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what's the worst thing you've ever done to a girl /b/ ?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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what's the worst thing you've ever done to a girl /b/ ?
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Oh, all right.

>11th grade
>There's a sweet, pretty girl who had her lost her legs in an accident and uses a wheelchair
>Has very few friends due to her condition
>She's a fantastic artist
>My friends and I decide to prank her for shits and giggles
>I pretend I want to be her friend and she warms up to me instantly
>We start to hang out outside of school
>Sleep over at her house one night
>We play video games, playing some Twisted Metal
>Ask her if she can show me her portfolio (she was in the advanced art program in our school and needed to create fifty or so amazing art pieces to pass)
>After a game I say I need to go to the bathroom
>Pull out big-ass scissors from my pocket (big pocket I was wearing jncos) go into her room, and cut the bottom-half of all of her art pieces off and trash them
>The next day, she rolls up to me in the middle of class, on the verge of crying, and asks me what happened to her art
>I said, "I made them look like you"
>All my friends laugh heartily
>She rolls over to her table, alone, and just stares at her hands in her lap for the rest of the day

It was less than a month before that art was due, too. There's no way she made it up in time. Some days I look back and wonder what became of her. Did my cruelty make her a stronger person? Or a weaker person? Maybe thinking about her is "regret". Who knows?

>fucked my younger sister for 3 years
>i was 16-18, she was 13-15 during the time
>so amazing
>one day i realize major problem
>mfw i have no sister
>mfw i fucked a houseplant for 3 years
If thats true holy shit
Married her..
I took a shit on a girl while we were in a 69.
It wasn't on purpose, it was leaky and she freaked, bit my dick and my ass juice leaked in her eyes and up her nose.
After she pushed me off her, she started crying and I just kept blasting ass gas in rythm. Y'know, like barp.. barp.. barp... barp.. barp.

It wasn't my proudest moment, she was my crush when I was 17.
She never wanted to see me again and is probably sexually scarred. She was a virgin at the time.
I haven't seen her in about three years.
Nice copypasta /b/ro
I loved her
I always watch that gif and wish that one day a girl will give enough of a shit about me to cry like that when i hurt her.
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treate her like my equal
I've never done anything bad to a girl in my life.
manipulated a girl who didnt want the have sex with me, she had a bf and was a virgin (kek), fucked her and tossed her away. Made her cheat and lose her virginity
I let her believe we had a future together.
Cheated twice on gf and may have given her an std.
old pasta is old
'Cheated' All I did was flirt with chicks online, mostly from omegle then got them to send nudes / go on cam.
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>be me
>wife just had baby so no sex in a while
>routine physical
>8/10 qt doc walks in
>checks my vitals
>time for hernia check
>I have my cock out
>she's on a rolling stool so my cock is at her eye level
>she grabs my cock to start exam
>doc says "thats ok anon it's a physical reaction"
>she has my erect cock on one hand and starts pressing underneath my balls
>hits prostate
>it's too much and I jizz right in her eye
>she freaks and leaves
>nurse comes in soon after and tells me the exams over
>I never told my wife and never saw that doc again.

Mfw on the ride home
That's bullshit
hilarious, but fine it untrue
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>be 18 at party
>fingered passed out girl from my class I had a crush on
>she enjoyed it while she was sleeping
>after graduation I happened to be at her place
>she lay on her bed with smile saying: "hope you don't rape me here as we're alone, anon"
>I didn't rape her
>she was sad when I left

You should rape girl when she asks for it.
that FACE
When I was in high school I raped a drunk girl. I met her again again in college and she didn't recognize me. We started dating and have been married almost twenty years.
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Girl from my story is already married but to someone else. We went to different unis after high school so we lost contact. There are only pics of her I can fap to that stayed to me.
Not have sex with one.
I systematically manipulated and brainwashed my girlfriend into being bisexual so I could fuck other girls with her. So there's that.
Fucked her sister. I wonder if those two ever got over that.
When my girlfriend said she was gonna kill herself i replied with as long as it's not me.
Posted a banana in a ylyl thread that is the worst I ever did to you girls
missionary for the sole purpose of procreation
>Meet my friends ex girlfriend in town
>We end up spending the day together, end up going back to my house for lunch
>Asks if she wants a cheeky drink, she says yes
>Poor two vodkas, drink mine quickly as I'm cooking
>See her copying me out the corner of my eye, interesting...
>Pour another, she tries to match me drink for drink
>No chance I'm a borderline alcoholic
>She gets hammered, saw her pin to her phone when she was checking the time
>She ends up staying late and passing out
>Nosy about her stuff, check her messages
>about a month ago she was ranting to her best friend about her virginity, how she was so fed up with it she just wants to go to a club and lose it
>I go over, pull of her tights and push my cock in her, she squirms a little but despite all the blood she doesn't wake up.
>Fuck her for a good long while and finish inside her
>Wakes up in the morning aching with no memory of what happened
>I tell her she started crying about her virginity, begging me to take it and despite me having a gf she wouldn't relent.
>She ashamed of herself, apologies to me profusely.
>I ask her if I did the right thing by helping her, she starts crying and says yes
>Drop her off at the chemist after making her breakfast so she can get birth control but she slowly stops speaking to me after a few months
If this is true it really makes me want to break up with my "virgin" girlfirned
>being this new
Kill yourself.
I once drugged my little sister with ambien and molested her
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I called one a whore in front of class.
Bitch gone crazy as shit about it and needed to go to therapy.
I was 12 and she was a nut.
I told her I loved her when I didn't
Somewhat interesting but doesn't ring true.
Let her think that her opinion mattered
Asked her out.
>524 KB
>Anonymous 05/01/15(Fri)16:58:20 No.6132484
Got them pregnant

>Be me
>Sister's 8.5/10 friend sleeps over for a weekend
>brings tons of makeup with her
>get horny cuz shes hot
>my sister and her leaves to go to a store to buy snacks or whatever
>my chance
>I go into sister's room
>take lotion out of her friends bag
>fap with the lotion and jizz in it
>next morning
>peek into room
>see her using lotion
>sister also tried it
You don't want that mate.
>Date girl in high school
>Get married
>Knock her up
>Let her im living in the states illegally
>Get green card through her
>Divorce her and take our son.
>She hasnt seen our baby in over a year
I second this. I learned this after getting them pregnant and learned it well. They are very crafty creatures in the most overlooked way when it comes a male's mind in the beginning. I be very careful now if they seem mad or cheating let it go and move on.
I didn't mean it that way, but you know, whatever.
Heading home from work on a Friday night, looking forward to a guys night out after a stressful week.
>Get back and GF is all dressed up
>You look great babe, heading out with the girls?
>Decided I'm coming out with you.
>Guy's only tonight babe.
>Exactly why I'm coming out with you.
>Suit yourself.
>Guys laugh.
>Ignore her.
>Being a fucking bitch all night trying to get me to go home cause shes bored of football and cars.
>You decided to come out.
>Guys, check this out.
Knock, knock.
>Who's there?
You're finished. Fuck off home and clear your stuff out of my house.

Best feel.
>be me
>on vacation
>sister is at home
>sister is a feminazi cunt
>wanna fuck around with my brothers
>get on her tumblr
>on anon questions
>I write:
>I know where you live, I know your brothers (insert names here) I'm coming for you
>next day we go to an ice cream parlor
>forget about me trolling sister
>dad gets a call
>sister flipped fucking shit and called cops
>told cops she has PTSD and it triggered her
>dad blames family friend on it
>family friend denies it but dad pins the blame on him
>keep my mouth shut

I feel kinda bad about it
this hit me hard ....
>Dated a girl for a while.
>She started falling in love with me.
>Day before valentines day I broke up with her and got with her best friend.
>Start making out with her and groping each other in front of her for like 2 months.
>She lost her bf and a guy she may or may not have loved.
same here
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So fake dad getting custody in usa lol
File: 1429822804273.jpg (143KB, 1549x829px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>start dating girl in college
>move in together
>get a dog together
>meet her whole family
>travel all over the country with her
>been together for 6 years
>leave her for someone else one day with basically no warning
>she did not take it well

Towards the end wasn't happy with her but she didn't know it, not very good at communicating I guess. Been 2 years, still feel bad about it.
or you could quit being a faggot and fuck her
>be me in 7th grade
>teacher handing back our grades from last week's math test
>I got an 100 because I'm a smart fag
>see the girl next to me got a 70
>say "Haha can't believe you got a C"
>kids sitting next to us hear me
>found out later she spent the rest of the day crying
I was too embarrassed to ever apologize, I still regret it to this day. Although now I'm failing half my classes in college so I guess what goes around comes around.
i dun believe u
I called a girl a bitch once.

>Be me.
That story is the best part. She doesnt have parents or any known relatives so when i divorced her i just kept taking her to court until she didnt have any more money. So she literally couldnt take care of our son anymore.
Don't you think I've tried
She's a conservative Christian
I'm lucky I was even able to get with her. she's pretty hot and nice tits/ass
Once punched a chick a few times because she took my hat.

Accidentally got another chick pregnant. Fuck condoms. Broke up with her. Told her we could be together if she got an abortion. So she did. Then I told her to go fuck herself. Wrecked her highschool experience completely.. She ended up at another school somewhere. That's not all that bad in the grande scheme of things.. That kid would have had a shitty life. I think I did a good thing.
Gf passed out drunk so I lubed up a whole bag of glass marbles and poked them up her ass one by one. She cracked her shitter when she took a dump the next morning.
how could you. You have surrendered your male thrown.
File: 1327704703152.jpg (104KB, 409x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A chick followed me home after a night out, thought she was gonna crash at her friend's place, but when her friend and her bf veered off she sticked with me. I didn't want to bang her so I slept on the couch.

Her ego was pretty bruised after that.

What can I say - I'm not into asian women, they don't tickle my pickle at all.

> You have surrendered your male thrown.
> your male thrown
> thrown

>be 11
> There's a really dumb kid who doesn't even know the full alphabet in my class, I will refer to him as Autism.
> Find out from his mom that he got his 4yr old little brother to suck his cock
> Me and group of friends hatch a plan to hurt him
> Manhole on school field that is left open, about 7ft deep with dirty water and garbage at the bottom.
>Place sheet of cardboard over top and spread cut grass all over it (school field has just been cut)
>Think I'm the shit for my original and genius idea
> Call Autism over, cleverly placing ourselves between Autism and the manhole so he will walk directly over it.
> Autism stops directly in front of the manhole and says "I'm not stupid I know there's a manhole there"
> Years of planning ruined
> Decide Autism has won the battle but not the war
> I whisper to one of my friends my plan
> I go over to console Autism, I tell him it was just a joke and I wouldn't of really let him walk into the manhole
> Have him turned away from manhole while he talks to me
> Gain his trust fast, as his Autistic brain soon forgets about the open manhole about 4ft behind him
>Friend sneaks up behind him and goes on his hands and knees
> Push him over, he screams as he falls over my friend and headfirst into the manhole
> Slams into the pipe at the bottom of the manhole crying his eye out unable to get to his feet because his is upside down
> Friends laugh
> I laugh
> Call him a pedo and pile grass and pour lemonade on him
>He eventually gets to his feet and climbs out using the pipe at the bottom as a step
>runs of crying and I never see him again
I made sweet sweet love to her sister. She walked in on us while her sister was cumming. She was extremely loud. She didnt even notice my gf was there. My gf didnt say anything. Just ran out. Kept fucking. Blew my load deep in her snatch. Thanked her and left. Never talked to either one of them again. lol
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Trust me, it's like being stabbed in the chest by an icicle and it just makes you feel like an empty shit

>newfags not recognizing this
i fucked my gf's best friend who was hotter than my gf.

"to a girl" you retard

Not recognizing what? I've been here since '06, and that's my story. What are newfags missing?
After a girl broke up with me, a few months later I started dating her sister. Then after her sister broke up with me, I told her I only dated her because she reminded me of her sister. A few months later, I was drunk and texted both of them at the same time, and they were both telling me how they missed me and yada yada. Then they found out I was talking to them both, and now they both hate me even more. According to some friends, the second sister still talks crap about me to others. They probably fight over me still to this day.

Woah are you the real shit marble guy?
So who is the girl in this story? You?
Did that too.

Still feel guilty about the whole thing.
I threw a golf club at a middle school girl once
Conservative christians are scary as fuck if you ask me.
Told girl I loved her, was lie
Cheated on her repeatedly while being immensely controlling the whole time
Came on her bra after we broke up.
File: 1394705661845.jpg (123KB, 780x435px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Denied a chick who wanted the D.
If we weren't on /b I would say your message is the deepest thing I've read today.
Convinced my ex to cheat on me on 2 separate occasions on 2 different boyfriends. She told them both about it after, they both dump her.
posted her nudes and facebook on /b/
File: spiderman.jpg (65KB, 945x552px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mr. Spiderman, tear down this thread
convinced her to let me fuck her sister and then made her watch

Oh fuck I thought I was the first. I did it back in Feb.
stale pasta you faggot
File: spidey hey.jpg (15KB, 275x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spidey hey.jpg
15KB, 275x275px
did u call?
>twist: you're still 15
File: 1427429982196.gif (481KB, 499x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stuck my tongue in her ass
Some are
>be 6
>playing with beautiful girl from the down the road in the park
>messing about 'n' shit
>run home whilst she plays with others
>get my massive stick I found in the forest one day to show off
>start flailing it about
>accidentally hit her in the face
>her mouth starts to profusely bleed and her two front teeth are smashed
>she cries tears of fear and shock

She moved to the Philippines from England a year after that and she turned into an 11/10.
According to my ex girlfriend, it was asking her out
Believe it faggot
>on vacation
>at a bar in another state
>drunk girl all over me
>outside the bar there's a footpath to the beach to the ocean
>fucked her outdoors surrounded by other people hooking up at the Atlantic Ocean
>no condom
>she was filled with cum
>left her there
>gone a couple days later
>I probably have a 10 month old kid.

I didn't tell her my name, didn't learn hers either.

The sex was fantastic
Why were you even together?
Did something similar on spring break in 2005. Was 24, she was 16 at the time. Probably got a kid in Vegas now.
File: 1386013819617.gif (650KB, 1536x704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 19
>meet a really nice cute girl at work
>fall in love
>go on dates
>get loved back
>get scared because everything seems to be good
>feel the need to fuck things up
>fuck her best friend
>break her heart
not as bad as other things here but still
Did sumtin simlur, sept all deez peepz film dat shii so naw ma boyz an I in deep shii. smfh ctfu tho, bess pussi ever
I've groped several unconscious girls at parties. Never raped and not planning on it.
File: 1383746011745s.jpg (3KB, 125x116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x116px
I sat on my ass for two years, made excuses, ate all her food, lived in her house for free, and made her life hell. She was good to me.

Sorry Rachel :(
Is that your mom's name?
I gave her my heart man.. and apparantly that was pretty bad since she retaliated by replacing it :(
>saving thumbnails
>this much of a newfag
File: 1396123465026.gif (906KB, 500x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
906KB, 500x349px
Manipulated a girl to get her to have an abortion. We were in no position to be having a child.
story is 5/21, but with that pic its a 12 of 8.3!
feels thread is that way, fag. Grow some balls.
What's your mom's name?
This newfag. Not getting the joke.
>be 19
>graduate highschool
>break up with gf
>girl in English class had a crush on me
>Talk to her over the summer
>Bring her and her best friend to my apartment
>Girl still lives with parents
>has to be home by 12
>best friend stays
>Roommate fucks her
>Next morning I fuck her
>Girl tells me she wants to date me
>Tell girl I like her but i'm not sure if i want to date her
>Continue to talk to her
>Go to a party one night
>fuck some random girl
>someone there recognized me, told girl
>girl stops talking to me
>1 month later
>text girl and apologize
>say i want to date her
>she says ok, start talking again
>Hangout with girl
>make out in car and finger her
>she sucks my dick
>don't text her next day
>she texts me, says she is done with me
>1 month later, text her, apologize
>she accepts, start talking again
>invite her over
>fuck her
>don't text her ever again
>start dating best friend

She fucking hates me and it's hilarious
oh i get it and its not funny at all but that doesnt change the fact that ur a fucking newfag idiot kill yourself
File: 1356954251041.png (48KB, 233x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I did nothing
You improved her life if she wasn't ready. Very gentlemanly behavior.
I asked one out.
Apparently not supposed to do that.
>oh i get it
No. No you didn't.
And again!!! They say women are the crazy ones? Look at you pathetic shits
kill yourself newfag the joke isnt funny in any way keep saving thumbnails btw
Here goes

>Be me
>Be 23
>First year of Grad School
>Have same girlfriend since I was 15
>She gets pregnant
>The pill "failed"
>Super Christian girl who hates abortion
>Tell her that I'll support my baby if she wants to keep it, but I'd leave her if she did.
>Emotionally manipulate her into getting abortion
>Take her to the clinic
>She goes back
>When it's over, I help her out to the car
>Stop at Walgreen's to get her Rx of Hydros filled
>Get her home, make her some soup, get her a pill, and put her to bed
>As soon as she fell asleep, I got my shit that at her place and left
>Steal bottle of painkillers
>Break up with her via text message while she is sleeping
File: 1409292198990.jpg (63KB, 440x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 440x658px
King of Edge or you need to die slowly and painfully or both
copypasta, someone used themselves being a kid in middleschool with their "doc" giving a physical, etc. '03 O.G. DruidFag here. GO MOTHERFUCKING DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKING FUCKING FAGGOT THAT GETS ASSFUCKED BY HIS MOM EVERYNIGHT! oh yeah and, faggot...
>be 18
>sit next to shy Asian girl in class
>one day she's wearing tight pants
>I start touching her ass with my hand
>no reaction
>do almost every time we sit together alone in class
>touching escalates
>start pulling her shirt up and putting my hands down her pants
>she tries to stop me
>I continue, pull my dick out of my underpants so the contour is visible
>move closer, put my legs under her legs so she can't move
>class ends

True story. How can I "rape" her easily? I've thought about calling her into a bathroom stall, I think she'd follow, and just pull out my dick and put it in her mouth. If the opportunity comes I'll try to get her drunk some time.
Post pics
File: 1424045778206.gif (2MB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 480x270px
>Knew girl
>Hated her so fucking much
>Eventually got sick of her shit
>Spent a week lightly tarnishing her rep amongst the group
>Had her removed from the group by "her or me" ultimatum
>She comes crying to me and asking me why I did it
>Gives me this sob story about how everyone hates her
>Tell her she's a mega cunt and I couldn't take being around her and that those were my friends to begin with
>Due to alienating so much of the school she has to hang with the lowest of the lowest rung

Fast forward to the next semester
>Have a new friend from a class
>Handsome, smart, Eagle Scout, etc
>She wants his D and flirts with him whenever she can
>He doesn't know she's mental
>Sit him down and inform him of her instability
>He thanks me
>She's 2000% mad
>Throws a Jack Daniels bottle at me while I pass by her one day

broke up with her and felt good about it after telling her i wouldn't break up with her

>yeah i'm a fucking badass
File: 1409714534037.jpg (134KB, 373x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 373x327px
protip: sex doesn't get bitches pregnant every single time
ditto this
that's why I said PROBABLY.
told her I loved her and meant it, 20 years later know what it takes to really fucking hate a woman
Not with that attitude
File: mfff.jpg (26KB, 511x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 511x428px
Had a crush on her for a year. On last day, turned to her and said "You know, I've had a crush on you since the first day of the school year. Shame that nothing ever happened. Shame.". Yeah, not a good response.

>tfw she was a qt 3.14
>tfw she probably told all her friends
Such is life..
20 years later you're looking at trap threads.
probably means >50%, still isn't close though

A girl i was "dating" wouldn't go to a highschool dance with me so i instantly had a girl over the next night and when she called the other girl answered and rubbed it in her face making it clear she was spending the night

then the next few days befor the dance i found a new girl who was pretty much a slut and enjoyed PDA and would either sit on my lap or lean on me out such even going as so far as to makeout infront of this girl

i was going to go with the slut to dance but she was incredibly unstable and crazy not understanding we had to pick out dresses and junk

ended up not going at all
stayed home and got high in my little selfish corner of reality and played mass effect
graphic just shows your age, retard.
Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.
I put gum on girl's hair in high school because she is too loud. She cut half of her hair the next day
greentext it faggot
will not read/10
File: download.jpg (5KB, 299x168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 299x168px
File: animé1.jpg (39KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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H, How koud you NOT?
shot a fuck ton of heroin in front of her, I really didn't like her though and didn't really want to keep dating her. even though she was fucked up hot, but yeah I did that just to solidify that it was over
break with nice girl because was scared.
I hope shes happy.
Explain what that means?
File: 1344423899495.png (16KB, 200x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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woah man
File: 1374510007941.gif (972KB, 500x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
972KB, 500x360px
Held her down and pissed inside her. It felt as good as I thought it would.
nice pasta
Why didn't her teeth get fucked up growing into the gap?
Well at least you gave it a go.
File: piss-chained.jpg (68KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 600x450px
>took her to my back yard.
>threw her down into a puddle of mud
>made her roll around in it
>made her finger herself
>filled her mouth and cunt with earthworms'
>called her nasty names
>she came as i filled her mouth with my piss
well i farted and blamed it onto some girl
nobody believed me, but nevertheless i still feel kinda bad

guess that means i didn't deal much harm to anyone, that's probably a good thing
lol same.
H, How warm you NOT?
> the worst thing you've ever done to a girl
Not ðe best thing, ðe worst thing.
That was a good thing to do? I thought you guys would think it's autistic.

I married the cunt.
File: cool.jpg (51KB, 600x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 600x599px
> dating 7/10
> crazy in bed
> she decides she can do better and breaks it off
> still wants to be friends
> wrongmove. Jpg
> start hanging out with her as often as possible
> end up staying the night almost every night
> nothing happens, we just hang out
> wait until she sleeps
> apply nicotine patches every night I'm there
> take them off in the morning
> after about a month I feel confident it's been enough
> tell her we can't be friends anymore
> say I still love her and it's too hard
> after about two weeks she calls and says she really wants to talk
> she says she's felt like crap since we stopped hanging out
> obviously going through withdrawals
> wants to get back together
> I agree
> start applying patches again and now she's trained to need my presence
> start making requests
> anal, bondage, even bestiality
> force her to quit job and alienate friends and family
> finally force her to have sex with me and my best bud
> we degrade her add much as possible
> afterwards break up and tell her I never want to see her again
> 0fucksgiven.jpg
Well aren't you a bastard
Well I can't speak on behalf of everyone, but i don't find it autistic.
>me be
>like 3rd grade or something
>on bus home
>girl behind me wearing those athlete shorts
>little green things with the white trim around the edge
>for literally no reason whatsoever, reach in her pants and grab her tiny labia between my thumb and middle finger
>like the got your nose gag parents do, only on her twat
>twist a full 180+ degrees around
>she screams like a banshee
>realize what i'm doing
>freak out
>jump off the bus at the next stop
>2 miles from home
>freak out again
>call parents from a payphone
they were pissed about the driver dropping me off in the middle of nowhere. pretty sure she got fired. i still feel guilty about her losing her job.
stale pasta
File: 1416803446907.png (236KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 480x360px
broke up with her whilst choking on the pubic hair of another girl (she didn't know, but I had to keep hacking and taking drinks of water)
OK, I got one. I used a girl as a pawn just to get back at another guy.

I'm bi, this was back when I was a junior in college. I'm seeing this guy, nothing serious just get together, fool around, smoke weed and talk. He was in the closet which was fine by me. One day after fooling around he says he wants to stop. I was ok with that. I find out he's been seeing a girl for over a week. Again, no problem as I also had somebody on the side.

The problem came when I overheard him talking about me to his friends calling me a fag, saying I was in denial about it and some other jokes. I wanted to out him right there but you just don't do that. His new girlfriend was in a class with me so one day I sit next to her and start a conversation. I exaggerate the gay and way downplay the bi.

I can tell she wants the stereotypical gay best friend so I play that part. Hang out with her a bunch. Her boyfriend finds out we are hanging out. He bad mouths me to her but doesn't give a reason obviously so now he looks like a homophobe. I don't bad mouth him but just give slight suggestions I don't like him.

After a while I test the waters and start throwing out hints I may be attracted to her. Very quickly I realize she's got the whole "so hot she can turn a gay guy straight" fantasy in her head. I play on that. Soon enough one night we are hanging out in her room, one thing leads to another and we fuck. I will admit it was good. I then guilt her into breaking up with her boyfriend saying "I'm giving up so much of my identity to be with you. I can't just be the guy on the side".

She breaks up with him immediately. The guy is still too much of a pussy to tell her the truth and my motives. I go out with her for about two weeks but I get bored of her quickly. I break up with her saying this was all a mistake, I was confused, blah blah. A few weeks after that pussy comes clean to her about me and him. She confronts me, I tell her the truth, sorry and she walks away crying.
If you manage to do it, please make a greentext.
File: download.jpg (10KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 225x225px
fuck off u faggot scum kill yourself
made her kill herself
File: 1430068652248.jpg (66KB, 606x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 606x540px
>knock, knock
>who's there
>You're finished.
>Best feel

you are lame as fuck, how is that even funny? your gf is lucky she broke up with such an unfunny asswipe

ffs man

>be me senior in highschool
>decent face
>10/10 because of swim team
>"dating" a 4/10 with a pear body/no tits and extremely religious
>dating but she wants to keep it on the downlow because of parents
>she wont take me to the dance because im not religious and a stoner
>i get butthurt
>have girl over the next day
>she calls and other girl answered
>rubs it in her face emphasizing she is staying the night
>next day she is exstremely distant
>still pissed
>start talking to this sexy little redhead slut
>she is fucken crazy
>and a slut
>non stop PDA
>Makeout right in front of her
>Crazy bitch is crazy
>doesnt understand you have to pick out a dress and junk
>end up not going with her
>stay home getting high in my own little corner of reality and played mass effect

she was the love of my life
had many different girls in my life date non of them
and now im asexual stalking her fb
Excellent dentists in the Philippines, idiot.
Should've said:
>knock knock
>"who's there anon"
>Not you. Clean your shit out and get off my property
British teeth to begin with.
Pounded so fast that I skinned/scraped her pussy. I thought that I was going to have a heart attack. The slapping sound kept me going. I tried to laugh but as I almost laughed I would start coughing because I was out of breath. She was beaten red and we were so sweaty that the sheets were soaked. My face waa so sweaty that I could feel the acne coming lol.
Wow way to fuck up a good pasta.
I told her "I love You."
if you would have just waited 7 more seconds, anon
>be me
>have hot sister-in-law
>secretly record her getting ready for a shower
>post screen shots of her face, tits, ass and shaven pussy on /b/

That's pretty much the worst I've done to a girl.
Asians don't make very good newfags do they?
You'd make a good trap though whiny and hormonal.
cut her head off and fucked her neck hole, no i didnt take pics cuz im not retarded and never got caught you fucks
prove it
That was a shit ending. Should have said:
Knock, knock.
>Who's there?
A homeless version of you. We are done.
File: TRIPS.jpg (15KB, 320x272px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 320x272px
Show it!
ass to mouth, pulled out of her ass, there was a little bit of poop on my cock, she was saying no and I shoved my cock in her mouth anyway.
Also, continued to fuck her in the ass hard as she was saying "ow" and "it hurts"
She'd ask if we could switch to her pussy and I'd just say no, fun times.
this is on /r/4chan

Sorry /b/ros it's not on my phone or I would.
tell her you raped her, post reaction pics
umad cause ur so new u cant even understand thumbnails ahahahah kill yourself u cant do shit u cannot defeat me im not even human
I did this, except I fucked both of her sisters, never told her, proposed, and after she said yes her family imploded. Not one of them even talks to another.
The younger one told me they had a huge fight about me, even came to blows.

She married me without even mentioning it to me.
Every year she throws away her invite to the family reunion, and her older sister invites me as her +1.
>GF sucking my dick
>ask her if I can watch one of our sex tapes while she does it
>she says sure
>mfw she can't see my screen
>pulled up pics of her mom and sister at the beach
>came in her mouth staring at her mom and sisters tits
I know this is pasta but its still sad to read and I don't even consider myself a moralfag
>Be me
>16 years old
>Fucking this girl who is very much in love with me
>I think she's boring but hot, just wanna fuck
>Fuck her in my room while friends are in the livingroom
>When were done me and my friend pick her up and lock her out on the balcony, naked
>It's freezing outside
>Leave here there for awhile
>Shit was so funny
>be me
>dating this girl for 2.5 years
>been dating since early sophomore year of HS
>senior year
>kinda get sick of her, she's kind of a bitch
>fall out of love with her
>stay with her so that she'll give me blowjobs and give me presents and stuff
>smoke weed a lot without telling her (she wasnt cool with me doing it)
>fall in love with another girl
>start hanging out with other girl without telling her
>she finds out
>shows up at my house to talk to me about it
>she's practically in tears and asking me if i still wanna give it a shot
>i tell her no and that i have a project to work on so i leave
>havent talked to her since
i was really young and it was a pretty awful thing to do, but she was really a manipulative bitch.
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