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What do you think is the most ghetto/violent/dangerous city in

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What do you think is the most ghetto/violent/dangerous city in America? And why?

A list? Here's mine:

1.) Detroit, Mi
2.) Gary, In
3.) Camden, NJ
4.) East St. Louis, Il
5.) Flint, Mi
6.) Atlanta, Ga
7.) New Orleans, La
8.) Memphis, Tn
9.) Chicago, Il
10.) Milwaukee, Wi
11.) Cleveland, Oh
12.) Philadelphia, Pa
13.) Birmingham, Al
14.) Louisville, Ky
15.) Albuquerque, NM
16.) Oakland, Ca
17.) Miami, Fl
18.) Jackson, Ms
19.) St. Louis, Mo
20.) Stockton, Ca
21.) Columbia, SC
22.) Chester, Pa
23.) Newburgh, NY
24.) Houston, Tx
25.) Richmond, Va

I usually post a longer, more-thorough list, but I grew tired of people bitching about the geographical locations of cities from the same state being listed together on the same spot, so I decided to actually write a new one right now. Please feel free to contribute your opinions on which city/area you think is the worst in the U.S. and to share some stories about why you feel this way or personal experiences from the city.
I'm pretty sure there are statistics kept for that sort of thing
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And here is the list of ghetto/violent cities that I usually use:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis, Tn
6.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
7.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo
8.) New Orleans, & Baton Rouge, La
9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, & Youngstown, Oh
10.) Baltimore, Md
11.) Washington D.C.
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Atlanta, Ga
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok
20.) Bridgeport, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Milwaukee, Wi
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Omaha, Ne
24.) Topeka, & Wichita, Ks
25.) Phoenix, & Tucson, Az

> Pic related: The picture that I normally use, of a Police/B.A.R.T. car from the Oakland Bay Area that was vandalized after the George Zimmerman verdict.
Houston should be higher
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Btw, I am from and live in Arizona, currently, just outside of Phoenix, in what is probably the only ghetto of what is an overall really nice city. Also, I am in my 30s and have tried to stay out of trouble and away from bad parts of town, so I don't have many stories to share. However, it would be cool to get to read some thoughts and opinions on the gehtto cities in America and some personal stories about them.

> Pic related: Arizona, mother fucker.

I know this might be hard to understand, but I was looking for personal thoughts and opinions and hoping to get to read about some personal experiences that took place in some of the ghetto cities around America.
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Born n Raised from Detroit. I can confirm.
it's a ruthless 24/7 fucking attack. Don't you dare stop moving your car, don't you DARE go out alone especially at night. Every man for themselves.
You care to elaborate on why you say this? Got any stories? And have you lived/spent time in any other ghetto cities to compare Houston to?
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Are you being serious or trolling? I have no doubt that Detroit is hard-fucking-core, which is why I have it as #1 on my list. However, some people have posted in previous threads and claimed that it's actually not that bad. But, I find that hard to believe.

Btw, which is worse: Detroit or Flint? Is it close? What about Pontiac and Saginaw? Can they compare to Detroit and Flint?

And have you been to any other ghetto cities to compare Detroit to? Chicago? Gary? East St. Louis? Oakland? Los Angeles? New Orleans? Memphis? If so, are any of them as bad as Detroit?
I'm between old Compton, and Hunter's Point. Both are neighborhood and not cities, so I may have to say Oakland, CA to cover both.
North side of Flint = worst
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maybe you should section the 3 categories off, because atlanta ga is more ghetto than chicago but not nearly as violent

chicagoan here. if you're white you're pretty much good (which is why whites love the city so much) but for us blacks the shooting and violence does not stop, ever
ive seen police watch nigs kill people
its hell on earth in our poor black neighborhoods, which is why no one comes and nobody cares and the rest of america thinks the news reports are lies and etc

i live in atl right now. its not violent at all compared to chicago, gary, detroit, etc
safest place ive ever been
I was referring to the really bad parts. yes. ALLOT of Detroit is very nice and is getting better.
I used to live in Oakland, by day and in certain parts is fine. But up on a hill you can hear gunshots from around the city every night. Even white people have sawn off long guns and unregistered handguns
Even worse than the worst parts of Detroit? Which is, what, the east side of Detroit?

Where is old Compton? Isn't Compton is southern California, near Los Angeles? And isn't Hunter's Point up north in the Bay Area? Apparently, you are form or live near Oakland. What is your opinion of the city? Is it ghetto, dangerous and violent? Is it as bad as or worse than L.A., Richmond, Stockton, Fresno?

And do you think the worst ghettos in California are as bad as or worse than the worst ghettos in the Midwest cities like Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cleveland, Gary, East St. Louis? Or the ghettos on the east Coast, like Camden, Philadelphia, Chester, Brooklyn, Newburgh?
Parts of Montgomery, Alabama are way worse than Birmingham.
The whitehouse
>No Baltimore

Should come visit sometime
it's not that bad. parts of highland park are like that, but not every part of detroit is that bad. Cass corridor here btw
I'm really surprised to hear you claim that Atlanta is not that violent. It seems like, in the ghettos there, it's one of the worst and some guy living in the ATL posted in a previous thread a few weeks ago and was describing Atlanta as being one of the worst/most-ghetto/most-dangerous cities in America. I will try to find the archived trhead and then copy/paste his posts about Atlanta.

As for the Midwest, in the worst/most-violent parts, do you think that Chicago is as bad as or worse than Detroit? What about Gary and East St. Louis? Is one of them actually the worst? As in, noticeably worse/more-dangerous/violent than the others? I know that Chicago has lots of shootings, but would you say it's more-violent/scarier than the worst parts in Detroit? Or Flint? Or Gary?

Btw, I'd really like to hear more about your experiences in the cold Chi', so if you feel like posting, please do.

Also, you care to elaborate on when you've seen police watch blacks kill other blacks (I assume)?
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the east side from 6 and john r to 6 and gratiot is fucked

inkster is getting there too

baltimore is on par with detroit and flint and st louis

memphis is also fucked

me btw^

also pic related its one i took in detroit
Any city with niggers in excess of 25% of the population. You pick.
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I'm not very familiar with the geographical layout of Alabama, but it's been mentioned in previous threads that Prichard, Alabama, is one of the most-ghetto/dangerous cities in the country. Do you know where Prichard is/are you familiar with it? If so, what do you think of that assertion? is Prichard that violent? And have you heard of Gate City? Someone mentioned Gate City as being awful, as well.

As for Alabama, here's a story someone posted in a previous thread about Hueytown, Alabama:

And here's a story that was posted in a recent thread by a guy from Alabama (not my story):

More like pic related :)
>At home while roommates are at work.
>Don't own car so it looks like no one is home.
>Hear glass break from side door directly across from my room.
>Grab shotty off the wall and swing my door open, leveling shotgun as an arm has gone through window on door.
>Fire off a round into door and watch hand explode and arm disappear out the door.
>Look out front window to see guy running through next door neighbor's yard and into woods.
>First time ever shooting someone and adrenaline is wearing off, look back in kitchen were fingers are and throw up.

Got my roommate to come home from work early and called the cops. Guy must have toughed it out or bled out at someone's house, cause he never showed up at a hospital.

We changed the doors the next day to steel doors with double locks (have to use key inside to lock and unlock the doors so you cant break a window and unlock the door. Bars on all windows now. And this is just inside the house, fuck the shit I deal with out and about just going to the damn gas station to buy cigarettes.
Check this post here >>607226368 which is the list I usually use for this thread, and I have Baltimore listed at #10. I've also had it higher on the list before. Would you say that Baltimore is as bad as it is depicted to be in The Wire? And do you have any stories about Bodymore, Murderland?
this seems a bit involved. who comes up with a top 25 list i their spare time? oh yea, i forgot this is 4chin.
live in NJ and do volunteer work in camden. place is effectively a police state due to all the press. it has a plan to gentrify itself but is effectivley run as a drug port for the surrounding tri-state area. low chance of experiencing violence from pedestrians as long as you dont fuck around.
Since you mentioned Camden, here's a re-write I did of a story someone posted in a previous thread about getting beaten up in Camden, NJ.

Basically, the story went something like this:

> Mexican kid/guy, about 18, 6'2'' and 200 lbs, fairly muscular, goes to stay with grandmother in Camden
> been there for a few days, decides to walk to the store for grandmother, by himself
> apparently, a very bad idea
> walks inside store, big, older white guy clerk immediately says that he should not be there, that it's not safe for him
> Mexican kid/guy walks out of the store after making purchase and is encountered by 3 large, black males walking down the sidewalk
> one of the black guys says that one of them dropped their bag of dope and that they saw him pick it up and take it
> Mexican kid/guy says he is legitimately frightened, as the 3 black males are huge and don't appear to be fucking around
> Mexican kid/guy nervously says that he did not take their drugs and that he did not want any trouble
> the 3 black males decide that he deserves to get violently beaten up, so they immediately start to do so
> Mexican kid/guy says that the 3 black males all start punching him violently and he falls to the ground and is getting pummeled
> while on the ground, one of the black males starts grabbing his fingers and literally starts breaking them, he ends up with 3 fingers broken
> while this beating is happening, a cop car pulls up and blares his siren, the 3 black males start walking away, Mexican kid/guy feels like crying, because he is so happy
> cop pulls away without even getting out of his car
> apparently, in Camden, someone getting jumped by 3 guys was not important enough for the cop to get out of his car and check on the victim

> after that experience, the Mexican kid/guy stated that he did not go out in Camden again before moving back home

> Pic related: A rooftop view in Camden, New Jersey
File: Camden - oMdSw.jpg (198KB, 1652x1118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Camden - oMdSw.jpg
198KB, 1652x1118px
The guy who originally posted the story that I posted here >>573814260 told it in a better fashion than I just did; but, I'm sure you get the gist of what happened.

As for Camden being a really shitty place, in the same thread that the guy shared the story about getting jumped, another person also posted, a white kid (around 16-17, iIrc), and told a story about having gotten lost after driving his parents car home from a concert and ending up in Camden. I don't recall the specifics, but I think he was at a stop sign/stoplight and just got ambushed by someone on the street who smashed through his side window and dragged him out of the car. Ultimately, he said that he ended up getting curbed-stomped and almost died, literally. He said that the only thing that saved his life was some foreign shop-owner running outside with a shotgun and screaming at the people trying to beat him to death. And this happened because he was a white kid driving a nice car through their neighborhood.

I hadn't realized it, but based on lots of posts in previous threads, New Jersey apparently has several absolutely terrible cities in it. Besides Camden, people have claimed that Patterson, East Orange, Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City are all ghetto cities with rampant crime and truly dangerous areas. Overall, though, it seems as though almost everyone agrees that Camden is the worst city in NJ; and, likely, the most-dangerous/fucked-up city on the East Coast. People have compared Camden to a little Detroit. And many people have stated the same thing about Flint, Gary, and East St. Louis.

So, is anyone looking to post some stories this morning?

> Pic related: Another view of Camden, NJ.
And to try to bump the thread, here's a screencap of a greentext story that someone posted about driving through Gary, Indiana, on the way to Chicago and having cars block the road and try to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
like my roommate once told me, "every city has their own definition of bad"
coming from chiraq to "blatlanta" is a GIANT drop in violent crime and crime in general, i do things in atlanta you couldnt pay me to do in chicago (walking 5 blocks to the store after dark, standing in front of my house enjoying the weather, etc), simply because i know i wouldnt survive. the ppl in atl are way more calm, everyone in chiraq is paranoid and super defensive

as far as detroit, they may have us on property crime and robberies. east st louis didnt seem bad to me at all, gary was just ghetto

as far as experiences in chiraq, for us blacks (young and old, nobodies safe if youre brown) on the south and west, its just terrible. we live super restricted because any and everybody can be on the warpath out for revenge or just wants to murder you. people get pulled off buses and beat randomly, there are vids online where tourists get lost in southside neighborhoods and do the one thing you dont do in chiraq, tell them you're not from there. they get chased off, beat, robbed, etc. tldr chicago is worst than the news says, take it from someone who lives there

cpd doesnt get too involved in active shootings or most disputes. once i watched a cpd tahoe sit in the alley while guys shot down the street at eachother and hit a 57yr old woman instead. maybe 15 seconds after the shooting stopped they called for ems and body removal. another day another body nothing new
oh yea, chicago is only scary when you're involved with the streets. otherwise its a pretty great place and i advise everyone to visit. just avoid the south side and red line train
Post about ATL:

OP you should really reconsider your ranking of Atlanta Georgia on your list. If you wanna talk about one of the shadiest most unsacred places to live right here is your place. I live in downtown Atlanta and the place is overrun with homeless people. I mean there is enough of them to start a fucking army. They are all lazy fucking bums that make no efforts to better themselves either. Probably atleast 3 times on a normal day I am heckled by homeless people for food or money and they are crazy rude about it. They will watch you walk into a resturant or bank and then smoother you when you come out. "Hey man give me some pizza" "hey man I just saw you go into the bank I know you have some money" it's never hey man can you please spare some change or food. It's just belligerent give me what you have. And when you refuse they get pissed as fuck and keep asking you or start screaming in public about how much of an asshole you are. I once saw a man get shot on my campus. Yes a college canpus. On my college campus a homeless man got shot right outside of the fucking police station in mid swing of trying to stab a police officer. There are constant emails going around telling students to be inside at a certain time of the night and to always be in pairs during the day because girls litterally get abducted and are never seen again all the fucking time around here.
My apartment is rampant with nigger and I mean just completely infested with the nasty fuckkers. They don't live here and they come inside and crash parties and ripe the lights and exit signs out of the ceilings in the hallways. We once found about 5 niggers living on our rooftop. I know one guy who lives here who had somebody knock on his door hold him at gun point and rob his ass in the middle of the fucking day. I know another guy who had somebody (probably a nigger) trip the sprinkler system in the hallway outside his apartment and flooded his entire room. All of his shit was ruined.
Guy posting about Atlanta again:

The only thing the guy who got his apartment flooded did was work three jobs and sleep. That guy didn't even have time to make enimies. So what happens? Some dumb nigger thought it was funny to tottaly ruin his life one night. The same thing could happen to me. I am in constant fear of some nigger tripping my fire system from the hallway now. Oh amd I forgot to mention that the niggers like to come up in my apartment complex and trip the fire alarm and 4 in the morning alllllllllll the time bro. Like holy shit atleast once every 2 weeks I have to get out of bed during the middle of the night because a massive alarm is blaring because a nigger pulled the fire alarm because it was funny.
My apartment complex started getting fined by the state because the fire department has had to come here so many times on false fire accusations.
I once saw 4 niggers beat the shit out of a whote girl in my apartment complex downstairs and had to get in the middle of it to stop them. I almost got my ass kicked myself but I started screaming that I'm calling the fucking cops and they all scattered like roaches.
Got fucking dammit I had this city so much holy fucking shit.
I just want some god damn peace and quite at might instead of drunken niggers flopping doen the stairwell outsode my room at night. And I canmt even yell at them because they'll just come back another night and trip my sprinkler system. My apartment complex now has full time security day and night in it and it doesnt do a fucking thing.
I saw a nigger rolling a blunt in the elevator i was in not even two weeks ago and he was in a skee mask. What the fuck am I supposed to do about that shit? Huh? How do I stop it?
I leave thats how.
It's to far gone. Atlanta is to far gone Op fuck atlanta
File: First48.jpg (28KB, 600x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Another response by the guy from Atlanta:

I wish I could stick around and answer all those questions OP but I have class in a little.
I got to georgia state university.
My family is from Deteroit. #1 on your list...
And I don't carry a weapon because I'm on a school campus.
As for the women every single one of the things listed happens to them from what I hear. It just depends.
There is video footage from a building of one girl from our school getting thrown into a white van in the middle of the might while she was out jogging. That was 2 months ago. They still havn't found her.

> And another guy's post about Atlanta:

I was once sitting in a resturant in downtown atlanta and a nigger ran up to my table grabbed my phone and ran out of the resturant never to be seen agian. I wasn't racist till I moved to atlanta. I mean I get I shouldn't have had my phone out at the table but what am I supposed to do? Live in constant fear in public places of somebody taking my stuff? Yes. Unfortunately yea is the answer to that. And you know why? Because of the niggers. Atlanta is broken man.

> Also, I was watching The First 48 on A&E the night I originally posted this and one of the cases was in Atlanta.

Seriously, is Atlanta really that bad?
File: ArizonaFlagMap.jpg (55KB, 185x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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azbro high five
On what logic is that list and where is wall street? Wall street steals by far the most money.
What part of Arizona are you from/do you currently live in? I was born and raised in Chandler, then lived in Payson for 16 years, then moved to the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida, area for about 5 years, then made my way back to Arizona and lived in Chandler again for a few months, then over to east Mesa, and I am currently living in south Scottsdale (not the nice part, it's actually a ghetto pert of the city), near 69th St. and Thomas.

Sorry for the lengthy post; I got a little carried away there.

So, what part of Az are you from/currently in? And have you spent any time in the rougher parts of the Phoenix or Tuscon area? If so, what are your thoughts on the ghettos in Arizona? Got any stories?

> Pic related: Bear Down! Go, 'Cats!

Even though, I am from Chandler, I am a die hard Wildcats fan! Yes, even though, they sucked it up in the tournament yet again and couldn't beat Wisconsin and make it to the Final Four.
they fucked with his building because they knew no one would stop them
one thing ive noticed about the ppl in downtown atlanta, they go after people who seemingly cant defend themselves, theyre bullies. they also bother the college students from out of town, because they know most are from pretty nice/safe neighborhoods. theyre assholes, and thank god they dont like chicago so i dont have to worry about associating with them when i wear my chi apparel. the homeless are irritating, but i just hand them a dollar and keep walking. now the kidnapping females part i believe, these people are sex crazed. tldr i would trade places with that guy anyday

in chicago i duck and dodge bullets, my best friend was murdered, i was grazed and my other friend shot right in front of my house in broad daylight, waking up to gunshots at night scared as fuck hoping everyone i know is safe, not being able to sleep worried someone might come in my house and shoot us all up, etc
Do you really think the criminals/thugs/gangsters in Chicago are significantly more violent than they are in Atlanta? Could the thugs in Atlanta bang with the thugs in Chicago? What about the thugs in Detroit? Are they as hardcore and violent as they are in Chicago?

Also, what are the cops in Chicago like? Like I assume they likely are, are they seriously hardcore and tough, as well? And what about the cops in Atlanta?
I enjoy seeing philly decrease on your list. Of course not because it's safer, just everywhere else got a lot worse.
>New Orleans
File: 1427337666199.jpg (251KB, 1348x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 1348x760px
i was going to make a comment until i remembered that we have areas that look that bad on this side of the pond too

Most of the cases on the first 48 are in chicago
By the way, how old are you? And how long did you live in Chicago for? What about Atlanta? You seem to have a reasonable perspective on things, so that's why I'm curious how old you are.

And, I can't help but be curious, are you a racist? Somewhat? A lot? At all? How do you feel about white people in general/overall? What about your feelings about cops? Do you hate/dislike most/all of them? Do you think that most/all of them are bad/evil/racist?

Or, like I do, do you see many/most of them as being good people who are doing an incredibly difficult job with intense amounts of pressure and stress? I also want to qualify that statement with admitting that I am white and that I have not ever lived or spent time in a really bad/poor ghetto area.

And thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate your responses.
Only watched a couple episodes of that show. But the part where the dealers beat up that one white crackhead is tuned down. irl they would've broke some bones and stabbed him if they had a knife. Respect is a MUST around there. Some stories?

>be me in 3rd grade.
>walking home from school
>See kid walking past me probably a year older than me.
>See him tucking in his pants, weird. Usually it's law to wear your jeans as ankle bracelets.
>Comes closer and see that's he's messing with his sliver belt buckle.
>Comes closer.
>it's a fucking gun.
>We walk past eachother.
>He looks over at me constantly but keeps walking.
>Never saw him again.

>Be me about 14.
>At the court.
>Can't ball for shit.
>Becoming everyone's bitch through the game.
>Respect is everything. You can't let this shit slide or you'll be the bitch forever.
>Beam the ball at this kids face who's talking smack.
>Proceed to get jumped.

>Got beat up in 2nd grade.
>Got beat up in 3rd grade.
>Got beat up in 4th grade.
>By this point I've had lunch stolen (usually skittles and shit), bikes stolen, shoes stolen, inhaler stolen.
>First week of Middle school is where everyone usually gets jumped for the first time. "Hell week".
>It was also the first time I got offered weed from some dealers at the bus stop.

Moved out to Silver Spring now. I kinda miss it in a abusive relationship kinda way.
atlanta has thugs on chicago's level, but not alot. the ppl in chicago were bred to be like that so yeah, atl wouldnt stand a chance against, or make the cut when trying to join.

detroit is def on the same level, really i think the midwestern cities all act alike (even st louis which seems to be more southern influenced)
ppl come to chicago from other places in the midwest and fit right in with us, violence and all.

believe it or not, the white cops are cool as shit. not saying you can get away with murder (you can) but theyre not as quick to put a bullet in your ass as the black ones, and theyre quite funny. the black ones are just strange, theyve made us sing songs before and other weird shit before letting us go. the dicks (detectives) are the funniest, take the least shit. thugs in chicago will play games with cpd but not the dicks, they can be cool if youre cool
Where are you from? And do you think the ghettos/thugs/criminals there are as bad as the ghettos/thugs/criminals in the worst cities in America?

And have you been to America? If so, where? What did you think of it? And do you like Americans?

You must be trolling or just joking around. While they likely have the most shootings of any city in America these days, I don't think I've even seen a single episode of The First 48 that was in Chicago.
And tbh. that was the sweet side of baltimore.
This was for Oscar Grant you fucking fag, you don't know oakland
I've lived in East Oakland most of my life and it wasn't that bad as long as you didn't go out at night. However spent a year in Philadelphia and it looks more rundown. A lot of the west philly ghettos are so old they're coming apart.
25, born and raised in chicago
been in atlanta 4 times so far, this time its been 3 months, longest ive ever been able to handle cause it sucks

as far as racist, na, i just pay attention to who does what the most and run with it, if that makes any sense. i love white people, in chicago i refuse to party with blacks, too negative and dreary. im not into the drug use but i love the atmosphere around whites. slavery sucked but whatever life goes on. well im a "dreadhead" so the cops bother me alot, but i dont complain, i knew what i was getting myself into when i grew them. as long as im not being blamed for something i didnt do idc, and if i get caught in the act, shit i shouldnt have been doing it in the first place. i dont hate or dislike em, i barely even pay them any attention tbh, all arent bad, most are but i think its because they know what theyre up against and they dont want to seem weak because weak wont survive.

np, i love talking about good old chicago v2 rebuilt edition
miss that shitty city

chicago has had like 2 or 3, not alot. the shootings in the chi dont usually have a real motive or story so they dont bother
I was in the states for about 6 years and I traveled extensively the whole time I flew to San Francisco and LA, but only spent a few bus days there, mostly it was driving around to just about every major city east of Little Rock

Most of my time was in New York city, New Paltz NY, Cincinnati Ohio and Sarasota Florida
You are really saying that shit happened to you while living in a relatively nice/decent part of Baltimore? I'm assuming you are white? If so, are you now a racist? Did you get fucked with because you were/are white? And do you think Baltimore's worst areas are as bad as or worse than the worst areas of D.C?

Also, isn't Silver Springs where Ray Leonard is from? Os is it Sharmba Mitchell? I love Boxing and I know that at least one of those two is from Silver Springs and that both of them are from Maryland. Leonard was a great boxer, but I disliked his ass for his arrogant/self-righteous attitude when he was a fighter.

Which city's ghetto gave you a feeling of being more unsafe, Oakland or Philadelphia? Which city seemed seemed tough/more-violent overall? Or would you say they're similarly hardcore?
Salinas 831
Thanks for taking the time to reply again and share some of your story. As for the cops needing to come off as being dicks, i.e. tough/hardened, I agree with you that they need/have to be that way in order to be able to survive the job long term and to be effective. You're surely right about them being run over, if they aren't hardened and tough. And in places like Chicago and Detroit, I'm sure the cops need to be ready to rumble at all times, considering how hardcore and violent the criminals there are.

So, where are you actually from? And where do you live now? Also, what did you think of the American cities that you visited? Were the people nice, friendly, welcoming? Or did you dislike many of the Americans you encountered/interacted with?

And did you get to see any of the rougher parts of these American cities you visited? If so, how do you think they compare to your country's ghetto areas?

Where exactly is Salinas? I'm pretty sure that it's in California, but not sure where. What's it like there? Is it a gangster city? And are there any Mexicans there? Also, do you like it there?
Look up the first 48 missing persons, just sayin
File: Picard.jpg (40KB, 473x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 473x351px
I only had one really sketchy situation and that was in Memphis I had to go to a little shop around 8:30 at night and pulled up in a black Chevy tahoe with quite a few blacks standing around I got out and all there conversations stopped

The shop still had a wooden screen door it was so old, one of the black men outside quickly moved to wordlessly open the door for me. I nodded a thanks at him in return

Inside it also fell quiet. I did my transaction as quietly as possible with my best southern drawl (which is pretty convincing) and when I went to leave a man lept to the door again to hold it open for me

The men outside just stood watching me in silence until I had pulled away.

I still don't know what that was about
Nope. Ethiopian black. I'm racist against everyone now and I hate myself for it. Makes it hard to be friends with normal people and causes a lot of identity issues. I got fucked with because I was basically raised by a loving mother and didn't display the same monkey characteristics they did. So yeah I guess I was singled out for that. I'd say baltimore is worse overall. Ray was born NC. Don't know who that is.
Now that you mention that variation of The First 48, you are right about it being filmed in Chicago. I think that show was filmed entirely in Chicago, actually. However, that was actually a different show/variation of The First 48, so that's why I wasn't recalling any episodes taking place in Chicago.

Btw, are you from/do you live in Chicago? If so, what do you think of the city? What's it like there now, as in, right now while you're posting in this thread?
wow, surprised you got New Orleans that low. a few years ago cnn said it was the most dangerous city in the world. ahead of Afghanistan.
Washington, because politicians.

I suppress my accent as much as possible when I travel to blend in Most probably like 90-95% of the yanks I ran into ranged from indifferent to warm, kind, and generous people but that remaining 5% just just stupid infantile cretins bad enough and loud enough that I see how Americans get a bad reputation, although in my mind they don't deserve it I actually made some good friends there and can't wait to go back
So, are you racist against blacks mostly? Or whites? Or do you pretty much dislike everyone who you don't personally know? What about other black Ethiopians? Also, do you like black Ethiopian women?

And I had not known that Sugar Ray Leonard was born in North Carolina, but I just Googled him and you are right. So, that was news to me. However, he moved to Maryland when he was young and lived there after he was 10.

This is from his Wikipedia page:

Leonard, the fifth of seven children of Cicero and Getha Leonard, was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He was named after Ray Charles, his mother's favorite singer.[5] The family moved to Washington, D.C. when he was three, and they settled permanently in Palmer Park, Maryland when he was ten. His father worked as a supermarket night manager and his mother was a nurse. He attended Parkdale High School in Leonard was a shy child, and aside from the time he nearly drowned in a creek during a Seat Pleasant, Maryland flood, his childhood was uneventful. He stayed home a lot, reading comic books and playing with his dog. His mother said: "He never did talk too much. We never could tell what he was thinking. But I never had any problems with him. I never had to go to school once because of him."

Are you from NOLA? If so, where do you think it should be on the list? Do you think it's as dangerous/violent as Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Los Angeles?

I was in the bad neighborhoods of a few cities spent a few bored hours in the Jersey City Public library id was by far the most run down and antiquated of any library I'd seen in the States but the staff was friendly and helpful and had all the information I needed and more so it wasn't a bad experience
I hate everyone pretty much but I suppose it stems from blacks. Most other black ethiopians are sheltered as fuck so I don't bond with them much. I find them attractive, yeah they tend to have big foreheads though. I don't box. Thinking about taking it up though.
Born and raised New Orleans kid. i dont have much of a reference beacuse i have never been to any of those cities, but i would say middle of the pack based on stories i've heard? if you stay in the main areas such as French Quarter, Bourbon, etc. you should be fine. dont go wander off. if you take a wrong turn, you're asking to get jumped/murdered. also if you're a tourist i'd be cautious if you are one of those blackout drunks. easiest way to become a sex slave. but overall i think its not bad as long as you're not an idiot haha
desert hot springs california
you're white?
Hey guys this weekend in the world of the Conchords there is a good idea to have a baby. I don't know if you are looking to buy a house, but I'm able to relax and enjoy the benefits of the most important aspects of ourselves. We are going to be a girl. She is not a good time. Can't wait to see you there.
I will say this though Sarasota, Tampa, Charlotte, Little Rock, Louisville, Dallas and yes even Atlanta...none of them have bad neighborhoods like exists in the big Northern cities like Detroit, New, York any major New Jersey city, Chicago Philadelphia, Baltimore or Boston
I thought New Orleans washed away. The fuck you still doing in all that rubble and shit?
Extremely mate, pale and green eyed
everywhere where at least 2 niggers live in
ruling over all the niggers
The flash drive and I will be murdered in a few weeks. We are not a problem, but I'm sure you sent me a lot of guys. I'm sorry for being a little bit of a penis.
File: 1369631925329.jpg (3KB, 238x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 238x195px
You've never been to Hialeah
The fuck is wrong with this world? If you enjoy your stay, please contact us at the apartment. I have a cock. I have a good idea. I have a great time. I don't know if you are looking for someone, but I'm sure you are looking for a little bit of a penis. That's why I occasionally jerk off with a new phone number.
I was going to point out that I've never been to Miami so I couldn't say how their bad neighborhoods compared but based on what I'd heard i thought they might be able to offer up some stiff competition to the big northern cities
Either Flint or Camden
1) Mulhouse 68
2) Marseille 13
3) Ciudad juarez
4) Bagdad
5) San Pedro Sula
178) Detroit, Mi
Usa sucks
then not a fucking mystery cookie.
File: 1409896662338.jpg (960KB, 4088x2726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
960KB, 4088x2726px

Not an American pls explain?

In return have some Emma
Current Detroit resident here. It's a fucked up city, but a ton of people from here make it out to be way worse than it is. I live in Corktown currently, my building has a gated lot and a garage, but people often park their cars on the street for the night with no issue.

The east side, on the other hand, is a bit of a warzone. there are huge areas where none of the streetlights work because people rip the wiring out of them for scrap.

Flint, in my opinion, is worse than detroit. detroit still has some commerce and business and a large college that makes the city run and be worthwhile to all people for one reason or another. my dad is a construction worker and they did a job in flint a few months back. he said they had to truck all of the equipment in and out every day and night instead of leaving it there overnight like usual because the neighborhood is so bad.

pic related my front window
It looks like you live in MCS
Indy is way more dangerous than Gary
File: 1416665750988.jpg (79KB, 546x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 546x658px
Have you actually been to both of these cities? What about any of the other hardcore ghetto cities in America? And where do you live now?

Sometimes, people will post and mention how the ghettos in American don't even compare to third world ghettos, and while there may be more outrageously-violently crimes in many of the third world ghetto cities, I think it's skewed because of so much of the population being unable to defend themselves properly and because of the criminals not having to worry as much about law enforcement as they do in the U.S. However, do you really think that the most-violent criminals and thugs in places like Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, etc. could just run over the hardcore thugs in places like Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Camden, Philly, Oakland, Los Angeles, etc.? Do you not think the hardcore American gangbangers and violent thugs could bang with the worst of the worst in the most-violent third world countries?
if i turned 90 degrees to my left, MCS would be closer than any of the buildings from downtown. I love on the corner of Fort and Rosa Parks
That explains it, you're pretty close
First off, thanks for the pic. That's a cool view. Did you just take that picture before posting it? Is the sun currently rising there in Detroit?

As for Flint being worse than Detroit, are the worst parts of Flint actually worse than the worst parts of Detroit? Have you been to the bad parts of both cities? Have you been to the scariest parts of east Detroit? And do you own/carry a gun? If so, what kind?

I've got to assume that you are being sarcastic? I do actually have Indianapolis listed along with Gary and East Chicago in the second list that I posted, but almost everyone from/familiar with Indiana who has commented on it in the past has claimed that Indy should not even be listed and that it is nowhere near as bad as Gary or East Chicago. However, I have not been to Indiana, so, if you really feel that Indianapolis is that hardcore and violent, please elaborate on why that is?
Yeah. kind of a weird area. far enough from downtown that nobody is really walking around, but not far enough to where it's dangerous at night like clark street near the river or anything further than that.
NOLA masterrace reporting in.

Happened last week

>Is the sun currently rising there in Detroit?

Where you live anon?
You aren't fucking lying about Flint. It's just my opinion, but I think Flint is worse, both criminally and economically.
No i took that pic like maybe 10 days ago. i played an all night volleyball tournament and when i got home the view was perfect. it's a little after 6 AM right now.

Flint, in my opinion again, is worse because there are no "buffer" areas like downtown where no bad things are going down on the street. people aren't being shot for crack money in broad daylight in a downtown area. Flint has it's downtown areas, but the city as a whole is more like one large bad neighborhood.

the east side of detroit is probably worse if you compare community to community without respect to city lines. but it doesn't represent detroit as a whole, no matter how badly the news wants you to think that.

Lets say that on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the worst ranking american cities in "ghettoness", flint would be an 8.5 or 9. the east side of detroit, i would say AT LEAST 9.5. i still say flint is worse though it's a whole community, not just a fucked up neighborhood that is mostly contained.
File: IMG_20150107_161325.jpg (1021KB, 1920x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1021KB, 1920x1920px
Aside everyone dissing the post it's actually very interesting to me. I live in indianapolis, IN have past through alot of all these places always been interested to see the rougher parts just never had a considerable amount of time. I carry a taurus judge with .410 shells (picrelated) and always have a backup secondly during daylight hours I don't see a huge threat. I'm not boasting just explaining Im not too concerned for my safety just wouldn't mind seeing how others live IRL.

Anyways I've heard personal stories of people in Gary getting cars coming at them with headlights off at night surrounding them to rob them or carjack. I know at one point they had a deal where they sold houses for $1 to try and rebuild the vacant shitty houses. My dad told me a story where he went to st. Louis and got lost and at night going through stop lights with people lurking to jack your shit and no one stopped. People holding guns openly exposed to commit crimes and cop cars on jack stands with wheels stolen.

Anyone else ever want to travel through these type of environments? You tend to rethink how good you got it when you see that shit.
I don't carry a gun. I own an AK-47 but i just got that as part of a deal when i sold my last car. I didn't really seek it out. I can understand people wanting to carry a concealed pistol for safety as an everyday habit, but i think when people carry guns because they're nervous about their own safety, it usually results in rushed and nervous decision making, and somebody gets shot for very stupid reasons that almost never amount to self defense.
my only reply to your post is the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. People that carry gus can make bad decisions...People who drive cars can make bad decisions and kill people too? Should we not drive cars too? Mcdonalds has killed more people then legal concealed carrying American citizens maybe you should ban that fag
I'm a night warehouse supervisor in New Orleans. I live in a decent area 10 blocks away from the French Quarter. However, my house is sandwich between two shitty neighborhoods. When I get off the interstate on my way home around 3-5 am. Always catch the light under it. In the past 3 months 5 people have been shot or killed in the few blocks around this intersection. I always have my Glock 26 in my hand and never stop at the light for more then 3 seconds.
I'm the OP and I am currently in and am from/born and raised in Arizona. So, as I'm typing this post, it's 3:23 a.m. What about you, where are you from/at right now?

You think that Flint is actually noticeably worse than even the worst parts of Detroit?

Have you been to any other hardcore ghetto cities besides New Orleans? If so, how do they compare to NOLA? And do you think that New Orleans is as bad as or worse than Detroit, Chicago, Camden, Philadelphia, Memphis, Los Angeles?
Okay lets not get all NRA in here. I'm all for carrying, I just think that a lot of people go out, get the gun, get the CPL, and think that the gun automatically makes them safe. They still have poor decision making skills and that's who i don't want carrying a gun around.

I dont carry because i try to think ahead to not put myself in those situations where i'm under a burnt out streetlight at 4 am on the wrong end of town. I understand very well that good and innocent people can still be the victims of any sort of crime, i guess i'm just confident in my ability to remove myself from a fucked up situation without blasting someones head off.

also, if you're the guy with the taurus judge, that thing is awesome.
Thanks for the thread OP, i'm the guy with the detroit skyline pic. i've seen these threads before and really like seeing where they go. i think detroit is a super interesting place and love to talk to people about it and see what they think
Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm the OP and I agree with that this is an interesting topic, which is why I start these threads every couple weeks/few days. I think that learning about the cities that I have not been to and likely won't get to visit is very cool. And while I don't want to celebrate violence and crime, the reality is that it's not as interesting/intriguing to me to share/read stories about the nicest neighborhoods in America.

Btw, I have several of these threads archived. Here are a few recent threads for you to check out (you should save them in your Favorites/Bookmarks and fully read through them, as there are some good stories shared):

- http://4archive.org/b/thread/596019381
- http://4archive.org/b/thread/596574671
- http://4archive.org/b/thread/573813923

Also, that is a badass gun you have there! I live in Arizona, where we have some of the most-relaxed gun laws in the country, and I have had an interest in guns, and carrying them since I was a youngster (I'm now in my late-30s). I actually just bought a used Taurus PT92 9MM off of ArmsList a few weeks ago, and while it's not the most pretty pistol, it's supposed to be an affordable, reliable gun. And it came with five 15-round magazines (4 of them Mec-Gar mags) and a hard plastic case for $280. I'll try to find a picture of it and post it.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I always like it when there is interest show and posts contributed to the thread. If you feel like posting more about Detroit and/or share some more personal pics of the city, please do!
regarding CPD spectating the shootout, it's probably standard procedure to wait for backup. 4+ gunmen on foot vs 2 cops or 1 cop shooting 1 cop driving probably favors the gangbangers.
Yes I'm the one with the judge I love it. I agree with you and your point 100% don't get me wrong yet, all these idiots with carry permits are the reason you should carry a weapon yourself. I don't think many people purposely fall into situations needing to carry a gun. I personally do alot of buying and selling from CraigsL so I have come into some uncomfortable situations. Also you hear alot more cases where people shoot someone without actually thinking or accidently rather then in real needed situations because I would say 99.9% of the time all u need is the gun itself if someone pulls a knife on you and you pull a gun. If they're smart they'll walk away you won't hear about that one on the news. The topic is debatable for days I know I just want to be able to protect myself, my family, and my $.
File: DSCF7352-.jpg (481KB, 2304x1728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 2304x1728px
Here's a picture of the Taurus PT92 9MM that I referred to earlier. I couldn't find the damn pictures of it earlier, and I wanted to post something before the thread 404'd.

By the way, I realize that it's not exactly a glamorous-looking firearm, but it was $280 and the guy was willing to meet me like 10 minutes away from where I live, so it was a nice, convenient opportunity for me to grab a pistol for personal protection. I also want to get a shotgun, probably, a Mossberg 500 series 12 gauge, but I haven't had the money to do so lately. However, I do hope to get a shotgun some time soon.
Growing up in New York in the 90s I'm so glad we aren't on that list. Say what you will about immigrants but they're 10x better than niggers and Italians.
I dont so much mean that people with a CPL will go cruising around the ghetto looking for trouble, but I feel like the capacity to realize when someone is just giving you shit or arguing just because they're dumb instead of actually meaning you harm.

or, god forbid, someone pulls a white knight and whips out a gun on two other people that are just fist fighting or something. I guess i'm trying to say that a lot of those people will escalate a situation without realizing it, and the CPL enables them to do that.
I dont really have any more pics to share, but it'll be warming up soon and i plan to do some urban exploring once it's nice out. i'll keep an eye out for these threads in the future and post what i have then.
File: WadenaGang650.jpg (194KB, 650x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It seems like Ohio has several cities that are really ghetto/scary, so here's a story that was posted about an experience in Cleveland.

fuck it

>>go to see a concert in cleveland
>>never been to cleveland should be fun
>>get together with clan of friend and load up in a big ass navigator
>>all skater bros etc.
>>get into town a day early to see the city fuck off skate etc.
>>later that nig...

oh wait allow me to tell you a secret about ol clevecityburgville easily the dirtiest city this side of the 1st world part of the equator. holy fuck people throw shit in a garbage can please

>>later that night we split off
>>me and the current gf head off skating
>>she is kinda wore out so she is walking with her board as I skate back and forth
>>really just cruising seeing the city
>>i would skate ahead a bit and wait for her to catch up
>>i have a thing about night skating
>>lub mah night skates
>>anyhoo skate ahead and turn around
>>strange city etc trying to keep an eye on her
>>fucking bum out of an alley
>>lunges out grabs her and pulls her into an alley
>>didn't see me i guess?
>>crazy endorphins
>>mad adrenaline
>>i all of a sudden was positive I was bulletproof
>>run into the alley without thinking or commanding my body to
>>he has his back to me as I get close she kicks him away
>>he takes two steps back and
>>catches the heaviest set of independent trucks they ever made
>>directly to the side of the head
>>I even spun my foot as I swung
>>like full tilt
>>the noise
>>the blood
>>he flies into the brick wall and collapses
>>no movement
>>i'm pretty sure I just collapsed this guys skull
>>grab gf
>>meet back at the hotel with the group never told anyone
>>we still haven't talked about it to this day tbh
>>no idea what happened to him but i'll assume he wasn't wearing his life alert so probably kill

Pic related: A picture that showed up after searching Google Images for "Cleveland Ohio Ghetto"
And here are some post by a guy posting about Houston, Texas:

high liberal population+high nigger population= crime haven.

I used to live in Dallas and I never felt threatened unless I went to the south down town area aka nigsville. The rest of the city was nice and clean, and same with the suburb cities, overall, great place to live.

A year ago I moved to Houston. There is not only a very large liberal population here, but a gigantic nigger population, most being refugees or kids of refugees from new orleans back in 2005 that just never left. Since day one here I've had to carry my pistol to bring me a feeling of safety, Ive had 3 attempted robberies on me, 1 attempted carjacking, and 1 break in in the past year here. ALL prevented by me drawing my weapon on the would be assailant. In all 5 cases, it took the police over an hour to respond.

The city itself is a giant ghetto, streets are crumbling and not receiving repairs, the mayor is more concerned with shaming and trying to arrest anti- gay preachers than doing anything about the crime in her city. There is no beauty here anymore. EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION has plexiglass cages for their employees.

bottom line, niggers and liberals are the bane of peace, prosperity and beauty.
And a follow-up post by the same guy talking about Houston:

thats a lot of questions lol, I'll try to answer as much as I can.

First off, Dallas is huge, its not just the city itself, but the entire DFW area is considered to be 1 giant city, most of the time when someone says dallas, it can be anywhere in the almost 11,000 square miles. in all that room, with all that population, crime is bound to happen, and a wide variety of crime, but the heavy crime is isolated to a very few areas like oakcliff.

I've had to draw and point 4 times, 1 of the attempted robberies i pulled up my shirt and asked the guy if he was sure and he ran off. They run off every time, It's not about being violent for them, its about surviving. the 3 robberies were all at gas stations. the break in was some crack head probably looking to steal stuff to pawn, i heard the window break on my door, grabbed my gun and ran into the living room, he saw the gun and ran off. The car jacking was at about 2am, just thought he was a beggar until he drew a knife and started banging on the door screaming gimme your car.

police response here takes about 1 hour for non emergencies, the break in took about 40 mins, and they came in guns drawn lol.

Ive been to boston and some surrounding cities up to new hamster, LA and san francisco,Austin, and louisville KY, in the past 5 years, none are anywhere as bad as houston. I honestly hate this place.

oh, last 4th of july I came home and a dead body was in my front yard... that was fun.
File: Vo7Qxt-.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 5312x2988px
And another follow-up post by the guy from/talking about Houston, and a picture of a gun that he posted:

When I got home the police already had the yard taped off with a sheet over it. A detective questioned for a few mins and I gave them my footage from my security cams even though they didnt see anything. The guy was just dead right off the sidewalk, cops wouldn't tell me the cause of death.

I carry a Bersa 9MM, compact and light weight without being too small. Don't need a CHL to carry in my car but I need it to carry it around with me.
Hell yeah can't beat that I have a s&w 40 cal & a pocket .25 along with the judge. I'm not major gun advocate or collector I like them just the hobby is expensive. A coworker grew up in Gary told me how his mother's house payment was $100 a month she needed a new roof......so she bought another house I guess it was cheaper lol. I have a friend who's a fed I get alot of good stories from him but lately they have been doing busts on prescription mills I guess they pay better then then small time gangbangers
You live in Indianapolis, right? If so, have you actually been to/spent much time in Gary? If so, do you think that Indy is seriously as bad as/worse than Gary in the worst parts? From what I gather, Gary is legitimately one of the most-ghetto, most-dangerous cities in America. Would you agree with that? And did you see the screencap I posted earlier about the guy driving through Gary on his way to Chicago and had cars pull out and try to carjack/rob him?
In case you did not see that screencap, here is it >>607229609

From what I understand, this is actually a common thing in Gary for people passing through the city at night. People have claimed that in Gary, if you are from out of town and are seen driving around the city at night, the cops will actually tell you to get out of there immediately and to not stop at any red lights or stop signs, because it's unsafe to do so. People have also stated the same thing about Camden, Detroit and East St. Louis. Apparently, the cops are realistic about how truly dangerous these places can be at night.
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