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New mom and son thread -

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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New mom and son thread -
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Would anyone want me to share what happened to me and my mother? It's not pre typed however so it could be awhile between posts
post hentai pictures instead
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Need sauce for that!

don't have any boss, seems weird nowadays to collect that stuff
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sauce for that?
Fuck that other guy green text that shit
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sorry wrong one
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damn this looks interesting, sauce?
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why do they have to be fat?
moar pix
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ive got time. go for it
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Ok then. Damn where to start. Ok.

>normal upbringing, have both parents and a sister
>dad gets sick when im younger, like 5 or so
>has multiple surgeries, in and out of hospitals for a couple of years, has to do tons of medication
>eventually gets emphysema and can't do much of anything anymore
>once as a kid found a Google search he'd done for "life in a sexless marriage"
>know as like a 12 year old kid my parents don't fuck
>mom eventually comes around to sort of using me and my sister as proxies when she wants to do stuff
>dad spends most of his time in bed, on oxygen
>mom goes to movies with one of us, lunch, to town to shop, stuff like that bc dad just can't do it
>weirdest thing is we would tickle her feet, which she used to have dad do
>think nothing of it
>she eventually stops even sleeping in bed with him sometime in high school, all the machinery he uses to breathe is way too loud for her to sleep
>know my mom is sexless, doesn't sleep with dad, and uses me as a sort of stand in when she wants to do stuff and still think nothing of it
>senior year she decides she's tired of being a little chubby and starts exercising a lot
>she trims up a lot
>for the first time I notice my mom looks pretty good for a... guess she's have been 50 years old senior year
>takes advantage of new figure and finally starts dressing better
>I've always had a thing for mature women in my porn and so this was very confusing for me, thinking my mom was hot
>one day near the end of senior year a very rich family friend offered to take us to Mexico with them for a vacation
>we accept, but due to having to lug oxygen machines and stuff around, dad can't go

(to be continued)
Omg moar! MOAR
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interest = piqued
Oh man dis gon b gud
also nice dubs
inb4 mom is a bear on the way to bel-air
This sounds like it could end up being great.
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man you type slow. Though I guess you did warn us
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Dubs confirmed but damn you weren't lying, this is taking eons
bump for patience
I believe in anon. I have hope
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Shitposting to keep thread going
Dude that's just fucked up.
Who the fuck wears shoes to bed
It's hard telling a story from your memory alone, especially if English isn't you native language. You also have to get across the feeling of something that might not be as exciting in writing as it was when you experienced it, which is a huge challenge unless you are experienced in writing erotica.
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bumping for story
Did you save that in 2002 m8?
best ass hole ever!!!. lovely!! I would love to lick iit and then fuck it hard...

to recap: dad's medical issues ruined my parents sex and social lives and I started thinking my mom was hot

>we accept invite to Mexico
>fly down to Cozumel for a week
>drinking age is 18, which I turned a few months prior
>absolutely live it up down there
>the second to last night this group of people that had gone is sitting around in the courtyard of the private little complex they rented
>we're all drinking and laughing
>sister and I slip into the pool, float around, I've had a little too much, so has my mom
>people slowly starting to taper off to their rooms
>eventually just me outside
>slide out of pool and onto a reclining chair, it's cool and I start nipping hard
>mom comes out of her room
>she's in short shorts and a button down
>no bra, she's fifty and her breasts are pretty saggy but I can clearly see them and i start to get a hard on
>get up and follow her to the outdoor kitchen where we keep drinks
>talking with her about plans for the next day about packing and leaving
>when we're done I hug her goodnight without thinking and totally soak her chest/stomach
>"Christ anon, what were you thinking"
>it was an honest mistake, but notice she's nipping hard too
>point it out
>"looks like I'm not the only one mom!"
>point to her nipples
>"oh anon, cut it out"
>"nothing to be ashamed of mom"
>"anon you've had too much to drink, go to bed"
>she moves past me and her hand brushes my crotch, which until now I did not realize had a big boner going
>"Christ anon!"
>realize I'm bulging hard
>"shit, sorry mom! It's a natural response I didn't even realize it happened honestly!"
>she's pretty cool and understanding, always was, and jokes it off "ok ok, I understand" etc
>as we walk to our rooms she shoves me into the pool
>"sorry anon! Next best thing we have to a cold shower!"

part 3 coming up
Another bump for dat story.
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fuck me, i dun goofed.
Faster dude
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Funny thing is that the shota is the one dominating the maid in the source material.
More gifs/webms plz
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a mother's place.gif
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>we laugh at it and she starts to help me up out of the pool
>grab her arm and throw myself back into the pool, taking her with me
>"how did you fall for that mom? Oldest trick in the book!"
>we're laughing and kind of slowly making our way out of the pool
>she gets out first
>shorts have molded to her ass, dick is diamonds
>"come on anon, out"
>awkwardly dance around the fact I have a boner again
>she asks me point blank if I do
>tell her yes
>"I c-can't help it if I'm drunk and see a nice ass, mom..."
>she slowly descends back into the pool
>heart is hammering in my chest
>"ok then if I'm so distracting you let yourself get soft and get out first"
>minutes pass but feel like eternities I'm so embarrassed
>finally soft, climb out of the pool
>she comes out after me
>"oh, I'll never get dry in these" I hear her say behind me
>turn to hand her a towel and she's naked
>"mom... uh... what are you doing..?"
>"Well I won't get dry in my wet clothes will I?"
>shake me head no
>"so I'll have to do it nude. Do you have an erection again?"
>yes, yes I do
>"well we'll have to take care of that. Come on, trunks off"
>shimmy out of my trunks
>she clucks her tongue at me
>feel my blood straining to PPP every blood vessel in my cock
>she comes up to me and wraps a tiny little hand around it
>trying not to lose control
>"for shame. Getting an erection to your mother."
>starts stroking, really getting into it
>"well I can fix that pretty easily"
>yanks me in, starts breathing into my hear and saying slutty stuff about me being nasty for wanting my mommy, how ashamed I should be, etc
>I am all these things and more
>she keeps going and pretty soon I lose control and cum so hard my knees are wobbling
>spurts all over her tummy
>she gasps in shock and looks at it
>"tsk. Already anon? Oh well. Goodnight."
>plants a big wet kiss on my cheek and wraps a towel around herself and goes into her room
>gather my shit and go into mine wondering what just happened

It isn't over trust me folks
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
very fake, good story though
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who cares fun storyrs sare fun storiebs
Like I said before, people only share this kind of stories under the protection of anonymity.
Ive got one i'll share. Pre typed and everything.
>cousin and i grew up as close as brother and sister
>we were the same age about 12 or 13
>having a sleep over
>never had anything really sexual b4
>maybe kiss on lips from a friend or so
>that night cousin says "lets play husb & wife
>like i knew what that actually meant...
>we start play arguing and being rough
>but that starts to dwindle and we start play kissing
>not the peck on the lips, the full tongue
>breathing gets a little heavy, i don't understand her
>"get on top," she says.
>we start bouncing up and down, kinda rough
>parent's asleep next room over.
>we start to giggle, we're fucking stupid and stuff
> parents get up and hear them coming to the bedroom
*knock knock knock* Go to sleep.
>quieted up a bit, but ran hand down her side and she moans. wtf.
>dick hard as rock
>she rolls over and goes to bed.

>ff a year, i think we were 14
>just about to start our freshman year
>cousin and i have a month or so of summer that we trade off
>each week at the other's house, staying the night
>she asks if i've ever masturbated before
>proceeds to tell me she does all the time
>naive as fuck, never actually touched myself
>she proceeds with the ins and outs of mast...
>my uncle's asleep so we proceed to go to the bathroom to do this
>she starts to touch me, making lots of suggestive moaning.
>tell her to quiet the f down.
>dick's getting hard like it has its own agenda
>she sees and proceeds to try to touch it.
>still naive as fuck, doesn't let her
>she coerces me to let her, saying she'll be nice
>starts to lightly pet it, tells me to start feeling her
> our clothes start to come off a bit
>her boobs still small from b4 puberty but starting to become noticeable
>get annoyed with me for not doing much
>she proceeds to grab my dick and pump it
>pumping hard and fast
>i gasp a bit but it just feels to good to tell her to stop
>she stands up, still pumping and kisses me.
>wtf, my sausage turns to full on erect tree
>loses load all over, never done that b4.
>all over her hand, we quietly wash up and go back
>she says thats the first time she's seen a real penis
>also first for cum
>asks for me to hold her
>spoons until morning
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meh i have fucked a frog with a friend so this could very well be true.. more fucked up things have been done

>end of the week she says that we should get in the hot tub
>supposed to be some stars and shit shooting round
>we proceed to start to change in her bedroom
>can't really see much bcause it's dark
>she's standing next to window where i can see silhouette
>shirt comes off, bra
>nice looking frame
>realized forgot swim stuff
>she says it's okay and i can use her swim shorts (bcause her dad doesn't like her wearing swim stuff out in public really)
>she grabs me from behind, no shirt on. become erect as fuck
> have to walk past uncle to get to tub
> doesn't care to watch us pass because he's watching tv
> outside it's freezing but water's hot
>she removes bottoms and jumps in
>she laughs because she can see my bulge
> has me jump in next to her
> we proceed to talk about destiny and life stuff
> conversation moves more sexualz
> she starts to talk about what she saw early that week
> asks me to touch her. proceed to grab my hand and shoves it down there
> moves it a bit around
>naive as fuck, don't even know what i'm touching
> said to slowly move up and down with hand
>she starts to bite lip and moves legs apart
>can finally see what i'm touching, nothing but nice shaved pussy
>she starts saying how much she enjoys this and that i need to move faster
>starts to moan a bit more and more
>reaches over and shoves her hand down my trunks and starts to glide up and down it
>we start making out like crazy and all of the sudden she shakes a little and slows down
>fuckin blue balls me and i ask her to keep goin,
>my younger cousin walks out and asks to get in
> we tell her to go away,
>she runs and tells my uncle that we won't let her sit in the hot tub
>we get kicked out of it
>we go back to the bedroom
>she said we need to go under the bed
> slide under the bed and proceed to continue, both of us
>She won't stop telling me to rub harder
>i do
>she starts to shake then her legs close on my hand
yeah the fucking Iliad is a fictitious story too, doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable read.

> We hang out all the time
>do all sorts of fun adventures and crap
> Parents say we're too old to do sleep overs
> they don't know what we've been doing
>finally got a lock on my door because little bros kept stealing shit
>she comes over, door's locked.
>She turned sixteen and I'm laggin behind a little
>she starts to show me how much her boobs are growing.
>she's athletic as fuck, so she's slim and bubbly
> We start to talk about our parent's birds and bees talk
> she said how much that turned her on with me
> wasn't really into it because i was starting to like a girl
> cousin had taught me almost everything i knew tho.
>I got good at playing with girls,
>really fucking good
>she comes over for a session
>she lets me hold her boobs. Getting close to c's
> i remove her shirt so they do that hot boob drop thing
> she leans over and we start making out.
> she starts to lean over and kisses start leaning towards the mid riff
> unbuckles me and proceeds to kiss my dick
> the licking was good but she puts her mouth around it
> starts moving up and down and i can't handle it, feels weird, so she stops
>asks me to do the same for her,
> she removed her pants and she's fucking dripping through her panties
> i pull them off and start to do like i'm making out
>not as naive but still don't know what i'm doing
>five minutes in she starts gripping my hair and shoves my face in there
>cant breathe, but keep going
>fucking waterfalls over my face.
> ask wtf just happened.
> she said it never happens with out me.
> not sure how to respond
>asks her to help me
>she finishes me off on her chest.
> we clean up and go outside
>best friend makes jokes about being cousin fuckers
>thinks he knows, later learned didn't know shit.
>almost last encounter.
Well no one is forcing you and knowing people they might be thankfull.

>I had just turned sixteen, no super big deal
>she was always horny as fuck
>told me of all the girls she would start fucking
>would get me horny as fuck
>she liked to tease me good
>anytime i was over, she'd hang out in her bra
>my parents were a little more helicopter so couldn't always happen at my house
>she'd always ask for massages
>my ma was a massage therapist and i learned loads from her books
>helped me get into girls shirts all the fucking time
>I would get her down to nothing most of the time
>never had done more than mutual masturbation
>we would take turns searching the internet of early 2000 trying to find vids to watch
>limewire on dial up sucked balls
>So we'd get each other off until then.
>we couldn't ever bring it to the point to fuck each other
>until one day...
>videos would finish downloading and we'd sit there naked and make out to them
>we were track buddies and ran together all the time
>we lived by the woods so she'd pull me off the road sometimes and give me head
>I could tell that we were getting too old for this to continue though
>back to that "one day"
>we went on a family vacation, like with other cousins and shit
>had huge condos that would have several bedrooms
>she's been telling me how much she hates guys and really really likes women
>this naive fucker here doesn't know what lesbianism is
>she proceeds to explain, all while i'm getting hard as fuck.
>everyone's at the beach during this time, so she and i say we're going back to go shopping
>run to condo instead
>take a shower together, she takes my super hard dick and nearly swallows the damn thing
> we're going at it, i'm playing with her boobs
>I cum all over her face, and she wipes off and swallows it. GOD DAMN
>I'm so hard still
>we get out and go to the bedroom we're sharing
>still naked
>she throws me down on the bed and lays on top. boobs fucking warm as hell
>grab her ass as she's making out with me

If I recall, it's a doujin about King from KoF.

>Shes whispering in my ear that she wants me to be her last guy
>I start to move my hips a bit
>she's moaning so hard i'm afraid someone will come back and hear
>she sits up and is working my dick in her hands
>i'm playing with her chest with one hand, other holding her hair
> she's starting to do that stupid teasing pussy slide over the side of my cock
>so much juice, i'm gonna come
>she leans back down and says to fuck her ass
>Thinking thats the only action i'll ever get from her again, slides in ass slow
>she whimpered a bit. think it's her first time
>We start moving more and more until the bed's fucking creaking.
>go at it for like four or five minutes when she jumps off and asks me to get inside her
>she's fucking dripping and she's bent over the bed now
>I do as i'm told, not really thinking much of it.
>HNNNGGH soo damn good
>she's my first for both, that first feeling just. god damn
>Shes thrusting back into it like crazy now
>I grab her hair like the videos we watched and slap her ass a bit
>she starts making noise
>She starts to shake a bit, and starts playing with herself too
>Fucking waterfalls again, man
> she proceeds to thrust and then making noises and shit
>jumps off when i say i'm about to lose it
>sucks me off until i come buckets into her fucking mouth. She swallows and runs to the shower again.

later we talked about how she was thankful we did that last bit. she wanted to have it with someone she cared about, instead of just some highschool guy. this was before she switched to women for good, too. I was her first and last guy to get that from her. we never talk about it now, but it's been on my mind for ever.
>enjoyable read

Is this leddit? XD
A-are you okay anon...?
do you have the source?

>next day is the flight home
>feeling awkward as fuck
>mom acts nonchalant
>that night I'm trying to sleep when I hear footsteps in the hall
>mom comes into my room and turns my lamp on and sits next to me
>"anon, I hope you know what happened was... me crossing some boundaries. I regret it but all we can do is forget it and move on."
>kisses my cheek and leaves
>summer is passing by quickly
>still wracked with guilt
>one night I go to where she sleeps and sit next to her
>she's a light sleeper so it wakes her
>"do you need something anon?"
>explain to her that she's all I can think about since that night, I can't stop replaying the guilt and the eroticism of it in my head and I realize how badly I want her
>"are you serious, anon?"
>she sits up and hugs me
>tells me it's ok, she's sorry she did this to me
>I seize the moment and kiss her on the lips
>she seems surprised but doesn't stop
>we keep kissing
>she lays back and I'm straddling her
>she pushes me off and pulls off her shirt
>"get under me baby"
>do as she says
>she straddles me and lets her tits fall to my face
>suckling them, pawing at them, she's biting her lip to not moan
>I slide my hand down her panties and try to pull them off but she stops me
>"not yet, not yet, we need to do that when we're sure it's the right time and your dad or sister won't find us"
>she keeps kissing me and jerks me off again
>not as sadistic this time, seems loving and, well, motherly

Gonna stop this one here so I can have more space for the big night
sorym y keylord is fukned but itsp ret funnny when i try ponts
no this is Patrick
I'd like to think that the fabric he's pulling into his ass with the force of his boner is gently pushing on his butthole
File: image.jpg (43KB, 399x447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who is this?
that's her son on the right.
File: Alice.webm (3MB, 832x468px)
3MB, 832x468px

XD nice meme!!
i am waiting with a dick in hand anon
Did you just have a stroke halfway through your sentence?
Me too.

>one night my dad is gone to town to meet out of state friends he hadn't seen in years
>sister has to close the theater she worked at that night which means she wouldn't be home till well after midnight
>me and mom both know what's going to happen
>awkward as fuck purchasing condoms that afternoon
>it's about 9:00 pm that night
>rubbing mom's feet, watching TV
>she sort of cuddles up against me
>we just cuddle and watch fuckin food network
>"well anon I'm going to go to bed"
>she saunters off
>I know it's time
>go to the room where she sleeps and she's lying under the covers
>slowly peel them back, she's nude
>dick springs into action
>she extends her arms and pulls me in
>forgot condoms in other room
>fuck it, found out later she had her tubes tied years ago anyways
>slowly slide into her, it was my first time
>lots of soft grunting and moaning, I'm really unsure of myself
>wraps her arms around me and pulls me in
>stamina is way up due to all her jerking me almost nightly
>go for longer than I thought I would, like 15 minutes
>cum extremely hard into the womb that birthed me
>collapse over her, breathing hard
>cooing to me "good job baby" etc
>we kiss and sort of sit in the afterglow for awhile
>see it's getting to midnight
>kiss her and go to my room to clean up
>life goes on, we do it a few more times when we can
>summer ends and I go to college
>the few times she visits me on weekends we have sex in my dorm (roommate seriously never spent a weekend at college, he lived only 30 minutes away I don't know why he didn't just commute)
>once I got an apartment it became much harder to have sex regularly
>we tapered off
>graduated and moved out of state just because
>only see her at like Christmas and thanksgiving now
>sort of awkward but we get along well

what a weird couple of years it was, furtively banging my mom
I need that sauce
do you have the original?
Thanks for sharing

It's good to talk about. Let it out there. Plus I've read so many other mom-fucking stories around here I don't feel like quite as much of a freak so I reason it might help other dudes who have guilt
Black Lagoon. It was originally a manga but an anime was made for it. The maid is a psychotic ex-F.A.R.C guerrilla The is an entire arc focused on her as she goes on a murder rampage to get revenge on those that killed her employer and close friend. The kid is the new head of the family she serves.
Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting porn.
Ever do anal?
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I love this
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post moar pls
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I wish there was more of this.. not sure where its from
Was is always gentle lovemaking when you two had sex or was it ever simple, rough fucking?

What kind of panties did she use?

What's your favorite memory of you two having sex?
File: 1430688688946.jpg (566KB, 1800x1110px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566KB, 1800x1110px

Have my own story.

>Be 13 with 13 soon to be 14 year old female cousin
>Have always been close, used to cuddle with each other during sleep overs, innocent and everything, when younger
>Came back one summer after family moved stayed with Grandma and cousin lived in same town.
>Have a sleep over the second night I'm there and cousin changed into night shirt. However she doesn't realize that it's somewhat see through and I can see her boobs underneath
>Hair trigger boner
>Turns off light and cuddles with me but I am so turned on at that point
>Roll over on side, pull her close and ask if I can kiss her
>Heart pounding while I wait for answer
>She says yes and I go full on passion kiss
>She rolls on to her back I am on top, hands up her shirt
>Fondle her boobs, while grinding against her panties with my rock hard dick and kissing her full force
>She's moaning and grinding too, my dick is completely diamonds at this point
>"Put it in anon"
>I hesitate and ask "You sure?"
>"YES!" she almost yells.
>Yank panties off and boxers
>Dick at her entrance, want to but not sure
>Do it! She moans
>Slips right in, she tenses in pain
>Fucking wonderful
>Pump slowly, she's wet but she is tight but she finally gives me the okay to go to town
>Go full force and cum in about tem pumps
>She still is kissing me, wanting more.

We made out until I got hard again and fuck some more. We fucked like rabbits all summer, both in sleep overs and various areas around town. She still is the best fuck I've ever had.
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File: ywTU2Cbk3t_04.png (394KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
394KB, 1130x1600px

Moar please
File: ywTU2Cbk3t_05.png (336KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1430688723951.jpg (63KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: ywTU2Cbk3t_08.png (362KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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there been a lot of mother and son threads lately..

is it because of mothers day that is coming up?

And the anonmummy's here wants to remind its okay to fuck mummy
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File: ywTU2Cbk3t_11.png (368KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: ywTU2Cbk3t_12.png (375KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ive seen this before sauce
File: ywTU2Cbk3t_13.png (511KB, 1130x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And done. So how many of you guys have thought or fantasized at least once about doing this to your own mother?
No, never. I just found this hot when it happens to other people.
Exactly how I feel. I'd never want my own mother. But the idea of someone else doing it is much more interesting.

we usually tried to keep it gentle and quiet because we lived in an echoey house with thin walls or it was in a dorm.

As for panties they started off as plain like high waisted briefs because she was a bored sexless mom but I sort of goaded her eventually into wearing the bikini style underwear because it was the closest thing to a thong I could convince her to wear (she historically loathed things and g strings on anyone which I sort of hated)

As for my favorite memory... it would have to be my first thanksgiving. I didn't own a car so she came and picked me up from school after I finished class and packed up. Ended up leaving at like five in the afternoon so we got a hotel room (actually at my dad's request) because the drive would have had us getting home at like 2 am and that would suck because I would be so wiped out and tired. So we were in a hotel room where no one knew us and we hadn't seen each other since August when they dropped me off. We texted and we're kind of flirty and naughty from afar but it was our first time back together in forever. And I remember we just had the hardest sex we ever did that night because it was sort of at the peak of our lust for one another. That was one time we got rougher, tried positions and stuff. We finally had time to experiment. That was a great one.
go for it mate
Nice story ty

Never. My mom is an absolute piece of shit. I'm pretty sure she fuck one of my high school friends when she went through her "Finding herself" phase in live. Finding herself equated fucking anything living at that point.

I hate my mom.
I prefer to think of my friends hot moms
File: 2007-sketch44aa.jpg (169KB, 999x1123px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 999x1123px

fuck you
someone is mad he wasn't part of the long list of things she fucked in that phase
File: 1430688172927.jpg (621KB, 1068x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621KB, 1068x1300px
I had this exact fantasy many times when I was a teenager. Never told my mom about it. Came in her panties a few times, though.
Man I wish my mom was moderately attractive and a decent human being. You incestfags always have it lucky. I've got a sister and a mom fetish but I don't have a sister, and my mom is a huge piece of shit.
File: 1393545979279.jpg (87KB, 770x996px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 770x996px
Lol. Even when his mum was being a slut he still couldn't get some ass

Not really. She was severely abusive and hateful towards myself and my sister. She'd lock the house up completely, so we couldn't get inside when we got home from school and would stay out until about 8-9pm. I'd broken windows, doors and the garage door at one point to get inside because it was so damned cold.

She also pretty much starved us out. Our neighbors fed us all the time and once I was able to work, I bought food for my sister and I. However, she started throwing it out to the point I had to start hiding food in my room.

She was the kind of person who should of never had kids because she hated them. I would have loved to have a mom that was kind and loving. She only cared about herself and the doctors she was fucking.
Sending my feelings to your womb
How the hell was social services never on her ass?
File: 1429920603717.jpg (15KB, 278x182px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she's a nurse and she didn't have access to contraception? bitch

Still in contact with her. Really miss her too. She is one of the few people in my life who gets me. Always supportive and has the same tastes as me. Nature is a cruel bitch.
It's funny how he is playing the incest handbook play by play. The boner. The Hug. The awkward, we don't usually do this, kiss. The boob touch. "Gay"

hehe, Pepe! haha

We lived in a small town. No one gave a shit.
She got knocked up in high school and should have gotten an abortion. But she didn't because she was a religious idiot.
File: 1430686649656.jpg (378KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378KB, 1600x1200px
Sucks man. Hopefully you and the sis are better off now.
new shit? wtf
I like to think the story behind this is that the kid has become so accustomed to being pleasured by his mom that he's become addicted to it and can't function properly during the day without his daily dose so every now and then he calls her into school for a quickie to him going. She of course gets called to come in off guard and so rushed in in the skimpiest of clothing forgetting she was still wearing slippers

Better off, yeah. We both have people who love us and my sister recently became a mom.

I'm grateful my girlfriend is loving. I don't think I would be here if she wasn't. She also really wants to sucker punch my mom of all of the shit she has done.
File: 1395865119476.jpg (32KB, 232x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did your dad ever recover/get better? I feel bad for him :\

Also grats on you and your mom bruh.
File: 1428019494134.png (559KB, 1280x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559KB, 1280x800px
>she historically loathed things and g strings on anyone which I sort of hated
I have the same problem with my mom. Plain underwear is all she wants to wear but I have convinced her that she needs sexier panties. She only likes cotton underwear so I'm a bit at a loss as most of the sexy panties aren't pure cotton. We are going to buy a bikini for her at the start of next months and we have talked about getting her a high waisted one from Victoria's Secret, something like this one: www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear/itsy/the-angel-high-leg-cheeky-very-sexy?ProductID=237103&CatalogueType=OLS
I'm also going to try talking her into buying some skimpy panties from there as I found some sexy cotton ones that I like, and that I think won't be "too slutty looking" to put it in her own words, that she might try on.

>That was a great one.
It sounds just wonderful.

There is few people that would tell their mother that they want to drug her and then fuck her while she is asleep.
Started thinking myself about this as my mom uses sleeping pills and just a minimal dose knocks her out cold. Worst I've done when she was unconscious was taking off her bra, but I have fantasized about doing a lot more to her.
Good Story bro, much appreciated.
>high waisted one
Meant to write "high legged".
File: 1428020042543.png (480KB, 1280x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480KB, 1280x800px
That's pretty fuckin good m8

>underrated post

Ehh he's still chugging along. It's never going to go away really but he's gotten to where he exercises (read: goes for short walks) to try and help him breathe better.
wait what? How could u have the conversation with your mother.. she probably knows u want to fuck her now..
>ive fucked a frog with a friend

im done, goodnight /b
u'r mum?
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