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Continue the incest thread from yesterday

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Continue the incest thread from yesterday
tinyurl com/wincestdrive
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Why is it always Japanese style stuff that gets posted in wincest threads?? Need way more western stuff to get posted...
I like to pet my cat.
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Bitch, for christmas I wanted your boyfriend!
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Unfortunately, I was never able to find the source.
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I also like to pet your cat.
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is there any green text screenshots?
Moar pls
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On behalf of 4chan, you are forgiven.

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I guess Ill tell my story, maybe it will encourage the others to finish their stories.

Part 1

>Be me, 14
>Sister, 13
>Mid 90s
>I hadn’t really noticed at the time, but my sister, lets call her Lacey, was always pretty cute.
>In fact, she looked a lot like Lacey Chabert when she was in Lost in Space, (hence the name)
>She wore a lot of heavy eye makeup, and her hair was kinda wild and always changing color. She was short and petite, and always dressed really alternative (90s word)
>We had a fairly normal relationship. We were close but we fought a lot.
>Since we were so close in age, we ended up hanging out a bunch and had some of the same social group.
>When at home, Lacey would frequently wear just a long tshirt and panties. Again, never really noticed, cuz shes my sister, and I see her all the time like that. It was normal.
>Our parents both work and so we were often home alone for long stretches of the afternoons.
>One day I come home from school and quickly change out of my clothes into some pajama bottoms and a fresh tshirt.
>When I come back downstairs into the living room, Lacey is watching some dumbass show on MTV. I don’t remember what it was, but there were a lot of teenagers bitching at each other.
>Well, I wasn’t having that.
>I grab the remote and start surfing away. Lacey immediately flips out.
>”HEEEEYYYY BUTTHEAD! I was watching that!”
>”And now, you aren’t. Life is full of disappointments.” I know, I was a little shit.
>”Oh my God, youre so rude. Cant you just go watch on the small tv?”
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Odd cencorsjip
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Sans titre-1.png
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I have my story that I posted few weeks ago, but it's not with my mom, it's with a friend's mom. Interested ?
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Okaa-san ni Hassha!
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Part 2: Lacey

>We had a much smaller tv in my Dads office, but screw that. I was the older brother and I felt like being a dick that day.
>Then I said something super witty like “Cant you just stop being annoying?” I know, my 14yr old comebacks were not great.
>”Whatever, jerk!” Was really all she could muster in return. Then of course she started kicking me. She had been laying on the couch on her side and I was next to her feet. Easy striking range and she had no problem unleashing a flurry of heel kicks to my side.
>I managed to settle on something on tv, cuz fending off kicks with one hand while channel surfing with the other was becoming difficult. (I think it was something on Comedy Central, duckman, or an SNL rerun, for those interested)
>I placed the remote on the other side of me, on the armrest and turned to face my attacker.
>She was still furiously jabbing and kicking at me, so I attempted to grab her by the ankles to make her stop.
>Her shirt had pretty much rolled up to her abdomen at this point from all the movement and I had a clear view right down the barrel at her bare legs, purple panties, and belly button.
>Panty description: They were purple, as I mentioned, but with sky blue flowers in a random pattern over the front area and butt.
>I managed to sit down on one of her feet and was holding the other by her ankle.
>She was flailing her free leg spastically, trying in vain to free her trapped foot. But since I had her by the ankle she was basically just jerking around in wild movements, while also trying to keep kicking me.
>We were both giggling at this point, fighting, but mostly just goofing around. It was a game to us, something that we had done, in some manner, many times before.
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sisters share the gift of love
> My sister and I were really close when we were little. It was great, she was the light of my life.
> Then the accident happened.
> Our parents split us up. She begged and pleaded, but it was no use. For 13 years I dreamed about the love of my life.
> From afar I watched, she grew into a compassionate, loving woman. A smile that could light the way no matter how dark.
> We finally reconnect. It's different, a good different. She had grown into a very... full woman. Freckles all over and hair as red as the fire she set in my heart
> I can't stand it, I'm falling in love all over again.
> But she's obsessed with this stupid boy. I hate him. I want him gone.
> She says he's 'the one'
> I lose it and make a scene in front of everyone
> We make up, she ditches him and we finally commit to each other fully
> tfw I'm the queen of Arendelle
Part 3: Lacey

>As I continued to try and restrain her, I grabbed the underside of her thigh to hold her leg up and had a direct view of her little cameltoe crotch as she was spread eagle in front of me. One leg pinned under my butt, the other held aloft just under her knee.
>This is when it started to get weird. I felt my gaze linger and I stopped fighting for a moment. I was suddenly very aware that this what not just my sister, but a half-naked girl whos legs I was touching.
>I got kind of embarrassed and released her. She jumped up and socked me in the shoulder. Really hard. You wouldn’t think a tiny little thing like her could hit that hard, but when she balls up her little fist, its like a miniature wrecking ball.
>She harrumphed back in her seat, arms crossed, sitting indian style. She seemed resigned to let go of the argument, but I knew better. She was just plotting her next move.
>Suddenly, she lunges over my lap for the remote on the opposite armrest. Since, I had been waiting for something like this, I was totally ready and snatched up the remote before she could reach it.
>I was now holding the remote above my head, while she clambered up me trying to get at it. She was pulling on my arms and now straddling my lap. Her chest was right in my face. As she jumped and bounced trying to grab the remote, I was getting face fulls of 13yr old cleavage.
>Her breasts at the time were probably solid B cups, shes a bit bigger now, but this is when they were still coming in. I remember thinking that I didn’t remember my sister having boobs until they were basically rubbing on my face.
>Instantly things started stirring in my nether regions. Lacy was furiously bouncing away on my lap. At one point, she landed rather roughly on my balls and I let out a yelp.
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Part 4: Lacey

>She thought this was the funniest thing and decided to abandon her quest for the remote and instead try to continue to wreck my balls.
>She started bouncing up and down, attempting to recreate the painful incident.
>Luckily, I had been able to adjust, and my guys were safely out of the way. Instead, she was just bouncing on my shaft, which at this point was getting pretty hard.
>She didn’t seem to notice though and continued trying to mash my balls with her ass and crotch. (Don’t ask me, it seemed to make sense to her at the time.)
>Shes still giggling and moving around a lot, though she has kind of switched it up to just grinding really forcefully down on my junk.
>Im holding her by the wrists so she doesn’t hit me, and shes just rage grunting and grinding my lap.
>It starts to get a little quiet and I hear her gasp a bit, and go a little limp. She suddenly stops, and yells, “let go of me, jerk!” and rolls off my lap. She then marches away in a pout to her room.
>Im still kinda hard and strangely aroused, but mostly really confused.

The next incident didnt happen until a couple of weeks later...
I don't know what it means.
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Spidey gets triggered by true love. Lol what a fag, can't even handle some wincest.
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Part 5: Lacey

>In my room on the computer. Im playing Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness and Lacey comes into my room. Once again clad in her traditional long tshirt and panties. I believe Tweety bird was on her shirt. (remember the WB store?) We exchange some pleasantries and she asks if we can play the Larry game.
>The “Larry game” was actually Leisure Suit Larry 6. Some of you may remember the series. For those of you who don’t, basically it was an rpg where the goal was to eventually get Larry laid. This incarnation found Larry in a health spa, where you would have to interact with everyone you met to find out whatever it is that they needed. Then you would search through several different rooms and such to find a multitude of objects to trade. Through a series of favor exchanges and puzzle solving you would eventually get Larry to hook up with the hot chick in the penthouse.
>I said sure, I was about to restart my mission in Warcraft anyway, cuz I was getting my butt kicked. So I instead quit out of it and started up LSL6.
>Lacey really liked Larry for some reason, it had really cartoonish graphics and she enjoyed walking around and talking to all the crazy characters.
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True love don't only include incest, but willing incest always include true love!
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MOAR. Good story.
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No, we're just triggered by faggots.
It actually makes sense.
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Let me help, Spiderman
Part 6: Lacey

>As was our custom, because we only had one desk chair, she sat kind of on my lap. I would spread my legs out and she would get in between them and kind of sit on half on my crotch, half on the edge of the chair. She would control Larry and I would help her find the objects and solve the puzzles.
>Now, as you can imagine, this game was chock full of sexual innuendo, scantily clad women, and a lot of sex talk.
>I knew Lacey only understood like 60% of it. Heck, I only understood about 80% of it myself. But it was still exciting and it felt like we were doing something wrong because there is no way my parents would’ve been ok with this game if they ever bothered to pay attention to it.
>As Larry is having a conversation with some extremely well endowed spa guest, I can tell Lacy is getting antsy. She is shifting around a lot in my lap. Adjusting herself and breathing a little heavier than usual.
>As Larry continues to get rejected and the promise of seeing some pixel action gets further away, Lacy gets frustrated and yells at the screen, “Why wont they just get naked already!?”
>I told her that its just game and that even when we do win we still wont get to see much. She gets kind of disappointed and asks, “Whats the point then?”
>I laughed and told her that if she really wanted to see something that I had some pics on my computer. She perked up really fast and I could tell she was excited, but instead she turned around and socked me in the shoulder again. “Eeww Perv!”
It's true. It's also canon, pic related.
Of course it makes sense, I've experienced it!
Anyone save that photo that started with brother and sister fucking, then the second (older) sister masterbated to it, then they all fucked near the pool, then the brother took the younger sisters anal virginity on the bus to school?
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Part 7: Lacey

>”Fine whatever, “ I told her. “Ill just play more Warcraft.”
>”No wait,” she said. “Let me see.”
>”Now whos the perv?”
>”Shut up! Fine, just show me.” I shut down Larry and began digging through my files.
>“Its not anyone we know, is it?” She asked.
>“What!? No. Its just some pics I got from AOL.” I open the folder and let her navigate through them. There weren’t a ton, but being 14 yrs old, who didn’t have a little something hidden away somewhere.
>She started opening a bunch of pics. Back then you had to open a few at a time and let them load. It took like 30sec for each picture to resolve. In that time she would be flipping through them, watching each one slowly reveal the hidden picture.
>She seemed really intrigued by one of a couple, they were on their side having sex, and the guy was holding the girls leg in the air, so the camera could see everything. I think it was the only one I had that also had a guy in it or any active sex. All the rest were posed pictures from playboy and hustler and such.
>My dick was well passed hard at this point and it didn’t help that Lacy had her ass basically hotdogging me.
>She squirmed around a bit and was totally grinding down against the edge of the chair.
>I sat up a little straighter to try and hide my boner a little and put one arm around her stomach to hold her in place so I didn’t accidentally nudge her off the seat.
>I could feel underboob on my arm through her shirt. It was actually pretty amazing, I hadn’t felt anything like it before.
>I think Lacey didn’t mind my arm there either cuz I definitely felt her take a sharp intake of breath. She started gyrating her hips slowly and was really enthralled with the photos.
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post faster im procrastinating on a haircut and buying books for this
Please someone
Part 8: Lacey

>Again, I started becoming very aware of my sisters sexuality and that she was close to being naked with my arm around her and I could feel her boobs! Not to mention that I could feel her butt gliding over my dick with each gyration.
>Back and forth, back and forth. Nothing too deliberate, just enough that I know she was doing it because it felt nice for her. Not to mention what it was doing to me.
>If I didn’t have a boner before, I was like titanium now.
>I decided that was enough for now. I was feeling a little embarrassed and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go without exploding.
>She got up with a little look of disappointment, but trotted off for her room. She poked her head back in a few seconds later and thanked me for letting her use my computer.
>I immediately closed and locked the door, then fapped like there was no tomorrow. It was pure sweet relief when I finally blew my load.

More to come...
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Part 9: Lacey

>It was awhile before anything like that happened again. A few months went by and we were both pretty busy with school activities and such. I was on a flag football team and she was really into dance at the time.
>One night, we were going to a Bat Mitzvah for a friend of hers. Her friend also had a sister my age whom I was friendly with, so we were both invited.
>One of our friends at the party, I don’t remember who, had snuck in some vodka in a couple of flasks. We had been using it to spike our Cokes and Sprites all night.
>I tried to keep track of how much Lacey was drinking, she was tiny and only about 95 lbs. The last thing I wanted to do was have to carry her home or explain to my parents why she was puking everywhere.
>She was pretty good about it though and only had a drink or two. Either way, it was plenty to knock her on her ass.
>She was definitely tipsy. Not falling all over herself, or ready to pass out or anything, just extra loud and giggly.
>After the party Lacey and I walked home. The event had been in the banquet hall of a local restaurant and it was close to our house.
>On the way home, she was still being pretty crazy, running around, jumping on my back, and overall just being a drunken 13yr old.
>When we arrived home we both went up to my room. She said that she wasn’t tired, even though it was a little passed midnight, and wanted to stay up with me.
>I suggested that we put on a movie in my room, that way we could wind down without making too much racket.
>She agreed and quickly ran off to go put her PJs on.
Dem legs are too muscular for a shota
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Is that it?
Surprise buttsex!
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Part 10: Lacey

>She returned shortly after and of course was clad in her signature long tshirt and panties. This time I recognized the shirt as once belonging to me, it had the “Dream Team” on it for those of you who remember who they were. For everyone else it was an Olympic basketball team with some big names on it like Michael Jordan and so on. I was never much into sports and therefore gave zero shits that she had somehow commandeered this shirt.
>The movie that I chose to put on was Labyrinth. (great movie, if you’ve never seen)
>The TV was on my dresser, which was perpendicular to my bed. I sat on the bed with my back against the wall, and Lacey sat on the floor with her back against the bed.
>Either she had never seen the movie before, or she was just being drunk and stupid, but she was asking a lot of questions early on. Really starting to annoy me.
>Eventually we both settled in and watched the movie peacefully.
>Around the time that they meet the little Fox dude and his shaggy dog mount, I decided to lay down on my side propped up on my elbow. Lacey asked if she could move up to the bed because the carpet was making her itchy.
>I said sure and made room for her to lay down in front of me. Essentially, we were now spooning.
>A few more minutes went by and Lacey started shivering, she said she was cold and we both burrowed down under the covers.
>I had one side kinda jammed up against the wall and the other side nearly touching Lacy and she laid in front of me. Another few minutes goes by and Lacey abruptly gets up and says she needs to pee. I pause the movie and wait for her to get back.
>She returns shortly after and jumps back into the bed, this time backing up right against me, shivering from the cold. I rub her shoulder a bit to try to warm her up.
Part 11: Lacey

>We get back into the movie and I start to realize that her ass is completely pressed up against my dick. Just thinking about this all the sudden started to get me hard.
>I tried scooting myself back a bit, but she just backed up again right against me. Luckily, I did have a split second before then to adjust myself so at least I was pointing up towards the head of the bed, rather than straight out at her.
>Im pretty sure she could feel me in there, now hotdogged right in her ass crack. But she said nothing.
>Instead, she just kind of made slight movements with her butt, pressing it into me, while nuzzling into my pillows.
>I tried to ignore her, but she was definitely moving more and more. We were at the part in the movie where there is some strange ballroom dancing or something with Jareth.
>Lacey was kind of wiggling to the music, and I was desperately trying to figure out if she knew what she was doing.
>Here I was, lying in bed with my half naked sister, I could feel the backs of her bare thighs on my legs. (I was wearing mesh shorts) and her ass on my crotch. It was kind of incredible. She was now moving up and down in very deliberate motions. Arching her back and pressing herself into me.
>I decided to be a little bold and throw my arm over her. It landed square on her boob. I tried to do it in such a way that it could’ve appeared to be an accident. Just throwing my arm over for comfort and inadvertently landing on boob
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Part 12: Lacey

>I kept my hand there, still and unmoving, waiting for her to say something, but she never did. She just kept grinding away with her backside.
>I think its safe to say that none of this would have happened, if we had not both been pretty drunk that night. Its not like we had some kind of convoluted plan to satiate some deep longing for each other or any such nonsense. We were both just kind of enjoying the moment and letting this happen.
>Not long after I had my hand on boob, she started arching her back, simultaneously pressing her ass into my lap and her chest into my hand.
>I decided to go for broke and just gave it a nice squeeze. A slight moan escaped her lips and she took in a large breath and started to quiver a bit.
>We finished out the movie this way, my hand gently massaging her tit, and her ass grinding into my junk.
>After the movie had ended, she flipped around and gave me a little kiss on the nose, then got up, thanked me for the movie, and asked if we could watch another one tomorrow night.
>Of course, I agreed and she left. I then immediately fapped, I remember that it wasn’t really to my sister, or the situation, I just knew I was turned on and needed the release.
Some of the pictures would be better without a little kid in them.
Hey guys, I had sex with my cousin multiple times now. At first it was to train for future relationship, but I felt in love with her... What do I do? Should I tell her?
Part 13: Lacey

>And so it went, that became our routine. Usually once every couple of nights we would lay down together, watch a movie, and she would grind into me while I massaged her chest.
>It never got any further than that until the night we watched Empire Records.
>Let me take a break for a moment and relish the power of Empire Records, I don’t know what it is about that movie, but anytime that I have ever watched it with a girl, any girl, we have ended up hooking up in some way. That movie is like Spanish Fly. Girls cannot resist. Sounds weird, but oddly its true. That movie has served me very well over the years. This was just the first time, and it was more by accident than anything else.
>Lacey comes in my bedroom that night wearing a super long sleep shirt. Like way longer than usual. This one goes down to her knees. I think it had Ariel on it.
>It was pretty warm that night and I was only wearing my boxers as shorts, and a flimsy tshirt.
>We snuggled down into the bed and put the movie on.
>It wasn’t long until we were in our normal routine. We were spooning, she was grinding and dry humping me, while I played with her boobs.
>As usualy her shirt began to ride up due to all the movement. I help it along a bit, eager to get a bit closer. The shirt comes up over her butt and I realize that she has no panties on.
File: 1448915509334.jpg (66KB, 612x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 612x960px
When I was 16 , I used to do sexual stuff with my sister (9) , she first didn't know what we were doing and later on she found out but we both came with agreement > pic not related <
> be me, 16 years old and little sister was 9
>She has brownish blackish hair brown eyes and later she will have a 8/10 body
> we often used to watch WWE on friday and wrestle for me to grind and get off when parents are at work and we come from school.
> she knees my dick area, and i pretend to be in serious pain

>pretend to be in serious pain and sister panics and begs me not to call parents and asks how much it hurts
> for months Ive been "wrestling" with my sister with shorts and i usually pin her down and start grinding until I cum. But I knew the possibilities but was a bitch and thought about if I should try to have sex with sister for 1 month deciding if it was worth it.
> come to conclusion and decide to give it a shot, back to my sister asking how much it hurts
> I ask her if she could kiss and lick it to make it feel better.. was VERY scared about if she knew about sex or not.
>she agreed if i didnt tell parents

> This happened over spring when Its humid as fuck, teenager genes didn't help. Tell my sister to get on her knees, she listens and I pull my pants down.
> By then i was diamond hard but I had a medium dick, I felt her lips wrap around and the warmness of her mouth and saliva
> super hot but awkward for me but not her since she doesn't know this was sex.
> Have gym in school and was sweating and smelled bad, and little sister told me she didn't want to do it anymore because my dick tasted bad.
> asked her to suck in and out 20 times and she could stop. She listened and sucked, I didnt cum because the blowjob was terrible but it was hot since it was my little sister
> was the end of it for the first day I actually had some fun rather then grinding.

Part 14: Lacey

>Boner is instantly petrified. Harder than diamonds.
>I nonchalantly run my hand down her hip just to double check. Nope, no panties.
>I take this as a sign to be bold. As I run my hand back up, I dip it under the rim of her shirt and slowly resume my position massaging her tits, only now, Im under the shirt.
>Im feeling real skin on skin contact with boobs. I almost lose it right there.
>As soon as I grab a handful of tit, Lacy lets out a long low mmmmmmm.
>She arches her back forcefully and starts grinding with a renewed vigor.
>Shes bucking around and moaning softly. Im loving this. Rex Manning day is maxical.
>I throw my knee slightly over her leg and kind of take over the dry humping. I move my hand from her tits down to her hip and grab a hold.
>She gasps and lets out a little squeak.
>Im just grinding the shit out of her, half on top of her at this point. Then BOOM, all at once, my dick escapes my boxers.
>I feel it immediately, My dick touching her soft skin, it was so warm and smooth…and wet.
>There was definitely a distinct wetness down there. It was warm and slippery.
>I positioned myself, and was able to just slide right into her crack, lubed up with her juices, I had never felt hotdogging like this before, it was amazing.
>I wrap my arm around her waist and we really start getting into it. Her hips are bucking out and we are sliding up and down on eachother like crazy.
>Then it happens…
File: 1409291400957.jpg (602KB, 1540x790px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
602KB, 1540x790px
Good text placement retard
Keep this up. Great story.
Why is jim carrey an officer?
File: 1450383375331.jpg (12KB, 298x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 298x169px
Part 15: Lacey

>At one point I got a little too low, and she rolled her hips a little too far back and….
>The head of my dick, just the tip, is now lodged firmly in her pussy.
>We freeze. Neither one of us dares to move, let alone speak. We just lay there in our precarious position.
>Warren shoots up the store. (Empire Records)
>Shes the first one to move. She lets out a long slow breath. I realize that I had been holding my breath too and do the same.
>She, very gently, very slowly, begins rocking her hips, just ever so slightly.
>Im still frozen, unsure what to do.
>I feel her pick up slightly and my dick begins to slide its way out. I figure, ok, this has gone too far and she is gracefully backing out.
>My dick is almost completely out when her ass suddenly reverses direction and pushes up against me. My dick slides right back to where it was then just a few cm deeper.
>Im flipping out. I look over at Lacey’s face. Her eyes are closed tight and she is biting her bottom lip.
>As she repeats her movements, I watch as another long “mmmmmm” escapes her lips and she presses into me a little more.
>My dick is now firmly half way in and Im still frozen there like a butterball turkey.
>She continues to rock her pelvis and inches me little by little deeper and deeper into her warm, and slippery pussy. It feels amazing and kinda not at all what I thought it was going to feel like.
>A few more pushes and Im all the way. We both just lay there very still, buried to the hilt. She has turned her head and now has her face in the pillows.
File: image.gif (1009KB, 540x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009KB, 540x360px
File: 1405204643757.jpg (362KB, 854x1148px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
362KB, 854x1148px
wait for lacey to finish IF THE ANON COULD FUCKING TYPE
i need a haircut
Goddamn op I need to leave but I can't
Part 16: Lacey

>I finally get over the spell I was under and move for the first time in what feels like an eternity. I run my hand back up her side, under her shirt and start massaging her boobs. They are soft and warm and somehow a little reassuring. Familiar ground, I suppose.
>She moans and thrusts her hips back up against me.
>I start gently moving my hips back and forth. Allowing my cock to slide in and out very slowly and deliberately.
>Oh my god this is incredible. In that instant, my teenage hormones took over and I was just a primal cave beast. This was no longer my cute little sister and some game we were playing.
>I rolled up more on top of her and drove my cock deep into her hole.
>She grabbed at the sheets, balling them in her fists and let out a small yelp.
>Her back arched, and her ass angled upward.
>I slammed back down, and picked up speed.
>I was now full on banging my little sister. That thought nearly took me out of it, but then Lacy moaned again and thrusted herself back against me.
>We were now going at it pretty hard, she was screeching into the pillows and began violently shaking.
>It wasn’t too long before I felt that urge start to well up in my nethers. I was gonna cum soon and I had no idea what to do.
>Lacey made a few more noises into the pillow as I gave a few more powerful thrusts before quickly pulling out, tucking it away and just cumming right there in my boxers.
File: as8OBnk.jpg (788KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
788KB, 1200x1600px
Part 17: Lacey (Last entry for now)

>I carefully pulled the boxers off and used them to clean myself up before tossing them passed the foot of the bed near the hamper.
>Without saying a word to each other we just went right back to the spooning position.
>The Empire Records gang had just earned enough money from their impromptu party to save the store.
>Lacey falls asleep in my bed that night and we stay there together all night.
>Next morning, we act as though nothing had happened. We just smile at eachother a bit more, like we have this secret that only we share.
A few more incidents happened in the time before I left for College. This was just the first major one. Perhaps, if Im feeling up to it, I will chronical those as well.
for those interested, this is a part of a great comic which can be found here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/15990/01332a6b20
File: spiderman 7.jpg (42KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman 7.jpg
42KB, 500x375px
File: 1449078165839.jpg (237KB, 811x1800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237KB, 811x1800px
>Im a bitch and felt regretfull and depressed for a whole week deciding if I should keep it going or stop because it went too far.
>Decided to stop and stay low just to be safe so she doesnt remember when we get older
>fast foward a couple months (Summer break now) of non wrestling or sexual stuff.
>My grandma died in korea, yes I am a chink. And that devestated my mom and she flew to korea the same fucking day my grandma died, she left me for a couple days (Not sure exactly how mcuh days, aroudn 5 days im not too sure) to take care of my sister since I was 16 turning 17 at the time
>we were poor fags and lived in a apartment, my sister was very sad and slept in my room for that night. I used to be addicted to a game called Combat Arms anmd stayed up playing

>I look over and see my sister sleeping in shorts and lay down next to her, and I got all these sexual fantasies runing through my head.
> I never seen pussy other then the internet and lift her shorts up and see it.
> I had a small dick prob around 4-5 inches i never measured my dick.. I didnt get a lot of girls.. My sister had no pubic hair because she was still developing
> I go into ninja mode and slowely slide my hand in her pants and feel her pussy, it was very soft and sorta sticky because of the summer weather.
> She starts to move around and I panick and take my hand out and stop because I was so scared. I fall asleep
>combat arms
My nigga
What always makes me suspicious of these stories is how easily it is to accidentally slip the guys dick into the girl. I lost my virginity at that age, and it always to a lot of deliberate work to get the guys penis inside of me.
Please dk
File: 1449079667464.jpg (29KB, 403x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 403x312px
BTW My sisters body looks very similar to this pic I found, she has the same body structure too, like this but alittle more tanner
Please do
Even a non-virgin has issues like this at times.. especially if shes a smaller build.
u play? lol
>ninja mode
For some reason I lost
Used to. Got bored of pay to win bs.
100% truth. >>658640010
Tits or gtfo
People lie because a part of them feels guilty.
>The next day I wake up to my sister playing on her laptop on the bed watching some disney show
>Morning wood and I cuddle up to her, I didnt feel my dick against her, I was just cuddling. I realized my parents actually left me and my sister alone for around a week and knew I had to do something because thats the longest Ive been home alone with my sister.
>I know my sister is going to say no to sucking my dick because of the other times she didnt want to. So while I was cuddling I shifted my way so my dick was rubbing against her side butt and she didnt say anything. I wasnt humping I was just gently rubbing
>I was very hesitant to ask my sister if we can have sex without actually making her know we are having sex. So I got ontop of her like she was laying on the stomach on the bed and I got ontop of her legs and started to grind my dick against her butt like we would do in Wrestling.
>She didnt say anything and It was akward.. So I told her that her butt was really comfortable when i laid ontop of her. I only grinded cloths because It was a while we wrestled and she let me grind so I didnt want to go straight to skin skin contact
What happened to lacey
It took some doing to get the rest of the way in. This was just the tip, we were both pretty lubed up and sweaty, and bumping parts pretty hard. Im not even sure if the tip was all the way passed the lips, but close enough for 14 yr old me.
Good story. Thanks anon. :-)
Exactly! A 95lb 13 year old? I'm sceptical that his dick would so easily slide inside her, even if she wasn't a virgin.
File: 1450666741303s[1].jpg (5KB, 201x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 201x160px
Oddly banged. Look further up.
File: IMG_20151221_210525.jpg (114KB, 1080x1355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1080x1355px
Pls anon, Sauce or better resolution
I told this in a secrets thread, and I'm not sure if it counts here, but I had an affair with my wife's mother before my wife and I started dating.
Yea.. from spooning position.. it honestly doesn't just "slide in" easily anyhow.. shes generally got to have her legs spread a bit and she needs to be -very- wet..
Should I start to make sure my 8 year old sister will become a good slut for me later?
So then that wouldn't be an affair, would it? Fucking retard
>I came in a matter of 3 minutes around and made a mess in my boxers, so i headed to the bathroom which was not far since we live in a apartment. I was thinking on asking her if she wanted to have a bubble bath together, but was too scared to ask
>I went back on my bed and played my game combat arms. While I was playing games I kept trying to think of ideas on how to have sex with my sister without her remembering or knowing. I even thought of giving her some sleeping pills but i was scared I was gonna kill her.
>I was really horny thinking of my sister and I wasnt thinking stuff through, I saw my sister go to the bathroom and followed her to "wash my hands"
>She stripped and started to pee, Thats when I couldnt handle myself and I looked over at her while she as peeing and pretended to see something unusual near her butt crack area and asked if I can see because I told her it didnt look normal.
>She says yea. And my heart beat dropped and I was very nervous. We both went to the bed and she laid on the bed fully naked on her front. I asked If I could tie her up so she doesnt move and she said yea to it. She obviously had no idea what was happening
fucking hick
File: image.gif (2MB, 500x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x347px
no more lacey story?
i still havent cum yet
If the girl is wet enough and the dick long enough it's actually really easy.
Any advice?
sasha grey's ass is so juicy
>fucks her in every hole
>sister still doesn't know what's happening
She was and still is married to my wife's dad. So it's still an affair, idiot.
File: 1449079523387.jpg (55KB, 255x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 255x600px
>I tied her up both hands and feet on each edge of the bed so her legs were seperated apart. But Im a faggot and dont tie it hard enough
>I Undressed and we were both naked and my sister was infront of me, I wanted to do so many dirty stuff. I am retarted and watch too much hentai and thought lube wasnt needed and the natural lube from pussy would be enough
>I was too much of a bitch and decided to use a sharpie marker, the fat ones and put it in her for the first time. I wouldnt go in so I thought i was putting it in wrong but she was just really tight and there was no lube.
>I pushed harder and she screamed and a very foul smell came from her vagina. I didnt know what It was but it was her hyme that popped and it smelled very bad.
>Since I didnt tie it hard enough she freed her legs but not her arms and I started panicking and untied her. She ran to the bathroom and was screaming and telling me it was hurting a lot. I totally forgot there was going to be a hyme because of the ideas that were going through my head
i once grinded my dick on my stepbrother ass and shit, it was really wierd, we just kinda grinded eachother until we came.
So your wife's mom had an affair with YOU
How does a dude cum by grinding their ass on another dick?
Pic Sauce?
Thank you anon.
Not really. Granted, I'm going off of my own personal experience and what my friends have told me of their own personal experiences, but it was never easy for the guy to get into me from that angle at that age, and I've always gotten very wet. It still took very deliberate work to make it happen.
we had like turns, we were kinda like wrestling.
I just wanted to thank Anon for the Lacey story.

Peace out, shniggies.
Not even him, but holy shit you're dumb. Why can people not just admit when they are wrong on the internet?
I actually grew up with 3 sisters a mom and no dad I've actually been pretty close to crossing the line(actually crossed that line with my 2nd oldest sister recently thanks to 4ch) with my sisters growing up and boy do I have some stories. Any of you guys interested?
True or not, the Lacey story was a good read.
How do you do the green text? I have a story I'd like to share. Yes I am a newfag unfortunately.
The act is still an affair.
Try googling. Or y'know imitating the way they type.
Big thanks anon
Ok sure, excuse these first few stories they're copy and pastes from the thread that convince me to cross that line.
First story.
>be 8
>oldest sister is 15
>she's in the hot tub with me and my youngest sister
>baby sis is happily playing with a toy
>sis sets me on her lap and hugs me
>cue embarrassed giggle and try to swim away
>feel her right hand move down her back as she tells me to stay in place
>ignore what she's doing
>feel rhythmic motions on my lower back
>feel her breathing start to change
>she tenses up and hugs me a little tighter with her left hand
>didn't know what she was doing until years later
Jesus Christ that butthole is pristine

Has she ever even pooped before? Or she has one of those colon bag things and shits out of her stomach?
Most the women I have been with have been smaller than me, body build wise.. and usually 10"+ shorter.. and yea.. none of them really were able to do this.. Un less I was already in a few moments earlier then its not as hard to get back in from that angle.. but still.. shes got to be very wet - on the inside not just her lips..
>be me
>use simple sentences
>main events that happened
>this made me feel like (blank)
>witty comment at end
>relevent pepe image
You literally put the greater than symbol > and then the text
Same here dude. I loved with just my 3 sisters (one of them is my twin) and my mom. All of them were very attractive, and none of them really have a shit if I saw them naked or changing.
File: monobu.jpg (304KB, 1000x752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 1000x752px

For some reason people feel like they need to save face on an anonymous message board.
How do you feel your sisters hand move down her own back?
File: 12313123123123123.jpg (15KB, 362x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 362x372px
Second copy and pasted story from the other thread;

>be 13
>discover masturbation
>beating my meat errday
>scumbag pops is "visiting"
>code word for he needs money
>"fuck that noise I'ma lock myself in my room and work on my technique"
>happily fapping on my bed no covers or shame completely naked like a boss
>thought I locked my door
>in my own world
>finish all over my stomach and chest
>first time I tried edging so I was tired as fuck
>just lay there for a second
>sit up
>2nd oldest sister(16) is standing with her back to the door speechless
>jump outta bed and yell at her to get out
>she's frozen but with a weird smile breathing slightly heavy
>she walks out in a daze
>I'm standing there with cum all over my chest and stomach embarassed as fuck
>couldn't look her in the eyes for a month
>after that she'd periodically try and catch me doing it again
>picrelated mfw caught
File: 1434516070405.jpg (751KB, 800x4220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
751KB, 800x4220px
>am I doing it right?
>>feel her right hand move down *MY back as she tells me to stay in place

Shit that was a mistype, they caught that in the other thread too.
File: qourbg.jpg (435KB, 1000x1391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 1000x1391px
one of my favs
>Me (boy) 13 years old
>Cousin (girl) 7 years old
>My family lives in another state from where I live. When I was younger I would visit my family long periods of time in the summer. During my stay I would spend time with my cousins. More specifically I would babysit my Cousin (girl) who was 7. Let's call her Shaniah.
>One day while I'm at my grandparents' house Shaniah comes over for a visit. I'm excited to see her, (at this time I wasn't thinking of sexual interaction).
>Eventually, my uncle leaves and it is just Shaniah and I and my grandparents went elsewhere. I take Shaniah into the room that I was staying in (which is my mom's old room) and begin playing with Legos.
>After awhile she takes off my jacket and she takes off hers (for whatever reason, I may never know).
>She begins to climb on top of me a lot giggling and poking at my stomach and other parts of my body.
That's because Dan has a micropenis
Thanks for sharing anon
Not technically incest, but still fucking hot.
File: 1432119787241.jpg (156KB, 538x460px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 538x460px
I know that car!
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