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Hey, /b/ Look, it's been a few months since a very close

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey, /b/
Look, it's been a few months since a very close friend passed away, and since I have no one else in my life, I thought I'd tell you her story here.
This is Carrie's story.

>I grew up in a gated community, private schooling, white privileged mother fucking place.
>Beginning of school year, middle of IGCSEs, (yes I lived abroad you faggots,) so didn't expect anyone new to come to the year. Surprise, surprise, first day, Teacher introduces a girl to the class.
>She is ignored shortly afterwards, not ugly, not fat, just not super hot, so doesn't really garner much attention. She is fairly pretty face wise, and she has great legs, but B cup tits and a small ass, so.
>She sits next to me, not in the beginning, but when she notices that we're both alone, she approaches me and asks if she can sit next to me.
>Holy shit
> a girl
>that's what you faggots would think, but all I could think was
>holy shit
>her eyes
>Her eyes were like 2 great discs of ocean water, a brilliant blueish green, with flecks of sparkling silver. I'm not fucking with you.
>mother fucking silver eyes.
>I couldn't help staring directly into them, and she kind of just took it into her stride. She sat down, and we started talking. It turned out we like the same kind of things, and would probably be in the same classes, for the most part. Drama, Art, History,and most importantly, Astrology.
> The first day was basically me just showing her around, taking her to all the cool places and stuff. After school, I asked her if she wanted to go and see my telescope.
>actual words that came out of my mouth.
>She just burst out laughing, then told me I'd have to do better than that. I told her I meant a literal telescope, as in watch the stars, look at galaxies and shit. She had to ask her parents, but she wanted to come.
Nigger I need a pic of those eyes
op im waiting for more
keep it movin op
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>Later that night, she came over for dinner, met the folks and stuff, then we went up to the attic (3 story house fuck yeah,) and I got out the telescope. A real old timer, it was kind of past it's prime, but it still worked well enough.
>We stayed up till 11 just talking and looking at the stars, having fun.
>Mainly just looking into the eyes of the first girl I think ever really loved me.
>She had to leave, and later she would tell me that all she could dream about that night was me.
> This became a kind of regular thing, but we mainly just enjoyed each others company. She kind of became infatuated with me, and I didn't have any other friends, so we hung out a lot.
>We saw movies, and had fun together. A lot of people kind of took notice of us then, saying we were dating. I'd always correct them, but she'd always look happy when they said it, and kind of upset when I said we weren't.
>From the start I knew she had feelings for me, and I think I did too, but I wouldn't really recognize that for a few months.
>Fast forward, what we did is kind of stick to a routine, but on January 11th, 2011, she skipped school. When I got home, it was raining, and she showed up really upset.
>Apparently her parents had been fighting for a really long time, and they were getting a divorce. She just broke down, and while I was holding her, I asked her why she had never told me. She said because she thought she was in love with me, and didn't want to lose me over her parents.
>Then she kissed me.
>on the lips.
>I was shocked.
>But then I realized I liked it, and I liked her too, and then I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. (Exactly like that, because im a huge faggot.)
>She said yes, and started laughing, and crying.
>We watched the stars that night.
>Well, she did.
>I watched her.

will cont, because I'm not a faggot
>Did You fucked her?

But seriously, go on.

i'm listening, please continue
No dinosaurs no dinosaurs no dinosaurs
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110KB, 1366x768px
>Dating was going well, loved every second of it together.
>She got more beautiful every time I saw her, because I'm a faggot, despite what I've said previously.
>Then, exams come up, and her parents are getting divorced right afterwards, so we start seeing less of each other
>We text constantly, are almost always on Social media, and then exams are over and it is fucking on
>We are all over each other, always watching the stars, always watching each other, kissing each other.
>I lost my virginity to her.
> Or as she put it, we traded virginities, giving ours to each other. Then, it probably the funniest thing I'd ever heard.
>We dated all throughout high school, but college was always an issue, because we didn't know what was going to happen. I was adamant on moving back to the states, while her mom was forcing her to go back to somewhere in Europe (Will not say where.)
>When the end of high school came around, she got more and more upset, thinking she was going to lose me. I was terrified too, but I asked her if she really didn't want to go back to Europe, then why she didn't come with me?
>She thought this over, and told her mom this. Her mom got pissed, but her dad was supportive. Carrie's Dad was pretty cool. When we left, she didn't even show up to say goodbye.
>College was good to start with (also will not say where, for reasons taht are obvious.) We couldn't share a dorm room, but we got rooms close together.
>The plan was to save up for an apartment with a view, so we could see the stars. (Although this was stupid, because of light pollution.)
No dinosaurs, I swear
Also no tree fiddy
No pasta of any kind
100% true

still here bro take your time
im interested, this may come a little faggotish but seems like a great movie idea, no ending yet though
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OP you filthy faggot! It's called ASTRONOMY not fucking astrology

Damn you OP, get your shit together
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>Then this other guy showed up, and he wouldn't leave Carrie alone. He started off well enough, just saying hello, being nice, occasionally complimenting her.
>Then he started being more aggressive, complimenting her more often, sometimes even "accidentally" touching her.
>So I stepped in, introduced myself by getting angry with him. I told him to back off, that Carrie wouldn't leave me for some jackass that felt her up in the corridor.
>He replied
>"Just you wait."
>about fucking knocked him off his feet right there.
>Later, we went to party together, thrown by a mutual friend. Jackass was there, flirting with another girl, clearly uncomfortable. When he saw Carrie, he fucking ran over to her
>I stepped in front of him, and he backed off, but when ever I wasn't looking, he'd sneak in. I went to the bathroom, and they started talking.
>When I left the bathroom, I saw her laughing.
>like she was enjoying his company.
>I was mad, and I was also pretty drunk, so I fucking went over and started pounding him.
>Like, I'm not a hugely muscled guy, but I am over 6 feet, and fairly fit, and soon enough he started bleeding.
>then somebody called the cops, and I got taken away for assault.
>When he didn't press charges, I left, but I had to stay the night in the police station.
>When I got back to the dorm, I went to Carrie's room, and she wasn't there. Another guy at the party said she had gone home with jackass.
I apologize
I fucking meant that but I'm drinking right now, so what if i get fucking horoscopes and space mixed up
they sound fucking similiar
did you ever talk to her about the guy and tell her that he made you uncomfortable?
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>>>i get fucking horoscopes and space mixed up
they sound fucking similiar

Kill yourself
fuck off man its an honest mistake
Pictures of space are pretty. Can you dump after story?
Damn OP we could be friends
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>I went back to my room, and just started sobbing. I knew I fucked up, really bad, too. Later, I heard a knock at the door, and Carrie showed up. She just walked in, and sat down, telling me that she didn't fuck the Jackass, but she was upset with me.
>I told her that I heard that she went home with him. She replied with "To fucking look after him after you about burst his stomach!"
>felt like shit.
>Told her I was sorry. Started crying again, asked her if she was going to leave me.
>Then she looked at me with her eyes, her pupils dilating, silver flecks shingin, and she kissed me again.
>She said she'd never leave me.
>She said she loved me.
My heart stopped for a second, and I started crying harder, just holding onto her.
>I miss her just thinking about it
>Anyway, she starts telling me that Jackass kept asking her to suck him off, and making lewd comments.
>Get mad.
>But I don't do anything, cuz I'm afraid
>Fast forward another couple weeks.
>Carrie says that when she goes out with the girls, sometimes it feels like they're being followed.
>I know it is

>I go with them one time, and she's right. A truck is driving slowly behind the girls walking. Id drop behind them, and as they turn a corner, I stop. When the truck turns the corner, I take a picture of the driver
>It's jackass.
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I am right now
Not that many space pictures, but will try
>Captcha: breas
thanks man
nice trips btw
not pre written?
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>Oh fuck
>Get uber pissed
>tell Carrie, then step in front of truck. Yell at Jackass to get out of the car. He does. I start screaming at him, demanding to know why he's following my girlfriend.
>he just smirks.
>want to punch him in the face. Won't though, might press charges this time.
>Tell him to get out of my fucking face, he drives off. The next day I report him to Campus, won't go to police, because have a history with this guy.
>They say they'll look into it.
>fucking bitches
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sorry for short post
Here till the very end OP
For someone who's had a few drinks your spelling and punctuation is on point. Good on ya m8
Patiently waiting
>For someone who's had a few drinks your spelling and punctuation is on point. Good on ya m8
He never said he was drinking
Keep posting those wallpapers
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More, OP.
He did

I hope jackass rapes carrie before he kills her 10 posts from now when OPs done.
My apologies.
you went full adam copeland
This guy is starting to sound like my sisters ex-stalker. Was he 5'8" with curly blonde hair and didn't bathe often enough?
B - but why?
in4 everyb walk the dinosaur
hurry the fuck up op
Continue please.
In concession, here's a lightbulb.
Cmon oo for fck sake

I think OP read this and just herod
Wait you said 'a very close friend passed away' so you breakup and she dies?
Suicide spoiler???
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Did OP Died?
she already died read the post nignog
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gettin close to the end
>Carrie is getting more stressed
>starts seeing Jackass more frequently, getting scared. I confront him about it again, he says I have no proof, and hell report me for harassment.
>Keep reporting him to the campus, they dont do shit.
>Seriously considering reporting him to the police.
>One day, Carrie finds a note in her room, under her pillow. Only she has the key, and her roomate. The note says
"You're cute while you sleep"
>She breaks down.
> We move out of the dorm, finding an apartment, but its shitty and small, but it's away from Jackass, so we're happy.
>Gradually she starts getting better.
>Start watching the stars again. Can't really see em too well though. (Light pollution)
>Starts going out more. Always kind of jumpy though, sees things in bushes that aren't there. Always wants me with her.
>I'm happy again.
> One night, we go out for dinner, and when we came back, our door was unlocked. She starts crying. I run in, but nothings gone.
>Just a huge fucking scrawl on the wall.
It says
>Leave him
> I lose it. I report the Jackass to the police, and they start looking into things.
>Too slowly. Carrie starts going to therapy.
Next post will be the end
sorry faggots
internet is terrible here
my post doesn't seem to be going through
And now we wait 30 minutes for the next part of the story!!
Worth it.
Oh damn. This is better that soap operas with my grandma
OP will probably deliver
Why didnt u make hem disappear op?

Why are you fags even waiting for the end? I clearly called it now we just need to know if jackass got some pussy at least.
This. Hiring a homeless guy is just as good as a hit man if you ask me
By pussy I'm sure you mean jail time
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Have you even considered killing this guy?
If he is a threat to you and the ones you love, then why is he still allowed to live?
Because this isn't the fucking 18th century killing someone with a reason like that won't be much of an excuse in the eyes of the law
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kk guys
>Therapy is slowly helping her
>police are getting nowhere
>But we moved into another apartment, even smaller this time, but start getting better. She never goes out anymore, but hse and I lare happy
>have I mentioned her eyes?
>one day, I wake up next to her, and shes just staring directly into my eyes, and I realize Ill never find anyone like her, and that I love her so much.
>fate is a cruel mistress
>Her therapy session is delayed that day
> She leaves therapy and walks home, around 6:30ish.
> she gets hit by a truck.

>she goes into the hospital
> she is really badly hurt
>i stay by her side
when she dies, her silver flecks look just like stars
one of the cards she gets
the card
it says
>should have left him
>i fucking
i just
>i find the Jackass
>and I beat him
>and i beat him
>i know he did it
>i know he killed her
he never pressed charges
I miss her so much

Op out
bye carrie
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Dont get caught then
For what?
someone pls screen cap
Op can we have pics of the jackass
Ok OP let`s kill him. How are the weapon laws in your country?
why didn't you kill him you fucking pussy
you fucking faggot kill the fucken bastard you spineless homo
Damn. Not even that we'll written green text and I teared up a bit. ..
File: Expanding Universe.jpg (73KB, 620x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Expanding Universe.jpg
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Rip Carrie. Sorry OP.
should have tortured the motherfucker
This will be archived forever, OP.
I posted after whoops on mobile
Done that. I'm on mobile so it's difficult to do precise stuff, I'll try to deliver before 404
Should of crucified him in town square is what you mean
Yall niggas are so fucking gay. It wasn't even that good of a story. Yeah fucking feels faggots.
I would rather be for blood eagle
kill yourself I bet you haven't even got someone to lose
Have. I meant have. Don't crucify me too
If you can proof this is real I'm pretty sure we can arrange to sell him to some Chinese owned African mine. Or maybe the Khmer Rouge
hurry pls
u fckn fgt,if it was near me i would do u a favor coz u are obv stupid and cant do shit...why the fck didnt u finish it?
Dear diary, today OP made /b/ cry
So while we wait for screen capture does anyone have a decent joke or a link to a good song?
OP I'm gonna start a witch hunt to brutally murder him, any description is welcome thanks
not a great story
only sad
no proof
pics of Carrie, OP

sound liek Lifetime movie
File: 1380976542304.gif (87KB, 123x136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Story is 6/10

Try harder
rip nigga that sucks dick, would have tortured the fuck outta that cunt
Gr8 pasta m8 I r8 7 outta 8
my apologies op
i will remember this story. thank you op.
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