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First time thread? Stories where you experienced something for

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First time thread? Stories where you experienced something for the first time. Sexual, non sexual, food related, good bad or ugly, whatever. Ill start

>Be me
> receiving blow job from girlfriend
> Not first blow job ive ever had, or the first girl to do it, but never came in a girls mouth before
>Shes going at it, she had a thing for giving me blow jobs for long periods of time, I think she was trying to work for the cum
> Shes under sheets
> Feeling comes about, friends at his computer in the room so I wont verbally warn her
> Rub her head, trying to discretely hint at the upcoming cock explosion
> Shes continues on
> Unleash fully into her mouth
> Feelsgoodmaine.jpg
The best thing I vividly remember about that memory is that I dont think she got my discrete "hint" So when I started cumming it took her by surprise and she kind of flinched, but realized what was happening and fully leaned into my dick and took it all like a champ. As much as whores like that have fucked my life up royally, The really leave me with some cozy ass memories. How about you b/?
My GF usually swallows, I rarely tell her when Im about to come because I think it's funny. If I pull out Ill aim for her face because kek
First bj in highschool was from a girl who was still a Virgin and I'm pretty sure only fooled around with one other guy. Anyways I came a huge load in her throat and she just took it at kept sucking like a champ. I thought it was odd since people say teenage girls hate cum and swallowing and shit. Needless to say 2nd girl I got head from was a disappointment
Yeah out of every girl thats ever blown me to climax, Ive never met a spitter that I can remember
Yeah, I think some of them are proud to do it, like they were good you know. Like I said, that chick seemed to legit work for it
Pic related she's into black dudes now
No pic dude
Missed the pic lol
nice pic.
Yeah the chick I was referring to was a babe when I was in highschool. Im 25 now and last time I saw her she had a kid and some major meth mouth, which was a shame because she used to have such a pretty mouth. Dont expect much better from those down here in missouri though
Yeah I probably shouldn't have dumped her she's pretty much a 10 with makeup. I'd never been in a real relationship though and got cold feet lol.
Shes pretty hot though man, kudos

>be me 9th grade
>be kinda late bloomer
>girl has been after me since 7th grade
>her parents work, we have open campus
>on phone with her one night
>she tells me she wants to suckle my nub next day at lunch time
>get all nervous and ask her how long it would take
>worried about getting back to class late

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Did she ever do it?
Are you my brother?
The feelings of cuming in a mouth are glorious.

So far I've cummed in 4 girls mouth.

They all said they loved it. Except for my first gf. After a few years, she would start to spit. WTF. Broke up with her soon later.

Second GF was a total champ. I wouldn't cum inside her pussy. Sometimes I pulled out and the semen would land on my belly or chest. She would suck my cum from my body and eat it. God, those are heavenly memories.

nah man, nah

She found some other poor bastard to fuck.

Looking back, she must have been one desperately horny girl.

Dodged a bullet though. She ended up getting fat and pregged in 11'th grade.
Fucked her for a good hour and a half using what I learned in porn. She came 7 times but I sadly did not. 5/10
Abortion or keeper?
I have a thing for cumming on a girls face

>19 or 20
>With GF for 2-3 years
>Refuses to let me cum on her face
>getting a blowjob, facefucking her with her laying on her back
>hold down head...
>Proceed to cum all over her face
>She starts crying saying "I didn't want that"

She was one of the best fucks I've ever had, but she was bat shit crazy and super mean. Like abusive mean. We were together for about 3 1/2 years all together. Ended up becoming a stripper for a few months. Now I think she is super christian and all into football.
Sauce please?
I have no brothers. Although I dont know my dad so, possibilities are endless I guess

Dunno. She dropped out so I am assuming keeper.

Another fun fact:

I think she was so sexually desperate because her friend in 8th grade was fucking like a 25 year old. Had all the classic symptoms of abuse. Withdrawn socially, etc..She probably felt like she was missing something.

I didn't realize how fucked up that was back then.
Yeah im a total fucking idiot for creampies. Did them endlessly through out my teenage years, Had my first kid at 20, have two now. So yeah, shitty fetish to have. Always wear a condom
Had a similar experience. How old where you back then? I was thirteen, she was twelve
Is your pic related?

Holy shit.

Do you ever feel bad for spreading your genes of stupidity?
Yep - not her when we were dating though, that is her at probably about 28 or so.
I have two kids at 25, what the fuck do you think
I was 15 and she was 14. Cumming in a girls mouth is pretty universal bro, lol

I am 33 now and thinking about getting myself neutered.

Haha touche.

Actually, I had my first kid at 27, and I always thought it was a good thing to be a young dad with plenty of energy.
Oh yeah, shes pretty attractive. Id put up with some bullshit from her for awhile. And cumming on that face would be a good thought to take from that, esp. if she was a bitch. Hopefully youve moved on to better things man
>I was 15 and she was 14. Cumming in a girls mouth is pretty universal bro, lol

That is the only thing about getting older I hate - at 33 most of the girls I meet probably have had dozens of loads blown in their mouth.
>big mouth
sheeeeeeit I would always cum down her throat mane damn!!!

When you are 33 that sort of thing won't bother you.
It is. Also giving them facials. I imagine it's in their natural behaviour to make men cum with their mouths, and receiving facials.

Just look at teens taking selfies with their mouth open, tongue out.

I had never imagined back then, did not even thought about if it would be hot... Women are weird.
She was my first real long term girlfriend so I was pretty naive and stupid over her. Would do butt sex any time I wanted though, even licked my bottom. Pretty cool man.

Best long term sex partner I've had, definitely.
Yeah I mean ive always been a homebody, and got a good amount of drugs and partying under my belt already so im content. Now that they are here, I could hardly imagine life without them, I went too hard anyway, id probably be dead if they didnt come along. But financially is what fucks me up, just more of a struggle, but you know

Yep same here. Did all of my partying and shit when I was real young.

Being married and spawning a child was a grounding experience for me.
Ah nigger alert activated
File: Yehs.gif (2MB, 500x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x327px
I got it from some random website when I was making this thread, no sauce man sorry. I can give you the gif site but thats about it
Well yeah, pretty much just at the point that you have to make sure it wasnt in the same night I guess
give it 2 me baby
Yeah it put me on a more productive path, thats for sure. I could have given a fuck less about my future back then so its been a big turn around
Totally white. Been told I have a minuscule amount of cherokee in me at that
My girlfriend went to give me a handjob but I had been hard for 1 hour before while we made out/cuddled so when she put her hand down my pants I was soft as a blanket and couldn't get hard.
>Yeah it put me on a more productive path, thats for sure. I could have given a fuck less about my future back then so its been a big turn around


It's kinda cool if / when you get divorced and splitting custody.

It's like being single 50 % of the time anyway. Best of both worlds.
What comes after quads???
Try xnxx, russian teen liza, nasty-angels
Yeah that reminds me of another first, same girl that let me unleash in her mouth
> Be at movie theatre
> Watching some shit tier movie about a giant crocodile or some shit
> her cousin is with us, sitting right next to us
> Throw a jacket over our bottom half, Sex ensues, little spoon, big spoon position
> For reason I cannot I remember I decide to try anal

> at no warning to her I shove it in there
> My dick was pretty lubricated from how wet she was, went straight in
> I dont remember her immediate reaction, but I do remember her visibly liking it at some point, Reaching back and grabbing the back of my head twisting back to kiss me, etc
Knowing what I know now about anal, and other girls position on it its pretty surprising to me it all just happened so easily, but as I said she was an actual whore. yeah some chicks just dig it I guess
She probably was mean because you are a fucking asshole.
Yeah thats how I am with my first daughter, shes 5. the other ones 2 and I want to be around her as much as possible for now so its a good situation
>be in goegraphy lesson
>guy next to me is fingering me
>cum in class

first time I had an orgasm in company. Good times.
it doesn't slide in without hurting her the first time like that. or at least for me it didn't. i had to get acutal lube to just get the head in my girl
back to the kitchen
did you get assfucked in spelling class afterwards?
You caught me!

I apologise, I have a shit keyboard. That's the reason...honest.

Got him off in a library a while later.
Yeah I'm pretty hungry so I'll go eat
I went out with a girl for six months, and she didn't go down on me once.
And she attempted suicide five times in that six months. There wasn't actually anything wrong, and she just did it all because she's a filthy attention whore bitch. But I didn't know that at the time and spent most of that time miserable because I didn't know if there was anything I could have done to make her happy enough to not try and kill herself.
When I figured out she's just a massive cunt I broke up with her.
Eventually all her friends and even her parents figured this out too and stopped talking to her.
At this point everyone who knows her hates her, especially me. Like, if I had a free pass to kill someone, it'd be this cunt.
When she realizes how alone she is she tries to make contact with me. I scheme.
I go over to her house, and she puts on a movie, she wiggles her way into the cuddle position that we had when dating, and initiates the sexuals.
I make her think i'm right into it, 15 minutes into the movie we're both full naked.
I tell her to suck me dick.
She's so desperate to not be lonely she finally does it.
After sucking dick for ten straight minutes I push her away, tell her she sucks dick at sucking dick, and that I fucking hate her. And leave.
This is
A. The first time she ducked my dick.
B. First time I considered regretting something I've done.

I don't regret it.
Yeah It was almost ten years ago this happened so I dont remember it completely. Im sure she kept it discrete because like I said, her cousin was right there. And I acted like I was being all sneaky but she later pointed out that I was retarded, and her cousin obviously knew but. I do remember her being into it at some point. not sure how long it took though
> in Miami for holiday with a mate
> pay some dude $100 to take me to an airfield
> going skydiving
> get suited up
> get the the plane
> watch a few other people jump out of the plane
> my turn
> the dude i am strapped on to starts shuffling me to the open door
> look out over the world at 13,500 feet
> shit a brick but good to go
>knees hanging off edge of plane
> dude i am attached to starts swinging back and fourth
> 1... 2... 3.... GO!
> fuck me best adrenaline rush ever
> feel weightless
> no cares in the world
tell us about that :)
Lel, you still should have taken control of that situation if she was that desperate and you really didnt care. I.E cumming over face, or just totally dominating her like a living breathing sex toy. Idk though maybe im sick at heart, Although ive never slept with anyone I didnt care about at least a little bit
Ive always wanted to do it, but I want to go tandem and you have to take some hours long class thats pretty expensive. thats just the only way to do it for me
First time having sex i lasted about an hour and didnt cum. Has this happend to anyone else?
I came in my Korean gf's butt one time. We were just laying on the couch at my parent's house watching a move late and I slip down her pants and start fucking her and get her really wet. She doesn't like anal very much at this point. But then she's so wet I figure I can slide my dick in her ass, which I proceed to do. It was a perfect amount of lubrication, enough for me to start going back and forth and us to enjoy it. Eventually it starts feeling so good along with being taboo, I bust my nut in her butt with no regrets. That was my first and possibly the last time I'll ever get to do that. Felt great.
tandem when you're strapped to someone cost only a few hundred dollars and about 2 hours of training.

Stop fapping.

The actual experience is not as pleasurable as your fantasy / porn experience.
I used to last forever in bed. Im getting significantly worse with age
I played with the idea, but decided my way was better.
The aim was to hurt her, not please myself.
So leaving right in the middle of a blowjob (which takes some tremendous fucking will power man) makes her think that she's not good enough, it attacks her self esteem on such a core-deep level.
Whereas if I had stayed and abused her sexually, she can twist it to make herself think it was all her idea, and that I wanted to fuck her.
uh, was a very very long time ago. I wrote it all up and posted it on /b/ a few years ago - long story about how I basically made an idiot out of myself by getting wet/masturbating/getting fingered in class, or on a bus, or whatever.

Did you want me to go find it? I can probably separate out just the library part if that's the bit you want. The whole thing is super long.
Yea' here. Maybe it's because I didn't know what the hell I were doing, or supposed to be doing.
Yeah I came in her ass at the movies. I always kind of feel bad for the chick though, thats got to be uncomfortable. Pussy is made for it, but you know, ass is an exit. But at least its worry free for you
you know what, that sounds rather familiar actually.

but yes, post anyway. my dick is stiff.
That's a common mistake. You should use enough lube. If you don't, friction causes pain in your anus hence you don't come for a long time.
Im actually retarded, I meant non tandem. Jumping solo. Only certain places will do it and it takes long expensive classes I was planning on it, but money became more and more of an issue and I guess I just forgot about it. someday though
lel this guy
Done it twice with 2 different girls. Feels great, regret wearing condom both times though.
The first sexual thing I experienced was a blowjob from this one girl from my class back in high school.

I had a friend that I would make out with every now and then and we were thinking we should start dating soon. She had black hair, blue eyes, was a little bit chubby, but not fat.

Anyway, we're at a party, on my friends sweet sixteen thing or whatever, and it was the first time she was allowed to have a party without parents anywhere near. So naturally, everyone got drunk as fuck. Somewhere around midnight, and I'm completely wasted at this point since I was 15 and didn't need more than 3 beers to get drunk, a chubby girl with black hair and blue eyes spills some wine on my shirt. I can't even think straight so the next thing I know, I'm shirtless in a bathroom and she's cleaning my shirt in the sink. I grab her from the back and we start making out. Before I knew what's going on, she pulls down my pants and my boxers and starts sucking on my limp dick like there was no tomorrow. Even though she was awful at it, I still got hard and when I was about to finish, I made a huge mistake of telling her I'm about to cum. So she pulls it out of her mouth and I end up cuming all over her dress, my pants... She panics with cum on her hands and somehow wipes her hands of my shirt.

At that point, with my pants pulled down and cum all over me and her, the girl I've been making out with for months comes in. I look at them both, they both look alike, but the one I got a BJ from turns into a whale. Cum covered whale. I got a BJ from my makeout buddy's fat best friend.

So naturally, I pull my pants back up and run home as fast as I can.
Friend was called tentanon, here's the library bit.

>Texting tentanon while wandering around, some Friday after school
>can't go home for various reasons, mention this to tentanon
>he suggests we could meet up
>"Do you know where the library in town is?"
>sure do
>I take the bus and head to the library
>Not in a great mood, but thinking of hanging around tentanon is cheering me up - haven't seen him in months
>Suddenly remembering why I like hanging around with him so much
>some fidgeting begins
>more fidgeting ensues
>I'm unconsciously rubbing my legs with my hands
>Notice some forty year old guy on the other side of the bus watching me
>suddenly realise what I'm doing
>Look out the window and try to calm down

It was a not-thinking-straight kinda day. Have to say I wasn't exactly upset about the attention though.

Might be worth mentioning that I hadn't yet changed out of school uniform.
Thanks bro I found the source:
>reach library
>search for tentanon
>can't find him at first, just a bunch of random people who must think I'm lost
>eventually find him behind some bookshelves, on a laptop, hidden from view
>sit down next to him
>start complaining about my life in whispers
>go on for about five minutes
>Get shushed by someone I can't see
>shut up
>kinda flop on the table
>close my eyes and just relax a bit.
>Mind turns back to thoughts of tentanon
>dangerous thoughts stir
>take off my blazer, drape it over my chair
>take off my shoes
>nudge tentanon
>indicate for him to move back
>he pushes his chair back a little
>I turn sideways, lean against a bookshelf, and put my legs across his lap
>He looks around, seems kinda nervous
>starts stroking my leg
>this is more like it
>I stuff my blazer behind my head/back for comfort
>close my eyes
>he keeps stroking, sticking to the safe areas
>he's not touching sensitive areas, but rather stupidly, my imagination is running away with me and before long I fidget a little
>flex and curl my toes a little
>rub my legs on him a little
>Not getting super aroused, just relaxed and calm.
>nevertheless, a degree of moistness is developing.
>relax into his touches on my legs. it's like a massage.
>drift off slightly
>when I come to, something is slightly odd
>why is he pressing his finger into my leg like that
>why does it feel weird, is his hand in his pocket
>he's just pleased to see me
Haven't posted the story of how I lost my virginity in a while, so here goes...

>22, kissless virgin, barely even spoken to a girl without being awkward about it
>Meet girl from Sweden online by chance in a /soc/ thread
>Start getting to know each other better over skype
>End up talking practically everyday
>Turns into 8 hour phone calls
>Realise we love each other
>Whip up the courage to buy a plane ticket to visit her at Christmas
>Sell pretty much all my consoles and some other shit for ticket cause poorfag
>Christmas rolls around and I leave for Sweden
>She meets me in London cause connecting flight from Glasgow and I had a 9 hour wait
>Decide to get a bus into London to have a little walk around
>Make out like fucking retards on the bus the whole time (she'd only kissed a couple of guys when drunk before, so we were all over the place)
>A few hours pass and we nearly miss our flight, fall asleep on her shoulder on the plane, know I'm head over heels with this girl

>feel dick pushing against my leg
>I like it. I like it a lot.
>Feel it rub and twitch against my leg
>Notice his hand is tapping me
>open one eye
>on his screen, he's typed out in huge letters, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY
>stick my tongue out at him, grin, and close my eyes
>Enjoy his touches some more
>without opening my eyes, unbutton one button on my shirt
>rub my leg against his dick
>feel it twitch against me
>that was awesome
>undo another button
>another twitch
>spread my shirt so it's showing my bra (yeah, okay, I don't need to wear one...)
>this feeling of twitching as I constantly rub my leg against his dick
>moistening rapidly develops
>stroking suddenly stops
>I hear a zipping sound...
>he's rubbing his dick against my leg
>holy shit this feels amazing
>I'm actually stimulating this guy and...whoa
>open my eyes to look at it
>beckon tentanon to shuffle his chair closer to me so I can stay leaned against the bookshelf
>eventually get him to half sit on both seats
>his dick is pressing against my thigh
>raise one leg and lower it on the other side
>now, his dick is squeezed between my legs
>feel it hot and twitching between them
>i am so wet right now

I'm pretty much gazing at his dick by this point. something amazing about stimulating someone else so powerfully. As I shift my legs and rub them together I feel the twitching increase...

Ppl who should burn in hell.
>stare at his dick poking out between my legs
>move my legs more; small up and down motions, back and forth, etc
>feel him twitching. a lot.
>his breathing gets deeper
>my wetness is ridiculous, I can feel it soaking through
>look up at his face
>he's looking at my chest
>unbutton two more buttons, now you can probably see my belly button if you were looking that low
>pretty sure he's not looking that low
>his breathing speeds up
>his hand squeezes my legs and he closes his eyes
>scrunches up his face like he's concentrating on something
>I suddenly feel BIG twitches between my legs. And a damp, sticky feeling.
Lol, ah power trip, your right way better. I guess I just dont have the control, If I get myself in that situation, no matter how easy, ill abuse the shit out of it. Given im at least attracted to her. Obviously you could achieve this with practically any fat chick within ten minutes. Theres something about a desperate, attractive bitch though, like she could do better by herself, but wont, is a loss of control button for me. Even if I hate the bitch
>Nothing really happens the first week just being all shy and cutesy around each other
>Happiest I've been in such a long time
>No idea why she thinks I'm so great
>Fast forward to week 2
>Playing around, cuddling a bit, get hard
>She notices and asks if I'd like her to take care of it
>Freeze, no clue what to say, just nod
>She takes my cock out, examines it for a few seconds then gives it a lick
>First time getting head, first time she's ever giving it
>Best fucking thing I have ever felt
>Look at my hand in disgust for doing such a poor job for years
>Can't cum cause too nervous
>Offer to finish myself off in her mouth and she agrees
>Swallows it all
>Jaw drops
>I love this girl
>Following week nothing but furiously making out and getting my dick sucked
>This is now the best week of my life

that's it, all done.
Would like to know what it feels like without condom. Married with kids now and wife does not like anal. Swallows every time though. She knows what I like.
shit son that took a rough turn
>Start of the last week
>Think I'll be going home a virgin
>Happy as fuck, didn't really care if I left without sex
>Watching Harry Potter on TV one night
>Spooning real close
>Get hard as usual
>She feels it and turns around
>We start making out
>She gets on top of me
>Play with her boobs for a bit
>I take my boxers off
>Her panties come off
>We were a little hesitant cause no condom but she told me to just shove it in
>Wet as fuck down there
>Slip it in
>In heaven
>Proceed to fuck her slowly
>Get a little harder, rougher
>Slow it down to catch my breath
>About 40-45 minutes passes and I've still not came, the nerves again
>Can hear Harry Potter fighting a snake in the background, seems pretty fitting
>Get a second wind and pound that pussy until I cum with the force of a thousand suns
>Looked down at her, tell her I love her and smile
>Clean off and watch the end of Harry Potter
>Fucked everyday for the rest of that week, sometimes twice
>Now this, this is definitely the best week of my life

That's it.
fantastic. thank you, dear femanon. did you keep in touch after?

Today I lived the 4th december 2015 for the firsttime.
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why would someone make a mess like that...
If you have the other stories already written up could you put them in a pastebin or screencap them? I haven't seen the whole thing
Nice, if this video is her also, shes got a great pussy. Nice hunting b/ro

First Sexual experience I was 12 guy was 17 he would only finger me. I would get so WET!!!! He would never give me dick and I remember begging for it . He would only let me suck his dick.
Was I abused ??? Lol
I sucked his dick way more then he ever fingered me .
File: yooooo.gif (195KB, 240x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 240x232px
I don't know, man. My uncle told me not to tell anyone about it.
These are the moments in life I live for

you seeing her again? She live with you yet?
Thats how its supposed to be. Do men even make fingering feel good anyway, or is it mainly just the thrill
>I will die a virgin
I think this happens a lot. Sounds like the dude was desperate for action but mindful of the law so only went part if the way.
wtf anon???
you think having an underage girl suck your dick is legal?????????????
Yeah, well like I said, I'd kill her given the opportunity
Heh, glad I could help you out anon.

I actually moved to Sweden two months after those three weeks, been here for around 8 months now.
Same here bro
Have slept with 31 women, have creampied 25 of them, rest I never came because whiskey dick. Honest to god I don't know if I have any kids, have texted all of them to get the pill after I'm done with them. One of them got preggers but had an abortion, so I know the boys are swimming.
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