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Brocop story time. Sometimes not all pigs are assholes, share

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Brocop story time. Sometimes not all pigs are assholes, share your stories.

>Be 19
>Punk as fuck
>studded vest, docs, basic stereotype
>at 7/11 getting an energy drink
>fuck I'm tired and I gotta go to work soon
>turns out card is empty, no cash
>guess I'm fucked
>like 3 NYPD cops come in behind me
>"Hey dude you need a hand?"
>brocop pays for my energy drink
>"Yeah, I drink so many of these that I got a free backpack."
>Fuck yeah, brocop understands my pain
>Have an awesome fucking day
How would you not know that there was no money on your card to afford a cheap drink.
My debit card was declined. I tried it like 3 times, I only had like 50 cents.
>energy drink

enjoy paying four dollars for a can of bullshit
Right? Shit's expensive but you can chug that stuff, not so much with hot coffee
So you want to pay more money just so you can chug your drink like a 12 year old?
first green text story so give me a break.
>be me
>half black, last kings shirt (red black and white), ankle tight but crotch slack grey pants pulled over the knees
>compression pants underneath.
>car filled to the brim, 4 other niggas, all smoking loud
>bust illegal u turn on accident (srsly didn't know)
>lights right behind me
>pull over at destination sadly
>comes to the window
>says i made an illegal u turn
>ok sorry
>says car reeks of pot
>it's true, smoke still in the air, didn't air out much
>puts me in cuffs
>says if there's weed in that car I'm taking you away, if not and you smoked it, then you'll be fine.
>searches car, find paraphanelia and ish
>takes it all out, tells me i could be taken away for it
>doesn't take me away for it
>continues search finds no weed.
>gives me speech about how i shouldn't have bowls etc cause another cop might fuck me
>tells me he would smoke weed if it wasn't illegal
>ask if i should be in a relationship or fucking bitches at my age
>tells me i should be safely fucking bitches
>kinda agree but still love my gf
>lets me and my homies off.
>go eat.
>hey guys lets have a cool cop thread
>"why you drink energy drink OP rahhhhhh rahhhh i dont like energy drinks so you shouldn't either!"
B: a place for fags
File: handsup.webm (138KB, 1280x720px)
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Are the police making these threads?
File: Qten3rd.png (501KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking kill yourself you edgy nigger.

>pic related, fuccboi
File: image.jpg (39KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Be tipsy off about 6 beers
>Be driving through town
>Car full of ppl
>Two people in the boot, all wasted
>I pop the trunk while driving so guys in the back can see group of girls were driving past
>suddenly police lights from behind the car
>ohshit what have i done.jpg
>Cops pull me over
>I know im done for
Suddenly like the god tier friend he is, one of the guys in the trunk gets out and runs accross the road to a bridge and draws all the attention away from me and stands on the ledge and says he is going to jump. Police swarm him like dogs on a dropped burrito. He is put in police car and taken to station, cops didnt even get a chance to talk to me or look in my car.
I drive to police station and pick up god-bro and hour later.
We keep drinking and kek about the situaltion.
He has to go to councilling cos they think he wants kill
lol cops have become so chill with weed nobody even tries to hide it anymore
File: 2015-02-28 15.56.15.png (565KB, 1069x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-02-28 15.56.15.png
565KB, 1069x959px
> be me 19
> taking photography class
> project due in 2 days
> stay up super late to take night pictures
> go to local bridge
> barely any cars
> taking some dank pictures
> cop pulls up
> fuck
>"hey if you're gonna jump, you're on the wrong side"
> oh fuck is this the rare type bro cop?
> sees my camera
> explain to him my situation
> tells me he's into photography too
> let's me take pictures of his car and shit
> all the sudden he has an idea
>"what if I turn on my lights and drive across the bridge, you can take a long exposure picture"
> I'm like fuck yeah
> dude calls in another car
> they whip it across the bridge like 3 times to get the perfect picture
> dude gives me his card and email adress.
> chills for a bit cause he thought I was cool and it was like 2am
> this whole time I was stoned af.

Pic related, final product. Had another run in with the same guy, will green text. Sorry for photo quality it's a screen cap off my insta
>be 17ish
>camping down the estuary with mates
>pulled wood posts out of the ground to get our cars right up next to the BBQ
>chillin, drinking, smoking weed
>mate pulls out a flare he got from some boat
>doesn't realize its a parachute flare
>almost shoots himself in the face
>sky lights up, flare slowly comes down
>people call the cops
>cops rock up
>mate hides in bush like a dumbass
>tell cops we though it was a normal flare ' sorry bloke, won't happen again'
>cops notice bong sitting on park bench, doesn't give a fuck(Aussie cops are chill as fuck)
>tells us to clean when we're done, and to put the posts back in the ground
>cops leave
>go back to partying
Dude that picture looks like shit, you should be ashamed, not even trolling.
>shit that didnt happen
OP here, that looks sick as fuck. What state are you in?
>last week
>at bar alone, drinking heavily
>bar closes at 2 am
>start driving home
>forget to signal at a turn
>get pulled over
>start freaking out
>cop asks for license and insurance
>can't find my insurance
>he asks me to step out of the car
>he pats me down, asks if I've been drinking
>tell him I had a few beers
>gives me three sobriety tests
>fail them
>he makes me stand outside in the cold while he "radios the station"
>comes back
>tells me he's taking me in for a blood test because I'm "clearly fucked up"
>I'm freaking out at this point
>eventually he says nevermind, tells me to stop being stupid and go home
>he was fucking with me for his own amusement

I respect him.
>be me, 11 years old
>ran away from home
>in the woods
>reading a book
>cop comes up to me
>tells me the police have been searching for hours
>say ok I'm sorry
>throws me on the ground and rips off my pants
>fucks me for 20 minutes
>says he'll arrest me if I tell anyone
>scaredasfuck so I don't tell anyone
>5 years later in high school
>school cop gets replaced with cop who raped me
>he wont look me in the eye
sometimes cops are asshole pigs
It really did
What would you have done differently, it was photo 101 so like, not even mad. Got good feedback in the pinup though
>you can chug that stuff, not so much with hot coffee


Source: I've worked in an office for five years
Rhode Island, and thank you. I was stoked about it
>walking to friends house
>light up a ciggerett and try cutting threw the park
>cop stops me
>"it's illegal to smoke on public parks, let me see your ID"
>give ID
>the looks at my iD and the starts looking lustfully into my eyes
>"ok, ur free to go, now zip your pants up befor your little pecker falls out"
>zips pants and walks away
Whatever, you loved it sissy
If there's one thing I actually hate, it's drunk fucking drivers. Wish he had arrested you, people can't physically drive when they're drunk and so they kill people because they're too stupid to call a fucking cab.
it did happen actually. I'm fucked up because of it
File: 1423389526758.jpg (52KB, 466x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> at a pretty decent house party
> Thursday night
> Halloween weekend
> drunk and pretty stoned
> cops show up
> literally flood the house
> I jump out a window
> I'm one of like three to escape
> stupidly go around to the front of the house
> only one cop out front
> he sees me
> chases me
> catches up because of fence
> I stop, turn around
> it's the same photo bro cop
> we both start to laugh
> at this point it's been like a month since the photo incident
> I'm a dick and still havent emailed him the picture
> he starts yelling at me that he should arrest me just because I didn't email him the picture
> and that be could because he knows I got beer in my backpack (not 21 yet)
> I'm like shit dude my bad
> he starts laughing, shoves me tells me to get out of there before the other cops see me
> says if I don't email him the picture and he sees me again he'll taze then arrest me
> I run off into the night dressed as David Bowie

Like 15 kids ended up getting ticketed that night. Was pretty awesome
Then make him suck your cock at gunpoint and then blow his brains out. Problem=solved.
did you email the photo to him? dude is cool with you twice and one time was a pretty significant one.
lol it pays to have friends bro
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>mfw i actually did this in high school

christ i grew up, but still
>Be 19
>Drive around with like 50 grams of weed in my car
>Oh no, there is a cop on the road telling every car to go to the nearest parking lot
>Try to relax maybe they won't notice anything
>My turn, roll my window down
>Can I see your license and registration please
>Give it to him
>Anon, I can smell weed in your car
>Look at him and tell him I smoked a joint earlier
>Takes a good look at me
>Asks me if i'm fine to continue driving
>What the fuck of course i'm saying: Yes, sir
>Allright you can go but next time you won't be so lucky
It was a good day to meet a brocop.
>Hash Bash 2013
>Blowing down walking around Ann Arbor
>2 cops come up to me while I'm toking a j
>Don't really give a fuck (getting caught smoking pot is only a ticket there)
>Look at me pissed off, ask for ID and tell me to put it out
>Yadda yadda legal bullshit about how any more would have gotten me arrested
>Scared because have an eight in backpack
>Suddenly they bust out laughing
>Turns out they were tricking me and didn't give a shit
>Have a good laugh, blow down with them
>Leave and go to Subway
It was a good day overall.
If true, why haven't you reported it since? No reason not to at this point.
stay emo you little faggot. howed his dick feel?
lol what a queer. you got raped like a little bitch
>be me
>coming home from club
>friend stops to piss
>red and blue
>uh oh
>cop finds weed
>about to write us up
>ociffer plz
>cop asks where weed came from
>cop lets us go with no report
>fuck yeah

Stupid little bitch, I bet you enjoyed the dick.
Shit yeah I forgot to mention I emailed him immediately when I got home. He even emailed me back. Dude was so cool. Even had the same last name as me which I thought was a nice coincidence
OP here, here's another one:

>Be 17
>Just got license
>be driving back home after snorting a few oxys
>See a DUI checkpoint, try to nope the fuck out but nowhere to go
>Pull up, act chill as fuck
>State Trooper comes to the window, asks for license, if I've been drinking, etc
>I'm doing fine, then I remember a friend of mine's a trooper in the same troop
>Be like "Dude, is Sean here?"
>Trooper at my window visibly chills a little, goes like "Haha what would anyone wanna see Sean for? SEEEAAAAN"
>Bro who's a cop and other cops turn into brocops
>Tell them what I'm up to, ask how their shit is going, have a nice conversation
>Cars piling up behind me, cops give no fucks
>Finally Trooper Sean tells me to tell my parents he says "Hi," everyone says good night
>Fuck yeah I'm 17 and the cops are even on my side

if they treat you good its because they dont respect you and see you as a lesser person
was the dealer worth snitching or was he a good guy?
>implying the superior white males; a part of the prestigious alliance that is the police force respect and honour the slave descendants they frequently handcuff
Hes the worst of my dealers so he was worth snitchin. Fucker charges 20 a G and rips me off .9 erry tiem, always forgetting to come tru, used to pick on me in highschool
happened last year.
>be me
>10/10 tomgirl
>trying to fix sonic the hedgehog display
>angry best buy employees try to stop me
>calmly leave and tell them "dont call anybody"
>Bestbuy person tries to assualt me.
>spray a tiny bit of mace at him
>police come to my house and arrest me

stupid jerkops
>driving through small town high as shit
>cop drives by sees expired inspection sticker pulls me over
>car reeks of dank asks me if I've been smoking say yeah this morning
>eyes red as fuck thisisntgonnawork.jpeg
>goes writes ticket as he is a K-9 unit drives past
>comes back hands ticket and says give me anything you have or the k-9 will sniff it out

>had 10 grams and 2 bowls. Tried finding shitty bowl in my 93 del sol full of shit end up finding favorite one
>asks if that's it say yes smoked everything had this morning
>lets me go
>top tier bro
Miss my stoner days
>drunk like sailor moon
>smoking joint, walking home from pub with similarly drunk friends
>drunk friends decide to plank a telephone box
>cops pull up
>hold lit joint behind back
>cops tell friends to get down. they both seem kinda rookie.
>brosephina friend ask if she can wear his helmet and take a selfie
>cop seems intimidated and a little nervous
>you guys just go on home now

To this day, I wonder if the joint went out or something, so wasn't smelling. Otherwise I have no idea how I got away with that one.
Damn snitches are a fucked up breed. Whenever I was put in a situation to snitch on someone, or give my name out (when I was younger, faggot skater kid, had to deal with cops a lot for tresspassing) me and my friends would always give out names of our town douchebags, not our own lol. One kids name was used so frequently that one time the cops started laughing at us and were all like "Damn this kid has done some shit in his day. " saved my ass a few times and always felt great
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Not exactly "brocop" but definitely funny cop story.
>be me
>have shity day at work and hate my roommate
>decide to pack up my belongings and leave
>Put all my paraphernalia in the same bag as my sex toys
>wind up at friends house smoking some mighty loud
>the munchies take hold
>drive to McDonald's
>get food
>looking for a place to pull over and eat
>suddenly blue lights
>Pull over the car
>good guy cop tells me I've got a turn signal out
>thanks bro
>bad cop partner smells the loud
>asks me about the pot
>can't deny it
>give up the pot
>asks about paraphernalia
>give up my sexy smoke bag
>good guy cop dumps bag of pipes and dildos onto hood of squad car
>cops laugh about it
>I laugh about it
>backup laughs about it
>spend the next hour joking around with other backup cops while original cops search my car
>good guy cop can't stop laughing the whole time
>finally finished
>good guy cop tells me this was the funniest stop of his career
>they write me a citation and leave me alone
Mfw, I ain't even mad.
> be me, richfag in rich california neighborhood
> driving bmw m3
> a little fast on a residential street
> fuuuccckkk speedtrap
> cop waves me to the curb, i pull over
> await ticket
> cop apologizes for pulling me over
> cop says people on this road complained about speeding but w/e
> cop says if he was driving my car he'd be going even faster
> cop tells me that they'll be back thurs morning, so avoid the street then
> cop gives me a warning and lets me go
> i deserve none of this
i got a 94 sol. perfect for high rollin lol
I grew up with my father a highly ranked police officer. My mother a former police woman, now a juvenile probation officer. And 2 uncles who are police in a neiboring County. I'll have to think of some stories yo
>Be 19 behind dorms smoking bud
>All the sudden flashlight in eyes
>fat cop sits down on the log next to me
>"smells like weed anons, is this your grinder?"
>friend says "so its easier to pinch and pack in the bowl?"
>officer laughs, "okay you are getting a ticket"
>turns toward me "your turn"
>"uhh...to increase the surface area?"
>officers smiles "see this guys can afford to smoke weed"
>officer gets up and leaves
>continue tokin
>be 14
>walking around with buds
>drinking homemade wine
>one guy has a bottle of Jack Daniels
>get absolutely fucked up
>light bonfire, sitting around enjoying
>cops come, run away
>sit down because head is spinning
>pass out in gutter
>cop loads me into car
>puke my guts out repeatedly
>drives me home
>parents clean out his car
I was in deep shit with my parents but he could have really fucked me over good and got me a record. He was cool.
>I deserve none of this
you don't but whatever
Oh this should be good -OP
>Implying that there are no Black, Asian, Hispanic or even Samoan cops.

I've worked with every one of those as an LEO
lolol too blazed
>officer asks ,"whats a grinder for?"
I snitched the town douche so whatever
i wish my friends were less retarded. probably none of them would've thought about something like this, they would've just let me take the blame.
happened once with weed; me and a couple bros were smoking and cops saw us. i took all the fucking blame because weed was mine and my friends were like "aw yeah man that's too bad, you gotta make it easy for them or they'll make it hard for you, don't play smart". bunch of fucking pussies.
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Did you seriously just fucking take the.. No.. Just how fucking new are you
>be me 18
>working really long shift at Jimmy Johns
>literally like 16 hours or some stupid shit
>Deliver on my bicycle so im really fucking tired
>finally get to go home
>punch out
>fuck its already like 1:50am
>hit up my buddy who smokes like all the time
>buddy is super down to smoke me up cause its only my second time
>so excited
>buddy says meet him at the park in 5
>7 minutes later pull up to park on my bicycle
>buddy gives me greens
>only took like 4-5 hits of this shit, but its dank as fuck
>after we decide to chill at the park for a while buddy packs up the shit so its easier to go home
>see a cop car driving down the road towards the park
>buddy says "its alright anon this shit happens all the time. we're chill"
>believe him cause we're close to the back of the park
>but close to the matinence road used for lawnmowers and whatnot
>oh holy mother of all fuckers the cop pulls up the road
>buddy starts freaking out
>asks to shove his stash in my backpack which I have cause deliveries
>say ok but I better not get fucked
>"yeah no prob bro"
>holy shit did Im high as fuck
>fucking 11/10 high
>decide to pack a dip to calm me down
>throw one in as the cops roll up
>cops say "hey kids, what you doing out here so late?"
>oh hey officers just hanging out because buddy here is going away to college soon
>oh thats great, but you kids know that you're breaking curfew?
>what? but we're both 18 (buddy turned 18 like two days earlier)
>no guys the park closes at midnight and opens at 5am
>oh didnt know that officers,what time is it
>close to 3 oclock
>wow time flies when you're having fun right?
>sure whatever kid imma need your full legal name for both of you
>oh fuck im going to jail "sure officer its anon"
>buddy says " yeah officer my name is buddy"
>two more cop cars pull up
>cop says "stay here anon and buddy"
>he goes over to tell the other cops what happened
Tits or gtfo
nice pic bro
>me about 30
>been shooting pistols with friends the day before
>sitting around Saturday afternoon with neighbors
>out of beer
>lose coin toss, make beer run
>also watching my 4 y/o son, take him with me
>he should be in a car seat
>speeding, see cop but its too late
>suddenly realize: drink, loaded gun in car, kid not in car seat
>turn heater up to full, open window, yell at cop
>officer can I keep my engine running so I can keep my boy warm?
>no problem OP
>roll windows all the way down, evacuate beer breath, heater on high keeps air fresh
>say "yes sir" to everything cop says
>lets me go with speeding ticket.
Could have gotten a DUI, possession of firearm, no proper restraint for child, child neglect but just got a $100 ticket. Paid it with no argument.
>be 19
>chilling with homies
>I'm white, best friend is middle eastern Jew, other homie is Mexican and last is niggerist.
>god damn multicultural center over here
>drinking 40s smoking weed with a lil coke here and there
>flash west side hand signals to represent the coast of the country where I reside
>cops pull up
>have half ounce of weed, scale and some baggies in my pocket with an open container like the dumbass 19 year old that I am
>nigger friend recognizes cop sys man you ain't gonna arrest us
>cop makes us pour out alcohol
>searches me
>asks what's in my pocket
>cop says damn that's a lot of weed
>takes it
>at least not busted
>searches friend, finds the yayo
>man what's this?
>just a lil sumthin
>I have to take you in for this sorry man
>pick friend up from jail Monday
>got released with no charge because of some error in the paperwork or some shit
>thanks bro cop... Where ever you are and I hope who ever you gave that half O to enjoyed it.
File: 1420620998813.jpg (23KB, 469x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why the fuck are you guys describing what you're wearing
No, I understand this. It's happened to me in McDonald's, had almost no cash, living not-at-home, going through a broke as shit patch and that extra 50 cent in your account can mean ALOT. Hamburgers bb.
He was never doing anything illegal so we never got him in trouble, it was just funny
Thanks dude
Fuck yeah mine was h22 swapped.
Perfect hotbox car
Just to show that not all cops stereotype, I'm assuming. Not the ones who posted these but... your pic made me kek tho
File: hot opinion.gif (62KB, 300x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hot opinion.gif
62KB, 300x100px
Fuck you asshole
>All these guys with drugs
Bunch of degenerates, all of you
>be me 15
>out on moped without helmet
>trimmed as fuck, 110km/H
>going 90 on a 30 road
>police on opposite road
>stops the moped but see that they're still driving so i scoot out of there max speed
>after 10 min i see that he's following me so i pull over
>stuff happens, they see that it's trimmed
>My kid has one of those what coil are you using.
>no fucking idea officer
>he says that the moped(a kymco) shouldnt g over 0 since it turns like shit then he lets me off with a warning.
>was pulled over by the school football plan so everybody saw what happened
Should had your child taken away you fucking nimwit
>cops all walk over together
>tell me they couldnt find my name in the database
>"we're gonna have to take you in for testing"
>fuck "wait try my social security number"
>OK it works
>cops decide to pat us down cause we're breaking curfew
>search buddy, he protests for a while, but lets them do it
>the want to search me protest for a minute but then let them
>they ask why i have so much cash in my pocket
>I work at jimmy johns bro
>oh ok is that your backpack
>well yeah
>mind if we take a look inside?
>at this point there are like ten other cops there
>actually yes i do mind if you look inside
>they ask if I have anything they should know about
>no i dont
>ok you sure
>yes im really fucking sure
>they decide not to take us in to the station cause thats a lotta hassle
>we're like why are there so many of you?
>boring night, thought this could be interesting
>oh cool
>they let us go
>haul ass home still have all the shit in my bag
>meet buddy close to my house
>freak out about that wild shit
>smoke one more bowl as the sun begins to rise
>my buddy literally carries me into my house and tucks me in
>mfw i go to sleep a free man
moral of the story? FUCK THA POLICE
>other day
>get police called on me for having gun
>someone said I was sick in the head when I'm not
>told them I was gonna do something
>cop comes in my house and wakes me up out of bed
>let's me get dressed
>doesn't hand cuff me.
>says he won't fuck with my herb when were riding in the car but he said to get a medical card lol
>he then asks me how good the weed is nowadays lol
>he says he can't smoke because hes a cop but when he retires he can get a med card too. Lol
>BTW if someone calls on u like that they usually show up with bull horns and shit yet this rookie dude came in and just told me to get up and come with him
Chill as fuck. I was supposed to be Hand cuffed too but he trusted me or something. Such a chill dude man
>Be me
>Be stoned
>Be driving
>Cops pull me over
>Shit happens
>Brocops let me go

^^Every story in this shitty thread^^
File: alf_sun.jpg (17KB, 403x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be Ausfag
>be 19
>driving back from work at a bar
>talking on phone with gf at the time while driving
>pull up at lights
>look over at car next to me still on phone
>big angry looking bald cunt staring at me
>ignore and keep driving and talking
>notice car still following me, but big white 4wd so think nothing of it
>cop lights come, big bald angry cunt was an undercover
>pull over, walks up introduces and shows badge
>"any idea why I pulled you over mate?"
>"I was talking on the phone?"
>"correct answer, let me have a look at your license and I'll be back"
>realize I worked the last 2 night for a fucking fine
>comes back
>"now I'm sure a stern warning from a police officer will be enough to ever sway you from doing this again"
>"it certainly will thank you so much mate"
not as drastic as you fags but I thought he was a legend
>wonders why brocop is so bro
>same last name
File: 1419781723257.jpg (105KB, 836x727px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 836x727px
Wtf are you talking about faggot. Mine had nothing to do with weed.

>shouldnt g over 0
>was pulled over by the school football plan so everybody saw what happened
>people in the school football plan saw

you should be pulled over for walking and given a wheelchair
There's a difference in being too drunk to drive and what the law considers intoxicated. In the 1950s the American Medical Association was petitioned by several states to find out what should be considered safe. Their study in 1960 http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/about-ama/our-history/ama-history-timeline.page concluded that 1.0 should be the legal limit. Thanks to fuckwits like you and MADD they've lowered it to absurd levels because of the income of absurd fines and court costs. You may have enjoyed getting your asshole stretched by your foster father but that doesn't mean most kids deserve that.
Detroit bro
Took the bait lol

>be years ago
>get my door kicked in because drugs
>female friend is over
>house searched
>cars searched
>one of the cops turns out to be a guy I double dated some sisters with a while back
>he searches my female friend's car and finds a joint in the ashtray
>gives it back to her and tells her "to dispose of it in some fashion"

Thanks, old friend.

>Be senior year of college
>Be Criminal Justice major
>We get guest speakers all the time (cops, c.o.'s, probation officers, etc)
>Pretty chill with former police chief professor and former detective professor
>Be dorm Resident Director
>Been arguing with my ex via text, let her know that I had her nudes and could have post them if I wanted
>Didn't/won't post them..it was meant to show I wasn't a total prick.
>Ex calls the police, reports harassment
>Be inna dorm room doing CJ homework
>Cop that was a guest speaker comes in to arresst me.
>Sees the paper on my pc with former police chief professor's name on it.
>He lets me get my shoes, cuffs me, chatting about professor
>Get to the station, former Police chief prof is there, talks to the officer.
>Prof asks me to cite what constitutes harassment in the county
>I cite, prof says "well done, that's extra credit."
>They look at my cell phone text history
>They let me go and ask if I want her charged for filing a false affidavit.

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Underrated post
I've done so many stupid things when I was a kid and everytime I got caught. List includes constantly drunk driving and getting pulled over, in possession of booze and driving with no license. Breaking and entering, crimininal trespass, house parties, reckless driving, destruction of property, illegal firearms.... EVERY FUCKING TIME I WAS CAUGHT. But you know what? Not ONCE did I get a ticket. I've calmed down now but damn, if it wasn't for those Brocops in my hometown, I would be in prison. They knew I was just being a dumb kid.

What are you, the thread monitor? It's a thread about brocop stories. It literally says "Brocoop story time" in the OP. Stop being a jackass and pointing people to your shitpost to get likes. This isn't Facebook, faggot.
Rage on faggot
I live in North Scituate. what bridge is that?

I was neither driving, stoned, nor high...I had just finished dorm rounds and was working on hw.

If you're trying to link to
>stuff that never happened
Then I'm sorry you don't believe me lol.

A lot of former university students worked in that department. The professor was chief at the department, and he was every CJ students favorite. He had got some of his past "favorite" student out of some trouble before.
>be me
>24 yo
>stumbling to parents house blind drunk
>open beer in hand
>lit cigarette in the other
>cross small town main st
>blue lights
>cop asks for id
>tells me get in the back
>full beer and lit smoke i lay down on the back seat
>think fuck it i'm gettin pc for the night
>few turns and the door opens
>cop says get out
>crawl out into my parents driveway
>brocop helps me to the door
apparently brocop went to school with my stepdad and knew he still lived there. was a good night.
I believe it happened, but it follows the format of getting pulled over and so on.
well truth is I didn't actually read your boring gay story but I presume that's what it goes like.
Did this with a kid once too.
Cept he was a borderline psychopath with strong skills at lying. Was pretty lulzy that he has an offense list that puts schindlers to shame
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>Be me
>Get back from Infantry OSUT for the Army
>Buy truck with newfound money
>Have no license, insurance and the plates on my truck belong to a trailer i stole it off
>Trucks exhaust is cut off
>460 Big Block so it sounds like a monster truck
>Be drunk as fuck with a few girls and my buddy
>Jump lanes and nail a curb going to the gas station
>Cop followed me all the way
>"Have you been drinking tonight? I can smell the booze in the truck"
>"No occifer, sir."
>"Gimme your ID"
>At this point know I'm fucked
>Oh you're military? I'll let you off, go home
>Follows me to my house, thank him
>After he lives we all get back in the truck and drive around

I was not a smart kid.
>after he lives
Do you not know how to spell cigarette?
I just saw that. Like I said, I'm not a smart person. Drinking when you're young really does fuck you up in the future.
Must suck to have such low self esteem
>be 17
>be on way to illegal rave
>pockets full of shrooms
>trippin as fuck
>friend on molly joins with pupils which couldn't be bigger
>at entrance to woods where the rave was is police standing
>oh shit
>3 am, not allowed to be outside at that time under 18 years
>cops ask for our IDs and where we are heading
>friend on molly shit talks cops about we are trying to find a birthday party, etc.
>eventually the cops let us go without any controlls
>cops tell us in the end not to smoke too much weed
Not at all. I'm a cocky asshole. Being Infantry in the Army kind of makes you think you're the hottest shit to hit this planet since creamed corn.
>Be me at 20, just found out gf of 4 years was cheating.
>Driving home on freeway all pissed off and not paying attention.
>Doing 85 or so, too pissed to see sign for construction zone.
>Pass cop.
>See lights and pull over . Still thinking this is a 65 zone.
>Cop comes up and asks me if I know why I was pulled over. Not even trying to deny it, say I was doing 20 over.
>Cop says this is a construction zone, and the speed limit is 40.
>Shitty day combined with this. Start yelling at the cop about my day for several minutes. Cop listens the whole time with kind of blank look.
>After rant, he asks for license, registration, etc.. and goes back to cruzer.
>Comes back while writing shit down. Thinking I am royally fucked.
>Cop hands everything back along with a warning and says "I been there man, slow it down and have a few beers when you get home, it gets better".

Coolest cop I've ever met.
>be me
>get pulled over
>o shit hot female cop
>pull dick out as she approaches
>"step out of your vehicle"
>lady ma'am pegs me with nightstick

under rated post
I forget the name, went to Roger Williams university. It was just over mt hope, right before Tiverton
Well not in my country, that is for sure
>Be me
>Be 27
>Go to party
>Get drunk af
>Drive home
>Pull over
>Take field sobriety test
>Epically fail
>Get put into cruiser
>Pass out
>Wake up in my parent's livingroom

The brocop took me to my parent's house and didn't cite me.
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