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Im missing a pee thread. Anyone into this fetish?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Im missing a pee thread. Anyone into this fetish?
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here ya go op
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My gf likes me to fill her fag with piss. She loves how warm and full she feels.
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sounds like a great idea
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Here's her tits
IF I was an uneducated cuck maybe I would enjoy it but luckily I know pee contains water and urea and we pee to retain isotonic levels of water in our body. Understanding that fact makes this action completely nonsexual for me.
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She looks like a real win to me
love it. almost got my roomates daughter to pee on me but she backed out
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Wow... care to greentext?
that's not piss those girls are cumming, female ejaculation, but you wouldn't know about that because you've never been with a lady much less pleased her because you are a beta virgin newfag.
I know about female ejaculation but I'm pretty sure this is piss
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This shit is hot as fuck. For me right behind feet and eating pussy.
I don't know how to greentext but anyway
lost my apartment I had for 12 years
move in with friend I work with for time being
has qt3.14 daughter 9/10 27yr. I'm 50
long story short wind up making out in her car
gets hot and heavy. shes sticking her fingers in her pussy then putting them in my mouth.
ask her will you piss on me ?
next time
she gets afraid of the whole situation with dad and all
backs out
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need more pee
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Here you are, pal
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pee pee to be exact
Anyone interested in my greentext story of peeing in my girlfriends ass a few days ago?
ohh this is so nice

i like to see girls pissing its so sexy, especially this one.
what the hell why not
sure anon share it with us
hopefully you know how to greentext
And pretype
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why the hell not? already fap to pretty much everything else
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Lol I do
Here goes

>be me
>be about a week ago
>I've brought up water sports to her before but she was always against it
>girlfriend and I as well as a few other hanging out at her place high as shit
>" hey anon let's go to my room"
>follow her to room
>start making out, fingering, etc foreplay
>don't have a condom
>gf actually enjoys anal so let's do butt stuff
>grab the lube
>start going at it still high as a kite, both of us
>multitude of positions, been going at it about an hour or two now
>now she's riding me
>I suddenly gotta piss "wait babe get off for a second"
>"well I gotta pee"
>she's still thrusting up and down pretty hard
>Nike.gif "just do it"
>"are you sure?" "Yes anon"
>wth go for it
>start filling her ass with my piss
>she's still riding me hard
>pauses while she feels it fill up
>finish peeing as if she's ok
>she loved it, keeps riding me for about another 10 minutes
>I cum hard in her piss filled ass
>she pulls of slowly
>when I finally am all the way out she couldn't hold it all
>squirts some piss/shit mix on my dick/stomach
>rides my face makes me eat her ass for a few minutes
> get up both of us go to the shower
>she lets the rest go in the shower must have been almost a fucking pint of piss
>go sleep
>next morning "Amon, do I remember this right? Is [this] what happened?"

after I tell her yes she says that she loved it and she's glad she finally tried it and said she'd love to do it again even sober
Not a bad day
Both wrong. There's no such thing as squirt. Only piss.
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I've tasted something like very sloppy clear slime. Just like the natural pussy juice but a lot of it at once.

But I would still prefare orgasmic piss cramps. LOL
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Don't breed.
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you got sauce on this one?
That's the typical vaginal discharge. The huge goddamn water blast that some girls shoot in a lot of porn videos is clear piss. I remember Jenna Haze saying it in an interview. Squirting is a baloney.
- is a baloney
This is a nice one
Think your right. I love this blasts. The watrey ones. Not the slimy ones...
I remember a worm coming out of Jenna Haze's butt.

But, that's for another thread or something.
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inb4 404
Bitch you are sitting on a fucking toilet.
but nice titts anyway
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my OC
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is she from dune? what are those eyes ? More...
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Thread images: 36

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