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Rape stories thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Rape stories thread
how bout no
Raver dude here
Vancouver, BC
Brought back a cool japanese guy that I met at an afterparty back to my apt to chill and watch anime for the comedown...
I fell asleep after 2hrs or so
Woke up suddenly as he was sucking me off and fingering my ass.

I was so shocked that I pretended to be still sleeping.

yeah why not...
I was scared for my life to say anything as he was really violently into it.

Then boom, my roommate gets back from his night shift and gets the picture right away and starts to yell at him while throwing punches I fake being really high and out of it.

Meanwhile, I started crying.

and then?
After a minute or 2 of hearing him beating the shit outta the jap. I gather enuff courage to "wake up" and to look at whats going on.
My roomie had him locked with his knees on his elbows on the couch and fuck there was blood everywhere as the jap was by then unconscious.


just fucking finish your story you retarded attention whore holy shit
>posts 2 sentenced and then hurr more? hurr continue? durr finish?

fucking christ
> Dad & Mom together
> Dad fucked mom
> Dad became abusive
> Mom wanted divorce
> I was born
> Be me
> Stolen from my mother because dad drugged mom
> Claimed to the court she was a drug fiend
> Didn't see her for ten years
> My childhood up to age 11 was being molested, raped, and beaten
He was loving it as he had previously told me that he hated gays. I told him to stop before killing him with excitement he asked me to help him drag him into the underground packing lot which was a couple meters away since we lived in the basement, cheap rent.

He then pulled a lighter fluid from his backpack that his still had on and lit his shoes on fire. we then ran back inside our apt. he was laughning so hard while trying to console me.. about 30 secs later we start hearing him screaming across the whole building. Neighbours started coming out and probably someone helped him and called the ambulance...

As we discussed and talk about it for what seemed forever. He stood up and confidently demanded that I gave him a handjob which I did...he went to his room right after and we never spoke about it again. I moved out 2 months later.

Kinda high for details but ask away if you care..
captain crunch is the best serial

your dad is the worst kind of human
you enjoyed it then
BTW. it probably adds to it..for you real faggots out there:
I use to be a fashion model until 22.

OP here.
but to answer..dunno maybe although I discovered that i was bi a couple years later after being offered $500 to sleep with a guy that approach me at a restaurant later that year.
File: johnny-cash.jpg (112KB, 500x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dude sucks your dick and you and your bigot friend (who is really a closet gay asking you for a bj) beat the shit out of him? Talk about gratitude,

Seriously though serves you right for bringing a jap guy back to your place after raving and taking drugs to "watch anime"
boy or girl?
I've been raped by my brother, I was 11 and he was 13 and I still think and get aroused by it.
sure. it was stupid...........

finish the fucking story faggot

here it is moron:


ask any question...
File: image.jpg (1MB, 1848x2921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1848x2921px
Need more greentext

Pic related
>be me, 16 yrs old and having party with friends.
>anon asks someone where his gf is and they say they think she went to sleep.
>I go to me room, lights are off. She has skirt on and lying on front.
>Fuck it, I lock door. Head over to bed and she is out cold.
>pull panties down and Fuck her where she sleeps, cum inside her. Pull panties up and continue to party.
>best mate finds me and says my gf is throwing up in toilet, I'm like no chance, she is passed out dude.
>Go to toilet and lone behold it was my gf.
>run to my room, turn on lights, lock door.
>not my gf passed out, it's my best mates gf. Panic, pull down panties, get tissue and stick fingure up to scoop all the cum out.
>wipe panties down best I can a leave her be.
>Head back to party, tell my mate that his gf has passed on bed and he can use my bed to look after her. He's like "thanks anon, best mate ever".
>next day he tells me how they fucked, I acted pissed off about it.

They are still together now and have no idea.... Bad I know but I did get to fuck 2 passed out girls that night.
>be me 19
>have hella cute 16yo gf
>nice relationship, lots of sex but no anal
>gf knows it's my fetish but is too young and tight to consider it
>try sneaking in a finger every once and a while, she gets pissed every time, hates anal so much
>we use lots of lube for regular sex cause I'm pretty big and she's young and tight
>one night after sex we hang out by the window
>I have a gig tomorrow and she asks "will you think about me tomorrow on stage?" as she slowly wiggles her ass down my cock
>I stare in utter amazement because up to this point she fucking hated anything to do with anal
>She barely takes the tip and then starts to pull back
>I push it in slowly as I hold her hands with one hand and mouth with the other
>She stares at me over her shoulder in utter shock
>Slowly I start fucking her ass deeper and deeper
>She cries and bites and tries to get away but doesn't realize that only makes me harder
>Manage to stick whole cock in her tiny tight bubble butt
>Cum like a ton of sperm in her ass, she just lies back down on the bed and stares to the distance for 15 minutes, gets up and leaves afterwards
>breaks up with me
>begs me to take her back 2 months later
>never speak of it again
i want some male on female rape thats always more violent and traumatic, stop with the gay shit you closet faggots
Been chatting with this girl online, get into some sexting and she freaks out when I mention restraining her. Positive she was raped. Hope to get to fuck her soon.
OPs life
classic, fuck her for not doing anal
Jesus... What restaurant? Why? Was his name sea bass?
find your mom

I hate these attention-starved retards that post half a sentence and ask "MORE? ANYONE INTERESTED?!?"

If you need validation that badly, kill yourself on webcam
>be 17
>me and 18 year old beautiful japanese ballerina lose virginity to each other (don't believe me, see if I care)
>about a year into relationship, want to try anal
>keep pressuring
>she is super not down
>try to force it in one time
>she cries
>later suggest some rough stuff
>I will hit you a bit, and if you want me to stop, you just have to say bananas, ok??
>start full on slapping her in the face while pounding her
>she is quiet
>suddenly bursts into tears
>why do you even want to hit me??
Inb4 banana
Almost raped...

>be 14yr old chubby with man tatas
>go to friend's house
>friend is always hornè
>Always watching prn and talking about girls
>in the basement playing
>he starts touching my dangus and trying to kiss
>you wot m8!?
>trying to get out the door but he's too into it and I can't unlatch it!
>I'm about to get raped
>fending friend off with one hand and desperate with the other
>look around for something to defend myself with
>cat in the hat hat
>grab it and pull it over his head
>friend's boner must've been afraid of the dark
>he gives it up
>still best friends til after highschool
>thanks for having such a big fucking hat Mr. Cat in the hat
>be me

File: zaubers.jpg (93KB, 959x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 24
>be in position of power over super innocent 21 year old qt
>find out she's a virgin
>quest unlocked (PRIORITY)
>get her drunk and increasingly become pushier and more physical
>she's mostly down cuz she is embarrassed to be a virgin that old and also has been barely touched so it's all exciting and new for her
>both drunk as fuck at one of my buddies
>both naked and fooling around, I start pushing it in
>no asking or anything, just start going for it
>"I don't know if I'm ready"
>don't worry about it
>"it hurts"
>it's ok
>just force it in
>she is in pain
>so fucking tight around my cock
>I can feel her hymen breaking around me
>she is groaning mostly in pain, I can tell she is not exactly stoked with the situation but she's not stopping me either
>push deeper and deeper into her virgin cunt
>on top of her, grab her shoulders from behind her back so I can really get in deep
>"don't worry i'm almost done, I know it hurts"
>finish deep inside her while she's practically begging me to stop

Ended up dumping her like 2 weeks later, for some reason after I fuck a virgin that I was like all about I just lose all fucking interest like immediately. I fucked her like a year and a half later and while I was hitting her cervix I asked how much it hurt when I took her the first time
I'm listening
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Lucky you....
Not missing out on rapey sex in the early years is really important for future social and sexual development
Wtf, still friends with attempted rapist
my brother molested me who is two years older than me from the time i was in 4th grade consistently through 6th
idk anon sounds like a win win to me, everyone got what they wanted
File: 1426966638788.jpg (442KB, 3000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>like a ton of sperm
youre the worst type of person and i bet

>begs me to take her back 2 months later

is a stinking lie
It's the main thing the majority have in common. I wonder why the weather is more of a topic of discussion in daily life than the rape.

>lovely weather we've been having
>>no, it's shit
>oh, well, I was raped as a kid
>>so was I! You want to get some coffee or something?
You'd be surprised at how accurate that is.
Christ you're a loser
yeah i mean that is pretty much rape
>resistance makes you harder
i have been there, done that. great in the moment but always ends badly
He was a mostly harmless 13 yr old virgin. My tots were probably the best he'd seen up close. More of a molester than rapist. After highschool he moved away to Joplin and became a manwhore stoner. He's probably a rapist NOW of course.
Pics or it didn't happen.
I really don't know of anyone personally who hasn't been molested in one way or another.
that's my safe word too
I'm unrelated anon, and I second this. That's actually how a lot of serendipitous meetings have gone. The types of people who 'feel safe' to me are the ones who were also abused as children. It's like we have this sense about eachother, and we open up, and it's received well. It's the majority who are faggots and don't want to talk about anything interesting or meaningful.
this just happened to me i fucked my virgin girlfriend and now i don't give a shit about her
Don't you fucking start. But nice dubs.
Threw a massive rager in January, guy raped a girl. Now there is an investigation in the rape because the girl is underage and the guy is 18.

Other than my first where we both lost our virginity to each other, that's happened to me with 3 other virgins. I love doing it too now, I even know it's going to happen for the most part. It's harder to find virgins when you get older though.

>2nd one was super christian (does not believe in dinosaurs christian)
>fucked her after 2 weeks, 20 and never been kissed
>two weeks later she tells me she loves me
>"no you don't"
>few months later cheat on her away at school
>come back for winter break to fuck one (or two) more times
>dump her
>girl seems to be followed
>dont even notice
>guy is speeding up his pace
>she notices and speeds up
>take up my phone and calls the cops
>.. silence...
>"Hello.. Hello?" the phone goes
>too scared to do anything
>realize rapist is me
>turn 360 degrees and walk away
nope, besides the rape i was a pretty good boyfriend
you could become an older fellow and go after younger girls...
File: QP06.jpg (145KB, 600x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mine is "Pumpkin Patch"
those are trips u dumb shit, and your in the wrong thread.
trips you fucking tard

I mean yeah, that's definitely what's happening. It's funny because until I was like 24 I always used to fuck older chicks
I've told it on here before, but here goes:

My friend and I had a kind-of-sort-of physical thing going on at the time. Cuddling, kissing, some groping, that kind of thing. She was 16, and I was 18. One night we were watching a movie and someone was tied up and unable to get out of the building or whatever, and she was like, "That'd be easy to get out of, that's stupid." I was like, "Not rly" and that whole stupid "Oh yeah!?" bullshit ensued.

Got some rope out of the garage, tied her up, she couldn't get out. Started messing with her a bit, started with tickling, then groping her chest and whatnot. Then started making my way into her shorts with my fingers. That's when she started to tell me to stop and she wanted me to untie her. But I was all "Come on, don't be a tease." or whatever.

Started fingering her and she was just kind of grinning and bearing it while trying pretty hard to pull her wrists out of the rope around them. I eventually had her shorts down, and her panties down and I just went for it. She went from grinning and bearing it to just quiet sobs, but I was a stupid, horny teenager, so at the time I didn't really give a fuck. After I finished it was like "Oooops, I did a bad thing."

She was pretty shaken—obviously—and it was the first time she had done it so... Eh... When I untied her, she pulled up her shorts, put on her shoes and left without really saying anything.

Luckily I didn't get her pregnant, but our friendship tanked. There was stupid drama around it, but she never actually told anyone what happened, which made the drama weirder.

I kind of regret it, because she was a really good friend, but oh well. That was almost a decade ago and I have new friends now, so fuck it.

Rape: 9/10
Aftermath: 2/10
i am still with the grill whose virginity i stole and i am like having hard time care about her both emotionally and physically. i feel i got what i wanted
>Be 15 living in poverty
>Mom is a whore
>Sister is 14
>One night mom's pimp showed up talking about missing money
>Mom says the guy skipped out on her
>He hits my mom and then says he needs to teach her a lesson
>He then grabs my sister by the hair and drags her to the couch.
>I react, grab a coffee cup and swing
>It hits him and shatters but only made him mad
>Next I remember waking on the ground hearing that nigger rape my sister.
>I try to get up but my mom stops me and holding me down.
>She kept saying it was all her fault
>The more I hear my sister whimper and cry the more anger I get
>When he finished he said that he still expects the money and left
>Call cops
>They arrested the pimp
>Child protective serves took us away from our mother
>Two years latter my mom tried to reconnect and we ignored her
>Found out that she killed herself
where did you guys meet?

Yep. You did. Time to move on to the next one. Also have a little lel at the fact that the next person she fucks will most likely be a beta whose heart she will break. Or feel bad. Either way, your choice /morals
sad story/10
she was into it anon, ya dun goofed it. when all the dust settled just ask her back again
File: 501233078.jpg (41KB, 550x413px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ok i share my story now

>be 5 years old
>get to know a 14 year old boy from neighbourhood
>we do some shit together like cycling and he used me to do stupid things
like jumping into a mud pit and if i resisted he forced me to it
>did't know what is good or what is bad, just wanted to hang out
>sometime later we hang out at his house and wants me to play snes asterix&obelix with me
>he then told me: if we want to play anymore, we first have to get onto his parents bed and do a "thing"
>didn't know what i was doing so he insisted putting his dick in my mouth while he was taking mine, we basically 69ed without sucking though, then he wanted me to push my pipi in his popo but his anus was locked anyway so i didn't understand what to do anyway
>he tried to force it on my like 3 times everytime i went to visit him
>the last time his mother came into the room, she probably came sooner than expected from work and asked "what kind of pig disgusting activities" we're doing, we put on clothes again and i don't know why but the mom later drove off again.
>i understood nothing with my age but realised this is something bad after this incident
>he forced me then to stay at his home
>i wanted to run but he kept me from it
>i somehow got to convince him that i need to go home to bring something
>never visited or saw him again ever since then

later my father went off with a bitch and took all the money but this is another story

>childhood ruined
You probably deserved it. It was your fault for defending your cunting whore mother.
File: heywhahappened.png (240KB, 600x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240KB, 600x340px
You're all faggots.
ITT faggots who got raped by other dudes and faggots who pressured their gf's into sex.

This aint the kinda rape stories I was expecting.
Boner achieved.
She was a friend's sister, so I knew her from before I got to high school. She also went to my high school and hung out with people that my sister knew, so I saw her around.

First started to really get to know her when I drove her home from school my junior year, though. Sometimes she'd stay after school for athletics and if I was around, then I'd help her out with a ride.
was ur mom hot?? plz tell me
>she was into it anon, ya dun goofed it. when all the dust settled just ask her back again

Yeah, okay.

She's mid-20s now, so she's probably already found someone else, anyway. Doubt that she would even trust me anymore.
i feel like if i leave i will regret it and feel like a heartless dick especially because i told her that if we fucked i wouldn't leave
>total lie about the last part
File: 1349632930288.jpg (12KB, 245x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 245x318px

That's so hot. 14 is like, perfect age. Was he cruel??? Physical?? What does your sister look like???
do you feel like something similar might ever happen again, if you're horny enough and with someone vulnerable?
Detroitfag here.
>Small time dealing, short list of clients.
>Girl, single mom, gets hooked on demarol, switches to heroin.
>She's maybe a 6/10 at best.
>She comes to me for her fix; spends it all. >No money for baby sitting.
>So she thinks to turn me into a baby sitting service.
>So I charge her more while I got this kid running around the house.
You see which way this is heading.
>She ends up broke and desperate.
>So I end up with her kid sitting on me while her stoned mom looks on but never sees.
>Then I teach her little girl to give blow jobs.
>And now I've got an 8yo blowing clients to feed her moms addiction.
>Always under my eye - don't want her penetrated yet.
Business is picking up.

Just tell her things change. I got out of my last one by basically convincing her I wasn't a good enough person for her, then proving it by making out with other chicks in front of her like 2 days laterrrrrrrr

Or be less of an asshole than me, but like, whatever. Someone else will if you don't, might as well be you to get the prize
File: image.jpg (40KB, 352x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 352x259px
>super Christian
>pre marital sex
>be 32
>fire up steam. loading screen stalls
>worried if i entered wrong password..
>you are now online
>crack knuckles
>shrug shoulders, loosen up the tendons
>launch dota2
>loading screen with over 100 heroes. the choice is easy
>choose invoker
>solo mid. up against pudge
>dodge 8 straight hooks in a row
>get every rune, perfect CS
>monster kill after 10 minutes
>cum hard
>feel bad about it the next day... wonder if someone tipped off the cops
>message all the players from the other team tell them i didnt mean to be that forceful but i just got caught up in the moment
>none of them respond
>uninstall dota2 and resume normal day job in a call center
>never mention it again
>see girl
>want to fuck her
>she doesnt
>fuck her anyway

was this any better you dumb motherfuckfaggot
Definitely considering a new career as a pimp.
well..... that is one hell of a disturbing fantasy you have there.

>implying it's difficult to seduce a sexually repressed post teenage virginal female who's never been kissed

Anyways, like I said here - >>607594197

>don't believe me, see if I care
This one time I thought of raping this girl

Then I was like nah man
I'd like to say no, but honestly it might.

We had done some physical stuff before, but not much. I was messing around with her and it just escalated. I wasn't planning to do that when I tied her up; it just kind of happened.
File: Fh4ajWM.jpg (60KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 1280x720px
File: 1425504671394.webm (3MB, 800x600px)
3MB, 800x600px
I've done this too, you get so drunk that if they are wearing remotely anything alike you don't know

I'll share one, I have 2

>be 21, gf 19
>she's kinda a bitch but her attitude turns me on so when she gets mouthy we just fuck
>one night we are up camping with buddies
>all of us get shitfaced hammered and stoned
>my gf is a lightweight, is being a huge cunt and goes to bed early
this is my chance
>hates anal. And I'm thinking "why not, she'll be down now that she can't feel"
>go in tent already pissed off at her
>violently try to wake her up, ain't happening
>decide "fuck it, I need to fuck her fat heart shaped ass"
>pull panties down and go to fuckin town for like half hour, shesd dead to the world
>feel her pussy, the bitch is soaking wet
>blow massive load in her ass, pull everything up and pass out
>we wake up and she's saying how bad her ass hurts
>I tell her she was so wasted she kept falling on her ass all night
>takes some convincing but friends all confirm

Mfw she believed it
Mfw bros did me a solid
Mfw years after we broke up and fucked her again she said she loves anal, told her I raped her
Mfw she said "I wish you'd told me, that's hot"
some dude posted a hilarious story about being like a knife-wielding douchebag being hit on by some fat asian woman at college, this was earlier today. Did anyone happen to save it? I didn't think to and now I want it again.
I was raped when I was 8 and when I was 10.
Meth ass dad tweakes out leaves my twin brother and I with his methed out friends they put boxing gloves on my twin brother and I to see who would win. Brother wins He gets taken first I get taken next. dads friend shoots himself up and start jerking off while looking at me. tells me to get naked makes me suck his dick then fucks me with his giant cock. Keeps going tell I am 13 finally tell my mom she presses charges on my dad he is in prison now not sure if dead who cares though. My brother is still the biggest loner I have ever met.
yeah, i had a similar incident in my early teens, only i came to my senses in time to not do anything i'd regret.
>doesn't believe in dinosaurs Christian
Thats some religious Bible Belt inbred southern Alabama shit bruh
this man has a real rape fetish
no you dumbfuck, I prefer hearing from girls who have been raped, not sissy ass fags who took cock up the ass or got their dick sucked by another bum muncher.
nice one.

other story?
Haha wow thats funny
I always ask myself when I'm around my gfs sister... Could I overpower this girl and rape her?... Yes I physically can... But would I have to kill her to avoid conflict? Probably... And then I think, can I get away with it? Who knows... Am I ready to go to prison or a psyche ward? Idk yet... Suicide? Maybe
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Everything you read here is a fantasy - even what you write is just a fantasy.
Always remember that.

The best part was she was a chinese canadian.

The bester part??? Her dad raped her mom and then they were basically forced to get married because china

The BESTEST PART????!?! One time I fucked her mouth aggresively and she was like really pissed off
Nice full house, btw.
i feel like i just need to make it work, i am about to graduate anyways so not even that much time left
Yeah, I do feel bad about it, but I did it once, so how can I say that I wouldn't do it again?

If she had been able to push me off of her—or I could see that she was at least trying to—then I would have stopped. But being that she all she could really do was tell me to stop and squirm with the ropes... That didn't happen. Even though it was resistance, it didn't necessarily "feel" like it; it felt more playful. Well, until she started sobbing, but by then my dick was like, "Yeah! We're doing this."

Felt terrible afterward. The moment I came, my mind: "What the fuck are you doing!?" ...Then I sat up and actually saw the aftermath and like... Man, fuuuuck.
File: dif.jpg (588KB, 1280x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588KB, 1280x768px

No shit, I've been posting up a storm in this thread
Never doubt a dubs you stupid faggot.
File: 141685832635.png (825KB, 1002x816px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
825KB, 1002x816px
love it
You must be 18 to post on 4chan.
what the hell kind of position was she tied in that her legs weren't in your way? face up or down?
File: 1413903837652.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
Second story

>dating said gf as stated above
>at party with her and her sister
You see where this is going
>all of us get hammered drunk and stoned
>gf and her sister wearing skirts that look alike, just different tops that are same color
>both have dark hair
>gf and me actually having good time
>her sister is flirting hard with one of my friends
>gf and I tease each other randomly down hallways and shit
>gf has had to much, says she's gonna pick a room and pass out
>say whatever I'll wake you up to fuck
>says ok and leaves
>night winds down and I'm ready to empty my beam bag
>go into room and think its her
>again. Won't wake up, think ,fuck it did this before
>pull those panties down and go from pussy to ass and so on
>blow load, get done and go in to kiss her sleeping mouth
>oh shit that's not my gf, oh shit that's her sister
>panic and grab a wash cloth and try to clean her as best as I can
>I'm freaking out going "fuck she's pregnant w/out a bf and hasent fucked in a while
>out in hallway my bro goes " who's in there"
>say gfs sister in panic
>he goes "right on she asked me to keep an eye on her, I'll sleep on the floor
>find my gf and just go to sleep
>next morning gfs sister is bragging how she fucked my bro in the morning

Mfw bullet dodged
Mfw she didn't somehow get pregnanand before anyone ask, did gf raw dog because she was on the pill, her sister wasn't
10/10 rape
File: 1397937762458.jpg (135KB, 506x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 506x661px
>Be at the Peace and Love summer festival in Sweden back when it still ran
>Over thirty thousand drunk teenagers and young adults
>Alcohol pretty much served as the currency of the whole place
>Bought three x24 trays of beer and two x24 of cider
>Drink far too much the first night
>Decide to calm down a bit for the second night, and consequently share a lot more
>Random drunk girl wander into our camp
>She's so drunk she can hardly stand
>She sits down in friend's lap and starts talking about random shit
>Her friends come after her, attempting to keep an eye on her
>Share lots of booze with all of them
>Drunk girl says she's going back to their camp
>Flirt with her friends but no luck
>Decide to head to sleep as it was almost four in the morning
>Crawls into tent, only to realize drunk girl had fallen asleep in there
>Shake her for a bit, trying to wake her up
>She's lying in the middle of the fucking tent, refusing to wake up
>Try to sleep next to her, but it's awkward and I don't really have enough space
>Roll over, try to push her out of the way
>Her body is completely limp, and she gives no reaction
>Lie completely still for almost ten minutes
>Arm is trembling as I shake her for a bit, just to make sure
>Still no reaction
>Pause for just a moment before placing my hand on her chest
>Freeze in that position, breathing heavily with excitement

As you can tell I was a virginfag at this time.

>Give it a trying squeeze
>Heads in clouds oh my fucking god
>Put hand inside crop top and realize she's not wearing a bra
>My heart is beating so hard that I thought it would burst from my chest at any moment
>Cup her tit in my hand, the feeling of her soft flesh better than anything I've ever experienced
>Sit down behind her, taking her head into my lap and pull off crop top
>Start fondling her perky breasts with both hands as I sweat and my body trembles
>This is the best thing ever
pray continue!
go on. we're listening.
plz anon, cont for the ogre lord
File: 1410981486067.jpg (40KB, 393x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 393x393px
That one I really enjoyed, out of all the orgasms I've had that one is in the top 2

Also when met gf years later and told her about the rape I fucked her ass all night as she came multiple times like a spastic yack

Shit was pretty alright, to bad you can't fuck the crazy out of them
Did that with a drunk chick once, she woke up and started to fuck me

No complaints
File: 1403648018669.gif (2MB, 360x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 360x209px
>Literally just sit there for like fifteen minutes and molest her tits like an idiot
>Move over to her side again
>Start running my hands all over her body, exploring a woman for the first time
>She let's out a whimper as I stroke her thighs
>Heart freeze, almost panic
>Sit still for almost five minutes
>Fear mixed with the strongest desire I've ever felt in my entire life makes me lost control
>Fumble a bit her the buttons of her jeans
>Drag them down, staring at her center
>She's wearing spotted white and pink panties
>Spread her legs wider open and lay down with head at her thigh
>The scent is intoxicating
>Force her legs apart a bit more and bury my head in between her thighs
>Kissing the fabric of her panties, it soon turns damp due to my hot breath
>Breath heavily as I pull back, turn her around on her stomach and bring her legs together
>Start pulling down the panties
>A familiar sound outside of my tent, oh god it's her friends who came back to look for her
Uh... Wrists and ankles tied.

When I eventually stuck it in her, it was from behind with her pushed up on top of a couch cushion while kind of kneeling-ish on the floor.

I feel like I'm doing a bad job of explaining it, but you get the idea, right?
cock is now diamonds how was the sister

better or different?
oh fuck





wew lad

File: rapestory.png (206KB, 1182x808px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 1182x808px
Don't mind if I do. Capped this a while back so I didn't have to type it up again.

i remember reading this 0/10 old post new pic
i want to rape you
File: 1424925796277.jpg (548KB, 1152x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
548KB, 1152x2048px
>Sit there with her panties in hand, wondering how the fuck I'm going to talk my way out of this one
>Someone rattles the side of my tent, calling out for her friend
>Pretend to wake up and hiss something angry at the girl
>She apologizes and leaves, starting to look in the camps around us
>Meanwhile I've started to undress
>As I throw my clothes into a corner of the tent I stroke my erect cock a few times, it's so fucking hard I swear it's going to implode at any moment
>Lay down on top of the girl, my dick pressing against her ass
>Grab the base with one hand and try to spread her open with the other one
>I can feel my cock press against her vulva, and the sensation almost drives me insane
>Grunting like an animal, I enter her
>My breath becomes erratic as I start thrusting down into her
>Something wet trails down my cock, and it's not before afterwards that I realize that it was blood
>Lost in a hazy fog of lust my animal instincts take over
>Pound into the bitch as hard as I can, thrusting and grunting
>It doesn't take very long until I cum
>Groaning with pleasure I try to pull out, but I'm unable to, not properly in control of my own body
>A stream of hot, sticky cum is shot into her
>As I pull out my cock twitches and several more ropes of sperm coat her thighs
>A small trail of sperm runs out of her, forming a little puddle in between her legs
>It's now that I realize what I've done and panic
check my satanic trips faggots
her asshole was so tight I had a hard time sticking it in, at the time that didn't occur to me that it wasn't my gf
sister had a tighter asshole, pussy was about the same
File: Dat Ass Is Phat.gif (835KB, 300x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dat Ass Is Phat.gif
835KB, 300x201px
>Gf has a younger sister
>At the time she was off limits
>Would always tease me and walk around half naked when I was there
>Always making sexual remarks
>Said to my gf and I that she'd join in if we made out but she wouldn't kiss her sis


>Have to look after her one day after school cause her mum doesn't like her being alone
>k whatever
>Gf is at work so I just chill in her room and play some music
>Her sis keeps walking past the door in just her undies
>Tell her to put some clothes on
>She says make me
>Go to get a drink
>She is leaning against the kitchen counter with her ass sticking out
>God damn it that young booty
>Try and ignore as best I can but that ass is so tight
>Ff 30 mins or so and she comes into my gfs room saying she is bored
>She put on a shirt but it's too big so it looks cute as fuck
>She chills with me for a bit we show each other our favourite music
>She brings up how she hears my gf and I fuck all the time
Her room is right next to my gfs
>Tell her I'm sorry her sis is so loud
>She says she is jealous cause no bf
>End up on the bed together with her texting away
>Think fuck it now or never
>Grab her legs and flip her over
>She's yelling wtf are you doing
>Rip off her panties
>She's already wet
>Basically begging me not to do it
>No fuck you
>Pop her cherry and pound that shit like it was dough
>Sounds like she is crying
>Pull her hair so I can see her face
>She's actually moaning
>She cums so hard it pushes me out
Turns out she's a squirter just like her sis
>Keep fucking her till I blow inside her
>Just get up and leave
>Instant regret

Good news is she eventually told me she enjoyed it.
We fuck from time to time still.

>mfw dat ass
File: 1386214479349.jpg (35KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 640x480px
Being serious now, this is arousing.
sure is tumblr in here
Did you know that...the pic is dubz
still with the gf you cheated on?
File: 1409339102108.jpg (19KB, 320x272px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 320x272px
Why do sisters do this

Nearly every girlfriend that I've had that has a younger sister has done shit like this, I still have blue balls
>Clean up most of the sperm with some toilet paper
>Do my best to clean her with some bottled water
>Put her clothes back on
>Put on clothes and go to the 24/7 store in the middle of the campsite
>Buy a new, small tent
>Go back to camp
>Put up the new tent a bit away from our camp
>Hoist the girl up, holding her arm around mine
>Walk over to the new tent, no one pays us any attention
>Drop her off in the new tent
>Grab her phone, add a new contact called "martin" and add a bogus phone number
>Go back to my tent and lie awake all night, fearing that I would be arrested the next morning
>She came back to our camp the next day with her friends
>Asked if anyone of us are called Martin
>We say no, I say that we have no idea who that could be
>Her friends blame her for running off, and she's apparently convinced that she fucked some random dude and just forgot about it
>She wasn't even angry
>Made out with her that same night
>Never went back to the festival again
No, no I don't. explain further.
Sounds like someone is upset that no one wants to rape her.
sounds like a victory, a little dicey but you got away with it so fuck it
File: 1418408551918.png (3KB, 252x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 252x256px
File: 1381289739127.gif (1MB, 271x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 271x201px
>Tfw never been raped
Sure. And the fact that she didn't know she was raped and thus not having any trauma over it helped a lot. No guilty consciousness at all.
The guys hand would be black in sweden.
File: 1425868956716.jpg (65KB, 438x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 438x453px
File: 1406039784568.jpg (142KB, 1280x857px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 1280x857px
Dumping random story about how a police dog raped a black girl, a bit edgy but I liked it.

She had been standing outside the store for the longest time, watching as happy young girls and nervous boyfriends walked in and out. She had watched as they picked out a variety of oddly shaped and beautifully colored bottles. She had watched as some of them had tryingly sprayed small samples on their wrists and necks. Judging by the looks on their faces, very few of the perfumes ever made someone disappointed.

Having stood there for the better part of two hours without daring to enter the store she could see how the mature woman behind the counter had taken to stare at her. Perhaps it was her curly black hair, her wrinkly gray tank-top or cheap black yoga-pants but something made the lady behind the counter have a look in her eyes that screamed out, “I know you can’t afford any of this, so get lost.” Meeting the shopkeeper’s judgmental eyes with her deep-brown ones something flared up inside of Vaniqua. She had always been a combative young lady, not prone to take shit from anyone be they her brother’s gang-affiliated friends or some stupid old lady in a shop.

Taking a deep breath Vaniqua made up her mind, she was going to show this bitch that she wasn’t afraid. As she entered the shop the lady behind the counter stared at her. “Can I help you with something?” She said in a surly tone as her lips pursed in a dismissive grin.

“Yes I would like to try one of your perfumes.” Vaniqua said trying to keep her voice stable and confident as not to show just how nervous she was.

“The samples are for customers dear.” The lady replied with a derisive smile.
File: 1406039756692.jpg (230KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 750x1000px
“I can be a customer too, if I wanted it!” Vaniqua retorted angrily. “Let me see, hmm. Let me look at that one.” She pointed over to a locked cabinet with a strange bottle inside of it. The bottle was shaped like a heart and the liquid inside of the tinted red glass seemed to be almost perfectly translucent.

“That one over there? Are you sure my dear?” The old lady said and raised one of her eyebrows. “I hardly think you will be able to afford it.”

Shocked at how the clerk not even tried to hide her contempt Vaniqua gaped for a few seconds before she responded. “You don’t know that. Let me try that one out or I will tell every one of my friends about how rude you are and how bad this place is!”

The lady sighed and shook her head as she approached the cabinet. “Whatever you say dear, the customer is always right after all.” She said with a crooked smile before continuing. “But please understand that this is my absolute best and most precious fragrancy. It’s so potent that it can make ANYONE fall in love with you if he’s exposed to it long enough.” After taking the red bottle out she splashed some of it on Vaniqua’s neck and stood back. A deep sensual scent filled Vaniqua’s nose and she couldn’t help but to drink it in, taking a long deep breath. Somehow the perfume seemed to change scent and direction rapidly, one second she could have sworn it smelled like fresh strawberries and the next second it brought back memories of when she had caught her brother’s friend without his shirt on, sweaty and panting after a long day of playing basketball out in the sun. It was as if a the scent flooded all of her senses at once, overwhelming them with a cascade of memories, feelings and desire.
File: 1406039882745.jpg (62KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 500x667px
Unable to speak for a brief moment she just sat there and savored the fading fragrance. Looking up at the shopkeeper and opening her lips she didn’t manage to produce anything else than a low whimpering sentence. “That was amazing… I’ve never felt something like that before.” Vaniqua could see how the shopkeeper herself stood right next to her with her eyes closed and how her lips moved slowly, whispering something she couldn’t make out what it was. When the shopkeeper heard her voice she reluctantly opened her eyes and swallowed, her breathing heavy and her eyes seemed sleepy.

The lady cleared her throat and looked back at Vaniqua. “I know dear… It makes me sad to think that one day I will have to sell this bottle but… I guess that’s not today,” she said as she screwed the cork back on. When the sudden loud screeching of the shop’s phone disturbed their dreamy conversation the shopkeeper ruffled Vaniqua’s curled black hair and put the bottle down carefully on the counter. The girl’s earrings rattled as the lady ran her hand through her hair but she didn’t even notice it. She had her eyes perfectly fixated at the heart-shaped bottle. She knew what she had to do and when the lady turned her back to answer the phone Vaniqua reached out and snatched the bottle up. Rushing towards the door and the street she didn’t even hear the angry scream of the shopkeeper behind her, the only thing that she could think about was the amazing fragrance, she knew that she had to have it.
File: 1395357937127.jpg (424KB, 681x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424KB, 681x1024px
Running between parked cars her body filled with adrenaline and she could hear the steps of the lady behind her. Stealing a look behind her she could see how the lady following her started to slow down and she could feel her heart jump. She was going to get away! Or at least so she thought. Not keeping her eyes on the road Vaniqua bumped into a parked police-car and almost fell over. Two long faced cops stared back at her though the windshield and she could feel her panic grow. One of the policemen had a cup of cheap gas-station coffee in his hand and he spilled it all over himself in the shock of having a young girl pressed up against the hood of his patrol car. “What the FUCK!?” He exclaimed, fumbling with the handle of the door trying to get out. Vaniqua however didn’t intend to go to jail for stealing and wasted no time in her escape. She gave the half open door a quick push and send the policeman flying back into the arms of the other one knocking them both aside before sprinting for dear life towards an alleyway.

Entering the alleyway Vaniqua could hear how the angry shopkeeper stopped at the patrol car and looking back she could see how the lady gestured and panted while trying to explain everything to the confused policemen. Looking towards the fleeing back of Vaniqua none of them seemed very inclined to follow her. Walking over to the side of the car the policeman drenched in coffee opened the door and a large german shepherd jumped out, barking and straining against his leash, feeling that something was going on. Unhooking the leash from the canine the policemen laughed as it shot after the fleeing girl, stretching is muscled body while its paws flew over the ground. Giving the shopkeeper a crooked smile on of the policemen spoke up, “we’ll have her in custody within a few minutes; Bandit knows what he’s doing.”
I'd draw a picture, but I'm a terrible artist.

It's basically like when you bend a chick over something and fuck her from behind. Like that, more-or-less. Except her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together.
File: 1406143896132.gif (4MB, 350x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 350x196px
Hearing something panting and puffing behind her Vaniqua’s heart tightened with fear, they were going to get her if she didn’t do something quick. Running down the alley she looked for possible ways of escape and settled for low wall leading out into a thicket of trees and bushes. She was surely going to be able to escape in there. Jumping the wall she was convinced that she had outsmarted the monster chasing her but to her shock and horror she could hear how it landed on the ground on her side the wall and continued its relentless pursuit. Jumping over branches and pushing shrub out of her face Vaniqua desperately searched for somewhere to hide as her energy was almost depleted, she was not going to be able to run for much longer. Suddenly she lost her footing and fell forward, scraping her hands as she smashed into the ground. A small cloud of perfume shot forth as the stolen bottle broke against a stone and she could feel how she was soaked in the mist. Hearing how the hound’s barks and growling came closer with every second she crawled forward but got stuck as she tried to pull herself under a large root of a tree.

Vaniqua squirmed and writhed but she didn’t have the energy to fight anymore. She gave up and took long deep breaths, trying to calm down at her inevitable arrest. When Bandit reached her he growled and barked at first but then he realized she was stuck and approached, his nose in the air sniffing. The strongest and most potent smell Bandit had ever felt in his whole life shot through him, filling him with more adrenaline and excitement than the previous hunt. He could feel how a strong passionate desire rose up inside and how that feeling shot down into his abdomen and legs. Shaking and hulking with lust the dog’s tongue hung outside of his mouth and his eyes widened. The smell of the girl he had been chasing was not one of a victim, a criminal to be hunted but the scent of a willing female waiting for him to breed her.
File: 1406040194870.jpg (75KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 600x800px
His penis swelled and pushed forward, becoming thicker and longer than he though was possible.

She could hear how the dog sniffed around her thighs and ass, her tight yoga-pants showing off her curves. It was embarrassing to be put on display like this but she didn’t have much choice, she knew that she was soon to be arrested. “Ok, ok I give up; just get that dog off of me!” Vaniqua called back but there was no one but Bandit there to hear her and he didn’t seem to care much. Sniffing and lapping at the big, luscious butt so perfectly curved and displayed before him. Her own sweaty scent mixed with the perfume and he drank it in greedily, pushing his wet nose against her thighs. The sudden wet feeling of the dog’s nose against her tight yoga pants sent a chill down her spine. In some twisted way his eager sniffing felt ticklish and good at the same time, and when she felt the first flick of his long tongue over her behind she couldn’t stop herself from letting out a whimpering moan.

“B-bad doggie!” She tried to tell him off but either he didn’t understand or he didn’t care and somehow she was glad he didn’t. Lapping hungrily at the stuck girl’s pants he drooled all over her behind, his saliva coating her cheeks and crotch. Putting his nose back against the damp fabric of her crotch he found to his pleasure that she had become wet from more than his saliva. The scent of her juices was almost as enticing as the bizarre fragrance of the perfume and it made his member grow to full erection. He was ready to claim her.
Stop, this is god awful and belongs in a beast thread
File: 1408894140545.jpg (184KB, 600x732px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 600x732px
Feeling the hound’s wet nose against her crotch yet again made color rise to her cheeks, if she was found like this she would literally die of embarrassment. A warm excited feeling spread throughout her and she realized that the dog had made her wet. The fact that an animal could have such an effect on her made her panic; she could never believe in a million years that this could be true. It simply couldn’t. With renewed power she made and effort to break free and writhe and squirmed the best she could but to no avail. She was well and truly stuck and her feeble attempt at an escape only served to make it worse.

Putting one of his paws against her butt Bandit attempt to remove the obstacle that was her pants but he couldn’t, it was far too tight to get off. He was however not going to give up and carefully applying one of his claws to her pants he easily made them rip without hurting her. When the tight fabric came undone her luscious ass popped out and the only thing that stood between Bandit and her sweet scent was now a little piece of pink cloth, damp with Vaniqua’s excited lubricant. Eagerly pushing his face in between her buttocks Bandit lapped and licked everywhere, the delicious taste of her sweaty skin provoking him to go faster. He covered every inch of her exposed skin with his saliva and soon it glistened in the setting sun.

When her pants ripped Vaniqua lost her breath. No. This wasn’t happening, this was impossible. Could the sight of her helpless body really entice an animal in such a way? She was no stranger to the desire of men but this was something else entirely. Something much more primal and she couldn’t help but to feel a little bit caught up in it. Moaning and squirming every time his tongue found the drenched cloth of her pink panties that protected her vulva her shame melted away.
File: 1285066171629.png (199KB, 378x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 378x374px
Well, I'm honestly impressed for the lucky outcome.
Yes I am.

I have no idea, it's like they're turned on by the idea of being hotter than their sister or something.
File: 1406039984542.jpg (379KB, 1280x1661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
379KB, 1280x1661px
. She had never in her life felt this good and the frenzied dog didn’t seem to want to stop, his entire being and desire focused on her. In a strange and perverse way Vaniqua liked it.

Not able to hold back any longer Bandit jump up on Vaniqua’s back, locking his strong paws around her waist. She could feel how his swollen red member pressed against her butt and she shrieked in shock. The muscular dog weighed her down and she could feel its sinful member dangerously close to her entrance. This was not how she had imagined her first time like. She held her breath as the hound pushed her drenched panties aside and put his cock into position. The wet puffy lips of her vulva parted easily before his hard member and with a sudden push he was inside of her. Vaniqua screamed out with pain as the thick member forcefully stretched her tight insides out and a small, warm trail of blood ran down Bandit’s penis.

With trembling hips Bandit hulked and puffed with excitement as he pressed himself deeper inside of her. He could feel how her tight insides squeezed down on his cock and the sensation made him even wilder. When he was almost halfway inside of her he stopped and started pulling back, slowly. A long, drawn out moan was heard from the girl as his lubricated cock pressed against her walls. Pushing himself back in even slower Bandit took great pleasure in making sure the squirming bitch under him felt every second of him breeding her in a crystal clear manner, he wanted to make sure to leave his mark.
File: 1389900561642.jpg (157KB, 780x1170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 780x1170px
Vaniqua let out a long series of whimpers and low moans as the dog slid in and outside of her in a slow almost methodical manner. The pain from her hymen breaking soon gave away to a low pleasurable wave of lust as he continued to stretch her out carefully. After a little while the dog seemed to be pleased with the result and then without a moment’s notice he thrust forward, burying himself inside of her as deep as he could go. Vaniqua’s mouth opened and eyes flung open and she cried out with pleasure as she felt his hips slam against her ass and his balls against his crotch. He had really done it, he had taken her virginity from her. This hulking beast had been her first and she couldn’t even bring herself to feel angry about it. Any angry thought she might have had was drowned and dissolved in the flood of pleasure that came over her as the hound started to smash into her hard. Pulling back slowly he left her hanging in a few agonizing moments before coming down hard on her again, filling her up.

The loud noises of flesh pounding against flesh mixed with Bandit’s husks and pants and Vaniqua’s delirious, uncontrolled moaning. The dog inside of her thrust rapidly, his pace ever increasing and his rhythm perfect sending sparks of pleasure down her body and she whimpered every time his hips crashed against hers. All of a sudden she could feel how the dog’s cock started to press against her g-spot as it swelled and something large and round started forcing its way inside of me.
File: 1412196570286.gif (2MB, 479x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 479x270px
The realization of what was about to hit her filled made her heart sink and she cried out. “G-GOD, ARE YOU KNOTTING ME!?” The eager dog managed to push his knot inside of her with a few hard thrusts and it immediately swelled out blocking the path backwards. Vaniqua could feel how the dog’s cock started to pulsate and twitch inside of her, pressing against her g-spot and being just shy of her cervix. A loud howl of ecstatic pleasure filled the air as Bandit pressed as hard against her as he could and came. The canine’s penis erupted deep inside of her and wave upon wave of hot sticky puppy-seed flowed inside, making its way to her womb and claiming her as his bitch.

Vaniqua’s heart was no longer beating, it was thrumming so fast that it threatened to explode inside of her chest and she could feel the fiery trail of his seed pushing inside her womb looking to fill her with puppies. She couldn’t take it anymore and her knees buckled, toes curl and her back arched. She cried out with raw unadulterated pleasure and came all over the dog’s cock. Her twitching and spasms only served to make her walls push harder against the puppy-pecker and it exploded again as she unwillingly milked him for every drop of seed.

Two weeks later Vaniqua was lying in her bed staring up into the ceiling. Something felt weird today but she wasn’t sure what it was. Ever since she had lost her virginity out in that forest to the German Shepherd pursuing her the world had felt different, colors and tastes had become stronger and more intense but this was something else entirely. Sitting up with her cover around her she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and then it hit her. Her period was almost one week late and none of the normal signs of it coming were there. Looking into a big mirror standing on the floor she brought her hand down to her stomach and felt her warm skin. Could it be? Was she?
Well, that's one way to ruin a fun thread.
Can you perhaps go even deeper and tell me about the environment, what the weather was like and a little bit more of how the rapie was acting/feeling.
File: 1427774037369.jpg (51KB, 473x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 473x480px
What are you, a shrink? Haha

Nah, you probably just some guy tryin' to pop one off, huh?
File: image.jpg (46KB, 394x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 394x507px
My nigga
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