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Drug story thread? Drug story thread. >>606752982 >Be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Drug story thread?
Drug story thread.


>Be me
>Be 14
>Never got high before
> I have a few friends that smoke pretty often
>They invite me to smoke with them one day
>Because we were so young and didn't own cars we met a local park
>They take me to their "usual" spot which was a clearing in a patch of trees near a bike path that was parallel to a creek
>"Okay anon are you ready to get high for the first time"
>Fuck yeah lets do it
>They pull out at bag that was oddly commercially labeled
>"This is spice anon, it's almost the same shit as weed and will get you way higher"
>They pack the bowl and begin smoking
>Pass the bowl to me
>Take a few hits
>cough a lot

Go on faggot
Cont in Go
I can already tell this is going to be the worst thing ever. Go on OP.
boomp bitch bdbshbdfsjdh
Go on you damn faggot
lets hear it fuckhead
>don't feel a damn thing
>"Smoke more anon, It;s your first time and you most people don't feel anything there first time anyway"
>Smoke even more
>Still don't feel anything
>We pack out and walk out of the clearing
>It's pretty chilly and the sun is setting
>"Lets walk back to the skate park"
>I remember starting to ride my BMX bike and the next thing I know I'm super far down the path
> Freak out

More to come
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should have just posted it all in one thread you attention seeking faggot

AND EVEN THEN no one gives a shit about some teenage retard smoking spice for the first time when you had never gotten high before

fuck off with your asinine bullshit
>minutes pass
>cant feel penor
>cut off penor
>eat penor
>I am penor
>penor is me
You should really per write these
>minutes pass
>cant feel penor
>cut off penor
>eat penor
>I am penor
>penor is me
go on faggity fag faggot
We wait for ages for a lengthy version of:

>nothing happened
>but then!....

Get on with it.

>inb4 got his cock out
Add's suspence for me :)
writing cont instead of posting the whole story at once
>inb4 spice gave you some serious brain damage
So much this
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inb4 an hour of nightmarish hell

>Be me
>Be irresponsible and let cousin half my age have a single toke on some Pandora's Box
>Hits him like the fist of an angry god in seconds
>Poor fucker falls off his chair and goes into a seizure
>Starts vomiting
>Starts telling us to leave him alone, it's too late, he's already dead ... in French (he lives in France)
>Tell his mother (my aunt) to keep his airways clear
>Whilst she's doing that, finish his pipe and have one of my own
>My aunt breaks every rule in the first aid book
>Spend half an hour correcting her errors
>Cousin starts coming back
>Still scared as fuck and disoriented
>Aunt throws water on him
>He starts to square up to her
>Put him back on the floor and sit on him
>Starts vomiting again and another seizure
>Have another pipe to take the edge off the situation
>Suddenly realise that I've probably had seizures from it too
>Remember one time when I fell over, hit the floor, but couldn't stop falling which is normally what happens when you get to the floor.
>Cousin wants to get up and move to the sofa
>Needs help getting there
>Lies down, vomits again
>Passes out for 10 minutes
>Wakes up sober
>Fuck me anon, that's some strong shit. Give me another hit
>Get huge bollocking from Uncle and Aunt about being irresponsible.
>I feel a hot pressure rise through my body
>Anxiety is spaghetti level
>They can't even talk and are laughing at me
> Finally got to skatepark
>Everything is is in slow motion
>They want to go McDonalds
>We go
>Nearly get hit by a car
>Get to McDicks
>Start turning white
>Go to bathroom
>Puke everywhere in the bathroom
>Not in a toilet but fucking everywhere on the sink, floor urinal
>Start freaking out more
>Get my friends tell them we gotta go

you should seriously fucking kill yourself

the entirety of your story is

>be a faggot
>smoke spice
>freak out because im a fucking retard and smoking spice for the first time before any other drug in my life
>i deserved it
>i am a fucking faggot

>minutes pass
>cant feel penor
>cut off penor
>eat penor
>I am penor
>penor is me
>>Drug story thread

tldr, OP is a 12 year old fag who can't get real drugs
Seem accurate
>i smoked weed once
>minutes pass
>cant feel penor
>cut off penor
>eat penor
>I am penor
>penor is me
who the fuck has a seizure from it were u smoking codeine or something?
Okay last one

>Notice my friends are starting to freak out because I guess I kinda set them off
>My one friend is starting to utter some incoherent shit
> We start walking back to park
>Starting to feel somewhat better
>Get to park
>Cops are there
>It's ususal for cops to be there because bad shit happens there
> My friends is fucking tweaking
>We try to chill him out but it's not working
>He runs up to cop
>Tells the cop what he did
>Goes to emergency room
>Cops never talked to me or other friend
>Friend who went to emergency room lost his spaghetti, puking and as white as a ghost

>Come down
>Never do this shit again
>Had trouble smoking real after that but now I can no problem

Designer drugs are very very bad
please kill yourself and never make a thread again
The only good drug is hash
try RC drugs bro. kek
You do know that "spice" is a generic term, don't you? It's not a single compound. Here in the UK before March 2013 you could buy stuff that wasn't that bad. Then the gubbermint did one of their sporadic sweeps and made that batch of compounds illegal. And in came another group of compounds. Only these ones were much stronger, mildly addictive and produced some nasty reactions. Most of those only happened the first few times you smoked them. Once you've built up a tolerance the addiction is the biggest problem and the compounds containing quinolin fuck with your digestion. Projectile diarrhoea is fun. One time I literally sprayed a traffic island. I needed a piss, parked up, got out of car went to piss behind a tree, felt the rumblings, dropped trousers and sprayed it easily 10 ft in a nice arc behind me in full view of people on their way home from work.

Most of the compounds we're getting in the UK were made illegal in the States over 18 months ago. Word is they'll be made illegal here at the end of the year (the sweep is usually November I think). The govt. know that if they just take this shit off the shelves there's a good chance of something properly dangerous replacing them so they're probably going to ban legal highs altogether. Every couple of days there's a news story about some kid smoking it on the street and spending a night in hospital under observation. I don't think I've seen anything worse in the news regarding "spice". It can make for an interesting hour though. As far as I'm concerned the liquid squits and the cost are the worst thing about it. At one point in 2013, I was spending £150+ per week on it. I don't think I've ever managed to spend more than £90 a week on cannabis. I still buy a few grams every now and again. Especially if I've met a wanker who looks like he needs to be medicined.
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>be me, 19
>first year student living in residences
>live with a bunch of dudes (assigned by housing)
>get along well
>smoked weed since I was 16
>had no contact for first few months of uni
>start messing with legal highs
>mainly incense, but also powders and pills
>start smoking that shit everyday
>not as pleasant as weed, but no bad side effects
>one day I decide to combine two blends
>mix zulu with wicked fragrances (black)
>massive bong hit
>sat in kitchen with dorm mate
>he's reloading the bowl, I sit in silence
>after 30 seconds I start to feel weird
>start to lose touch with reality
>friend notices my sudden anxious demeanor and asks if I'm alright
>I say yeah, and I want to go lie down
>he guides me to my room door, keeps asking if I'm ok
>the words start to sound garbled and because he's repeating it over and over it becomes really confusing
>I experience complete ego death on the floor of my bathroom
>my short term memory is fucked, almost like an acid trip
>kept trying to figure out how I got where I was, what I was doing
>remained completely disassociated for 15 minutes or so which seemed like an eternity
>flatmate comes in to check on me
>the sight of him makes me irrationally angry
>I tell him to fuck off an he starts being snippy with me, not understanding the state of mind I'm in
>no you fuck off
>you're in my fucking bathroom, get lost
>doesn't, takes all my strength to not pop him
>starting to come down, regaining memories
>became incredibly angry and temperamental the rest of the day
>fully 'recovered' after a night's sleep
>never touch legal highs again
>mfw the only terrible psychedelic trip I've ever had lasted 2 days and still wasn't even close to the abject terror I felt on this combination
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Oh god, fucking spice. Never again.
Have a fun weed story:
>be me, 17
>smoking weed in the park after school with my 2 best bros Chris and Ross every day
>we used to climb up a tree and do it
>the way the tree was surrounded by bushes, we couldn't be seen from the ground
>used to do all kinds of retarded shit while high
>one time we dared Chris to shit in a pizza box and give it a viking burial in the duck pond
>lo and behold, he actually did it
>as he's setting it on fire, I realise there is a policeman on the other side of the duckpond
>we all run the fuck away as fast as we can

>our other shenanigans often involved Ross fucking with the local wildlife
>I built a crude crossbow in my shed and he used it to shoot rats
>one time Chris dared him to fuck a rock at a swan and he did it
>poor swan's leg was gimped and he swam around holding it up out of the water
>he also used to kick pigeons, sometimes into the water

I have lots more stories if anyone is interested
keep em comming
story of psychedelic trip that lasted 2 days pls
Smoked some fucking salvia... Never again
>be me smoking spice with some friends
>one friend took biggest hit na
>sat down at his desk
>starred at it for 20 minutes
>head slams down on desk
>we thought he died
>"is he dead anon?" "i dont know anon?" for a solid 30 min
>friend wakes up and pukes
>said he was tripping hard, he was "in" his computer
>never smoke spice again

I laugh every time
>be 17
>fall break
>friend gives anon .5g molly
>tells anon to put in water then drink
>nothing happens
>2 days later anon eats pot brownie
>anon starts seeing shit
>turns out molly was meth
You want a story, ill give you a story.

Be me
Be 14, beta as shit
never smoked weed, did nothing bad
friends decide to throw party, i go
they give me some pepsi, i drink it
niggas spiked it with ketamine or some shit
mfw first high was ketamine
was waiting for everybody walk the dinosaur the entire time
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This is the story of the time I tired ecstasy:
>be me, 17 (most of this shit happened when I was 17 or 18)
>big party coming up, wanna get some weed for it
>all my usuals are dry
>I know this one kid in school 2 classes below me who could certainly get it, but I don't trust him
>fucker is on steroids and he's only 15, still a scrawny faggot though
>message him as a last resort
>says he can hook me up, tells me to meet him at the train station at a certain time
>we meet up and go to meet who I thought was the dealer
>dodgiest fucking guy ever, prison tattoos and everything
>tells us he just got out after doing 2 years
>I'm kinda nervous the whole time, I really just wanna ge my shit and go home
>now in my country you generally buy weed in amounts worth €25 or €50, the €50 bags are better value (the quantity and quality vary wildly however)
>I have €30, prison guy has €20
>we agree to pitch in for a €50 bag
>we go to the dealer's house
>on the way there, prison guy's cousin appears and tries to pick a fight with me but prison guy calms him down
>we arrive at the house
>I notice there's a ramp leading up to the front door
>door opens and a guy in a wheelchair and a legit 10/10 girl appear
>girl is giggling like mad, takes me by the hand and says "smell this room!"
>we follow her and smell the room
>room smells like sex
>we go into the kitchen
>wheelchair guy gives prison guy a €50 bag (approx. 3 grams)
>I incorrectly assumed I would get 60% of the weed as I fronted 60% of the cost
>prison guy takes more than half for himself, gives me less than half
>not about to argue with prison guy
>at this point I really just want to fucking go
>steroids kid convinces me to stay
>he and I roll a few joints, the other 3 do the same
>we go out to smoke them, passing them around indiscriminately
>after a while, I feel really fucking weird
>prison guy notices and informs me that they put crushed up ecstasy pills in their joints
be 13
smoke weed
smoke its weed all day everyday
jokes aside I am 13
smoked this weekend
first time
tried a bong
lit my fucking nose on fire
didnt even got high tbh
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type slower fgt, jesus
holy fuck people are so stupid when it comes to drug use
>herp we crushed E in to the joint
nothing fucking happened other than a panic attack on weed
Mods Mods Mods!
>had opportunity to take acid for first time in years
>home alone, good mindset
>sink 3 hits
>about 25 minutes later I'm in psychedelic bliss
>walls pulsing, ceiling warping, impossible to focus on anything without it becoming severely fucked up
>feels different to how I remember, dirtier and ramping up in severity much faster
>overwhelmed, but enjoying it
>phone goes, it's my dealer
>answer, hey anon sup?
>not much, just tripping
>how's it going?
>yeah quality mateeeee
>tells me I need to listen to him carefully
>reckons he was duped
>has had calls from other customers saying the shit fucked them up for long periods of time
>feel my heartbeat increasing
>says the effects are consistent with bromo dragonfly, but isn't sure how much was on each hit
>hang up, try and calm down before full on panic sets in
>lie on bed, watching visuals and trying to remove the anxiety from my brain
>phone goes again, it's my mom
>turns out my dad was hit by a car and killed an hour previously
>begin to shake and convulse
>try to control my breathing but nothing doing
>the intensity is so strong I cannot register a single feature of my surrounding environment
>I saw myself inside a gothic mansion, the corners of the room complete with gargoyles
>have a small coffee table in middle of room
>start to believe it's an open grave and my dad is in it
>cry, but with no emotion, just a whirling of concepts in my brain
>try and calm down, decide to go to the park at the top of the road, reckon nature may calm me a little
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fuck you
well I don't fucking know, I think there were other pills involved. never had a bad experience with weed before or since
>I start having a bad trip, we go back inside and I pass out sitting at the kitchen table
>keep asking steroids kid to take me back to the train station, he keeps saying "in a minute"
>about an hour passes, felt like 4 hours though
>lots of people coming and going
>at one point, this fat girl asks me to roll her a cigarette, I just fuck the box at her
>after she has her smoke, she gives me the box back and starts this "you're such a nice guy" shit
>she's trying to fucking get with me but I'm way too fucked
>eventually steroids kid agrees to bring me to the train station after much persuasion
>I puke several times on the way there
>when I get home, realise I don't have my phone
>message steroids kid asking if he has it
>says he does, we agree to meet the next day and he'll give it back to me
>go to where we're supposed to meet
>wait for 30 minutes
>fucker doesn't show up
>message him, really pissed off
>he says we didn't "double confirm it"
>we meet up again and I get my phone back
>never talked to him or touched ecstasy again
>be 17, smoked fair deal of spice and quality weed
>been getting 'homemade' spice, super strong, taste/smell fucking awful, dubbed "posh"
>head over to m8's house (valedictorian, would never do any drug but tolerated his stupid friends) with 2 other sober m8s
>bring couple g's of posh to puff alone at buddy's to 'spice' up the night
>go outside to smoke, sober buddy wants to watch me smoke so I take biggest toke possible
>couldn't see his face through cloud
>finish pipe, friends are dueling in yard with plastic swords
>it's dark so my m8 grabs 4 candles and makes a rectangle 'fighting arena'
>in my posh brain they made a pentagram with the candles
>begin to worry and tell them to be careful, demons could travel through the pentagram (spice, man)
>one dickhea buddy starts chasing me around saying demonic chants
>at this point my brain was drugs, I panicked and ran into the garage telling my m8s 9yr old brother that they got possessed and were going to kill us
>drag him inside, wake up m8s mom
"They accidentally got possessed demons are running we need to be safe we will die"
>I run to the garage door and lock it, she follows me and unlocks it
>I grab her hand and yell in panic, "they are going to come in and kill us!"
>friends come to the door and when I see them acting normal I start to come to
>go in m8s room, they follow, laughing their asses off
>spend rest of night getting made fun of and feeling ashamed
>his mom asked if I was on drugs
>"no, he was sick today and took some medicine that made him loopy"
>she never brings it up again
>I deserve all the shame

>Be me
>Be 18
>Go to some dubstep night at a big club in Camden
>Take MDMA all night, somewhere between 1-2g
>Had a few keys of speed from a random person in there
>Leave venue at 4am
>Meet up with friend who forgot ID
>He has 5g of MXE (rhino ket)
>Never heard of this before
>Start racking up in a 24hr McDonalds
>Ask how much we need to take
>He has no idea
>''It's legal, so probably a lot''
>Coming down from MD still
>induce what I imagine a k-hole to be like (never taken enough ket to k-hole)
>No idea how long we were in there for
>Leave McDonalds and walk round Camden while we wait for trains to start running
>Realise that it feels like I'm in a dream
>What if I fell asleep in McDonalds
>What if this is a dream
>Smoke a joint (not sure if a good or bad idea)
>Feel like I am actually floating
>What if my whole life is a series of dreams
>What if LIFE is just a series of dreams, starting the moment we were conceived
>I've just figured out the meaning of life
>By this point I'm on the tube, amongst many commuters in suits on their way to work
>I'm sitting on the floor having some sort of psychotic episode
>What if now I have figured out the meaning of life, that means that I die, and I start waking up from all my dreams
>Think that some agents will wake me up from my dream, and consequently all my dreams, which is essentially my life
>Looking out for Matrix style agents on the tube
>Literally losing all my shit

For about 6 hours, my life was like a mixture of Inception, the Matrix and Benjamin fucking Button.
And to top it off, I went to 3 National Rail stations trying to find a train home. At the time, I thought people were fucking me over, sending me to somewhere to be woken up for my dreams. Looking back, I was probably so tranquillizered that every conversation I had with someone who worked at the tube made no sense at all.
Last time I've taken MXE. Thank fuck it is illegal now, that shit is nasty as fuck.
Holy shit
fuck... continue anon!
you didnt smoke ecstasy you stupid fuck
Jesus fuck where the hell do you live?
Underage b&

I guess not
holy fucking shit continue
I've smoked MD on a few occasions, it's pretty intense but never had a bad experience from it.
It's like snorting it, but fucking instant.
I've found when you bomb it and take a couple of lines, then smoke it, you come really fucking high straight away.
you k hole bro?
>Bro takes me to warehouse rave
>drop a red window pane for the first time
>dancing and get a case of the giggles
>all is cool
>brother fucks off with his friend to smoke a joint
>leave me there on my own
>all of a sudden start seeing colors and shit
>uh oh
>get weirded out
>go sit next to wall
>cops stick their heads round doorway near me
>get all scared and shit
>it's OK they just wanted to see nobody was doing bad shit
>but now the visuals are going nuts. All colors and looks like I am going on a trip through CGi land
>body starts to convulse
>first an arm shakes. I try to stop it but then my head shakes. I get that under control and my leg shakes. wtf!
>Walk outside looking for bro
>falling about all over the place
>people think I am insane
find bro. tell him I wanna go to hospital I don't feel right
>takes me back to his friends flat
>chill down
>they fuck off back to rave
>a couple of hours later I take a walk back to rave
>have a good time
acid can be weird that way
>14 when spice was cool
>currently 16 to 17
>underage b&
Still waiting for this guy
>First year of uni
>Got new dealer, some Nigerian dude
>Go found his to smoke sometimes when picking up
>Feel white as fuck
>Really stoned, don't want to shit in his bathroom
>Hold it in for 3 fucking hours
>Finally leave, can't hold in shit anymore
>Shit outside his house (it's dark and it was a dead end road)
>Suddenly realise that is so much worse than using a fucking toilet
maybe to took acid again and his mum died?

Nah, spice is great, you're just a little cunt.
>with friend at party
>people handing round K lines
>friend is sniffing the beginning of a huge line
>gets bumped into
>takes most of the line in by accident
>he is standing next to his van
>suddenly his eyes go wide as fuck and he falls straight as an arrow face down in the mud
>doesn't move
>turn him over
>he's gone! But he is not dead
>get some guys to help me lift him into the back of his van
>stays there for like 15 mins then suddenly just snaps out of it
>how are you anon?
>I dunno. I was happy where I was for a while there though
>laugh like loons
mxe is nasty
This isn't much of a story, but I feel like I should tell you guys I had a dealer called Scotty, and when I wanted some I'd call him and say "Beam me up, Scotty."
>taking acid at a rave
absolutely haram, it's like you're asking for a bad trip. I've only ever tripped in nature, and I will only ever trip in nature.
>go up to the park
>it's a straight road, seemed to take forever
>only saw entrance because it has a gothic archway, and so connected it with my house
>find a spot on the field and lie down
>making a concerted effort to not think about anything
>every so often the knowledge that may dad has gone fucks me sideways and tears stream down my face
>beautiful day, looks grey to me
>looking up at the clouds
>try and let my brain 'talk to itself', not intentionally thinking about anything specifically
>eventually my subconscious convinces myself that I'm stood up, looking ahead into the sky
>feel like I'm walking forwards
>feel like I might get to heaven
>dad might be there
>trying to keep going forward, train of thought stops completely, hit semi-reality with a bump
>recover somewhat, visuals going fucking crazy
>sit up and try and call a friend I roomed with 1st year
>find his number because it's top of the list
>babble at him that he needs to come here or I'll go crazy
>can't remember where I am
>dad again, start to twitch all over
>frustration becomes unbearable, eventually croak
>I'm at the park
>by your house?
>where abouts, near the graveyard?
>(there's a graveyard a stones throw from my location)
>lose my shit, start to really wig out
>believe reality is conspiring against me the visuals become oppressive as fuck
>feel earth is folding over me to assimilate me or some shit
>remember phone, friend gone
>lie back down
>close my eyes and see some of the most fucked up, labyrinthine designs behind my eyelids
>the faces of my family intermittently appear
>I start wondering, what if the funeral's tomorrow?
>will family come and get me?
>will I still be fucked up
>started getting the guilt trip very heavy
>starts to shower, don't notice
>am not even aware I'm breathing
>get up and try to wander back to my house
>mum calls
>it's +4 hrs since I dropped, probably about 4 in the afternoon
cont.? kind of a long ass story
i don't have any stories that resulted in my near death or anything like that (that one involves alcohol), but i do have two stories that i'll keep short

>be me
>be 16 i guess
>smoking weed with friend in the woods
>finish smoking
>i go blind
>freak out, sit down
>friend goes to get me something to drink
>ten minutes later i can see again and he comes back

>be me
>be 19
>drink 2 bottles of robitussin friday night around 8
>drink 3 bottles of robitussin saturday night around 8
>mfw i was high as balls from friday night until tuesday, scared as fuck from sunday to wednesday, and wasnt sober until thursday
>mfw i have no face
bump cont
>first time taking acid with a friend
>to distract us from waiting for it to kick in we started watching A Scanner Darkly
>some time in I notice the walls pulsating
>walls start shifting position and angle
>friend stops the movie
>has some weird trippy wallpaper on his PC with some sort of fractal red section in the middle
>room suddenly becomes engulfed in flowing patterns from the red area of his tv
>resembles like a tokyo neon skyline
>view shifts to outside of the window, looking inside
>looks like an IKEA showroom with every detail in perfect lighting and pitch black all around
>within my field of view are two lightbulbs and some books forming a V shape
>fucking dinosaur emerges from the shape and starts talking to me
>red section of the wallpaper changes into the upper part of a red penguin
>both start talking to me in my mind, telling me that I can't tell anybody they exist, nobody will believe me anyway
>meanwhile my whole mind wraps around itself and visuals become independent of my enviroment
>go all-out mind trip with closed eye visuals, put some aphex twin on my headphones and close my eyes
>two 2D characters looking like they came straight out of adventure time, a crispy Toast and a hotdog, start talking with me
>both of them show me "their world" with full blown fractals in sync with the music
>whole trip takes on a cartoon look from there on
>after blasting through an icecream land and softdrink paradise we stumble upon the red penguin again
>no idea why but trip suddenly turns into a sort-of-psychosis induced by the red penguin
>the penguin is angry as fuck and wants to kill me
>after 10 minutes of having to witness "traumatic memories of my past", which I know for certain never happened, I start fighting back
>trip again turns around and toast, hotdog and I are fleeing from the fucking penguin trying to fry my brain

1/2, cont
yes man, this shit is nuts. I can't even imagine how badly something horrible like that would fuck with your trip
continue! I really hope this doesn't end with a taxi to Bel Air.
>aphex twin
ma nigga, hope you escaped the penguin dude
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I guess I'll bite.

>It's 5:40pm on a Sunday. The sun is warm and there's plenty of shade from the trees above us. I'm laying in a hammock thinking of where to find my next trip. I've been at a Grateful Dead tribute music festival since Thursday and have already tripped Friday night and rolled Saturday night. Decided since I burned plenty of Serotonin the night before and my Serotonin receptors were probably already fairly worn from both nights previous I should probably up the dosage a bit to get a decent effect. Not too long until I find an old head associated with our festival family who has sweet-tarts with liquid drops of LSD dried in the center. I usually don't trust anything but white-on-white blotter, but since my people know him I decide he's trustworthy and buy four hits.
>imagine a rocket fueled icecream van, steered by a crispy toast grooving to the music and a maniacally laughing hotdog in the back firing slimy lasers towards a raging penguin, blasting through the ever-repeating insides of an old school american diner
>in my mind I'm screaming to my tasty toast friend to put the pedal to the metal
>fractals become more and more chaotic in their frequency, the laptops battery has broken down 20 minutes ago but my mind just keeps the music going
>after around 30 minutes of hilarious escape my friend, who wasn't really tripping even though he took a 2nd blotter, comes back after he went away for a smoke
>mind trip stops dead in its track
>start talking to him while seeing the raging penguin plastered on the floor, walls and ceiling
>no idea what we talked about
>we both become stuck in a 90 minute loop of searching for my phone, and wondering what we were searching for in the first place
>afterglow feels like watching myself in a broken, green-tinted VHS recording
>randomly talk and dick around with my friend for hours since we both couldn't sleep

except for the 10 minutes of bad trip it was a 10/10 experience, will do again
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>be me
>be 16
>sitting on my porch one night smoking weed at like 3 in the morning
>looking down the road when a cop turns onto my street and turn his lights/siren on
>freak the actual fuck out and dip into my back yard
>leave bowl and pill bottle with like an eighth in it sitting on porch
>cop drives past my house and is just sitting in front of my neighbor's place for like 5 minutes
>look down the road again
>2 more cop cars and an ambulance join the first almost right in front of my house
>they just sit there for 20 minutes while I peak around the corner of my house
>look up at a window on the second floor of my house and see who I think is my dad just looking at me
>cops eventually leave
>go inside
>it was my sister in the window and she's standing in kitchen
>"what were you doing outside anon?"
>"oh okay then goodnight"
>go back outside
>collect my shit
>come back in
>lay down
>have heart attack
Have some acid and DMT stories to if anybody's interested.
will skip ahead to my friend coming to the house
>friend rings the bell, sound puts the fear of god into me
>answer door
>looks at me with horror
>maybe. or maybe I just thought he did
>asks if I'm ok
>shit dude you have no idea what the fuck I'm seeing
>attempt to explain what's happened in that beat-around-the-bush way you do on acid
>not sure I'm explaining correctly, friend looks confused (maybe)
>don't remember any of what he said but I remember the energy lifted somewhat because he was sympathetic
>sort of like a shared burden or something
>made me feel wonder for a brief second, and I found myself thinking, this is how I should be feeling right now
>realize the reason I can't have that experience this time, once again start to shake with sadness
>friend notices, asks what I've taken
>eventually remember, researches on his laptop
>not too experienced with psychedelics or how to deal with tripping people
>so when he starts throwing around phrases like
>heavy seizures
>violent episodes
>intense depersonalization
>1 to 3 day duration
>I feel my body kick into overdrive, even though in my mind I felt totally calm, like a sort of body panic
>body starts to weaken and shake, I collapse
>it's cool though the floor is toffee swirls
>friend panics
>fuck no, let me ride this shit out
>projections of stamps, compasses and an image of my dad's face from a photo taken when I was a baby hang in the air
>adjusting position, shape, colour, against the walls it was a picture of pure bedlam
>my cat wanders into the kitchen
>friend asks if I want a drink or a joint
>say I might take a few puffs to calm down
>pick cat up, feels almost weightless
>her colours shift, then a deep deep crimson appears all over her fur
>blood-stained kitty hisses at me
>drop her in fright
>my thought process goes, my dad, my cat, and now....
>start to round on friend, don't trust him
>imagine he is observing me for some kind of experiment
cont. keep thread bumped, skinning up
>be me
Who the fuck else would you be?
>I decide to take two hits and lay down in the grass. The slight breeze in the air and the sun on my face is blissful, as I gently ride the waves of euphoria coming up for the next 40 minutes. Suddenly the urge to shit hits me, which is not uncommon when I take psychedelics, and I make my way to the restrooms. I proceed to poo, 'getting this out of the way early' as I thought, and returned to camp where my friends had been. By this time it's about 7:00pm and the sun is setting. We're on a mountain next to a river and once the sun is down the temperature drops quickly so I decided to change into my patchwork pants and throw on a hoodie. Soon my friends and I were heading to the main stage and I decided to eat another hit, since I had two left. I told myself I'd save the final hit for another day and with that we headed to the stage...
this is unreadable, atleast greentext it correctly
The temperature indeed dropped quickly, and very soon I was tripping very hard. I began to lose myself in the music, and as much to warm up as to enjoy the feeling of the music running through me, I made my way to the front of the crowd to dance. The band playing was a bluegrass band, and I am studied in the ways of Marquese Scott's dance (popping to dubstep, footwork/glides, etc). Oddly enough this fluid dance translated fairly well to the music (possibly due to the abstract nature of bluegrass and dubstep) and it wasn't long before a crowd formed around me dancing. I had completely lost myself in the music and in the trip and suddenly came to, realizing there was a crowd around me which made me suddenly incredibly uncomfortable. I decided to dip out from the show and head over to the vendors for some food. This was where things started going downhill...
>first year college student
>school is far from home but close to other relatives
>spring break comes and i have nowhere to go
>stay with other relatives for the week
>realize halfway through the week that i dont wanna be there anymore but the dorms are closed til sunday
>tell them the dorms open saturday just so i can leave
>homeless for a night, decide to walk around the city
>buy some dxm to make things interesting
>take 600mg (im only about 63 kg)
>wait for it to kick in
>start feeling first and second plateau effects
>go to lake and sit on bench
>get hit with a hard punch of dissociation
>puke next to the bench, vision gets blurry
>only 1 AM, dorms dont open until 8
>try to get up and start walking around but cant even robowalk
>get the feeling that my life is a movie that im watching from inside of it
>question my perception of everything
>keep trying to walk, finally can make it someone convincing
>get to main street, see cops
>im clearly fucked up but im assuming they thought i was drunk or a crackhead and avoided me
>go to local train station because ita the only place i can go to feel safe
>security guard wants to kick me out because i dont have a train ticket
>tell him that im a student and that i thought the dorms opened saturday so i came back but now i have nowhere to stay
>he turns into a bro and lets me crash there for the night as long as im out by 8
>be me
>17 y/o
>just woke up
>friends invite me to smoke
>i'm on empty stomach
>friend picks me up to go to other friend's house
>"the trap house"
>we stop at gas station; buy burritos & a brisk
>I've had experience smoking weed before
>we get to friends house; go to the backyard
>friends takes out dro (I forgot strain)
>I brought my grinder with shit loads of kief
>we smoke a couple of bowls
>we have one swisher so we roll it
>add kief to blunt to maximize highness
>so fucked up i ate burritos
>I feel very dizzy
>I get up and fall
>start puking
>start panicking; this never happened before
>go inside; puke more in bathroom
>everyone is tripping out
>friend's gma gets there; she's cool with it
>tells me to eat
>nigga i dnt wanna eat
>says friends mom is about to get home
>she fine af but doesn't like when we smoke
>get in car
>friend gives me bucket just in case i wanna puke
>they take me home
>listen to MF DOOM to relax
>get home; family there
>they're clueless; see something wrong tho
>go straight to bed
>somehow manage to fap then go take a nap (hehe)
>felt like shit for the next 20hrs

And that kid, was the first time I greened out. I apparently swallowed the smoke... I fucked up.
no. I do what I want.
are you perhaps a middle aged white male not living in a shit country?
>Being this new
I can't fucking read this
>be me
>be 15
>first time smoking weed
>didn't even plan on smoking, me and bro go to other bros house who's super druggie but cool asf
>offers hit off of bowl
>teaches me how to hit the way HE hits it
>coughing like a nigger
>feels like when your leg falls asleep but entire body
>loudly saying I feel like I'm in a dream over and over
>tells me were smoking resin of really strong weed
>lol wats tht
>too high to understand
>keep in mind it's been 2 minutes and I'm higher than anyone else there
>offers another hit
>belezebub is smiling upon me this night
>nigger cough for another minute.
>tell me to get water from only working sink in house, the bathroom on the other side of the house.
>can't even stand.
>help me stand an take first few steps
>immediately eat shit when left with no help.
>lol it's okay it's a dream rite
>can't stop laughing at nothing. Like, CANT stop
I end up rolling around their living room with bro for hours laughing.
>other bros offer to get us sum munchies
>ask for family sized Doritos
>return with generic BBQ chips
>I hate BBQ chips, but mind for some reason thinks its a better choice than Doritos.
>eat the entire bag silently for 20 min.
End up throwing up all over his toilet and went to sleep. Woke up feeling fine. Kinda high 3 days after.
>Be me
>Be 12
>Never got high before
>Brother asks if I want to smoke weed with him
>Say yes
>Smoke weed out of bong
>Get high
Why the fuck is it so hard to just chill your first time instead of making yourself look like a dick in front of your friends?

I decided to grab a bowl of Vegan Chili from a vendor and return to my friends. After eating the chili and relaxing for about 20 minutes I began to feel very uncomfortable. I was tripping quite strongly and now the urge to poo had returned once again with ferocity. It had to be the chili. I stood to walk towards the restroom facilities (they had stalls there, with running water. It was nice compared to the portajohns of most festivals) and suddenly a loose fart erupted from between my cheeks, causing me to panic thinking I was shitting myself. Holding my cheeks closed with one hand and securing my backpack with the other, I sprinted as quickly as I could to the restrooms enticing laughter and comment from bystanders as I passed. Once I made my way into the stall and cleaned it enough to sit on comfortable I hung up my pack and dropped my patchworks. Finally I had solace, a peaceful sanctuary with which to easy back into the comfort of a good trip. Or so I thought... As I looked over the writings and drawings on the walls, now breathing and swaying as the visuals took hold, there was a loud bang as another poor lost soul on the wrong side of a trip stumbled into the restroom...
bumping for this
hurry up anon I want to know the end of this story! I've got work in a few hours and I'm falling asleep here, so it better not end with you going in a taxi to Bel Air.
>resolve to block out all thoughts of family and dad
>even doing that fucks me up
>asks my friend to sit with me whilst I try to finish out
>says that's cool, he doesn't have to work till tomorrow
>go through to lounge
>phone is ringing incessantly, mom, brothers, sister
>makes me feel incredibly tense
>refuse to let myself think of the main issue
>put youtube on xbox and watch the beauty of colour kaleidoscope
>try to salvage trip, starting to feel more lucid within the experience
>visuals still distinctly ominous, seeing shadows, faces, architecture, and even beings woven into walls/ ceilings
>kinda like that shit on the flying dutchman in the potc movies
>freaks me out, refuses to identify the faces
>friend is rolling a joint, I put music on my hi-fi
>boris brejcha if I remember correctly
>attempt to focus on kaleidoscope
>do this for 2 hours, without a single issue
>friend tells me I entered something of a trance, didn't respond to him once the whole time
>feel that horrible awkward psychedelic way, overwhelming
>starts to tell me he's going to the shop for some dinner
>start manufacturing reason he can't, all bullshit
>he starts to get pissy with me
>exactly what I didn't need
>it all comes at once: 2 hours of repressed sadness
>I cry uncontrollably, going into hysterical laughter and rolling around the floor
>friend freaks out, tries to calm me
>think I see him take his phone out
>tell him if he phones an ambulance I'll kill him
>leaves for shop without a word
>decide to try and come to terms with loss before he gets back
>go and get my old laptop with all family photos on it
why are you still here?

Eh, fuck it then. You guys don't want to hear it I won't waste my time typing it. There's plenty of other stories anyway. Mine was slow to start but it get's goddamn insane later. It's cool though. /out
>Be me
>Be 16
>Smoke weed every day since 13
>Smoke weed before school as per usual
>Have Ritalin(prescribed to you since 8th grade)
>Snort Ritalin in the bathroom
>Do good on all tests
>Be great at basketball
>Come down at 10PM every night
>Feels like shit
>Sleep it off
This was my daily routine
>be me
>take half a xanax 1mg
>drink a flask full of vodka about an hour later
>take 2mgs more of xanax
>smoke a couple bubs
>dads bringing home pizza 3 hours before i thought he'd be back
i don't feel like i'm as fucked as i should be i'm hoping it doesn't come in full wind right when he gets back id rather it start now so i can get a grasp on it you know? i took the xannies exactly an hour ago im hoping they work soon it usually takes me longer to feel pills I'm not too sketched i've been way more fucked around him before its just always a bad gut feeling when you are suddenly balls as high at the worst time
>be me again
>be 16
>have a friend with the Lucy hook up
>at my house with M, C, and C's girl A
>C, A, and I do 1 tab
>M does 5
>chill at my house for about a half hour
>sister comes home
>bang out
>walk to M's house which takes like 30 minutes
>walk in and sit down in front of his computer
>it's that one screen saver where the pipe that gets longer and turns and shit
>pipe starts coming out of computer screen
>friend K shows up and we go down to his car
>takes me like 5 minutes to put my shoes on
>get in car
>stare out the window the whole ride
>its night and you can see the city in the distance
>looks like fucking floating crystals
>lights from cars and streetlights trail as we pass them
>get to K's
share buddy
You'll be fine. Just tell your dad what you did. He will protect you with his love. Always remember your father loves you and wants the best for you. Just do exactly as he says from now on and you will be on the path to a great life.
inb4 YMCA
Pics of the hi-fi please.
At least description of your gear.
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hurry up and type faster
yee see i just like to get fucked up sometimes tho and its in the best interest of everyone if he just didn't find out ja feel? people don't understand you can abuse drugs and still keep full control over your entire life
yeah srsly. I want to know what happens. I've been following this for over an hour now, and I want some closure on the story.
>beauty of color kaleidoscope
Right there authenticates the story for me, had bad trips (and good) myself where I go to that and zone the fuck out.
Couldn't agree more.
keep bumpin, on phone. will resume story asap
i dont think thats how meth works bro
I love this memory

>four friends on ecstasy walking around
>one suggests going into the lovely looking supermarket
>sounds great all follow
>see a good looking peach
>aren't you supposed to give them a gentle squeeze to test for freshness?
>accidentally crush the whole thing in my fist and laugh
>realise how insanely high i am
>i can't look at anyone
>look down and follow my friends' feet until we get to the register
>look up
>on the conveyor belt i see their selections
>a fucking mango, puddings, a light bulb, a loaf of white bread, a dog bowl
>lose my shit
>run away
i wonder
good weed story. pretty much as crazy as they get.
>Be me
>Be 16
>Tripping for the first time
>being dumb as fuck, decided to be only one tripping
>with girlfriend and friends
>smoking bong outside on bike path
>girlfriends face begins to contort grotesquely
>tunnel vision ensues
>other friends begin to grow 2nd pair of arms
>they all begin dancing and laughing at me
>keep on repeating 5 words: "It's a different kinda high"
>begin to freak the fuck out
>tree leaves start bouncing
>friend's faces melt into mine
>everything is mirror imaged
>begin questioning life and my sanity
>almost brought to tears

Never fucking doing that shit again. Pic related, it's what people looked like during my bad trip.
>walk in
>go downstairs
>just fucking stare at this picture on the wall and listen to Pink Floyd
>go upstairs to piss
>my dick is all shriveled
>look down at floor
>there's a magazine or something with a picture of a monkey on the cover
>monkey's eye are FUCKING HUGE
>can't even read the words on the page
>realize I was done pissing 5 minutes ago
>stare in mirror
>watch my face morph
>feel like I'm really tall and really short at the same time
>walk back downstairs K and M are playing super smash bros
>it's the fucking pokefloat level
>this blows my fucking mind so hard I have to go upstairs
>C wasn't really tripping so he took 2 more tabs while we were at M's
>now he's laying on the bed with his girl fucking melting
>says when he closes his eyes he sees a skeleton waving a watch like a hypnotist and there's red and yellow swirls behind him
These are golden hahaha
that selection of items going through the checkout.
bumping for closure. type faster anon!
fuck! the repeating five word thing! I could not stop thinking the phrase -
>time will never make dance
over. and over. and over.
>walking around camden at 4 in the morning
Assuming youre speaking of camden nj, that shit must have made you real brave
ill keep this thread alive
>smoke a pot
>fuck my sis
>in the butt cause im gay
No, Camden Town, London. Is Camden NJ a shithole then?
Bumpin for ending and Hi-fi rig.

Dude something about 5 words is such a weird motif in acid trips. I'm part of a psychedelic group on facebook and this one person was describing their friend's trip where her face was on every person's.
>there can only be one
Camden, NJ, has the highest murder rate of a first world country. I conveniently live 2 miles from center city.
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I'm glad I wasn't there then. I probably would have though my psychotic prophecies were coming true and pranged out even more before being murdered.
The French are stupid scum who do drugs with children.

>go back down stairs
>M and K and smoking an entire eighth of mids out of a bong
>C's brother D shows up
>he does a tab
about an hour after D shows up I clock out so the rest of this story is what I was told happened after I went to sleep
>D starts to trip really hard
>he goes to the bathroom
>strips naked
>pisses all over the fucking bathroom
>everyone else comes to bathroom to see what's up
>D starts calling C's girl a bitch and screaming at them
>D smacks C across the face
>C decks D right in the gabber m8
>D chills out
>next day
>I wake up completely oblivious to everything that happened
>"wow that was fucking awesome you guys"
>everyone just looks at me
>K goes and gets some breakfast
>I go home
>sleep for a few hours and wake up depressed
I didn't find out until like two weeks later what happened with D
>Be me
>Can't get weed so decide to try incense
>Hardcore toker so decide to get 6grams of Blue Cheese
>Get home, fire up a packed bowl
>Put SSX into PS3
>Put shuffle on music player
>Send invite to friend online
>Whilst it's trying to connect the incense kicks in hard
>Not prepared at all
>No idea how strong it'll get or for how long
>Suddenly realise that if PS3 connects, I'm going to have to talk.
>Can't talk.
>Cancel invite.
>Turn off PS3 in a panic in case he tries to return the invite.
>Stare at coffee table for 35 minutes
>Feeling sober again
>Tell myself I just flushed 40 quid down the shitter and I'm never doing it again
>So 5 minutes later, I'm hitting another bowl
>Put SSX back on
>Start playing
>Start tripping out
>Think I'm watching the fucking X Games or some shit
>SSX is absolutely real to me
>Music player develops bizarre Grimes fetish and alternates between Oblivion and Genesis
>Sit watching Zoe Payne make her way slowly down the hill
>Steep bit, she starts picking up speed
>Impossible moves, impossible physics, impossible geography and yet I'm still watching a live event as far as I'm concerned
>Start wishing she'd pull some moves
>She hits a ramp
>She hits a rockface ... hard
>She falls into the clouds below
>She reappears at the top of the hill
>Fuck, this girl is tough
>Handset vibrates and I remember it's a game.
>Felt worse for a vidya bitch than for Senna when I watched him die live.
>Discover over next couple of weeks that if I put Grimes on the stereo and fire up SSX I can jolt myself into the same state again
>Becomes a "thing"
>Start running SSX like a proper business complete with appraisals and had to fire Griff for thieving.
>Found over 60 items in his locker.
>Haven't been able to recapture this since they made Blue Cheese illegal.
Not French, neither is he, but yes, they are.
1985 people were killed in 2012
That's 2.5% of the population
That's on average 5.4245 people per day
Fucking great place
>up all night on acid and speed
>pretty nice combo, act like a lunatic only faster
>go to a kiosk at about 9am
>feel like a chocolate bar
>stand in front of the selection
>running commentary on everything i see
>''ooh, that looks nice. colourful. sweet? too sweet? something nutty. chew, chew. that could be good...'' etc
>zoning in and out
>don't know how long this goes on
>suddenly realise i am literally standing right in front of the shopkeeper, the chocolates are between us on the counter
>get a fright and drop coins and phone on the ground
>he stays cool as fuck
>all he said was -
>whoops a daisy
some shitty phillips subs I had hooked up to my decks. 2 speakers, plus I channeled the bass through my tv

>begin to browse photos
>old memories of holidays and general every day snaps
>I have a very close-knit family and had what I can only describe as an amazing childhood
>I knew this, only it hit me for the first time, 'truly', right now
>allow my emotions to manifest, but keep my cool
>try to flow with the experience, I tell myself
>all whilst very aware that my dad's face in the photos was morphing and contorting
>seemed to become a corpse
>mom appeared stick-thin, gaunt, traumatized
>I looked to be smirking
>realize it was doing more harm than good, so resume music and try to calm down again
>still not in control of my emotions
>realize over and over again that I'm tripping, but I do not acknowledge it
>Thoughts accelerating dramatically
>have I even peaked yet?
>it seemed to have been maintaining fairly consistently, but I got 'washes' of clarity that would flood my head with calm and serenity followed by intense builds, almost like an mdma roll
>focus on my breathing
>works, kind of
>realize that my phone is still going
>it's my sis
>wat do
>I've no idea what possessed me to do it, but I answered. I have no recollection of the thought process whatsoever
(the phone call was a lot of personal stuff and venting, my sister realized I wasn't normal but was cool when I told her what had happened. She asked if I wanted her to pick me up the next day, I agreed. she said 'love you' before saying bye, and I remember feeling more resilient, happier. I realize now that was me being grateful for what I still had)
>hang up
>stand up, want to keep active, try to explore visuals in the hallway
>friend comes back and scares the shit out of me
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spice is not nice. those chems are seriously bad

spice will ruin your life

and your brain

don't do it. sooner they legalize pot the better.
how do you kill 0.4245 of a person?
How much more of this story anon?
you sandpaper his dick
This kills the man
>be 13
>never smoked weed before
>have some friends that smoke all the time but I ain't about that life
>one day they wanna get high with me and being a stupid 13 year old I say yes
>we meet up later at one of their places
>they get the bong ready
>take turns passing it around
>eventually gets to me so I take a big hit to look cool
>tastes really weird
>ignores it and keeps hitting
>few minutes later nothing happens so I take another big hit
>few more hits still nothing
>"oh anon its fine almost everyone doesn't feel anything their first time"
>take another hit because I wont feel it apparently
>then it hits me
>everythings wavy and distorted
>start hearing shit
>freaking the fuck out
>starting to shake uncontrollably while the room warps
>oh man this is strong
>ask them if this is supposed to happen
>apparently I was laced
>they're all on the same shit but didn't take as much as I did
>go outside to try to calm down and end up zoning out
>suddenly back inside
>put on a banana suit because it seemed like a good idea
>leaves my buddies room to get a glass of water
>found the kitchen and forgot why i went there in the first place
>vision is still fucked up
>go back upstairs and hear them playing piano
>where did they get a piano wtf
>walk in and tell them to quit playing the piano so loud
>no piano
>i get mad and start saying something about a puppet
>passed out and woke up the next morning on the floor in a pile of plastic bags still in my banana suit

sorry im a shit storyteller
I just spend 48 hours on coke, pills, speed and vodka with the compulsory beers and high grade ganja.

After some sleep i felt absolutely fine. On friday its my friends birthday and i plan on getting acid, ketamine & mdma.

>ITT: n00bs
Don't leave us hanging.
Not going to argue, but you've fallen into the same trap as every fucker who tries this stuff. It's not equatable to weed. At all. It's another drug entirely. It is not a substitute for weed and shouldn't be considered one. Legalising weed will sort it out, but it's not stressed anywhere near enough that this is NOT an alternative or a substitute for cannabis. I made that mistake when I bought my first pack. I've been rotting my brain with chemicals for 25 years. After about 20years they start to make sense. So it's just another high in the catalogue for me. If I'm going to binge, I'll buy the usual coke, speed, mdma, acid, weed, whatever I can get my hands on and I'll swing by the headshop on the way home for skins and spice. In the words of Hunter S. Thompson, "The thing is with a serious drug collection, the tendancy is to push it as far as you can".
after 3 days its 6 people and the rollover is 0.2735
then in another 3 days 6 people are killed and the rollover is 0.1225
honestly its just all in the math not a guaranteed 5 people killed
3 people one day 7 another
did you ever take basic stats?
>be me
>16 y/o
>smoked weed a couple times, nothing to intense
>one night hang out with cousin who has always smoked
>me driving them all around and taking them to get food while they are getting high
>decide to take first bong rip
>mfw coughing in-sues
>cough for a good 15 minutes straight
>feel light as shit, just want to go to bed
>cousin says i don't look to good, step outside car for fresh air
>regret imminently
>loose function of legs, sit down
>mfw im blind
>seriously thought i went blind
>i cant see shit, whats wrong with me
>dont want to be that pussy and freak out
>sit in silence thinking im blind for 10 minutes
>mfw cousin asks why my eyes are closed
>mfw i opened my eyes
>mfw was never blind just had my eyes shut
>never smoke out of a bong again
lol, le jaded partyfag thinks a shopping list makes a good drug story.
dont bail on me bro
You're just adorable! Can I take you home?
Spice will make you feel like patrick swayze in the movie ghost after he does and doesn't know hes dead for like 40 minutes
At least it doesn't make you fuck Whoopi Goldberg thinking she's Demi Moore.
Your dad probably isnt even dead, youre just tripping too hard
Okay last one
>be me
>be 17 now
>finally score DMT
>so fucking psyched I can't wait
>it's like 9:30
>my dad is in the room right next to mine
>open window
>make a weed/DMT sandwich in my bowl
>finally work up the nerve and take a big hit while leaning out of my window
>look down
>the grass below my window is fucking swirling
>lay down on the floor under my window
>close eyes
>feel my body disappear
>it feels like I'm just a bare consciousness floating there
>5 minutes go by
>completely back to normal
>go to bed
True and thank god spice doesn't make you want to make clay pottery with demi moore because she would be.one tired bitch
Still here, and if you Bel Air me I think I will actually cry myself to sleep or go Super Saiyan. I don't know how I'm feeling yet.
>sight of him seems to build on my newfound resilience
>he asks how I'm doing
>I say 'fine', which was really only a half-lie
>I go through to the kitchen to sit with friend whilst he cooks his food and sparks the l he rolled earlier
>I feel like I'm getting better and better
>like, I could think about my dad easily and with no emotional impact
>assume this was due to the fact I thought grass would calm me down more
>look at the shimmering objects scattered around my vision and along the surfaces of the kitchen
>floor is still toffee, clinging to my fingers when I dip it in
>feel good, placebo effect
>not sure how many tokes, maybe 4 or 5
>time stands still
>my headspace has cleared of all psychedelia, replaced by a colossal void
>visuals pick the fuck up
>they become more cartoony, shinier and move at speeds I feel my brain can't process
>the washes of clarity start to occur, frequently now
>void is filled with fuck
>I feel like my brain is literally so full I can't think, like I've overloaded all my senses
>friend looks like an 8-bit character
>the environment is creasing at the seams like an enormous invisible hand is crushing it
>I don't panic, because I can't
>friend is shaking me
>I'm still oddly lucid, but with no real handling behind my actions
>realize there is no sound, only friend's voice
>trips me out
>back to other room?
>the thought filled me with dread because I felt I'd confronted the images of my dad in there
>still, time to exit
>go outside, no jacket or shoes
>cigarette out of pocket, tfw no lighter
>frustration that cannot be put into words
>friend appears
>gives lighter
>realized in this moment that the ebb and flow of the experience was only as good as I made it
>resolve to make the best of situation
>going to lie down and sit the experience out
>don't even finish cigarette, go inside
>l head to bed, trying not to look at the shit all over the walls

2 more maybe brahh
you needed a second hit bro
>about 14-15
>Smoke some spice with some shithead
>bike down a path in the woods
>We both simultaneously hallucinate a giant black wall in front of us
>We both ride screaming into it
>Suddenly... Light!
>Felt like I was entering heaven.
>I never smoked spice again, only weed and alcohol
>My cat shows her disappointment via pic related
Most people use it as an alternative to weed. It shouldn't be treated as such. But people do. I've never trued it because it seemed shitty. I mean the high may be fun, but not worth the damage it'd do to me when I have plenty of weed, shrooms, and booze available
>walking in nature on LSD with good bro
>really enjoying the high
>until bro asks
>dude... are we walking uphill, or downhill?
>and i really couldn't tell
>neither could he
>and it blew our damn minds
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Dont die thread
>me and 5 of my friends did shrooms last night
>1st time for most of them
>did 3gs i'ma be trippin hard
>at the beach at night
>dropped at 7:45pm
>immediately after dropped get out of car and see dude swing chains with fireballs on the end of them
>nice start to the night
>dude accidentally lets one go and gets stuck in tree, still burning
>funny as fuck, one of them climbs up the tree like 15m off the ground to shake it out
>gets it out after a while
>feeling the shrooms kicking in now
>experienced so I know what to expect and drugs always hit me quickly
>we end up trying to walk to a shop
>don't even know where we're going
>shroom fatigue hits me like a truck
>decide it's best to not walk for fucking ages to a place we dont even know exists
>walk out on the beach, dark as fuck, ship lights out a sea all flashing at the same time
>trippy as fuck but can't really enjoy it because of how dark it is
>we move back to our cars about 15minutes later
>I'm tripping hard by this point, friends who didn't eat all of their shrooms initially eat the rest now
>get in to my friend's car
>holy shit this car is so fucking spacious I can't believe my eyes
>extremely satisfied with the amount of room in the car
>we're all chilling doing our own thing now and about an hour has passed
>2 mates go out to lie on the beach
>other four of us walk in to town a lil bit to try and find a place to buy a drink
>walking through the streets past all of these restaurants
>colours so vivid, street art looks amazing
>reach the end of the line in terms of restaurants and street art
>massive wall about 20m across covered in it lies at the end, across the street
>friend starts telling us story about him dealing with asbestos(he's an electrician)
>for some reason this triggers my peak
>wall looking amazing, pavement is plates shifting over each other, friends hair spiking up and down
>we decide to go back and find our other 2 friends
>walk back down the line of restaurants
>will cont
File: 1318635209258.jpg (358KB, 922x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 922x1280px
>be me
You fucking what.
File: 1318633846229.jpg (711KB, 2048x1371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
711KB, 2048x1371px
File: 1318635281713.jpg (661KB, 852x1220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
661KB, 852x1220px
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When I was researching the new compounds I found accounts by people who were doing them pure rather than sprayed onto marshmallow plants like incense. They were doing huge doses compared to what you get in a 3g pack. The body seems pretty capable of dealing with it in the short term apart from these quinolin compounds. Even they break down, but they are rarely used on their own and once you're doing them regularly it appears to me that you have more in your system than your body can actually handle. So rather than doing it all the time now like I was before this shit hit the shelves, I use it to fill the 40mins or so while I'm waiting to come up on acid or w/e I've ingested and more often than not to simply knock me out after a heavy session. Mixing it is not a great idea, but limits are there to be pushed. Pretty much the main effect for me these days is that two bongs will put me on my arse and knock me unconscious within 10 minutes.
File: 1318635362413.jpg (483KB, 1200x1800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1318633792619.jpg (766KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, aged 16
>go into medicine cabinet
>find several bottles of my mom's prescriptions
>Gabapentin 600mg, Cyclobenzaprine 10mg, Vicodin 2.5/375mg, Hydroxyzine HCl 30mg, Welbutrin 50mg
>take 5 vicodin, 2 each of the others
>feel nothing after half an hour, smoke some weed
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still waiting on acid guy
>Don't be me
>Be friend of mine
>Huff a huge bowl of spice
>Stagger into living room
>Trip over trash bags (was packing to move house at the time)
>Fall flat on his face
>Fling bong water everywhere
>Immediately stand up
>How long was I out for, Anon?
>I'll tell you when it happens, m80
Don't leave us hanging dude
That doesn't really sound like a fun high to me. On weed I am 90% functional even when I'm high out of my mind on edibles or something and begin to actually lose coordination. Is the high that much better than that of a different drug like weed or xanax or something
>dont be me
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>in college, noted stoner
>normal day in dorm room
>grinding up my weed, checking my oils, counting my brownies, weighing my shrooms
>knock knock, campus police motherfucker
>eat everything. 2.5gs of weed, 2 brownies, 50ml hash oil, 3 caps
>clean evidence as fast as possible
>open door
>"there was some vandalism last night. know anything about it?"
>no officer
>"well if you hear anything, notify your RA."
>of course officer, have a nice day
>close door
>sit on bed
>blast off into motherfucking space for about a day and a half
>regain consciousness
>roommate sitting on his bed looking at me
>what did i do?
>"pretty much just drooled. remember anything?"
>i was in the rain forest, then mars, then i was God
>went to cafeteria
>ate everything
>went home
>threw up
>felt better
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Running low
Same here
That's a lot for a first time. First time I did vicodin I took two pills and was high af. Ahh the joys of being 14 and trying a drug for the first time.
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Thas a lot of drugs man
Your doing gods work anon
>call friends a few times, no answer
>decide to walk back to cars
>i had to piss really bad (my bladder shrinks to the size of a pea when im on shrooms)
>piss on rubbish bin
>friends walking away quickly for some reason
>w8 up guise
>we get back to where we were previously
>friends talking about police or some shit
>pay no attention, probably talking shit, im tripping to hard to care
>5 minutes later
>still talking about police
>hits me
>holy fucking shit police are going through our cars
>mates must be scared shitless, 1st time doing shrooms for both of them
>call them again, get an answer this time
>"they found the shrooms, and they can see the bongs in your car, they say they have the power to break in if you guys don't come back"
>fuck sake
>I've already eaten all my shit so i'm fine in terms of legality
>mate with bud stashes his shit in a garden
>we head back to the police
>kind of worried for my friends as someone's getting charged for the mushrooms and weed we have in the cars
>2 friends that were there have to stand away to the side, we cant speak to them
>mate with us who owns the car they were going to break in to if we didn't come takes blame for the 2 bongs in there and other mate for his weed
>Australian law gives 1st time weed offenders basically a slap on the wrist
>both of them have to attend some 45minute weed talk or some shit within the next month
>smoking equipment confiscated
>friend who was caught originally takes the hit for about 10gs of mushies
>he's still under 18 though so no big deal really (apart from parents being called)
>cops were fucking retards misplacing ID's and generally being casual as fuck
>we're all cracking jokes because it's not illegal to be high on mushrooms (at least they didn't seem to care, it's not like we were making any trouble)
>male officer obviously bullied as a child
>female officer complete pushover
>she literally check our 4 ID's at the same time
>will cont
File: 1318634012372.jpg (246KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cmon acid guy.

>suddenly, it all hits me
>feel crazy fucked up, slurred speech, stumbling around
>perspective is thrown off, tilted sideways, everything is blurry as fuck
>thoughts racing, anxiety building up, hearing fucked up distorted sounds repeating over and over
>world in complete overlay of a layer of static
>step outside to smoke a cigarette and potentially calm myself down
>mom comes outside
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Acid guy is kill
>Do drugs in highschool
>stop doing drugs
>go to college
>study hard
>get a job
>make money and live on my own with gf
>saving up for house
>don't waste money and time on drugs
File: 1318636443460.jpg (484KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484KB, 1680x1050px
one of the best stories ive heard lately, anon
File: 1307169597711.jpg (383KB, 1600x1065px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
383KB, 1600x1065px
File: e29.jpg (53KB, 640x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Need to hear end of acid guys story...
File: 1318633504361.jpg (92KB, 1500x1001px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Abandon hope, acid guy is kill
sure was. i wouldn't have done all that if i didn't think i was about to get busted and needed to hide everything. i thought they were going to search the room. if i knew they weren't i would have just put it away.
>wrap myself up in duvet
>lie flat on my back
>the horizontal position seems to aggravate the seizures
>I lie still as I possibly can and close my eyes
>CEVs out the ass
>it's not something I've paid much attention to during trips, but I really noticed it now
>shapes, galaxies, theorems, entire visions composed of constellations and matrix-type images through code
>nature sounds on ipod, seems wonderfully synergistic with the CEVs
>I found the music influenced the imagery and animation, was quite awestruck
>realize that this sort of distraction is exactly what I need
>distraction from what? said my brain
>I felt the emotion welling up again
>felt pathetic, being such a little bitch
>spasms flare up again, actually painful this time
>visuals become fireworks to coincide with the pain
>suddenly it hits me like a kick to the nuts
>I have a ton of etizolam in the other room I'd bought for this sort of situation
>pissed at myself for forgetting
>retrieve them slowly, balance is fucked
>take 3mg to try and take the anxiety down a touch and maybe become relaxed enough to sleep through the trip
>go back to my room and wrap up
>after what seems an age of trying to focus on the two whirlpools on my ceiling, I felt a certain lethargy kick in
>I became complacent amount the experience and situation
>I knew what had happened in the back of my mind, but now that was dulled and replaced with a hazy boredom
>hallucinations still crazy
>not overly bothered anymore, just trying to focus on steering my mental direction towards pleasant thoughts
>goes on for what seems like ages, I kept drifting off and waking up
>forgot I was tripping and then I woke up and the ceiling was trying eat me
eventually drift of, don't remember if I had any dreams
>friend wakes me up
>leap out of bed, frenzied, soaked through with sweat
>collect my thoughts
>according to my friend it took the best part of 10 minutes before I was coherent
>I was still fucking tripping
>mfw I slept for 8 hours
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Empower Women.jpg
212KB, 1067x1600px
Waiting on one...
File: 1307168914232.jpg (454KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw you have no face and type slow
That weed would wear off within 12 hours. And so would the shrooms. You may still feel a little high in the morning but still completely functional. Don't see how this fucked you up so bad.
i liked that story because it was pretty funny and you didn't ramble.

>this happened
>then this happened
>then this happened.

take notice all you bad storytellers of /b/, if we wanted pointless tales with too many details we'd ask women.
He's back
Moar this
File: 1318634447897.jpg (373KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373KB, 1280x1024px
>mfw i ran out of these
Please cont. Was the father part a hallucination or real?
File: 1309234144353.jpg (51KB, 500x515px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>question mate who owns the car with the bongs in it
>"do you have any prior criminal convictions?"
>"nah m8"
>"how come I got a result back for stealing then?"
>we all crack up
>"when did you get caught stealing man, hahaha?"
>he has no clue
>she then says "well maybe it wasn't you but one of you came back with stealing on your record, I can't remember which one"
>we're laughing hard, tripping our faces off still
>"It doesn't matter anyway" she says
>To summarise after about an hour and a half they get done fucking with our shit
>mate who got done for shrooms gets his dad called to take him home but nothing more
>2 friends have to attend weed meeting for having bongs and bud
>rest of us fine
>they leave we all go back to having a good time
>friend's dad picks him up (rest in peace)
>other mates that we were meeting up with were actually waiting nearby watching the whole thing take place
>after police leave they come say hi, say theyll shout us cones because of what just happened
>we decide we should get more weed anyway
>our group of four gets in the car along with our other friend who knows who we can buy some ganj off
>on the road again
>15 minutes into 30minute drive
>pulling up to lights
>cont, this is where it gets really crazy
I've had trips like it, but not as intense. Usually mushrooms from Mexico or India. Mexican Gold Caps was as close as I've managed to get to it before and although that was a 6hr trip where I spoke to God, spice is a lot more dissociative. It's a strange drug. Whilst you're on it, it's not fun. It's horrific, but as you come down you resolve every mental issue you had whilst you were on it and actually feel like you enjoyed it as an experience retrospectively. I even felt grateful to have had the experience of suffering a complete mental breakdown and recovery within 30 minutes. I'd just hit some Pandora's Box which was stronger than my usual stuff. About 15mins in I had a massive adrenaline rush as I decided that because my parents hadn't called me or skyped me that day it meant they were on their way for a visit and my house was a shithole. They live 180 miles away. They weren't coming for a visit on a Thursday. Still shat myself. Cleaned my kitchen and front room in 10 minutes flat. For some reason I'd decided I had only another 5 minutes to sort out the next two floors and I freaked. Properly lost the plot. Rocking in a corner whimpering that "This is it" and "I'm not crazy! I'M NOT CRAZY" and 20 minutes later I wasn't. In those 20 minutes everything resolved itself. I worked out the flaws in my thinking and really the only recollections I have of it are the breakdown and how intense and real it was. And once I'd worked out that nobody was coming to visit, I did another bong.

It's not even worth comparing it to weed. It's dissociative, sometimes psychedelic and almost always incapacitating.
File: 1309566347730.png (564KB, 1025x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1309566113467.jpg (554KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it was near the beginning of the second semester. i had spent about a month at home where i couldn't consume anything, my tolerance was low, and i don't think i had eaten much that day. moreover, while the initial high only lasted a few hours, after that it came in waves and every few minutes i'd either come back to reality or be blasted off again. it's possible that the shrooms and weed had a compounded effect and made everything last longer. sufficed to say, i only really regained memory of the event at the moment i spoke of above.
maybe there was a full moon and that had an effect as well, idk. but that's what happened.
File: 1309538538847.jpg (279KB, 1065x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1293740091792.jpg (3MB, 6732x8984px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 6732x8984px

>she walks out with a smile on her face
>realize she doesn't know yet
>she starts talking to me, can only make out little parts of words, the rest is incomprehensible
>"vwug do eiam vunt fadsnufahsj hajghdasg"
>conclude she's asking me what I want for dinner, respond with "I'm cool with whatever, it's up to you."
>she stands there, face drops, just looking right at me. I stare back
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
>sister (I think) yells for my mom from inside the house. she walks back inside
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Cant upload my SHR folder...
>live in Rochester Michigan
>smoke spice with buddys on the regular
>one of my buddys began to foam at the mouth
>He died that night, look it up
OK so the first time I got high was a month or so after the first time I ever smoked the reason I didn't get high before is because I didn't know how to inhale properly at the time
>be me 14
>move to new school, meet new friend in history class, we'll call him Ben
>one day Ben asks me if I smoke weed I tell him yeah since I had smoked once or twice.
>at this point since I realized pot wasn't necessarily bad for you I just assumed I didn't get you high bc didn't know about inhaling
>we agree to meet up on Friday and hangout and smoke
>Friday come, dude brings like a quarter of some mids to school in his book bag
>rides bus home with me and head back in to my house
At this point my mom was working 3-11 so she usually just came home and went to sleep
>hang out in my basement decide to smoke out of a home made water bottle bong with a pen slider
>after first hit he realizes I didn't know how to inhale so he tells me how
>get a big hit
>oh fuck man, why is am all light headed
>smoke more
>at this point my body feels all tingly and I just couldn't help but laugh at everything for awhile, body felt all tingly and almost like the feeling when hour arm goes numb to a lesser extent.
>smoke more, listen to music have a good night, first night I ever listened to Primus.
>time going by so slow, how long will this be
>eventually my mom cones home, house obviously smells of weed.
>says nothing, even saw me with red eyes but just must not of noticed (I know she cares because she freaked out about weed in the preceding months)
>heart litteraly skipped a best their but I was good.
>go outside, smoke a joint with Ben and bullshit then go to bed, good time
That was the first of many times me and Ben smoked around my house that year. I haven't hung out with him since I was 14 but all these years later and I still smoke. I mean, I quit for a few years in between but when I picked it back up I stuck with it.
File: 1316549182246.jpg (91KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 800x600px
File: 1316543769609.jpg (98KB, 496x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1316543810917.jpg (155KB, 707x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>heart starts racing, I can feel and hear it through my coat
>sit down on the porch
>close my eyes, see crazy shapes and images formed in static, constantly changing
>see my own face but fucked up staring back at me
>quickly open my eyes, still there in front of me
>distorted noises get louder, heart beats faster, noises turn into my own voice, can't understand anything
>pass out
File: 1316543932805.jpg (62KB, 642x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 642x466px
>dude ran a red light that he never could have made like a total fucking retard
>T bones this woman's car
>she goes spinning
>he gets knocked off track coming in our direction
>friend slams on the breaks
>car stops, hits pole 2m away from us
>would have been hit if pole wasn't there
>woman who got hit by this fuckin idiot is shaking, whole front end of her car is off
>I can't believe my fucking eyes
>"holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit, that just fucking happened, ahahahahahah, OH MY FUCKING GOD" -me
>dude who ran the red gets out of car right in front of us
>looks out of it he must have been drinking or something
>moment was so surreal
>couldnt help have a massive grin on my face for having this achievement unlocked
>jog over to the side of the road to take my 15th piss of the night, lol
>everyone nearby is out of their car making sure everyone's okay
>no injuries
>we decide to get back into car because dealing with the police again is something that we don't need
>continue journey in disbelief
>"what a fucking night"
>end up picking up some weed and smoking up
>ganja kicks in, getting some extremely vivid CEVs
>after a couple hours we're all pretty tired and decide to call it a night
>and that was that
File: 1316546811415.jpg (191KB, 687x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191KB, 687x1024px
I have a good bit of LSD and mushroom stories, general stupid shit me and my friends did when we got high back in my teenage day as well and just general weed shit but I don't have very many hard drug stories. I snorted coke like one time, and that was just a baby bump.
File: 1316548457454.jpg (519KB, 2000x1333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519KB, 2000x1333px
File: 1318299470950.jpg (1MB, 4000x2667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 4000x2667px
File: 1318528988259.jpg (680KB, 2008x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
680KB, 2008x3000px
File: 1319128889259.jpg (5KB, 284x177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thanks bro
>image because why not?
File: 1320610209661.jpg (132KB, 720x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wish I had more of this bitch.
Kekd hard
>friend had crashed on my sofa, he does it all the time
>the zolam had worn off but the bromo hadn't
>and it took me a fair decent while to realize the trip had not gotten any milder
>thoughts still scattered as fucks
>visuals still there, though now they have a pulsing consistency, appearing then disappearing
>become panicked at how much longer the trip will last
>ask friend, who checks
>obviously it's based on how much I took, which I didn't know, so this was kind of pointless
>I told him he didn't feel any milder
>I don't want to scare you anon but maybe you should go to the hospital?
>clench jaw, feel the fear course through me
>no, I'm fine
>time is 7am ish
>sis coming at 8 30 on way to work
>feel more fearful when I realize
>she has kids, and in the moment I was terrified they wouldn't want me around them if they saw me like this
>tears and tears, but no emotion
>dad is not even something I think about
>lie on sofa, moar kaleidoscope
>wait for sister to come, make a concerted effort to be as normal as possible
>it's difficult though, I looked monged
>horrible bell goes off
>never been so relieved to see someone
>ready to go?
>are you still on drugs?
>sets her shit down and rushes me back in, clearly frightened by my appearance
>lies me on sofa
>don't care, feels safe
>sis has no experience with psychs
>starts hugging me, sobbing
>starts talking about dad
>both cry, one of the most cleansing experiences of my life
>sober, it would have been cathartic, maybe, but ultimately pointless. On psychs I could feel my entire body responding to the emotion, and it felt amazing
>I felt legitimately happy
>the visuals had become wavy and colours had become brighter
>knowledge I was leaving with my sister made me even happier, felt I could maintain this
>keep asking if we can go
>no anon
>why not
>you can't come to my house like this
>I think it's best you stay here
>I cried, begged her to take me
>no, I have to go to work
File: 1322192647077.jpg (415KB, 1365x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415KB, 1365x2048px
That doesn't sound that fun to me tbh. I smoke weed more to relax than to get high. Its just something I do and any mental stress I'm worried about, I forget for a while and often work it out calmly and non stressfully in my head. Weed to me is such a gentle drug that its perfect. Unlike alcohol or any other drug in on existence. I can take my normal amount or ten times my normal amount and it still be completely enjoyable with no side effects. Any time I get sick from drinking or dislike a drug, weed is always there for me, safe, cheap, and enjoyable in almost every facet
File: 1322376989033.jpg (241KB, 1600x1064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 1600x1064px
Yay Im done
0/10 ending
File: rape.png (250KB, 555x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250KB, 555x399px
I know.
nope, that's the whole thing
not much after
wow that's neat
>be 15 yo me
>want to try every drug
>fuck yeah I got me sum kush
>smoke dank 9/11 mind blown kush
>die within minutes
File: tits.gif (1MB, 245x348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 245x348px
Still making the mistake of comparing it to weed. And it isn't fun. The only way you'd understand is to try it and I wouldn't really recommend that. I've had some wonderful experiences with all sorts of plants, herbs and chemicals. I've lst count of the number of times I've overdosed. Even more so the number of times I've felt like I was going to die. And even more so the number of times I've thrown up or passed out. It's not the same. I'm used to riding out several hours of terror, this is 35minutes that repairs itself and if it didn't even the mild addiction wouldn't drag you back to it. With shrooms you can drink orange juice and eat bread to bring yourself down and weed is always handy, no matter what the drug is. Unless it's spice. It feels like hours whilst you're high, but it never is. It's quick and after an hour you don't feel like you've smoked anything at all. Horses for courses. Like I said, it's just another high in the collection. It has its place, but its place is not as a substitute for weed.
Thanks for the read and sorry for your loss.
My biggest fear while triipping is the thing you went through.
File: furry (426).jpg (97KB, 850x622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
furry (426).jpg
97KB, 850x622px
I can dump all 400+ of these of you want
how the fuck did you message him without your phone
File: furry (21).jpg (103KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
furry (21).jpg
103KB, 900x900px

good story anon, sorry about your dad

when did you end up coming down?
File: bethnightin1.jpg (110KB, 612x792px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 612x792px
Come on anon, I have comics too
Rather comics than this furfag shit
File: kekno.gif (1MB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 480x270px
>defeated, in house
>feel emotional again
>start to get angry, this has gone on too fucking long
>want it to stop
>I know if I go to hospital they'd just strap me to a board until it was over
>self-medication options
>weed= nope, zolam=yes, but so soon after my last dose?
>I tried to figure out dosage, how much to make me fall back asleep?
>only one way to be sure I guess

so yeah, tl;dr: someone roll trips and I'll livestream my suicide

File: santa17.jpg (439KB, 1200x917px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439KB, 1200x917px
Did someone say furry thread?
File: bethnightin2.jpg (129KB, 612x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bethnightin3.jpg (172KB, 612x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bethnightin4.jpg (119KB, 612x839px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bethnightin5.jpg (121KB, 612x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bethnightin6.jpg (127KB, 612x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 612x842px
File: bethnightin7.jpg (133KB, 610x841px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 610x841px
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^^this guy knows the score.

>Be me, a stoner of many many hppy years.
>Move to Japan where weed is hard to come by, expensive as fuck, and kindof an easy way to go to jail for a long time if you're foreign.
>Start looking into "Spice" and relatable designer drugs, which are semi-legal but were tolerated for a while.
>Had a series of mostly comatose experiences, found one or two that did the trick for me.
>Started noticing that I was delevoping a somewhat costly addiction, mainly in that I had to travel to another city to buy the shizz but was doing so once or twoce a month.

and then this happened.

>Some Japanese dude buys some kinda spice.
>Figures, "It's not alcohol and it's not illegal, so I can totally smoke it while Imm driving, right?"
>His sweaty, seizuring face being pulled from a crashed car is all over the news for weeks.

And then the present batches of chemicals for these smokable herb packetss (as British guy above noted) were made illegal. Sweeps were done. The next batches felt and tasted really bad.

>tldr, spice and related smokables suck
>tldr, never move away from where you can get good clean weed.
File: bethnightin9.jpg (135KB, 612x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 612x842px
File: bethnightin10.jpg (143KB, 610x839px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143KB, 610x839px
File: bethnightin11.jpg (118KB, 612x839px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not really. My first experience with it

>be in woods with my friends
>tells me that kush is a "new legal drug that is made of a bunch of herbs"
>start smoking
>don't feel shit
>smoke a full big ass bowl out of an Arizona tea can
>friend starts to load more
>smoke with him
>the second we put down the pipe I'm fucking baked
>lay in the woods laughing for hours
>go to burger king fucked up as shit unable to order my food because I'm so far gone
>became my DOC for 4 years

Loved the drug, but it destroyed my mind and body
this just happened guys. I smoked some nug (on/off smoker here) today. only had 2 hits.

about an hour after I was already sober. I was watching some netflix all of sudden it gets kinda hard to breathe, I felt like i was gonna faint or black out, was dizzy and lightheaded, felt my pulse and my heart was RACING like crazy. honestly thought i was having a heart attack or i was gonna die, but it went away after a while. What did i experience? a panic attack or something? because i've never felt like that before and it was terrible
I'm comparing it to drugs in general. Any drug that has any sort of terror involved isn't a recreational drug to me. And also I really don't like passing out, throwing up, or feeling sick. At one point in my life I wanted to try every drug I could. But later I realized I could just Google kinds of drugs and try the ones that sound interesting. I wanted to try spice too at one point but then I thought about it and decided not to. I know it would be enjoyable but enjoyable enough that I'd rather buy it than weed or some beer? Probably not. Especially with the health con's. Who knows the long term effects on that stuff. In ten years your organs could shut down or you could be writtled with cancer. At least I know weed, alcohol and shrooms won't do that to me. I like to stick to the safe side of drugs
Most likely has nothing to do with the weed. You might want to go to the doctor? It might have been a panic attack if you had bad anxiety and were thinking about something when it happened? But if it just happened out of the blue then yeah call a doctor
> writtled with cancer
> writtled

you trollin?

> At least I know weed, alcohol and shrooms won't do that to me
> alcohol...won't do that to me

inb4 liver disease

It happened a month ago too. I stopped smoking for a few weeks and had some blueberry kush. Took 1 hit i was feeling fine for 15-20 minutes then got the same symptoms again, but went away after sobering up

got more?
I'm so disappointed there's not a single LSA trip story in this whole thread.
File: 1417997572955.jpg (8KB, 230x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 230x200px
>I'm stoned,
Riddeled* my bad. And I don't drink too often. Actually one of my least favorites to do. But I do like most non-distilled alcohol like beer, wine, and so forth. At least I know the risk of alcohol if 7 or 8 drinks through the week causes any problems for me. And I do mushrooms maybe once a month if that
That's an odd reaction. Smoked weed since I was 15 and never had that problem
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