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>be me >14 years old >with friend, also 14 >both

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>be me
>14 years old
>with friend, also 14
>both of us go into locally owned video store
>he distracts the front desk asking about video games
>i go to the backroom porno section
>there is a camera, which i wave to on entering
>put two VHS pornos in my jacket
>run out the fire escape in back (no alarm sounded)

We fapped to those videos together so many times
>teenage years
>panty fetish more than anything else
>break into "friend's" house
>wear his mom's clothes
>stick her personal items up my ass
>bathe in her clothes
>cum on her photo albums
>leave with a garbage bag full of her clothes
>keep them under floorboards in attic
>eventually discover alcohol
>one night get drunk and go car hopping wearing nothing but my sneakers and one of her thongs
When I was 15 I volunteered to babysit my 11yo sick female cousin

Kept her locked in her room and groped her breasts for hours until her mom finished work

Shit was insane !!

(I stupidly also rubbed her mound a lot but never went down to her lips or even fingered her. Odd now that I look back at it)
When I was 16 I got head from my girlfriend at the time and her friend.
I just put my mom's sleeping pills in my cousins cereal and rubbed my dick between her asscheeks til i came.
Whatever happened to being a Gentleman?
I did that before too but not the drugging part.
How'd you do it without the pills?
I just waited a longtime til she fell asleep.
You mean by yourselves or you guys fapped together in the same room?
ITT: Rapists and people with weird fetishes
>watching tv with mom in her room
>she's had some wine and ends up falling asleep
>nudge her a bit; she's out cold
>play with her tits

>get bolder
>another time she falls asleep watching tv with me, she's under blankets in a nightie
>i wait a couple hours sto be sure she's deep asleep
>kneel by her bed, get my hand beneath blankets, play with her pussy through her panties
>want to go further but she shifts a bit, freaks me out, i leave and never try again

>sleeping over at grandparents in rec room with cousins
>hot latina cousin about 14
>we're all on air mattresses with blankets on top, easy access, push aside her blankets while i listen to her snore
>move her shorts aside, see hair poking out from edge of her panties
>push the panties aside to see thick bush and tight lips
>start playing with her lips but nearly get caught by my dad, who was awake and restless
>get back in bed, fall asleep waiting for him to go back to bed
More details?
How old were you at the time?
How did she not say anything holy shit
fucked an American Pie
Around 14. Had to stop when Mom caught me trying to watch her dress (nothing came of it though) and, on another occasion, a different cousin woke up before I even saw anything. I was too nervous to ever try again.
Shit nigga I wish my cousin was like that, she's got some pretty big tits
Me too bro
I got trips niggas
>lost virginity to a fat chick at the age of 13 using a balloon as a condom

also tried to fuck my 5 year old cousin when i was 12
Bold move, anon bold move.
>604285555 GET
Congratu-fuckin-lations. You want a goddamn biscuit or something?
>5 year old cousin
> 12
Shit nigga
Fapped in the same room regularly. Showed our dicks. Dare each other to touch dicks to various body parts. I would have sucked his dick but he didn't want to go and farther.

I jacked off in the same room and showed my cum to 4 friends in completely separate incidents.
>desperate for sex
>no girls interested
>make an agreement with a guy in my neighborhood in his late 20s
>he'll fuck me then i'll fuck him
>we meet, he fucks me
>i say it's my turn
>he laughs and fucks me again
>happened 2 more times
>when he was finished i just left
>later he says he didn't understand our "deal" and that we should meet and try again
>i go (because i was stupid)
>he asks me to put on a sexy costume he bought (schoolgirl) and i agree
>he fucks me
>i say it's my turn
>he laughs and fucks me again this time taking pictures
>says he'll release them if i don't do whatever he says indefinitely
and that's how i became a pedophile's sex slave for 2 years until i moved away.
>We fapped to those videos together so many times

I walked down to the room some family friends were staying in and molested one of them. I woulda been 13, she'd have been 12. Just walked in, stuck my hand down her PJ pants, and had a feel. My dick was diamond hard. My mum had heard me walking around and screamed "Whos out of bed?!" So I bolted to bed and masturbated.
>the summerest of fags
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yeah...nothing happened, i realized there was no way it was going to work without really hurting her so i just left and jerked off.
her mom (my cousin) found out and told my mom and shit hit the fan for a bit, but i was young enough that it was nbd
this may sound weird but I was around 17 and asked my older bro (21) to fuck me in the ass. he had actually asked me to do that when we were younger but I didn't want to because I thought it would hurt. He didn't believe me that I wanted him to and thought I was joking.. oh well, his loss. He now has a girlfriend which sucks. I want him to fuck me and not his gf.
i do not think you know what this word means
This one hell of a creepy thread.
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>be me age 15
>be mad with lust
>want a gf more than oxygen
>abandon all my bros
>try to find a pack of girls to get a gf from
>get into really good standing with the alpha of my resident pack of 4/10s
>they're all super close
>get invited to sleepover
>i start a "tickle-fight"
>be playful and sneak in a few gropes here and there
>girls suspect nothing
>skip ahead about 3 months
>continue getting invited to their shit
>getting much more aggressive
>tackling, face in boobs through shirt etc.
>"anonette he's getting kind weird...he grabbed my..."
>"oh don't worry he's just messing around"
>overhear conversation
>see how far I can push this shit
Masturbated in a church
Why even make this post? Where do you think we are?
>sister has sleepover
>they all sleep in living room for the night
>all barefoot
>literally layed beside one of her friends feet and smelled them and jacked it all night
Who knew it would be that easy. Also just so you know, pedos go for preteens. You were being raped by a hebo.
not really...it should help you realize that most of us did fucked up shit as kids. society doesn't talk about it but just about everyone has a story like this

Do Americans actually believe this?
Me an four other 14 year olds came in an ice cream bucket after a circle jerk. We gave it to the girls soccer team that was dtaying at out hotel. Needless to say, they ate it.
>in middle school
>have second period band, because I was so fucking great, I got to practice in the auditorium by myself while the plebs stayed to practice in class.
>up on auditorium stage
>behind curtains sitting at piano
>boner is achieved
>Fuck it
>Start fapping
>Vigorous hardcore almost pull my dick off fap, because I was scared and nervous.
>cum on curtains
>Continue day as normal
>Principal calls me into office, tells me there were cameras that caught me.
>suspended for three days and detention for a week
It was great, also did it in class once, but that's a whole nother story
sadly, yes.
if you think an 18 year old girl is hot, you are a goddamn red blooded american man.
if you think a 17 year and 364 day old girl is hot, you are a goddamn pedophile and you deserve to be raped to death in prison. FUCK YEAH MURRICA
i was under the impression that a pedophile is someone who has sex with people under 18. if that's not what it is then my mistake.
>Needless to say, they ate it.
Of course. Unlike you they didn't know what cum tasted like.
>16 in high school
>spanish teacher is 10/10 colombian babe
>married to engineer who works for NASA
>my aunt knows of her husband and he works long ass hours
>teacher always seems tired except on thursdays where she perks up
>get idea shes having an affair
>on test turn in i know your secret written in spanish
>nothing comes of it so i do it again on next quiz, your husband works hard for his wife when she works hard for someone else
>next day she asks to speak to me in private and wants to know why i keep writing this. tell her she knows why
>she calls my bluff and itell her fine ill juist talk to him and go leave
>she stops me and wants to know what i want
>demand sexy times
>get first blowjob ever during lunch break
>use the fake knowledge and now the fact she did sex acts with a student to leverage her into an affair
>continues for most of my high school years

to get an idea of how hot she was look up esperanza gomez and imagine that all natural, younger and better face
pedo = child

in general, being a pedophile means you are sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
>17 at the time
>dating college girl i work with at assisted living facility
>her family is going on vacation for 5 days
>taking care of her family's dog
>have prescription for adderall from psychiatrist
>take 120MGs of Adderall "instant release"
>drink a bunch of her parents' liquor, just chug random bottles of it
>find key in her dad's computer desk drawer to her older sister's sectioned off part of the house
>look for conversations/pictures/whatever on her laptop
>spit in and open drinks in her fridge
>totally dress up in her clothes
>literally throw all her panties out onto her bed and lay on them
>take a shower while wearing her clothes and hanging bras around the shower
>driver around a couple blocks dressed up in her clothes
>eventually cum at about 5 AM (took forever because of Adderall) on her yoga ball/pictures in her albums
Masturbate in a van full of people
I tried sucking my dick once
There was a guy in my middle school who jacked off to pictures of greek sculptures in the middle of class

The teacher left the school that year
Lol, iv jacked it into my mouth by accident a time or two. Usually get my eye though.
16 is legal everywhere in the civilized world. Only 'Murrica, land of "muh Christianity", says otherwise.
>be me, 15 years old
>bitch older sister is 19 and in charge for the weekend while parents are gone
>she decides to have party, have friends over, me and younger sibs have to stay in basement watching tv while she and her friends hang out and drink and be loud
>around midnight finallyl quiets down, most of them are gone, most of the alcohol is gone
>go upstairs, ignore the handful of teens passed out around the living room, get younger siblings to bed, go down hall to my bedroom
>sister's door is open; peek in
>she's sleeping on top of her covers with just a thin t shirt on; her boyfriend isn't around so he must have taken off after fucking
>staring at her and i'm angry and horny and before I kknow it i've closed her door and i'm at her side, poking at her
>i'm diamond hard and she's just snoring, not responding, legs splayed open
>so i get my pants off and get on top of her
>plow her; she never makes a sound, just soft grunts
>blow two loads in her, grab my clothes, go to bed
if true, you are one smart motherfucker.
i demand greentexts of your various encounters
then i was mistaken. still the story is true and he made me do lots of stuff. i guess i was fortunate since he wasn't gross or overly violent. just manipulative and controlling.
>fapped in the bathroom probably 20 times at lunchtime at my school during sophomore year
>fapped in the middle of the night in bed in the same hotel room that my mom and grandma were sleeping in
>fapped outside a few times, earliest i can remember doing this I was 12
>fucked our family's dog in her pussy when i was 11 and a few more times when I was 13 (I miss that dog)
>went streaking all the way to the beach twice in the middle of the night with a friend of mine, we took mostly wooded shortcuts, 13 years old at that time
yeah, it sucks. one person's trauma is another person's fetish though. shit sounds hot to me
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>be 16 years old
>I always watched my 9 year old sister after school while my dad was at work and my mom was out
>be sitting on the computer looking at porn like I always used to do
>sister comes walking into the room and makes her way to me as I start closing tabs furiously
>she walks up to me and asks if she can go on
>without thinking I grabbed the front of her pants and pulled it down looking at her bare pussy while grabbing her shirt and pulling it to see her belly button
>I sit and stare for a good 5 seconds before I realize what the fuck I was doing
>I let go and her pants and they snap back up to her waist
>she looks down and fixes her pants and shirt, and then back up with a confused look
>I start getting nervous and thinking she is gonna freak out as she opens her mouth to say something
>"So can I go on?" She asks
>I say ok and head out of the room as fast as possible
>mfw I went and had a guilty fap
>mfw I forgot to delete the browser history
Gotta share another
>Be seventeen
>Live In buttfuck nowhere in huge house
>All neighbors are old as shit
>Down stairs is being rented to Hispanic couple
>Wife is 11/10 bombshell
>Can hear downstairs shower from my room
>Track showers to know when she gets out
>Wait outside window
>She's there with a bra and no panties
>Bends over
>Came harder than i do now during sex
Pretty much true.

16 is legal in a bunch of USA states. 17 in a number of others.
>fucked our family's dog in her pussy when i was 11 and a few more times when I was 13 (I miss that dog)

Dude, you literally lost your V-card to a dog . . . holy shit.
Also I've never felt closer to you faggots than this thread
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>get girl who I had grabbed the vag of earlier
>get her pinned in my lap
>blanket over her waist
>call alpha over
>we talk about music or some shit
>s-l-o-w-l-y start moving my hand down pinned girl's waist
>start fingering pinned girl
>alpha suspects nothing
>pinned girl has no idea what to do
>continue like this for 30-ish mins
>she's ultra wet and scared simultaneously
>dinner's ready
>I feign having to take a shit
>sprint to only bathroom
>jack off while listening to alpha ask why pinned girl wasn't getting up
>they thought she pissed herself
>I finish in time to go help them make fun of her

Over the following months I did this with each of the girls until the alpha caught on

d-did I do good /b/?
Actually I lost my v-card to my uncle when I was 7, and technically my brother (uncle made us fuck each other)
Then I fucked my best friend at 10
this stink too much of a neckbeard fantasy
I was underage some where between 15-17 and searched in the gay section of myspace. I wanted to suck some dick but didn't want mine sucked because i thought that would be icky. I almost found someone too, but he kept insisting that he wanted to 'return the favor' and that turned me off so I didn't end up hooking up with him.
>be me
>10th grade history class
>large desk in back of room
>sit back there by myself
>start masturbating while looking at round asses in tight jeans of girls in class
>literally cum in my pants
>despite the bottom of the desk being total solid susan gave me a look about halfway through the fap as if she had some idea that I was acting strange
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>uncle made us fuck each other
you dont think someone would do that, just go on the internet and tell lies?
16 is legal in most of America as well so long as you aren't the teen's teacher or in some other position of authority over them.
You are so right that a bunch of repressed shit just came up from my childhood. Thanks for that
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you're welcome. seriously. it's not good to repress things. feel free to talk about them, this is the thread for it anon.
>i had spanish as 4 period and would go to lunch for the end
>would sneak away to get blowjobs in her classroom
>one time i had her under the desk and the other spanish teacher came in looking for her
>told her i was grading papers for her and didnt know where she was, teacher stopped sucking so i forced her head onto my d
>choking sound ensue
>other teachers comes to leave papers on desk
>code black comes over intercom and teacher goes oh crap gotta get to my class
>saved by some douche who called in bomb threat
>cum in teachers mouth before we leave and make her swallow because we need to bail before people see us lagging behind
>be me
>work as dishwasher/waiter while in high school
>at this point have been engaging in frottage since middle school (touching girls asses/and rarely tits "unintentionally", usually in crowded areas)
>be doing this to big ass of new girl at work who goes to my school and is a year behind me
>sitting in class one day
>Keith yells into the room laughing while reading a poem/story the girl had written
>talks about how I was a freak who tries to get away with touching girls
Doing gods work
And found a pic of her
after about 7 months he would whore me out to other men. it's amazing how many (men who want to fuck 16yo old boys dressed up like girls) are in the suburbs. as i recalled, they particularly enjoyed it when i cried.
Go to bed Bobby
>Bang a fat chick.
>Piss on a girl, throw her in my trunk, then left her 15 miles away from town.
>Jizz on a sleeping friend.

The first thing was sheer desperation one month, the second was totally consensual except for the ditching part, third was becasue I didn't like him at the time and he was a heavy sleeper so I beat off in his room and let loose.
>I wanted to suck some dick but didn't want mine sucked because i thought that would be icky.
This is what faggots actually believe.
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We were very young and I was her favorite cousin

As I heard her mom's car and her parking I came to my senses and went into panic mode

Kept kissing my cousin over and over and just kept telling her not to tell because she will get me in trouble. I kept kissing her telling her if she loved me she wouldn't tell anyone

I tried groping her a year or two later but by that time she was more experienced with boys (sadly while I was still a beta) and quickly shot me down

She never told anyone and later while I couldn't touch her private areas she always (but obviously annoyed) let me rub her legs and touch her feet

She knew I masturbated to her after feeling up her feet but let it slide since I always did lots of shit for her. I would keep trying to push what I could do but she was fucking plenty of guys at 13 and wasn't having any of my shit

For example I used to jerk off with her panties thinking she wouldn't mind but she freaked out. Or I'd ask her to take
i'm not gay
fapped in class under the table multiple times, got caught once

spent the night at my friends house and ejaculated into his sister's shampoo bottle

girl i like was chewing gum and spit it out into the garbage can, i took it out and started chewing it.

put my dong in my guy friends butt after getting super horny while smoking weed.. as a straight guy
>i'm not gay
This is what faggots actually believe.
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>not rubbing your dick on their feet
I have a thing for latex and pvc, i once found one of those plastic bags that comforters come in. in my parents room I squized into it naked and rubbed myself
i would love to dress up as a woman for a twenty something
Or I'd ask her to take photos of her friends naked (since they did girl shit like take showers together and I knew for a fact she masturbated with a friend or 2 of hers. female of course)

She would get so fucking pissed when I would beg for nudes of her friends. Most the bitch ever did for me was she stole a bra from her friend for me to jerk off with. I wanted panties but she said all the panties she found were dirty


fucking whore didn't understand men logic that we like dirty smelly panties to cum in
>in 9th grade
>ridiculously socially awkward
>start sneaking out of house at night
>do this up to 4 nights per week
>find a girl's grey athletic thong in car
>put it on and take off all of my other clothes and throw them down sewer
>went in another car and took guy's two suitcases out and threw his luggage all over his lawn
>jumped in at least one heated pool in someone's backyard
>literally running in the middle of the night in a woman's thong

i need to be shot
How fucked up were you?
Walked around the neighborhood naked at 2 in the morning, jacked off under a streetlamp in the middle of the road. 100% true story.
as a teenager i stole a few pairs of panties from different girls i knew.
sometimes i fapped into their pantie and replaced them in the laundry or a place where they might be worn again later on.

years down the road now i realize that panty fetish is probably one of the worst fetish someone could have. it's degenerate and borderline criminal

>still love panties though
>taking care of siblings while parents are away
>come back from taking younger brother to karate practice and hear voices in sister's room--her and a boy
>burst in cuz she's not supposed to have anyone over, especially not a boy
>she's nude under her covers and has this deer-in-the-headlight look as i come
>he's getting dressed and has this smirk on his face
>get him the fuck out of the house then go back
>ask her what the hell she thinks he's doing, and cannot believe the stupid shit she says:
>her boyfriend had just broken up with her because he realized he's gay, so as REVENGE she slept with the guy he has a crush on
>fucking girls, man
>she begs me not to tell anyone and i say i'll be quiet but she has to let me see
>she starts arguing and i say fine, i'll tell our parents... her youth group.... our priest.... mention it at school....
>she's angry but her fear is stronger, she moves the blankets aside so i can see everything
>shes 17, tight muscular body, a cups with stiff pink nipples, completely shaven--and two things are obvious: she was a virgin and he didn't use a condom
>go get a washcloth, come back, start cleaning her up, she's like 'what the fuck are you doing?' at first but just closes her eyes and goes with it
>wipe away the blood and come, toss the cloth aside, spread her legs wider and start rubbing her
>no response from her, just closed eyes, ragged breathing
>start undoing my pants with my other hand, she bites her lip but doesn't say anything, i'm still rubbing
>pants off and she sstill hasn't told me no, she's wet and my fingers are coated
>so i get on top of her, put my cock to her hole, her eyes are still closed, biting that lip hard, breathing heavy
>i push in and she's tight and slick, she grunts and lets out this long groan
>start fucking her and her hands are on my arms and she's just panting and repeating this long sad ‘nooooooooooooooo’
>come inside, tell her that i won't tell anyone, and leave
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>6 weeks after affair started
>field day
>go to pool to swim and see teacher in a one piece swimsuit that has to be a size to small at least
>thought arises
>tell her to meet me in boys showers
>waiting for 10 minutes, thinking shes not coming when she shows
>start making out and playing with her body, swimsuit is biting into her accenting all her curves
>rub my dick all over her body and blow a load on her ass
>get ready for sex when voices come in and some guys start showering
>tells me to stop and wait till they leave, i agree
>stick in
>she gives me the look of death yet she can make noise or people find us
>showers closer to us start geting turned on
>turn on water to avoid someone coming to us
>begin the fucking
>guys are talking and joking about random shit when one asks if anyone heres a slapping sound
>oh shit we're fucked, water cuts off as guys listen. she tightens like a vice grip and i let my voice out
>guy yells are you jackin it
>i yell yea didnt you see (teachers name) so can i finish or you wanna turn this hand job into a blow job
>call me gay and a loser and leave
>creampie her and then check if its safe to leave and signal her when it is
I have this feeling too it's nice haven't felt that here in awhile
>looking at round asses in tight jeans of girls around class
Most insane thing I did as a horny teen?
Masturbated with my own feces while thinking about the girl who lived two houses down from me.
Never did it again and still wonder why the fuck I did it.
>.. as a straight guy
you're going to have to address a few things, friendo
>i told my parents i joined a club at the YMCA
>i would walk there every Friday after school
>would go to his house instead
>he'd fuck me in dozens of ways for 3 hours a week at least.
I have a sister who's two years younger. Whenever she would have a friend sleep over, I would wait until they were out for a while then fap with her friends' bra/panties. I also got one of her friends to show me her tits
>pants low, thongs showing
>instant boners in class
File: image.jpg (17KB, 300x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 300x183px
When I was 14-15, I was secretly gay to the point where I would try to find pedo's and meet them somewhere to get fucked. I have some funny stories of those days lol.
File: 1426557384424.jpg (132KB, 960x955px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 960x955px
"I wanted to suck some dick"
"I'm not gay"
I stole a ton of playboy, penthouse, hustler, and heavy metal mags when I was in my mid teens. Had friends old enough to drive. We went to the nearest large mall. Sometimes I hit small bookstores but it felt riskier. If someone seemed to be watching from register my friend would distract. I'd shove as many mags as I could into my pants or jacket depending on the weather that time of year. We pulled this shoplifting for a couple years. No internet was a bitch. It existed back then, but this was the mid 90s. Still simpler to just have videos/mags, since internet took forever to load a single image.

I always thought that if they saw, they said nothing because they felt weird going up to two younger dudes and asking them to take porn out of their pants. I also think they didn't care. Otherwise I don't know how we weren't caught ever. We did note a guy in a long coat standing far from the favorite bookstore of ours in the mall. He was there three different days that we attempted. So we stopped then. A couple years later I had a PC and all the free porn I wanted so I gave the mags to guys with no computers.
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>be early teens, maybe even 11/12
>family goes out of state where both grandma and uncle have houses
>sleep over uncle's house one night
>he has a descrambler
>we're watching tv together until about 11:00 PM
>he goes to bed
>being the paranoid zilch i am i realize he had a blank VHS in and was recording what I was watching
>watch porn and fap and literally have the most massive cum of my life onto his basement floor
>overwrite the porn on the VHS he was recording
>driving home from grandmas in the third row of the minivan under a thin blue blanket masturbate and cum (4 family members in car)
File: heeeyyyy.jpg (4KB, 132x146px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 132x146px
This is 100% true, I wish I was kidding.

When I was about 16, I used to babysit my younger cousin, maybe 8-10 years old. She was the cutest little girl ever. I mean drop dead gorgeous, she did modeling as a child and all that. She's outrageously hot now. She had long light sandy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a slim little body. Anyways, my dad and her dad (my uncle) were pretty good friends so when him and his wife would go out for a night, I would often get called to watch her for a couple hours.

When we would be playing, or doing anything really, I would secretly record her with my phone. Most of the videos are of her in her pajamas, running around, or lying on the couch, etc. they're not explicit and there's no nudity, but they were sexual nonetheless.

When she went to bed, I would go through her laundry hamper (wasn't in her room) and find her used panties. I'll never forget the smell. She hadn't hadher period yet so they didn't have blood or smell gross. It was kind of sweet, with a little bit of sweat. I would sit on the couch downstairs, while this girl was asleep above me, and smell her panties all night, rub them on my face, and jack off into them. After I finished cumming, I would wash them and put them back into the hamper.

They also had a dog, which has since died. Female black lab. I tried having sex with this dog multiple times, again, all while this little girl was asleep. I would get the dog on her back, rub her belly, and eventually her pussy. She (the dog) seemed to like getting her pussy rubbed but had no interest in penetration, probably because she was fixed. So eventually I stopped trying to finger her.

What I would do though is get her to lick my cock and ass. I would put peanut butter on my dick and she would lick that shit like a Popsicle. I'd also put it on my ass and she did the same thing. My lowest/most degenerate moment was when I would have my cousins panties in my left hand, rubbing them in my face (continued)
current pic?
You are right I was not being resentful more or less just me mocking myself cause I've done some fucked up shit
Like when I was 14 I smoked a blunt that my female cousin rolled she was 16. I started running the shitty game I had, all of a sudden she say "you know were cousins right?" Luckily I didn't spill spaghetti like I usually did and I said "that's what makes it hot, it's taboo" she just looks at me funny, I thought I fucked up big time but then she says kiss me so we make out and I try to grope her tits but she blocks me so I waited till she went to sleep and groped her, she moved so I ran and jerked it
(Continued) and smelling them, while I jacked off with my right hand, while the dog licked peanut butter out of my asshole. I would then hold the dogs mouth open and cum in it. Did this probably 5 times. Every time, my uncle and aunt would come back, I'd shoot the shit with them for a while, tell them my cousin was well behaved and now asleep, and they'd give me 30 bucks or whatever and I'd be on my way.

To this day none of them have any idea. When I see my cousin she comes up to me and hugs me just like she did when she was a little girl. Little does she know what a fucking weirdo I was when I babysat her...
i rememer you telling this story on another thread before
the details match
nice to see u again

i remember stealing a copy of playboy from a convenience store with some wwe diva, can't remember the name she started with an S i think (Sable?)

kid i know paid me $15 for it
yeah, i usually tell it if i see a thread like this.
i don't really feel anything about it now, not proud, not ashamed. just a thing
File: DamnNature.gif (472KB, 500x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472KB, 500x350px
>staying with gf whilst parents are afk for weekend
>8/10 has nipple, tongue, and lip piercings
>would always tease me with super kinky make out sessions but would never get more than a hand job
>we have been drinking, she did some of her dad's painkillers
>sloppy make out session in bed
>full mast, but she doesnt want to go farther
>tell her to lay back, and close her eyes
>go down on her like it was going to be the first and last time i will ever fuck a girl
>she cums, but ends up passing out
>play with her nipple piercings
>she's down for the count
>dick is diamonds hard, fuck it
>fuck her ridiculously hard, her head was hitting the headboard
>next morning over coffee she's hungover, i dont say a word sit across from her
>Says she doesnt remember anything besides me going down on her
>told her she damn near raped me, and did things while threatening to hurt/kill me with the knife she kept in her nightstand
>shes speechless, tries to apologize, but i leave slamming the door in her face
>we talk a few days later, she has no idea
>She ends up offering to do anything for me
>fuck her for 6 more months whenever and however i feel like it before dumping her
that's fucking hot
My cousin jacked me off in the back of a land rover, there where 6 more people in that car, 2 kids under 4.
I was playing with my other cousin (she was 2) while she was jerking me off.
I ddidn't cum, and I had the worst blueball of my life.
lawfag here just to clarify because I see people say this a lot. 16 is hardly what would be considered legal in "a lot" of states. the states that are 16 almost all have other stipulations like parents consent given, the only state that is truly 16 no fucks given is kansas. just thought you should know.
i must share -P.S. completely true story. not sure how many will believe me
> be me
> be 13
> summer after 8th grade, before 9th
> with this bangin half asian half white bitch
> we talk about sexy times over text and what we would do to each other
> finally, i invite her over
> yes
> eventually, i get her in my room
> parents be suspicious, but i close door
> they are in the house the whole time, along with my brother
> we start chilling on the computer and stuff
> shes on my lap
> we start kissing and i get hard
> we take it to the bed
> im on top, and we take everything off (eventually) except for underwear
> shes nervous
> i finger her through panties
> she jacks me off
> still nervous, but takes off bra
> solid c-cup
> nice
> we fool around for a bit more
> dont have condom, and she wants to stay virgin
> i have my limits, i agree
> repeat about 7-8 times before breakup
> fap to pics i secretly took
> call her 2 other times when we're both horny as fuck
> on second time, i have condom
> shes down
> parents left to get groceries
> bad move on their part
> we have about an hour, so we take our time
> at her house one time
> take a pair of panties when shes doin other shit
> fap in those between "booty calls" (if you will)
> never been with another girl since
> been a few years
> debating it again
> would post pics, but technically underage
> technically
Don't have a good story but thanks this is actually a good thread whether or not the stories are bullshit
sorry if this is uncomfortable, but were the men attractive?
Jack off in the back seat of my parents car... While they were in the front seats
there are more stories but i gotta go to work
woo night shift
the few i saw? not really but they weren't grotesque. they were middle aged father types who wanted to feel power over something. most of the time i was blindfolded so that i couldn't turn any of them into the police. feel free to ask more questions. i'll answer if i can.
Really? I've looked closely at the actual law of New York (17) and Connecticut (16) and they didn't say anything about you have to be within X years of 16/17 or else it's child rape.
>got exceptionally horny once
>got bright idea to make a homemade pocket pussy
>scoured the house for about and hour gathering the best materials
>managed to scrounge up a toilet paper roll, banana, lotion and a glove
>combined items
>crushed the banana and mixed with lotion
>put glove inside roll
>filled with banana lotion
>fucked my creation
>pissed out banana chunks the next morning
>Be 17
>3 of my sister's friends sleepover one night in the summer (they were about 15-16 yrs old at this time)
>Two were 9/10's for sure, other was okay but had the nicest ass I've ever seen
>2 AM, just got out of the shower, and I can hear one of them snoring loudly
>"Oh, they're finally asleep"
>Dry myself ASAP
>Only put on boxers and walked into my sister's room where they were sleeping on sleeping beds
>Girl with the nice ass isn't in sleeping bed, she's wearing short shorts. She is facing the ceiling sleeping
>I walk over and reach down her shorts, boner is rock solid as I feel landing strip pubes
>She shakes
>I stop
>She wakes up and looks at me
>I whisper "Sorry..." and couldn't muster up an excuse
>Worried that she might flip out
>She giggles "Good night anon", smiles, and then turns the other way to fall asleep
>Go back to my room and have the fap of my life
Anon just wanted a cock-meat sandwitch
she wasn't underage as far as we knew, until you told us, dumbshit.
nice I saw that one myself
File: datass.jpg (12KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 300x300px
>Be 10
>Summer vacation
>Invite friend over to my house
>Parents watching tv in living room
>Play video games for a while
>Show each other our dicks
>Start sword fighting with our dicks
>Nearly get caught when parents walk in
>Friend has to go to bathroom
>We walk out of the room
>Say, "Can I watch?"
>I'm in living room
>Everyone heard me

Fun times
Please do continue
Anthony Cumia is like 60 and he has openly talked on the radio to millions of people about fucking 17 year olds in New York state.
Holy shit, faggot confirmed
never saw her again bc parents had cameras
That is hot.... you ever do anything else with her?
> would post pics, not because underage but cause my phone is shitphone not smartphone
there we go
phone acutally is shit
keked, you sir are a true gentleman
me too, but it was her 4yo sister
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
bullshit, nudes are required for research
In 7th/8th grade I realized I could get away with swipes/grabs of girls' butts in the insanely tight crowds between classes. There was at least one girl I remember whose ass I would smack while jumping on her back, tits I would grab through her shirt, and thong I would pull and she would do nothing (I remember this kid named Chuck saw me doing this while the three of us were alone in a room and yelled at me to stop).

I kept doing it though. There was Health teacher in middle school with a big butt, I would put my desk as close to the one to the left or right of me, and my arm/elbow on the edge so her big butt in spandex would completely hit it when she walked by.
>14 in Spanish class.
>few friends keep to myself. only don't get picked on cause I'm big.
>9/10 hottie in front of me turns around before class and says in her sluttiest voice "I want you anon" to mock me.
>with out a second of thought I just say get in line bitch.
>she laughs her ass off and over time we become friends. walk her home sometimes. never get the balls to make a move.
>summer comes I start sneaking out at night stealing my mom's car because the kid in growing pains did it and I'm all like holy shit I could do that.
>after a few nights of getting away with it I drive to 9/10's house and throw a rock at her window.
>ask her if she want's to go for a ride in the caddie
>she says yes. we drive for hours.
>park on a dirt road that goes into the woods.
>awkward silence
>I tell her I should take her back home.
>she asks why.
>I say because I drove her all the way out here so I could threaten to strand her out here if she didn't fuck me and I'm a piece of shit and I'll take her home and she'll never see me again, then I start to cry like a faggot.
>she puts her hand on my leg and says I should threaten to strand her if she wont blow me.
>Mindblown: Windows did not shutdown properly would you like to restart in safe mode?
>she slides her hand to my crotch and starts rubbing.
>I lean in to kiss her. It's clumsy and messy. My heart is pounding out of my chest.
>I pull my dick out of my pants
>she says omg that's big.
>I fall in love with her then because I know I'm dead average and shes just saying it to make me feel good.
>Best blow job in my life begins despite her not really knowing what shes doing.
File: images.jpg (5KB, 223x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 223x226px
>be me
>14 years old
>Have a friend, he's around 17
>We hang out, get pretty close
>one day, he asks to hang at his place
>when I arrive, we talk and chat about life, I get kinda horny
>I sit on his lap and say i'm joking
>He says its cute and he likes it, puts his arms around me
>i'm hard as a rock, wearing shorts
>he sees and asks me to get up
>He leaves the room and comes back
>he's holding some knee socks and girly outfits
>asks me to change in closet
>go into closet and change
>come out of closet
Was at my females cousins house and was walking to the bathroom as she
Walked out in just a towel and she talked with me a little, as I was sitting in the bathroom I jerked
it to the thought of her.
God fucking damn. Imagine going back to your teenage years with the mindset you have today.
Fucking a 16 y/o is legal, raping isn't, maybe you should denounce him
Oh yeah. She actually got pregnant from that day. We had no idea if it was mine or not (ended up not being mine and it was a huge relief to us). Her pregnancy caused a lot of isolation for her as a lot of people she thought she could count on pulled away from her. I was basically the only person she could talk to so I used that as leverage to basically fuck her whenever I wanted. I was using her the whole time she was pregnant.
>Be 15
>Hot milf (Average face but banging body) student counselor
>Probably in her late 40's
>have bad grades
>She calls me down to her office to discuss my grades and how I can improve them
>"Anon, come have a seat by me."
>Sit down by her and she has a skirt and a tight sweater on
>All of my grades are on a clip board which she is holding on her lap
>References the paper on the clip board and expects me to follow along
>The clipboard is pretty close to her boobs because they were easily an E cup
>Eyes keep glancing at her breasts which look so firm in her wool sweater
>see her smooth legs crossed over one another
>Getting a boner
>Try to get it to die down but it won't
>Trying to get it to go down gets me harder
>I was very sexually developed at my age and there was no hiding my erection
>She keeps asking me questions and keeping eye contact while making jokes and telling me that I have potential to be a good student
>My eyes go back to her breasts while she is looking at the paper and I notice her glance at my jeans
>She smiles in the most sexy way I have ever seen and asks me if I need to use the restroom
>I politely excuse myself and stand up
>Go into the bathroom and jerk off while thinking about her
>Go back into her office about five minutes later and she asks if "I feel better" while smiling
>I smile back at her and nod and we finish the session

I switched into online schooling about a month after this and never got to see her again. It was a real shame because I felt like I could've had her if I tried.

The way she deliberately let me stare at her and teased me with the way she talked and looked at me turns me on to this day. I have had a milf fetish ever since.
File: 1298166482700.jpg (28KB, 455x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 455x427px
Good god anon!
Fuck, I really want to get the chance to sleep in the same bed with my female cousins so i could finger them or jerk it on them as they sleep.

This is what sexual deprivation does to you.
File: 1424671677482.png (122KB, 400x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 400x359px
>getting ready to jerk one out
>remember reading somewhere that tying your balls feels awesome
>wrap a shoelace around my scrotum and start jerking off
>feels alright
>taking kind of long to get off
>skin starting to chafe around shoelace
>finnaly cum, kind of have to force it out since balls are pinched off
>untie myself
>sharp pain darts up my stomach
>doctor said left testicle almost died
>told my mom my pants must have been too tight
>mfw she believed me
My motherfucking sides!
File: Retarded kek.png (97KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Retarded kek.png
97KB, 500x281px
You definitely aren't the only one anon.
File: 166.jpg (152KB, 1279x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 1279x720px
Anybody else's first time jacking off was to a National Geographic?
>be me
>be 18
>In love with classic rock/hard rock
>AC/DC Black Ice tour coming to area
>buy ticket for myself like a betafag
>be jerking it to pornhub long before it was maistream (hipster jacker tallywhacker here)
>pops has a habit of knocking on doors and entering immediately with no answer
>he does just that
>quickly switch tabs, act like I wasn't fapping
>pops says "what are you doing?.....You should have told me you were getting a concert ticket I would have gone too
>"oh...Sorry pops"
>he awkwardly leaves
>resume fapping

Jesus christ was I a bitch.
>excuse to excuse am excuse

None of it happened, that's why
>Imagine going back to your teenage years with the mindset you have today.

I'm in my thirties, but get carded every single time someone new asks me for ID for something 18+. I just went to the gas station, showed my ID showing I'm in my 30's and the guy said "dude, heh, you totally look like a kid."
File: Dumbfounded.jpg (30KB, 572x520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 572x520px
Imma go try that now
>when i was 14 my best friend was dating this asian girl who was really skinny and hot,
>he kept telling me how horny she was and how she loved to suck dick, making me jelous,
>shes in my art class and we both end up going to on a field trip to a san francisco museum,
>i sit with her and talk to her for like 3 hours on the bus,
>talk about sex,
>shes really cool about talking about it, I jokingly tell her i wish she would give me one,
>she sort of laughs and after a awkward silence she says "really?"
>"of course" who wouldnt,"
>she starts being real touchy grabbing my dick and laughing the rest of the bus ride, when nobody is looking,
>get to the meusem, im following her everywhere now hoping for more.
>take a restroom break and mention to her the bathrooms are empty.
>we go to the bathrooms and she sucks me off for like 30 minutes,
>people walking in and out of the bathroom, probably hear her sucking but i dont care cuz its my first blowjob.
>i cum in her mouth, she shows me the cum, then she spits it into the toilet and flushes,
>i wish she had swallowd but o well, it was still awesome.
>we were really chill and cool on the way to back to the bus,
>became good friends but she never wanted to do it for me again after that, nobody ever found out. the end.
1st year hs jack off while swimming in a public pool
cut a hole in my pants pocket and jerked it in class every day in 9th grade

no regrets
i just used my imagination!
>be me
>mom's friend at work, girl about 10 years older than me, buys me a dunkin donuts
>previously had told my mom she thinks i'm cute
>open up the DD at night, realized it's a glazed donut with a whole in it
>stick my dick in it
>realize there's no fap potential
>take down my great grandmother Ulma's wooden Kellogg's cereal girl antique my mom kept in her kitchen and cum on it
do some research and it actually breaks down into several levels. However, realistically, were only about a hundred or so years separated from marrying off kids when they're 13 or 14, so...
I wasn't gay in high school but pretty openly bi with a few people. It was hormones and desperation. Girls were always what I wanted, but I couldn't get any ever. Didn't get laid till like a year after high school.

Anyway, I'd jerk off in the same room with guy friends. A lot. I would never want to do that now as an adult. I was attracted to the idea of us cumming on or in a girl together, but never wanted to butt fuck or anything. Mouth stuff seemed ok but never went that far with anyone. Tried to directly bring it up one day during a porn session, but he told me no way. He was cool about it, we remained friends and nothing was awkward after. Glad we didn't do it. Still, weird to think about jerking it in the same room to videos or magazines. Once I got girls to talk to me and could get laid more often, these ideas pretty much died. But before that, def wanted to do some stuff with guys. Is that what prison does to people? Horny desperation? It even got to the point where I watched "jack off race" videos where five guys all stood around a woman and came one at a time. It reminded me of what I'd do with friends only to porn. Weird shit. Not my most insane thing, but def weird.
File: slutter.jpg (67KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 480x640px
>have the major hots for this chick in 10th grade
>her locker is right next to mine and she never keeps a lock on it
>kept shooting me down on a daily basis
>flirts with my best friend because she knows it pisses me off
>he doesn't give a fuck about her and makes fun of her all the time

Here's where it gets good..

>wait until after school one Friday
>steal her English book from her locker
>take it home and bust like 8 nuts in it over the weekend
>put it back in her locker Monday morning before she gets to school

I didn't have English class with her, so I didn't get to witness her pulling apart pages that were glued together with my dried jizz.

Years later, she got a job at the same company I worked at. We said 'hi' a few times and made some small talk but that was it. Whenever she would walk away, I'd always have an evil little grin and say to myself, "you touched my dried cum back in 10th grade and probably don't even know it."
here is a link to my phone. if you or anyone else can tell me how to upload pics from it, i gladly will here: http://www.verizonwireless.com/basic-phones/cosmos-3/
post pics fag
>be 12
>fake job field trip pretty cool
>hot chick with my group
>get really horny and start jacking off under the table
and no one noticed

You totally showed her.
>be me
>be 12
>walk into bathroom
>shove pen into asshole
>furiously masturbate
>cum at high pressure
File: 1423094069891.jpg (101KB, 399x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 399x388px
ll these fucking NORMALFAGS with normal teenage-hood sexual experiences on this fucking board.

File: insane.jpg (13KB, 431x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 431x352px
File: 1426200988541.gif (870KB, 285x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
870KB, 285x200px
i wanna say this is gay but honestly it isn't if you think about it
I jerked it in church
>in 9th grade
>get the impression girl named Katie is into me
>year later we're both in the same math class
>still getting that feel
>start walking home with her
>eventually begin dry humping and tongue kissing
>go to the movies with her one night
>start kissing in back of theater
>her breath is rotten fish level bad
>stop kissing her
>"What, does my breath smell bad?"
>I laugh it off
>Never hang out with her again
>At this point she's already told everyone she can that I have an 8 inch dick
>15 years later I still live with my parents, am in massive debt, and literally don't even have an acquaintance let alone a friend
File: klan.jpg (124KB, 964x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 964x573px
would ya like to meet him? I'm sure we can arrange something.
You are not alone bruh trust me take solace in that
>jerkin my gerkin in the bathroom
>had watched a porn where a chick put her pussy under a bath faucet
>put my asshole underneath and jack off
>about to cum
>someone flushed a toilet
>scolding hot water rushes down my asshole and crotch
>second degree burns as I cum with the force of a thousand aloe vera sessions
>be 15
>mom babysits these two brat kids sometimes on the weekends
>girl is 4, her brother is 6 or something
>they were in my room playing with their toys
>brother says he has to go to the bathroom
>right after he leaves, I put my hand up his sister's skirt
>moved her panties to the side and rubbed her twat for a few seconds.
>lick my finger and do it some more
>she just stands there like she has no idea what's going on
>my dick is so hard I could crush diamonds with it
>I stop before her brother comes back
>hang out for a sec to make sure everything is cool, then go to the bathroom
>fap in the bathroom and I came so hard it hurt
>never got the chance to do it again
>cumming in classrooms full of people
>committing home invasions
>car hopping
>sexual assaults

ayyy lmao!!!
In school computer lab, girl next to me is working, and is getting files off of thumb drive, she is looking through pics on it, at some point she says she has to be careful looking through them as she has nudes on it. When she leaves, she ends up forgetting the thumb drive, I took it, best day ever
My phone was turned all the way up.

I never did nything stupid as a horny teen, but I can tell you a stupid thing a horny teen did with me.

We went out one day. I was 22, she 14. We started texting at first, and things got by pretty fast. She claimed she was in love, but she was just blinded by her hormones.
One day she planned to sneak out of school to go see me. I met her a couple blocks away. We went to my house, teased on my bed, cuddled, but no sex.
Even though there wasn't any sex, it was still a stupid thing to do. Both she and I were stupid. She for going out with a 22-year-old guy, I for dating a minor.
That was crazy of us. I almost landed in jail when we got caught, but since we never had sex her mom and dad didn't press charges. They only forbid us from ever seeing each other again.
It sucks, but I learned my lesson. I think.
File: 678569449.jpg (5KB, 226x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 226x223px
>used to work at subway during twilight years of high school
>subway in the middle of nowhere, not many customers
>one person on shift at a time, lots of time to kill
>get horny one day, go into back room
>ingredients in big vaccuum packed bags
>grab two pickle bags, lube em up with oil used for sandwiches
>stick my dick between the two bags, pump away
>go at it for like 15 minutes, pickle juices inside bag feel awesome on my dick
>hear ding bell for customer
>pull out of pickle mistress, tuck boner into wasteband
>go out and greet customer
>made his sandwich, dude is none the wiser
>mfw he asked for extra oil
>go into back room and cum all over pickle bag

this repeated pretty much every shift until I left the job
never got caught
when I was in 8th grade
>had a ripped hole in private school uniform khakis right between the crouch area bout 2 inch diamater
>still wore it cause had only two pairs
>had class at front of table
>unoriginal desks. we sat on chairs and tables not that individual desk shit.
>Sat where nobody could see my crouch area at the front of desk by teacher
>got hard from hot young native american pussy next to me;
dick popped out from boxer
>decide to touch my dick through hole
>10 min proceed. Native girl next to me sort of catches on.
>asks me if I smell that
>I Smell my hand
>smells like piss
>say "maybe it was that fat guy two seats away from us because i saw him not wash his hand at bathroom break"
>The girls wore skirts/pants.
>Native wore skirt that day
>Accidentally drop my pencil under table
>I fetch it and try to see her undies.
>Basically a foot away from her crouch
>smells of must.
>I semi-loudly sniff.
>I know she heard it.
>Say I need to use bathroom to shit.
>fap furiously as I hear 6th graders come for their bathroom breaks.
been there but a pringles can, two sponges, a glove and a couple rubber bands
underrated, lol'd, thanks for sharing anon.
do tell
>be 13
>parents at a wedding
>staying with aunt and uncle for the weekend
>17 year old girl cousin has a 9/10 friend sleeping over
>get the idea to see her friend naked
>hide in the laundry room attached to bathroom
>friend comes in like 10 minutes later to shower
>see some glorious high school boobs
>drops her panties
>first time seeing vag irl
>sneak out while the shower is running
>greatest fap in the history of my life in the guest bedroom

fucked my fine gender confused friend in the ass in the toilets
18/10 laughing my ass off
They're being nice to you. Most places require ID's automatically if you look under 40. I'm sure you look young, but there is absolutely no way anyone actually believes a man in his 30's is under 18.
>outside jerking off
>remember hearing about a news story where a guy fucked his lawn table
>located a table and introduce myself
>slide cock into the umbrella hole
>stray piece of plastic catches my foreskin
>tears a slit down the underside of my cock
>go to the ER
>doctor asks what happened
>tell him my neighbors dog jumped me and must have done it
>neighbors dog gets euthanized
ok true or not, this one wins
How did you jerk it in your backyard without your neighbors seeing you through their windows?
This thread is not for me
>be me 6years old
>at godparents house for whatever im 6
>run upstairs and go into "my" room
>godfather comes upstairs
>tells me everything is okay and its going to be a good hurt
>pins me on bed
>i had a skirt on
>breaks my hymen and i begin to bleed
>he cums inside of me
>tells me to clean up and come back downstairs for some ribs
>scared i clean up all the blood
>go downstairs and eat ribs
>never tell anyone

I told my boyfriend of 1 year about it and he says if he sees him hes going to break his nose. I'm scared. Hes schizophrenic and he scares me sometimes but i love him. But even after what my uncle did to me i grew up to love him. but in a family related way.
>Be freshman
>Meet senior that is interested in me
>Overweight 6/10
>Start to 'date,' whatever the fuck my 14 year old self thinks is dating
>After school, walk her to where she works then walk to this cyber cafe nonprofit being run for teens
>Asks me multiple times to come see her house where she lives
>I'm a dumb kid more interested with WC3 at the time, don't get it
>Eventually decide to go ahead and see her house
>Sit on couch, crazy make out session, she pulls my pulls hands to her big ol' tits
>Brain switches gears
>Start groping like mad, heavy breathing from her
>Navigate under her shirt, fondle with and play with nips
>Stops, realize that I have to go, parents home soon
>go to her place again without a second thought next day
>Resume were we left off
>Pull shirt off, fail at the bra and she takes off for me
>While sucking nips, she chokes out what "What should I do with my hands anon?
>Grab one of her hands and pull to rock hard dick
>She starts stroking, stop sucking nips and rise to kiss again. She smiles.
>"Ever had a blowjob anon?"
>Deer in headlights
>Smiles bigger. Jumps off couch, pulls off pants faster than I can think. Blows me. I last no more than 30 seconds. Feels like heaven. Runs to spit cum
>Continues for a couple months, random blowjobs here and there.
>She teaches me to eat pussy
>Continue to get more confidence in what I want.
>Begin to command her and control her. Make her gag, suck balls, lick taint. Even rim after taking a shower together
>Blowjobs all the time. Start to cum in her mouth and tell her to swallow, she declines and don't let her go until she does.
9/10 was amused
i fucked my little sisters barbie dolls and watched her play with the cum stained dresses... shit was cash...
Sounds like some fun shit anon, lucky you. Wish I had a younger sis or something to be around those sleepover scenarios.
File: 1419761135890.jpg (62KB, 920x459px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 920x459px
>Masturbated using my drunk, passed out moms hand
>Stole my step sisters panties and came on her tooth brush

These are not stories i wish to tell in much detail

>Desperate for sex
>Moderately good looking, but girls my age aren't into me, I'm kind of weird
>Have something for older women
>One day discover what a cougar is
>Get into it, look for nearby cougars online
>Mostly scam sites/ransomware
>Get so but so desperate and frustrated because I can't find anyone
>Some months later
>already forgot everything about cougars
>Go to friend's house, halo had just come out
>His mom is a 12/10
>Not even that old, probably late 30s
>I go as far as making smalltalk
>Muh dick, her voice was amazing, almost soothing
>legit chills first time I heard it
>I start hanging out with my friend more often
>Start going to his house uninvited just to chat with her and then play halo with her son
>One day we're talking, she's really opening up to me, feel it's time
>Smooth approach, put my arm around her, almost cuddling
>She looks me straight in the eye
>takes my hand off and storms off to her room with a grin
>Email it to yourself from the phone
>Access pics on pc
>Post from pc
Pics related

>jerking off
>remembered hearing about a friend who fingered himself while masturbating
>find some latex gloves and vasoline
>start fingering myself with gloved hand
>cum hardest I've ever cum
>a few minutes later, face starts to swell up
>doctor says I have a latex allergy
>asks what happened
>say my teacher made me use them in class
>teacher gets fired
File: 1423083474869.jpg (32KB, 337x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 337x367px
>This continues for five months until she graduates. Break up and she moves away.
In retrospect, I could have lost my v-card to her at that time.
>Fast forward to two years ago.
>Meet her again. She's transformed into 8/10 blonde petite girl. Have pleasant talk. She tells me she's visiting for only a little while before going back to Washington.
>Tell her "We got unfinished business"
>Run to Vegas for 2 day trip.
>Get nice hotel room with spa/bathtub that could fit 6 adults.
>Fuck anywhere and everywhere. So much cum swallowed on her behalf.
>By the end of those two days I literally don't secrete fluid.
>Run back home. Say farewell.
>Total wife material if only she wasn't a libtard.
Never will forget that chick EVER
would be shit pics anyway lol
>just getting into drugs
>gf and i break into the church my parents attend
>smoke weed in the kitchen and fuck
>fuck in the sanctuary
>in the pews
>on the stage
>on the communion table
>ate her out on the pulpit

Shit was cash.
thankyou man, that shit was hella funny...

you know most of this shit's made up tho right?
quality stuff anon
cont pls
>staying with gf whilst parents are afk for weekend
i keked
File: 1260165787022.jpg (12KB, 360x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 360x240px
You crafty devil. Nice.
This, I have done some weird things I thought but after seeing some of this shit I feel a little better.
gurl, you shouldnt "love" him
i'm happy your "ok" with that but its really not ok

the more girl who sent their rapper to jail, the more people will be confidant enough to do it too, male or female

if someday you feel like taking measure and talk about it, do it
at least for others
thats really fuckin gay
>i had a asian gf in highschool,
>we go on end of the year trip to disney land together with class.
>get on haunted mansion ride.
>ride ends
>ask tell her it would be hot if she sucked it during the whole ride, since its so dark inside nobody would notice.
>she says "lets get back on!"
>we get back in line, i have a boner the entire time.
>get on the ride, she starts sucking.
feels good but im too nervous to cum,
>ride ends, i have a boner getting off the ride, people probably see my boner.
we need a name
>be junior
>break up with girlfriend, miss sex a lot
>some 6/10 sophomore slut is into me
>her mom works nights, she's home alone a lot
>go over to fuck her at least 3 nights a week
>don't care about this bitch, so i decide to try some pretty depraved shit
>go into her mom's room and look through her drawers
>find a rabbit vibrator
>convince her to stick her her mom's vibrator up her pussy while i fuck her ass

Seventeen was a weird time in my life.
Why's that?
>at home horny and jacking off
>read an article about edging
>decide to try it out
>near the end of my session, about to orgasm
>hold it in
>continue to edge about five more times
>get an intense pain in my scrotum
>go to the doctors office
>doctor says testicles are backed up with tons of semen
>get an x-ray
>balls are 3 times the normal size
>have to get surgery to remove jizz cache
>doctor asks what happened
>tell him my dad had the same thing so it must be genetic
this was in a thread 10 mins ago unless samefag
damn anon wtf
>stick her her mom's vibrator up her pussy
How do you feel now? How did you feel back then? Are you okay?
>be 10
>try to fuck aunts cat in ass
>this pussy not having it
>fucker bites my arm
>proceed to fuck Gatorade bottle
>dick's too small for Gatorade bottle
I have posted them on other places including reddit under the name Galibro back in Feb, and here before, and I do have a name
>be 12
>constant boner 24/7
>obviously gay next door neighbor in early 30s. Not bad looking, not screaming queen
>fuck it
>always going over there with family for dinner/bbq/parties etc etc
>go over there alone one day and start acting like a fucking fag
>short shorts on, super touchy with him
>long story short, he ends up giving me head
>he sucked me off once or twice a week until I was about 16 and he moved away
>mfw he must have drank litres of my cum
>I never had to jerk off until he moved away
>since 16 been jerking off constantly. No bjs.
>feels badman
File: just-go.jpg (36KB, 736x736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Autism (pic related)
quick, somebody reverse image search this, find her facebook, and send a screenshot
>Feel bad because of cockblock
>Rageboner is present
>Go into her room
>She's laying in bed
>We are kissin/groping eachother
>She starts to undress
>Finally get to see her banging body, it's so awesome
>Sweating cold because it's my first time
>She takes the lead
>Oh god her moans are so satisfying, the voice of a goddess
>While we're fucking something comes to mind
>My friend gets off school an hour after I do (he took guitar courses lol)
>I've been here for way more than that
>only half-enjoy the sex after that comes to mind, still awesome though
>We finish
>We get dressed, she kisses me some more and rubs my cock a bit
>I leave, we're both speechless, I think she may have thought the same thing as I
>Gitout of her apartment
>Find friend right outside apartment complex, looks bummed
>Don't even say a word, I just leave, I know he knows
>Literally had to see him everyday in class, except we were friends no more
>They move out as soon as the semester ends
>Literally lost my only friend because I fucked his mother
>But lemme tell you something
>It was absolutely fucking worth it
when i was 11 or 12 or so i sometimes masturbated to the diagram in the instructions in tampon boxes
dude, she was 6
if she was like 14-16, or at least 12, it could be consent
but at 6, you are taking me for a fool

i can understand a lot of girl accused falsely people just to acquirer what they what, but i think that if she was that of a slut, she wouldn't be talking about it on /b/ and the dude would have been in jail since long ago

i presuming she is serious for the sake of communication. If i start to question every stuff i read on the net, i would an hero under the weight of human deprivation.

i chose my battle
File: nice bait.jpg (76KB, 308x302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nice bait.jpg
76KB, 308x302px
you are preaching to the choir man
its spelled RAPER not RAPPER

thats what I was trying to get at.
> didn't understand men logic that we like dirty smelly panties to cum in
Neither do I
>get Netflix
>browsing its awful selection
>come across the anime section
>watch random series about high schoolers or some shit
>one quick scene where a girl flashes her gigantic hentai tits
>furiously jack off in computer chair
>realize I have a computer two feet away from me
>could've watched real porn, not this weeaboo shit
sure. some backstory is that i somehow can't orgasm from oral. i love blowjobs but i really just can't do it.
>same girl
>spooning on her couch
>put my hand down her pants and she stops me
>she's on her period
>tell her she can just blow me
>i know this is gonna last a while
>she does it and keeps asking how long it's going to take for me to come
>keep telling her that she's doing a great job and i was almost there when she stopped
>get head for two and a half episodes of keeping up with the kardashians
>let her keep going until i got sick of the bullshit on tv
>never came
lollllllllllllllllll look at this newfag who doesn't know how to reply to a post
That's my cousin and she has lived in new York her entire life.....
>i fapped in the same bed as my sister while she was sleeping. (shes a heavy sleeper)

i was 15 and used to fap everyday. i was practically addicted to porn. i hadnt fapped for over 3 weeks cause we were on vacation and no privacy
click the post number of the person you want to reply to newfag,
your welcome
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