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>install tinder >get some matches, mostly selective girls

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>install tinder
>get some matches, mostly selective girls
>match 103 falls
>thing go smooth, but we don't talk a lot
>she asks me over to sleep at her place, but no sex
>Its 1 in the night, I'm hesitating, and it's 1 April too
>Go anyway, got nothing to lose.
>Get in my car and drive to her city about 10 minutes away.
>Park the car and walk to her dorm
>I see a sweet looking brunette, about 160cm and about 50kg with brown in a bathrobe (Im 180)
>I greet her with a hug and I notice she smells a little of alcohol, but she isn't drunk, she was out with some friends
>We get to her dorm and talk a little
>I have to start now

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Awesome thread mate really good idea thanks for posting its a great theme for a thred good job my friend could you post another like it some time again soon maybe because its been really great so far
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File: 1422802699777.webm (3MB, 960x540px)
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>I get on her bed, which literary fills half of the room and she joins me
>We start to make out and, things feel normal and smooth
>I undress her pajamas and shes undresses my shirt and pants
>I begin by licking her out and she rewards me with a sweet tight blowjob with her tiny mouth
>I remove her bra and squeeze her little B cup tits
>I pull out a condom and wear it. I'm ready for insertion
>I totally fill where whole cunt with my 18cm dick and she loves it
Do all kinds of positions
>She ask me if I can go deeper
>I cant, I hit the bottom
>She is moaning loudly and she is cumming, and we finish in the missionary position while she is still shaking and cumming, the shaking continues for every 15 sec and 4 minutes long
this shit normal ?
>She says she loves sex and likes to do it everyday
>fast forward 3 weeks
>have few similar dates

File: 1427129435181.webm (3MB, 1920x1080px)
3MB, 1920x1080px
>arrange a date at the local petting zoo
>notice she is just a sweet little girl
>ask her about personal life
>she says she is prone to depressions. last one she had was last summer
>and had severe long anxiety attacks
>ask if she takes meds for this condition
>she does, I'm thinking this girl is a mental bomb waiting to explode and I don't like it wait for it
>comfort her and change subject
fast forward to her dorm
>we lay down and get touchy
>we both know whats going to happen
>speed undress and she strokes my shaft and cradles my balls like a pro
Iam rockhard
>we both had a recent test and came back negative
>enter without condom
>I can now feel how tight her little cunt is in that short body of her

You're 180kg?
>she rides on top of me
>it's ok, she seems to love it
>change to missionary
I'm in control now
>going in balls deep now, she loves it even more
>I feel her right cunt squeeze around my dick while she is cumming audibly
>I really can't hold my load anymore because of her muscles pressing on my cock
>I'm cumming so hard in this little girl right now
>she feels it, and screams she loves it

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Live Free

180cm, 79kg, 15% fat
what's it like being a manlet
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manlet that gets more pusi than you
File: 1422792193671.webm (3MB, 852x480px)
3MB, 852x480px

>fast forward
>We are now sitting on the balcony of her dorm
>Asking more about personal stuff, like the jobs of you mom and dad
>She tells her mom lives of the alimony of her dads
>So the next logical question, what does your dad do ?
>She says hes into politics
>What kind of ?
>Hes the mayor of our city
>>heavy breathing
> (city has 250k-300k people)

tl;dr fucked the mayors daughter, and came inside her little pussy
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wut su luuk leik.jpg
52KB, 616x973px

picture related as body reference
>a mayor ever being special
Now if you fucked the president's daughter, then you can tell the story
gtfo op thats bullshit.
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I guess ours is still a virgin
I dont give a fuck.
Why would you think we care
Wasted 5 minutes of my life with this pathetic bullshit
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 11

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