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Earliest sexual expirience you can remember in greentext >

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Earliest sexual expirience you can remember in greentext

> be 8-9
> brother/sister move in next door
> he my age, sister, a year or two younger
> they like to "play"
> we become friends and dry hump (with clothes) his sister in different positions
> one day we agree that I will put my penis in her
> this is happening in the halls of a building
> there is sofa on one of the halls in the corner
> her brother is keeping eye that nobody comes
> She get on sofa on her knees and takes down her shorts
> I go behind her and take down my shorts
> I just bearly touch her ass with my penis and move it around a bit before I chicken out
> we get dressed and nothing more happens
> we still keep dry humping her until I move away few months later
>be me, 9 y/o girl
>friends with two girls, Fayth, and Courtney
>they run off together about once a day to use the restroom
>wtf why do you guys always have to pee together
>Fayth giggles, asks me to come with
>she pushes me up against a wall in the stall and pushes her leg up between my legs
>"Doesn't it feel good, anon?"
>"Y-yes kind of"
>Courtney does it to me too
>we take turns doing this to each other for a year or so, then stop talking to each other
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>be me
>browsing /b/, hungry as a fucking mother fucker
>decide to go calm the storm
>make a peanut butter sandwich and take it back to my room
>open up an ass thread on computer
>get horny
>look at my sandwich
>decide 'fuck it'
>stick my dick in the peanut butter
>oh yes
>9 inch cock surrounded with peanut butter, but dont care
>feels amazing
>at point in which i lay my head back from the flood of pleasure
>hear a bark and the shuffling of footsteps behind me
>my dog comes in, i take off the peanut butter sandwich
>turn around to see what the fuck it wants
>dog goes straight for my crotch
>before i know it, my dog is licking my dick
>holy fucking shit what the hell
>would stop her but it feels fucking amazing
>dog going crazy with his tongue, licking about everything off
>i cum in almost an instant, cum going straight onto my shirt
>dog barks
>"good boy."

pic semi-related
>be me, 9 y/o girl

get the fuck out of here you neck beard time stamp picture of being girl or never happened stupid trap
But then you guys will just ask for tits, and I'm not showing tits.

Then gtfo, its that simple.

Exactly my point thank you. This guy gets it
>5 years ago
>Be 15
>After school club shit
>Hang out with 10 year old called Roisin
>Make a fort out of tarps and gymnasium equipment
>"Hey anon can I suck your willy" (because British)
>"Excuse me"
>She goes for it
>Nut in her mouth
>She swallows, wtf

>Met up with her a few weeks back
me and my younger cousin at like age 6 suckin each others dicks

leave you wannabe transgender if you really were a femanon you would know the rules. quit wasting everyone time and space on 4chan and get the fuck out of here
i have one that i dont think anyone is going to believe but ill post it anyway.

>be 9/10
>live in neighborhood with 10+other boys my age
>get into the most retarded shenanigans you could ever possibly imagine
>all of playing truth or dare
>i dare you to show us your weiner
>everyone exams weiners
>One neighbor, M dares other neighbor T to suck his dick
>T says ok and sucks dick in front of everyone
>M makes a weird face, says it feels really good and then proceeds to piss in T's mouth.

shit was fuckin weird
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>tfw 18 and still no sexual experiences
>Be of young age
>Say to girl you want fuck
>She say yes
>We do some fuck
>I come in sixth second
>I say girl you want to leave
>She say yes
Fuck off anon. Geez, it's like seeing a neckbeard post before my eyes. The OP asked for sexual experiences. Sex is relevant to the topic. The femanon being a woman was relevant to the story. Now stop being a newfag. Saying TITS OR GTFO is for attention whores and when gender/sex isn't relevant. It's like you just spout bullshit you saw other anons write you fucking parrot.
Say to childhood friend girl, let me touch ur private parts if I let you touch mine. continue doing this everytime we meet, finally lets me touch her butt. yep. 6 yr old boss.
jammed my little pecker in my cousin's butthole when I was like seven or so.
>calls it a her then says his
Nigga you fuckn retarded
>7 or 8.
>Neighbor has her niece and nephew over. >Nephew is my age.
>She asks if I want to come over and swim.
>She doesnt have a pool so im confused.
>Mom answers for me "he'd love to"
>Its a kiddie pool, small even for 2 8yos and a 6yo
>We kinda just sit in it like a bathtub
>idr why, but 6yo stands up and drops her bottoms
>first time seeing a vagina
>It was wrinkly from being in the water, looked like balls
>mfw I thought girls had balls but no penis until I saw my cousins a few years later

OP asks for sexual experiences then neckbeard pretends to be a girl. That's a fantasy no experience. Easy before you white knight up back to reddit faggot
kek'd so hard my screen is now wet toast bread
> be 8
> friends says "want to see something? touch my penis"
> i touch his penis
> penis becomes hard
> "see?" he said and touches my penis
> my penis becomes hard
end of story
>be me at 7 years old
>sleepover with neighbor's kids
>girl same age as me sleeps next to me
>fondle the girl's chest and play with nipples
>girls just smiles at me and kiss my lips
>suck on little girl titties
>didn't know how to fuck
>just kissed and caressed each other for a few while everyone sleeps
>make out with her occasionally
>6 years later we make fuck
>that is all
Sticking finger in neighbor girls pussy at 5. Doctor was a good game.
>>6 years later we make fuck
tell story
In 6th grade me and my friend (both male) would be overly sexual, randomly dry hump each other and that sort of stuff. One day we jacked each other off to some porn
>Have 10 yo and 8yo cousins. Both female
>Uncle owns electric company, is loaded
>Decides to build 1.5mil log cabin
>Whole family is construction/plumbers/electricians
>Becomes a family ordeal to work on the house, thus I spend a lot of time with cousins
>About 2/3rds done with house, frame is done, drywall is hung
>The girls finally know what rooms are theirs
>Exploring 10yos bedroom, 8yo is in hers
>Out of the blue "Can I see your weiner?"
>uhh.. sure. Lets go in the closet.
>Closet has door, but no light yet
>Leave door cracked so we can see.
>Show her mine, ask to see hers
>Most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
>She asks to see mine again, oblige.
>Look through crack in door, see 8yo who also sees my dick
>Once she knows she's been spotted she runs to her mom and tells on us

Didn't even deny it. Kinda wish I did. No ragrets
If you want to see tits, Google tits, you autistic faggot.
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>be 4 or 5
>in pre-school or kinder
>boy around same age or a couple years older leads me to the front of the shed by the sandbox
>pulls down my tights and panties
>pulls up the skirt of my dress
>presses his jean-clad crotch against mine for about 2 seconds
>walks away
>my tights and panties are still around my ankles and I have to pull them up
>mfw this is basically how all my sexual encounters end in my life
That's funny right there.
Only 12 years to go
Also nice dubs
> like 6-7 y/o
> A girl, a boy and me. All of the same age except for the girl, she was like 5
> The boy "discovered" his anus and show to us.
> I inserted my finger and others things there
> He liked it
> The girl showd us her vagina and anus.
> I inserted things there too
> She liked it more.

Main reason I like CP
>be me
>if i had to guess i would be around 8
>had little sister, around 5-6
>playing some game in her room
>don't remember what happened, but eventually i found my sister sitting on my head
>sister too young to understand reverse psychology
>"Oh boy, that would just be the WORST if someone sat on my face right now."
>it fucking worked
>decide to take it one step further
>"You know what would be even WORSE? If someone took off their undies AND THEN sat on my face"
>once again it worked
>never got too crazy, deepest i got was smelling that perfect asshole
>still remember smell to this day
File: 1426598651462.webm (265KB, 486x500px)
265KB, 486x500px
File: pepe.jpg (23KB, 400x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> be 9-10
> me and my cousin (12, female ofc) just wanted to experiment
> we literally had sex, too bad i had my foreskin on
> anyway that felt really good
> mfw there is no time machine
File: 1381688814760.jpg (137KB, 302x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 5 or 6
>play "doctor" with neighbor girl on a fairly regular basis since we played together often
>use random things as healing devices
>toss juggling balls at her vagina and whisper "cured" every time one lands
>Don't even remember if we ever actually touched each other, just smacked each other's genitals with objects

Man, being a kid was fucking weird.
that sounds really cute
>Be 4 years old
>think wresting is the best thing ever
>had all the n64 games
>WCW, WWF, NWO you name it
>have family over
>2nd cousin and her little brother or some shit
>can't remember his name anymore, finally repressed most of the details
>the older female cousin is in her early 20's. Her name is Crystal.
>Crystal brought her boyfriend
>mom is letting all of them stay over for a week so we can all go to the beach

>the night they arrived
>mom makes me sleep on the floor in my room with a blanket and pillow
>Crystal and her bf take my bed
>I just got that bed brand new
>was a twin size
>thought it was huge

>I wake up in the middle of the night
>something on my face and there's a noise that woke me up
>panties on my face
>they smell weird to me(strong as fuck)
>clothes all over the floor
>those fuckers are wrestling in my bed
>Crystals bf is winning. He's got her pinned but no one is counting
>jump into the bed to referee and land on top of the blanket
>Crystal and her boyfriend freak out
>I start slapping the bed and counting to three totally oblivious of the problem
>declare the BF the winner
>they push me off the bed and stop wrestling. Tell me not to tell anyone.
>thought nothing of it that they were naked. I ran around naked all the time.

>told my mom what happened the last night they were there
>mom was furious
>didn't understand what happened that night until I was in middle school

That's the tamest of what happened that week. It just so happens that was the first remotely sexual thing I can remember. Fucking DCF and HRS were called by the end.
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>bitch moves in next
>parent n I go great the new fuckers
>have a 12yr cunt
>loves to play and question shit
>ask one day to see me Mjölnir which is my rod
>gave her a glimpse of god given gift
>she shocked
>ask to touch my majestic caviars and snot rocket
>i nod
>female touches
>i want more
>tries to get her to continue
>bitch yells
>parents come rushing in the bathroom
>mfw when they seen the bitch resting on the toilet w/ pants off
>mfw when charged of breaking in and stalking
>mfw when i turn 26 tmmrw
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>me 5 years old
>in a park trying to climb a metal pole. I keep moving my legs in such a way that it causes...friction.
>halfway up the pole i feel this burst of warmth coming from my waist. My first orgasm and loving it.

Funny thing. This park was near a bus garage, so everytime i went to the metal pole for my orgasm, i was looking at buses. This somehow became ingrained in my brain like a Pavlovian reflex. Everytime i see a bus i get really horny.
Prove its a neckbeard you fucking twat. Also, you used white knight wrong too you ignorant newfag fuck. White knighting is standing up for some slut to make yourself look better. I don't give a fuck about the femanon/lying asshole writing the story.
>first best friend
>touching dicks on playground
>good feels
>oh shit trouble is coming
>teacher tells us it's our private parts
>don't give a fuck felt good
>do it again until we cum
>we can't even cum yet
>fast forward a few years
>I'll suck yours if you sick mine
>he sucked my dick at my grandmothers
>I pissed in his mouth
>rinsed out mouth fast as fuck
>I didn't not reciprocate
>wonder if he thinks about it
Gr8 b8 m8

Man, it would suck to live in any major city with that kind of turn on.
>be me, kindergarten
>me and female friend hang out during recess every day
>One day wrestling in the mulch
>Thigh rubs up between her legs
>She moans
>Do it again, same thing
>eye contact
>Continue recess as normal
>Be me, 13
>Haven't fucked a chimp or STD-ridden prostitute yet
>Sister is aware
>One day, hear knocking outside of my hollow tree home
>It's my sister
>She's covered in mosquitos, shoo them off
>"da silva do you want to ooga booga"
>Say yes
>She climbs on my bed made out of cockroaches that I bought with drug money
>Takes off her rags
>Assumes the position
>My dick is about to explode
>Go inside of her
>Oh my god is this Nirvana
>Feels so good that I hear stomping
>Suddenly, a figure smashes through the wall
>Oh my god
>It's Ronaldo
>He opens his arms
>I get out of my sister and wash the grasshoppers off my cock
>Hug Ronaldo
>He whispers in my ear
>"hue br give monie pl0x"
>Suddenly wake up in the streets of Rio
>Immediatly get mugged, shot, stabbed and thrown into a river
>In my last moments, I have a vision of Pele
>He says that it's all going to be ok
>Close my eyes as I get washed off in a lake filled with shit
>I lived a good life
At 15 I had a girlfriend, we weren't serious and only dating for like 5 months but I rubbed her clit while she stroked me. The whole time her sister was sitting in front of us and we were all playing Mario.

We dated for a long time after. Probably the best sex I've ever had
It's not just the sight of a bus, also the smell of gas, tires, the sound of an engine, the sound of brakes...all that triggers me.
brilliant anon
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>being this white of a knight
>m8 ur shinin
Kek'd was to hard at this.
>be me
>be doctor
>"ma'am you have cancer and you will be kill soon"
>oh my goodness
>place my hand on her breast
>she gets up
>ask her to drop her pants
>shes hysterically crying
>telll her i need to remove her pants to examine
>she smacks me
>i remove the pants
>i put my stethoscope on her vagina
>mfw i realize the stethoscope isnt working
>mfw i realize im 6 and never went to medical school
>she sues me for all my doctor money
>now i am /b/
>be 6-7
>older sister 11 or 12
>she comes out of bathroom in towel
>tells me to follow her into room
>lets her towel drop
>tells me to suck on her nipples to see if milk will come out
>do for about 2 minutes
>never talk about it again
>don't think she remembers

this 100% happened

This is the most boring shit I've ever heard.

Just make something up next time, anon.
>be me
>birthday party
>mom invites cousin only met once before
>just family at party, cousin only one my age
>awesome cake, cousin and i run off to play with new toy train
>in bedroom alone
>talking about trains
>out of the blue, cousin asks if i ever had a blowjob
>tell him no
>he asks if i want to give each other one, just to see what it's like
>says it won't make us gay
>really want to know, so agree
>i go first, tasted awful
>but go a couple of minutes and he moans and squirts in my mouth
>his turn
>oh my gawd it was amazing
>couldn't believe how good it felt
>didn't want him to stop
>blew my load and he actually swallowed
>we lay back, button up and pretend nothing happened
>go back to my train

best 35th birthday ever!
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Cousin looks a lot like pic related now. If her pussy is the same as it was, make it slightly more of an outie and it matches

She was 12, she remembers.

It's best to never think about shit like that again though.
she remembers, bring it up some time for the awkwardness
>11 or 12
She remembers anon
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>be +7
>play with one of my only chilhood friend, a girl.
>play something
>dont remember whats happening after she came with the pants down and say "We're out of paper"
>do same
>tell her to pull down all
>she does but spin around playing and i can't see
>pull down all and say like this
>she does
>play with no pants and touch ocassionally.
Never was the same.

She's hoping YOU don't remember. She 100% remembers.

But don't be an autist and bring it up to her, shit you did as a kid was weird, just read the thread.
I wish. Caught it in a beast thread. I've seen a longer version before but didn't save
Thread posts: 68
Thread images: 17

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