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Rosemary is love, Rosemary is life! Rose Wolfe thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Rosemary is love, Rosemary is life!
Rose Wolfe thread
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Rose's Back.jpg
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Wolfe Pack!
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Why are Rose threads making a comeback?
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because rose is a qt3.14
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dunno, but I like it
Why because one devoted little bud
My heart, I'm inside it
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Why are you talking like a retard?
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(c)OP because i fuckin love her
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Original video when?
Never, that's when.

Death to hoarders.

Retard? WHERE?
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what's wrong with hoarding?
Are you Russian?
Now post the of the original files. Oh, you can't?
Who cares about that?
If you want to hate hoarders, hate them for having her full blog. Hate them for having all the information possible on her. Hate them for having all the long lost creations of her.
Fuck the fucking hoarders.
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If you are a lurking hoarder whos presence or treasure is completely unknown I have no issue with you, but these are not of the silent kind.
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I include that too. Every Rose picture is an endless painting so perhaps you can imagine my despair.

One mistake was not hidden their faces.
There are no hoarders left, silent or not. Old /rose/ will never be back. The ship has sailed.
I will not post the evidence, but you can find the traces of their existence to this day. On the frogboard of course.

And then there is Epi. Round and bottomless Epi.

... hello epitome
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Roseroseroseroserose loveloveroserose
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>Stupid hair color
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rose is a faggot
Is he still here? You disappoint me epi.
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Stupid you dad cause not using a condoms
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He seldom utters a word, butt Yesh. Czech the Irc #rose
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has noone tryed reverse image searching her and finding her facebook twitter instgram and so on?
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Are you new to this section?
People did that years ago.
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At least QP isn't here.
She looks like a trap.
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"Brian pretends he's not there."

Ehem, number nine.
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/rose/ began in 2011. Meanwhile people even found her birth certificate. And paid her visits
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c p.jpg
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Here is the attention your family could not give. Enjoy.
Mathafucka nononono im a here u can suck my dick as well.mm dinding mathafucka
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Fecking Saved
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i like you
Is that jamie oliver right at the back?
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Thank you mathafucka ding ding mathafaka i keep holding this thread longer.AS LONG AS I'M LIVE, even moot can't stop me
wasn't QP who doxxed her, doxxed as well?
Genuinely impressed my your devotion, bud. I do wonder, how long will before you grow sour just like so many many many others?
Strange it is to read these words. Where Have I Seen Them Before?
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file (2).gif
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Im offer my soul to rose... Rose is the one and only
These traps are getting too good.
Too bad the shitposters are not.
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Ha ha hahaaaahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH haha fuck you. Sure
Who is she?

Who is this?
What a weird idea. Who had this idea? This is gonna leave me sleepless for sure.
Same girl Rose Wolfe
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Who is Rose Wolfe?
Would fuck TBH. he looks pretty hott.
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She is a queen of /b/
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Thread posts: 92
Thread images: 51

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