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Creep stories and pictures thread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Creep stories and pictures thread.
Damn she got an ass
>be me
>be 18, fairly good looking
>have spanish gf
>entire family loves me for some reason, theyre very welcoming blabla
>from time to time, sleep with gf and her mom in one bed because she was at our place for vacation. lives in spain, not where we live.
>she adores me
>get horny one night
>shes been asleep next to me for an hour or two
>put hand into her shirt
>feel under her bra
>super soft titties
>tfw hard nipples
>do this, and touch her puss etc for half an hour
>go to bathroom, masturbate

For some reason i remember my gf telling me, that her mom had nipples that are hard all the time because of whatever.

pic related
>tfw you are taking creep pics of a girl
>girl starts talking to you out of nowhere
>Fantasized about recording my friend's mom in the bathroom for 17 years.
>Technology finally improved enough to be able to do it.
>Leave phone on bathroom sink counter plugged into outlet like it's charging laying on its side with front facing camera recording with screen off.
>mom comes home.
>immediately runs to bathroom.
>see her notice the phone as she's already sitting on the toilet.
>leans to get a close look
>large mirror covering the entire back wall
>she's peeing in the dark, bur a night light is plugged into the outlet on the counter.
>she stands up exposing her naked ass.
>even though it's pixelated, I fap to it for eons to come.
You groped Mom or gf?
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One time I ended up fucking the woman I took up skirts of.

She was Ukrainian blonde.

True story.

I'm really outgoing though and 32 years old.
Only started doing up skirts like a year ago.
Was scared as fuck, but
For some reason had beginners luck, and the Asian chick I recorded wasn't wearing underwear AND had pierced pussy.
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I don't do creep pics a lot, but I do steal panties sometimes. One of my prouder moments was last Thanksgiving when I found my way into my neighbor's house while they were out of state. The daughter was a high school cheerleader, and hadn't done laundry in a while so I got a nice pair of dirty panties and a sock to fap into. I also fucked a couple of her clean pairs with the knowledge she'd wear them later on as well as a pair of cheerleader shoes.
I still pull out the pair from time to time to get a good smell of her. I can't imagine how mortified she'd be if she found out, but that's why I go for less memorable-looking pairs. I mean, I'd be horrified if my sister found something like that happening to her, so why should I subject anyone else to that feeling?

Also spare me the "you're fucked in the head" speeches. Someone always says that as if it's breaking new ground for me.

>Be a few weeks ago
>Staying over at friends house
>Just the usual hangout
>Him, his girlfriend, me and another chick
>usual drink, talk and cig business
>We all sleepover
>Next morning him, his girlfriend and other girl were out shopping, I didn't go because I did that shit before I came over
>I decide to go into the guest room where the girl was sleeping
>notice her pink panties on the floor
>Smells just like her and I know these were worn the day before
>no poo/piss stains so that's good enough
>use it to jerk off
>when I start getting close to cumming I look for an object to cum on
>Closest thing happens to be a salad of hers she bought before shopping
>Had ranch and what-not on it
>Came on it, left a few small stains on the panties
>She never questioned it
>She ate the salad and also never questioned it

>I felt fulfilled
Post it
post fgt
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>Girlfriend's hot sister was sleeping over drunk one night.
>She was like 19 or 20
>pretended to need something from the laundry room which was in the guest room closet
>go in there with phone as flashlight
>see this beautiful blonde just laying there
>notice her jeans she was wearing are on the floor.
>Start recording with my phone and put camera under the blanket by her ass
>do this 3 times
>fap to video of her ass in thong outside the room
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Lol how ashamed are you to have to justify those minor actions to us?
I'm on my phone. It's on my pc.

i never understood the sock/panty thing. I love wet, sloppy vag but having a pair of some chick's panties wouldn't do anything for me. I'm also a foot fag, love sucking toes/licking feet, but having some chick's socks or shoes does nothing for me. What does it for you? The smell?
Dude, my panty collection is like 80 pairs.

You can steal any pair from a girl. She'll just buy more.

Not that anon, but for me it's the smell and feel of the panties. Usually the smell of the panties reminds me of the girl herself and intensifies visuals, while if the feel is good... well you can imagine.
photos of your collection please?
show us
Definitely that and the idea of feeling the same piece of cloth she puts her bare pussy to all day.

Not really justifying, what I do is disgusting. Just showing where I draw a line because sometimes people ask.

Eh, probably. I don't keep track of my socks or underwear. Still better safe than sorry, I guess.
Lol, it's in the barn storage attic. I live in a large house with a barn owned by my gf. All my shit is stored in that barn.
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>high school
>record first grainy-ass upskirt of hot teacher
>she's wearing a fucking g-string under an admittedly tacky leopard-pattern miniskirt
>fap like crazy in bathroom stall
>sudden pang of guilt
>delete video
>still hit myself thinking about that to this day
Creep stories? Wtf? Fuck that gay shit
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>be 16
>parents friends would come over time to time
>they had a daughter that was a year younger, 6.9/10 nice body but shitskin
>one night my parents and their friends had left the room for a while and their daughter was asleep on the couch next to me
>get horny and decide to be a creepy fuck
>lift up her dress to reveal lime green panties
>scared shitless that she'll wake up so I didn't do anything too risky
>move her panties out of the way
>smell her ass and puss
>parents suddenly move towards the room we were in
>freak the fuck out and leave the room
>tfw I forgot to put her panties back on
>get a stern talking to and a snack
>worth it
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k (38).jpg
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older sister's friend
what type of snack did you get?


Snack or Smack?
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I've told this one before:
>6/10 gf has 8/10 girl roommate
>leave my clothes in the bathroom like I just showered
>phone sticking out of my pocket recording up to toilet
>literally leave it recording for 3 hours onto SD card
>finally room mate sits and pees
>perfect 18 yo shaved pussy exposed
>fap in bathroom while gf is asleep

Dude, I used to be like that.

I remember doing something similar, but not sure what.

I just know I tried to get rid evidence.

what do you mean you "moved her panties out of the way"

take them off or what? cuz that's fucking stupid if you weren't trying anything risky
I moved them down to her thighs
upload the vid
i'm having trouble visualizing a 16 year old getting a smack

A slap to the face you stupid fuck. Someone should have slapped your dumbass around so you go read or something.
a smack means being bent over his fathers knee and slapped on the bottom
If it was my daughter, I would have broken you legs since your parents were friends of mine. Without that you would have gotten a 45 round through the skull.
he gaves you trips, show us the vid
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>When I was 6 years old, my mom's girlfriend brought her 13 year old daughter over
>she was always sleepy, so she fellasleep almost instantly when she came over
>her mom may have given her med to keep her calm, or she pretended to be asleep because she knew I'd undress her
>would play with her tits
>grope her hairy pussy
>And sniff her soapy sweet slightly girl sweated ass for hours
>one time found a sanitary pad in her underwear.
>thought it was in case she shits, so I put it over her ass when I pulled her panties up
>wondering if she knew, because she always fell asleep when I came over.
>her name is vanessa. Tried to find her on fb for years. Still nothing.
>once I find her, I'm gonna admit everything. I have a feeling she knew and was turned on by it.
>this was 26 years ago

Gf is sleeping next to me. I'm typing in bed.
aww maan, i wanna see the vid so bad

I always hope to encounter people like you in real life. That's cash money right there.
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 11

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