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Can we get a feels thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Can we get a feels thread?
I feel pathetic. I got nobody to talk to, and the girl I thought I was in love with just broke my heart. I don't know how to get over this, and I almost feel like giving up. I got nobody, nothing, and nowhere to go. I hate my life, and have started having suicidal thoughts. Fuck everything and everybody. Never allow yourself to fall in love with a girl, because she'll break your heart and smile at all the damage she caused. I hate my fucking life.
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I accidentally closed my browser before saving the dark souls roulette picture. Does anyone have it and could you post it?

this makes me have the sad feels, can anyone help?
oh man the feels just hit a new level
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I'll post what I got.

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I've made a great mistake: I've fallen in love over the internet. Whether or not I'm naive, I dont care. I've never felt this way about ANYBODY before. This girl is all I can think about day in, and day out. However, I don't know if she feels the same way. She was the one who confessed her love first, and she tells me how much she's in love with me almost every night.
However, this passed week has been rough as fuck. I'm pretty sure she's going to the bar and flirting with guys, and ignores me when I text her. I feel like she has lost interest, and it hurts me so bad. She tells me after we argue that she loves me so much, and that she'd never hurt me... But I don't believe her. I dont know what the fuck to do /b/. I'm pathetic as fuck for ever allowing myself to love somebody long distance, but everything about her is what I looked for in a girl. I hate my fucking life.
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I fucking love that animu
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Why does every "feels" post need to be about negative feelings? I will post positive shit, just for you.

Not to be edgy but every time i read these stories of heartbreak and sad shit, i feel no sense of emotion towards it, it kind of frightens me how emotionally devoid I am
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dammit...........every fucking time......every god damn time.
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>i'm getting divorced.
>mfw I don't even want to divorce her
>but she drinks too much and screams in front of our children
>always giving me reason's to think she's cheating on me
>if I had no kids I would stay with her.
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Ask for a fucking face chat you goddamn idiot or pics with a specific request (nothing gross). If she can't deliver either of those things she ain't real.
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I need to cry right now /b/. Give me some movie or show that has a love story incentive. I'm depressed as fuck, and feel like I need to cry really bad. Help.
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Well fucking said. I'm fucking tired of this shit. I can't fucking take this anymore, and the worst part about it? No one could give three fucks. If you're going down I'm coming with you, /b/rother. Fuck everything.
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We skype/webcam every night. We fall asleep with each other on cam, and wake up with each other. it's fucking pathetic and I hate it, yet I love it so much.
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god damn you for posting this :/
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me my entire life
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-Child hood-

> had verbally/ physically abusive step father growing up
> verbally/ physically abusive to my mother too
> bullied thru school
> childhood dream to become cop to protect people from this shit im goin thru
> minimal friends that didnt last long

- 2014-

> be 20
> have shitty ass dead end job
> have back problems thanks to said dead end job
> live with parents
> have bipolar depression
> tfw no gf
> got denied by coworker via mutual friend when i confessed my feelings towards her
> realize every time i try to better my life or try to be happy i only get more hurt in the end so stop trying
> still have minimal friends
> cant trust anyone because iv been betrayed by " friends " so im emotionally distant now
> anxiety attacks ect
> still Plan on becoming cop at 21


> 2 months before turning 21 get in car accident
> get ptsd and more back problems from car wreck
> pic related my car
> doctors doubt ill be able to be cop with my back injurys
> developed drinking problem after hearing news
> grandfather in critical condition at hospital doctors doubt hes gonna last long and thats if he walks out of the hospital at all
> my cat ran away, we assume hes road kill at this point
> still no gf
> find out sisters goin to rehab for drug problem
> brothers on same path

Honestly some times I just think of shooting myself
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Can /b/ help i want a sad song to get the feels going
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ah fuck
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Until Then - Prozak

You sound like a honorable man anon, hope things work out.
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Please /b/, I really need a sad movie right now. Help me out.
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dont do it anon, things will get better, that is if you want them to. Be happy.
This is almost exactly the situation I'm in.

Feels bad, man.

The thing is, I want to talk it out with someone, but there's nobody I know and trust enough to explain the whole situation, and if I were to ask you faggots it would take way too long to type it all out.
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The Road
The Grey
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/b/ i graduate college a second time on the 16th. i'll have a degree in economics and accounting. I have no prospects, no job interviews. I apply and I get the standard boilerplate, "thanks for applying, we'll keep your resume on file"

I'm 29, I haven't had a girlfriend in over 2 years, haven't had sex in over a year, I have 2 people I would consider friends. One lives 7 hours away, the other about 24.

The only thing I ever wanted growing up was friends. Turns out nothing is ever easy.
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Only sentimental one I have. +1 if you know the show.
I need some fucking advice/b/ros.
Care if I greentext a story? Maybe you guys can help me out
Haven't Kek'd that hard in a long time. I'm in tears. Ty anon it's been a while since I've read this.
Thats from a really long adaptation of a book by the same name. Saved it a few years ago, it will make you feel if you read it through to the end.
pastebin com/jry1GApv
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Last one I have.
I would gladly talk to you /b/rother. I've never had anybody to talk to in my life, and it sucks. For some reason it's easier to talk to strangers rather than family.
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This fucking shit bothers me on so many levels...

>TF2 takes place in 1971
> Dell Conagher (engineer) is 35
>Comic is set in 2081
>Doesn't look aged at all

The person who made this comic CLEARLY doesn't know any of the TF2 lore
I'm feeling pretty shitty, just having grill problems. I'll dump what I got.
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what a day.jpg
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am I making a bad decision anons?
I love her more than anything in this world but i'm having a big weakness in the pit of my stomach like i'm making the worst decision of my life, but I do it for the kids.
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You're all pathetic. Not because you're alone, or a virgin, or depressed, or anything else, but because you wallow in self-centered pity. You think you're special, and you deserve more in life, but the truth is you're not, no one is, and no one does. The only way to succeed in life is to be happy for yourself, and learn to find your own meaning, because you want to be happy, and you deserve it. Nobody likes a self-loathing loser. Even if you're a nobody, the first step to getting what you want in life, whatever it is, is finding peace of mind. Letting go of comparing yourself to others, letting go of regret, letting go of your anxieties and fears. Once you do so, your life will improve, I can guarantee it. You have to understand that the world isn't perfect, happiness isn't just handed to you, you have to create it for yourself, and that comes from within, not from anyone but you.
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I need help /b/. I spilled my guts to my best friend/love interest and...he's already got a boyfriend. has for the last 7 or 8 months, and he never said anything. he says im still his best friend, but he's never been super talkative and now in the rare times he does talk i just want to hur thim...or myself...i cant help but feel jealousy and envy. he has someone who loves him, they live together and have good jobs. Im just sitting here alone, in a dark room, with no one to talk to but you guys. of course he picked the other guy over me, i have fucking nothing and i am fucking nothing. as fucking dumb as it sounds i feel kind of...broken i guess is a good way to put it. ive been thinking about ending it recently, im tired of this happening every time i love someone. ive never had it returned.
File: feels stand.png (1MB, 921x758px)
feels stand.png
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My girlfriend and I love each other but I can't stop thinking about the girl who broke my heart and never loved me.
those are the fucking worst
I can't help it /b/. I come here every night to locate something missing. But I just can't quite find it; no matter how hard I attempt to no avail.
A minute ago I wanted to cry my eyes out, I was set at the perfect mood to just baww down and cry...Now as I write this I feel pathetic and below beta material for "feeling" like this.
This is so weird.
Let's see

I've had multiple immediate family members die recently.

My new business is failing

My wife is sleeping around

I'm not sure the kid is mine

I'm coming to grips with my own mortality, it's mentally agonizing to contemplate I could truly be gone in an instant.
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Damn dude. Thank you for those inspiring words.
I feel hopeless i am stuck waiting for my close friend to break up with her boyfriend because she is the only person that has ever shown any sign of liking me i lost my dog and my father this year, its been a long year
Im gonna be starting my degree in accounting next august

How is it??
same here

this gain me some feelz
Ive had nothing but bullshit hit me for my entire life. people betraying me, leaving me, dying, beating me up, stealing from me, so on and so forth. Ive been trying for YEARS to do this, im fully aware im my own problem but i cant help it, its been ground into me for so long that im terrible i cant not think that way. and it fucking sucks.
>Meet cute tall blonde
>Is 8/10, but very home schooled
>Talk and flirt for a few months
>Nothing eventful happens.
>Talking wains
>Suddenly pick up conversation again a month ago
>Decide to go get coffee with mutual friends and her
>Have coffee
>Is fun, if not a bit awkward
>Meet all of her friends from the local community collage who are also at said coffee shop.
>Flirting continues for a few weeks
>Set up movie date with her and some friends
>We get to the theater and she has brought one of her collage friends.
>Guess what, he's her boyfriend.
>He sits in between us for the entirety of the movie.
>I leave and feel pretty shitty for being lead on for a month.

I'm am not angry at the guy, in fact we get along pretty well. I just wish she would have told me before we set up a date.
Its been 2 weeks since she left me...
Why you waiting? Seriously, either she isn't worth going out on a limb for, or you move along and look for someone else.
classes in general suck. make friends, with everyone. you only get one chance and you don't want to look back at it all and wonder

(accounting is boring as shit....)
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some actual insightful advice on 4chan. ill be damned
For you

That's called a great white buffalo brother. Even if you conquer it something else will take her place.
Your first problem is that you spell college with an "a"
>you only get one chance and you don't want to look back at it all and wonder
What do you mean?
>sound stops playing in headset
>so lonely.
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i've got a feel.jpg
323KB, 1280x720px
This is good.
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My girlfriend of 7 years was an angry, abusive, psycho bitch who pushed every one of her friends away and even caused mine to stop coming over as much whilst we were together...

Now she's gone, they're back, and I'm so much happier with my new girl.

The problem? She is one of you now. I know she sits at home alone, wishing the pain, or her life, would just end. She suffered anxiety and depression, she was unable to maintain friendships, and the one person who was always there for her, who put up with everything, me, finally walked away.

Some times I sit here in bed and cry because I can feel the pain she's feeling. Because I hear things through the grape vine about how miserable she is, and all I want to do is help her, but I know I can't, because I tried for so very, very long.

It almost hurts me more to know I've turned my back on her than it did to know I was letting her tear me down.

I am one of the bad people, /b/ :(
Hey Caroline, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for freeing me from my past. I wish our friendship could be stronger but maybe the amount we know each other is all we need to know. You've given me my message and I've given you yours. Our job is done for each other and so each of us are forced to move on. When your mind awakens I hope you remember me because I won't forget you.
Your life is yours to live anon, I don't think ive ever been a part of it and i cannot judge you or your situation but from what i can tell she may have commitment problems or issues of her own traumatizing her.

It's truly fucked up how humans will sometimes perceive emotional pain for anger and resentment, we do not naturally hate, we love, but sometimes the roots of hatred are so old that love is seldom brought out.
So I did. Thanks I'll try and spot that next time.
i treated school like just another job. it is just a piece of paper that proves you can color inside the lines.

the shit i skipped, making connections, meeting people, becoming friends with professors, that is what gets you through and lasts your whole life.
I only come here to feel, nothing else. It's an interesting thing where I go out of my way to feel like shit and then just go on with life. I'm not sure why I do it, but I enjoy it.


This. Honestly man, my ex made me miserable and I still think about her and cry sometimes. Unfortunately the last "big" love you have will always sting for a long, long time afterwards.
Do your thing, Anon. We're all here for you.
Youre not the first to give this advice
I kinda feel like making connections is a good idea but I dont really think its THAT important in the end.. or is it?

This is her, by the way.

She gained quite a bit of weight since then, though. :/

Also her current boyfriend is a barely-literate moron.
File: 1426397622993.png (48KB, 780x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 780x1000px
I've been so fucking depressed lately and there isn't even a reason for it. I just am. I was getting better but it's back now.

Not the same guy here, but I'll vouch, it really, really is.

You will live to regret it.
File: 1412850550585.png (44KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 645x773px
I can't remember what it's like to have a friend
My girlfriend get's off to being watched on cam by other men. I can't fucking handle it. EVERYTHING about her is fucking perfect. She's a 10/10 face with a 9/10 body, plays vidya with me, and we get along really well. I have pride and dignity, and I can't fucking handle watching her do this shit. We got in to a huge argument, and I'm pretty sure we're going to be over. All I want to do is throw up and cry because I can't live without someone like her in my life. I dont know what to do /b/....
>inb4 "where does she cam"
Start remembering now, faggot.

Tell me about yourself. How's life?
but why? Seriously why ? The people who are gonna be in my classes are gonna be in the same situation as me , were all gonna be working to get a degree and we wont see each other again afterwards..

Thats a wicked bod, anon. Same bod my current girlfriend has, and I love it. I'm very into petite girls.

I've always seen my exes downgrade after me... and I don't think that's just ego, they have all just genuinely ended up with weirdos. Chances are you drove her away and now she's gone for someone she doesn't think will treat her however you did.
I feel the same way. This don't worth taking up more than one post, so here it is in a nutshell:

>be me
>sophomore in college, comp sci major
>in freshman year I fall in love with a girl in my calculus class
>she's friendly to almost everyone and I guess I mistook that for affection
>before I got around to asking her out, she asks out a mutual friend of ours
>he says yes, although I get the feeling he's using her
>they're the most disgustingly publicly affectionate couple ever
>now I have to see them together for several hours a day
>I don't know if she knows how I feel
>I don't know if she told him how I feel
>every time they smile or laugh or talk to me it feels like mockery
>I don't even know what I feel anymore
>I still feel strongly about her but I can't even think about the two of them without getting sick to my stomach

>should I feel remorse for falling in love?
original guy, trust us.

it is one of the biggest mistakes i've ever made and one of the few things i regret in my life.

eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Enjoy it, friend.
This one is great for letting out some steam

Good show. Opening is great
I appreciate it.
>fell in love with best friend
>she confesses feelings to me, I get too scared to confess as well and sorta play it off
>fast forward a few months and now we don't even fucking talk anymore, she's still my best friend but I feel so goddamn alone
>she's dating some other dude now, seems happy with him
>i want to die.
Can you just tell me why? What woud be different in ur life if u had made connections with the people while graduating??
nothing to say about me
>kissless, handholdless virgin
>had one friend in my entire life
>hasn't spoken to me for 3.5 years

life is shitty
Listen to me. You two don't have the same idea of how this relationship works. And that's okay. Let's be honest here, if she wants to that, and you don't want to, that's a sign of larger disagreements to come.

I get it man, it would hurt me too. You gotta let her go, go and find someone who is okay with that. That way she can have someone who loves her without gripes about doing cam stuff. And you can find someone who truly shows themself just to you. It's for the best.

Neither of you are entirely in the wrong, you just have different ideas of what's acceptable in this relationship. That's a good sign that it's time to break it off.
Feeling in love is the worst fucking feeling.

It feels great when it happens, but sometimes you just want to die when it fades.

Because once you have that degree and you get your job you will have very, very little time to go out and enjoy yourself. You will have missed out on an abundance of fun opportunities during a period of your time where you have far more energy than you will in your 30s.

As someone who has done the college experience twice, I really regret having not enjoyed myself more the first time. I flew under the radar, did my work, and spent my nights feeling stressed. When I saw all the fun shit other people did after I graduated as I applied for jobs, I thought "shit, why didn't I bother?"

It's not that it's crucial to life, it's that it's an experience you'll never have the opportunity to live out again, and as menial as it seems now... one day you WILL wish you had.
4 years is a long time. and chances are that those same people you are friends with are going to live in the same area as you.

even if its like only 1 person, do it. having someone you can talk to about anything weather its sports or the news or about some guy you both hate....it can make all the difference in the world.

i used to thing the same way as you, why bother? but now that i'm older i only have myself to blame.

It's knowing that you can walk out to them and be offered a seat

it's knowing that talking about the weirdest deepest shit is just laughs until it isn't

it's knowing that whatever you say they'll just banter back or you'll fight but in the end it bonds more than it breaks

A true friend is an entity which you have to hold nothing back from and neither of you care if either of you do.
no. you're just now well equipped enough to handle your ex, and thats ok. its like a gazelle who cares for a starving lion, the only way you can help would destroy you.
make me cry.
give me the honest truth about me.

i need it.
i think i'll just kill myself soon, that seems to be the easiest way to fall out of love. never going to find anyone that even remotely approaches how perfect she is.
I'm not sure why, but looking at things objectively makes me feel better sometimes.

If you confess your feelings to her now, what do you stand to lose and gain?

And as well, even if things don't ever work out between you two, you will not ever make that mistake again.

You haven't done anything to hurt anyone. She will not react with anger if you confess. I promise.
Your one friend. Tell me about them, why don't you talk to them anymore?

Also tell me about your life. Where do you live, what do you do? Who is at least physically close around you? A room-mate, relative, parent?
Not even my ex, I was firmly in the friend zone. We had had cybersex and traded photos on one occasion, the only thing that happened physically was she once kissed me on the cheek after I did her a special favour.

I asked her about it a while later and she said that if she had known how strong my feelings for her were, she wouldn't have wanted to have cybersex that night.
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>I have a bro that has had girlfriend for a couple months
>he tells me how he in love his gf and that he feels happy and shit like that
>feel happy for him
>he tells me the whole bit of "you're gonna find your love and that shit"
>I laugh and brush it off, with the whole "i don't need anybody, and all lone wolf shit"

In reality, i know that I'm gonna be alone, i hurts alot but i accept the bitter truth, but sometimes I wish knew what it was like feeling loved, the feeling that someone cared
when you kill yourself everyone will forget you
Well I still have my highschool friends who are going to the same uni as me.. we're still close, we're 5 and we go out and get fucked up every 2 weeks and we eat lunch together quite often
I just hate meeting new people , at uni theyre all so grown up and stuff I just prefer my hs friends..
I can't handle losing her. I know I'll never do as good, and I'll NEVER find somebody who makes me as happy. There's a whole psychological affect on her because of her past (abusive boyfriend, abusive parents, etc) and she just craves attention. I get it to her whenever I possible can, but at the times I can't -- she goes and cams. It's fucked up, and I would be willing to spend my life with her if it wasn't for that. Even then... I've always been open sexually. Should I try to get involved?
My serious long term relationship came to an end recently. She started going downhill fast. Gained a ton of weight and just quit trying in general. Hair always a mess. Then we started talking less and less so one day I just asked her are we even a thing anymore? Which she responded I guess not and haven't really heard from her since. It feels like she did everything we could to not be the bad guy. I'm not crushed I just don't get it. I really loved this girl but its like she forced me to stop.
I guess I don't stand to lose anything. We used to literally talk all day, every day (I mean literally) and now she just messages me once or twice a day to check up on me. Been contemplating just saying fuck it and telling her. Don't know if it'd make a difference at this point, we could never be together
>never going to find anyone that even remotely approaches how perfect she is.

Quit that shit right now. You will move on. You will find someone else. And when you do, she will blow your mind.
>Your one friend. Tell me about them, why don't you talk to them anymore?
idk what to say. after weeks if being ignored I gave up trying

>Also tell me about your life.
what life?
>Where do you live
>what do you do?
>Who is at least physically close around you? A room-mate, relative, parent?
no one?
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This hit too close to home...


Honestly I just started dating a girl who's a bit of an exhibitionist, went out to raves all the time half naked, dropped M, loved to be ogled and groped, had a naked photoshoot setup with a female friend of hers and some photographer... told her I wasnt comfortable with the photo shoot, and she canceled it. Without me even asking she then deleted all the half naked pictures of her off instagram and Facebook from her raves, and when I asked where they went she straight up told me "While I was single that was okay, but my body is now yours as well, and if anyone should be allowed to see it it's you, and only you, unless you otherwise choose. I don't want other people having the same privilege that you do. I want it to be something special we share."

I had never had a girlfriend react with anywhere near that much respect in the past. At 26, I've finally found a girl (a few years younger) who seems to be willing to compromise to make things work. If you guys don't see eye to eye now, you never will.
For me this was almost as somber a realization as staring out the car window when i was 12 and seeing for the first time that there were a near infinite amount of stories that werent mine out there.

And it was the most beautiful depression.
But how? I've been thinking of her 24/7 in a very literal sense and it's tearing me apart. I keep checking her social media shit and it tears me up but I can't stop. Ugh. I just can't put it into words...she's fucking 100% perfect. We're too similar in some regards. Like...it'd be impossible to find someone else like her and I get the feeling that I'm gonna be comparing other girls to her for the rest of my life
Do you live in an apartment?

What was the name of your friend?

At the very least, how are you on this imageboard right now? Who is paying for the internet, the computer, the power? If you, what job are you working?
i realized this when i was 16 im 18 now and very depressed

That's an extremely well-put analogy. Didn't help me feel any better, but I can definitely see the connection.

Like I said, it just sucks seeing people here say they feel abandoned, and feeling sympathetic for them, and knowing that she's in the same boat without even having /b/ to turn to...
This is the only lasting effect I will ever have on someone else

Fuck man. The second I feel myself edging towards the friendzone I drop them like they're hot. That's the worst feeling.
no, 2 bedroom house with my brother which is about the same as being alone


yay benefits
>tfw you have to go to sleep cause you have to wake up early and continue with your boring and pointless life
You know what that special favour I did her was?

I drove her home at 2am in a blizzard because she couldn't get a taxi.

Anyone want to guess where she was at 2am that night?
>I know I'll never do as good, and I'll NEVER find somebody who makes me as happy.

Listen, you ask her once, and you ask her only once.

"Are you completely comfortable in choosing to do this, and do you want to do this even if it means us breaking up?"

If Yes, move it. Break it up. Get out, go find someone who will make you happy. 10/10, fun hobbies, loves you so much, it doesn't mean SHIT. If she continues to do something knowing you're not okay with it, she's not the one for you. If you aren't okay with her doing something that she wants to do, you're not the one for her. Looks, common interests, these are all replaceable anon.

True love comes from agreements on morality and questions like "Should I put myself naked on the internet". If you disagree with someone on this stuff, that's fine, everyone has their opinion, but for the love of god don't bother dating them.

You can and will do better.

So much this. First girlfriend at 17, dated for 2.5 years, never thought I'd find another. Dated the next girl for 3 years, another for 1 and then the second one for another 3 (while seeing people in between the two 3 year ones).

Nobody made me feel like that first girl... Recently met someone at 26 years old who has made me feel better than I've ever remembered feeling.

Love comes back. It just takes time.
This kills me every time
When did you last talk to your brother? Did you get him a birthday present before? Have you ever made a remark about the weather to him?
fuck it I'll continue
>the guy she's dating recently left a 5-year relationship
>his ex is going away to grad school, he wants to move to Boston so he can be near her
>he doesn't even have any idea how he'll live there
>but he's still dating the girl I love
>like seriously why the fuck would you make another person feel like this
>she's blind to all of this and happy in the relationship

> I struggle with being in love with her but also so frustrated that either she doesn't know how I feel or she does and she just doesn't care

No fucking way dude.

Another guys house? :(

Man, her name's not Sam by any chance is it?
i was exactly the same way.

trust me. it will make life so much better down the road. it doesn't seem like it know, but i wish i could go back and do it differently.
Not only at a guy's house, but her boyfriend's.

And no, not Sam.
I been feeling like that for years. This year I feel like a shit because I can take control every emotion that I can expres that when I am with some one I can choose the right react the correct reaction to just not to show how I really feel about it.
>I've been thinking of her 24/7

Wow, congrats, you're in love with someone. Want a little cookie and participation trophy?

Listen, put on your big boy pants, and end this. Stop thinking about her. You can make choices, this is where you make one. While you waste your time obsessing over someone you won't date, interesting, pretty, funny, amazingly cute girls are passing right by. Stop wasting your time and go find someone who will love you.

You feel like you made a mistake, I get it. But making that mistake is useless if you don't learn from it and move the fuck on.
Because we want to wallow in our own sadness.
Sam? What state you from? I'm another guy, been cruising in the thread for a bit...
File: pepefrogg.jpg (34KB, 304x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 304x288px

I still feel sad, but this cheered me up a little. Thanks anon.
I am going full schizo mode right now, is there anything that can help me make it stop?????
Same anon from this thread.
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fuck you made me cry.
You know, I'm always kinda disappointed when I see responses like this in a feels thread until I realize it's exactly what I need to hear

Well thank fuck, because your situation sounds a LOT like one my shitty ex girlfriend put some poor dude through and it was insanely shitty of her, I was about to write you an apology.

I don't know dude. No matter what she means to you, you should have left her in that situation. Poor decisions warrant poor repercussions.
Have you guys ever tried to not being fucking retards? i mean just go and not be retarded.

pretty simple.

Province, Ontario.

She's one of those shitty Canadian girls.

Suck my cockaccino.
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18 wheels of feel.png
366KB, 373x500px
You see /b/, this is an anon that cares. We need more like you to talk to people that need a friend
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