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ITT: We greentext our incest stories. I'll start. >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: We greentext our incest stories. I'll start.

>be me
>be relaxing at home in my apartment earlier today
>daughter drops by
>her, 18 yrs old & pregnant
>huge belly, only 3 months left
>says she forgot her work uniform and had to leave work early (her job is right up the street from where I stay)
>decides to take a shower & a nap before heading back home
>comes out from shower still damp
>nothing but wifebeater and silky boy shorts
>lays on the couch across from me
>complains after a while that she can't get comfortable
>says her back is aching
>kinda feel bad for her, she's been working long hours at two jobs
>ask her what I can do to help, i.e.; heating pad, muscle relaxer, etc.
>she asks if I can rub her back for her like her bf does
>start to rub her back while she lays on her side
>looking cute with large, plump belly poking out

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I can't masturbate because my grandmother has insomnia and is always fucking asking me what I'm doing. Thanks nana I hope you fucking burn in hell. end

>rub her back diligently
>her, starting to look drowsy
>really start working-out the kinks in her back
>her, makes a soft moaning sound
>I ignore it, continue to massage
>she repositions herself a bit and asks if I can rub her legs
>start rubbing her legs
>notice how incredibly soft her legs are
>also notice her smell...clean and fruity/flowery
>as I rub her legs, her shorts come open some
>see a bit of pussy right there just inches from my hands
>her, moans again, a bit louder this time
>me, *shrugs*
>can't help but peek at her slit
>then suddenly
>slit starts to spread open a bit
>can swear I see it getting moist as I rub deep into her soft muscle tissue
>pussy lips part a bit
>she moans a bit and side eyes me me with a grin for a moment, then goes back to "half-sleep" mode
>crazy boner coming on
>try to remain diligent
>can start to smell pussy smell, very strong, overpowering bath scents

You can't stop now OP.
We need MOAR!
Cmon op, we're waiting.
OP here.. I was just kidding .. I made that a up Hahah
You're not OP, faggot...>>602656849

>me = confused
>turned on like fury of 1k white-hot suns
>can't help urge
>been a while since last sexing
>hands start rubbing closer and closer to her buttocks
>she rolls over a bit, exposing more of her ass cheeks and pussy lips
>slit now open, burning bright and pink, glistening with pussy juice
>dick throbbing hard
>can't help myself
>start grinding hands into her booty meat, parting lips with each squeeze
>she raises her leg a bit
>pussy now fully exposed
>peeks at me from over her shoulder with sinful eyes, then lays back down in sleep mode
>my chest starts pounding hard
>her = scoots out a bit from the back of the couch, as if to invite me to lay next to her
>I hesitate for a moment
>her ass muscles clinch up as she sucks air through her teeth
>can't take it any longer
>lay down behind her, her back to me
>take a long sniff of her hair...smells like flowers in the spring
>feel the heat burning from her skin

>Be me
>Asian mother
>Very touchy with me, always assures me that it's part of culture
>When I was young she used to rub her nose all over my crotch
>Openly allows me to touch her breasts. Still does in fact.
>Be about 7, not sure what the word "sex" means.
>I think that it just means to sleep in the same bed.
>Tell my mom I want to have sex.
>Simply looks at me and laughs and asks me if I know what that means.
>She tells me, and I'm like "Oh, no!"
>Still lets me cuddle with her and fondle her tits and ass.
>Wears thongs and lace bras everyday.
>Growing up, I've grown accustomed to sniffing them while fapping.
>I get walked in on by her.
>She smiles and simply says, "Whatever turns you on, babe."

Want more?
aka, not OP
moar please?
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This thread so far
kek'd mad hard
inb4 belair, dinosaur, spaghetti, etc.
I fucking had am eternal chuckle
Despite all of this, I'm in a relationship right now. The sexual things have died down since I started university but they lasted up until the end of high school.

>At ages 17 and 18, my gay brother and I still often slept with her. Not at the same time, of course.
>She always preferred me for being more muscular and easier to hug.
>I almost always get morning wood in the morning.
>One day, while I was half-asleep, I felt her reach around my waist.
>Her fingertips brushed against my hard cock and I heard her quickly withdraw while saying "Oh!"
>I pretended to be asleep the whole time, but I got massively turned on.
>A few minutes later, I felt her crawl right up to my back and give me two short tugs underneath my boxers. Nothing more, but they were firm and slow, as if she was taking in my shape the best she could for a few seconds.

I woke up in the morning and didn't say a word about it.
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>her body melts against mine
>painful boner, curved-up like a fucking banana
>me = embarrassed + a bit ashamed
>for some reason turned on even more by the taboo
>left hand curls around her body
>right hand rubs thigh right underneath her butt cheek
>I try to manage my boner, hoping not to throb against her
>too late for that shit
>she pushes her ass against me
>me, still in my shorts, press my cock hard against her pillow-soft ass crack
>lay my lips on her neck and kiss her gently
>left hand cups/fondles insanely soft titty
>right hand slides up, can feel the moisture and blazing heat from her slit
>both of us already wet with perspiration
>kiss her gently on her ear
>think she's starting to sleep
>then suddenly, she turns her head towards me and starts licking and sucking my lips like a hungry catfish
>grabs the back of my head and pushes my face against her kisses

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File: images.jpg (11KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Multiple tabs, man...speed this shit up
Fuck off
it was only a matter of time..
fuck spider man we need moar of dis
bumpity bumppp
waiting for the antichrist
>be me
>be around 13
>staying at grandmother's house with female cousin who is 15
>cousin and I are close, always hanging out
>one night grandparents go into town leaving cousin and I alone
>she asks for back massage
>mfw no idea what I'm doing
>rubbing her back over her shirt
>she suggests she takes her shirt off
>asks me to close my eyes
>she takes shirt off and lays down
>saw boobs insta boner
>not ashamed cause no idea that is something you hide
>climb on her but
>kid boner poking her ass
>feels good
>grind some while rubbing her back and side boob
>her moans
>no idea what sex is cause bible thumping family child
>grandparents come home
>never slept over with her there again
>she's married I'm married...but there is def something there
>be too chickenshit

>we make out, wet sloppy kisses
>me, squeezing her boob...wet with titty milk
>other hand with finger working deep into her vagina
>pussy juice all over my crotch and stomach
>she slides down the front of my shorts and reaches into my boxers and grabs at my dick
>guides it up into her pulsating pussy
>fuck her hard for a few minutes, raging boner
>strange feeling, like I'm on the verge of cumming but also need to piss worse than anything
>erection painful and swollen
>her pussy shaft grabs and cranks at my cock
>fuck this way a while longer and try to slide out
>she turns and looks at me as if possessed by demons and guides my cock into her asshole
>I push hard against the rim (I can tell by how tight it is she is more than likely an anal virgin)
>I'm ready to give up, but she keeps pushing, trying to force it in
>we both rubbing her clit, her tits dripping milk all over my other hand
>tip of cock pushes past rim
>slide my shaft as far as it will go up her ass
>she lets out a guttural moan, then starts whimpering in ecstasy

dayum ssoooonnn that shit is goood
Ive got one. Still gets me hard.

>Mom meets guy
>Be 19-20ish
>Be christmas
>Dude got hot goth daughter 16 yo
>Be drinking when family and friends left
>getting pretty drunk, stepdad too.
>He goes to bed
>Shes in my mothers livingroom
>Suddenly it knocks
>Brother is fast asleep
>Im in his room, and someone is knocking on his door
>Open the door
>Stepsister stands there
>Wispers that she wants to get drunk
>Sure why not
>Give her some hardcider and some booze
>End up listening to music on her phone
>WAT, iam in my mothers couch in underwear drinking with a hot 16 yo
>We get drunk.
>Suck her tits and fondle her pussy.

That's not incest you shit.
already came op thanks
enjoyable but not really there sorry mate

bump! OP finish storyy plox

>feel her soft ass bumping against my crotch
>squeezing and twisting her titties hard
>she forces me over to sit on my lap
>pull down my shorts all the way
>her shorts come off as well
>I grab her legs in wing formation while she straddles me
>bounce up and down, pounding her ass harder and harder with each stroke
>her continuing to moan and whimper (very cute)
>raging hardon like no other
>she turns and pushes one of those pointy, milky, perfect titties in my mouth while I pound her
>become enraged like the fucking Hulk on meth
>flip her over doggy style and push her face down
>she defiantly looks up me as if to say, "come at me, old man"!
>fuck her hard this way for several minutes
>nutsack now hard and shriveled like a walnut
>unable to bust my load, the pain and pleasure are fierce
>she grabs my ass and thrusts me into her with each pounding
>flip her over on her side, she cocks one leg up high and raises pussy towards me
>go back into her pussy, slapping our wet bodies together
>lick all over her feet soft, dainty feet and suck hard on her cute little toes, slathering my tongue between them

whats the prob?
hes fucking his sister
i dont like green texting, i just ended it right where the action was. Shit was tight. She still gives me dirty looks. I want it. Im drunk thats why my greentext sucks ass.

Ok you fucking retard.
cheeky bump bump bummmm

I need moar
69 get!
>14, have little sister 9
>parents out late for the night, weekend
>its about 9pm, ask her if she wanted to take a bath
>she says sure
>strip her and myself down, was fine because family whatever
>cute little ass, hairless pussy, cute face
>pick her up and carry her to the bathroom, my hands were all over that little ass
>run bath water, sit on toilet and let her sit on my lap
>cock is rock hard against her ass
>"Anon, whats this thing?" she turns around on my lap and grabs the head of my cock
>"Its a special thing, only guys have it." jalf assed explanation
>"Oh... I dont have one, its weird, and warm."
>shes twisting it, rubbing it, generally just messing around with it
>ohgodthatfeelssogood, her hands are soft and gentle
>i grab her hand and have her jerk me off, moving it faster until she gets it and does it herself
>shes giggling a bit, really gotten into jerking off my cock
>before I cum I shut off the bathwater, as it nearly overflowed
>got in with her, erection still rock hard

>can feel her pussy grinding on my shaft
>tight but slick and wet at the same time and burning hot (can feel her heartbeat inside)
>still on the verge of busing my nut
>she pulls off real slow and grabs my cock and starts to slurp at it sloppily, alternating between her mouth and titties
>dick and crotch now drenched with pussy juice, slobber, and titty milk
>squeeze on her titties while she's sucking the skin off my cock
>she takes it deep to the back of her throat, and I blast load #1
>she chokes a bit...I can hear her gargle it down
>she looks up at me with playful eyes as if for approval
>I stroke her hair as she jerks me off and lathers my cock with saliva and more titty milk
>load #2 goes all over her face--she licks my penis hole the entire time while I squirt
>starts kissing my stomach despite it being covered in sex fluid
>me still with painful boner
>stroke her hair and kiss her forehead, then go to the bathroom to pee
>can't pee for minutes, even though the urge is strong
>finally pee for like 10 minutes
>quickly take a whore bath at the sink
>exit bathroom, see that daughter is now resting nude on my couch laying in our juices

She left for home shortly after sleeping. No words were exchanged. Gave her a hug and a peck on the head like I normally do, just to see if everything was still "cool". She just smiled and rode off.

I have no idea what to do at this point, /b/.
fake tits. yuck.
and deleted
This is fake as fuck. Women don't lactate until after the baby is born. Even then it's colstrom and clear or yellowish. Also, what pregnant lady lays on her stomach?
Can you guys at least try?
Not true at all. My ex's pregnant mom would walk around without a bra when she got home from work and her tits leaked milk.
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Nothing too major

>Have extremely hot step sister
>she has a really shitty 'other family'
>leaves her mum and moves in with us
>I was 16 she was 14
>have a real brother same age as her
>she's very flirty with me, hangs out in my room wearing underwear a lot
>watching tv in brothers room one day on bed
>sister starts play fighting with me, brother pays no mind
>messing up the bed, blanket over me and sister
>she's giggling, I'm getting hard as fuck
>get on top of her, graze boner slightly against her pussy (through clothes of course)
>she definitely noticed and grinded up against me
>starts making all kinds of faces
>brother still doesn't notice
>she calls over to him "Hey ____, Look at this"
>she starts grinding again and starts moaning/giggling
>Bro tells us it is super fucked up, isn't mad, more confused
>We stop because it made it weird
>Never happens again but she still hung out in my room in her underwear occasionally
>both in our 20s now, nothing ever happened and we never mention it, no weirdness at all between us
>Still beat the shit out of my dick to her
I have been with over 10 women while they were pregnant(it is like my fetish) and I can tell you they start to leak milk in the last couple of months.

gr8 b8 m8
Generally speaking, you don't lactate until after birth. Especially milk. He specified milk. Also, look at his wording. And no girl, 6 months pregnant, lays on her stomach.
File: op.png (305KB, 2556x874px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here with timestamp.

Ask me anything.

I have another mother/daughter story I can tell from when I took a business trip to NYC several years ago.

Also, thanks for the bumps. I've never lusted after my own flesh and blood before. This is new, and I don't know how to feel about it.
Seriously dude, this story is fucking frustrating.
File: 1417898754100.jpg (62KB, 373x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 373x380px
>14 years old, spend night with neighbor kid while parents are gone for the night.
>kid has an older sister, never asked how old but i'll say she was around 17 or 18 by the way she looked
>play video games with kid, stay up late
>middle of night
>kid says he wants to show me something
>leads me to his sister's room and carefully opens door
>he gestures for me to come in
>sister is sleeping. she is fat but tits are fucking huge. she is snoring like an old man
>mfw he starts pulling her shirt down and plays with her tits
>"she never wakes up i do this all the time"
>mfw we both end up sucking fat bitch's tits
>mfw she never woke up
>mfw super bummed out when she moved out

super into incest ever since, too bad i was an only child.
tfw mom' boyfriend has 16 and 14y sons.... WHY? i just realised the potential... JESUS
I know my nigga, I lived through the frustration
File: 1425847191969.jpg (102KB, 1510x943px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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even if the story is fake, a quick secret. If you go to the shower and spray water on your cockhead witht he shower you will quickly build up and achieve what i call a "piss orgasm" where you feel like you're going to come and then you just piss. the whole process beginning to piss is 3-10 sec
Lost my boner
lol thx
it's basically nothing, but i always think about this night, and what could happen

>me at 17, cousin at 21
>my aunt is visiting us with her, and they're sleeping in my room
>one day, she's getting ready to go to work
>i go up into my room to grab something
>see her getting ready, only panties and bras
>she notices me, and doesn't seem to care
>she asks if i want something
>i say i want to take something from my room
>as i search for it, i look at her body
>she is looking at me, smiling
>she asks if i like her body
>i say its really pretty good and rushed out of the room without the thing
File: 1348884211502.jpg (27KB, 677x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 677x461px

Fuck it. Here goes.

>be me
>be several years ago
>on extended business trip to NYC (I'm from the midwest)
>NYC hot as shit that night
>hotel room at the Marriott near Times Square
>decide to step out a bit
>walk a few blocks, grab some food and some beer at a local dive
>see two smokin' hot babes walk in
>tanned skin, light hair (natural?)
>look somewhat related, assume they are
>look about the same age
>sit and peep at the girls from time to time, make eye contact a few times, they just smile
>can hear them chatting, no other dudes or anyone else in sight
>get up to go to the bathroom (yes bathroom again), them sitting near door that leads to the bathrooms
>quickly assess the situation, look for wedding rings, check out tits, etc.
>looks good to go!
>come out from bathroom and order a few more beers
>realize the time has gotten late...been there longer than I thought
>debate whether to leave or hit on girls first
>ask the waiter over and order the next drink for the girls on my tab
>waiter takes the girls's order, they giggle, look around for the benefactor
>I hold my pale ale in the air, tip it towards them, nod, then take a confident swig
>girls giggle loudly, one holding her hand to her mouth as if OMG
>smile back at them
>one girl gets up slowly, grabbing her purse
>assume they're about to leave
>nope...heads over to the bathroom
>me = headache and very mild buzz

>waiting for the incest
Never had a 40 line green text bore me this badly.
Post her body
File: 1425772283146.jpg (72KB, 404x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 404x670px

>check my messages on my BlackBerry, start to prepare to leave
>suddenly feel hand on my shoulder, look up
>tall, bronze beauty smiling down at me
>thanks anon for the drink
>I say, "you're welcome"
>asks me what I'm doing/who I am/what I do/etc.
>start to chit chat a bit
>she sits down
>other girl comes out from the bathroom and sees us
>girl sitting down waves her over to my table
>second girl sits down
>we chat for a bit, I buy them a few more drinks
>me = starting to get tired and feeling my head start to buzz
>apologize to the ladies that I'm tired and should be going
>they frown and d'awwww
>ask me where I'm staying, I tell them a few blocks up from here at the Marriott
>girls offer to walk me home
>pay for my food/last of our drinks and head back to my room
>girls being obnoxious the whole way...loud and overly playful (or maybe it's my pounding headache)
>keep stopping and going into shops, interacting with street folk, etc.
>get aggravated and walk ahead of them briskly
>lose sight of them
>oh well
>go back up to my room and sprawl onto my bed
>pass out for a while

wait for it...cont.
i'm interested but not enough that i will keep lurking for 10 minutes till you put up the next bit.

cont. briskly
I won't green text cuz i don't know how, also english is not my native language so fuck you.

Anyways, this isn't just a story, it's real. I haven't had sex with my sister but there is an sexual attraction between us. I was touching her ass while she was sleeping, i was peeping on her when she's in shower and things like that. I also got many naked pictures of her from her pc, i've jacked over with them many times.

Here is the thing, she knows this too. I mean we don't talk about that but she knows. How i know that she knows all of this? Well she's a whore and doing cyber sex all the time. I've got her chat messages and she talks all of this while sexting. She says something like "fuck my pussy while my brother fucks my ass". Also she talks about our mother, wants her partner to talk about our mother, how he fucks her.

Also i got her sexting account name and talked with her online without revealing my identity, we came together by sexting. We live in same house so we were basically next to each others room. I thought she doesn't know who she was texting with but she knew it. I learn this from other sexting sessions of her, so she knew she was talking with her brother and masturbated with me.

Anyways, basically its like this. If anyone wants to ask me a question, ask away.
The reality is, thread is going to 404 before he gets to finish it anyways.
File: 1425601881769.jpg (342KB, 1442x1926px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342KB, 1442x1926px
What did you have for breakfast today?
Well the obvious, why don't you fuck her
This is taking way to long
Shit wrong photo hahahahahahahahaha oh my God son
Meant this piccolo

>me woken by knock at the door
>assume it's in error, try to go back to sleep
>knock again, this time I can hear people just outside
>get up (pants off at this point, only in boxers and T trying to beat the heat)
>stumble around in the dark looking for my pants
>knocks at the door getting more obnoxious, can hear giggling outside
>fuck it, open the door, standing behind it because I'm in my boxers
>two girls from the dive are there
>have no idea how they found me
>girls sort of barge their way in
>turn on the light, hurting my eyes
>don't know what to say or think at this point, don't know if they are there to rob me or whatever
Hey...you get my age, you hears stories. Anyway...
>ladies take to my bed, making themselves comfortable
>me = mildly annoyed but starting to come to fruition
>realize that two perfectly hot chicks are in my room, but now become suspicious
>stop the small chatter and straight up ask them what their deal is
>apparently mother and daughter pair stuck w/o shelter
>homeless, problems with abusive dick of a bf
>daughter a dropout from school
>mother looks way too young, like could be daughter's sister
>immediately think it's a setup
>one or both of them might be traps
>brain still foggy
>both ladies ask if I can help them
Mind you, I make damned good money and I'm sure that they could tell.
>Out of sheer stupor, I ask them how
>"Let us stay with you for a while, anon", mother says

I dont want it to go that far. If we're both super horny and alone that can happen, not sure.
File: 1421138790978.jpg (42KB, 675x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 675x595px
How fucking high are you right now??
Or you just keep fucking until you piss inside.

This is my fetish.
File: 1392853129839.jpg (30KB, 514x593px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 514x593px
Don't let it die
It's time to stop, bro.
Don't stop
File: 99.gif (1MB, 260x146px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 260x146px
This fucking guy

>still groggy and confused
>I tell them I can pay for them to get a room
>"No, we want to stay with you, anon", they insist
>creep over to my suitcase and take out my pistol, wrap it in a towel
>slide over to the bed and crash
>tell the girls if they are welcome to stay but try anything I'll blow their fucking heads clean off
>reveal my pistol
>they get quiet, daughter gasps
>awkward silence but oh the fuck ever
>turn over on my back to sleep so I can get up quickly, pistol laying on my chest in my hand
I know...stupid...but hey. Going on...
>woken by strange and wonderful sensation
>open my eyes to see what's going on
>daughter sleeping next to be with back turned to me
>mother laying on my legs and sucking my cock, foundling my balls
>suddenly aware of everything, my back twitches with excitement
>wet sloppy bj from mom, I can feel her hot breath all over my cock as she breathes heavy like she's running in a marathon
>her top is off and only wearing a lacy, sheer bra
>big swollen titties like a stripper or porn star, probably fake
>no fucks given
>best blow job I've had in a long time as she bobs her head up and down with her trip lips locked around my shaft
>plays with my balls with her tongue, throaty laughs as she gasps between takes
>tell her to take off her top
>she sits up and removes it, and those sexy titties bounce out to greet me
>goes back to sucking me off like a champ
>ask her if trap
>she pauses for a moment with a perplexed RUSERIOUS look on her face, cute face, we both laugh
>goes back to servicing my cock, squeezing my balls like she's handles some several times before
>slowly lay my pistol on the night stand and enjoy watching my dick being squeezed between those massive, soft melons

Hurry it up faggot
So slow... keep thinking the thread must be 404d because it's been so long since I refreshed, then I check and there are only 3 new posts...

>mom's ass propped up in the air
>tell her to take off those tight jeans
>again, she raises up, then slowly strips out of her jeans like a pro
>either in the business or a hooker or whatever
>still no fucks given
>she daintily slips out from her thong and sniffs it
>wraps her thong around her hand and begins to jerk me off with them, licking and kissing the tip of my dick, breathy giggles the whole time
>her perfect ass propped in the air
>about to nut, but then she's like, "hold on, anon...you ain't got any maners? Ladies first"!
>crawls slowly up and seats slowly on my dick, rubbing her hot, juicy twat all up and down my shaft while sliding her thong beneath her nose
>"I just love the smell of pussy...don't you?" she said
>easily 9/10 body, slim waist, bald pussy with just a small tuft of hair above it
>can tell now by her tummy that she's a mom...some minor stretch marks, but barely noticeable, esp. as dark as it was
>"Fuck yeah I do", I say
>she tosses her thong onto my face and demands that I sniff them, I oblige
>sweet pussy ambrosia fills my nostrils as she reaches down and slowly guides my cock into her pussy lips, hissing like a snake the entire ride
>begins bouncing up and down on my cock, huge, gorgeous knockers bouncing with each beat
>leans back folds her legs open wide so I can see her working it
>changes up her stroke--a few fast jerks, a couple slow ones--etc.
>I pump hard up into her as she slams down against me, harder and faster with each stroke
>bed starts to squeak
>daughter snorts and rustles a bit
>mom leans forward and slaps her daughter's ass and laughs a cute, devilish laugh
>I laugh too
>while she leans forward, shoves her titties into my face and drools on them...my dick slides out and even though it's hot in the room the air feels cold against it

Update on mother/daughter incest will probably come in 2 min. Guessing>>602677147
Nah, waiting for the part where you catch aids
Fingers must be hurting by now if typing live. With all of us whining it's too slow and all.
File: 1421935237920.jpg (215KB, 1528x1209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215KB, 1528x1209px
hope you drove there cause handguns arent legal to carry there niggerlover
This is so corny
But it gets me so horny
File: 1304955653437.jpg (35KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 400x400px
File: 1425498330092.jpg (14KB, 367x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 367x367px
What do you expect from a story that porny?
i dunno but i need to be on my way, late for a tourny

>I lick and suck her titties like a starving African child with his face in a fresh watermelon, biting hard on her nipples
>she grabs one of her titties and joins me
>we both lick at her nipples while she lays on top of me grinding her pelvis hard against me and writhing her hips
>push her down a bit to look over her shoulder to see dat ass, smack it to make it jiggle
>she = licking all over my neck and chest like a happy, very thirsty dog
>deep kiss and pull her hair as she grabs my cock for round 2
>raise my legs and push up into her as she pushes back
>we fuck this way hard while her tittes bounce in my face...I raise my head to lick and suck all over them
>nut #1 deep inside her vagina...she feels it and moans, tightening her cunt muscles around my shaft and slowly milks the cum out of me
>dick starting to loose steam
>she turns and gets into 69 position
>gorgeous, bare pussy hovering above my nose, hot and wet with my creampie dripping out from it
>she gargles down my cock as I finger my lube all up in her pussy and play with her clit and pussy lips
>daughter wakes up in a stupor and stumbles to the bathroom, squeaking loudly, "OMG, you guys are SO NASTY"
>mother gives no fucks and continues to lick on my dick, now laying on top of me facing away from me
>additional light from the bathroom illuminates mom's perfect pussy/ass/asshole
>hear her daughter come out from the bathroom, turning off the light
>we pause for a moment, I sit up a bit and look over, trying to let my eyes adjust
>feel the bed sink a little from body weight while daughter rustles around a bit
>Okay I admit: I lose a bit of my boner, but mom slowly kisses on it regardless
>finally catch focus of what's going on...daughter with no pants on, only T-shirt and undies laying facing away from us
>start to call it a night...mom can tell my my sudden movements that the party is over
>turns around and smacks daughter's butt again
>"Get your lazy ass up, bitch"!

literally the only thing you need to do to greentext is put a ">" before the sentence
what country?
Bosnia Herzegovina
meanwhile charles dickens is writing a fucking novel...
Truth. I have in the past achieved this by holding my dick in one hand and rubbing the head in circles with my other palm as fast as possible. Feels like a mindblowing orgasm but you just piss.

>"Nooo-oooo! Ugh!", daughter complains loudly with that perfect snotty, bratty tone in her voice (think early Kirstie Alley)
>naked mom rolls off me and lays on top of her daughter and starts teasing her
>"Get up you slut!"
>they tussle a bit, realize daughter is being playful about it
>also realize my cock is on strong
>mom starts kissing obnoxiously all over daughter's face, "taste this dick breath"!
>daughter covers face, laughing the whole time
>daughter now laying on her back next to me, naked mom squatting on top of her
>mother starts to tug at daughter's shirt
>daughter also 9/10 body, tits slightly bigger than mother's but obviously natural, just a tad thicker body as well but perfect shape, thighs, etc.
>turn on the headlamp to be sure
>fucking YEP!
>lay on my side and watch mom/daughter playing
>mom manages to rip top off daughter, saying, "take those fuckers out and let 'em breathe a little"
>daughter feigns resisting mother, but then grabs and squeezes mother's boobs
They play like this for a while yada yada
>mom, still nude btw, now laying on her side with her back to me between me and her daughter
>daughter laying on her back while mom strokes her hair as they talk
>turn to my side and rub my cock head up against mom's bulging pussy lips
>mom lays her leg across her daughter to give me access
>slowly slide up into her pussy, taking my time so I can feel the muscles give way
>start fucking mom hard while daughter is laying next to us
>mom continues to coo with daughter, gasping and moaning softly
>reach around and grab mom's titty and fondle it
>daughter rolls over and turns to face mom
>me = hoping they'll make out

jerked off twice yesterday, fucked the wife last night. jerked once today and three more times since she went to bed

does sex really do this to your balls? sorry femanon here and im genuinely curious

also, fuck you no tits its just a fucking question

>Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
Hows this for a question.
Why haven't you posted these photos??

>push mother over onto her daughter, hoping it will be enough for them to start making out with each other
>mom props up that ass, I get behind her and we go doggie style while daughter lays beneath us the whole tiem
>mom lays her head next to daughter with her lips pressed against her ear, daughter looking up at me with eager curiosity
>watch as daughter's titties bounce latantly from the action we're making
>I no longer care about them making out...grab mom's hips like I'm hanging on for dear life and pull her towards me hard with each pound
>mom pulls away and fingers her pussy, squirting all over us
>I re-insert my dick and start pounding again
>I pull out and nut #2 splooges all up mom's back...almost into her hair
>mom collapses on top of her daughter, and daughter wipes my load into her mom's back like it's lotion as they embrace

I'll pause here. There's moar to this story if you want. This was only the beginning.

Sorry for the slow bumps.
Post tits and we'll answer your question cum dumpster. Don't forget time stamp slag

yes, after extended periods of activity.
yes and no.

Happens in cold weather..but after the sack has been slapping all night long the sack retreats into the inner sanctum of warmth and protection keeping the knuckle children safe for their destined journey out of the meat tube.
Can't believe this is still going....
what a fucking shit state then... theyll never gettin my money in tourism or anything
Yeah go ahead, tell your story. It's good, just annoying because it's slow but wth
When, I'm close to cumming after a long build up. not particularly "hard" just closer to the base... this thread actually has me there right now, but I'm edging
>Knuckle children
>Meat tube
Well done
moar, i wanna hear the daughter get fucked
Why haven't you posted any more??
>shoves dick up her ass (likely an anal virgin)
>full of shit story
im rubbing my cunt to this please continue
Pronounced Stan
OP left
Photos with timestamp or gtfo
You mean your small dick.
>Be me at 15
>goes to my mothers every summer
>half sister lives with her
>shes 14
>one day shes in a swim suit
>runs to the shower
>I walk in didnt know anyone was there
>sees her naked
>quickly shuts the door and goes to my room to beat off
>she knocks
>has nothing but a towel on
>asks if I "saw anything"
>say no and apoligize for walking in
>later that night she comes in my room and says she had a nightmare
>Tell her she can sleep in here
>jumps in bed with nothing but a t shirt and panties
I can stop if ya want.

Thanks and sorry, gents. Anyway
>mother laying on stomach tuckered out from sex thrashing
>me laying on one side on my side, daughter laying on her side facing me, mother laying between us in our juices
>daughter playing with my load, stretching it between her fingers, then sniffing at it and tasting it a bit
I don't know why I said this, but
>"You want your own batch of the baby batter"? I said with newfound confidence
>mom laughs and daughter smiles awkwardly
>"Well you're going to have to earn it", I say cooly as I lay back on my back and try to calm my breathing
Skipping an important part I could tell in a separate story but let's just get right to it
>mom still laying on belly
>daughter, now topless, sitting on her mom's tushy, massaging my load into her mom's back
>the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen, I tell you what
>I stroke the daughter's hair and arms gently, and down her back softly
>feel on those big, soft tits...a bit droopy due to their size but perfect otherwise
>feel boner creeping back up on me
>start to kiss daughter on her back, she leans into it
>kiss slowly down her back, down to her ass crack
>she leans forward, and I now have mom's naked ass crack and daughter's pantied ass crack in my face
>cock finding a new life at this point as I kiss all over both their asses, pushing my face deep into the daughter's ass
>daughter leans forward, laying on mom now, exposing her gorgeous pussy lips
>BIG MEATY PUSSY lips! dick springs into action
>I make out with daughter's pussy, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and slurping them loudly
>push my tongue hard against that clit, spreading those bright, pink lips open wide
>grab one of mom's butt cheeks and spread it open, then alternate between licking daughter's pussy and mom's pristine asshole
>do this for a while while pounding my meat
>I start to gasp and convulse in sheer excitement and anticipation

>its a trap!?
No No don't stop
Had to cap this.

You call us all sick, yet you're in here too.
Dont skip the important part OP. Tell us
im so sorry
bumping for justice
>She jumps in bed
>I pay no mind going back to sleep
>shes pulling my covers
>getting cold man
>I do a slight pull back and heard a giggle
>I turn my head
>There she is under the covers
>asks what she's doing
>She thought I slept naked
>asked why would it matter
>she knew I saw her naked
>I immediately apologize
>She changes the subject
>Asks about my girlfriend
>I tell her shes great
>quickly changes the subject
>she asks if i've ever had sex
>Told her its awkward talk for us in bed alone
>She immediately told me she had
>tip touches her thigh
You do know that milk doesn't actually come out of a tit until the baby is born right...?
File: hehefuckme.jpg (56KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 480x640px
fuck me daddy
devil trips!
File: ohyeah.jpg (36KB, 294x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 294x294px
There we go! Lets get some more while the anon types!
tits or gtfo
Let's see moar
i'll be ur daddy
True anon.
Femanon gave us something better
Not enough need moar
cant, boyfriend on skype with me, had to walk away to get this one

>I'm somewhat curled in somewhat of a fetal position on my side next to mom with my head pointed in the opposite direction as I continue to sloppily eat them out
>I jerk myself hard, but I'm starting to get a bit numb
>out of nowhere, daughter says, "here...let me handle that", then leans over and goes for my cock
>I roll over to my back to give her access and she starts to suck me off
>daughter now firmly jerking my shaft and sucking my dick hard and rough
>I grab the mom's feet and pull them over to me
>I start suckling her toes and lathering all over them...the soles..the ankles...like a wild man
>daughter is hunched over mother and I
>I pull those panties over and we finger her pussy together while I continue to lick on mom's feet
>daughter whimpering like a porn star--yeah it's a bit of a put-on, but it works, and makes me even hornier
>Finally, daughter climbs off mom and full on with me in 69 position
>we suck each other off in that position for a good long while
>me = love seeing pussy lips unfurl from behind lacy panties
>daughter sits up erect...and then
>BAM...mom gets up and slides down on my throbbing cock
>I tell you...this was the best feeling: big wet pussy lips mopping all over my face and a tight pussy wrapped around my cock
>mother and daughter both riding my face and my cock
>I slap daughters plump ass, she gets into it, I can tell she's having fun with it
>I tell the girls I'm about to explode
>both ladies reposition and prep for it
>each of them licking at the tip of my dick making deep eye contact with each other, grinning wide and giggling
>meanwhile I'm fingering them both with my thumb deep inside their assholes
>blow the mother of all loads, spray them both all over their faces
>girls slurp at my jizz like hungry puppies at the same teat
>my back clinches-up from the tension and I moan like a $2 whore
>girls lovingly and obediently clean every drop of jizz off my dick and each other's cheeeks

reading incest while skyping? Good job Anon +1 internet
rubbing my pussy very lightly whle reading this story, not enough fr me to moan or him to notice if he saw what i was reading he'd freak out
Anon is a cool femanon
Where are you from?
Thanks anon , still waiting on OP though
>I'll pause here. There's moar to this story if you want. This was only the beginning.

o all the way man. this is the best yet.
File: op.png (137KB, 1616x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1616x360px

This is OP with timestamp.

Follow my instructions, and I will help you schlick.


First, lay on your tummy. Let me know when you've done this, sweetie.

Be a good girl, now...daddy loves you and wants to help you cum...alright? =) <3
Tell us how you wanna be naughty and let us gangbang you one after the other and smile as you realize you love cheating with your beta boyfriend.
File: ur wel.png (2MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ur wel.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
for those who dont believe me
piss off/ i still have a boyfriend
>tits les go
too bad. why bother if you wouldn't share this with him?
kek . anon shut down
he's a demisexual. so he feels very strongly about the exclusion of sex without anyone or thing except him. Anything outside of our relationship gives him the creeps and he will literally throw up.

He expects me to feel the same way as him but im a very openly sexual person, who likes sex as well as porn. so. hard to share with him this kind of stuff.
You are 100% correct.
Of the bitch is on her second or so kid, she may lactate sooner. But op is stupid virgin.
That sucks, he should respect and embrace your sick and perverted fantasies. Its not fair you have to sacrifice your desires.
wanna be naughhty?
i am naughty.

i love love the feeling of eager hands, thirsty mouths and greedy dicks all around me.. and more importantly inside of me.

i've always dreamed of a gang bang.. wiht multiple cocks-- all at once. not one after the other but a fucking cum fest of cocks all at once.

the way my body would shake with anticipation and my physically limits pushed to the absolute limits. so sexy to me.

>tfw ill never get this feeling.
>tfw i can't possibly tell my boyfriend this fantasy.
My gf is like this. Sucks... But it's not all about sex is it.
i sacrifice it without a doubt because i love him

>tfw love makes you do crazy things.
>be me
>be 6
>used to have a neighbor who was a girl
>lets call her mea
>mea's mom and my mom were good friends so we start to play together
>months pass and me a mea are good friends
>start to realize i have a penis
>think to myself does mea?
>one day i'm over mea's and we are in the basement
>mea asks me to kiss her
>kiss mea
>feel weird but enjoyed it
>mea asks me to kiss her again
>this time she points to her crotch
>time to find out
>kiss mea's crotch
>not a penis
>feeling curious ask mea to kiss my crotch
>again weird but enjoyed it
>fast-forward 6 years
>mom get married to mea's uncle
>mea is now my cousin
>we both remember that day in the basement
>mfw my cousin and i kissed each others crotch
agree with this anon..
amen x10. it's not all about sex which is why i choose to stay with him

watch some czech gang bangs videos.

dey pretty gut

Also swingers/fetish is a thing.
See that's the problem, you'll never go ahead with that fantasy because your fear for your safety is stronger than the fantasy itself.
That's too bad cuz if you give sex to men they have absolutely no reason to be bad to you.
jessie Rogers gang bang gets me every time. hwo abotu you try that instead. im pretty versed with the gbang vids online lmmao
I feel like the incest has left this holy place.
i always panic and wodner if it wil get out of hand. yea i mean, i love getting pushed to my limits and maybe consensually forced-- but my huge fear is that some miscoommunication with happen and i'll actually get raped-- and easily overpwoered by multiple men.

also, as i said earlier, my boyfriend is a demisexual and the idea of sex (in any form.. even watching porn) outside of our relatinship is absolutely ludicrous and disgusting
Story behind this please.
>hes a demilovatosexual?
die pls
>I think i had a heart attack
Yeah he absolutely hates the idea of you having bad thoughts and thinking about having sex with other men, let alone multiple men.

AND that's something that makes you think about it even more.

Now, actually getting through with it, that's something else entirely... but you do think about it and it does make you wet.
Where's the funny ending? This was just a lame fictional story.
I was expecting something creative.
You're a let down, mother fucker.

Hey, no problem! *hands up* Just trying to help a fellow anon get their nut off. =)


Fill-in story from the mother-daughter debacle upon request. This is mostly dialogue, but OP shall delivar. Anyway...
>I just finished scrogging a mom in front of her daughter
>mom laying on her stomach nude between us
>me = trying to relax but fighting not black-out entirely
>head still spinning from crazy night
>ask the girls what their deal is...like, are you hookers or gangsters or what?
>they both laugh
>tell me that they're just two dumb chicks who've fallen on their luck
>I ask what their background is
>basically lived between vegas and hollywood most of their lives, trying to get into "the industry"
>mom has tried to get into porn industry, daughter has tried acting and has been considering porn, but not sure
>I tell them they are both gorgeous and talented and should go for it
>"Really, anon"?
Now here's the important part
>realize that my laptop was still open across the room on the desk
>laptop has a built-in webcam
>sit up quickly for a sec to activate quicktime capture
>MFW make my own amateur porn with two strangers in a NY hotel
>MFW quality sucks due to low lighting, bad camera angle, laptop camera sux, etc.
>BUT...we had a good time watching our shenanigans afterward

Believe it or not, there's MUCH more to this story, but I think I'll save that one for another thread.

Thanks, /b/ros!

P.S. Still no word from my daughter from today. I usually get a text or call from her at least once a day or so, but none since our liaison earlier.

Starting to worry a bit.
it makes me crave it. i cold never do it bc i know it would hurt him. hes so new to sex entirely. im actually in the process of helping him undersand tha sex ISNT a bad thing-- that there can be love and care involved.

being boned merciless by complete strangers has always been afantasy of mine-- now that im with him it will definetly always be a fantasy-- not even one i could talk about
Does anyone have anything else?????
File: 1425866978578.jpg (73KB, 861x1098px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 861x1098px
File: 1425868328918.jpg (192KB, 1456x1049px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 1456x1049px
File: 1392355537956.jpg (113KB, 997x1067px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 997x1067px
File: No-ok-titty.png (3MB, 1792x2576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1792x2576px
got two
haha idk how you do it, id dumped em like a sack of rocks. lifes too short to miss out
File: 1401851567064.jpg (66KB, 732x1097px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 732x1097px
File: long story.png (3MB, 3024x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
long story.png
3MB, 3024x1200px
like i said love makes u do crazy things
Well you're talking about it right now. Seriously girl, one day I woke up and I realized I was 30yo and I regret a lot of things that I didn't do because I feared this or that.

I hope you don't waste too much time before you realize you should think about yourself first. How many years do you think you'll waste with that guy who's shitty at sex?

Yeah he probably has other qualities, so what? Let me tell you something. As long as he doesn't know, you did nothing wrong. No remorse.
>licking and sucking my lips like a hungry catfish

that's harlequin level shit right there
that's retarded

I mean you tried though
ITT: The worst fantasy based rubbish I've ever read. Maybe if it actually sounded semi realistic you'd get away with it. But no, you guys go full retard.
Exactly what I was expecting from these threads.
Thanks for confirming my thoughts.
god fucking dammit trevor
the most fucking fake shit ive ever read
Op is a virgin and clearly has mental issues, reported all of this
eve online is crap now, why the fuck would you play that game? The Devs ruined it about 5 years ago, pvp is crap now, and jump fucking fatigue....really, If you didn't rage quit from that alone, you are a dumbass fanboy
but hthats still entirely wrong... what so its better to cheat on him than break up with him? what ???

im noy planning on spending my whole klife with him, but im also not planning on goving him up so easily...

sorry for grammer, I'm asian and english is my second language

OP I know who your Daughter is , Mr.Wilde?
Are you ok man? You seem upset.
anti-incest is code for anti-libertarian you statist pig
There's an attraction between us he says. Tells a story thats got vague nonsense and one sided attraction.
Sure sounds like it bro.
Nah I'm just saying, you can easily separate your love life and your sex life. That's not so hard to do honestly.

And trust me, when you'll be well fucked and happy in your sex life, you'll be a lot nicer when you're with him and your relationship will be way better.

I did not force you to say you like cock and LOTS OF cocks. You said it yourself. I'd give you mine and you'd remember it trust me.
also, it can pay for itself

how many games let that happen?
Eve is trash now, the pvp got destroyed, the only good thing I got out of it is the TS server I bought and paid for with isk
File: 1425866092569.jpg (126KB, 1228x919px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 1228x919px
i said its a fantasy-- idk if i could ever do it. i love him and it sjust a sacrifice im willing to make if it means being with him. besides, its only sexual activity OUTSIDE of our realtionship, me and him can be as sexual as we want together.

does saying these things make me a bad person? i feel like shitty cum dump fidelity filled girlfriend..
>also, it can pay for itself

>how many games let that happen?
Hey, being a test subject for a pharmaceutical company pays well, and you get free drugs
How many jobs let that happen?
If it sounds to good to be true, you are an idiot
Nothing makes you a bad person. Getting gangbanged doesn't make you a bad person if you want to do it.

Sex is just sex, it's meant for us to have fun and feel good, not to obsess over it and feel guilty. That's what I'm saying.

You're thinking about getting as much cock as you can handle and you could actually make it happen. Trust me, I've been with 3 girls at the same time, this shit is absolutely incredible to live.

And you know it's more than just a fantasy when you're posting your pussy for all to see on the internet while you have your bf on skype :)
Don't lie to yourself !
no youre not a bad person at al... my ex was pretty bland in the bed room. not why we sperated and she was hot as hell... but overall im more happy having exciting sex than wasting time on it
>super into incest ever since, too bad i was an only child.

pussy like that, your daddy must be 80
be my gf :) lol love your fantasies!!

I bet you're some pleb miner, you dirty slut.
>jump fucking fatigue
nullbabbies, ladies and gentlemen.
File: X4lxL.jpg (371KB, 2160x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371KB, 2160x1440px
that third line makes me horny justreading... maybe im not a bad person but my sexual aspirations seems so different from everyone else :c
>not knowing when tits or gtfo applies
>newfagging this hard
File: 0531287631.jpg (78KB, 606x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 606x470px
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