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Wincest thread. You know the drill /b/. Post any stories you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread. You know the drill /b/. Post any stories you have or screen caps of stories.
>sprays Spider-Man repellant
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Spidey will be here. He has all the greentext's saved.
Commencing dump
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Big tit aunt.png
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Bro Sister Hug.jpg
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Any lurkers?
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Cousin Summer.png
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I'm on some NSA list for sure.
of course.
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Cruise with Cousin.jpg
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my sides that pic
Anyone ever tell someone about this fetish?
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Handy Daughter.png
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forgot pic.

And none of us will ever be allowed to be Pres.
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keep going
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I have a sister.png
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spidey got done jerking off. feels guilty for his sin and must repent by posting spiderman.

Jokes you him. He'll read every post
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Lot's of cousin text.
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anyone have any real mother/son stories they're willing to greentext?

if not, answer whether or not you'd fuck your biological mother if given the opportunity and were guaranteed that she would keep it a secret.
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Knocking up sis.png
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I would.
Told my ex girlfriend once when she was talking about role play the idea of step sister. She said she was interested but we never did it and we eventually broke up. I would avoid telling people though.
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No, even though everybody says my mother is quite beautiful even today when she's 45 but I've never seen her that way.
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Mommas boob job.jpg
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It really seems like something that can backfire. /adv/ had a thread where a chick was asking if she should tell her fiance that she's into beastiality. Seemed like a nice girl. Felt bad for her.
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Is she a bitch?
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part 2
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bro/sis text here
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Prom with Cousin.png
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Kind of. We had a rocky relationship when i was younger. She had a back injury pain pills made her a real cunt for a while. We're on good terms now but I've just never seen her in a sexual way.
I would however fuck my stepmother though.
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images (2).jpg
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i want all wincest fags to leave this spiderman thread
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Sister Party1.jpg
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1/3 bro/sis text
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Sister Party2.jpg
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Sister Party3.jpg
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I don't know if that counts. Unless you fucked her while thinking of your bio mom.

Would you be opposed to your real mom jerking you off?
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Week in Cali.png
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For science of course. I just want to know the boundaries.
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WTF Neice 1.jpg
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WTF Neice 2.png
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Zoe Tale 1.png
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Here is a 9 part greentext. It's the last of what I got.

This my friends is Zoe's Tale.
Wife knows.
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Zoe Tale 2.png
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Zoe Tale 3.png
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That's kinky. Tell us more
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Zoe Tale 4.png
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Zoe Tale 5.png
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Mentioned it before but the thread 404'd then turned to faggotry an fail in the new one.

She brought it up one night during a drunk fuck session. Started asking about our daughter. We ended up getting more an more descriptive til we both came buckets.
File: Zoe Tale 6.png (945KB, 1642x9953px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Zoe Tale 6.png
945KB, 1642x9953px
Ya'll better start saving this if you want to read it. we don't have enough bumps to survive much longer
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Zoe Followup 1.jpg
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Holy shit. How far has it gone?
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Zoe Followup 2.jpg
440KB, 1198x1788px
and how old was the daughter then?
She wore our daughters panties one night and did her hair in pigtails.
Loli age.
Fumbled around and had me "convince and teach" her
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Zoe Followup 3.png
231KB, 780x1455px
Any wife pics with face cropped out you'd share?
No way /b/ro. Pretty sure half the peeps I know are /b/tards. My photoshop skills aren't leet enough to remove incriminating evidence.
no part 2?
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That was....
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Thread images: 49

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