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wincest thread? post and share your stories!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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wincest thread? post and share your stories!
My mom is fucking my stepsister
Pics or at least a story of how you know?
I had sex with my step sister
I know cause I can hear them sometimes, its been going on for 2 years at least. My mother has depression real bad and I think my step sister is taking advantage of that.
You nigger faggots ain't getting it...green text fags green text!!
Hot or not?
>i fucked my adooted sister
Both are 6/10 at best.
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>be me
>be 7
>sister has friend over for the night
>they build tent inside den and sleep in sleeping bags
>I'm horny as fuck after discovering older sister's dildo and learning what sex was from various porn videos
>go over to their tent and stick my 7 year old dick in my sister and her friend's mouth
>pretty sure her friend woke up as I was leaving and winked at me
Ever thought of jumping in middle and nailing at least step sister?
One time during vacation my sister had fallen asleep watching a movie with her friend. Me being a horny dude walks in and finds them sleeping, at first i check out her friend and kinda just feel her up a bit but then i realize my sister is more exposed and has her tits out a little bit. So i slide my hand under her shirt and grab her tits. She started to moan so i back off a bit, but after she calmed down i popped my dick out and wrapped her hand around my cock and started to jerk off with her hand while grabbing her tits. Cum on her shirt and hands. While I'm cleaning her up she wakes up, i say I'm just checking in on her and go on my way. Ive also jazzed on her food and had some fun with her toothbrush.
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Kind of a long read but totally worth it. Pretty sure this is real as it gets.
Thought about it, but it is rather messed up. I never noticed until I heard noises one night and cracked open the bed room door to see what was going on. They had the lights off but i could still make stuff out from the streetlight coming in through the window. I started to see lots of other signs after that. Like how my stepsister would hang on my mother a lot.
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meninanua com

>jazzed on her food
Did you also sax it?
"I jazzed on my sister. The sax was great."
Fucking kek'd
So I posted this the other night but fell asleep and that shit 404'd

be me 17 with a 15 yr sis
>sis straight 9/10 full round b cups
>tight little ass
>brown hair and green eyes

Some back story. Me and my sis have been real close since toddlers we hung out quite a bit and just didn't really fight so it was cool. Me obviously being a horny teen decided to have to fap at the drop of a hat hahah. Anyway sis started developing quite well for some one her age. Well after a while fantasies started to develop and what not yada yada you know how it goes. But here's the time my dream (at the time came true)

>be me showering after school as always
>parents are never usually never home they both have weird computer jobs where they work late but stay home during the day
>so here I am taking a shower doing my thing
>start thinking about this one hot ass chick from class
>start to engage in fap mode
>not really doing it for me
>stop jerking and save it for later
>hear a knock at the door
>"hey anon can I come in I have to grab something"
>"sure but be quick"
>sister comes in and proceeds to brush teeth and do other girl shit
>still kinda horny so I start plotting
>"hey sis can you scrub my back for me real quick"
>"ugh anon seriously, okay"
>I open the shower curtain just enough to hand a scrubby thing through then turn my back as she opens the curtain more

I love that all stories involved with sex have the most overused descriptions.
don't bother continuing.
> jazzed on her food.
> jazzed
Fuck you nigger this is the internet I didn't ask for your permission
proceeds to was my back
>as she's scrubbing I'm slowly try to angle my body for her to see my somewhat still erect cock
>turn head slightly and notice she's glancing down at it
>"okay I think you're good"
> as she hands the scrubby back I turn my head to look at her and she's just looking very weird at me
>I think I just fucked up so I just close the curtain and say thanks
>so I'm here just chillin and notice my sister hasn't left yet
>maybe she's looking at herself in the Mirror
>next thing I know.. "Hey anon"
> "yes sis"
> "ummmm"
> "yes just spit it out"
> "you know if you wanted to show me your dick you could've asked"
>sat the for a solid 5 seconds completely dumbfounded by that statement.
>"okay thanks"
> so now its just silent as fuck
> " anon?"
> "yes"
> "can I see it"
He even got her to do alto
>"what?!" Instant diamonds at this point
> so I use some quick judgment and shut off the shower and peek my head through
> "ready?"
> "uhh yes"
> I then proceed to peel back the curtain from my body as if I was unveiling some raffle price or some shit.
> so now I'm just fully nude with my sister staring straight at my cock
> straight silence
>after for what feels like a year I hear
> "can I touch it?"
> "yeah I guess"
> she slowly reaches out with single finger and like lightly rubs my cock
>instant mega double over time boner
> while I'm lost in some trance of sorts I feel her while hand grip my cock
>I look down and she staring straight at me
>she just says "come here"
>she leads me to my room by my dick essentially
> she's sits next to me on my bed just stroking me slow and steady
>eventually start moaning like a bitch
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>me n sis live with parents
>sis is qt 3.14, pic related (it's us), always craved that booty and we're pretty close and touchy
>one day her room is found to have black mould (shitty little flat in east london)
>she has to sleep in my bed a couple nights
>get to bed time, i'm in my sleeping shorts, jacked from school gym in year 8
>she's changed into tiny little shorts and belly top
>hide my erektion and lie down on my back, she's got her back to me
>dat ass pressing against my arm
>cannot sleep to save my life, she's apparently snoozing
>feel her hand slide onto my hip
>stay rock still, possum mode
>she rolls over to face me and i turn to face her
>her eyes are still closed but her lips are half an inch from mine
>mfw she inches closer
>lips touching. she kisses me
>suddenly we're making out and her hand is on my cock
>penis about to explode
>she tugs off her shorts and my hands find her swolen booty, holy shit feelsgoodman
>she pulls my dick out the shorts and rubs against her moist pussy under the covers
>she's on top of me now, tongue down my throat, dripping juice on my crotch
>feel it slide in
>she starts riding me slowly, grinding my dick against her sugar walls
>60 seconds later i'm smashing her doggy style and my bed is squeaking like fuck, have to slow it down so dad doesn't hear
>penis eruption imminent
>brace for impact
>i blast cum up her back and she's holding her mouth shut so she doesn't scream from orgasms
>collapse back into bed
>she kisses me on the cheek and asks for a wetwipe
>cleans up and she's back to sleep
>i stay awake all night, feeling awesome and terrified at the same time
its been a while now and we've been basically back to normal
gonna try and initiate something tonight, wish me luck /b/
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jazz on food.jpg
477KB, 2048x1370px
>she grabs my hand and puts it up her shirt
> oh my god her tits were so firm but so fucking soft
>stroking increase by 100%
> she stops and just looks at me
> "anon can you please finger me?"
> no questions here
> both fully naked rubbing each other off
> she stops at one point and get in front of me
>slowly licking my tip
>this continues for like 5 minutes
>"sis I can't take this anymore"
> bam, she taking almost the while thing like a porn star
> gonnacum.jpg
>doesn't stop sucking
>proceed to cum buckets
>cum in her mouth
> cum in carpet
> cum on her tits
>essentially a cum-splosion
> she gets up and starts laughing at me
>she cleans up
>I do to
>talk about it
>becomes a regular thing
>try to fuck like 15 times
>eventually happens
> after we stopped because she got a bf
>overall 10/10 experience

I think my stepbrother know's I'm fucking his mom.
more stories nao please
low quality bait.jpg.jpg.jpg
File: Sister Story Full.png (3MB, 1338x7627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister Story Full.png
3MB, 1338x7627px
old but amazing.
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oh you
Haven't fapped for a few days, just came buckets. Thankx /b/
>things that never happened

I love how an air siren could go off in these stories and still nobody would wake up.
This is my favorite.

I think there is even more to it actually.
>the best friend you had when you could first walk and talk
>my first best friend moved away and got pregnant
beautiful story anon
legit made me cry

this is the most believable thing I've ever read on /b/.

>be 15, horny teen
>18 year old cousin moves in with us
>she's recently "divorced" she's from texas
>she's a little chubby, big tits
>she's my moms niece
>"anon you're cousin 'Ana" is going to be staying in your room for a while, you have to sleep in the sofa, it's a short time only"
>fuck, why me, fuck this shit, how I am going to watch porn now
>She turns out to be really cool, we talk a lot, she drives me place, late night burgers, shares her cigarettes
>our convos get more and more intimate
>she tells me all about her "husband" and how he treated her
>Eventually we talk about sex
>"are you a virgin anon?"
>"no" lie of course "theres this girls one time that that" make shit up
>Two months go by, still sleeping in the damn sofa
>One night we're listening to music in my/her room, laying in bed
>"i'm going to sleep anon, you can just stay here, when you're done can you put my ipod to charge? thanks"
>she turns around and goes to sleep
>me listening to music with the light off, some times pass by, she's snoring now
>realize i'm horny as fuck,
>look at my cousin, her big ass in that pajama, I can see the edge of her panties
>instant boner
>I take my cock out, laying there I start jerking off
>"oh fuck oh fuck"
>I look at her big ass and imagine fucking her
>I cum all over my stomach, use shirt to clean myself
>put on a clean shirt, go to sofa and go to sleep
Cont with any pic of her
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moar pls
What the fuck
I used to grope my cousins tits in her sleep when we were teens
that tears
>two weeks pass or so
>mom and dad go to some party
>be in her/my room listening to watching a movie (she bought a tv)
>"I'm tired anon, I'm just going to sleep" it's like midnight
>She does the same thing
>Again I get horny, I take dick out, tv is on so thats good
>I start jerking off, I look at her ass
>it's not enough this time
>she is wearing same pajama
>I can;t see her panties, I get a little bold
>I pull her pajama very very very slowly, I stop every second the tv makes a sound
>oh damn, I pull until I can see her panties, she's wearing a thong
>I pull until she has a whale tail or whatever they call it
>I masturbate on my side, cum, one stream lands on her ass, just a little on her skin most of it on her pajama
>oh fuck what the hell am i gonna do
>take off sock, clean her the best i can
>turn around, go to sleep
>the next day i act like nothing happened, she doesn't say anything
Why the fuck does she have fucking mountains for nipples
her nipples have nipples
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Good luck anon. May the force be with you. Also check'd
What the hell is that?
>like I was a kid bullying her again, but she liked it

Diamonds, every time
mother watching daughter get fucked, then they spit semen into each other's mouths, daughter is crying at the end.
You gonna cont or what
When is columnfag going to update?
When is robs going to update?
When is column going to update
Am I the only one that hates the whole pedophile thing?
>be me 11yrs (wispy pubic hair just growing)
>europefag then
>godfather and his family visit
>his 14yr old daughter and me playing >monopoly in my room. teenage mutant ninja >turtles posters everywhere.
>she has boobs growing maybe a B cup.
>I am not sexually aware. not even jerking off >till orgasm. Just rubbed tip of dick and got >precum around the head back then..
>TV on. "fair game" with cindy crawford on tv.
>ocassionally glance at tv.
>sex scene on a train or something.
>girl is mesmerized. cheeks kinda red.
>"Do you know how to kiss anon?" points at tv
>nope.exe "Had a gf at 8yrs old. just held >hands. nothing more. lasted 1 week.
>"I havent kissed anyone."
>"Wanna practice like on the tv?"
>"Sure whatever"
>"Lie on the bed."
>Girl gets on top of me. Very slowly and softly >kisses me.
>This is kinda fun.zip
>Boner. Girl starts grinding her crotch(with >jeans) on mine.
>Really red cheeks.
>Teaches me how to kiss. "No not like that >dont lick my teeth" "Its passionate, like they >do on the TV." (again with the fucking TV)
>I smell the pussy. Didnt know what it was >back then.) Grabs my crotch and rubs. Takes >shirt off.
>Hear noise from the other room.
>We stop. Nothing else happened
>Met her again when I was 16. She started >crying when I reminded her, cause she >thought she was a rapist child molester and >hurt me.
>Kiss her cheek and say its all good. I liked it. >Nice memory etc. She hugs me tight.

We didn't do anything else. sorry for let down.
>feel bad for a while, stay way from her for some time
>" hey anon lets hang out, I've been lonely"
>torrent some movies, we stay up late in her/my room
>Be late, this time i'm tired, I was waiting to masturbate to her sleeping but she didn't go to sleep
>I fall asleep watching whatever movie were watching
>I wake up in the middle of the night, she turn off the tv and laid nect to me
>Im facing her shes facing me, we're under a blanket
>think about what to do, lay there for a while
>pull dick out, i'm like inches away from her but plan on do it slowly
>jerk off, barely moving
>I need some visuals
>Her cleavage is nice, her tits are probably her best attribute
>take a finger, touch the area where her nipple would be
>my dick gets hard as a rock
>pull down her blouse a little, she does a little movement, I freeze
>its was nothing, continue working on her blouse
>take me like 20 mins to move it down two inches
>I can see the edge of her areola in her pink bra
>dick about to explode
>jerk off a little more rapidly for 1-2 mins
>concentrate on her dark areola
>I look at her face, her eyes are open OH FUCK
>she doesn't say anything, I don;t move at all
>she pulls her blouse down, her tit comes out, very slowly she pulls it out of bra
>It's beautiful man, my first tit, it's big with a big brown areola
>she pulls my hand and place it on her tit
>I play with it not knowing what to do,
>it's nice,warm and soft
>I feel her hand on my cock, she moves my hand away and starts jerking me slowly
>15 seconds pass, I cum buckets,
>she feels this and squeezes a little harder and faster
>she smiles, takes her hand off my dick, cleans herself in my shirt
>take my hand off her tit, puts it back in
>turns around, "good night anon, clean up ok"
>I stay like that doing nothing like an idiot, eventually take off shirt, clean the blanket best I can, clean my self too
>turn around, go to sleep
>next morning, she makes me pancakes
>not a word spoken about the incident
What pedophile thing?
yes please
Yes, please continue
Too bad
nigga fuck you, i hope you're not the one posting the story

we all want more if there is more
I'm not the one posting the story
did you ever dry off from the shower you cretin
FUck, can I get a link to this origin? hotfuck
The 'im 18 fucking an 11yo thing'. Not my cup of tea
thats pretty weak.
Been with my cousin for about a year and a half. I'll marry that woman.
I thought the girl in columns story was 15?

>Now she stays away from me, I think she felt bad about the wincest and shit
>I eventually give up trying to hang with her,
>don't even ask her to drive me places or listen to music with her
>some time passes, she starts getting calls form her ex husband
>she cries a lot
>whatever, it was good while it lasted
>one morning, I woke up to my mom making lunch to my dad in the kitchen,
>I think nothing of it as it was a nornal thing
>I hear my cousins voice
>"good morning aunt, mind if I make some coffee?"
>"sure, make some for me too blah blah blah"
>cousin goes to kitchen
>she comes to living room, turns tv on and sits by my feet in the sofa
>I move my feet a little to accommodate her
>wth the other sofa is empty
>she makes small talk with my mom
>she cover herself with my blanket
>after a minute or two i feel her nails on my leg, the moves them up and down scratching my inner thigh
>eventually she move she hand up to my crotch
>I move my body to allow her access
>she put her hand inside my boxers
>she starts rubbing my balls
>dang that feels good
>she continues talking to mom
>"yeah I already have enough for a down payment, Rick sent me money"
>""really I thought he wasn't doing that anymore blah blah blah"
>she is now playing with my cock
>"He sent me 5k I think I'm giving 3 as a down for a new car, I'm sure he'll give me more"
>"ok coffee is reasy"
>she moves away, gives dick a squeeze
>My eyes are still closed, I move my body to hide boner
>she takes coffee and goes back to her room
I have a couple but they are very light weight. No sexual contact apart from being forcefully kissed. Will post if interested.
sorry, I type slow as fuck and i'm doing other shit, I'll type faster
I want my sister really really hard
Never have none with her, i just fap looking her pics
just don't want the thread to die is all. where are the spiderman niggers when you need them
My mom caught me balls deep in my little sister. Didn't go over too well. Had to do therapy for a year.
How old was she?
Ok props for fucking maybe-his-cousin but that dude comes off super passive-aggressive in his texts.
12. I was 16
File: 1440729100397.jpg (51KB, 473x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 20 year old me hanging with my 16 year old sister
>we hang out all the time watching movies and cooking
>it’s late and we just finished watching a movie
>we are both tired and decide to go to sleep
>share bed and cuddle like we have done a thousand times before
>nothing weird about it to us, grew up doing this
>I spoon her and fall asleep
>wake up in the middle of the night
>realize my right hand is holding her breast and the left is frantically fingering her
>I’ve been doing this in my sleep apparently
>remove my hands in a panic and notice my sister is awake
>"Fuck, i’m really sorry. I must have done it in my sleep.”
>”Don’t worry anon, it’s fine. I could have removed your hands but I didn’t want to wake you.”
>mfw we woke up the next morning and there were no weirdness

Now 8 years later we still hang out like this and sleep and cuddle together almost on a weekly basis even though I’m in a long term serious relationship and she’s married with kids. Our respective partners are understanding of our relationship and don’t mind us setting up dates so that we can spend evenings and nights alone.
Stole sister's phone. found nudes a plenty. still have some if you're interested. >Didnt get caught<
I don't have any elaborate 6 post stories. Most of the times we played games where clothing was lost with poor performance. And when she was out of clothes she would give me head or I'd dry hump her.
Fuck ya
>Be me, 14 or so
>Live far away from extended fam except one uncle/aunt/3 cousins ~4hrs away
>Oldest cousin is my age, grill
>Our families get together for every holiday, were super close
>Aunt/uncle get divorce, its super long and messy, aunt goes slightly nuts
>All this makes my cousin go slightly nuts too
>Shes starts dressing and talking super sexually
>Starts getting overtly flirty/touchy with me every time we visit to the point where I down't know WTF to do
>We visit for thanksgiving, everyone goes out to a movie except I stay behind because it was some kiddie shit
>She says shes going to a friends house but comes back as soon as everyone leaves
>She straddles me without a word and starts making out with my face as I sit there dumbfounded
>Shes down to bra/panties and rubbing her slit against my boner through my shorts
>Friction has forced my dick out of the pee hole in my boxers
>She pulls down my shorts and probably thinks I pulled my dick through the boxer hole on purpose
>Without warning she pushes her panties to the side and starts sliding herself onto my cock
>Rides me for maybe 5 minutes until I cum in her without warning
>Hops off, giggles, and goes to her room as I sit and try to reassemble my brain

This happened probably 15 times over ~8 months until their family shit settles down. Every time at their place, every time totally instigated by her, and every time I basically do nothing. When I look back I kick myself, definitely could have been doing way more. She was hot then but has gotten fat since (12 years). We never talk about it.
File: 20151007_160225.jpg (879KB, 2560x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 20151008_160237.jpg (1023KB, 2560x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1023KB, 2560x1536px
You gonna post more
First one
>can't remember how old I was, but I was definitely 10 or younger, little girl
>go over to my aunts, cousin is there, also a girl, about three years younger than me
>she wants to play house
>wants me to be that "dad"
>I don't wanna
>she decides that's okay then she will just be the dad
>idk why either of us has to pretend to be a boy but okay
>my aunt is in the shower, no one else is home, we are outside playing
>dont remember how it happened but we are on the jungle gym thing and she is on top of me trying to kiss me
>I am not okay with this but too shy to say anything
>she is trying so hard to force her tongue in my mouth, I have my mouth clamped shit as tight as I can and pray my aunt gets out of the shower soon
I got mono after that. P sure it was from that incident.
My cousin Beth and I and her friend Katie got stuck alone at home when my grandma fell and broke her hip back when I was 14. The ' rents had other shit to worry about so we basically just hung out and got bored. Katie was the one that broke the ice, you can talk a woman into anything she thinks is her idea. She was snuggling up to me and I was acting uncomfortable, she would wander her hands around and I would kinda be scared, kinda excited. She finally got my pants unzipped, just like I wanted, then offered me a boob, which I demurred, then she shoved my hand into her bra and play with it. My cousin was sitting there and gets all mad, she wanted to join in but I wouldn't let her. After a fairly satisfying handjob from Katie to warm me to the idea I let Beth touch my dick. Katie convinced her to lick it. After that it was like all hell broke loose. We just threw away our clothes and proceeded to do every sexual thing we could. It was the best 7 hours of my life.
File: 20151011_212417[1].jpg (693KB, 2560x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
693KB, 2560x1536px
don't die plz
Somebody fucking do something
More plz
>Get summer job working for my divorced dad
>Get coffee for him and people in the warehouse, answer phones, very easy
>At 110 at midday we both take a break in his office with the only ac
>Take my shirt off and give myself a cool rince with a bottle of water
>Dad puts his arms around me suddenly, erection pressing on my butt cheeks
>Clothes ripped off, get tossed naked on offixr couch
>9 inches of my dad take my virginity
>Scream at him to stop
>After i orgasm I shut up
>He blows his load
>Get home, get raped again
>Next day he arranges for me to live with my aunt
>Present myself nude to him begging to stay.
>7 years later, dad remarried to nice step mom. Still make love to him occasionally <3
What the fuck
>that same night, playing ps2 in living room
>she comes and sits with me
>we talk, blah blah blah
>"hey anon it's gonna be cold tonite, you can sleep in your room of you want"
>"sure i'll think about it"
>around 11, I go to my her/my room
>she's already in bed, "hey anon"
>I go to bed, we talk, listen to Eminem like before
>she comes close to me, "hey listen to this"
>she gives me her earphone and she keeps one
>it's a shitty song, "it's pretty good"
>she lays on my chest very awkwardly
>the song ends, she asks "anon are you a virgin? don't lie I know you are"
>...... "yeah"
>"it's ok" she turns her head and kisses me
>what the hell do i do
>we start making out
>I'm all over the place, I grab her tits, her ass, kissing her
>"relax anon"
>she takes off her bra, her tits come out from above her shirt, they look lifted up and nice as fuck
>she starts taking off my pants, I hurry and take pants and boxers off
>she jerks me a little bit
>"relax anon ok?"
>she takes off her panties, gets on top of me
>she positions herself on my cock, cock is dimonds
>she kisses me as she sits on my cock
>heaven, it's fucking slimy as hell
>she moves slowly up and down, her tits on my face
>I suck her nipple, a bout a minute pass
>about to cum, she probably knows, she sits up and only the tip of my cock feels her pussy so i can relax
>she repeats this for about 10 mins
>she sits down hard on my cock, she starts grinding the shit out of me
>she is moaning like crazy im afraid my paretns are gonna hear
>feel about to cum
>"I feel like coming Ana"
>"I know, just hold up a minute please"
>she rides me harder
>I can;t fucking contain it, I cum inside her, best fucking orgasm
>she rides me hard until my cock is soft
>she kisses me, and gets off, "thanks anon"
>" sorry I.. I.. inside of you"
>"it's ok I have an IUD? inside"
>we cuddle and go to sleep,
>my arm is dead in the morning as she slept on it
I am, I'm just slow. I might as well tell my whole experience.
Pic of cousin?
Thank you based anon
Does anyone have a link to where Columnfag updates his story? Or any pages of long wincest?
Had on/off sexual relationship with step sister for a few years. Ended when I moved out.
tits or gtfo
Type fucking faster!!
https://drive google.\ com/folderview?id=0B3YMBdhaJ7qjUDNPNS1TX3JVVlU
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dimickey virginia.png
248KB, 623x314px

Yeah well I'm trailer trash. I had to sit on the lap and comfort a naked 6'2" 230lbs man who didn't cry, he wept in my arms he was so sad and lonely. That's why I stayed. Wouldn't you in my place?
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>we continue having sex for the next 2 months, probably about 12 times or so
>She again becomes distant to me, she is again talking to her ex
>she is talking about moving back
>I feel sad about her going away, what the fuck anon she's your cousin not your gf
>she again stops talking to her ex
>she starts wearing less and going out more
>she again ignores me for some time, we don;t even talk
>I'm mad as fuck
>one night we go to a party, dad's friend wedding
>she goes too, slutty as fuck
>she is talking/dancing with one dude in particular
>I see them kissing, feels.jpg
>about to leave mom:" her Ana we are leaving"
>"it's ok aunt, He'll give me a ride home"
>i'm upset the whole way home
>i stay up playing fucking Killzone till 1 am
>she gets there around 1;30 am
>makeup gone
>she gets water and comes to sit with me
>she tries talking to me
>I completely ignore her
>"are you mad anon?"
>she comes close to me
>she hugs me "I love you anon I hope you know that, but I need friends"
>she stays hugging me for some time
>I keep on playing, but im not playing at all
>"I know what will make you happy anon"
>she grabs my crotch
>she starts undoing my pants
>I let her, she takes my contorller away
>I sit back on the sofa, she kneels in front of me
>she takes my dick out, she has never given me a bj before
>she starts sucking my dick
>she gets a little wild, it's all wet, licks balls
>"i'm going to cum"
>she keeps sucking, I cum in her mouth, the head of my cock hurs a little as she sucks
>she swallows Idon't even see my cum
>she sits back "do you forgive me now anon?" she smiles a little
>Mannn she just swallowed my cum, all anger is gone
>we play Killzone together for another hour

Oh that's right it's interesting to you people if it's about some conquered teen girl or some cousin? No love and affection allowed?
>be 13
>cousin be 14
>we're in the same bed
>she's asleep
>i start rubbing my penis in her panties
>instantly came
>regret all
>i try to take her panties out
>she wokes up
>screams and tells her parents
>they call my parents
>the streetlight coming in through the window

the fucking streetlight is a burglar
most honest experience ever written
how are you even typing. you should be in jail anon
He was fucking 13 faggot
dont read this one is a let down
SHe was on birth control and they used fucking condoms, it ruined everything

We all know is fake might as well make a good story and not ruin it with condors
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