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Stories /b/ won't believe.. >great great great uncle

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Stories /b/ won't believe..
>great great great uncle patented some of the first stoplights
>made a fortune and then sold the company for $600M in 1930's money
>third party trust companies have invested it relatively smartly and made an estate worth $400M
>great uncle is a world class photographer
>$120K ink-jet printer type shit
>mom is worth a pretty penny
>me 23
>still getting a low 6 figure allowance waiting for my great uncle to drop 8 figures on my mom
>fucking chicks in whatever bachelor pad I'm leasing
>can't find a place to be in the world, don't need one
>no need to be responsible
>drunk smoking weed you've never seen
>no chicks out on a wednesday (US mountain time) so I'm shitposting on /b/
Yeah you're a faggot
are you part nigger?
Pretty sure one of the inventors of the traffic light, was a nigger.

Post pic of your pad.
Its not as farfetched as the story from yesterday of the guy that said he fucked the sluts from GoT.
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You know who else was wealthy? That's right.
We need a version of tits or gtfo for attention whoring faggots like this. Not a timestamp of the shit they are bragging about as that only feeds the bullshit cycle. Gotta be something degrading.

Also sage.
>some of the first
Too lazy, here's a picture of the last town
Definitely not a virgin, and I rarely get rejected
Can you send me like 5k? Shouldn't be too much of a loss for a titan like you. Would literally save my life.
>lives a shitty life
>doesn't have one unique thing no one would believe
>has to talk shit instead of contribute
He's just a fag your life is fucked.
Well shit. I was hoping to get that operation for my daughter. Guess I'll have to drown in medical bills for the rest of my life, it's worth it for her.
Did you really ask for 5k?
Are you retarded?

That photo could be from anyone dude, i will assume you're just shitposting and will look for some interesting threads.

>lying on the internet
Yeah, you're retarded.
Reverse image search
I didn't do this to brag or validate myself
>thought you faggots would have some cool stories
>drunk smoking weed you've never seen
>smoking weed you've never seen
>never seen
Bitch you ain't seen shit.
OP here smoking King Louis Cookies
Whatchu got?
I hope you are happy and content and manage to find love - don't get used

my story is pretty cool. My gf picked me over a movie stars son who is also a movie star but he turned out to be a little spoilt bitch. I'm a humble guy from a small town and I got the girl. Don't be like him dude.
Did I genuinely believe OP would send me five thousand dollars for literally no reason? No sir. Did you get salty and insult me for no reason? Yes sir.
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I did. Got no hits but i wasn't expecting any.

>be me
>smartest kid at every subject
>family business doing good, monopoly of bread in a 30km area
>grandfather dies
>family starts fighting and the business goes under due to bad management
>try to tell parents and aunt that we need to adapt to times if we want to keep the company going
>"shut up, you're 13"
>years later start getting unmotivated by the system
>drugs and girls are all that matter
>drop out
>can't find a steady job in my 35 years of life
>post on /b/ while completely sober and jerking off to /gif/ now and again
definitely a nigger
I actually live a pretty good life, but OP has no proof his post is real and this is fucking /b/, read the description faggot.

If OP doesn't prove his attention-whoring post is real, then it's a falsehood like everything else posted here.
Grew up in the south, started smoking cigs at 14 bumming Newports from my black buddy that skated with us, liked menthols ever since
What is proof for you?
Timestamped pics of any of his claims for one, like a blurred bank statement showing a few hundred Gs, pics of the bachelor pad, etc.

But the reality is that just feeds OP who is clearly deprived of attention even with his lavish life or he wouldn't be making threads like this.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 7

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