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Mass effect Rule 34 thread. (Bonus points for tali)

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Mass effect Rule 34 thread. (Bonus points for tali)
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moar Miranda ! hnghhh
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needs more vorcha dicks
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If I saw this...I wouldn't care about my job this bitch is getting a pat down. Break my arms and use my mouth.
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More gifs? Okay
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What's that? We're going off topic? okay
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Put some sprinkles on it? Okay
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Fucking hell I wish I had enough balls to text that chick that gave me her number in class yesterday...

I know it's only so we can start the proj out of class, but fuck me I don't even know how to open up...
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I bet she wet herself dreaming of my bbc last night...while I was fapping to gfur on Tumblr again...for the 3rd time yesterday...
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You miss 100% of the shots you never try.
Consider killing yourself?
Hey its anon from class when and where did you want to meet to start the project also if we get an a how about a date
Don't do this, it's creepy
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Yea but I don't want to end up having to stare at her in when I fail...



The last part is dumb, I've already wrote/deleted many ways to start the convo...I don't even know what she's doing right now

That's the most shittiest thing ever
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Also she's a bit on the...heavy side. But she still has an hourglass...it's just a weird one. She did pick up some dropped papers and all you could see is pic related shape...that's all that matters...right?
Nigger, you don't just fucking woo a girl that's probably not even interested in you by throwing yourself at her right off the bat. You fucking start that conversation off just like you would anyone else by saying "hey, what's up?" And you fucking go from there.

Or you could just go full autist and she'll never want to speak to you again
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Once I lose this v-card I can start fucking around on Grindr...I don't even want to waste my time trying again
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and talk about what?

I always end up talking about school...and now we're doing proj together I'm only going to keep going back to it...
Oh nevermind, you're only in it for the sex.
Might as well just go ahead and rape her then
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Dont hit on her vefore the project is done or it might become a really awkward situation, especially for you. Meet up to do the project, see how shit goes, if it goes well ask her out for a coffee as a break from work/ celebration for completing the task
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Woman Logic 101.gif
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Well...back to /r9k to talk about how much women are whores
Yeah, this. Like I said, don't go full fucking autist on her. Just don't be a creep. But seeing as you're 20 and a virgin that's probably way too much to ask.
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Thread images: 21

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