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What's the best/funniest thing you've done on a school

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What's the best/funniest thing you've done on a school computer?
Changed the names of various files and programs to "penis."
I don't have many friends.
Search "erection" instead of "eruption" while doing a homework about volacanos.
Crashed the dhcp and logon servers so none could connect or logon to the netwrok..
The best thing I did on a school computer was learn the lessons I was taught and respect the institutions of education.
Get out.
Ctrl alt up arrow then walk to next computer. Repeat
net send * some bullshit
get the directors office mad
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>be me
>sophmore in hs
>computer graphics
>teacher gives out username & password to install fonts
>make myself admin
>install vpn
>download steam
Put a magnet to a crt monitor (we used crt monitors back then) and changed the color of the screen. Fun times!
Told the class about shutdown -t.
uploaded lots of music to itunes and then shared it on the network but kept it password protected and charged kids in class for me to type it in so they could listen to music during class
net send * penis (And other lewd things)
Got found and banned from the network for a few months
Flipped off the PSU's power switch on a lot of computers. Then we had shared drives that we had to use, I deleted the things we needed and the teacher put it back but, I deleted it again. I did this 5 times and some random kid in my class got an F for that.
That's just fucked up.
>be in technical high school
>first week of school
>everyone has laptop computah
>everyone has email account with names as username and the same default passwords
>post all the names on 4chan and tell them the passwords
>over 9000 emails of nigger nigger desu nigger
>school cops know its someone in the computer networking class that did it
>they interagate everyone
>friends know i did that shit
>get expelled from school
>now a garbageman making 700$ a week
Locked it with a password and refused to tell them what it was

They had to reinstall windows 98. Kek.
Nothing, because I know how annoying it is for the IT guys to unfuck some of the shit everyone else does.
visit meatspin with a class projector during a presentation. and individually to other kids when they went to the bathroom
Bring to school a usb with linux tail os.
Play some games without any vpn.
Browse all i want.
Using windows gui mode so nobody notice it
Screwed with bios settings and added a bios password on a bunch of computers when I was in elementary school.
This image on every single computer. All mouse balls removed and hidden. All keyboards switched to keyboard on opposite side (our PC's were in banks)

I still do the Chris Akabusi thing in the Apple shop. I've been asked to leave a lot.
Fed desktop cd drive some ladybirds
Also used to remove keys on keyboard and put them in alphabetical order.
>be at library
>accidentally reset one of the puters
>go into bios
>change everything

Took them almost 7 months to figure out how to fix
My friends and I used to do this thing in cmd where we could shut down other computers and put up an error message for the reason it shut down. So whenever our class was using computers we would just shut down like 5 at the same time and have an error message that says "u gay nigger" or something like that. Funny as hell and we never got caught.
Also press the shift key repetitively to make that sticky keys sound.
>net view
To see what the names of the computers are
>Shutdown -i

I showed everyone that at my school
how did you do that?
>school computer
>set up meatspin as the homepage of around 50 pcs in the computer laboratory
>teachers didin't realize
>next class to use the lab was full of kids
that's probably the first dick they saw in their life
I remember installing motocross madness 2 on a few computers too. That game was the shit.
Browsed some porn and gore website.
Export it and import it in a school computer
Tell the teacher someone watch porn amd gore at school and tell them when.
They look at computer history then look at camera to know who it was.
A random guy got expelled from school for 1 week
haha yup exactly what we used

>crashed the dhcp

God I hate being networking literate sometimes.... shit like that makes me rage at the lowly tier 1 helpdesk faggots.
You! I like you.
Helpdesk people think they know everything. So arrogant.
So many memories...
Also, mine is creating a looping msgbox that said there was a virus and I got everyone to open
I bet it destroyed his relation with his family.
He must be called a liar all his life
Deleted system32
Went 1337 script kiddie mode and set 20 computers to shut down 10 minutes after they were booted up.
Resulted in 10ish people losing their work and me being banned from the school library (where the computers were located) for the next 3 years
Haha. We had to learn typing on these crappy old electric type-writers. Someone figured out how to make it beep by pressing a certain combination, so the whole class started doing it every time the teacher would turn around. She got so angry at us that she actually started to cry.
oldfag here
popped out 5 1/4 drive blanks to remove 4mb ram from half computer lab pcs, replaced with fruit salad cups and orange peels.
installed ram in the rest of pcs to bring them up to 8MB Ram
Booted to ms-dos with network and soundcard support
Played Doom and Duke Nukem in Multiplayer mode.
My teacher saw everything what I saw on my desktop. Instead of bitching around he was just sitting there and watching what I have opened.
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When tub girl was new Someone showed it to me and I thought "that's fucked". Because the school laptops that were given to us were also new they had a bad feature that I took advantage of, when you would change your background all the other laptops and computers would have the same background as the one you would make but students were discouraged from doing it until an update was made and you would have your computer taken away permanently....you see where I'm going with this...

So I searched up the image and stopped for a second to think of the lols as my mouse was hovering over the "set as desktop background" until my friend saw it with a shit eating grin and palmed my hand which clicked the mouse. In a couple of seconds I signed out so the administrators would not think I was online and watched the reactions of my classmates for our projects.

5 people were grossed out instantly whilst others asked what's wrong and looked at their backgrounds. The school computers were in a temporary lockdown because of this and no one found out about me and my friend.
I only hope he had a gf too.
Shit man the best thing about this was setting the command to execute in an hours time, so a random faggot would have it shut down on them
Told people Alt+F4 sped up programs. Virtually everybody fell for it.
In Middle School a couple of friends changed the Autocorrect on Word for a few words like "and", "the" and "a"

For some reason it changed the words on every computer in the entire school.

It was a harmless joke, but of course the moral police told the teachers and the three of us (I was guilty by association) were the subject of an "investigation"

The IT teachers were too stupid to understand what actually happened and they went to each computer individually in the school to reinstall the OS. (about 1000 PC's) They were convinced it was a virus.

The punishment was a letter home to the parents and banned from computers for the rest of the year
>Had a class powerpoint project
>All black school except for some whites and one asian kid
>Go to Asian kid's slide and cover it in fried chicken
>Literally everyone else started talking about how good fried chicken was
>Get several detentions
>Fuck you it was worth it
>I laughed for like 15 minutes
Printed "SEND HELP, TRAPPED IN PRINTER" every time someone walked up to the printer
I made the turtle turn different colors when I programed it in LOGO.

I'm an oldfag
Done so much of that too.
>Expelled for a week
Don't you mean suspended?
Isn't it beautiful what 4chan can do?
Underrated post.
Created a vbscript that would control your keyboard and type out 'are you scared', followed by a .bat file running and a force shutdown after removing system32
I got expelled for it but it was worth it
I did not knew the guy.
He was a random casuality for my lulz
I took a screenshot with everything on it.
Then, changed the wallpaper and removed all the icons.

Shit was cash with the old front desk lady.
Yeah sorry. My english is not 10/10
Ye lol, everyone in my classroom agreed to spam the shit out of the Stickey keys for 2 minutes straight. When the teacher would start talking, finished her sentence ect. Got annoying as fuck for us about a minute in but aome kept going and had some good fun.
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when i was around 12-13 years old i put meatspinn on every single computer in the computer lab
I remember some asshole kid stole the ball from every single mouse.
Done that so many times to our english teacher
Pretty sure we made her buy a new laptop
installed a keylogger
The next year I found a mouse and just completely fucked it up

Took off the buttons
Removed the wheel
Took the ball out
Unplugged it
Cut the wire near the chord with a pencil (that took some fucking time)

Got singled out by teacher next day, tell him it was like that when I got there

I was one of the good kids, so he believed me over the filthy mexican in the class before me
He got suspended for 2 weeks

about 13 years ago was in class doing end of year programing assignment a few of us where working together.
we where making a simple top down shooter
we where testing the multiplayer part for the first time on the school network and suddenly the network died.
waiting 10 min later network admin comes running into room asking what was going on in there
schools auto antivirus had seen the badly designed network traffic from the game as a virus spreading over the school and killed the whole network to stop it
I feel you bro. I did the same to a girl who did porn and found her facebook by chance. Sent her an add (on a troll account, I don't have a real fb account), then sent PM's to all her friends that had the common high school tag together a link to her porn page. No one replied to me about it, probably because they all knew and didn't care I imagine.
made a program that deleted all files and shut off computer and put it in our school wide email contact folder on the cloud
I created a txt file called " PLEASE READ THIS!!! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!"

When you open it, it just says "i came"
Went to public high school in Queensland, Australia. Back then (maybe still now) email was centralized in the capital city or something to that effect (wasn't hosted locally at the school.) It was also on a Pop3 server (teachers used M$ Outlook)
Email username / password same as network username / password.
One day, student swings off conduits between buildings and snaps a fibre run between the server room and the router, IT guy runs a temp ethernet run between buildings.

I sneaked in one morning, installed a hub in the middle of the Cat5 run and left wireshark running for a few hours, came back and sniffed out nearly every teachers password in the school.

MFW easy access to exams, got bored after a while though
Downloaded Project 64 and Minecraft to my computer in Engineering.

Used the computers in In School Suspension to watch subbed anime all day with the volume off, just told the idiot "teacher" I had work to do for engineering and the CPU's were faced away from him .
>take screencap of desktop
>turn pointer speed down to low
>turn on pointer trails
>reverse right and left mouse buttons
>set screencap as background
>hide desktop icons
>minimize taskbar below screen edge
>repeat on a bunch of computers
>watch people rage
Popped out keys on keyboards every fucking class and re-arranged them.
Used proxies to go on blue affle and show to other kids, teacher had software where he could see all our screens and he could also freeze our screens, he did so when I went on blue waffle and walked down to my desk.
>TFW I shut down PC just in time and didn't get caught.
Put passwords on other kids PCs.
Set desktop backround to porn on many PCs.
Saved a ton of porn to public school server.
Deleted the profiles of kids I didn't like from teacher's PC when he went out. (They lost all their notes/work.)
Simply plugged out teacher's keyboard. (took him 10 minutes to figure that shit out, th' fuck?)
Engraved nazi signs on monitors.(Other kid got the blame, LOL.)
Opened one PC and removed graphics card and hid it.
Hit a few mouse 1 buttons really hard with fist, breaking them, causing alot of confusuion among kids.
Thats about it.
This was after I graduated, when I was working for the government, I would send out this script I made that would just put a bunch of empty files at random locations on the computer (in a for(;;) of course). It was more annoying than any virus I ever got.
>in computer lab
>dumb sub on ipad the entire time
>I knew my teacher wouldn't be here
>Brought in Windows CD
>Dual-booted Computer
>Nobody ever noticed
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Was in a class where it was programming and cad put together. Everyone works at their own pace. Had a buddy sitting next to me who was given admin access because he was doing a self teach teaching himself php. Teacher always yelling at kids for going online when they weren't supposed to(the teacher always gave us the last ten minutes to do whatever). One kid was using ebay to look at porn. Well I talked my friend into making a program that let him close monitor people,close programs, block programs (like solitaire), even sign them out. Had two ways of signing them out, one way let them save their work first the other just forced logged out without letting them save. We ended up giving it to the teacher after messing around with people for a bit. When he left he told the new teacher not to piss us off because we knew a lot more then he did.
Took a small bud and put it on the heat sink just above the cpu. Left the computer off. 20 minutes into the next class the whole room smelled like weed
You fucking wot? Do you even network?
I did this, but with a system password to boot the damn thing.

27 computers. I was granted immunity from suspension as long as I showed them how to fix it lol
>programming and cad
What the fuck man.
Fellow oldfag, I made the screen strobe different colors while the turtle spun in the center repeatedly

Now I am IT for the school district and keep the computers locked down to the point the kids can't really do anything fun. This thread ttempts me to disable a few security settings the last week...
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>be in high school computer science
>shit boring as fuck
>mostly did typing assignments from books
>finish all assignments in 3 weeks so I sleep in class
>finally get bored and hit network with ARP poisoning attack
>get access to database containing every login for our county including teachers grades
>friend finds out and I teach him how to do it
>he brags and gets caught then blames it on me
>cops get a warrant, arrest me, and take all my pc and find nothing to prove shit
>hit me with a bullshit charge for piracy
>settle and take 96 hours of community service and $2500 fine
>cant get IT job even with A+ and Net+ certs
>mfw they didnt find the data because it was hidden on my modded xbox
>forgot 13 digit pass for school network account
>teacher signs in on my pc with admin account and changes my password
>she doesn't log off and returns to her desk
>open windows explorer
>randomly move/delete/add meatspin/rename files and folders of every student and teacher
>do this for 2 hours

it took 3 months for them to sort it all out again, and half of the data was lost. never got caught
> be me
> elementary school kid like 2nd grade
> saving file on word
> teacher says name it whatever you want
> name it "big hairy buttcheeks"
> next day
> ask teacher for help opening document
> she asks me what i named it
> "big hairy buttcheeks"
> get in trouble and questioned as to why
> embarrassed an confused forever
I still have no idea to this day why i named it that
Turned voltaje switch from 220to 110
Computers generally still have DHCP addresses even if the server goes down(the default lease time is 7 days).

>Logon Servers
You mean Active Directory?
Stole magnesium flakes from the science lab and sprinkled a good amount into the back of the old CRT monitors. Took a long time for one of the flakes to catch, but when it did it got very sparkly. The whole monitor melted into itself. Very little smoke though.
IT doesn't know about the battery on the motherboard, or that 100mil header for the jumper?
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ukip rekt.jpg
270KB, 858x536px
Were they already upside down?
>open notepad
>type start four or five times
>ctrl A, C, V
>repeat above 10 or so times
>save as lol.bat
Fuck you I am in IT too and have done alot of consulting for school districts. Just did a visualization for a 1500 child district. Good to see there are old fucks on here too amongst the children.
apparently clearing the cmos is too advanced for them

>10 minutes after they were booted up

>Resulted in 10ish people losing their work

>10 minutes

Try something like 20-30 minutes next time, faggot.

So our school was having a huge test that 3 individual classes were doing on PCs in the same room.
>was 14
>fat scriptkiddie interested in msn hacks
>met this pretty decent coder through "messblack"
>page dedicated to various msn hacks, phishing etc
>shows me a program that freezes a PC instantly
>uploaded 2 hr long loop of porn audio on youtube in a private video that just had a black screen
>make the first 5 minutes of the video audioless
>run on easily 30 different pcs in school library in recess
>run ultra crappy hax program to freeze the shitty computers
>wait anxiously
>all pcs playing porno audio through built in pc speaker almost synchronized at full volume blasting
>mfw teachers face when she heard the guy in the porn shouting
>as both of them came
>couldn't stop laughing

They had to just shut down all power in that area of the school, and my punishment was to stay home while everyone else went to Berlin with the school, and I wasn't allowed in the library for a full year.

I have more brat stories, non PC related.

Me and my friend was the worst.
spammed entire domain with netsends
aww come on. theyll never learn anything fun by making it easy on them. if they cant set up a simple circumventor they dont need to access it
Broke into IT toom and shut off the power leaving the schools internet down for 2 hours.

Changed the defult internet browser to Meatspin on 3 computers then waited till computer time to watch reaction faces.
They combined all the computer classes. Cad is computer aided drafting, a lot of the lazy kids would take it. The teacher just handed out a book depending on which class you were taking (visual basic, java, or cad).
1500 child district! god bless the life of rural IT, Just one elementary I cover has around 1200 kids

>sit in high school lab much like ops pic
>lab is full of students
>sit in the back row.
>Windows XP SP1 - kewlboobs.pdf
>QT(22/7) looks around alarmed.
>Girl cold shuts off computer, storms out of classroom.

Far from rural. I am in NY. One of the LI school districts. Where you from?
>Crashed the dhcp

>cant get IT job even with A+ and Net+ certs

Those certs are worth shit even if you didn't have a record.

tips kek
File: 2manyskeletongs.jpg (569KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
569KB, 1024x768px

Drawed a penis with kid pix version 1
File: 1310581525531.jpg (10KB, 319x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sitting in freshman history class
>Beyond bored when the teacher announces he is going to take a piss
>"Hairy Men"
>Find the most grotesque male figure possible
>Set as Desktop Background
>Flip the projector on to display that hot bod
>Haul ass back to my seat
>Teacher returns from the bathroom
>Looks directly at me smiling

I accidentally caused a bomb scare In high school. I had a science project going on in the school basement (where nobody ever goes). I had constructed a Cavendish balance to measure G. Anyways the balance had a mirror and we pointed a laser pointer to it and measure deviation far away to get better accuracy. So to minimize disturbance in the air we just set up a webcam on the laser dot, to record the motion.

So there was some beast machine, a laptop, laser, underneath a building with about 1000 kids. And some arts teacher randomly sees this and calls the police and almost evacuates the school.

We even had permission to run the experiment, but the principal was out of town and didn't inform anyone.
Wasn't me, but at my college someone programed a worm virus that went around and changed all the screensavers to the meatspin. For days, everyone at the school couldnt go anywhere without seeing a twirling dick everywhere
>school is rich as fuck
>school is dumb as fuck
>have macbooks on computer cart
>student account is root
>sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root
>tfw $12,000 damages
>tfw never caught b/c only 1 user acct for all students
Yea theyre pretty basic anymore. Now i think youre required to have an A+ cert just to work for geek squad
>cmd prmt
>call on all cpu ID's
>Force shut down classmates' computers while they are typing assignment
>none of them saved
>be 15 min before class gets out
>laugh hard and give away perpetrator
>would do again !
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> be me
> be in 7th grade
> bring laptop to school and poison the server blah blah blah cain and able bullshit
> receive teachers password (computers were numbered with their ips)
>Change grade to 100 because thats not obvious
>get caught
>get expelled
>be 2004
>senior in high school
>most sites that were popular back in the day (MySpace, Yahoo Chat, etc.) were blocked
>found a way to bypass the block
>couple days go by and the Computer Tech for the school blocked the bypass
>find out he's been monitoring what people do on computers in his office
>start typing in the address bar that he can see me typing and call him a fat pig
>he bursts out of the office screaming "DON'T DO THAT AGAIN OR YOU'LL BE SUSPENDED!"
>computer teacher sees him flip out
>he backs down and goes back into the office
>keep on surfing restricted sites
>he got fired/arrested for having some kind of porn or something a few years after i graduated and committed suicide.
Got admin, Deleted system32 made the computer faster, then stole it.
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>be me
>be 2k7
>at school library, dicking around after school with my bros
>see this hipster vegan faggot who thinks he's better than everyone else, adding the finishing touches his research paper for the government class we share, which is due the next day.
>hipsterfag goes to the bathroom, but forgets to lock his computer.
>get on his computer, start changing random words to "penis" and "cock" etc.
>get a better idea.
>go to the A: drive (he was working from an old school floppy disk) and create a new folder, naming it "research paper"
>inside that folder, I created 26 subfolders, naming them a-z
> add additional sub-subfolders, using a combination of letters and numbers for folder names.
>rinse and repeat, numerous times so that there are about 3000 folders total, with about 25 levels of folders
>folders randomly link to other folders under different letters
> in the last folder, make a shortcut to the top folder, changed the title to the same as his research paper, and changed the icon to an MSWord 98 file
>deleted the fuck out of his original paper
>added a notepad document next to the first folder containing the words "good luck"
>mfw he failed government and had to become a super senior
Someone at my high school installed Halo 2 on the PCs and the school network
Filled my highschool's shared server drive for all students and teachers with goodbye text files until noon in the school could save files anymore.
For a week I did this daily and they sent every teacher emails asking to delete all of their files to save space but i just filled it back up.
Eventually they did daily announcements to the whole school asking everyone to delete extra files.
Finally they noticed a student had 150GB of the schools 500 and asked if I could delete it.

The funny part is teachers who were entering grades during this week it was full lost all of their non physical records.

In 2004 I did my own "senior prank."

I installed a keylogger on every pc in the school library and then randomly changed network credentials on the PCs (anything I had access to, I fucked up)

IT got called in to fix. Later that day, I returned, saved the log files, and deleted all traces of the keyloggers. Now I had usernames and passwords for a lot of students and... IT admin

I snuck into the server room and accessed the PC they had in there with the admin password. I deleted everything on the network- final projects, teacher's gradebook folders, everything. I also put superglue on every backup tape I found because fuck them.

The best part was when I realized a lot of people played Runescape on the library PCs, so I stole everyone's shit and left them in deep wilderness.

A lot of people were pissed off the next day.
Primary population at my schools are not the sharpest tools in the shed, few have computers/internet at home and we're fairly thorough about preventing anything that they could learn to do damage from on the web making it past the filter.

Come to think of it, I've been doing this for long enough that several entire classes have passed through the school, and can't think of a minor let alone major IT prank pulled...

My childhood self is now very disappointed with the amount of fun I've helped kill
>find out motherless is not blocked
>find a video of some asian girl snorting cum
>save it to multiple computers
>find one computer that has a file called presentation
>replace with cum snorting video
>forget what I done
>week later call for some meeting with 100 other students
>persoon who is doing presentation is owner the cum snorting video
>ends up playing cum snorting video in front of 100 people
Our IT was very low end. They had students help out with it for extra credit
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2KB, 109x125px
>be me in keyboarding class (2007)
>kid next to me is a autist
>he ended up getting arrested last year for distributing cp
>he would always leave his wallet sitting on his computer
>would steal school id and insert in floppy drive
>rage ensues
>2 days later, new id card
>repeat this process 6 times.
>6th time he calls teacher dumb cunt and storms out when he can't go to restroom with no id

>be me in 2003
>TUBGIRL every wallpaper in the lab.
>walk in later and act horrified with everyone else.
>kind of laugh with a black girl in the back of the class.
>end up pounding her cunt for two semesters.
During my 1337 haxxor years I would send out net messages to everyone giving spoilers to the harry potter books.

People got pissed.
sounds like you're an asshole
Hacked into administrator computer in IT room, changed every single computer wallpaper on the school LAN to Michael Jackson riding a tricycle getting chased by police.

Shit made me famous.
I know a straight idiot who got caught carding on a school computer by the IT guy.
The part of Florida that doesn't consider itself part of the US. Never ending challenge of trying to make the defunct product of someone's cousin work properly.
We all used to fuck with the teacher with sticky key noises. One of my bud's got in school suspension for it. So everyone stopped doing it.

So this one fucking hambeast bitch that would always try to preach some morality lesson to me whenever I made a joke, I unplugged her fucking keyboard in the middle of the lecture, and went off with them sticky key noises.

Teacher flipped out and hambeast cried and got suspended.
Many moons ago me and a couple of friends put Sub7 on the network.. One guy wrote a C++ script that ran it when everyone logged on. Was funny, that afternoon every computer in the school was fucked and coming up with virus warnings.
Same here. I spent an entire period fixing printers and computers because it was worth like 3 credits each year when most classes were only worth 1 unless it was an advanced class so i could graduate early.
used to do this all the time, people would always think the computer was broken
Oh shit, we also used to pop open the CD drive, and inside there is a little rubberband that connects the gears to make the contraption work, me and my friends would take them out of just about every computer we could. Or we would write fucked up notes and insert them into the drive.
I nick caged my german teachers computer while she was giving another kid a referral outside the class.
TOPLEL, I used that pic on here recently.
Did you go to Miami Beach Sr?
This one hacker friend i use to hang out with back in the day told me theres a way to log into the surveillance cameras at the school. Didnt believe him but he told me how to do it. The next day i give it a go and BAM. IM SEEING EVEYRTHING! at that very moment i knew this was fucked up. exited, logged out.

School principle bad ass fuck face says he needs to talk to me. fuck.

says he knows everything i just did and will involve police. shit...okay look im sorry but i really didnt think it was going to work. Someone told me about it and i got curious. i know it was wrong but please ive never fucked up. .... he says ok suspension for 3 weeks.

okay not so bad.

(im really fucking high)
Used simple text in the computer lab to call an actual closet homosexual teacher a faggot and many other things without him knowing
>3.5 floppy
pick one faggot
LI represent nigga west islip, wbu?


The amount of computer illiteracy in here is fucking staggering, especially considering how tech savvy the denizens of /b/ fancy themselves.
my whole class did this.
we r wizard?
Insert proxy Watch porn
Installed viruses and did basic scripts to never ending pop ups
File: image.jpg (19KB, 288x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 288x360px
Took the balls out of old school mice and halted all learning for weeks

He is starting to have a panic attack. Help push him over the edge!

7003 Saranac St Unit 208 San Diego, CA
>be me
>be in 8th grade
>rat all pc's on school network
>pop bullshit on fags screens whenever teacher is nearby
>graduate and leave formating timebomb on a few pcs to automaticly celebrate the aniversary of my graduation of elementary ;)
While the people were afk change all the desktops images with a photo of Violetta
Suck a dick faggot.
>CPU's were faced away from him

Its called a Monitor anon.
best thing ITT
File: 151511.jpg (44KB, 700x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 700x465px
>Be in software engineering class
>Kid in class before me leaves the computer next me me logged in to his account
>Find all of his class work in a main folder
>Create a folder filled with over 200 subfolders
>Drop all of his work into a hidden folder in the middle
>Fill his desktop with folders with random names
>log out

Fast forward to the next day

>Come into class
>Kid is in the back of the room pissed off
>telling the teacher someone screwed with his computer
>Teacher is a complete /b/ro
>glances my direction, then back at the kid
>"I don't know what you want me to do, maybe you should log out when class is over"

HFW all of his work was lost and the teacher told him to fuck off

Implying all schools have up to date technology.

must be nice, up in fancyville
School IT here. Had students pull the bands off a lab full of computer CD drives. So I swapped the PCs with teacher desktops. Now they can no longer bring in DVDs to watch on movie days.
All our shit was old as fuck. We had Windows 98, skipped Windows 2k/ME, and went straight to XP. And I meant 2k6. I fatfingered it.
Kek, yep.

/b/ is mostly 15 year olds on smarthphones. The fuck do they know about computers?
Fuck you, I fixed these things over and over. Every fucking year i had to replace them on 200+ pc's. We had shit tons of those rubber bands.
& some clever - c, of course
took a screenshot of the desktop with all the icons, then made that pic the background. then deleted all the icons that I could.
then laughed as people told the professor that they couldn't click on anything. she never could figure out what was wrong and had to have IT come in the next day. this was a college professor btw.
lol please we were on old apple macs till early 2000s when the school got a grant to replace them with dells running windows xp which they still own and use to this day.
>be me in class
>class majority is hispanic
>put a picture of a mexican lady with a baby crossing the boarder getting beaten by a boarder patrol as a background
>mexi bitch logs on shows whole class
>everyone freaks the fuck out even teacher
Funny shit in pearson
They were all in one units buttmuch.
Lol, it was so fun to do. We'd usually stick a note in there with some twisted perverted shit written on it too. You ever get that?
Anon you could have blinded someone.
Not everyone knows magnesium is bad to look at while burning.

That could have been more than a joke.
we did this and would hide the start menu. I did this on tons of computers because i was the one to have to fix them and it got me out of fixing printers every day
You know, just last year I graduated from university, and I had a class in a lab that still had windows 95
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42KB, 356x437px
>be me, a few weeks ago
>we are working on a research project
>we have to do a person for history
>every day, we get a different computer. we worked on it for a month and there are 30 exact computers
>every day before leaving the room, (we had laptops) i would take out the period key of the computer i was using and take out the little membrane sheet that allows you to press the key down under it
>nobody noticed this until it was too late
>everybodys paper had NO PUNCTUATION
>every other kid got a d because the teachers are super nuts about punctuation
>meawhile im sitting back with my perfect A+
>mfw mission accomplished

>Opportune moments of forgetfulness don't qualify as hacking or even being scriptkiddie. patheticfags are pathetic.
Set up a bitcoin miner on all computers in the lab, hidden mode. Kept n working foryears till they upgraded computers, sold all my coins at $1000 each.
Mfw i made buku bucks because i browsed /g/ back in the day
File: 1401497226957.gif (442KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 500x375px
>told some faggot with ADHD not to delete system 32
>he does
>school tech guy doesn't give a fuck as to what the problem is
>they bought a new computer and threw the fucked one away
Best thing I saw done with a computer was
>elementary school library, we're supposed to fuck around on paint or learn to type or some shit
>when the librarian wasn't looking, a kind next to me starts unplugging all his shit
>I look on with mild interest, whilst also drawing a roller coaster in paint
>He sticks the fat monitor into his backpack, pulls out his jacket
>stuffs the monitor under his arm and zips it up
>he walks out with a fucking computer, the librarian was too much of a dumbfuck to notice
>We lock eyes briefly as we walk out of the library
>.gif related
What about the other period key, next to number pad
MY school was a FTP server where you can share files with every class so me and my friend used to create .bat files that turned off the computer...
He got caught I didnt
Top kek. That's some underhanded shit you did there. You shady motherfucker can't wait to see what you pull off in your 20's.
doubt it. excuses transparent.
Back in 04' i believe a friend of mine worked in the IT dept at my voc highschool, and snatched up the school admins logbook. It happened to contain the admin passwords for every server cluster in the school (we had multiple, one for each department/shop) So one day he took it upon himself to give himself admin priv on the whole network, while keeping the rest of the passwords the same. Installed multiple popular games from back then like Quake 3 Unreal 2k, Morrowind etc in a locked folder, as well as a bunch of pron. Gave his friends the password and sold it to other students for the lulz. Needless to say it took a whole year for the administration to even become aware of the folder, and it was not becasue of the games, it was because of students jacking it to pron during class. Multiple people got suspended for that, and it never got back to him. Graduated valedictorian of the class in 05.
Not that guy, but there usually isn't another number pad on laptops like there is with traditional keyboards.

Anyone remember the laptops with the little red nipple thing? We had those, I used to always rip those little cocksuckers out.
File: 1420452544806.jpg (26KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 480x480px
>middle school, something like 7th or 8th grade
>had computer class with 60 year old teacher. no joke
>at the end of class everyone needs to line up at door
>like 30 little fuckers so we wrap around half the room
>every wall is covered in computers
>some of us go on youtube and play im on a boat, full volume
>lock pc, turn off monitors
>cant tell which pcs are playing it and which arent
>she stands in the middle of the class while the videos play "IM ON A FUCKING BOAT"
>goes one by one turning all pcs off manually
>bell rings and we leave, atleast 5 pcs still playing
>mfw principal walks by us walking to next class and he heads into pc room
They're the worSt. I have one on my work laptop now. So useless.

>forget what I done

This is my favorite line in the story.
>i found out after the keyboard incident that cmd was able to function on non administrator computers
>knowing this, i simply created a .bat file that deletes hal.dll (critical system file that allows windows to boot) in the windows directory
>once again, about 2 weeks ago we were browsing the web to do typing tests
>i would run the file because everyone in the class would switch seats
>i would also remove the fucking login details from the "login logs" file in the documents directory
>my school is dumb and goes to this file if anything bad goes wrong
>removed the line that shows i logged into the computers
>killed off about 40-50 computers with this method
Damn son. This isn't 2004 you need a new laptop.
i jizzed all over the keyboard
File: 1412552277108.jpg (55KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 1280x720px
brand new thinkpads still come with them, fucking lenovo
It's pretty new, Dell precision m4300, I have no clue why they included the clitoris.
Its like im invisible
>set monitor brightness to 0
so many towers replaced
they would keep the "broken" monitors, too

>copy empty folder
>put them both into a new folder
>copy and repeat
>finally upload them to the server
>watch the network struggle while dealing with literally millions of nested, empty folders
File: 1322615842122.jpg (17KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 400x400px
Would go on the Craigslist ppersonas in English class. Me and buddy would browse the men seeking men section.
> See 50 year old man with massive election
> asking for a blow and go
> me and my friend bust out laughing while everyone was writing
> mfw everyone looks at my computer
> mfw my teacher looks at what I'm looking at on her computer
> mfw have to tell parents what I did
> get suspended for a week

Nein. It's like you're an asshole.
Had a USB with Halo CE on it.
Everyone played.
Much fun was had.
Completely butchered that. Sorry on phone
File: Untitled.png (654KB, 387x866px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
654KB, 387x866px
fuck your monitor
> massive election.

I can't stop laughing. Who was funding his campaign? PALMala Anderson?
Did all sorts of funny shit in comp sci in high school
>teacher has program that shows him all of pur screens on his monitor
>his monitor is projected into a screen at the front of the class
>when he is up writing in the white board everyone changes their backgrounds to black penises
>a collage of BBC is now on the screen at the front of the classroom

>teacher always goes on about how clever and technologically literate he is
>I say I'm smarter and can find out where he lives
>doesn't believe me
>next day send him email with his apartment no, phone number, fiancees name, parents house, their phone number, etc.
>threatens to fail me

Also just watched a lot of porn and gore in class
oh.. youre one of THOSE kids...
what a faggot #nerd
jeez dude what a life
We convinced a black kid to goto meatspin in the middle of class in the computer lab, he got pistnigga.exe and freaked out and got sent to the office
The teacher gave everyone this shit and this is what you decide to do? Install fucking steam?

You literally could've gotten away with anything and no one would have known it was you because everyone had access.

Good going faggot. Not only did all the kids around you look at you like you were a betafag gamer, but you blew your chances of doing some funny shit.
Created a batch file that deleted system32 and gave it the internet explorer icon

God you're fucking stupid.
Opened the chasis to one of the computers in the back corner of the lab. Teacher was in the room the whole time, and once I had the chassis opened, I pulled out the ram sticks. I just tossed them back into the computer and closed it. Next day I have to talk to the school cop and they investigated. They told me the computer was vandalized beyond repair. Never got caught, made me kek.
Heres another
>In computer room, same one
>Looking through google pictures
>can't remember what i had searched
>likely some runescape shit
>scrolling through for about 5 mins
>teacher screams "WHAT WAS THAT"
>comes to my computer and makes me scroll up about half a page
>picture of black model
>only has shirt and panties on
>i hadnt even noticed it
>tells me i was watching pornographic material
>lel wat
>calls the office
>sits me in the middle of the room
>do some scream/cry thing
>somehow get out of trouble
>wew lad
>In school library
>Change wallpaper to this pic
>Start browsing some meme website with friends because we're fags
>Come across one of those demotivational pictures with a two clothed girls in a bathtub having a soap fight or some shit
>Librarian walks by and sees
>Tells me that this is inappropriate and to close the window
>I minimize it, forgetting about the wallpaper
>Librarian sees, gives a disgusted look
>tells me to shut down my computer and leave
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