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Aunt Fucker here continuing story also, wincest thread >a

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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aunt fucker.png
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Aunt Fucker here continuing story
also, wincest thread

>a week had passed
>you could say we are lovers now
>dinosaur doesn't have a clue, her kids even less
>give her a spank or hug her from behind and kiss her neck everytime i can
>be thursday
>don't have class until 12
>wake up early when i shouldn't for the first time in the semester
>couldn't go to the supermarket a day before
>nothing to eat but tuna
>go inside the house to grab ingredients and make breakfast
>notice aunt's there having coffee and talking on her phone
>pinch her butt, she just gives a little hump on her seat
>signal her that i'm gonna take something from the kitchen
>she hangs up slightly after
>"hey anon, whats up"
>"not much, i just couldn't go to the supermarket so i'm stealing some eggs"
>"don't worry, i'll make breakfast"
>"really? thanks"
>she gets up from her seat and heads to the kitchen
>i just lean on the counter
>as she passes i give her a spank
>she turns 360 degrees back towards me, gives me a quick kiss
>"nobody's home"
>i just stay there kinda shocked
>starts cutting some veggies
>i go on alpha mode
>make sure the windows are down so no neighbour could see
>go on and hug her waist from behind and start kissing her neck
>didn't take much for her to leave the knife, turn her head and start kissing my lips
>grab her boob with one hand and slip my hand on her panties
>we fingering now
>she starts moaning
>fate is inevitable
>she washes her hands really quick (the sink was right next to her)
>i'm so fucking horny now
>gonna fuck here in the kitchen



I've waited my whole life
and more pics please, relatable ofcourse
stop asking for cont you asshole and just post
auntfuckermexibro is no ass hole

hahahaha it's fun
bumping so we dont die with blueballs
bump bump bump
bumpedie bump
i dont even have a boner anymore
im still lurking. screencapping. this aunt fucking is god-level
best winscest
OP is dead and so is my fap session.
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we just got trolled boys
fakebob001 here to archive shit.
First thread has been transcribed.
Second thread archival may not happen tonight, I might leave this thread open overnight and do it later when I have the time for it.

http://goo .. gl/j18y4x
mexibro probably went to sleep =/
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>pull down her yoga pants
>turn her around and continue kissing
>she lowers her panties as i pull my cock out
>insert dick
>oh god i missed you
>start fucking on the spot like animals
>it starts to get uncomfortable after some time
>take her panties off
>put her on the counter and start fucking there
>since i'm mexican im rather sort (5'7) so i had to tiptoe through this part xd
>fuck some time, but the kitchen is rather boring
>i pull out, grab her hand and take her to the living room
>put her on the couch, grab one leg and penetrate her
>take of her shirt and bra
>lovely titties, we meet again
>start licking her tits
>pull out to take off my shorts and boxers
>she gets on her knees and starts sucking dick
>after some sucking, i sit on the couch and she gets on top of me
>she moves like a pornstar
>feel the edging and tell her i want to cum on her tits
>we change position, now she is sitting on the couch and i'm fucking her standing
>start choking her lightly
>go full speed for a minute until my cock is gonna explode
>she's on her pure orgasm
>pull out and aim for tits
>i kiss and suck her nipples and breasts while she is regaining her breath
>kiss her on the lips again
>she cleans up with her fingers swallowing and kissing me
>i finish cleaning her boobs with my mouth (i am not grossed about my onw semen, god damnit)
>clean dick on the guest's bathroom, she makes breakfast

at this point i'm a better breakfast monster than Walter White Jr.
I never gave up hope.

I wasn't going to post no. 4 until tomorrow but you guys changed my mind. now coming part 4
he's back, boys
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We need pics OP

for science
It's Op's second coming. Praise Op
File: 1403267310203.gif (1MB, 250x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep working diligently OP. your disciples are waiting with diamond cock in hand
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File: 1425234737674.webm (709KB, 720x400px)
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File: 1425229312552.webm (3MB, 718x404px)
3MB, 718x404px
File: 1425793880541.webm (3MB, 960x540px)
3MB, 960x540px
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jesus fuck. does anyone know who this girl is? also, waiting for mexibro
File: 1408924331516.jpg (146KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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number 4 is pretty similar to number one

>that week dinosaur and aunt had a fight
>never knew why it was completely, only knew about the fight
>anyway, be friday
>dinosaur went out
>i was planning on going out clubbing but my parents didn't deposit my weekly and i didn't have enough money
>go to the market and buy a 12 pack of bohemias
>get home, on the garage i see my aunt leaving and wave
>get in my studio and just drink and play LoL with some friends from hometown
>about my 5th beer when it started feeling a little tipsy
>about 11 pm when hear a knock on the door
>i thought it was my little cousin playing a prank or something (later i knew that they had dropped him at his grandma's)
>open the door
>it was my aunt, slightly drunk
>in party dress and with an odd expression
>"hey jenny, wha...."
>she launches towards kissing me
>i kiss back and close the door
>i know where this is going
>we get on bed kissing fiercely
>start kissing her neck and upper part of body
>she looks different this time, as if she was mad
>she takes my shirt off and kisses my chest as she slides her hands through my back

and last part coming soon
dillion harper
File: 1424027606095.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
>dillion harper
thanks, mang. i love you
File: 1424027694127.webm (3MB, 967x544px)
3MB, 967x544px
i was planning on going out clubbing but my parents didn't deposit my weekly and i didn't have enough money

>shithead detected
more like ant tron

>cant greentext properly

retard detected
Lurk bump
>greentext police

Please OP, our desire to know more grows.
File: 1425808679635s.jpg (2KB, 83x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More like a boner then desire to know more
File: My nigga - fancy.png (222KB, 555x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My nigga - fancy.png
222KB, 555x729px

why would you save a thumbnail
Need to sleep, for the love of all that you hold dear, someone screencap this shit. I have to know how it ends...
File: 1408924171718.jpg (159KB, 1063x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 1063x1600px

>she takes off her dress and starts taking off my jeans
>she's only in her heels
>suking my cock like it was the last one on earth
>her speed level is over 9000
>it felt godlike
>she was worshipping my cock with her attitude
>she stops and pushes me to lay on the bed then she gets on top of me
>moving fast as fuck
>she leans to kiss and after it she slaps my face
>so you want it that way...
>i grab her by the hips and start pumping from the bed up while she was riding at the same time
>she screamed in pleasure so hard i think the neighbours heard us
>meh, they'll probably think is an 18 yo skank i brought home
>i put her on her back and finger her like a violinist
>she's moaning so fucking hard
>put my cock and pierce her pussy
>take off her heels and kiss her feet while fucking her hard
>after a time i lift both of her legs and fuck her hard against bed
>start choking
>she's almost blue and can't control her orgasm
>let her breathe
>she starts convulsing and moaning
>when she gained half of her breath, put her doggy style
>spank her ass with the palm of satan
>fuck her pussy hard again, grab both arms and put her against the bed
>going harder, now i do the horse grab (you take her hair in one hand, give it a twist and pull like you where riding a horse)
>make a creampie
>she kisses me thank you and cleans it going pussy to mouth
>like always, i lick her pussy to clean out the rest
>tell her to hide the marks of the spanking
>kisses me goodbye
>like nothing happened

that was the last time we fucked, when i have a new one i promise i'll post it

now: Q&A
Any pic of her?

How do I women?

as i told you, my family is wealthy and my father doesn't want me to work until i have my degree. Also, i get 3k monthly for school and my needs, so no need to work. i'm sorry your parents are poor, anon :/
Pics of aunt please?
does she have a mexican accent?
File: chinchin.png (313KB, 655x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313KB, 655x431px
If someone rolls trips, op next time dies anal
the last post on the screencap is a pic of hers, i won't post more for safety issues
oh shit. this is ongoing? you still live in the studio?
Post the picture again? I didn't quite caught the screencap

i want to try it but have to talk it first, she's not much into the idea and i cant just say: Hey Jenny, i'm gonna plant the seed of life in infertile soil
yeah, i'm still 19 and haven't finished my career, so you might have a lot more stories
is she killed?
oh man. how long ago since last fuck?
Why don't you push her to get rid of dinosaur and get it on the reg? It's not weird for you to be hanging out at the house or anything.
Post pic of self. Her kids never suspect a thing??
pretty sure cause dinosaur is rich and shes gold digger

first you need to know your style and attention getter.
Work on your image first, what works on me is preppy clothing and a detailed beard (in mexico it normally means you are from the high society)
Then, know the way you talk and use it to your advantage. I go on shy/playful because it works for me on the girls i want (mostly those that reject a lot of guys), but there are many styles. My best friend goes for full charismatic and it works more on most sluts. Another one goes serious and spontaneously playful and it also works for him.
What's important after you have her attention is making her feel comfortable and if you cand do that you have have a dick inside

and that is how you women
Is this your mom or dads sister?
last one was about 2 weeks ago
pics please

dinosaur is only effective at night, the real obstacles are her kids. plus, dinosaur is not that bad and i'm leaving this house eventually. Won't fuck my aunt forever or marry her.
do you have romantic feelings for aunt?
she's my moms cousin. but we're in mexico so large families are still together
>Won't fuck my aunt forever or marry her.

It's on this thread. Look up.
File: Aunt15pic.jpg (4KB, 125x111px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 125x111px
I'm not OP, but i got it

i don't, our relationship is pure sex

i like her experience/maturity/grace and she likes my youth/charisma.
way to small

she' gonna grow old man, sad truth
whatcha studyin?
mechatronical engineering, just to live with a nice paycheck until my dad gives me his company (inevitable future)
what do you need a studio for if your doing engineering ?
A studio in real estate terms means a one roomer.
its like a house, man
wellp. thanks, anon. good job. its 9:30am here. been following this thread since it started. have a nice night/day. lots of semen

because it was originally meant to be a studio, but they made it an apartment and she offered it to me. we call it studio because of simpleness
Thread posts: 92
Thread images: 21

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