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Post yer best incest stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Post yer best incest stories
Bump for interest
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no stories, have some caps to bump
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these are stupid
actually stories pls
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i made out with a cousin of mine for an entire night, thats about it.

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k 404 then
I actually like them. Post what ya got.
Keep bumping
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My fetish is incest feet stuff, but usually I try to find captions of it but it's pretty hard to find. Anyone got any
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. >>609660193
Hate to be this person but Google incest tumblr and get a chrome add on to scroll through pics... The feet part I'll never understood so you're on your own there
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Same exact fetish
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theres a vid you'd prob like made by that amatuer couple he catches his sis going out and promises to not tell their parents if she gives him a foot job, you might of seen it
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socks on feet?
i can't help reading all these retarded captions in hulk hogan's voice, brother. I mean seriously, have these people ever heard how real siblings talk? Because it's not like that, brother.
>Be like 7th grader me
>Mega horny because puberty
>Cousin is like freshman in high school
>Stay over at his place for the night the day after Christmas
>See his peen when he gets out of the shower
>It's fucking huge, must be at least 7 inches, or perhaps it's just that I have a 7th grader dick
>I have a boner, he laughs at how small it is
>I touch his penis, end up putting it in my mouth while he's on the bed

Nothing more happened, I'm still somewhat a faggot, etc.
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stockinged feet?
Yeah it wasn't bad but not very good either. An incest joi feet video are the best, but there's like only 3 i've found
>have these people ever heard how real siblings talk?
yes, in fact there is a universal sibling language, they all speak the same. Of course your Hulk Hogan fetish is pretty informative to start with.
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Any sis/cous?
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well im glad u asked, no i don't have any sis/cous stuff but i did find this very convincing channel on xvideos about this guy who cums on his sleepin sisters if ur interested also got legit mom/son vids too
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Fuck, I need some good incest videos/stories.
>read most of the stories on that google drive
>check motherless/nudevista nearly every day for new videos
>look up stuff on sad panda nearly every day

It doesn't help that I get bored when the video is really fake or role-play. The more real the better.
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wtf this cant end like that . where is part 5
Who has the fucking patience to read that shit
Jesus fuck. I can feel the awkwardness from here
You're missing out.
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fuck this filename.png
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Alright first time typing this out, not exactly wincest, but close enough.

>Be me, like 8 or 9.
>At friend's house, I was there a lot, considered to be one of the family.
>Little sister, about 5 suggests we play hide and seek.
>Not sure how it led to this, but me and his sister were hiding in the bathroom.
>Lock the door.
>Pervy kid instincts kick in and before she knows it we're playing doctor inspection.
>I get a turn with a "check up" and so does she so its's fair.
>Nothing too sexual happened other than touching, but I didn't care I got 2 see da pussi
>Heard commotion in the halls so we quickly ran out and were asked why the door was locked.
>"We didn't want to be caught."
>They bought it. Holy shit.
>Never talked about it ever again.
Oh my christ
That made kek more than anything.
Any big bro/little sister stories or caps?
I don't have too much of a cest story but I got something from a while back.
>Be me, around 6 or 7
>On a family camp
>I was hyper as fuck back then
>Running around with old camera taking photos
>Run round the corner
>Me find friend of around 8 getting changed
>She flips out, I think it's hillarious
>Proceed to take photo and running like an idiot

I was a weird fucking kid back then
I played sex games with my cousin when I was a toddler to this day she flirts with me on facebook tells me how the memories of me and her make her happy and how she thinks about me from time to time. Also how she thinks I am cute and wants to visit me, etc. I think she wants to fugg but IDK.
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ways to spot a video is likely real is if it looks real armature u can usually tell a video fake if they change shots alot most real incest vids are POC style and really shitty quality sometimes ill give you some links to some videos that i know are legit
http://motherless com/u/dayko?page=1&t=v

http://motherless com/u/iamyourmommy?t=v

http://www.xvideos com/profiles/carollisalovesphil#_tabVideos


http://www.xvideos com/profiles/sanchezunico#_tabVideos

http://www.xvideos com/profiles/whoremoans420#_tabVideos

http://www.xvideos com/profiles/akatcuki5#_tabVideos

http://www.xvideos com/profiles/meathead78#_tabVideos

http://www.xvideos com/video10394209/son_creampied_hot_sleeping_mom
i once asked my mom if she could take my v-card for my birthday back when i was 19 i got shot down tho i asked her thru facebook lol i was too scared to ask her in person
I've had the pleasure of fucking two of my sisters and an aunt
You fat queer
>Be me
>Do incest
>Share on /b/
>Anon worship me now
>Mad props
The fuck you mean that was 4/4
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srry that where it ends i was never able to find the 5 one
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>Be me
>Didn't real do incest
>Share on /b/
>Anon ignore me
>No props
>Shame not new either
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Why the fuck do people see toilets as sexy background? That shit nasty yo
It's to show that they are depraved and without standards... you know... some slut that's very easy to fuck.
>some time ago i visited my step mother
>knew i had to congratulate her for spmething
>was thinking of it before how mby i give her the last kiss a bit too close to her mouth(as it accidentally happend before)
>got nervous while we hugged and subconsciously grabed her by the ass
>she didn't event twitch
>played it casual, said goodbye, as was just about to leave
>haven't been around for quite some time
>when i finally come over she is very happy, instantly hugs me, holds the hug a bit
>i get the hint, as she didn't usually hug me
>when i was about to leave she comes close and goes in for the hug again
>i expect it this time so i stay in for a bit and get a bit handsy, as in hugging her tight and sliding my hand across the body
>when it ends and we lean out she's smiling, it shoots her a bit of balance and she looks like she would faint but she grabs herself by the door frame and pulls herself back (her heart must have been racing just like mine so she probably got light headed)
>every time i come over we hug and she shows a bit more interested in spending time with me
>i'm happy to be around and wait for inappropriate moments
>been doing this since ever (trying to catch a boob while she was bending over without a bra, or trying to see under her skirt(which were rare sadly), etc.)

So lately i can't wait to go over again, but that just started happening, so not much to write about yet.
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Just google Tasha's Brother: The Greatest Story of Wincest Ever Told.

Even if it is fake, it captures the voice of an Anon perfectly.
the one where you kill yourself out of shame
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