
what in the fuck
Like I've asked girls that who wanted it bare like you got tested? Yes. You got papers? No. You don't have aids or anything? No. Like if someone asks you if you got aids or something you'd think oh well I got this other minor thing no where near bad as aids.
check em, nice trips dubs.
she didnt knew about it until i got it. looks like she realy likes it bare
There was an alcoholic 28 year old at my office that fucked 3 guys trying to get pregnant.
>teens and early 20s
>dating a really cute colombian girl
>perfect body, tiny, mocha skin, round ass, large chest
>we fucked like rabbits after every single weekend or day we were together
>we use condoms for awhile, but we figure out that no-condom feels amazing and start playing with the pull-out method
>many different occasions where she has convinced me to cum inside her
>she tells me one time that she heard from others that being cum inside of feels amazing, that you can feel it hit you inside, and feel the warmth from it. It turns her on thinking about me leaving cum inside her and being able to feel it coat her inside
>we get horny talking about this and she pulls her skirt up and bends over the bed
>while fucking from behind, I tell her I'm going to cum, she reaches behind her and grabs onto my hip and pulls me in closer. Won't let me back away
>tells me to coat her insides with my cum
>I blow the most amazing feeling load I've ever had in my life

Other times that she convinced me:
>playing with each other under the table at her parents house and we sneak off to have a quickie in a side-room while her parents ate. She tells me not to pull out. I cum inside her and she pulls her panties back up to catch any leaks
>rubbing each other one night while driving her home we get to a point where we are too far gone. I pull over and we move to the back seat. It's hot as hell in the car and we're sweating while grinding into each other. Seeing her in the dark covered in sweat and looking sexy is exciting. Tell her I'm about to cum. She grabs my ass and pulls me in. I try to pull out but she bites her lip and says through her teeth that she wants me to cum inside her. I tell her that it's like the middle of her month. Tells me "i don't give a fuck. give me that cum." moans "please" and I bust.

After she started taking BC religiously I stopped pulling out for years.
Im a 35 year old normal guy with a good career and a good looking girlfriend. I dont exist either.
That's kinda hot and scary at the same time.
LOL! 40 here. IT as well. "working"
I knew an ugly guy who got laid plenty because he worked out and ate right. Just sayin buddy.
Yeah. I get laid plenty. I've fucked 43 women in my lifetime. But getting women to fuck you and getting women to be your gf are 2 different things.
Shit! I'm 44 yrs old. Good career. And dating a good looking woman half my age. I swear life just gets better.
Holy shit, late 30s here in IT. Feet up on my desk at this very moment. Production alarm just went off, dont give a shit.
Late 20s and work in IT. Systems are working fine so /b/ I browse.
i fucked a married black chick when i was working in paris for a month. she kept crying when i was trying to bag up so i was like, fuck it. she got pregnant. luckily her husband was white or he was in for a nasty mocha surprise
>26 years old, have sales management position, really lucky
>live in girlfriend I plan to marry
>clients in town so boss takes our whole sales team out for dinner
>company card = always full wine glass
>get stupid shitty, fall out of chair and ruin dinner
>driven home by annoying ass customer service rep girl who is obsessed with me
>blackout. Only remember a sea of hair like on the top of a baby's head
>Woke up by gf when she got home from late shift, reeked like booze and had no pants on
>she says i have an alcohol problem and nothing comes of it
>Next day, go to work and talk boss out of firing me, give a great presentation while hungover as fuck
>Friends request from annoying chick

>Be me in high school
>goes over to new girlfriends house and within 30 mins making the beast with two backs
>doing missionary when i feel me getting close so i tell her
>she replies "it's ok. Cum inside me. I just finished my period so i can't get pregnant."
>"Are you sure that's true? "
>"I'm pretty sure."
>fuck it. Feels too good now to pull out anyways.
>fuck her with all the force of a great typhoon
>we both cum simultaneously
>after we finished she says "i think i can't get pregnant"

Am now a father and don't regret it one bit.
Its a good stress to income ratio. Almost no stress, and $70k to $130k depending on your area and city. I have an attorney friend who makes 180k, which id love, but he works twice the hours easily.

I "work" 40 hours, but im in the office 35 hours, take 90 minute lunches, and browse the internet 5 hours a day.

me neither. i am not a 34 year old computer engineer with a career and a wife.

only NEET motherfuckers on this /b/itch ... ;)
> Be 23, relatively successful, GF is 19 and basically a housewife
> Take her with me to Las Vegas to stay a couple nights in a nice hotel and stuff
> Wake up in the middle of the night to her grinding her ass on my night boner like she's desperate
> Grab her hips and start grinding more forcefully
> She moans and the little light coming through the blinds illuminates her face in a very pale way, I see her eyes looking at me like she's ravenously hungry
> She stops, grabs my hands and holds them down, and climbs on top of me
> Pulls down my underwear and sits straight on my dick, she's wet and it slips straight in
> Starts rocking her hips back and forth like she's riding a bull
> Grab her ass and move her back and forth, give her a big slap on the rump
> She's getting close
> I'm getting close
> Tell her I'm about to cum
> She grabs my wrists and pins them to the mattress, stares straight into my eyes, and her hips go wild
> Tells me to do it
> Cum buckets
> She keeps going until she cums
> Collapses on my chest
> Smells my armpits like it's fucking catnip
> Fall asleep again

She wasn't on birth control, but luckily no preggo.
"Fuck imma bout to cum sis"
"dont...dont you fucking stop!!"
"dont...pull out"
"fuuuuckk!!" *stop movement*
"fuckung cum in me you bastard or I will tell dad everything! Im so fucking close"
"But i'll-"
"im on the pill"
The fact she was begging for it gave me about a 40 second boost without cumming I start hammering again
"no you're not"
About to cum myself
I muster up everything within my grasp
Finally greenlit, about to pull out
And I came buckets
I fell down on top of here and we're catching our breathes
"...you came"
"sorry couldnt help it"
"*whispering* you just came inside your sis"
"I know, im going to hell"

And thats how I filled my sister
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early 20s IT harly working

It worker here too, actually.
Holy shit, we're all in IT.
I just SSH into a random machine and run htop. When someone walks in they see the putty session and fucking leave. They have no clue I'm dicking around.
>It worker here too, actually.

Well... next time I have an IT problem I know where to go.. just post on 4chan, since half of the people are IT "on break".
My girlfriend doesn't let me come inside her because she doesn't want children I have had some accidents and it was pretty hot but did it cost me $50 for an abortion pill
>we start talking on chat. Just trying to be nice
>realize the baby's head of hair might have been her. Blacked out so dont remember
>finally get her to admit she vasically took advantage of me. Said she was drunk too
Not buying it
>Starts asking about me. Tell her my gf and me are going through tough times
Not true
>Starts asking me to hang out occasionally, one night i finally say yes
>her friends leave her house after a while, just me and her
>she offers the chance to do it right, i figure im this far in so why not
>shes not very attractive and super annoying but her pussy felt so damn good
>start fucking regularly behind my gfs back. I can't help myself
>never used condoms but always pulled out, scared af
>she had been talking about her birth control and suggested we make use of it
>i keep chickening out at the last second and pulling out
>finally one day I got really high after work and wanted to fuck. Told her I'd do it today
>meet up, best sex ever. On the edge i keep asking her if shes absolutely 100 percent totally positive she hasnt missed one
>she says yes and I go over the edge and lock my hips to hers as hard as I can and blow the most life changing load of my entire life
Feels good man
>A few weeks later she starts acting strange. No texts, no meet up requests
>out of character she asks me to go to lunch
>sure enough, she's pregnant. What the fuck do I do now?

These anons know what's up. Last ex had an IUD. Came inside her every time. Fuckin fantastic.
>I wonder what kind of cuck fuck would marry such a whore.

Likely a frogposter.
>and blow the most life changing load of my entire life
Man up, accept the situation, and start plowing that field. Love grows given time.
You're on /b/, anon.

An hiro. Not even sure why you asked.
Have chemistry class with this random half Mexican chick, we sit next to each other every day. We eventually start studying together. Studying always makes everyone horny so one night we decide to say fuck studying and start drinking. Eventually she gets flirty and we start making out. Turns out she's a FREAK. Big surprises (those latinas) I'm pounding the ever loving fuck out of this girl. Pulling her hair, slamming her face into the couch. Slapping scratching. Thrusting painfully.
Times up and I tell her I'm almost done. She says in the series way ever "l wanna feel your cum drip out of my pussy" ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm an idiot. I cum buckets in her. And have time to toss her down and cum on her face some. She cleans me up with her mouth and then lays back and starts furiously masterbating with my cum on her pussy while she's twirling the cum in her mouth with her tongue. When we finish she tells me she has a cum fetish and not to worry she's on the pill. So crisis averted but so fucking awesome.
WTF is a frogposter? That's a new one.
Holy fucking shit, me too! You should see my bash history! Its like 20 htops and a bunch of apt-get updates!
What brought you here?
Id seriously consider this option anon. You could lose your job and will lose your gf plus that bitch has you and all your future success for 18 years. Good luck finding a new girl after they find out that you knocked up that annoying bitch.
The funny thing is, when I'm frantically googling trying to actually fix a problem is when people think I'm "just browsing the internet"
You too? This one time, a girl forced or tricked me into cumming inside her, too.
How does it feel to know I'm still banging few chicks a week while you're stuck with old puss :^)
Learn to greentext
File: 1458299965458.gif (1MB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x200px
If true
On cell phone. Didn't wanna click to the symbol page each line to add a > so fucking deal with it.
I have been on /b/ for years but I don't know how to green text
I got a story about this should I post ? No green text
New Updated 2016 Tor/Deepweb Links! Enjoy!
I mean if you'd rather fuck baby chickens rather than actual pussy then thats your business
> girl
>Be me
>Fucking 8/10 gf in bedroom
>She's on top and riding hard
>Tell her I'm close to cumming
>she jumps off and takes me condom off
>starts sucking me good
>she climbs back on and says I want a baby anon
>I'm about to cum and yell oh he'll no
>Push her off the bed
>breaks up with me next day for not cumming in here
Every time I fuck my girlfriend m8
one time this girl tricked me and forced me to come inside her
19-22 feels much better than old used vag, just saying. Pussy after childbirth is so loose holy shit.
how the fuck do you tell frodo you don't want to have their hobbit kids
53 year old
Good career, plenty of girls in my time
Very happy
Just out of curiosity, since we have an enormous amount of oldfags here, how many threads is everyone browsing at a time, me 6.

That's only because you haven't had 13-15. You know what else feels good? Knowing that one day after a one night stand i won't wake up with cauliflower growing on my dick.
Holy shit you're an OLDfag
>how many threads is everyone browsing at a time

Whatever seems interesting... /sci/, /pol/, /s/, /fit/, /hc/, /b/ do a catalog on each and follow and interesting threads
My girlfriend won't ever let me go bareback. Not only because she's afraid of getting preggo but from non existent stds. I envy you guys.

> be drunk me at party
> go outside, pee on a tree
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> walk back to club when suddenly
> a strong grill way below my league walks up to me
> russian lumberjack kind of grill
> not particularly ugly, just not feminine at all
> muscular, brown hair
> doesn't even try to get some game going but straight out tells me "i want that you fuck me"
> she knows my filters currently don't apply
> bitch knows exactly
> still told me the story of her life afterwards
> sounded like roaring to me at the time, decided to ignore it
> all i understood was "fuck me"
> mission was clear
> take grill home
> realize huge grill is huge in my bed
> nevermind, pussy, awesome
> timetoputsausageongrill.jpg
> look at her
> wish my dick would get as big as her
> nope.jpg
> grill just doesn't look very grilly
> errection 404 no connection
> grill notices "just put on some pr0n and fuck me already"
> allright
> actually works, get hard, start fucking grill
> no condom, slide into her anway
> what a bush, bitch didn't even shave
> massive load of brown hair around pussy but shit feels good
> grill starts roaring as i fuck her harder
> just as i'm about to cum i look into the eyes
> as i blow my load deep inside her she turns into a bear
> mfw i got raped by a grizzly that night
>how do I green text
virus warning "screensaver"
>red hair dyed

How the fuck was this not obvious?
Ancient/anon here. Listen and Listen good. Young bitches are fucking insane and they will trap you for the stupidest reason. I will tell you like my grandfather told me back @ 1978. When you are fucking a bitch and she locks her legs around you so that you can't pull out...you have only one option and not a lot of time...so be ready because it will happen and it very well will fuck up your life. As soon as she locks her legs around you - punch her right in the face as hard as you can. Her legs will release and you can pull out. I've used this advice 3 times in my life and it is a no fail tip. Thank me later assholes.
this. punctuation learn it. how the fuck do you write like that.
File: 2248406_3.jpg (11KB, 169x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 169x300px
> separated from ex
> she feeds me a sob story 3 months later just in tine for xmas
>her family is muslim so they dont celebrate anything
> she comes over for the xmas period
> we celebrate woth champagne
> fuck
> I forgot to keep track of her cycle
> 4 months later she tells me shes pregnant
> just out of the abortion period
> wanted to have a kid
> relationship falls apart since brought an std home after giving birth.
And thats how I have a 5yo
daughter at the age of 29

> she finds another sucker
> gets pregnant
> he runs off and she aborts.
> nigger obviously

> separated from ex
> she feeds me a sob story 3 months later just in tine for xmas
>her family is muslim so they dont celebrate anything
> she comes over for the xmas period
> we celebrate woth champagne
> fuck
> I forgot to keep track of her cycle
> 4 months later she tells me shes pregnant
> just out of the abortion period
> wanted to have a kid
> relationship falls apart since brought an std home after giving birth.
And thats how I have a 5yo
daughter at the age of 29

> she finds another sucker
> currently pregnant.
> he doesnt want the kid at all
> too bad, hes white so she's keeping it.
Kinda drunk after a party, said she was on birth control, went cowgirl after some strong doggy and she just kept going for when I came then came out with "I am not really on birth control."

Engage Buckaroo.
another IT here, 49. browsing b til 5.

Got it made here, they think it takes all day to program a fanuc robot
File: 1455526881982.jpg (66KB, 502x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 502x408px
Well that went wrong.
Tried to post but turns out my wifi has a ban.

We fucked and had a kid
She fucked a nigger and had an abortion
Fucked another white dude and is currently in the process of roping him in to avoid another abortion
File: 47oZZ.gif (1MB, 250x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 250x333px
>How did you discover 4chan old man?

I was browsing craigslist on day and a poster mentioned 4chan. I was like pic related and went to see for myself. Been stuck in here ever since.
She probably had it done before they realized you had to burn the tips. The new op burns the cut so there's no way they can heal up again.
She sounds as bad as the bitch I knocked up, except I didn't marry mine.
I'm not even sure how I found chin chan, it's been so many years now.
>her family is muslim

So you Muslim too? I thought it was an honor killing thing if Muslim woman rides infidel cock.
>be me 22 with gf 22
>in gfs room
>breaking up with her
>she goes crazy
>when I'm about to exit the room she locks the door and hides key
>pushes me to the bed
>she was wearing a dress (looked really hot)
>pulls up dress and takes off my pants
>grabs my dick and just shoves it in
>I'm loving it, feels so fucking good man
>tell her I'm about to cum tell her to move
>she says "come inside me"
>I tell her she is fucking crazy and try to push her to the side
>she keeps riding me like crazy and holding on to me
>can't get her off me
>I came buckets inside her
>after that I pushed her to the side and left she gave me the key and left
>After a couple hours texted her to get the pill she said no she won't do it

>Fast forward about a month she tells me she is pregnant

Made her get an abortion and that's the end of the story
File: y5E8jz.gif (640KB, 396x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
640KB, 396x270px
I didnt marry mine either. Are you fucking kidding me? She'd saw my couch and dinner table in half, take a shoe from each set and a leg from each trouser. Fuck her.
She's currently collating data to take full custody so I have to pay her more money. But shes so fucking stupid, doesn't realise her hands will be full with the newborn.
4 plus real life cam and monitoring chaturbate (waiting for something to happen)
File: 1452254102260.png (1023KB, 683x1198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1023KB, 683x1198px
Yeah they disowned her.
I loved feeding her peperamis.
If you need to ask whether to continue after writing just 10 lines, you better take your ADHD pills right now, dude
File: 1167085746712.jpg (38KB, 450x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 450x338px
sounds like a good deal
> 18 years ago
> be 22
> at some rave
> chick on e wants to fuck me and my two friends
> um ok
> we go into the handicap stall in mens bathroom
> pig roast the girl, taking turns fucking her and her sucking two of us off at same time
> says shes on bc and she wants us all to cum at the same time
> she kneels down and we all start jerking it around her face
> one of my friends came first, took me lil bit to come after that cause it was gettin weird
> i cum
> my last friend couldn't cum, too drunk
> friend says fuck it and goes back to party
> she wipes all the cum off her face and tries to jam it into her pussy
> what the fuck
> tell her not to do that
> she says she wants play the cum lottery
> mfw
File: 1360636044881.png (296KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296KB, 1366x768px
dont stop fgt
no. don't continue. if you're not going to tell the story you can fuck off.

i hate this emotionally needy cont? bullshit.
My first time attempting to green text. If it doesn't work, fuck off

>be me. 21 year old air force guy driving to base.
>see got redhead driving along side of me
< she keeps smiling and waving
< at this point I should have known she was a dependa, but she was hot so who cares

< get her phone number and call her after work. She wants to meet

< imgettingsomeass.mp3

< drive her up the mountain to the make out spot.

<after driving 20 miles and after having this bitch naked in the bed of my truck I realize I'm not packing a condom

< she says, "dont worry I'm on the pill. I can't get pregnant and even if I do I'll take care of it. I promise"

< I did the dumb shit

< that was 15 years ago /b rethren.

Child support is a bitch.

>fucking gf
>no domer
>I get close to cummung and she can tell
>tightly wraps legs around me as I'm at the point of no return.
>I stop thrusting try to break free but she's got a tight hold and starts grinding me
>I yell out "nuhhhhhhggghhhhoooo!"

Stupid fucking bitch. Didn't get pregnant though.
It didn't work, so fuck off, faggot.

Lurk moar, newfag.

> errection 404 no connection

Ive never been forced or tricked. I almost always comfort the girl into taking a load. First girl I fucked was a nasty slut, took Dick from everyone(surprised I didn't end up with HIV), came in her at least 30 times in 2 weeks. She's got 4 kids now from 4 different men, none of which are me.

I have only used a condom once in my life, was with an ugly fat old lady.
>be 18 last summer
>on shitty MeetMe app looking for fuck
>find some fat bitch asking for guys to come to her house
>horny so okay.jpg
>get there nasty ass trailer and rachet people with animals everywhere
>not okay with this now
>stay anyways and sleep in her twin size bed with her
>tells me she's on birth control
>have to be quiet while fucking cause shit ton of people
>fuck get twice and cum in her both times
>really tight surprisingly
>leave next morning don't talk to her again
>Fast Forward about a week ago at work
>get friend request from fat chick
>go to ignore it and see she's holding a baby
>message her she's dumb as a brick
>"who's the dad?"
>"I'm not sure I had sex with 4 different guys in a week"
>baby looks like me as a baby
>convinced her I didn't cum inside her and she believes it's her ex boyfriends baby
>blocked her and moved on with my life
>feels bad
>chick wanted a baby and you didn't so she tried to trap you

Cmon now
I came inside her too, i was so pissed.
File: 1456605340959.jpg (151KB, 934x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 934x625px
File: 13648570654.jpg (49KB, 945x945px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 945x945px

>baby looks like me as a baby
File: 1458125101708.gif (191KB, 250x177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191KB, 250x177px
Said the newfag
File: 1455954854966.jpg (10KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 200x200px
You only got dubs so you're probably a nigger.
Checked anyway.
Crazy women be crazy. You're better off.
Not as effective as you'd hope. Or maybe I'm just really unlucky. My gf had an IUD and I got her pregnant within 3 months of cream pie.
Your grandpa sounds like a motherfucking bad ass.
So basically she tried to blackmail you back into some figment of a relationship.

You were right in trying to break up with her.
asian grill that worked at guesthoue was flirty with me when i checked in
always smiled at me when i walked through the lobby
one time gave her a piece of paper with my number written on it
she blushed and got all nervous
ff it's night, we chill in her room
> you can sleep here but no sex I am still virgin
turn light off
5sec later be banging her
wanna pull out but she just presses me against her
cum buckets inside her
she promised to take plan B the next morning
probably didn't but i checked out the hotel anway the next morning
never heard of her again
sometimes wonder how many backpackers took her virginity or send her money for studying or for her sick grandparents
10/10 would bang again
An hero bro.
I hope to live long enough to have this experience.
Fucking kek
We should argue this action as rape to feminists. Like we were forced to preform a sexual act (cumming inside) that we did not consent to. I'd like to see them retort with the usual "boo hoo are you not man enoough" arguments.
>have a buddy who sucks with girls
>get drunk and take him out
>he talks to girl
>blows it
>get in and try to rep him up
>she eats my face in front of him
>cucked my dude
>next day she comes over my house
>we make out
>she wispers I want you
>grab condor out of drawer
> warn her I'm very wide
>climbs on my dick raw
>says don't worry my first was a black guy
>immediately triple worried
>condor abandons me
>smoothest pussy ever
>I cum and she rides harder as if this was her goal
>ask if on pill
>next day, say I will move to Mexico if she doesn't send me a pic of morning after pill receipt
>bitching hard about how I owe her $40
>that means she really took it
>she bitches about forced period
>meet my future wife 2 days later
>bump into cum stealer with new girl
>gets awkward ride into sunset with new girl
>Haven't seen Condor since

Anybody else?
At band camp?
>grab condor out of drawer

Uncivilized heathen. I keep my condor in a cage.
I'm 17 years old.
I have been with only one girl.
I've fucked her raw ONLY, seeing as she has always been on the pill.
I nut in that pussy roughly 30 times.
Met that crazy bitch on /b/.
>Inb4 MODS
i'm a good kid i promise :-DD
you need an aviary for a bird the size of a condor you barbarian
>Tonight on Fox news: Teen sex hookup site 4chan linked to string of statutory rape cases and teen pregnancies
She was on the pill, my man. It's all good.
I'm glad I didn't end up with an STD now that its done and dusted. I'm pretty sure I didn't.
>Dating skinny trailer park girl
>ok face, delicious body
>I haven't decided to date her, but like a moron I got tested with her so I could raw dog it
>Continue doing so
>Become addicted to her pussy
>She's not super smart, I've taught her almost every practical skill she's accumulated in the past few months
>One day I'm fucking her from behind
>I start to feel like I'm going to come
>I really start giving it to her
>Then I feel her hand reach back and grip my balls
>I am powerless
>Fully inserted and cumming hard

Its been three weeks since then. I haven't seen her take her birth control. I'm waiting to see if she has her period. It'd be awkward to be stuck as a daddy at just 26 and her just 19. She doesn't even have a job or a degree.
Good luck, fam.

Implying you ever made it out of training in the first place you foul dirty disgusting smelly neckbeard fedora. Stay classy, faggot.

Thanks Satan
File: images.png (259KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 480x480px
>be me
>shes riding me
>i tell her im going to cum
>she stays on
>im really worried
>we go to doctor for other reasons but this comes up
>doctor says shes not pregnant
>she has gonorrhea
thats fucking hot anon.
No problem, broski,
41 here, mad as fuck and more immature than any youngun
What is your degree level and focus and what certs do you recommend?
File: image.jpg (148KB, 862x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 862x1000px
>be me
>gf is polyamory hippie slut
>fuck constantly and cum inside constantly
>laying naked in her bed one morning after fucking
>she's at university
>go through her diary
>read about her first bf accusing her of cheating
>thought he saw cum in her vag
>"I'd never let anyone else cum in baby I love you!"
>mfw I'm sitting here naked reading this with my dick slick with pussy juice and cum

I'll post another I'm not the best greentexter, I apologize ahead of time to those doing the mid day fap.
File: weedisahellofadrug.jpg (69KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 960x720px
>Work at Rennaisance faire 2 summers ago.
>Campgrounds adjacent.
>Drunk af one night partying with coworkers.
>Rumoured STD-infected whore is with us.
>6/10, nice ass.
>Get drunk/stoned. We all wandering back to our tents.
>Whore has been hitting on me whole night, I've been giving her hints I'm not interested.
>We are walking in back of group as we pass by her tent.
>She grabs my wrist and basically drags me to her tent.
>She's horny, I'm horny, but afraid of STDs man.
>After a while cannot resist, we start making out, I feel awful inside, but my dick will not quit.
>She's ready.
>I slip on a condom, and just as my tip touches her pussy, she pulls it off and pulls me into her with legs.
>Brain screaming to GTFO. Penis telling me to get my rocks off.
>IMMEDIATELY CUM BUCKETS inside of her to end the inner turmoil.
>Pull out.
>Make lame ass excuse.
>Leave her in a puddle of cum.
>RUN back to own tent, grab bottled water and shampoo and scrub the shit out of my dick.
>Pray I don't have the herp.
>Ignore her the best I can the rest of the summer.
First time creampie with her
>first time with my hippie slut
>use condom
>fuck all night
>next day
>start fucking on the couch bareback
>no fucks given
>cum on the rug and couch
>later that night
>fucking again
>cum on her ass
>laying there dick covered in cum
>she starts grinding on me
>"I'll go to the bathroom and wash up"
>grabs my cock firmly and stuffs it back in with all the cum seeping into her
>fuck and cum inside her with force of a thousand suns

Still jack off to it to this day first time was really fucking hot.
How did you convince her to get an abortion?
dude even satan feels for you
>your stories of when a girl has either forced or tricked
>forced or tricked
This is how I became a father
>girlfriend at the time, 12 years ago
>Hot 8/10 but trashy hot
>Buggin her for months for anal
>Even tried sliding it in bum while she's sleeping a bunch of times
>Finally lets me one night
>I'm roaring to go, hard as diamonds
>She gets on top slowly slides my cock in her ass
>She's moaning but wincing from the pain
>I'm fighting back Insta-blowing
>no condom, figure it's gonna be anal the whole time
>She gets into it, riding strong now
>can't hold back nut anymore
>Tell her I'm going to blow
>Pulls my cock out of ass, puts in pussy
>Grabs my hips pulls me as deep in as possible
>Rides like a wild woman
>Can't control myself, blow huge load deep inside her
>feels fucking AMAZING
>don't think much of the quick switch she pulls
>9 months later baby girl born
>stuck with trashy bitch
File: matrix_neo.jpg (13KB, 410x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 410x244px
loling at the thoougt of somebody trying to shampoo the herp off their dong.

I've had 2 girls basically throw themselves at my D that i had to shoot down due to high risk for stds.

As for cumming inside
>Be me 19
>with my gf, crazy Hispanic half mex half pr
>tells me her ultimate fantasy is to have someone cum inside her
>says shes on the pill and im like bet
>nut inside
>distinctly remember thinking "shit this is what you are actually supposed to do it feels so right!"
>she ends up getting preg
>doesn't tell me, tells my friend instead and tells him to not tell me
>he tells me, and i like go into existential crisis
>2 weeks later miscarriage
>dump the girl a while later because she's crazy
>stalks me for a while then gets married at like 21

pic is me dodging all those bullets
I don't know if you heard... being a mom is a career. She just took the entrance exam. Now she is waiting on the test results.

You did be a man about it then.
Dated a girl about a year ago. She would fuck me on a regular basis. Couple times my parents went on vacation for a few days and left me home alone. She came over spent a couple nights at my house. Would fuck about 4-5 times while she stayed and she told me to cum inside her the second time this happened. 4 busts inside over the next day and a half felt fucking amazing. Later find out she's pregnant and not on the pill. As ashamed as I was I told her to get an abortion cause we couldn't afford a kid and she did after I had thought about it for awhile and ended up changing my mind but it was too late. Couple more fucks both inside her again and then we break up cause I find out she's cheating on me with some prick from English college class. And guess who's kid she's with now
sounds like one of those japanese anime.

>"Cum with me, Satsuki-chan!"
File: I want to believe.jpg (1MB, 800x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I want to believe.jpg
1MB, 800x1200px
File: 335463434666.jpg (20KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 400x400px
>my roommate throws a party
>get smashed
>partially know related; a friend of a friend
>2am and i'm fucked up
>smoke a blunt with a few people before they leave
>related sticks around and gives me a drink that tastes fucking sour and strong
>offers to help clean up
>less work for me so i shrug
>feel dizzy and sleepy
>I grab a hold of my dick and feel it growing
>I need to lay down
>tumble into my room and crash on my bed
>i'm falling unconscious when i suddenly feel someone turn me around
>my belt is undone. i try to focus but can't. my pants are pulled down
>a shadow hovers over me. she plants herself down
>a trail of drool oozes itself passed my lips as she rides me, my eyes rolling around
>she gasps and moans
>i black out just when she begins to kiss me
>wake up hours later alone
>lying in bed with my pants down
>dick smells like sushi
>see no condom
>get tested asap
>gono fag over hea
File: kek.gif (1MB, 267x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 267x219px
damn bro RIP

put the gun IN the mouth to make sure it kills you.
Well there was this girl in my class and we kinda fell for each other and we would just keep teasing each other in class and just keep touching each other under the desk etc. We start hanging out in her room and we would get really handsy but she always made me leave with blue balls but she always came from me fingering her. Finally one day we are both so horny that we end up having sex, neither of us had a condom and she told me to cum inside her when I was about to cum. She was riding me so there wasnt much to do and her reasoning was that since I had precum it was already to late. Good thing is that we went and bought her morning after pills and she took them. 3 months later and she still aint preggo so I'm in the clear!
Moral of the story... ALWAYS have a condom on you cause you never know when you might get lucky! (We would have had sex earlier if we had a condom and for some shitty reason I never thought that if i brought a condom we would have sex)
damn what it if you did keep the kid and then found out about chad? then you'd be the one taking the load.
I pissed inside her too. I came.
Yeah I try not to think about that in all honesty. I was ready to tell her I was wrong and needed to take responsibility but tbh she's fucking stupid anyways, and I couldn't see myself living near with her the rest of my life.
Nope wasn't a Chad at all it was some scrawny Jewish looking kid all she was doing me was "taking his virginity"
Kid tried to be some alpha shit on me (he's 21 I was 18 at the time) and he got such autism trying to ward me away but hey who's the dipshit who fucked his life up in the long run

1. Tell her you will.
2. Don't warn her when you are about to.
3. Pull out when you are gonna nut as fast as you can.
4. Do your very best to nut it her face aiming for eyes, open mouth and hair as high priority targets.
5. Never fuck with them again because they ARE CRAZY THIS IS A FACT any girl who wants to be that risky is a nut.
Jews always make the best scapegoats. Better luck next time buddy.
I'm not worried at most she was a 7.5/10 and she was annoying as fuck. Chad needed his ass handed to him anyways. Parents disowned him and now he's paying child support 1200 miles away. If anything id raise a glass with anyone to that
To Chad goofing hard!
thats kind of depressing
Yes! Yes indeed
Haha Fanuc, ARC 100iC user here
What arm you use?
I don't feel like discussing my wife or current life situation.
yeah just like that one time at band camp
oh! this one time i was having se-
well shit
Mid 20's
Boss and coworker at /b/ro
>MFW we have a separate network for browsing
With a flight of stairs.
My slam piggy, chubby cow ex with the good titties had one. It was honestly some 10/10 sex
until she takes some cold medicine and your one good sperm gets through.
>be 23
>nothing happened ever
Does anyone know of any porn where the chick begs the guy to come inside her?
90% of all creampie porn ever????
dude you got raped
I agree anon was raped
check'd and +1 for rape
yeah i think it was rape too!
i was raped

shit on
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