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>Be me >20 y/o >Have a loli fetish >Be full time

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Be me
>20 y/o
>Have a loli fetish
>Be full time pervert
>met a qt3.14 in a simple site to communicate with people
>she decides to meet me
>She is 21 y/o but whatever
>Going to her town
>She told me that she will be waiting at Biała Uliczka 12 street
>Went there
>Saw a 10 y/o grill
"Are you a-anon-kun?"
>How is she knowing my nickname from the site
"Yeah, I'm anon-kun. W-who are you?"
"It's me anon-chan. I'm only in fourth grade elementary school. I was afraid to tell you about the truth but I finally decided to show you my real "me"."
>She's 10
"Remember when we were talking about our sexual relations? That was nice! Besides, I'm afraid that when my parents will realize that you went to bed with me they will think that you are pedophile and you will go to jail."
>She's aware.
"A-and I don't want you t-to go to j-jail, anon-kun."
>I pull her to me
"But they won't realize, don't worry"
"R-really? D-do you t-think so, anon-kun?"
>I gently stroke her hair
"Of course anon-chan."
>She blush
>I look her deeply in the eyes and then I kiss her. My hands travel the journey of taboo as they go from her hair to her little soft butt, squezing it very gently
>She blushes even more after squezing her soft butt
>Behold peasant, as the victory shall be mine tonight.
neckbearded lying virgin detected
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"You know anon-kun... I was thinking about that situation and I came to to the conclusion that perhaps we should try. It will be better for me to have first sex behind as soon as possible."
>I gently whisper in her ear" that's wonderful. I'm proud of you." Then i kiss her neck while holding her close to me.
"Ah! A-anon-kun... D-don't go too fast..."
>she doesn't know she provokes me every time she says "slow down"
>Shit, at this rate I'm gonna rape her
>After some hesitation she dared to hug me.
"Anon-kun, just b-be gentle w-with me, o-okay?"
"Don't worry. You are special to me after all"
>We go to her house
>Fortunately, parents aren't at home
>we go to her room
>She is wearing a school uniform, dark blue skirt, white, too large for her present growth shirt and dark blue stockings completed with white and red stripes.
>She gently jumped on her own bed; so do I
"So, anon-kun... Are you ready for this beautiful moment of our life?"
"Umm, yes of course, my dear."
>I begin to stroke her legs, genlty going upwards
>"Don't go too fast, Anon. Restrain yourself just a while longer"
>Can't. I go for the butt.
"A-anon-kun? Are you already beginning with my butt?"
>I genlty bite her neck while I'm trying to undress her top
>damn she tastes good.
>I open her shirt and i see her pretty, flat chest
>Must. Touch. Now.
>I give to her a big lick, from her tummy up to her right nipple. i play with them while going crazy.
>She started to moan
>I don't stop it. I begin to touch her flat, covered in my saliva tits
>I kiss her very deeply. We get a french kiss
>I move my left hand into her skirt
>I start to rub her tiny wet vagina
>she started to moan even louder
>I removed her skirt and saw a cute, pink pantsu
>Her panties are really wet
>I remove them as fast as I removed her skirt from her body.
"U-um... B-be gentle with your thingy..."
"Oooh, I will, anon-chan. But! Maybe you will suck it firstly?"
"Ugh... B-but..."
"Don't be shy, just take it!"
>I give her my cock
>She started to touch it with her little sweet hands
"Hihi, it's really funny!"
"It will be funnier when you will take it into your mouth."
>She moved away with her face from my penis for a few seconds and then slowly she started to moving closer, taking my whole penis into her mouth.
"Yeah, just like that, now move back and forth.
>She starts to do what I say to her
>I started to feel some kind of substance that is trying to get out of my urethra.
>She doesn't stop. She is moving faster and faster, slowly licking my glans.
>I can't take any longer. I must expel my sperm!
>I cummed inside her throat.
"Ew, ew. A-anon-kun, what did you do?
"That was just a substance from my thingy. I bet it tasted good."
"N-not really..."
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>She lay back on the bed
"Maybe it's t-time to put y-your thingy inside m-me?
"Perhaps you are right."
>I begin to slowly put my penis into her vagina
>My glans is fully inside her
>With a quick motion I shoved my whole dick inside her cunt
>She moans really loudly
>I start to move really slowly
>She starts to cry and moan
>She takes the nearest pillow and starts to bite it instantly
>I start to move faster
>The semen starts to again evacuate from my penis
"I'm getting... there!"
>I came inside her
>We heaved a sigh of relief that this is the end, and in addition we haven't been caught in sex
"Thank you, anon-kun."
"You're welcome, anon-chan."
>We dressed up our clothes back
>I give it to her at the end a nice kiss on cheek
>she blushes and hug me gently
>I went back to my house
>I realise that I fucked a little girl
>Best. Afternoon. Ever!
I went to sleep after that
Fuck off with your shitty pasta
and then you woke up and realized it was just a fucking dream you filthy pedophiel. people like you should be killed instantly i hope you go to prison and get gangraped
this all totally happened
pedophiles are filthy subhumans
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prime loli.jpg
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>not embracing the loli
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Loli is love
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So, loli thread I guess... Fuck my greentext. Let's have a noice loli thread.
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Fine by me, if you're OP that was a pretty nice story
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Really? Thanks.
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Forgot to post a loli.
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Yeah, pretty nice read to start the day off. And since I'm not @ home I can actually post too since I'm not perm banned here lol
Now there are lolicons and then there are fucking pedophiles. You subhumans are the latter, gtfo.
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alex is lying nigga-jew, don't trust him at all, tom is cool
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I'll Brb, getting food. Try and keep it lace while I'm gone
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Who the fuck are you?
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Noice trips.
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007 confirmed.
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I'm trying to visualize the person sitting behind the screen who is typing this shit.
...On second thought
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What are you seeing?
a lying niggajew with trips
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Noice, m8.
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you got something like this ?
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I think that I don't have like these, I will just dump my loli folder and maybe you will find some pics like that.
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Thread images: 39

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