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Any wincest stories/greentext?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Any wincest stories/greentext?
interested in sister stories/pics
My mother asked to see my dick last night and I showed her, it was semi
>hanging out with sister
>it's really hot so we get naked
>no big deal
>she hears a loud noise
>is scared
>jumps and hugs me
>pussy meets dick
>we fuck
>now we have a child
Why did she ask?
>be me 19 confused and horny
>watching spongebob hoping to see some sandy cheeks (if you know what I mean)
>Mom walks in with my ramen noodles
>I show her my ramen noodle.
>We sex
good stuff...
Totally believable/10 Sauce pls?
>be me. About 8 or 9
>older female cousin would babysit, 16 at the time
>when it was time to go to bed she would leave my sister in the living room and would lay me down in bed
>one night she pulled out her breasts and fold me to suck and lick her nipples
>this goes on for a couple weekends until I decided to reach for her pussy
>tells me no unless I'm willing to have sex with her
>ended up not being able to get it up bc of age
>stopped that night and nothing happened again
Then a few years ago we were drinking together and things got heated and we ended up fucking
>be me
>be 10
>be at uncle's house
>uncle is gay
>uncle is drunk
>uncle doesn't believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ
>Uncle corners me
>Uncle takes my clothes off
>Uncle puts wiener in my bunghole
>The room is filled with a blinding light
>Jesus materializes in the room with us
>Jesus sucks on my Uncles ball while Uncle is fucking my boipussy
>taking a poop
>door starts to open
>realize i didnt lock door when poop
>sister comes in
>uhh uhh !!!!!! i am poop!
>try to cover myself but penis slips from hands and flops out
>oh sorry brother i am forget knock ! !! ! !!
>borther your penis is very nice
>yes sister leds fukK!!
>i put penis in her vagina
>wow so good !!!!
>i cum
>sister leaves
>i pull up my pants
>oh no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>i forgot wipe poop

haha hope u like
jesus is love
This is actually true but I'm on Mobil so fuck green text, me and my sister (I was 19 at the time she was 22) got drunk but she took sleeping pills all the time so she fell asleep fast. Drunk me though "hey you should finger her" I carried her to her room and slowly but surely started stripping her, licked her asshole and pussy a lot while fingering her got a couple more shots in me than proceded to fuck her till she woke up in a daze, she went to the bathroom cleaned up came back so I went for round 2 fucked her ass (she is a very heavy sleeper plus pills and alcohol) came in her so turns out she remembered it all and we talked about it she said she understood why I did it but not to again also pic related it's her pussy stole it off her phone
i don't believe it
You don't have to, I mean I wouldn't either without more evidence but it is true
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You dare to go against dubs of truth?
lol ok...
Oh hey cool first quints I've ever got also all these pics are of my sister
Dem quads. Moar
can't believe she was fine with it though
I'm iffy on showing her tits because she has tattoos all over and some of her ex's are on here so trying to find the ones without tattoos
Count more nigger
Me either, I mean it's because We both grew up messed up and we both know we are attracted to eachother
>tattoos on fingers

wow, your sister is a stripper or something?
Hold up let me pull back my fat....
that was a good time
Naw she thinks she is "edgy" or some bullshit I don't know also no more pics without tattoos
> Doesn't know what quints are
I mean she is only like 125 and 5 foot 4 but she does have a fat pussy it was kinda weird to me too
Fuck I ment quads, cut me some slack
>just took a shower with my 9yo and 6yo nephews
>didnt even molest them
>never crossed my mind

Am I a bad uncle? not sure if im even qualified to be in /b/ anymore...
for fucks sake man, more photos. I would eat a mile of shit to sniff that slit.
File: mayrastits.png (1MB, 1440x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1440x2560px
>Went to visit family in other country
>Meet cute cousin
>We hang out everyday
>Went to a river to hangout she introduced me as her boyfriend to her friends.
>Walking home i asked her about it
She said she liked me but knew we couldn't be together
>I stop her talking by kissing her
>She doesn't resist we make out.
>We get back to her house not saying anything
>Next day everyone was off at work or school she stayed home to hangout
>We go get a bunch of junk food and candy then go home to watch a movie.
>We lay on the couch together
>I wrap my arms around her stomach.
>Her stomach is really flat can feel her hip bones
>We start making out.
>I moved my hand up and start touching her breasts.
>She pulls down my shorts enough that my dick comes out and she start rubbing it
>I stick my hand into her shorts and start playing with her.
>She jacks me off long enough to make me cum
>I'm still playing with her clit until she tenses up and stops me.
>She gets up and washes her hands, she comes back and we finish the movie.
Youre ok, not the kind of incest were looking for.
Well, I can only speak for myself, but you get the point.
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File: oldfag2.jpg (301KB, 2560x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am oldfag.

Have 3 sisters.

Banged the youngest one for 9 years.

Then she got married and it stopped.

Not even bullshitting.

If incest is your thing, you can ask me anything.

No dinosaur or all that shit.

>spoiler: its not like you see in porn.
I was like 12 and I asked my sister (15) what a blowing was. She said she would show me in her room. I wasn't falling or no shit and told her to Fuck off. 12 years later I realize I'm a fucking idiot

thats some faggot shit.
How did it start
>12 years later I realize I'm a fucking idiot

yes. yes you are.

Talks about sex. Till this day we are close [and have always been] so I was her go to guy when it came to sex questions.

I just told her anything she wanted to know and it progressed to show and tell at some point.
how much younger was she? how did you guys keep doing it without anyone else knowing?
File: ZimXi6i[1].png (67KB, 771x941px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>how much younger was she?

9 years.

>how did you guys keep doing it without anyone else knowing?

i had my own apartment. she is my sister. no one batted an eye when she stayed over.
how tight was she?
describe in detail the first time she made you cum

very the first time. [she kept squeezing my arms] after a couple of times, no problem. just like every other girl.

if you've ever bagged a virgin. you know what im talking about.

I second this
Have hot aunt has sexy wide hips and nice fit stomach with belly ring that she loved showing off.
She invites me to a party.
I said ok but I'm gonna take a few pills
She was used to me being fucked up on e or codeine
We show up to party and asks me for a pill to get loose
She's never tried anything but weed
So give her an e pill
An hour later she takes me out to dance
She's sweating and touching herself
She keeps putting my dick in between her ass
She was wearing a tight black dress
Pills starts hitting me
I'm fucken diamond hard
I start rubbing her tits and trying to stick my hand under her dress
She can't take it anymore she asks if I wanna go back to the car
I say fuck yes
We go back to the car and she jumps in the front seat
I lean passenger seat back and she gets on top
I pull dick out and she gives a few pulls
She moves gstring to side and dick slides in
We fuck for what seemed like forever but the whole time was euphoric thanks to the e.
I cum in her and she finishes playing with herself.
We drive back to her house and went another round.
Next day she wakes up next to me and tells me I can't tell anybody about this shit haven't done anything since then but I'm hoping to fuck her on new years

it was a handjob in the restroom. she wanted to see cum IRL [she had only seen it in porn] and asked me to show her.

by then i was already sucking her tits regularly [one of the first things she let me do in exchange to see my dick] and it was a natural progression.

asked her "to help" me so Id cum faster, and she masturbated me. came on her hand and a towel. one of the most erotic experiences of my life.
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>Be 18, sis(25) lives in capital
>Big festival going on in town
>Ask mom to sleep at sis's, they are fine with it
>Meet up with current gf (MSN anyone?)
>Never really met before this
>We kiss, hang etc.
>She has to leave with her parents
>Made sure to tease me before going
>Go to sis with a hard on
>Want to bate but computer is exposed to the main Door
>Can't get away with it if sis comes home
>Pre-SmartPhone time
>Blueball myself like crazy going over porn etc.
>6 AM sis, her friend and bf come home
>Sis is passed out
>They get her to bed
>Start making out with each other
>Walk in
>"Oh anon, forgot you were here"
>Ask wtf cuz it's sis's bf
>He throws me cash and asks me to shut up about it
>And when sis wakes up tell her anything else than this
>Make a deal
>Now I can 'bate
>They go to her place to fuck and i'm watching porn
>Hear noise, scared that bf is coming home
>X everything
>It wasn't them
>Not bothering with looking for everything I look through pictures in their computer
>Find sex tapes of them
>About to 'bate when I realize my sis is passed out
>Go to their room, drag her pants down she's lying on her tummy
>Gonna fuck but decide to use condom
>Can't find any
>Go for the butt
>Took time and patience
>Finally get it in
>Fuck her crazy in the ass
>Clean her up
>She wakes up next morning
>"Where's bf?"
>"He went with your friend Anonette, they were kissing and touching and shit"
>She goes berserk and asks more accurately what happened
>Tell her she watched him fuck sis before deciding to fuck her
>They break up
>Meet him at same festival 7 years later
>He brags to his friends what I did
>Thanks me for getting him out of that relationship and not to worry
>He took the heat for my rape

hot story. hopefully it is true.

how old would she be anon?

any pics?

sounds like a win to me.

is your sister good looking anon?

or are all your family a bunch of inbred hicks?
File: aunt1.png (900KB, 1186x1075px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
900KB, 1186x1075px

Well? We're waiting.

looks good.

congrats anon.

is she aunt on mother's or father's side?
File: aunt2-1.png (622KB, 831x1631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fathers side
File: full.gif (747KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here it is without the bullshit text
still looking for a vid

Nice tits.

Are you gonna get her preggo and have some mutant kids?

Also, how many years between you guise?

She doesnt look very old.
>Well day before I was leaving we end up going to a carnival
>We spent the whole day there
>The day was ending and I could tell she was sad
>I had asked her what's wrong and she said she wants to say bye but we can't go back home since everyone was there
>I tell her let's a rent a hotel for the night
>So she calls her parents and tells them She was staying at a friend's
>So we went to a liquor store and got some liquor and when she wasn't paying attention I threw some condoms and a razor in
>Well we went back to the motel and first thing we did was make out
>She said we should shower together before anything
>I jumped in the shower and started shaving my balls.
>While I was doing it She walked into the bathroom
>She took off her clothes and jumped in
She helped me finish shaving and asked me to shave her
>She didn't have a complete bush just like a little patch
>So I shaved her and we scrubbed each other
>While showering I got to wash her vaj and as whole clean
>I asked to do it since I wanted to eat her out.
>So we got out dried off and drank some liquor.
>Now that we were buzzing I started to eat her out
>I went down on her and she couldn't stop shaking I flipped her over and ate out her ass.
>She screamed at me to fuck her so I lifted her ass up and slowly stick my dick in her
>I forgot to put on the condom
>So I'm fucking her and she is playing with herself at the same time.
>We basically fucked the whole night.
>We fell asleep and I woke up to her giving me a bj
>It wasn't great but knowing she was my cousin made it worth it.
>I tried to pull her off when I was gonna cum but she didn't move
>She swallowed it and then kissed me which was weird.
at least that's all i could find
something to do with aphrodisiacs, so that's most likely it
Nah we were carefull Next day she went and got morning after pill.
She is 37 I'm 23
She doesn't look old she's a health nut
>She swallowed it and then kissed me which was weird

What are you some kind of a fag?
Any other times that she made you cum? Blowjobs? How old were you two?
>Any other times that she made you cum?

Well, it was a whole 9 years. So yes. Many times.

Your question would have to be more specific.

>How old were you two?

I meant to say she kisses me with her mouth still full of my cum
File: to my face.jpg (65KB, 387x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
to my face.jpg
65KB, 387x500px
>she kisses me with her mouth still full of my cum

cum eater fag.
That doesn't make you a fag, the fact you found it weird is what makes you a fagget.
Well she did it and that's it I had never tasted my own cum so that's why it was weird

so wat does cum taste like you faggot?

do you find yourself craving it now?
Ok here's a true story for you faggots
>be me 10, sister 14
>playing water polo at the swimming pool with a bunch of friends
>my hand accidentally slips under her swimsuit and grabs her tit
>i get rock hard
>pull my hand out, awkward moment for a few seconds but we pretend like nothing happened
>keep trying to do it "accidentally" again every time we go to pool but she catches on
>tfw she avoided me like the plague every time we went to the pool after that
My sister raped me when I was younger
>>tfw she avoided me like the plague every time we went to the pool after that


i feel you though. 14 is a hard age to not have ANY pussy around.
disregard, not it
Hory Shito, watching this gif I can hear the NYEEEEeeeeeEEEENYEEEeeeEEEENYEEEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeNYEEeeeEEE
>Mom died right when I was born
>Grew up with my dad's family, because my dad has all sorts of emotional issues and he bailed before i was born
>Growing up I feel like there was always a lot of distance between me and my sister
>Be 17 or 18
>Notice that my sister is a hottie
>Accidentally found a video that she made of herself
>I thought she was so fucking beautiful that I watched it twice
>Would have watched it a lot more, but crazy shit went down and I had to leave home
>At this point, totally lusting after my sister
>She was also having bad trouble with the law
>Actually in custody when I left home
>Friend and I go to pick her up
>I Just wanted to fuck her brains out
>I think she had feelings for me too
>Kissed me when we picked her up
>Definitely WAS NOT a sisterly kiss
>Friend told me he wants to get with my sister
>Not much happened between me and my sister for a while
>At this point, we were all wanted and moving around a lot
>Serious sexual tension between my friend and sister
>I get hurt badly and almost die
>While in recover, sister gives me another not sisterly kiss
>We spend some time apart
>I get really religious, try not to think of her that way
>I was totally over her
>We go sailing a year later (nothing romantic)
>She's in the hottest fucking bikini ever
>All those feelings come back
>She ends up with my friend from before
>After all this, we were at a party
>Sister and I were outside alone
>Kill the mood by telling her that Darth Vader is our father and I have to go face him
>>Kill the mood by telling her that Darth Vader is our father and I have to go face him

Saw it coming from a mile away.

Once I got to religious, it was confirmed.


would not read again.

best post ever
>sister was out and i decided to take one of her panties
>got into her room for and looked for the pink one with the playboy bunny
>found it on the bed
>started masturbating with it when i heard her voice
>came close and said that we should talk
>with my dick still in the open, told her i was obsessed with her
>after a moment of silence, told me it was not gonna happen
>at the same time, she starts rubbing my dick with her fingers
>without stopping, comes next to my ear and whispers that it wont happen
>my dick get harder and harder
>she takes the panties from my hand and rubs my dick with it, still whispering in my ear but without kissing me
>i tell her i'm about to cum
>she whispers one final thing "if you make a mess, i'll fuck you up"
>i explode all over the playboy panties and some of my cum drips on the floor
>she pushes me out of her room, my dick still dripping
>as fall on the floor in front of he door, she laughs
> tosses a clean pair on panties at me and says "clean yourself with those, little brother"
>closes the door
>been trying to get another handjob ever since that day
>Be me 22, hanging out with sister, 17
>Watch a movie like we so often do
>Movie ends and we're both tired
>Decide to go to sleep
>Get in the same bed and cuddle
>Both comfortable with cuddling and spooning together, just normal to us
>Both fall asleep
>Wake up in the middle of the night realizing i'm holding her breast with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other
>Sister has been awake the whole time
>I quickly remove my hands and apologize
>She says it's fine and there's no need to apologize
>She says she would have removed my hands herself but she didn't want to wake me

Nothing crazy, obviously, but there you go.

fake cuck incest story.


more believable.

sounds liek she wanted your dick.
>mfw we still share a very close bond and hang out all the time watching movies and cuddling now 8 years later.

you should probably try to fuck her.

you're missing out man.
File: 1438922938383.png (10KB, 473x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 473x192px
>more believable.
>sounds liek she wanted your dick.

Like I said, nothing really crazy happened. About her wanting my dick, I'm not sure about that and I doubt it. We grew up in a pretty accepting and open environment and it was never weird for us to hold each other, kiss on the lips, and sleep together. We still do it now 8 years later even though I have a steady gf and she's married with kids. We meet up about once a week to hang out.
File: 1446893815073.jpg (1MB, 2346x2794px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2346x2794px
File: batman.png (172KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172KB, 900x900px
>kiss on the lips

I did everything sexual with my sister [ >>650955660 ]
and we never ever kissed on the lips.

that is just wrong you degenerate.

have some basic human decency.
When i was 17 and my sister 13, I used grab her panties from bathroom. Till I got caught in bathroom, didnt hear door open. Had her undies laid out on sink counter to blow my load.
>she claimed to watched it all
>I was totally embrassed, cuz if she I was licking the inside too
>cuz if she I was licking the inside too
File: 1427964736305.png (2MB, 5712x3124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 5712x3124px

No, but I'd fart in your mouth op. I know you'd love that warm tasty airbiscuit baking in my oven just like mom used to make early on a Sunday morning before you guys went to church and your sister was still in the shower but you had to piss so bad so you said fuck it I'm going in anyway and she yelled at you but secretly she was peeking around the shower curtain admiring your cock even though it was small but she didn't know any better because she'd never seen one before and everything was so new and exciting before you were exposed to the evils of the world like furry and rekt threads with people getting their throats slit out in the desert on a horse with no name but it felt good to get out of the rain Poole's gone faggot.
File: mfw pc.jpg (28KB, 432x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mfw pc.jpg
28KB, 432x288px
>I used grab her panties from bathroom.

Is she fat?

cause only fat girls wear "panties".

Most 13 year old girls wear thongs nowadays.

So I hear anyways...
jesus is life
Thanks for ruining thread.
Of her undies
jesus dude...
That still doesn't make sense. Just type out the whole sentence.
This is the wankiest thread ever
File: wincestspidey.gif (1009KB, 540x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009KB, 540x360px
This was like in late 80's
Fucking pedo cunts I fucking clicked that. Fuck you
>So I hear anyways
Nice damage control

well, that explains that.
Moar hurry!
Well.. I'm out.
what was it? pizza?
File: disapprove.png (297KB, 484x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297KB, 484x350px


there's always a faggot trying to derail threads these hours.
Me2, can I get in trouble now because of that shit? Fucking unbelievable pedo cunts
as long as you didn't save it you're ok. not as bad as looking up pthc on motherless
keep thread alive, I have a story
What's that mean?

well post it nigger.
typing typing typing nigger
Anymore of that uncle-niece couple? Or any more like it?
I didnt save but watched it totally clueless at first...

do you only have one hand you filthy negroid?

>my dick is waiting.
File: 1442138771002s.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x125px
not REAAAALLY incest

>Be 13/14
>Live with Mom (no dad or siblings)
>Mom works nurse shifts, usually comes home pretty late, at least a few hours after I get home from school
>One day get home from school, no homework so was like fuck it, played some PS2 which is set up in the lounge on the bigger tv
>Gets to one part of game where controller continuously vibrates, vibrations tingle my dick a bit, get an idea, take off pants, lie down and hold controller to dick, feelsgoodman.jpg
>Get to point of no return, hear lounge door open and my Mom exclaim as I'm jizzing all over myself, she quickly apologizes and tells me to go help with dinner after I clean up. Night goes on as normal.
>Next day get home from school, mom still at work, there's a mysterious box on my bed with a note on top. It said something like "Hey sweetie, here's just a few things I picked up that I think you'll enjoy, Im working a few hours later tonight so enjoy, and remember dont use your remote again!" i cant really remember lol
>Inside the box contained box of tissues, some lube, pile of condoms, a few Big Tit themed magazines, and most importantly 3 Porno movie dvds, 1 Big Tit themed, 1 light Lesbian, and the third was some anal themed one(it had a post-it on it saying "It's a bit different but I think you'll like it"...not sure why she thought I like big tits or anal for that matter lol
>So I did what any 13/14yo would do, and move PS2 to my small bedroom tv, popped in dvds and fapped endlessly

Mom would regularly top up the tissue/lube/condom pile (free from her work) and would occasionally get me new magazines/dvds
yea im typing with my foot
why do you need condoms to have a wank?

he didnt wanna give his dick zits.
Nice pasta
Sounds like someone actually had a decent parent.
>>650965461 just for you:

>Be 16, fapping to porn at computer
>Mom catches me in the act, I freak out kinda deal
>She tells me not to worry and to relax etc, as she walks towards me
>Dick still hanging out, porn still going off in the background
>She discusses some things, like if I know about sex and masturbation etc
>She then leaves, I remain somewhat panicked and unsure if to continue or not, boner still hard as fuck
>Mom comes back in suddenly, right up to me, and kneels on the floor my cock inches away from here
>She tells me to sit still, she reveals a condom packet, and proceeds to take it out and begins to unravel it upon my cock
>She rolls it 3/4 of the way down and I spontaneously just begin to cum, she kinda grabs my dick and strokes it while im cumming, making 'wows' and shit
>Im feeling really embarrassed and shit but she reassures me, adjusting her shirt to see more of her large cleavage (she got implants when she was in her 20s or someshit)
>She peels off the condom, giggles, then squeezes the cum out onto her tits
>She then takes off her shirt and proceeds to jerk off my cock to sustain the erection before titty fucking me
>Not too long before I begin to jizz again all over her tits and face (Im 16, she was like late 30s)

good times...later on that week she gave me an incredible blowjob and I finger banged her

hahaha that and it's easy clean up/gives a new feeling to jerking it, idk I just got kinda aroused about condoms, made things feel more sexual

and yea, I thought it was normal, until my friends were like getting all jealous and shit, was a bro, shared the magazines/dvds haha was pretty lucky i guess
File: StoryTiem.png (77KB, 839x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 839x634px
come OC for ya'll
Are you 16 now?
no far from it
kinda sounds fake, don't care, still hot
>be me, 22, always horney, coward
>cousin sleeps over because of ongoing divorce at home, 14
>she sleeps on matress in my room
>wake up next morning, morning_wood.jpg
>she sees it, says "i dont mind if you want to masturbate"

we had some odd chitchat afterwards and i didn't lose wood for like 20 minutes. it was fucking weird. she touched her tits more than once.

my mother gave me a blowjob (twice) instead.

caught me with my pants down with a 9 year old neighbor girl in our restroom when i was 12, and scolded the shit outta me. actually made me cry.

told me to masturbate instead, and i told her i was already doing that. then she asked me why i was i trying to do such things with the girl, and i told her the truth: i wanted to know what a a girl sucking you down there felt like.

then there was this long silent pause, and she closed the door. kneeled in front of me, pulled down my pants ( i was confused as fuck), and told me to "sit down". (on the toilet)

said it was a one time thing only, and was to never talk to anyone about it ever or id never see her again.

i actually didnt really fucking know what she meant right there and then, until she went down and started. it was weird as fuck and confusing. but very arousing immediately after.

arousing to the point where i pretty much came like 10 seconds in, but no semen came out.

asked me if i was done, told her i was, and she pulled me up from the toilet and told me to pull my pants down. said to masturbate anytime i got the urges but to "never touch another little girl like that again".

and that was that.

the second time it happened i wore her down and she finally did it again. thought i could convince her to do it another time but she never did. ever.

then a few years ago i brought it up in a coversation, but she started crying so i left it alone.

for some perspective: single mother, drank sometimes, and had men trouble all her life. she lives alone now.

incest isn't glamorous like in porn. its actually weird as fuck.

and yea, im kinda glad I didnt really go full incest, the box of fap material was fine enough
Screw the story, look at them trips
File: 1419384329451.jpg (42KB, 370x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18
>sis 13
>sis comes home from friends party
>sleeps on the floor
>4 am
>leave pc to get water
>see naked sis asleep in living room floor
>grab my water
>had dick out cuz am ready for bed
>walking through living room
>land inside my sis pussy
>trying to get up but floor is wet cuz spilled water
>try again
>slip deeper into her
>leaves oot a small moan
>trying to get a grip on wet hard tile floor
>slip again
>finally manage to get up
>when I get up I cum in my water cup
>back to my room
>drink my cum water
>masturbate furrociously to furry porn cuz I'm a faggot.
lucky son of a bitch
Seems legit/10
>furry porn

you sick filthy faggot.

gtfo with your abhorrent fetishes.
>with all my mighty

Mayra really developed over the years.
I wish I had a sister. All I really have is a 5/10 cousin.
>be me aged 11
>borrow boxing tape from uncle
>ride my bike to his house to return it
>he is outside mowing the lawn
>decide to just go inside and drop it off
>walk into the house and hear weird noises from their computer room
>look inside (there was no door)
>aunt is naked at the computer with both feet up on the desk diddling between her legs
>watch her for a bit
>she looks over her shoulder and sees me there
>laughs and swivels her chair around
>spreads her legs open
>says 'take a picture'
>i stammer s-s-sorry and walk out

two days later:

>my dad's birthday
>she comes over to visit
>she takes me aside
>'sorry you saw me doing that. can you please keep a secret?'
>hugs me and kisses me on the mouth
>i get weirded out and go back to the other adults
>four years later she was busted molesting her daughter's male friends

We never fucked or anything but to this day I'm convinced she was trying to groom me. I've wanked over ever second of that interaction
File: 1446810186470.jpg (25KB, 400x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 400x534px
>so I hear anyways
Have 8/10 cousin. Wanted to fuck her, got really close but then she got a boyfriend so I stopped trying.
there's always next time
name is Yume Kana

censored xvid link

>be me, 15
>Winter break with cousins in switzerland
>everyone's an oldfag except me and my cute 16 yr old cousin
>they go downtown one day
>just me and cousin, lets call her roni
>Im watching old batman reruns under a blanket on the couch
>She comes over, brunette with medium perky tits and one of those pussies you can see the outline of at any given moment
>wearing pink short shorts and a big shirt. no bra
>tells mme to change channel
>na bitch batman reruns
>"you've been watching it for hours gie me the remote"
>na bitch batan reruns
>She reaches under the blanket and pretty much wrestles me for the remote
>I tuck it between the cushions of the couch and she keeps looking
>"Anon! where'd you put it?"
>she bends over forward to look for it and her ass and defined pussy are staring at me
>dick is now diamonds
>she sits back down next to me and grabs under the blanket
>"Oh there's the remo-"
>grabs my hard dick
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