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Wincest thread gogogo

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread gogogo
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Bump more
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no content so bump
I want to read that manga OP. What is it's name?
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anon, i would tell you if i knew
its not a manga its like 5 images and nothing really changes along any of them
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is this a fucking incest thread or ss thread
Can some one post some manga or comics preferably mother and son
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i dont mind both personally. OP says wincest tho
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Why we can't have any wincest webms?
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exhentais souce?
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anyone want a story?
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they removed it.
No, and yes.
yes brah i need to fap
yes plz
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Yes please.
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If I told you I killed a nigga at 16, would you believe me?
Or see me to be innocent Kendrick that you seen in the street
With a basketball and some Now & Laters to eat
If I'm mashing all of my skeletons, would you jump in the seat?
Would you say my intelligence now is great relief?
And it's safe to say that our next generation maybe can sleep
With dreams of being a lawyer or doctor
Instead of boy with a chopper that hold the cul de sac hostage
Kill them all if they gossip, the Children of the Corn
They realizing the option of living a lie, drive they body with toxins
Constantly drinking and drive, hit the powder then watch this flame
That arrive in his eye; this a coward, the concept is aim and
They bang it and slide out that bitch with deposits
And the price on his head, the tots probably go to the projects
I live inside the belly of the rough
Compton, U.S.A. made Me an Angel on Angel Dust, what.
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ok ima tell you bout me and my sister
>be me, 13
>my sister, 16, alone at home
>both playing sega genesis and shit
>our parents on a trip
>they gave us a list of shit to do before they get back
>we did almost everything, it was our last day
>we have like 3 hours before they return
>oh shit the list
>we quickly clean the house and do shit in the list
>we need to take a bath cuz we looking like shit
>not enough time to do it separately
>she says we should just take it together
>insta boner
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bump for interest
>we get in, im trying hard to cover my diamond dick
>im sitting in the bath tub
>shes standing, scrubbing herself
>all the glory in front of me
>sister:''dont you know its not polite to stare?''
>me:''oh im sorry im sorry''
>sister:''whats the matter? you need to wash yourself too, do you need help?"
>i get up, she starts washing me
>embarassed as fuck about the boner
>its basicaly bumping her stomach as shes washing me
>i see her noticing it, but she tries to ignore it
>awkward as fuck
>sister:''i need to wash your feet next ok?''
>she leans to wash my feet, my cock basicaly in her face
>she stops
>sister:''okay, we need to do something about this''
>grabs my dick, starts stroking it
>me:''what are you doing??''
>sister:''its okay, just enjoy it''
>she starts sucking it, im in heaven.
>im about to cum,
>i bust all over her face and shit
>sister:''oh great.. now im horny''
>me:''well you started it''
>sister:''its your fault, now you have to make me feel good''
Too real for me man
fake and gay
literally sounds like scripted porn
Pics or it didnt happen
anon is a faggot
>we start fucking
>fucked for a whole lot
>no idea how we didnt get tired
>we hear the door starting to unlock
>sister:''oh shit, thats mom and dad!''
>he hear them
>they open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
KEK classic
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Thread posts: 69
Thread images: 41

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