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Need some advice /b/... I know there can sometimes be intelligent

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Need some advice /b/...
I know there can sometimes be intelligent people on here like doctors, lawyers, etc. So please help me out.
I live in IL and am on probation for total bullshit. I got caught with a pipe and because of a 20 year prior they gave me one year with three drug tests. I passed the first two just fine, but the third, which I just took yesterday came up positive for thc.
Honestly, I did smoke between tests, but only for a week or two between each one and they were always spaced about three months apart, which gave me plentyh of time to clean my system out. I have not smoked or touched weed for 2 months. I honestly believe it was a false positive.
So my question is this, how do I fight it? Am I going to get locked up? The PO told me I had to pass no less than 3 drug tests within the probationary period and they woulkd be calling me in for another test but I still think I should have passed, there's just no fucking way I still had weed in my system.
Anyway, please help me out. Bumping with tits and ass.
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Nothing huh
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Come on b...
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Anyone lurking at least?
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>intelligent people
>like doctors, lawyers
haha, nice meme faggot
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keep the tits coming
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Dude all types come to /b/...
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yeah but doctors and lawyers are not intelligent
they are high status and well-paid though
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They know what I can do to dispute this bullshit though.
Just go talk to the public defender. Considering you broke parole I doubt you could weasel out of it now. It's either going to be a nasty fine or jail time.
I guess maybe if you're in 'murrica where weed is practically equivalent to being a serial killer they might send you to go get raped in prison by jamal.
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Fuck me I just dont want to go to jail over a fucking pipe. Dont want to pay some lawyer a thousand dollars either. Shit.
Sorry, I stopped reading after that meme. Maybe >>603156422 (dubs) can help, but I don't know because I haven't read it either.
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Making me sad man
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Might as well just get ready for jail. I fucking hate my life.
How long was your parole? Like 6-9 mo's probably? So roughly 1-2% of your total lifespan and you couldn't withhold from pot for that time?

Yeah there are lawyers that can help you but I doubt you're willing to drop the cash for that considering it can usually be $2000-$5000 down payment and $200-$500 per court visit. The cost just racks up. Some laywers even charge like $500-$1000 per court visit so you could be looking at $10k-$15k costs for a lawyer here.
The public defender may be able to get you a decent deal, maybe even offer a discount on legal fees if he/she sees a potentially easy case.
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Later /b/ last one
Fuckin depressed now
shouldn't have pissed off the jews
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bump for great pic thread
If you've only just recently failed it get a private impartial test done to bolster your defence.
Man just contest the test, ask to take another one.
It's possible for weed to stay in your system that long, although 2-4 weeks is the usual window

Thc is stored in your body fat btw
Educate yourself quick, then ask the prosecutor to explain the difference between a false positive, a false negative, a true positive, and a true negative.
Then sit back and nod regularly, looking at the judge at times with a "get a load of this guy" look on your face.
Also you should have laid off the fucking weed if you knew prison rape was a possible outcome. You probably deserve it.
I was in your situation but probation in california. if you're taking medicine try to find a bullshit article relating how that medication and your lifestyle could have resulted in a false positvice. Most people in that court won't give a duck and just over look it but take as evidence. Worked for me. Gordon off with no comment.
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I came back to check if anyone said anything. Its a bullshit misdemeanor charge. Worst case scenario what kind of extra bullshit am I lookimg at?
What happened?
Is you black?
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I did that and the guy said they'd call me back in before the end of my probationary period for another test. I wanted them to send it out for further screening but it wasn't offered. Can I go back tomorrow and tell them I want it sent to a lab?
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>>603160244 (dubs)
you are from the inside
- dumb enough to smoke weed when he knows he's going to be tested
- smoking weed in the first place
- posting white women with big butts

you'll fit right in, enjoy your legalized slave labor, making money for the jews
or the hole it is for you
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I dont think I had any weed in jy system, thanks for reposting the same fucking thing over and over again. Wtf is your problem anyway, a jewish stoner touch your dick when you ere a kid? fuck off.
And what the fuck is wrong with a white girl having a nice ass? faggot.
i think you could get out of it if you passed the damn test like a decent human
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Fucking dickhead. Making me typo from all your annoying shitposting.
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No fucking shit.
have fun getting this on your record roody-poo
my problem is that you chose to be a nigger but haven't come to terms with the consequences of your actions
actually that's pretty typical of niggers

saying you've fucked up (which you haven't even done btw) is one thing, actually changing your attitude is a whole nother thing
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I don't think these 13-year olds are listening so let me be more clear. Yes, I smoked weed. I gave myself more than enough time to comeclean, woked just fine other two times. I think they fucked up. There is no possible way I could have had weed in my system. Ok? Thank you, now go fuck yourself.
and for that he shall be everyone bitch and get anally raped. Hindsight is 20/20
Your probation will be revoked and you will likely have to do a minimum sentence of anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in your local county jail. Start making arrangements with your employer now.

Once out, you'll have to go back to court where your probation period will probably be extended another year, more fines and they'll slap on a drug rehab program for good measure.

You tried to game the system and lost. It sucks but it happens. If you gave them the first piss of the morning it's completely possible that it was still dirty.

Hope that bowl was worth it.
Source: I failed a drug test on probation
lol then you should have failed all 3, luck bit you in the ass for not waiting a small amount of time. Kick your habit of relying on weed to get you through your menial life and you might contribute to society in other ways, other than giving the city or state your money for stupid life choices
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Dude. I dont even know what the fuck youre talking about anymore. Fuck. Just shut the fuck up. If my attitude changed its because some fuckhead keeps posting shit about jews and prison rape and how smoking weed makes me a bad peraon. Over and over again. It's like a fukng little annoying fucking kid. Just fuck off already, whoever thefuck this shitposter is.
not really, he shouldn't have used weed after the first time he got caught, hindsight wasn't 20/20 then either
then he smoked nigger plants between the tests, and now he still tries to get away with it instead of owning up to his shit

i bet he'll cry rape when he gets loved tenderly, not understanding that he chose this path, so the penetration will be consensual. too late to change your mind now, nigger faggot, the penis is already wrecking your colon
I don't know where you live so this can be tricky. You can ask for a retake in some states as stupid as that sounds, yes a retake. States like Kentucky allow them as long as it is within the first week of the original. Other than that if you dont think that it is an option, you can extend the length of you probation without going to jail, also depending on the state.
i wasn't talking about your complaints, but about your attitude towards authority
laws exist, even if you don't like them
the world doesn't evolve around you, you made a decision to violate the law, over and over again, and you keep denying the consequences. reality is not going to bend itself in your favor. what is going to happen, is going to happen. you chose this path.

and you're calling me a kid
This is b wtf did u expect, gtfo this board
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What the fuck am I even doing here. Shit is going to work out just fucking fine. Fucking later, thanks to the non shitheads who posted.
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So youre calling this karma?
Thanks for the advice.
Dubs have spoken. Later
>Later /b/ last one
>Fuckin depressed now
nice post

(btw. shit's not going to be fine, they have no reason to make an exception for you because you have a cute face, that shit may have worked in high school. don't waste your time hoping, instead plan for what's going to happen and make the best of it. keep your dignity and develop it further, don't complete your transformation into niggerdom)

not karma, just consequences
if you will get away with it now (spoiler: you won't), you'll make the same mistake over and over again
keep fighting reality, keep being entitled, yeah the laws in the us are shit, but that's reality, and if you keep ignoring reality when making decisions, you will get bad outcomes. no magic thinking is going to save you
Nice b8 m8 I r8 8/8
Too bad im leaving now and dont give a shit what your negative nancy ass has to say. No tits for you btw. Have fun being that annoying downer faggot who nobody likes having around.
How about go fuck yourself because you were stupid enough to smoke weed on probation
only in this thread
good strategy, let's wait for it to pay off
Im actually a lawyer, and I know exacly what to do in your situation. You can usually, assuming certain things which I wont go into, get out without a scratch.

The thing is, since youre a piece of shit drugaddict I dont want to help you. Hope you go to jail.

Have fun, junkie.
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