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I had a lucid dream for the first time ever the other night /b/,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I had a lucid dream for the first time ever the other night /b/, and the first thing i did once i was aware was grab a girl who was near me and i proceeded to rape her, and i filmed it as well. This dream was extremely fucked up and ill tell it all if anyones interested. I just wanted to share this with you for some reason, its not like im going to tell any of my real friends.

Post your dreams /b/ or whatever the fuck you want
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I had a normal dream where I was a girl. I was walking back to home then someone just kicked me in my stomach and brutally raped me. Was kinda awful but I felt really good after that dream. Also, I didn't have any lucid dream. Wish I could...
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I think youtube is trying to brainwash me. I watch a video about some night vision I have in the mail, and all of a sudden auto-play has taken over and it's a 6 hour video of how aliens are going to invade and we are all fucked.
do, tell us. Im interested in lucid dreaming and shit like this.
I had taken a bunch of nyquil before falling asleep because i was genuinely sick. Ive had lots of fucked up nyquil dreams but this is the first time i became totally aware and in control, i was waiting in line at mcdonalds and noticed that the girl taking orders had one of her tits hanging out (lol) and realized that this must be dream
bondage is legal weirdo
You faggot
Ill shorten the details a bit because it was a very vivid and intense dream but here we go. Sorry i dont have it pre typed.

I was at home chilling and my step dad asked me to help him deliver some things to another town and i agreed, we chatted about whatever it was on the way and delivered said stuff and then stopped at mcdonalds on the way back. It was dark and the mcdonalds was full of people, and the line up was taking forever. My stepdad told me hed wait outside for me and while i was in line like i previously said, i noticed that the girls tit was hanging out and instantly realized i was dreaming. I guess the first i actually did was try to fly, but i could only make myself float a few inches off the ground. After that, i noticed a cute blonde girl sitting at a table. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair, pulled her in front of me (she was fighting but couldnt even slow me down) and i whiped out my dick and fucked her in the ass for a bit but i stopped before i came... i think cuz i didnt want to cum in my bed. I was filming all of this on my cell phone as well the whole time, since i had began trying to fly.

I enjoy lucid dreams about 2-3 times per month... but theres never any girls around for me to rape...
>>606082099 imagine some
At this point i wanted to see how much of my dream world i could really fuck with and i began to... idk how to explain this but i made evergthing into some sort of cartoon reality with twisting colors and people had huge goofy eyes and funny faces, the air was full of colorful wind and sparkling shit... basically a full on acid trip. I brought everything back to normal and tried to leave but found out i was locked in the building. I started noticing that the people were turning into scary lookin gangsters, not just blacks but most of them were black. I realized i needed to wake myself up and imagined a giant couch, climbed to the tol of the back rest part and fell backwards onto the cushions and "woke up" but heres where it gets real fucked up.

Just woke up. Had a dream where I was walking through a house and killing monster like people. I was in the processing of chasing a little girl who I thought to be a vampire. I took off my glasses and could see her reading a book one moment through the lens, the next she's gone with whatever clothes she was wearing on a stick.
damn nigga, 2 scary

anyways, if you concentrate your eyes to one point for a few solid seconds, you automatically wake up from lucid dreams
The more you know
Had this dream about a year ago.

In the dream I was around 10 years old(was a dream of a scenario that happened a long time ago). I was in a fairly large amusement park, I had lost my parents and I ran around trying to find them.

After running for quite some time, I stopped to catch my breath.
Thought to myself "Fuck this! I won't find them."
Suddenly had a moment of clarity and realized that I was in a dream. I walked out of the amusement park into a large field.

"Alright, lets try this out."
I put my arms out and slowly started levetating. Suddenly it sped up and I was going higher and higher at an incredible speed.
Woke up after that.

Haven't been able to achive another lucid dream since then, sadly.
How do u have a lucid dream?
I'd like to know aswell. For science.
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Dude i got a crazy as dream
me= i was dreaming i was fucking a death girl
i wake up with my boxers full of cum
At this point i woke up in a strange house in someone elses bed, and there was a giant party going on with all of my friends and people i didnt know everywhere drinking and fucking around, regular party shit. I looked on my phonr for the videos i took and they were all there... but in the videos everything was different. The girl i had raped looked like a demon with black pupilless eyes and fucked up teeth, snarling and drooling and laughing while i raped it. Th people in mcdonalds were all demons and instead of nice happy vibes from the acid trip part everything was red and black and fire and basically like i was in hell. I put my phone down and went to the bathroom and i looked in the mirror and noticed all my teeth had rotted away and my mouth was full of mold and fucking slimey shit... it was seriously fucked looking it scared the shit out of me and right before i ACTUALLY woke up i pulled two mcdonalds wrappers out of my pocket and i was pretty much tripping balls didnt know what reality was or where i was or what the fuck was going on. Obviously i wasnt lucid at this point but thats pretty much it. probably the weirdest dream ive ever had in my life.
>OP's first ever lucid dream
>Rapes a girl
I'm so proud of you OP :')
so there's a video out there somewhere? Incriminating? or sharable?
Op here. Ive alwayd wanted to try flying in a dream and the one chance i get im locked in a fucking mcdonalds. Was still wild though, im considering getting more nyquil and trying agai
First lucid dream I ever had was in like 6th grade.
Shit only felt like it lasted like 2 minutes too lol. It started out with me swinging on the monkey bars or whatever the fuck theyre called. When I let go of the bars I just started floating. It was really really reaaaalllyyy fucking weird because it legitimately felt like I was floating. After a minute i figured out how to fly around, shit was so realistic feeling, you could hit me with a bat and id still say that dream felt more real. When I woke up I actually believed I could fly it felt so real lol. DMT is one helluva drug
ask the internet, there are really good tutorials and methods for it. It takes time doe.
Something something walk like dinosaur?
Idk how i did it, ive troed before and always failed but there was something really weird about this one. It felt entirely real like i was awake the whole time so when things started getting weird it became really obvious. >>606083413
Yes there is. And my teeth actually fell out too bro
I can kick it.

My first lucid experience was in high school. I remember the dream world was almost black and white, there was a little colour but it was very desaturated.

I was standing on the edge of this lake. The shore was pebbles, black and smooth. The lake was perfectly still. The water looked like black glass, reflecting the sliver-grey Forrest on the shore.

I remember there was a slight mist rolling across the surface on the otherwise of the lake. I also remember when I first stepped into the water I couldn't feel it. Like when bath water is the exact same temperature as the room and it's like seamless.

I kept walking out into the lake up until my it past my mouth. I remember hesitating then inching forward so it covered my nose as well, only my eyes and the top part of my head were out of the water.

But I could still breathe. It was a schock at first, and I can recall thinking "what the hell I can breathe"

And then I was jolted awake by my alarm.

I've had about 5 or 6 lucid dreams since then.
I heard if your teeth fall out or crumble and break in a dream it means the stress of being dishonest about something is transcending into your subconscious.

Don't know if it's true, it's just what I heard.
Haha. Yes mein fuehrer.
is it possible to link the video here? via mega or somewhere?
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Ive heard it has to do with being self concious about your looks as well so who knows man. I have bad teeth so the latter makes more sense but really none of the dream made any fuckin sense
Just fall asleep and ill send it via dreamail
Damn, sounds like my bad acid trip from last week. Hallucinated demons all laughing at me, literally was crying. scariest shit in my life.
thanks, do you have my dreammail address?
Finally a dream thread

Used to live on 3rd floor as a child
>watch TV
>hear noises from outside the door
>look through pepphole
>see the hallway
>outside door lies a newspaper, for us
>look to the stairs
>short, bald, fat person (can't say if male or female) sneaks up the stairs
>comes closer
>I open the door
>peson looks at me in horror
>runs toward me
>steals the newspaper
>runs back to the stairs
>jumps over the handrail
>falls down 3 floors
>I look down
>see the person lying down in the first floor
>dead, stares at me
>I wake up

Had this dream 3 or 4 times
Don't know who the person it, don't no why it stole my newspaper
Ive never had a bad acid trip like that, just gotten really sick on mushrooms and had a seizure. Almost happened twice actually but the second time i knew what to expect and held my shit together
Second nightmare I had a couple of times as a child

>watch TV with sister and brother and some friends
>for some reson I am aware that I have some weird disease
>that disease demands, that I drink a lot
>stand up
>go to the kitchen
>kitchen cupboard with curtains infront
>open the curtains
>dozens and dozens of orange juice packages stacked up for me
>grab 3 packs
>turn around to get back to my friends
>suddenly Dracula himself stands behind me
>pulls out his sabre and screams at me
>I drop my orange juice
>wake up
I've only had one lucid dream...I think I was on a playground or something... I don't remember how the dream started because as soon as I was aware it didn't matter to me. I instantly tried to fly. I think it didn't work at first but then I decided I'm in a dream I can fly then I took off and was able to fly using my arms to direct the path... I've also woken up while in the paralysis that occurs during sleep... That scared the fuck out of me... Nothing seemed real and I couldn't move... I later regretted fighting it so quickly because it was kind of a cool experience.
Op again. Ive experienced sleep paralysis as well and it was by far the most fucked up thing that has ever happened to me. Worst feeling ever i cant even begin to describe the fear i felt
Yea it was pretty crazy... I feel like it'd be interesting to have it happen if I induced it intentionally and had a way out(supposedly you can just hold your breath)
I had a dream not very similar except for the creepy person. On cell phone so lets pretend this text is green.

Be me, 10 years old
Walking to school with mom
Notice a dude following us
Tall, long black jacket, face obscured by blackness
Sees me look at him and tries to hide
Stands behind a stop sign, clearly visible
Still staring at me
Keeps staring
I stare at him
Wake up

Had that one about a million times. I think the creep was me honestly... im not a rapist or a creeper but i guess my brain has some darker motives i wont act on
Man I always had these kinda dream. When I'm realized I'm in a dream I would have sex with the closest female near me. When I get bored with that I would do crazy super human shit. I would be so in control I would rewind my dream If I didn't like something that happened it in.
Thats funny, when it happened to me it felt like i couldnt breathe already, an immense weight pressing on my chest and i couldnt move or scream or anything except watch this fucking creepy fuckin demon thing walk towards me and stare into my soul
A third nightmare I had plenty of times but not exact the same, but similar
>lived in a old house
>high ceilings
>I can levitate/fly
>burglars break in
>destroy everything
>kill parents and siblings
>I fly and stay right under the ceiling
>the burglars don't see me
> want to do something, to say something
>try to attack
>can't move
>open mouth
>can't scream
>wake up
I have this recurring event in different dreams happening for over 10 years, and it always stops at the same spot until last time.

>Do something
>Be "in the zone" doing it
>Suddenly a blinding bright light above me makes everything too bright
>Need to close my eyes
>Constantly try to open them but then close them again because so bright it hurts

Last time it happened, I became lucid because it has happened so many times before so...

>Dont give a shit about the light, decide to open eyes completely within the dream despite the pain
>Immediately lose control, see only darkness
>Red abstract lights all around me
>Feel like heart stops
>Spread in to all directions at once, looking at everything from everywhere
>Become everything

Freak the fuck out and wake up.
Freak out
I often have this thing i dont know if its sleep paralysis

i.e. last time

>having very physical nightmare
>'wake up' and be freaking out
>wake up girlfriend, her back is turned at me
>She turns around, face rotten like in a horror movie
>Freak the fuck out and realize its a nightmare
>Wake up again
>Same thing
>Actually wake up.

So frustrating.
One dream that ill always remember, i only had it once but it was wild

Sleeping on the couch
Tv is on
My eyes open (in the dream)
There is a castle on the tv and in the tower theres a well dressed lady talking to a crowd
I point my finger like a gun at the tv and go 'pew'
tv screen cracks and the girl clutches her throat
Blood starts pouring out from behind her hand
She slumps over, blood leaking everywhere
Tv begins to fill with blood
Im watching in horror as the blood drips out of the bullet hole
Blood reaches the top of the tv and my alarm goes off irl
Tv bursts open and blood fills the living room, pushing the couch backwards across the room
I spring up fully awake and fall off the couch
I tried that reality check shit, I even set a sound to happen throughout the day. Shit didn't work.
I had a long time ago that I was walking outside our neighborhood when 3 tall women started chasing me and they had blades/claws idk wearing long gowns and no matter how far I tried to run the just know where I am and teleports to me.
I realized that I was in a dream and started to jump. The only way I could get away was jump about 30 ft high.
Tried to fly but cant. Then I woke up with a boner.
Epic. Id love to dream this
Not sleep paralysis, but sounds freaky as fuck.
Sleep paralysis is defined by the fact that your body is paralyzed while it occurs, most of the time you will think your awake up until its over and you actually wake up.
When i experienced it i was laying on a couch in the dark and somehow everything got darker, i started hearing weird sounds and couldnt move my head or body i was just staring at the door unable to turn away. It was too dark to see but i heard it open and some rotted ass demon whore wiith glowing eyes started walking towards me, holding her claws menacingly. I was trying to move away but couldnt so i focused my energy on hitting her or kicking her and eventually i tried so harx that i actually woke up and swung my arms and legs like a dumbass and fell off the couch
i always wake up with a boner.
My advice would be drink about half a bottle of nyquil and be active until you feel it and then fall asleep, and have an alarm set for every 5 or ten minutes. Something to fuck with your brains sleep plans will cause you (in my case this works anyways) to begin to dream then wake up and repeat the cycle until shit all blends together. Idk if thats truly a lucid dream but that has givrn me the wildest and closest to lucid dreams ill ever have
To improve sleep quality:

Try L-arginine, magnesium and zink before sleep (will take couple of days or so). Also, try not to read/be on the computer at least 1 hour before you fall asleep.

L-Arginine alone as well can work as a long-term viagra.
okay thanks
Its not really something i planned like that, kinda just happens. I was messaging on my phone so it was going off every minute or so while i was falling asleep, didnt have an actual alarm set. But nyquil is pretty much a guarantee for the wild dreams as long as you fight the urge to sleep for a little while. Good luck anon
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