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Sometimes life sucks. Confession/Story-time Thread Pic not

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sometimes life sucks.

Confession/Story-time Thread

Pic not related
No spagetthi, dinosaur etc.

Just a kinda fucked up story and a warning for you, my fellow /b/rothers

>be me
>be two years ago
>finishing my apprenticeship while beeing an silent, kissless beta 21 years old
>never got a girlfriend, clostest touch to a girl was a hugh or something
>be skinny, kinda shy, or short said: a fucking faggot.
>take a summer break before starting my job

Fast forward two months

>still be me
>still kissless beta
>decide life as beta sucks
>decide to man the fuck up
>start working out
>eating everything I can find
>read somewhere: “If you don’t have any self-confidence, FAKE IT! It will come on its own sooner or later.”
>fake it
>start acting (kinda) alpha
>stop gaming 24/7, start giving a fuck about my body and my looks
>quitting my piece of shit future-job before I even entered it (the workplace was reserved for me)

Fast forward six months

>gaining weight and muscles started with 49kg (108 lbs, for you amerifags), now I’m at 59kg (130lbs)
>still skinny as fuck but starting to look better
>using skin-cleaning products, buying and wearing better clothes, getting compliments

Iam. Getting. Compliments.

>faked self-confidence get’s better. Still faked….but I’m a good liar.
>starting to tune my motorcycle on my own because, fuck why not?
>looking for a new job which isn’t as fucked up as the one where I was going to work at
>getting an job interview
>looking good, but the answer will take it’s time
>friends start to notice the change of my body and my personality
>fuck ‘em don’t have time for anyone else, gonna break this beta-circle
Fast forward six months

>still kissless virgin
>gained more muscles, I’m at 69kg now (152lbs)
>faked self-confidence gets better and better, close to real self-confidence
>got the job, it’s fucking amazing
>before I start at my workplace thinking to myself: “Those faggots don’t know me. Never seen me. Never heard of me.


>using ALL of my faked self-confidence and my talent for good lies to do something (I thought) awesome
>Inventing a network of lies, lies about my person, my past, myself, thinking of never existing ex-girlfriends, never happened sex-storys, never exesting sex-skills, never existing things which happened in my never existing life, inventing myself new
>the people at my workplace believe me, they fall for my faked self-confidence, they’re falling for my lies
>they all think I’m an awesome, sex-skilled Alpha
>during the last months I was able to get some clothes which fit my new “alpha”-style
>motorcycle is looking fucking awesome
>girls at workplace fucking LOVE me (or the faked person, I was acting as)
>guys at workplace are in fucking awe because of my storys and skills (both of them never happened or existed)
>everyone is listening to my - I shit you not – commands and ist actually doing what I tell them to


Fast forward four months

>everything is working fucking great
>my body get’s better and better
>my network of lies is working like a fucking machine
>everyone thinks I’m an fucking alpha

Mfw I’m still acting
Mfw I’m lying to EVERYONE in my surrounding
Mfw everyone is believing me
Mfw I get looks from girls

>chatting in some random-internet-chat
>acting as the fake-alpha-person I’ve become
>chat with a lot of girls…
>start to chatting more and more with one absolutely awesome girl
>she likes me…or better, she like’s the person I’m acting as
>get her phone number


>chatting and phoning all day, each and everyday
>sending and receiving pictures, getting her to know more and more…she is the most interesting, most beautiful girl I have ever seen on my own
>she falls for all my lies
>our conversations are getting more intense. including sex-tellings
>she wants to meet me. I want to meet her.
>this goes on for three months

New year.
The person I used to be died with 2014.
The person I invented through a network of lies killed him and took his place.
2015 is his year.
2015 is my year.
2015 is the fucking alpha-year

Inb4 OP is getting mad
Inb4 OP is a fag
Inb4 OP is still a beta-faggot
Inb4 Op can’t Inb4

>decide we shall meet
>play it cool….well, to the day I was going to meet her
>get nervous AS FUCK
>shacking and all this shit, beta is trying to break through

keep going
>calming down
>meet her…she is beautiful
>without problems a 8.5/10
>smart, funny, a little bit crazy
>after some long talking we start to make out a bit…she is grabbing my balls and shit


>no sex
>cuddling and some petting
>next day we talk, hug, cuddle…I really like her. She really likes me…or does she?
>thoughts are beginning to enter my head

Actually she isn’t.
She’s liking my invented person.
I’m lying to her each and every second I’m talking to her.
But I really like her, I don’t want to lie to her.
Problem is: there is no turning back.

>getting stressed. Getting nervous.


>we are petting again, hugging….fuck, she is kissing me…my first kiss.
>we both are hot like the burning sun….but you know what?
>thoughts in my head
>sorry for lying
>body is reacting to my stressed mind

>no erection

then shut your fucking computer off... NOW
inb4 trap on its way
>not getting a boner from the first kiss with a cute girl after beeing a kissles beta fagget
>not getting a boner from petting
>not getting a boner from stress
>beeing still this huge of a beta fag after gaining 20 kilo by building mass
this is a cringethreat
>trying everything….she is blowing me, sucking me, grinding, I lick her, finger her, rub, bite, we make out for hours each and every day
>this goes on for four days
>no erection
>whole body is shacking because of…I don’t know, sometimes
>the time with her was the best, the hottest and the sweetest a ever experienced, yeah there was no penetration but to be close to her was (and is) unbelievable good
>petting is so fucking hot, I NEED to fuck her so damn hard, or I’m gonna explode
>we are making out every second we’re close
>can’t even sleep or watch a movie…fuck, we were making out while we were COOKING, she want’s me so hard and I want her SO FUCKING HARD!

Guys, she was lying naked on top of me, and was ranting into my ear: “Please fuck me.”
And I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING!
The most perfect woman I ever saw, and I failed so hard.
…let’s go on.

>fast forward a few weeks
>we talked about us and what happened
>I kinda cleared the situation with some excuses and….fuck, I’m talking to /b/. They weren’t excuses. I LIED again and again to get some fucking reasons why I wasn’t able TO FUCK HER BRAINS OUT!
>She believed me after some time.
>And I felt so disappointed and was so extremely mad at myself for….lying to this wonderful woman.
>met again
>have a really good time…cuddling…talking…petting….kissing…still no erection

when is the part of killing yourself and your bitch mother for not aborting you?
spoiler :
OP is kill in the end
viagra. /thread
no he doesnt want an advice he is creating the best cringethreat in years
>fast forward two more weeks
>get Viagra
>meet her again
>still acting alpha and shit, still working out, everything is going fine, everyone thinks by now I’m an fucking alpha
>my outer self-confidence is strong and stable now
>my inside is fucking shuttered. I’m not able to get a fucking erection. I’m not able to have sex with this girl of my dreams, I have to lie to her each and every day because she thinks it’s ME she knows
>Pump myself full with Viagra get something like an erection, useable but not really that good as it was in the past before my…well…first experience.
>have sex with her. It’s good, but my inside knows that she only likes the not-existing-alpha I created, and that it’s not me who’s fucking her, it’s the fucking drug inside my body

>this goes on for a few weeks
>without Viagra there isn’t happening ANYTHING
>sometimes I’m shaking hard while I’m close to her
>I feel so fucking bad for lying to her, I don’t want to lie to her…but I need to.
>If I tell her the truth she will abandon me. I know her good enough to know that. She will leave me.

Fast forward

>be me
>be today
>think I need to get this shit of my soul, relief my mind
>post my story /b/
>still no erection without Viagra
>still lying to her
>still kinda mind-fucked
>still alpha on the outside and broken in the inside
>the two of us are together now…I think

It kinda worked to get out of beta village, but as you can see, you just have to be as fagatorish as you can be to move back in.
then who was phone?

Get a god damned cock ring, pull your Dick and balls thru it and wear it religiously and without shame (i.e. own it fool!)... You're welcome.

nigger there's no waaaay i'm reading all that shit. Just from skimming it though, you sound like a faggot.

Jesus fucking Christ you're not the first person to get nervous and fail to get an erection when losing your virginity

jus bend her over and lube up your soft dick and shove it in (will go in unless you're really small), after a few pumps you'll start to feel that beautiful warm wet pussy on your dick and should get hard. Then once you've experienced that feeling of slamming a pussy and cumming in it you should have no problems in future

Yeah. Who said i wanted advice?

I just want you to know that my way isn't the way you should get out of betaville. 'cause chances are you'll feel like Sasha Gray when life kicks your beta-ass back in.
please just kill yourself
repost if u cri everytim

I have got two of them.
Only works 2 Minutes and only if there is already an erection.
Lol implying that the web of lies isn't you. You work out, you got a new job, not a virgin. Sure your lies are grand but everyone lies, the grill doesnt like you because of your lies. She likes you because of the confidence you feel from your lies. This isnt fake confidence your got good reason to feel good about yourself relax. The only thing keeping you in beta is you thinking thats who you are as a person. Your default state as a human isnt beta anymore and its not because of your words but your actions.

We already had Sex a few times. But no chance without chems.
Epic fucking post OP is still a faggot tho.
for fucks sake op abandon your beta self like you abandoned playing videogames its that easy
im not saying im swimming in pussy i lost 20 kilo (from 105 to 85 im 1.76m) and the seeable change of my body boosted my self confidence like viatra boosting your cock man the fuck up m8

Actually...no. Im pissed. Not depressed.
Stop masterbating instant boner

Then you're either gay or are watching too much porn and your brain is too used to being aroused at a screen and actual pussy is just to realistic for it to handle

Either way, you need to sort that shit out or you're gonna have a very lonely life or you're gonna be bringing up someone else's kids like a good little cuck
Do you get errection while mastrubating ? Jez if u tell her maybe you will get it -.- if she leaves you fuck it. There are plenty girls. But she has stayed with you all this time without your erection so I am sure if you tell her the truth she will be relieved. You dont have to tell her the whole truth. Youst that you are nervous and shit..
This so fkn funny.

Clean for four months.




She already knows you've got a dodgy dick, despite your weak excuses, jus be honest and say you're getting nervous and see what she says, can't really get worse than fucking her pussy with a floppy cock.

I do wish I could see her face tho as you pathetically pump away with that limp cock of yours
pretty much this. She likes you enough to be with your despite your dick problmes

learn how to eat her well, learn how to massage her gspot and so forth... this will buy you some time.

Then there's something wrong with you, be honest with her it's all you got atm
Question yourself in what you are eating and drinking. Question if anything in it is throwing you off balance. I can beat the ham 4 hours straight, get caught by the wife with pants down just came, and get it right back up because she wants in on the action. Stressing over a lot of things will effect you negatively. Stop lying or plug yourself into who you have become. Fusion. Take care of yourself before others, other wise you begin neglecting yourself and others because of it, or become narcissist which is easy to fall into. (If this has nothing to do with issue than I hope this helps someone else).

Yep. Learn to please the clit and most women are 99% satisfied, she'll want a nice hard dick every know and then but truth is most women just want a clit orgasm, letting you put your penis in them is the price they pay for it
tl;dr pl0x
You sorry excuse of a human being.
Nigga listen. Your nervous because you think shes better than you. You think that she likes you because youve lied to her. The real you is the betafag and your terrified she finds out and leaves you because she is the greatest thing that happened to your pathetic virgin life. That thinking will end up with you losing her.

Stop thinking

She might seem like the greatest person in the world but youre the one that was able to pull her in. Your new lifestyle led you to girls like her being attracted to you. Meaning that any girl like her and better will be attracted to you by your lifestyle. Women to you are a scarcity so you get nervous when you cant live up to their perciveved perception of you. Bullshit women are easy you land one you can land another once you get out of this scarcity mindset and realize girls around you are abundant then youll het your boner back
Guy has no life so he made one up, now he cant get his one up
File: anhero.gif (312KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312KB, 480x360px
You're a terrible fucking person OP. Not to other people but to yourself. I have no respect for you.

Sounds good.

But guys...i wrote we HAD sex a few times. And she climaxed a few times...with Viagra my cock IS hard...oh and talking about "limp humping"....Yeah, that was kinda rediculous.

Actually Iam able to Hit her gspot, eat her out and Finger her well...things you can learn without pratice....books and the Internet.

facebook or anything
share that 8.5
does nto have to be a nude

just let us see what makes your dick limp with emoution
File: Cialis.jpg (308KB, 1495x1495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308KB, 1495x1495px

First, forget Viagra. Your thing is mental, use Cialis.

Second, you idiot, you've become the person you were pretending to be.

There are no more lies. It is all become true. What do you gain by telling about your history? Your history is not what is bothering you. You think she will leave if you tell you're pretending to be alpha and are actually a shy introverted nerdy guy who is still a virgin.

You know what she will do, /b fag?
She will fucking marry you. She will so be so touched by that confession she will totally and utterly be hooked on you.

Tell the truth about you. History is gone.

But you didn't cum then I'm guessing with Viagra?

Books and internet will teach you generic shit but each woman likes different things, it will take a few times before you know what she likes the most

Also I'm guessing you're not using a condom either? If not it's because she wants a pussy full of jizz, Creampies are what turn women on most, so learn to cum with Viagra or someone else's baby milk will greet you the next time you get in there
Thanks for the words, advices and fags.

No condom USED...i came After about an hour of Sex and a fast handjob...Yeah, of course its mental...how does cialis work? And confession...hrn...the risk is damn high
Had same problem when I got with my gf OP, I jus had to imagine that her mom was watching in the corner waiting to suck my cum out her daughters pussy. Worked for me, then after a while I got used to jus fucking and enjoying the feel of pussy, now I can get hard and cum without imagining anything.

Try it, think of what turns you on most, then go for it, doggy style will help cus you can close your eyes and imagine without feeling her watch you
lel pleb.

letting you fuck her without a rubber means she wants a hot load in there, give it to her before someone else does, not trying to worry you but this shit is primal, only a matter I time before her feelings for you are outweighed by her feeling of having a creampie
if you like anime woman more then real woman then im the same, cant get a fucking boner to real porn and i faild to get one b4 i was gonna sex a woman. or you';re just a fucking fag

You don't have the right to be calling any one a fag
i have every right you fag look i did it again

Don't get me wrong, but I fucking love you.

And you too,

/b/ is the answer, forget 42.


No, you have the ability, while you're still jacking it to cartoons and failing to get hard for actual vagina, you have no right
already lost my virgin to a sexy wifiu and a real woman wtf you do faggot
newfag falling for bait. gtfo fag.
back to facebook with yah boy
Mate get a fucking grip, this is the problem with all you fuckers you jerk to hard to the wrong shit and fuck up your ability to perform irl, it's nature's way of making sure you don't breed
I know the feels /b/ro. I've been almost in the same position. I found two ways to get over that situation, heres what i did -
1. Try to not give a fuck. Sounds easyer then it is, but when you really think about it, just really get it in your head, get back your alpha personality and just stop giving a fuck at all. Bonus points if you imagine her as a simple sex doll that you can fuck and she cant resist. Like shes not human with any emotions.
2. Before you meet her, fap like crazybut DO NOT CUM. Fap like 50-100 times without cumming for days every day. You will probably explode when you meet her and your instincts will take over any feels you have.
3. If all of above fails just tell her that you are a fucking piece of shit that lied because of some fuckd up past you had. She will understand and you will keep fucking her.
thsi the best shit

You gained a lot of muscle in a short time...

Are there any "supplements" that you take or took, that might affect the boner thing ??
I used to be like you. Girls can pretty much tell what's going on unless you're really good at lying. She probably already knows you were a virgin if you were shaking around here. If you want to stop being fake just start slowly by letting people know your true self more day by day and if they start not liking you then start distancing yourself and be around those who make you happy.
Yw faggot
It felt good to tell you.

This perfect mix of advice, bullying and nonsense + faggatorish Crap is exactly what i needed. I'm honest.

I'd like to thank you my dearest /b/

Sounds like a Plan

Mass gainer and creatin for six weeks

Actually...Iam. But maybe the truth would be better...In little pieces.

And yes, i'm not going to give up my new..well...personality.

I will meet her again soon...

And I will let you know

She isn't taking the pill at the moment.
File: 1381538656406.jpg (763KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
763KB, 1920x1080px
I think you should tell her the truth.
The web of lies you've spun lies heavy on your back.
But telling her your intentions and not denying the fact that you HAVE transformed yourself is very important.
This is the real test, OP.
File: c26IeGF.gif (355KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355KB, 300x300px

Then she definitely wants a good cum load in her. You seem like the type of bro who would raise someone else's kids out of fear of saying something, so hurry up and impregnate that bitch does befor you end up with Jamal jr
>be me, 26
>be $2,300 in debt
>be making $2,000 a month NET pay
>still in debt after 5 months after making this kind of money
>be completely inept at money management
>nothing cool to show for it, just a dumpy ass PC
>No furniture, no T.V., can barely feed self
>it's all self inflicted

Problem's she said about 12.000 times that she was lied to and betrayed in the past.

So...yeah if i tell her everything she will think that Iam like everyone else who lied to her before and possibly abanndon me.

...i mean if she does my problems would be solved anyway. Don't think Iam going to Do the same shit to the next girl...

..Yeah, I know.

I'm saying "the next girl" not because i want her to go because, i'm pretty sure she will, once she found out.

If i could choose...you know what?

I would say yes.

Because...well, I think im falling in love with her.

...if she'd kiss another man i would Punch the shit out of him and leave her instant.
File: 1378075824916.jpg (1002KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1002KB, 1920x1080px
She has been lied to but has anyone ever told her the truth?
Ones demice is always one own doing.
If you dont tell her you will keep the cicle of lies intact and you will join the ranks of people that have lied to her.
Men do the strangest things for a beautiful woman.
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Thread images: 7

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