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what do you think of mariage, /b/? whats even the point? especially

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what do you think of mariage, /b/?

whats even the point?

especially old-anons. what do you think about it?
to have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
then you marry the bitch so you don't get butt fucked for child support, put up witht he bitch for 18 years, then an hero because life is over any how.
Was married once. She loved money and I had little. Moved on to a better woman and marriage has never been brought up. Happiness is happiness, not a piece of paper and jewelry.
for a female- to get half of a dudes money and stuff
for a male- no point really. presumably it would be consistent sex, but that is obtainable without marriage and from what i hear she will stop fucking you once you marry her
Marriage is the necessary precursor to divorce.
just get her to move in, make sure she wants your dick and she will fuck on command, no marriage required.
atleast that's how its been for all my "friends"
they all have children now, or are expecting.
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>asked my gf why she cares about marriage so much

"because anon! It's like a girl thing, we figure out what our wedding is gonna be like when we're like eight! It's a celebration of love!"

>Mfw I wanted to be a ninja when I was eight
>Mfw I was actually just a nigger in a bucket of water
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Financial reasons

Tax benefits, insurance benefits, mortgate benefits. That sort of thing.

Heard a piece of advice from a life hack thread years ago. Basically said never marry someone because you love them. Marry them because you believe you'll be able to spend the rest of your life with them.

Love ≠ Life time compatibility
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I think the point differs from person to person, some people (predominantly women) see it as easy cash, but for others its more of a symbolic sentimental thing. But I honestly think its getting less and less relevant.
OP Here,

another question: How old are you guys and how old were you when you married?

i think its a bad decission to marry that early in life, thats why.
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>Also wanted to be a ninja
This. My uncle dated my aunt for about 30 years and didn't get married until he was in his mid 50s. And even that was just to get his wife on his health insurance when she retired. Marriage is pointless unless it's for legitimate, sane, reasons like that and not to simply needlessly bind yourself to one person because society says you should.
The point of marriage is several things:
1. To claim ownership of your partner because we live in a world where women need to be legally owned before they're actually content in a relationship
2. To show off to society how successful you are and that you've unlocked the marriage achievement
3. To convince yourself that your relationship is going to last forever and that its actually got more meaning than it really does
4. To make sure your partner doesn't cheat on you - which it doesn't but people genuinely believe this

So if any of that rubbish sounds absolutely retarded to you I'd advise against marriage if you can avoid it. If you find someone you want to be with and feel that its worth just signing on to this shit to make them happy then go for it. But if anyone tries to tell you it means anything more than that I'd be a bit sceptical.
I don't get this myself, I care about marriage because of the wedding.
...Isn't that backwards logic?
...Of course not! Silly me.

marriage is a legal construct - so that wife can extort money in divorce. read the fine print carefully, or else pay lawyers $500 an hour for three years of hell
What's an old-anon- over 15?

Married now. Was with the girl for nine years prior. We're two independent people who like to fuck each other and generally get along.

Why marriage? Simplicity. But the reasons are dimming. I don't blame anyone for not getting married. There's highly diminishing returns on it, especially if you're a guy (in a heterosexual marriage).

It's like anything else- learn about it and make an informed decision. Don't believe in fairy tales, and be skeptical about people who would build their lives around them.
A bunch of over emphasized traditions for the sole purpose of fulfilling it as one of the many social constructs we constantly abide by. Cliches and routines to feel normal/acceptable/successful.

a marriage license should cost 15000$ and divorce should be free, instead its backwards

only sibling that is happily married met thru match service, meeting randomly the odds are pretty bad, but meeting via compatiblity match is improving the odds a lot, marry when 29-35 years old
You've never seen the bill for a wedding, then. The license may be cheap, but the party and ceremony... holy shit
Originally, Marriage was a union between two people in Love, with the blessings of God.

Now, most people only get married for selfish reasons...

Its sad...
>need to be legally own
so we need to treat them like niggers were treated in the 1700-1800s?
i like you anon.
double dubs
Nice dubs, checkd, but not true

Marriage was a financial construct for ages, given legitimacy by religion. Love in marriage is a fairly recent phenomenon.
Old anon here. I was 28, she 18. Both fundy Christians. Don't believe in divorce; that and kids have had a huge impact on keeping the marriage together.

The biggest effect on marriage is that it's the only truly stable way to raise a child. My job is a house parent in a group home, shitty marriages/families are all I see (and the results).

My wife never cheated, neither did I. Neither of us are very alpha, but desire for other partners is always there, for both. Just part if life.

Would fully advice waiting till later in life.

Did I answer your question?
thanks for the knowledge anon
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