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i got it

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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i got it
Dont worry, he's got it.
My hero~
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Micky Mouse says don't forget your dubs HOHO
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Anyone got an ex or some kind of other link to the doujin of this dude?
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Remilia (5).gif
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daily reminder you're all terrible
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Slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluts, all of you.
sheeeeeeeeit son

go on u 18 c h a n god damn
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Whore city: population me.
Sometimes I put a gun in my mouth and dare myself to pull the trigger
I'm already there bro, ollie's not showing up in the search bar
Whats whore city like? Ive never been.
You can't un-see this
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Triple dog dare yourself next time.
Can you kill me please
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this one?

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Bad whore.
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Just imagine me on the other end of the gun the next time you've got it in your mouth. I will be your resolution.
People equal shit
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It's a dark, moist cavern that's about the size of a horse's dick.
Cheers dude
you silly fool you cannot kill me for I am immortal
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I'm not Fool, I'm Kaybe.
Just about what i expected.

Just go through the index next time. Took me like 2 minutes.
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Black hole sun Won't you come and wash away the pain
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Onii-chan is baka.png
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12:51 AM - Yellow Cat Syndrome: ugh, what a terrible thread.
When is it not?
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Sleep time now for my two upcoming tests tomorrow. I hope you all have a pleasant rest of your evening~ Toodles.
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Thread needs more Freklz in a skirt.
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What's he licking?
Why do they always send the poor
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The arm of a sofa.
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there's a hole in my head
and it's filled with shit
watch me cut my fingers off bit by bit
everyday I waste away
into the empty gray
Who are you talking at?
the people who talk with their eyes
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fuggin hot
do you have the full sofa pic?
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fuck yes he's my waifu
idk this is really the only pic of him i like
He turned me gay
Guess im off to bed as well...

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No, I don't save sofas, I'd never be able to live with myself if somebody found my porn folder full of sofas.
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meh it was tails for me so i can't really judge
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Good taste. Marty is terrible.
u r terrible
oh i know, it's all about the big muscly guys amirite?
Or at least not fish lips.
i suppose
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Duh rhythm?
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Sharks rule, mammals drool
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Put that ass on the glass.
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And just like that, I'm back to ruin things.
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Thread posts: 72
Thread images: 59

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